Evernote for Android Gets an Update and a Video

Posted by on 05 Jan 2010

Posted by on 05 Jan 2010

The world is certainly abuzz about Android these days, especially with Google’s recent announcement of the Nexus One (sidenote: Evernote works on the Nexus One). So, today seems like the perfect day to release a nice update to Evernote for Android (version 1.2) and unveil our new Evernote for Android overview video.

Evernote for Android overview video

What’s new in Evernote for Android 1.2

  • Notes encrypted on your desktop can be decrypted and viewed
  • Evernote uses the Android notifications to alert you when note uploads complete
  • Improved camera support
  • Improved geo-tagging capabilities (note: to enable geo-tagging make sure that your location preferences are active on both the phone and within Evernote)
  • Numerous bug fixes and improvements

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  • Sachin

    This version is also not available on HTC Tattoo’s market. I could install the previous version manually using the direct link below and it works fine. Maybe you just didn’t mark it as working for qvga screen when submitting it to market.

    Also, 1.2 doesn’t seems to be available for direct location yet. Looking forward for this and offline caching.


  • Philip Constantinou

    For all those who have already got their hands on a Nexus One, you’ve got to try to voice-to-text feature. It works great for short text notes. Just hit the microphone button on the keyboard — it’s indistinguishable from magic!

  • Number 6

    Does Evernote for Android support local storage of notes, like the iphone app now does, or are they only available when connected?

  • David Galbraith

    Evernote version 1.2 unsuccessful installing on Droid due to “not correctly signed” download. 🙁 Reads no new versions when launching RC5 on the phone.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @David If you were an Evernote for Android Beta user, you should try completely uninstalling Evernote and then reinstalling it from the Android Market.

  • Philip Constantinou

    You can use the link:
    to download the latest version if you don’t have access to the store.

  • elijah

    Can we please get similar functionality on BlackBerry?

  • Mark Groves

    I get the same issue as @David Galbraith.

  • John A. Ohman

    As David said, this update will not install on Motorola Droid.

  • Drakos

    I’m having the same problem as David on my Droid. Version 1.1 RC5 says that no newer versions are available and trying to install from the market gives me a “Package file was not signed correctly” Installation error.

  • Paul

    Is there a way to turn off the notification? I don’t want to hear it every time I upload a note. I also don’t want to turn off the general phone notification setting because I want to hear it for emails and other things.

  • Rajesh

    Come On Evernote….
    The Android App gets its second update .. what about all the Symbian users out there who outnumber the Iphone + Android and Pre users put together … Why leave us poor souls out in the cold.

    Writing Symbian Apps isnt really rocket science you know !

    What say ?

  • Paul

    I have the Droid, so it sounds like the update won’t work right now, so I’m holding off on installing. However, from looking at the video, I still have to wonder – and I’ve mentioned this on the forums and elsewhere before – why something that seems so simple as to show me a list of my notebooks and a list of my tags is so hard.

    Sometimes I’d like to see everything that is grouped together and not have to search. Setting up saved searches via the desktop as a workaround is weak.

    Maybe it’s harder to implement than I think, but seems to me like that would be more useful than geo-tagging support and upload notifications.

    That’s just my two cents, plus a little extra.

  • Mojo Yugen

    Installed on my Droid with no problems.

  • Drakos

    Uninstalling the old version and reinstalling the new version from the market did work on my Droid.

  • Sachin

    Thanks, the direct link worked.

  • jay

    Just move on from Symbian. I just sold my n97 and got a Droid and will never look back. Love the evernote app. Great job guys!

  • Janda Martin

    Evernote for Android is realy good. Actually, I returned to the Evernote because of this app.

    I would like turn off the notification. Will you add this option in settings?

    Are you planning to add offline synchronization Internet is not always fast as wifi or 3G.

    This version is faster than the previous one.

  • Hans F

    I second the request for a symbian client. There are so many symbian powered devices in the market (look at the distribution in Europe!). As a paying premium users I am waiting for the evernote symbain software…. emailing in notes is so…. 1990’s.

  • Kurt

    Excellent – Updated without a hitch on my Eris. Thanks for the decrypt capability: it was the one feature I really needed in migrating from Phatnotes on my old WinMo phone.

  • Brandon Sutherland

    I’m following every update of this to see when offline note w/ syncing is implemented.

    Thanks for the continued Android support

  • michael rogan

    How come I can’t see shared notebooks on my droid? is this going to happen? at present I have to use the web browser. The market app should have this function

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Michael We are planning on expanding notebook sharing capabilities. Stay tuned.

  • jason

    Do I always need to have a internet connection to be able to access my notes? I won’t be able to use this unless there is also an offline mode.

  • Eagleville

    I do NOT like the latest version for Droid.
    I can no longer the note – only . This is terrible.
    Am I missing something?

  • Thomas webster

    Like the video, but it was a bit dark, my eyes got tired 😛

  • Ariel

    strangely no update for the french market and my version is already 1.3 anyclue ?

  • Andy

    Would love it if it could use the Nexus One’s flash. Maybe I’m missing something, but I can’t figure out how to make it use it. Other apps just jump to the camera app to take a pic, then you hit back to go back to the app you were using, which then has the pic all ready. Seems like that might be a better solution than the way the camera is implemented right now?

  • Pablo Stafforini

    Is there no way to download one’s notes to the mobile phone for offline access? I need my notes to be available at all times, regardless of whether I have an Internet connection.

  • Philipp

    Another vote for offline sync on Android. This is the ultimate killer feature for me.

  • Michael

    Can’t use an application that has no offline access. Work in many secure areas where there is no possibility of Wi-fi, net or RF.

  • Joe Nicholson

    Needs local storage. It fails the ‘so what?’ test without this feature.

  • leo

    What about tha app for Windows Phone 7 Series? How it’s gonna be? How it’s look like? I’m very excited to see it!

  • Dean Willis

    Really need access to saved-searches, including by notebook and by-tag, for Evernote app on Android to be truly useful.

  • Cliff Ellis

    I just downloaded this app to my Droid. I love the look and layout, but for some reason I keep getting an error message whenever I try to open a note: “java.lang.IllegalStateException: can’t declare anymore prefixes in this context.”

    Any idea what that means or what I should do?

    • Bob

      +1 on this issue, every note I’m trying to open on my Nexus One is bombing and displaying:

      “java.lang.IllegalStateException: can’t declare anymore prefixes in this context.”

      would love to hear about a fix or be notified when an update comes so I can start using again! I *just* sent in my premium membership renewal two days ago.

      • Andrew Sinkov

        Bob, we’re looking into this issue.

      • JH

        Same problem on my Motorola Milestone.
        Please update soon!

      • Stefano

        same problem with my motorola milestone

      • Tim

        Same issue with the HTC incredible. Please fix soon – evernote is unusable.

      • Patrick

        Same on Motorola Backflip from AT&T.

      • Guy F

        I have the same problem with Nexus One since I upgraded my Evernote on my MacBook

    • Russell pritchett

      I’m also having this issue. Glad to see it’s being looked into.

    • Tom McAuliffe

      I’m also having this issue on a Droid with Android 2.1

    • Benson Hendrix

      I’ve run into this as well. If it helps, I’ve noticed that the error usually pops up on a note that I’ve either started or later edited in Evernote for Mac. The note will open fine when I use the web based editor or just create it on my G1. Thanks for looking into this!

      • Hitch

        Benson, Andrew – I can confirm this behavior re: the Mac editing of notes & this error’s occurrence.

      • Cliff Ellis

        Thanks for the tip, Benson. I just tested it and found the same to be true. Hopefully, that narrows things down for you, Andrew.

    • Dave

      This bug is orphaning my notes in the cloud.

      For the last month, my Dad’s been in the hospital, the funeral home and now the grave. Access to my notes has been crucial at this time due to all the communication, questions, decisions and preparations we’ve needed to make.

      Evernote has let me down daily since the 1.8 OS X “update”. I can’t open any note on my Droid that I’ve edited with the OS X client.

      So I take down a vital address or account number on the Mac, get to the funeral home and try to read it with my Droid and I get “java.lang.IllegalStateException: can’t declare anymore prefixes in this context.”

      This complete breakage, and the fact that there’s been neither a fix nor a roll-back available for 2 weeks makes Evernote a toy, not a tool as far as I’m concerned.

      I understand that bugs happen, but since you’ve got all my data, and since the crappy Android app doesn’t let me keep offline notebooks, or even cache the latest version of notes locally, AND since the web client won’t work in any useful way on Android, you have a HUGE responsibility to let this PAYING customer access his notes wherever he is.

      And you’ve let me down.

      • Andrew Sinkov

        Dave, we’re looking into this issue.

      • Scorekeeper

        Dave –

        Pending an answer from Evernote, I found that if I edit notes using the web interface instead of the Mac client it works fine. No great help after two weeks of problems at a very bad time for you, but it should work until they find a fix.

        A pain, too, to have to use the web instead of the application, but still.

    • Darwin

      Same issue here on my droid eris. 🙁

    • Scorekeeper

      Same issue for me, but only on some notes (perhaps only those I’ve edited since this next part), and only (I think) since the 2.1 update was added to my Droid. Like Benson, it appeared after I edited a note on Evernote for Mac.

      Opening, editing and saving one of the notes in question via the web interface seemed to fix the problem.

      • Scorekeeper

        And… confirmed. Opening and editing the same note under Evernote 1.8.1 for Mac recreates the problem.

        Opening, editing and saving via web fixes it again.

        Notably, I had to kill and re-start EN on the Droid to get it to see the change, but that’s expected.

    • Jarda Gergic

      The same issue here: Motorola Milestone running Android 2.1 and Mac OS X Evernote on desktop.

  • dave brown

    Same problem (Java error) on Mac also…help! And thanks.

  • Jeremy Martinson

    regarding: “java.lang.IllegalStateException: can’t declare anymore prefixes in this context.”

    From my experience this is occurring on notes that have the horizontal rule () in them.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We have been hard at work on a fix for this issue. It affects users that create notes in Evernote for Mac and then view them on their Android phone. For the time being, you might consider using Evernote Web to create your notes. We hope to have an update very soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • thecolorifix

    Yup, Evernote is a great application to be sure. But many of us just don’t always have a connection. If you would/could add local backup (offline mode) this would dominate the Android note apps. Everyone is looking for a notepad that automatically syncs AND stores all notes locally.

  • Martin Voorzanger

    If have the same issue. I use Evernote 1.8.1 on Mac and latest version on Android (HTC Hero). This makes Evernote unusable on mobile.

  • Tom

    Works great on Motorola Milestone 2.1

    Searching a way to sync my notes

  • Mart Parve

    Same Java error here 🙁 Android/Mac.

  • Jim Young Jr.

    I’m having the same issue, (can’t delcare any more prefixes) – using mac + nexus one (latest versions of evernote for both) (osx 1.8.1 and 1.0.3-70553 on android). I hope this get’s fixed soon! Thanks

  • Larry G

    Same issue on the Droid with Android 2.1, using MacBook Pro, re java error. Please fix.

  • Jakob P

    Same issue with the new HTC Incredible. IllegalStateException. eta on fix? It makes evernote unusable for the droid.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We’re working on it.

    • jono

      Same issue re mac and android 1.5 on htc hero.
      Spoiling the experience.

  • Dave

    Just installed this for the first time on Android and Mac. It would be nice being able to sync notes easily, but 1) previously mentioned Java bug which doesn’t let me see the first and only note I ever wrote at this point is a showstopper, and 2) the default UI on the Android app is, frankly, stupid from a UI design point of view: it takes far too many steps to find my previously written notes (and is sloooow).

    Guess it’s back to the drawing board, I’ll have to see what else is out there. Too bad, other people seemed to like this app. Good luck guys.

  • Tim

    Java error on HTC Desire with Windows 3.5 client… Not restricted to Mac…


  • Lars Holm

    “Java.lang.IllegalStateException: can’t
    declare any more prefixes in this context” means
    that it wants to see no attributes defined before the namespace
    attribution declaration. For instance,

    This must be the case when the mac client format the note xml document and synchronizes it to the server. When an android user client then reads the document the xml validation fails in an exception. So please correct the bug in the Mac client.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We are working on a fix. Thanks for your patience.

      • iapaddler

        ANy news on the Java.lang.IllegalStateException fix?

        • Andrew Sinkov

          We are working on it, and hope to have the fix released very soon. Here’s a description of the issue

  • Gonzalo

    Hi, I have the same problem with Evernote 1.3.1 (80774) on android 1.6 and windows client (3.5). Is there any stable version to use while you fix the bug? Thank you

  • Viking

    Great application, but usless to me withot offline sync/storage.
    Hope this will be fixed in next update.

  • Allan

    Any news on the “can’t declare any more prefixes..” bug as yet – This has been around for some time and there have been at least 2 updates for the Mac evernote since I noticed this. It does rather make evernote suck on android, since you can’t use any of your notes on the move.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Allan, we are working hard to fix the problem. We hope to have it resolved very soon.

  • kev

    ive got the same issue htc desire notes from windows 7 imported from onenote

  • Jerome BG

    Man oh man, offline caching would be grand!

  • Scott Bales

    Why would Evernote ignore something as critical as locally stored notes? They are killing their market. My entire company just moved off Evernote due to an absence of this feature. And still no comment from Evernote.

  • Daniel D.

    Same question here. I will be traveling to some areas where my data coverage through my mobile carrier will be sketchy, and I’ve just learned that I can’t count on Evernote if I can’t connect to the internet. That worries me.

  • AJ

    No offline support in android is making me switch to Instapaper now…

  • Ruben G Angulo

    Pleaseeee include offline notes for android. I just moved ALL of my notes to EVERNOTE and I just realized there is no offline access which completely defeats the purpose. I don’t like switching, I think evernote is pretty good, so please!!! Offline notes!!!