Evernote named a New York Times “Tech Theme To Watch” in 2010

Posted by on 06 Jan 2010

Posted by on 06 Jan 2010

The New York Times named Evernote one of its Five Tech Themes to Watch in 2010!

“Evernote, the popular note-taking service, recently announced it had hit a major milestone by surpassing two million members. But the company’s victory signals a larger shift in how the Web – and our mobile phones – are becoming a larger repository for our memories. Companies like Evernote are paving the way, but expect to see more entrepreneurs and start-ups vying to supplement our gray matter with silicon.” [via NYT, read full article]

We couldn’t agree more. Evernote’s goal is to help the world remember everything. Ambitious? Yes. But, in these days of information overload, it’s absolutely critical.

Stay tuned for an exciting year.


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  • Annie Pazoo

    Woohoo! Love Evernote!

  • Bert Webb

    What did I ever do before Evernote??? As a school administrator in North Carolina’s third largest school district, I practically run my school with Evernote!

  • Sean Kearney


    I LOVE the new update to the Pre app as well!

    Thanks again for the amazing work you have done to become indispensable in the life of so many people like me!

  • Neel

    Congratulations team!!! Well desereved – thanks for a great product!

  • John

    Have been trying Evernote for my personal notes for a few days. It’s wonderful to have my notes available from ALMOST everywhere. ALMOST, because the Windows Mobile application should keep a cache on my phone’s storage card. This is a BIG defect for travelling Europeans who face prohibitive roaming charges for mobile internet outside their own little countries.

  • Babs

    I’m MORE ME with Evernote! I use it for EVERYTHING business and personal. Maybe not the best organized but I can FIND things and THAT makes it wonderful! I just wish you would include the Evernote Clipper as a simple yes/no add to your favorites bar…do you want it? yes/no. Same for Evernote ON at start up? yes/no and who WOULDN’T want it on? Also, I use JOTT directly with Evernote and send everything to it from my IPhone. How easy! I’m old, so it has to be simple and significant and that’s what it is! I NEVER wear tee shirts….I bought and wear that PINK Evernote Tee!
    Not enough words of praise….keep up the good work, put all the ideas for use in an index and make it available for download. Should win and OSCAR(note)

  • DAniel

    you guys are the best. i love en. but to keep ahead of others, including gtd functionality is crucial.

    there is really no good reason why i cant be reminded of my notes on a certain time…

    i dont want ten solutions and mix them up – notes and reminders go hand in hand….

  • Nigel

    Congratulations on your success. 🙂

  • Susie L

    Congratulations! I love Evernote & hope to be using it for many, many years to come.