Say Hello to the New Evernote for Windows

Posted by on 21 Jan 2010

Posted by on 21 Jan 2010

You know that amazing feeling you get when you cross the finish line after running a full marathon? Me neither, but I imagine it’s similar to what we’re feeling right now. After over a year of development and months of extensive beta testing, the new Evernote (version 3.5) for Windows is here, it’s out of beta, and it’s pretty awesome.

Download the new Evernote for Windows »

We’re staggering the auto-update process. If you have been using the Windows 3.5 Beta and want to upgrade, go to Tools>Options>Upgrade to pre-releases. Evernote 3.1 users should download the new version.

Why this is huge

The new Evernote for Windows is…well…new. Completely new, in fact. We rewrote it from the ground up to make it faster, more reliable, and just plain better than Evernote for Windows has ever been. The first thing you’ll notice is its revamped interface. The new look, complete with thumbnails, is great for quickly browsing and searching through your notes. Once you start using it, you’ll notice improvements to text editing, tagging, screen clipping, digital ink support, and tons more. Our goal was to use everything we’ve learned since our launch to make a great Evernote experience on Windows.

Ideal for switchers

Lots of people move among multiple computers and devices as part of their daily routine. The last thing you want is a wildly different Evernote experience on each platform. A major consideration for us in developing this application was uniformity—making sure that you could go from using Evernote on your Windows machine to Evernote on your Mac and back again without thinking about it. Now you can.

Latest and greatest

This means that not only it is more functional and stable and works great on Windows Vista and Windows 7, but we’ll be able to roll out continuous improvements faster than ever.

So, so, so much more…

Here’s an (almost) complete list of all that’s new and better in Evernote for Windows version 3.5. If you’ve been following us through the beta process, then you may have seen some of these already.

Three different ways to view your notes

  • Thumbnail view: Rendered thumbnails showing the contents of your notes, images, and PDFs for easy browsing and filtering
  • List view: Multi-column “List View” with sorting on any column
  • Mixed view: Mixed thumbnail + detail view
  • Zoom thumbnails to see more detail
  • Display thumbnail or mixed views in visual groupings by date, size, source URL domain, and start of title

Note editing

  • Auto-complete tagging and easier tag creation
  • Spell checking as you type
  • Better support for advanced markup
  • Create tables within notes
  • Specify default font size for text in notes
  • Better handling of longer text notes
  • Creating ink notes in easier with the new canvas-like layout
  • Detailed note information and attributes


  • Editable and descriptive search filter
  • Ability to add or remove individual criteria from current search filter
  • Save the current search for use later as a Saved Search
  • Extend note search capabilities with ANY or ALL search criteria
  • Support for advanced search grammar in the search field

Other stuff

  • Find and Find next/find previous (both within and across notes)
  • Better consistency across the Mac and Windows versions of Evernote
  • New icons and buttons
  • More user-friendly “Folder Import” feature to automatically create notes from a watched folder–great for scanner and other integrations
  • “View on Map” button opens geo-tagged notes in Google Maps
  • Evernote for Windows introduction video included on launch
  • Multi-lingual spell check included in application
  • Quick access to your online account information
  • Improved screen clipping requiring fewer steps, with on-screen explanations
  • Menu options for attaching files to notes without requiring drag-and-drop
  • Remove tags from notes with a single click
  • Advanced note text editor based on Google Chrome
  • Improved synchronization performance via networking optimizations
  • Improved database performance for faster searching and sorting of notes
  • Full multi-language support (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, more coming soon)
  • Single binary for all supported languages
  • Synchronization is improved, it is now both faster and more memory efficient
  • Drag and drop files onto the application icon
  • Informational popups alerting users to synchronization and clipping
  • New, re-mappable global hot-keys
  • Search support for Asian characters
  • Improved auto-import dialogs
  • Improved copy/paste support
  • Incorporated more standard keyboard short-cuts
  • Improved task tray with easier access to clipping and short-cuts
  • Email notes via the Evernote Service to remove email client dependencies
  • Configurable auto-update to pre-release versions
  • Improved installer

And that’s just the beginning

You can expect to see tons of new features and enhancements soon. Stay tuned.

Download the new Evernote for Windows »

UPDATE: Evernote 3.5.1 is out. This update introduces major improvements and enhancements. Read about it here »


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  • Jose Rojas

    Do u have any Linux version in mind? Or u will never release a version for us (the linux users)?

  • Fernando

    Of course, won’t run on Linux with Wine. So a big part of the Evernote community abandoned…

  • SmartyP

    congrats on the release guys, been enjoying the beta the last month or two. keep up the good work!

  • El Ponderado

    Please, please, please let inter-note links (wiki-style linking) be one of the ‘tons of new features and enhancements’. Please, please, please 🙂

  • denis

    sorry, but I don’t see any improvements :

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @denis That issue is likely caused by your video drivers.

  • Scott

    When can we expect to see a portable version?

  • Robert-Paul

    Good job !

    Is there comming a portable version for my U3 drive??

  • Fernando Carmona

    Wow, this is just amazing, lets see how this awesome software works now (been a beta user of 3.5 both beta 1 and 2)


  • Peter Kasbergen

    Downloaded and installed 3.5 on Windows. Started 3.5 and copied the database. Now it won’t sync. HELP!

  • Jeff D.

    Can we please get a simple image rotation feature??

  • puark

    hope multi-touch (esp drag scrolling) will be implemented for win 7 soon!

    (this shouldnt be hard i think)

  • Michael

    Why did you remove the default view of Evernote 3.1? For me Evernote is not usable without the plain one-note-upon-the-other view. As soon as 3.1 is not supported anymore, I’m not an Evernote user anymore — sorry.

  • Arnoud

    The features are great, but to be honest I’m quite disappointed in the user interface. It doesn’t look like a Windows app anymore (e.g. control elements), more like a Java app. The previous version was beautiful, this looks out of place. I hope you guys can do something about that.

  • Chad Brokaw

    Awesome job everyone! Evernote is great.

  • Drew Vogel

    Congrats on the rollout of 3.5, guys!

    Where has Outlook integration gone? When can we expect note-to-note linking? Category intersections? Etc., etc., etc… I bet with the new architecture, they should be rolling out real-soon-now!

  • dans

    Nice, but no good to me until the S60 client goes official.

  • Peter

    Thanks for the hard work.

    Have the known issues from the last beta been dealt with? The beta release had a known issue where the text appeared fuzzy on some installs (including mine). On my setup, the text remains fuzzy with the new installation.

  • Crysti Couture

    Thanks for the new release! Will be eagerly testing it tonight. Im glad you guys fixed that pesky issue with importing folders!

  • Corey

    Love the new features on the Windows client but the thing that I miss the most is the ability to take screen shots and then copy them to the clipboard without saving as a note. This was a great way to be able to get screen images and draw simple annotations for other docs and emails without having to run another screen shot app. Please, please add it back.

  • Abdul Cuyag

    I view the video and I will give you a thumbs up. What a brilliant idea

  • Solvent

    All those user would like to have the portable version: You need to download and install the 3.1, because that has the option to install Evernote Portable (from the Tools menu). These versions work side by side without any problems!!!

    Although there are improvements there is still a lot of work to be done. Especially the Windows Mobile version where you must log in to see your existing notes and you can’t edit any of the notes. Nevertheless I would like to say thank you to the development team for their work!!!

    The website does not work well with Firefox 3.5. At least the download page which would not show any of the options on the bottom where you can select your OS. Have to switch to IETabs to see the rest of the page.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Solvent Currently, we aren’t planning to have a portable version for Windows 3.5. We keep improving the functionality of Evernote Web in order to better support the scenarios where you would have needed a portable version, namely when you are away from your main computer.

  • Yakun

    3.5beta installed smoothly. And the new UI looks much better. However, all fonts are quite blurred. Cannot fix it by choosing different fonts in option. Any idea?

  • daisuke

    Cheers 🙂
    Welcome to Japan !

  • Jacob Sevlie

    Why can’t I use the Tab button in the text editor? The old version had this, why did it get axed in the new version? I don’t understand…

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Jacob Thanks for the feedback re: Tab functionality. We’ll be fixing that soon. In the meantime, CTRL+M will indent the margin.

  • Joel


    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Joel Regarding issue with sync. It’s possible that you may have been trying during a particular overloaded time during our launch day. If the issue persists, please contact our Support team

  • Mugo


    I am a Premium user and have been using 3.5 beta sins august 2009. It has come a long way an it works pretty well, but the GUI looks like something from 2004. Ugly like hell…

  • Marcus T. Beach

    I current OS is windows XP… can I still use this?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Marcus Yes, Evernote 3.5 does run on Windows XP.

  • Udo Sauer

    I won’t use this version until you fix the BLURRY fonts. Sorry unusable for me. My eyes hurt. If 3.1 is not working someday you lost a custumer!

  • Daniel

    Excitedly downloading and installing the update now. Have been a premium user for a while now and just love what you guys are doing. I’m an Evernote evangelist 🙂


    Evidently you can’t please everyone all of the time.

    With 3.1 there was an attribute “Subject date”. Now just “Created” and “Modified” – why drop the Subject date?

  • Csaba

    1, Please bring back the old view, with the endless paper roll analogy. This was the most important feature I loved Evernote for. I have promoted Evernote among my friends and this was the best argument. If you leave it out, I will stick to 3.1 as long as possible, and stop promoting. I hate to click around in the result list of a keyword search instead of just rolling the notes and find the one I was looking for.

    2, Texts are still blurry on my monitor. More precisely: the notes are rendered sharp, but everything else is blurry.

  • Stefan

    Folder import… dosn’t work

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Stefan Regarding the folder import issues. We haven’t heard of folder import issues. Take a look on our user forum

  • macbirdie

    Thanks for the release. I’ll upgrade today at home and check the black screen & hang after standby issue.

  • Bjørn Wang

    You seriously need to fix THE BIGGEST SHOWSTOPPER, which is your hopeless editor.

    I love all the improvements of search, etc. but the editor just got EVEN WORSE!

    Bulletlists and font sizes change uncontrollably between platforms, half my notes from the 3.1 Evernote look like CRAP in 3.5, etc. The list goes on.

    Can you please, please focus on the editor. It’s a top ranking request in GetSatisfaction, and core to the user experience.

    I’ll revert to 3.1 until the basics of at least displaying the notes correctly and not F** them up for other platforms while editing works correctly.

    Seriously: Do some thorough usability testing and have regression tests that ensure the editor works before you launch new versions. This is not good.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Bjorn Regarding text editing in 3.5. The Windows 3.5 editor is a big step up from the 3.1 editor–it’s faster, has improved copy/paste support, supports longer documents, and more. Still, we know that there’s a lot of room for improvement. This is the first step and you can expect text editing to get much better over the coming months.

  • Robert A Williams

    One thing that would complete the entire Evernote picture would be the ability to import all the MS OneNote Files that I have. Then I could leave MS Office for ever!!!

  • Robert A Williams

    Hey, I just found it- OneNote to Evernote! Just what I have been waiting for.
    Thank you Guys!!!!!

  • Darek Rusin

    Looks like this is the end of Evernote for me, because version 3.5 sucks. The UI is slow, unresponsive and text is blurry and unreadable. Which from what I see was often complained about, see a good and detailed explanation below:

    Version 3.1 had its problem, but 3.5 is a step in a wrong direction. I don’t think Evernote will fix this, having just invested heavily into wrong technology, so I think it’s time to move to a different software.

    Evernote is good on Mac. On PC it became very poor software.

    It’s a pity though — I really liked this one.

  • Dickie Mint

    I agree that the look of 3.1 was nicer. I’d love to lose the note list in 3.5, above the actual note being displayed, but cannot. Shame. There’s just far less room for displaying (& hence reading/editing) the notes.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Dickie Mint Regarding your note viewing question, Evernote 3.5 has three different view options. You may want to try the Thumbnail or Mixed views.

  • Adonis

    Please remove the antialiased fonts/UI Elements. It always looks unsharp and is hard to concentrate looking at blurred fonts. Another remark: Give us back the screen capture functionality as in 3.1 that put the captured image into the clipboard.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Adonis The font blurriness issue is something we’re aware of. It only seems to affect certain machines, and from what we understand should be addressed by an upcoming Microsoft update.

      Regarding the screen clipping differences, thanks for the feedback. We plan to add the Save to Clipboard functionality in the future.

  • Nicola

    I am a paying user and I am not going to download the new version until you reintroduce the subject date field … extremely important

  • Dave Yuhas

    “hat issue is likely caused by your video drivers.”

    Collapsing or expanding my Tags list takes several seconds. Video drivers again? Evernote 3.5 crashes regularly. Video drivers again?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Dave Yuhas No, those are probably not related to your video driver, though we would certainly like to get to the bottom of the issues. Please contact our Support team:

  • Chris

    Alas. It installed and runs just fine on my XP machine, but on my Windows 7 64-bit machine? It seems to install ok, but when I launch it, the service starts, but no screens actually come up. I reinstalled a couple times, then uninstalled and reinstalled 3.1, which works great. 🙁

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Chris Regarding the Win7 64-bit issue. We’re trying to track down the cause of that. It would be great if you could help us by contacting support ( after following the steps outlined here:

  • Kalev

    I’m also disappointed with 3.5, and moving directly back to 3.1.

    Screen is blurry on both an XP machine and a Vista machine – It’s hard to believe this wasn’t noticeable during testing.

    PDF functionality is broken – I need to open the files in a external reader to see anything but the first page of a PDF. I use Evernote to hold and reference hand-written notes, so this is a bummer.

    And the lack of an outlook integration is a big misstep. That’s how I receive and share a lot of my notes with others. A quick way to dump it into Evernote was a big part of why I was happy to pay for premium.

    Please don’t take away support for 3.1 until you resolve these problems….

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Kalev Regarding viewing multiple-page PDFs, when you view a note, you should see back and forward arrows in the top right corner of the PDF. This allows you page through the document.

      There is an Outlook Clipper that should appear after you install Evernote 3.5. It lets you send emails directly into Evernote.

      The font rendering issue should be resolved with an upcoming Microsoft update.

  • denne

    I was waiting for the final release as the beta had issues. Well, the final version has issues too. It is not ready for primetime at all. Whoever signed off on it being ready needs to be questioned by their boss. I get lock-ups, slowness, poor performance (way worse than 3.1), and the black screen after hibernation (which is claimed to be fixed in release notes for this version?). Very disappointing. Oh, and the upgrade process? Absolute disaster. Why doesn’t it remove or upgrade 3.1? How dumb is that? So I have two Evernotes in Add/Remove programs and two in my Start menu? Different database locations, different program files locations? C’mon, guys…that is pathetic.

  • J-Mac

    So, only seven months since alpha release and who knows how many months before that in the making… And you release a half-done application. I Don’t think this is going to do all that you had hoped. Of course I giuess that aggressive – and deceptive – marketing may overcome the programming. Really disappointing.

  • Niels

    Add one user to the list of people who will not upgrade until the endless paper roll view is brought back. I use Evernote to take meeting minutes, and it’s sooooo useful to be able to see the notes of the previous meeting alongside the new meetings minutes, for example to check up on action items.

    I appreciate all the effort you have put into 3.5 to make an even better product (Evernote totally rocks!). But you are making too drastic changes. Make enhancements as much as you want, but don’t take away functionality that people have grown to depend upon!

  • Victoria Marinelli

    Please, for the love of God, bring back the Subject Date attribute. I have been pleading for this ever since the first 3.5 release. I am in my second year as a paying user and there is absolutely no way I can work with a Windows client that does not have this attribute. It is an absolutely critical feature for me and, from what I am gathering in these comments (and in comments on previous posts), for many others. Please. Seriously. I need that field. I have a whole year’s work saved in Evernote that relies entirely on that. WHY OH WHY OH WHY would you take a perfectly functioning and helpful (even critical) feature AWAY in an “upgrade”? Please, please, please, please, please bring it back. Thank you.

  • Hans Vaagenes

    I open Evernote 3.5, try to select a notebook and the system just crashes. This has happened many times now. Evernote has become an integral part of work and this is very frustrating and disappointing.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Hans Vaagenes We’ll need some additional information about your set up in order to assess the issue. Would you please contact our support team:

  • DJ Fuji

    Any idea when we’ll be able to edit rich text notes from windows mobile? That’s a HUGE problem for me right now…

  • mike

    *PLEASE* bring back the ability to have the old note scroll interface.
    You have made it so the panels can once again be removed (though why you took away the obvious mouse button on the panels to do it I don’t understand… but anyway…).
    But if I can view my list of notes without the note panel open then why not give people the option to just see the whole note in the list – as the original design was.
    So many people clearly desire this, I don’t understand your lack of even commenting on the issue and stating whether you intend to give it back to us or not and why or why not.

  • Anthony

    Terrible update! After Beta working fine, I also have the problem where install is successful, and evernote process starts but nothing on display at all on the screen. I’m using Windows 7 premium 32 bit on a Samsung Netbook.

  • Davo

    Sadly no longer installs under Linux + Wine (and there I was hoping for improved Wine compatibility, not total incompatibility).

    When will we get a native client?

  • Dickie Mint

    @Andrew Sinkov – Yes, I know there’s different views. What I’d like (and what 3.1 had) is a ‘no view’ view, if you get my meaning.

  • cb

    On WinXP and Evernote 3.5, anyone experience a
    “bad image” error – “The Application or DLL C:Windows….ext.exe is not a valid Windows Image”
    anytime you click on a note with an image in it?

  • Patrick

    It is a shame that you introduce more options but remove previous functions that people are used to.
    and there were a lot of remarks of the blurry fonts in the test, unfortunately this is not solved.
    I think you should return to the drawing board. version 3.1 was okay and from there implement the new stuff and keep the old functions where they were.
    If you want that people will use this program the rest of there lives, just improve it but don’t change it.

    I will check the new (4) version… if I don’t find other software that will do the trick for me.

  • Greg

    I’m not happy with the new client. I tried the beta but quickly returned to the 3.1 version.

    I think the anti-aliased text is terrible on the eyes. I emailed you about this weeks/months ago, including screenshots and asking for a way to turn it off, but no answer. Why in gods name did you guys do this? It makes no sense.

    Plus I keep getting synchronization failures, while I know my login and password are correct. It even downloaded all my existing notes when installed, but it won’t sync anymore. And I keep getting synchronization failure messages all the time when Evernote runs in the background.

    Plus you still haven’t implemented shared notebooks in the desktop client. It’s been in the webapp for a while now. How long do we have to wait for this feature to reach the desktop as well? Why is there a difference in the web client and the desktop client at all?

    I really liked Evernote and used it a lot, but because of all these things it has lost my interest. I would not recommend it to anyone anymore.

    Please read all these comments as well:

  • sergei

    you can’t search tags? the feature in all previous versions when you go to tags section on the left, start typing and tag appears. it was quite handy. i de-installed 3.5, the previous one is so much easier to use. sorry 🙁

  • Sin Trenton

    Sorry, but have you had an Apple-design on this project, or something? The new interface is horrible, waste of screen estaste, startup time has quadrupled, turning it to bloatware, thumb drive support suddenly gone (The “We don’t need no stinkin external memory” approach is for Appletards, ok?), the overview of notes is horrible, useless and so inefficient it is scary.
    And it seems not to be working on Wine!? Suddenly the Linux users got one on the nose from the left.
    Evernote used to be about flexibility _and_ efficiency–not about trying to make everyone become an iPhone drone.
    I don’t sit by a 28″ screen, wanting to look at pretty colours and big happy buttons.
    In my job I use a netbook a lot, while on the road. I don’t toss a bird if your designer is trying to win a design prize in some obscure competition, I want to Get Things Done.
    I used to recommend Evernote to my friends. Not any more. I will stick to 3.1 as long as possible, then ditch it for something more useful.
    Fail, Evernote. Big, big fail.

  • Andrew

    Guys, love your work but I am still often frustrated by the simplistic rich editing options. One major example: table editing.

    Sure, you can create a table, but how to add a column? I can’t see a way of doing that except by copying and pasting to an HTML editor, adding the column, and bringing it back — and that is what I do. Table editing guys, it already exists elsewhere. In fact, give me access to the HTML source, and I’ll edit the note myself.

  • ej

    A functionality that I miss from 3.1 is tagging several notes simultaneous.
    I prefer the 3.1 tag system. The direct tag using balloon tip is also missing.

    Another changed functionality is drag and drop, if I drag 3 files in 3.1 I it will create 3 notes. I 3.5 it will create 1 note merged, why?!?

    Will be available a 3.5 portable edition? I can’t install evernote in some places, and I always prefer a local application to a web one, the web clipping is more smooth using a local app then in web.

    In general I prefer 3.1 GUI, its more user friend friendly!

    I love Evernote (the 3.1 edition), I don’t like 3.5 direction…

  • Chris Upfield

    Just tried the new 3.5 update, but must say that the rolling tape veiw is a BIG omission from this version!

    I generally keep my notes grouped via tags relating to each projects name, and by filtering on a project tag I have a rolling list of notes just for that project, which makes things very easy to find – I don’t very often need to resort to using the search box. However, none of the new views allow easy scanning of the content.

    The new thumbnail view is only really useful if you are storing a lot of pictures, but is pretty meaningless for text only notes which most of mine are.

    I have to agree with the many other posters generally the screen rendering looks a little ‘soft’ – I feel it would become very annoying after just a short session working with the app.

    I’m sure the new ‘back stage’ features are great, but having lost the most useful view layout that the programme had, makes this a disappointing update. I not sure that I could make the transition to 3.5 at the moment because of these problems.

  • marie78963

    This is cool. I have to try this and download it right now.

  • Tim

    Hmm, I just started using EverNote and I’m already addicted, but I’m beginning to regret switching from OneNote. What happened to the “tag” button? I want to be able to just click on the tags I wish to use, not type them in. I don’t always remember which tags I have used before, so I prefer to see a list. Also, the adding more than one tag is kinda odd in the new interface.

    Editing notes is also, frankly, way behind OneNote, but I’m willing to overlook it. The beauty of OneNote is that it expects nested lists and lots of bullets. Hitting ctrl+shift+b every time I want to use bullets is annoying. I also don’t understand why tab doesn’t do anything.
    Anyway, I still like the program, especially iphone/ipod touch integration. I just wish things were a bit more intuitive.

  • Mojo Yugen

    What I miss most from 3.1 is that now I cannot select multiple notes and tag them simultaneously. For me that was a huge time saver. I add hundreds of notes a month and many of them had overlapping tags. Please bring this functionality back.

  • Dinesh

    I started of with v3.5 since its original beta release, and have pretty much stopped using Evernote since then, the main reason being the high load times and the high memory usage. It takes close to 15 sec to start off and takes close to 100 MB memory. My outlook with 10K mails inbox takes that much size. This is in sharp contrast to 3.1 where it took less startup time and less memory, because of which i always used to have it running in the background, but since it takes lots of memory i don’t run it in background and since it has high startup time, i no longer start it actively. Many peoples use case is to just have a simple, quick note capturing tool, and 3.5 does not fall under that category. Time to look for alternative tools for me (i am actively using some)

  • Alexey

    Not going to upgrade without clear text rendering and tape view.

  • Carl Sandberg

    I agree with the other comments that tagging worked alot better in version 3.1.

    What happened to the search tags function in the sidebar? You used to be able to type in a letter and find the tag instantly, which is a must when you have several hundred tags

    It was also a big mistake to remove the crtl+shift+t function to add new tags.

    Please add these functions again, I could never work with the 3.5 version as it is now.

  • Jeff Svensson

    Wow that’s just amazing how much better evernote 3.1 is than this new version. Judging from the comments, you have alot of work to do on 3.5. Prettier thumbnails is fine – but you should focus on making it easier to sort and organize notes. Please add some of the old tagging functions again, they are absolutely necessary!

  • Stefan

    Wow, what an incredibly poor performance with 3.5 – I’m going right back to 3.1.

  • Andy Bevan

    Installed it over the beta version 10 seconds ago and I love it already! I can read my PDFs again!

  • Jacques Turbé

    Hope improvements are still in the works. For now, we lost the find and select tag feature !

    With my large tag tree (>100 for >2000 notes) I can’t use 3.5 and benefit of its new niceties, and have to stick to 3.1.

    (I miss EN 2, which was an unrivaled jewel, and is not at all obsolete for local databases)

  • Michael Piefel

    How can you earnestly state that screen clipping has been improved? It’s horrible, it lacks every feature the old clipping has for the benefit of needing fewer clicks. I want to be able to save to a file, and I want the last region to be the default for a new clipping, so I can take a series of clips. Make ‘extended clipping’ an option if you so strongly believe in feature-poor clipping, but offer extended clipping to power users.

  • Steve Weiser

    Add my disappointment to these. How ironic that I publicly got on the Evernote bandwagon the day you released 3.5. 3.5 is S-L-O-W on my Win 7 64-bit machine with 8 GB RAM. Takes forever before it will acknowledge anything I want to do. I am going to rollback to 3.1. Back to the drawing board, guys

  • Adam Porter

    Sounds pretty bad. But I’m on Linux…so I can’t even use 3.5.

    It’s really sad that you did a complete rewrite but ignored Qt4. If you had written it in Qt4, it’d run on Windows, Mac, and Linux with little-to-no modification, and you’d have so many advanced features available for free, from GUI to network code and more. Sad that you guys seem to be “drinking the Microsoft kool-aid.” :/

  • BenLuck

    Hey guys, I’ve been reading through the comments and see you are getting a lot of negativity about the upgrade. I’ve been using Evernote for 18 months. My main client is the Windows version, but I also use the Mac client and iPod Touch client from home. I think the update is great, some nice new features, and still very flexible, it’s easy to customise a few settings and make it look like the old version if you want to. My only initial problem with the interface was the font clarity, but I changed the font type and size and now it is fine. This product continues to increase my productivity and efficiencies at work and at home. It’s a real life saver. I have no complaints, especially as it is free. It’s a great free product and I think a lot of people overlook the price tag when making negative comments. I have one question though, how far away is the collaboration functionality? My systems team are keen to have shared notes/notebooks rather than maintaining seperate copies. You guys do a great job, keep it up!

  • Josh

    It would be interesting to hear a response from the evernote folks about all this criticism. How did you justify REMOVING function thats users depend on for using the platform? Will you add the old functions in future updates?

  • Jimmie

    Rolling back to Evernote 3.1. Everything looks really blurry, and when I used to hit the print screen button, the clipper allowed right clicking for a bunch of useful options. Now, it’s just clip a section or a window into a notebook.

    Along with everything else everyone has written above, I’m kinda happy that I’ve kept myself from migrating to Evernote as a primary note keeper.

  • Mladen Mihajlovic

    Just wanted to add that I’m also hoping for the scrolling interface to come back. And the subject date field.

  • alimbada

    Bulleted lists are broken in a big way. I’m going back to 3.1. This is unusable and unacceptable. I can’t believe it got past QA.

  • Andrew

    Would have to agree with other users, the anti-aliasing on the text make it very hard on eyes, can you not add an option to turn it off so at least you have the choice.

  • Michael

    I develop software, so I know how hurtful “constructive” criticism can be. I personally think if you tripled your price, many of the whiners would wander away. But that doesn’t seem to fit with your philosophy – and that’s why I’m such a huge fan.

    I’m having trouble uploading the 3.5.1 RC1 – it says its loading it and it just hangs. Any news on this front?

    As far as the “why is this gone” and “don’t ever change anything.” As someone who’s upgrading a client from a Winforms to a WPF app – it’s the .NET framework and application architecture / plumbing that is causing some of my clients’ growing pains. It’s hard to stand at the outside and know whats happening on the inside.

    Keep at it folks, don’t get dragged down – you have a superb product and you’ll work the kinks out! We are cheering for you!

  • skyrider

    I give you great credit that you did a major rewrite from the ground up. So often, companies are afraid to do that, even when it’s sorely needed. You did it for all the right reasons: improved compatibility, portability, etc. And I recognize that in using WPF, you did exactly what Microsoft would have recommended, using their “latest and greatest.”

    So kudos on that. The shortcomings of Evernote 3.5 are primarily Microsoft’s problems, not yours.

    That being said, sadly I have to say I’m going to drop back to 3.1, primarily because of “look and feel” issues:

    * (look) The blurry typography drives me crazy. Also, the whole 2-dimensional design UI surface is a step down from the crisp, subtle 3D boxes of a “real” windows desktop app — it just looks, well, amateurish to me.

    * The performance is just sluggish — it feel’s like (and looks like) I’m using a Web app, instead of a native desktop app — just the slight delay and unresponsiveness of the UI. I click – slight pause – something happens. I thought maybe it was just my 2-year-old laptop, but I see that people with the most powerful new machines are making similar comments. In fact, I prefer using Evernote Web to 3.5 — your real Web app is great!

    * And yes, although this is not the deal-breaker, I too am irritated by the loss of features. (Here’s one nobody has mentioned so far: I used to be able to drag a document from my desktop to the “open” gray area below the last note, and it would be added as a new note in my default notebook.)

    On the bright side: This Windows box is just for my day job. My real computer is my MacBook Pro, and I just love Evernote Mac — use it for everything.

  • chrpr

    I also add my disappointment to these: 3.5 is a huge disappointment so far.
    • The UI is slow, unresponsive and text is blurry and unreadable. Ugly like hell.
    • Thumbnail and mixed view are no improvements in terms of functionality but a step back. They are inefficient and really useful only if you are storing a lot of pictures, but is pretty meaningless for text only notes which make up a huge amount of mine. The endless paper roll view is so essential for usability but not available anymore.
    • Another changed functionality is drag and drop, if I drag 3 files in 3.1 I it will create 3 notes. I 3.5 it will create 1 note merged.
    • Also in 3.1 was always a note ready to type in. In 3.5 I need to open a new one manually (also, I used to be able to drag a document from my desktop to this new note below the last note, and it would be added as a new note in my default notebook.)
    • The loss of tagging features is mourned here extensively already.
    All in all a huge disappointment and loss of much of it’s intuitive handling and functionality which made it so useful and worthwhile to work with Evernote. It’s time to move to a different software if things don’t get fixed quickly! Sad!

  • Bill

    While I don’t like the additional memory usage, I think the interface is agreat improvement over 3.1. Yes, still much valued real estate is taken up, but not as much as before. The gigantic cartoonish un-customizable icons taking 2 1/2 inches of the top of the screen were trimmed down, note navigation is MUCH neater and smoother. I have not noticed any of the rendering issues these people are talking about, and I don’t miss the crippled time saver bell and whistle known as the time band.

    I would kill for a calendar view, unlikely i’m sure..but I’d definitely settle for a mobile version with calendar view (icon lists on a large screen barely work for text heavy/picture light Notes..much less on a mobile screen).

    Under the hood she looks much better than 3.1, the overhead is a slight improvement..just work on your memory issue and allow users to have some real preferences ala firefox…and possible support for a plugin community.

  • eager

    I’ve been a happy user of Evernote 2 for more than 3 years now. It’s still working perfectly. It is really sad to see the ongoing litany of problems with the new Evernote 3. I’m just hoping against hope that someone will pick up Evernote 2 and revive it as a supported product. I had tried a couple of time to work with EN3 but I’m so glad I didnt switch.

  • Dean Morrison

    Great update – love the new interface. My only complaint is that it takes up about 2 – 2.5 times more memory that 3.1 and is really grinding down my system.

  • don

    For my use I like 3.5 and will be staying with it. The UI layout is nice, but I agree the rendering is soft on both XP and Vista. Not a deal breaker and switching fonts to Arial helped. Looks like you have alot of users that depend on items that are now gone like the tape roll view, which I acually didn’t like but got used to, and the sort/tag/search features. Might consider bringing those back. Love EN and have considered going premium, not because I need to, but just to support you for a product I depend on every day. Thanks.

  • JL

    I’m with ‘eager’ – still happy with EN2. I tried EN3 several times and couldn’t stand it. Good luck, people.

  • Dan

    The latest update to Evernote 3.5 is constantly crashing on my Win7 computer. Runs fine on XP. It is too frustrating to be useful at all. Love Evernote, but this is something that needs quick attention.

  • Frank J.

    Add one user to the list of people who will not upgrade until the endless paper roll view is brought back.

    Why the hell dont you listen to the people who use your product?

    Did you brought back the screenclipper functionality since the beta version?

  • jfly

    I really don’t like the new UI. Those thumbnails are totally meaningless to me. I think the thumbnails are only useful for those save lots of pictures. The point is evernote is not a picture organizer …

  • Bob Hoeller

    Evernote is terrific as is but two additions would make it my goto program for everything I do manipulating data.
    1- the ability to search files for duplicates and be able to delete same.
    2- a hotkey that would enable you to copy highlighted items and place them in certain folder.
    Info Select ( and Zoot ( both have these capabilities but with your sync abilities where files can be accessed anywhere is why I I favor Evernote.

  • Peter Butkiewicz

    Please bring back the portable mode (for USB sticks)

  • Vish

    Why are the alt codes suddenly not working? If I do Alt+(Numpad)224, I used to get ‘α’ but now all I get is ‘a’.

  • bill

    Mixed view + left panel disabled (f11) has such a better look,feel,and usability than the previous ones I can look passed the memory usage spike in favor of my own personal usability spike.

    ::prays for a Calendar view on mobile at least:: (amen)

  • Dave

    It took a bit to memorize the new keyboard shortcuts [not too cool] but beyond that, I love 3.5. I run it on Win7 x64 with no problems at all.

  • Mike Stute

    I can not leave 3.1 until I can access the underlying text in an ink note.

    I publish a WordPress blog with my meeting notes.

    Here is the sequence of events:
    1) Create a new “ink” note for the meeting.
    2) Take notes
    3) Meeting ends. Hit “recognize text” button.
    4) Copy the image of the ink note.
    5) Copy the ASCII text that resides under the ink note.
    6) Stick the image and text into a new blog post using Windows Live Writer.
    7) “Publish” to my internal WordPress blog

    My meeting notes are “super cool” because users can scroll through the blog and see the pages of ink. The blog is fully search-able because I also include the text.

    I would love for there to be a way to publish my Evernote ink note to WordPress. I don’t see that functionality coming any time soon, so just having the text is good enough. Unfortunately, access to the text has been REMOVED from 3.5!


    I posted this some time ago in the forum.

  • Thiz

    I like it guys, I know there will be some fix to be done, but I’m really liking all the new features and views. I LOVE Evernote, and I really appreciate the work you do. 🙂

  • modomiro

    As much as I love Evernote overall, I dislike the font rendering of the new version. The fonts look blurred and are therefore difficult to read – a big annoyance for a note/text application. Why not using system defaults?

  • marinoz

    When are you going to reinstate the “subject date” field?
    Until that date there is only version 3.1 for me …

  • lynn

    But … but … you took away the cut/copy/paste icons, and it was you who got me hooked on them!

    I posted upthread that I would probably upgrade anyway, thinking that you’d made these a registered perk, but they are gone!

    Please, please, put them back!

  • lynn

    I should have said in my previous note that it did load smoothly and runs fine on my 64bit Win 7 installed on a 64 bit laptop with 4G of RAM. That might be pertinent to something.

    But having used it for the last few hours, I have to agree with those who are missing the drag and drop functionality we had in 3.1, as well as many of the other changes.

    I too use mostly text docs here, and it does seem like the text functions have suffered the most.

    I’m not sure I’d call it an upgrade. Sidegrade, maybe.

  • Frank

    I often use my LT where there is no secure internet available. I never use public hot spots. The concept of “Cloud” applications may seem to be convenient, but until they can be 100% secure, I’m not going to use them. EN 2.2 is my choice at this time. If a newer version that is resident on my HD is released someday, I may consider purchasing an upgrade.

  • Eliot Sykes

    Updates sound great, and I’d planned on upgrading until reading the comments left here. Evernote, please consider sending a newsletter announcement addressing these concerns.

    Until there is some feedback from Evernote on the above I’ll be sticking with 3.1.

  • Deborah

    The older version was simpler. What happened to that tag box that would float up on the bottom of the screen so you could tag a site you clip on the spot without having to switch screens and go into Evernote? Now you just get a message that you clipped the website. This is irritating as having to switch screens to create a tag is a drag. I like the older version better. Everything to complex with too many choices. You get some proficiency going and then things change drastically. I am tired of relearning stuff. How can I get the old version back? IF I can’t do that please put the auto tag feature back.

  • Paul

    I’d like to use the Ink Note-tech together with typed text by keyboard, will that come?

  • Prs

    upgrading to 3.5 showed my local notebook. since I was satisfied, I uninstalled version 3.1. and all of a sudden my local notebook has vanished! how do i get it back?

  • Dave star

    Talk about gushing marketing sounds like a shambles. Egg al over their face. Will not upgrade.

  • Hal

    I am REALLY not liking a couple of things about Evernote 3.5.

    First off it’s horribly slow to start up.

    Second is the screen clipper. I very much liked the old behavior where it remembered the last clip window used. Please bring that back! At least as an option.

  • BW

    I’ve upgraded to 3.5 from 3.1 at home (windows 7) and it worked great. At work I tried to upgrade (XP) but 3.5 won’t launch. Any ideas?

  • DAG

    I’ll have to stay with 3.1 since is the only version that work’s with Linux under Wine. This new 3.5 version works with .NET and that does not work. You should really think in working with a more multiplatform framework, something like java because .NET is far from portable to other platforms.
    I hope you think this through.

  • Trevor W

    I honestly don’t see the improvements in 3.5. It still lags and the features that were taken out of the clipper are things I used all of the time (e.g. Ctrl+S to save screenshots, Ctrl+C to copy screenshots). Sometimes I liked editing images before they ended up in Evernote.

    I really don’t care for the new layout either. I didn’t realize the .Net requirement for 3.5 either. Another strike. Sticking with 3.1.

  • John

    3.5 won’t start up on my XP system

  • Adrian Smyth

    After reading some of these comments, I will leave well alone until the problems are resolved!

  • Dave

    What happened to the screen clipping functionality? I need to be able to do Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V with the screen clipping tool without going into the Evernote App. Bring this back! Definitely a deal breaker.

  • Pablo

    I think it’d be useful to have sub-notebooks, so that you can organize the information following a tree-like structure (like you do with your files in windows). thank you.

  • Katalin H

    Evernote is a lovely program, but it is so slow that I simply can’t use it – when are you going to fix that???

  • Erik

    I need to return to 3.1. It looks it is a hugh step back.

  • Simon

    Disappointed – I’m sorry to write. I really like the option of thumbnail view, but overall the GUI is noticeably poor compared to the 3.1 version. On a brighter ‘note’, the evernote app for iPhone is fantastic.

  • Trejkaz

    Not upgrading until the infinite paper comes back. It’s what makes Evernote Evernote!

  • Mornington

    Wow, what a great update! Just updated from 3.1 and am really happy.

    Particularly great interface changes. Soooo much more usable. In fact I’m totally rethinking how I use the product because it just works and feels so much better now.

    Of course the performance changes are a little harder to see right off the bat, but better search and more attention to large notes is very welcome. I’m a glad to see a good product still working at getting better. Congratulations!

    (Nice to not be complaining on a product thread for once 😉

  • TheBigOldDog

    This is a case study of how a company can take what was a great product and quickly destroy it for the sake of change. There’s no way I’d trade 3.1 for 3.5. 3.1 was near perfect and should have been tweaked slightly, not destroyed!

    Secondly, your web clipper add-on update you pushed out for Firefox about a week ago has a major bug that causes Firefox to grind to a halt and consume an entire CPU core. I have confirmed in testing. If anybody reading this is suddenly having stability issues with Firefox, disable the Evernote add-on and that will fix it.

    In a span of just a few weeks Evernote went from something I used and relied on everyday to something I can’t use at all. Nice work!

  • PaulC

    LOVE the update.
    I was never a big fan of the scrolling paper metaphor, this is so much better. I don’t use Evernote to manage photo’s, but the thumbnail view still makes its so much easier to find a note.

    I am amazed that there are so many nay sayers.

  • Disappointed

    I’ve used EN on mac and was really put off by the display layout, being quite proficient and familiar with the PC one. But now guess what? They’ve put the terrible, ugly, unreadable, impractical UI on my dear PC version 🙁
    PLEASE bring back the old newspaper view with its handy list of notes and its new note input. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

  • Richard Ames

    Wow! ..Reading your customers reviews makes my choice easy … wait until the new version is approved by the majority ..

    Two rules of (successful) business

    1. The customer is always right!
    2. If you doubt this … see rule #1

  • Ozdachs

    I came here because of the email product announcement, but… Eeek! The comments here have scared me off.

    No updating for me today!

  • Bruno

    I also had to revert to 3.1. I’m very disappointed with 3.5 – it’s so slow…


  • gwr

    I still prefer ver. 3.1.
    The new version seems to have lost all the useful bits that made Evernote so,so invaluable.
    Sun. 21Feb2010

  • Mathew

    Glad I came to this list of comments before I did the usual installation of whatever is new!

    Personally, I’ve used Evernote for many years, and I like the second-latest version (3.1?) a lot. Given the above commentary, I’m going to hang loose and skip 3.5 for now, though I’m sure it’ll get ironed out and be another excellent release soon.

    Cheers Evernote.

  • Dan

    3.5 cannot login, informs me my username is invalid. 3.1 and work fine with my username. 3.5 tested on XP.

  • Vince Fontaine

    Why is the windows version so lame compared with the Mac version? Much more sluggish.

  • Richard McNeill

    Evernote is my e-journaling tool of choice… so far. I’m waiting for the shoe to fall, but it’s working for me now and I suspect that if the developers keep our support, it will get better. I capture audio, photos, and text notes and EN 3.5 manages them well.

  • Charlie

    I’m with several of the other posters here. I was really jazzed by the marketing hype until I read the comments. And I realized that EN 3.1 has too much that I already like to want to move away from it, if indeed they have removed so much of the functionality that made it great in the first place. Change for the sake of change is not a good approach to software. I’ll upgrade when I come back here and the majority of comments say, “Great job–awesome!” Otherwise, forget it. And if you disable the comments to hide your customer’s opinions… Then you’ve REALLY signed your death warrant.

  • Dirk Daggler

    still no support for vieweing shared notebooks? how can this be so difficuilt to implement. sharing and viewing family’s notebook via web browser is pain in the arse :s

  • Kamin

    Wow! Two weeks of the new version’s non-acceptance by customers and today I get a notice to upgrade. I don’t think they are taking this blog and the customers seriously. I knew there was something changing with Evernote with the level of support getting a little scarier. They are friendly but never read the actual questions I have needing support. In fact, the last support question they said I cannot do what I was asking to do – I learned a few days later on my own that the feature exists – something their support people weren’t even aware of. Support and version releases will make or break a software or software service provider. I hope they get that concept soon before they tank their own business because the tool itself is a wonderful tool (at least prior to the newest version).

  • Roland

    I was really eager to get the update and now I am really disappointed.
    The font rendering is terrible, unless you want to be transported back to the 80s…

    The thumbnail view is ok, but the UI really kills me. I’ll stick with 3.1 and hope the you revert that upgrade…

  • Nick Dunn

    Very happy that it’s working with my proxy settings… earlier versions seemed to ignore the proxy stuff. Now I can use this at work. Yay

  • zcc

    I still use EN 3.1~ EN 3.5 is ugly in my Win 7 + GDI++

  • James Taylor

    “Lots of people move among multiple computers and devices as part of their daily routine. The last thing you want is a wildly different Evernote experience on each platform.”

    Sadly that’s exactly what I get. I switch between Evernote 3.5 for Windows and the Evernote Blackberry app as part of my daily routine. I really love Evernote for Windows but am increasingly frustrated by the design and lack of usability in Evernote for Blackberry. Most of the problems come from the fact that the Blackberry app is basically a front end for Evernote Mobile; and Evernote Mobile has all kinds of flaws, such as inability to access tags and inability to edit notes that include more than text. Added to that that the Blackberry app itself has numerous flaws (random display order for tags, does not display tag hierarchy correctly) and you can begin to see my – and I imagine may others’ – frustration. And I’ve not even mentioned the elephant in the room yet – namely that Evernote still doesn’t support local copies of notes on the Blackberry.

    And so when Evernote talk about uniformity across platforms, I have to understand by that that they mean only Windows and Apple platforms – hence the recent announcement of committment to developing Evernote for the iPad.

    Evernote: when will you wake up to the needs of the millions of us who use Blackberry’s as part of our daily routine?

  • Kerry Murdock

    As a MAC user I’m sooo thrilled.

    Does the sharing notebooks work yet??? That’s what I’m looking for.

  • Lee Maverick

    how do I import Outlook notes if I do not have Microsoft Onenote?

  • Jeff Pankin

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Evernote. Using it for a while. Would like to upgrade to 3.5 but my Dell laptop uses the NVIDIA Quadro NVS video card. Any idea how long the wait will be?


  • William Thomas

    Love Evernote. Upgraded. Have it on three Windows computers. Now, won’t sync. Thoughts?

  • Marcel

    I believe there is a memory leak on the latest Windows client; memory usages keeps growing as you simply open/close existing notes. The memory utilization is also much too large at application startup; there should be a way to minimize the footprint used by the app. Otherwise, love the app & integration you’ve done between mobile/WEB/Desktop; kudos to the team.

  • Augusto

    Please add real TAB key to Evernote.


  • Dave Fink

    It launches and runs sooooo slow! I’m uninstalling / reinstalling 3.1. I’m a premium member and this is a real let-down.

  • Minnu Tom

    I will not be upgrading to EN3.5 without the paper roll view. The list of notes is of no use to me, I need to see the actual notes when I search.

  • George Anison

    I love the windows integration but I think in some areas the program is going backwards.

    Like in the tags pannel, the tags aren’t greyed out to know wich notebook contains them.
    By the other way, I really miss the stacked notes view, I loved that, please, take it back!

    By the chance, It would be great being able to add hadwrittings inside text notes!

    Thank you

  • Graham Barker

    Dependance on .net framework 3.5 has turned me off trying evernote 3.5 – its a 231Mb download, as if 38Mb for evernote wasn’t enough! (not everyone has fast broadband). Seems like a lot of bloat for something to organise my text notes.

    Also its inability to work on linux under wine is a turn-off. For me, and no doubt many others, cross platform means windows and linux.

    Sometimes developers get carried away with adding cool and impressive features just because they’re cool and impressive, rather than sticking to what people actually need. I wonder if Evernote is heading down that path?

  • Atanasio Segovia

    Are there any plans to release a Linux version?

  • Phoenix

    NOoooooooo, this version is ugly and boring and I can’t use it!!!!!! I like the old version much better. The new ways to view notes are so annoying compared to the old way.

  • aarjayaitch

    I agree with those who want the paper roll view back. I installed 3.5 on my desktop and I absolutely loathe the new views! Sticking with 3.1 unless the endless roll view reappears.

  • Frank

    The 3.5 doesn’t install on my WinXp. When the OS crashes (finally) I will switch to linux. So there will be no more Evernote for me then??! Not even for a “premium user”?

  • Robert Aubin

    I think both versions are good. The old version seems to react

  • SB

    Can we have option for the old view back please? The new one is boring, slower, has redraw issues, and has the all important ticker view missing.

    Why would you want to give us less functionality and more. Instaling old version now.

    Only good thing in the latest version is the ability to format text withing the note view i.e. without popping out the window.

  • Valerie

    This seems like a great way to get organized.

  • Katja

    I really don’t like the new interface, which is much more difficult for me to navigate – like some others, I prefer the paper roll (I also think it looks much better). I’m sticking with 3.1 for this reason, at least for the time being. This is the same reason I’ve been unable to use the web interface.

  • Gustavo Niemeyer

    What about Linux?

  • Aldennis

    I want Evernote to run natively on my Ubuntu please…
    Is that hard to create a linux version of Evernote?

  • Darryl Godfrey

    Why is Evernote SO incredibly slow and clunky now? It used to be light, start quickly and be very responsive. Now, as of version 3.5.x, it’s so slow I’m thinking very strongly of ditching it in favour of something else. Don’t these people ever test their code?

  • Jordan Garn

    Man, I hate the screen clipping “features” added to 3.5, 3.1 was much better and easier to use, plus you could press ctrl+s to save the note to anywhere on your computer (not just the desktop) or ctrl+c to save it to your clip-board, and that was alot more intuitive for me.

    Is there anyway to go back without down-grading?

  • Philippe Allot

    We also stick with Evernote 3.1 (3 premium users). As software designers, we know that it is not easy to improve a product which is well born, without in fact disappointing its users.
    It was simpler in the old version to drag tags, to filter with them (just count the clicks), to have a synthetic view of all of them, and so on.
    To have thumbnails can seem attractive but is not so efficient for (our) intensive usage (the major part of our notes are text or are software screenshots which appear very similar). As some users have said above, can you consider delivering the old interface with the enhancements on text editing ? That will be nice…

  • james

    I installed 3.5 but I didn’t like it. I tried installing 3.1 and I like the simplicity and speed.

  • Sheree Young

    I can’t install. Keep getting the error “Not a valid win32 app”. My OS is Windows 7. I’ve tried compatibility mode.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Sheree, please contact our support team:

      • stephen

        I have windows 7 64 bit and I have tried everything but it wont install

      • Chris

        Nice. I click the link to submit a ticket and it asks me for a username. I haven’t installed it yet because of the error message above! What now?

        • Heather

          Username is not a required field on the submission form. You can leave that blank to submit your ticket.

  • Sean

    Why is Evernote SOOOO SLOOOWWW these days??? (Specifically, desktop Windows client). This is really gonna kill the product amd service offering. I purchased my v2.2 long time ago and loved it, used it all the time for everything. Now having installed this new 3.5 version, I tried so hard to tolerate the speed…and gradually find myself avoid using the product. It’s just too damn slow.

  • Joe Reger

    Totally agree. The Windows client is so slow that it makes Evernote a challenge to use. A notes app needs to always be there to catch data as you need it to. Waiting for startup and dealing with app stutter breaks my workflow when I try to simply jot down a note. Can’t tell you how many notes I’ve not taken because I try to avoid Evernote. The only thing keeping me there is the fact that I have a lot of notes already in the system and I don’t want to spend the afternoon it’ll take to research alternatives, install/test them and then convert existing notes over. Hoping that things speed up in the next release.

  • Öner

    I like Evernote but Evernote for Windows keeps crashing when I double-click an even slightly larger text note and try to edit it. I use Google Chrome and Vista for Business. It happens every time I use Evernote for Windows which makes it impossible for me to use.

  • Marcus

    Second the comments about speed. Windows standard GUI elements might be ugly but at least they’re quite snappy. I couldn’t believe it when I changed some preferences in Evernote 3.5 and even the checkmarks _fade_ in and out. For a tool like this, speed of response _always_ trumps looks. Sorry, I really like Evernote but this is a complete re-do.

  • dante

    this software is not compatible to my window 7 64 bit

  • DJ

    desktop version is bulky and slow. i have given up. for now accessing my notes from my phone or the web till i find a better alternative to evernote

  • OldSkool

    I agree with Sean, Joe, DJ and others. The desktop version is too slow. My workaround is to type notes into Notepad and transfer them to Evernote when I have time. Uploading seven (7) pre-typed text notes just took me 20 minutes! That’s ridiculous. Anyone else nostalgic for the good old days of Tornado Notes and InfoSelect? Those were fast on slow machines!

  • fng

    i don’t really care what version or what interface, i just care about one thing. why is it soooooo slow now almost to a point that it is not usable via the website.

    the same experience with chrome, IE, and firefox. different versions of these browsers produce the same end user experience.

    i love the service, please do NOT go where everyone else does, it’s not always about new features. new features are only cool if you can keep the performance at a constant.

    thanks for listening.


  • Suki

    Please Please can we have the old evernote back again.The new one is not half as good.

  • Tarryn

    It wont install on Win7 64bit – I have tried everything – is there a solution for this issue?

  • norberto

    Too slow indeed