We can finally say “Millions”!

Posted by Phil Libin on 30 Dec 2009

Posted by Phil Libin on 30 Dec 2009

What do you want for Christmas?”, Robert De Niro asks Jean Reno in Ronin, just before engaging in some spirited gunplay. “My two front teeth.

Well, all we wanted for Christmas was two million users. And we got it, big time, pushed over the line by great numbers from our recent Android and iPhone launches! And we did it in about half the time it took us to get our first million.

Obviously, we couldn’t have gotten two million users without, um, our users. So here’s what you did to make it possible:

We love our present! Thank you!


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  • Peter Fisher

    Woot go evernote!

  • Marc Lipschultz

    Congrats – you guys deserve it!

  • Tony

    Way to go guys – well deserved.

  • otoburb

    Great stats and very insightful. Thanks for the great product(s). Here’s hoping that you have big plans for the mobile platforms — much improvement that we’re all looking forward to.

  • Suzanna McGee

    I love Evernote… the more I use it, the more I love it, and using all the other different programs and applications less. Thank you!

  • Helene James

    It is a great tool, I have started to use Evernote a long time ago but just recently, after receiving messages from Tweet Deck, I have paid more attention and I have learned to use all the applications. I am still learning and I really enjoy it

  • Rick

    Don’t mind you guys showing off some numbers. Congratulations on your success, and congratulations for creating such a versatile, useful, cross-platform product. Not sure what I’d do without Evernote handy.

  • Seb

    Congrats !
    Keep working on mobile platforms. This is what will bring you premium customers.

    (Waiting for local notebooks on Android for me to go premium)

  • Chris

    Thank you guys for being the great company you are and for providing such an awesome service….keep it up!

  • tinnion

    Tis nice to know i am in an exclusive club of paid-up users. The more the merrier, I say, as it will fund further development of the PC client which at the moment is a bit pants 😉

    Note: looking forward to v3.5 of the PC client.

  • kirstin miller

    Congratulations on your fabulous year, Evernote is still my favorite iPhone app, and I tell everyone about the benefits, I hope Evernote in 2010 is even better….

  • Christopher Masiello

    Congratulations! Great job.

  • JeremyBryant

    I agree with Suzanna. The more I use it, the more I wonder how I ever got along without it. You guys have a great solution in the space. Congrats

  • sis

    Oh, I am 1/200 who created 1000 notes.
    I thought that more people created at least 100 notes.

  • Ted Haeger

    Excellent to see the stats like this. Thanks.

  • Martijn Aslander

    I’m amazed by your product…. Besides my browser and mail-client, my most used app..

    Keep going! ( Apple-Tablet coming up most likely, can’t wait for the Evernote client on that tool! )

  • Jon

    Guys, Well done, I use Evernote, every day!! How many others do?

  • Anu

    Congrats guys! well deserved….Looking fwd to more interesting functionality getting added in 2010

  • Eric

    Doesn’t it bother anyone that out of 2,000,000 users, only 6% of them created 100 notes? 😮

    What really bothers me is that less than 4% of the user base is on a WM device 🙁

    I happen to be one of those WM users that has a Premium account, entered 4000 notes and obtained an Evernote t-shirt =)

  • Jack

    Congrats to all at Evernote. You have a great program for use……thank god Google dropped notebook and Evernote was recommended to me. I am so glad I switched to Evernote. Here to millions more.

  • Wil

    Awesome work guys. Love evernote as i use it everyday. Make lots of use of being able to enter notes on my android phone and also for capturing all kinds of information on the desktop.

    Main feature i am looking forward to is offline notes on my phone :).

  • Jeff

    I’m at 2100 notes, and I’m loving my personal library! I switched from Windows Mobile to the iPhone in September, great move that was expecially with the latest iPhone app. Also I absolutely love the Windows 3.x beta.

  • Randall Brown

    Good job to Evernote …… I am beginning to use it more but I am so unorganized!!!..

  • Hugh O'Donnell

    I tell everyone about Evernote, whether or not they have a smart phone.

    I also tell them to cough it up for the Premium version, cuz it’s so worth it.

    Keep going, y’all. You will go down in apphistory as the gang that made it cuz they were so lovable. 🙂

  • Mathieu Chateau

    Next time, could you add sizes numbers as well? Like:
    -The biggest evernote account,
    -The size of all evernote account,

    Thanks for this great cloud service 🙂

  • Atle Iversen

    Congratulations !

    2 million users is a lot, and the range of platforms you guys support is very impressive !

    I hope more people will pay for your premium subscription, as it takes a *lot* of people to maintain a quality product on so many platforms.

    Yes, I wish you success even if I represent a “competitor” – your multi-platform product is serving a market segment that no-one else is capable of matching (and we won’t even try 🙂 )

  • klafbang

    Yay, I’m one of the select few with more than 10k notes.

  • Mojo Yugen

    It looks good at first, but less than 35,000 paid users? Ouch.

  • SonofGroucho

    Great stuff, and a Happy New Year to all the Evernote guys!

  • Alexey

    @Eric, I am surprised that there are even that many WM users, given the strong competition and the poor state of the Evernote WM client.

  • midtoad

    I’m closing in on 1000 notes using the Premium version, am using Evernote on 5 platforms (Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, web in Linux), and have used it in several countries, so I don’t have much company… yet! It’s a pleasure to use Evernote in so many ways and so many places. Nothing else compares!

  • Edwin Despinoy - BRAZIL

    Wy Evernote still doesnt work on Symbian (Nokia)?

  • Lydia

    I discovered Evernote about 6 months ago and cannot fathom how I ever coped without it. I LOVE it. I have it on my laptop, PC and iPod Touch, and I really appreciate how I can access my notes from any computer anywhere in the world.

    It’s also a nice touch (pardon the pun!) to be able to ‘favourite’ a note for offline viewing on my Touch. I travel a lot by tube and am totally useless with direction, so I just copy and paste the directions straight into Evernote and then ‘star’ it so I can view them offline.

    I have around 500 notes now, all neatly categorised and easily searchable. And I adore the ease of use and the fact I can have all my clutter together in one place. No more having to save pics, docs, emails in separate folders on my computer. Anything that needs saving goes straight into Evenote.

    Evernote team – I LOVE you xxxxxxxxx

  • anon

    This blog shows up as a blank page on FF2 on RHEL 5 (which is what I have access to in my corporate network.) Keep striving for true “cross-platform”, you’re not quite there yet.

  • Ria

    Congratulations! Very well-deserved. 🙂

  • Dennis


    Two mac computers and my iphone always synchronized 🙂 with my notes .

  • Viesturs

    Still waiting for linux version, but now using it combined with wine 🙂

  • Larry W

    Can you tell the difference between an Iphone and an Ipod touch in your stats or is the Ipod touch included in the Iphone stats?

  • Christine Simiriglia

    As a professional organizer, I love and recommend Evernote to everyone. I just used it to organize my wedding. Thanks for a great product. I blogged about you a while back too:

  • Kevin Neely

    Don’t think I’m as elite as any of those in orange, but I have “obtained an Evernote t-shirt” and am on a list not there: “Used Evernote from Symbian” on my Nokia N97

  • gammill

    congrats~! I’m a big fan and reference you guys a lot when talking to other startup folks. Keep up the growth.

  • fdruel

    Congratulations. I wrote a note on my blog about EverNote. It’s in french

  • Lawyer

    Hey congratulations.. Keep doing the good work. You deserve it..

  • juwlz

    @Edwin Despinoy
    They’re working on it. There’s a beta version available from the forums.

  • Jena

    Congrats! I love EVERNOTE!

  • Debit

    We just bought a scansnap scanner to use with Evernote, and can’t imagine a better setup to use. Evernote makes going paperless easy. My desk has never been cleaner. Great work Evernote!

  • Contract compliance


    I’ve been a follower to your websites for almost 2 years =))

  • Sandra

    I just used it today and I love it!!!

  • Tampa CrossFit

    Real MILLIONS!! I’ve witnessed these survey 🙂 go go evernote!

  • Julie

    Congrats! You guys really deserve it.It is a great tool, I have started to use Evernote a long time ago but just recently, after receiving messages from Tweet Deck, I have paid more attention and I have learned to use all the applications.

  • Katie

    WOW! you guys Definitely deserve this.

  • Jackie

    Congratz. You guys are awesome and i must say well deserved. We just bought a scansnap scanner to use with Evernote, and can’t imagine a better setup to use. Evernote makes going paperless easy.

  • Monica

    Great. Keep it up.

  • Rebecca

    Wahoo, am still new ion the system like someone to teach more about these, love to blog about on we can finally say millions, thanks

  • Molly

    Very Nice Article. Keep it up hard work.

  • Christine

    Well, just bought a scansnap scanner to use with Evernote, thanx for sharing.