It’s Partner Month!

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 02 Feb 2010

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 02 Feb 2010

Get this, there are over a thousand developers working to build Evernote into their applications right now. That’s pretty wild. From iPhone apps to web services to hardware to…a Linux version (it could happen), third party developers are really making the most of our remember-everything-sync-it-everywhere platform.

This month, we’re celebrating their work.

Over the course of February and into March, we’ll be announcing tons of new integrations, showcasing our great partners and holding some fun and informative events (more info coming soon). Stay tuned for a fun month.

Have something cooking?

If you’re currently working on an integration that might launch in February, let us know. This is a great time to get the word out about your work.

Have an integration idea?

We built Evernote to be good at a specific set of tasks, which leaves the door wide open for the developer community to create the killer integration. If you have an idea and would like to get started, check out our developer section for information on our API and scripting options.


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  • Terence Lee

    I am not a software developer although I do run a software company and do fantasize about developing software sometimes. But I would like to urge someone to create a plug in for Evernote that would take the items inside notes that have check boxes in front of them i.e. Action Items and allow me to push them to another note that is a Action List so I don’t have to aggregate everything manually or better yet push them into my Google Calendar and Google Task List.

  • Jason Barone

    Awesome, I can’t wait to see what’s cooking.

    Any word on CRM/Project Management apps integrating with Evernote yet?

  • Jersey Todd

    “Remember the Milk” integration would be great. Looking forward to what you have cooking….

  • Vemana Madasu

    Linux is cool but we want one for Symbian! the largest smartphone platform in the world. puhleez! The features in S60 V5 are on par with iphone/android platforms.

    Evernote FTW!

  • David Sommers

    Is there a list of applications that integrate with or rely on Evernote – maybe a site similar to Firefox extensions or IE add-ons?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @David Sommers We’ll be launching a comprehensive Partner section very soon.

  • Dan

    @Terence: If they could do that for Outlook or iCal, that would be killer. Although this app is quite the killer as-is.

  • Victor Velasquez

    We would love to have a discussion with Evernote about the possible ways we can become partners. We like working with companies like you. I will check your blog to see if there is an event or an activity.

  • Niclas Bahn

    We would love to integrate Tags with Evernote for the Mac:

    We would like to integrate the following:
    – access tags given within evernote
    – display of notes within Tag browser
    – find tagged evernote notes in search interface
    – etc.

  • Lee Moffitt

    Anything in the works for us Linux’ers?

  • Tema Frank

    I second Terence Lee’s request to be able to sync Google tasks with evernote notes

  • Bruce Reynolds

    Please put in Remember the Milk Integration.

  • John Davis

    Please provide integration with Remember the Milk

  • Felipe Barros

    Well, not many linuxers made a comment to this post, but I need mine to figure here. Evernote is such a thing in the life of it’s users that we would fight for it, wear it, spread it (I did this), everything for free. I am a Brazilian student and worker. I always try to consider things I buy thinking if I will have the condition to pay for it, and unfortunately, I don’t have so much money to pay for all the softwares I like. That’s why I started using linux some years ago. I love it, deeply, really. I know, there is a huge history behind the relationship of software developers and linux, the demand and all. But Evernote, damn, it simply ruins my happyness not to have you here, in my desktop. Emulating sux. I want you guys to realize we are here. iPad just launched, and I felt ofended in a way to see you guys making sucha a party, just launching another evernote, for another platform, much newer than my lil linux here. If you search the web, there are thousands of thirsty linuxers waiting for you guys. I NEED Evernote in my life, desperately need. I don’t have money and since I’m a linuxer, I don’t pay for software. I would for Evernote, I want it in the full version, I want everything about it. “it could happen” isn’t enough. We are too many, and our OS is too important to the world for us to be ignored. Is there someone listening to us???? Despite the bad feeling I have, I love your work, keep it up.

    • Moises Jafet


    • UzAt

      Hello and thank you Felipe for pointing it out.
      I’m a linux user and a student, too.
      I’m living in germany and use a (convertible) tablet pc [Fujitsu T5010] at school to write with a pen on my screen in evernote, to draw, to calculate maths and so on.
      I’m really hating windows, but am forced to use it. There’s just no single good application on linux which supports writing with a pen AND to organize written pages!
      Windows just slows down my whole machine after some time, it constantly freezes and after installation there’s a point in the next 6 months where I’ll have to reinstall this crappy system.
      Linux is so much better! It’s fast, it’s really using the 4GB memory and not wasting more than 50% all the time just to run the system !
      And it really helps me to save battery time. I’ve got 2 batteries in my tablet, but windows eats it in about 6 hours – most times I don’t get even 5hrs! (It’s supposed to work for min. 8hrs!) On Linux the best time I got WHILE REALLY WORKING ON THE MACHINE 9.5 hours! (I even got 16hrs out of it, just with listening to music on a bus trip!!)

      Anyway. It’s really pitty you (developers of Evernote) are not able to get a working version on linux.
      Linux isn’t as “basic” and user-unfriendly as 15 years ago anymore and every single day more people discover the better side of virtual-life and the possibilities of Linux, but especially the users of tablet computers have no single, GOOD software to use their tablets pen with.

      I (and thousands of linux users) would really love to see a (native) linux version of evernote. [And btw. I would immediately get the premium version of evernote just because my uploads and my evernote useage would rise big-time! But as long as there’s no linux version I don’t see why I should upgrade. I can just use it for written school notes..]

      Keep your good work up….on linux!

    • Sara C

      I agree we need a linux native client. I have been a sporadic evernote user since 2009 because I live in a very rural area with inconsistent internet, and I am a linux user. I have tried various linux distros, and I am happiest with Zorin, a ubuntu based distro. While I am happy to hear about the nevernote project, I will not be buying evernote premium until a native linux client is available. Hope to hear good news soon! Thanks.

  • Joel Walzer

    I want to emphatically echo the call for a linux version. I rely on Evernote a lot & while I can use the web version, it’s just not the same. I’m doing my best to get out of the Windows world. My main PC is a Mac & my occasional home use PC is running Ubuntu. I have Windows on my Mac but haven’t used it in months (needed it when I first converted). I believe there’s a growing number of average users using Linux these days, particularly with the nice front ends like Ubuntu so you don’t have to use the command line much.

    Thanks for the great program and considering my/our request.

  • damaa

    Seems like nobody knows about this OpenSource Evernote Client called Nevernote around here, which actually works on Linux:

    It’s similar to the official Client and works well for me (also does the syncronisation thing, so you can also work offline).

    Download Debian, Ubuntu and other Linux Versions here:

  • Josh

    Just trying Nevernote – seems to connect okay for syncing and overall appear to be pretty usable. Nice!

  • Annet

    +1 on the linux idea!!! If somebody would start making it work for Ubuntu, it would be just fantastic! 🙂

  • R M

    Yes Linux please! And its not a small niche market, especially outside of the US. Besides Evernote, you cannot use the phrase “remember-everything-sync-it-everywhere platform” without having some sort of presence in Linux. Or at least promote Nevernote in your trunk and show the developer so love so he can continue working on that project.

    On a related note, on Ubuntu’s page for their Ubuntu for Phones, in the “Everything developers need” section, one of the app icons is everyone’s favorite pachyderm! Here is a link to the page ( and if it gets taken down or something, here is a image capture ( So, what’s up with that, did someone let a cat out of the bag or is it just a lazy web page designer?