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Posted by Phil Libin on 25 Dec 2009

Posted by Phil Libin on 25 Dec 2009

I came into the office yesterday and there were two bottles of wine on my desk along with a note. Someone had dropped them off at our door.

Thanks! Merry Christmas Sungmoon. And happy holidays to all of our users, employees, friends and family! We’re taking a day or two off and will be back strong next week.


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  • Elliot

    Because of you guys, I got All A’s on my report card, and last year my grades weren’t very good…
    🙂 Thanks Evernote.

  • Matt @murl3y

    This is truly fantastic. Evernote has done a lot to help me organize my life… I wish I was able to thank you guys creatively like this.

    Sungmoon, nice touch.

    Evernote, great job.

    Keep it up.


  • Lew

    Thanks for your hard work this year, I’m looking forward to see what you got in store for us next year. Merry Christmas!

  • Greg

    i second the thanks! Evernote FTW.

  • iRock


  • hoopstersworld

    Merry Christmas, Evernote! Hope you enjoyed those fine bottles of wine!

  • Norman

    Evernote has completely changed my life too. I used to be a nerdy, badly dressed clerk in a hardware store, with no social life and no girlfriends. Then I discovered Evernote! Now I am a successful lawyer wearing Armani suits and I date supermodels. Thanks Evernote, you’re the best!

  • mark jackson

    “supermodels” ? Pah ! They’re so “old school”.

    I date ugly women, they’re the new “black”. 🙂

  • Peter

    Evernote has become my indispensable peripheral brain.