Evernote and Cliqset: A permanent memory for your social stream

Posted by on 04 Feb 2010

Posted by on 04 Feb 2010

It all began innocently enough: a few Facebook messages here, some Twitter updates there—nothing to worry about. Next thing you know, you’re subscribed to videos on Youtube, book ideas on Goodreads, friend’s locations on Foursquare, and music recommendations on Pandora. Now it’s getting crazy. What started as a trickle has become a deluge of updates pouring in from every conceivable direction…and we love it! But there’s a problem. It’s all gone as quickly as it arrives. There’s simply no good way to pluck something out and save it forever. Until now.

Say hello to your social memory

Cliqset, the place to share, discover, and discuss content from everywhere on the Web, now integrates with Evernote. So, whenever something of interest appears anywhere in your social stream (links, posts, updates, reviews, photos…), you can grab it and send it directly into your Evernote account for safekeeping. Just imagine it, a permanent, searchable, always accessible memory for all of the social stuff you care about. Pretty neat.

And there’s more. Not only can you pick items out of your stream, you can also create new notes and send them into Evernote, or send them to multiple places at once.

How it works

First, sign up for a Cliqset account. Then, add all the services that you’re a part of, including Evernote. Next, find and follow your friends on Cliqset. And you’re done. Whenever you see something you like, or think of something you want to remember, click the Share button and click on the Evernote icon. Easy.

The Evernote API

Cliqset built this integration using the Evernote API. Join Cliqset and over a thousand other developers that are using the Evernote API to create powerful new applications. Check out our Developer page »


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  • Shannon Wagner

    I don’t suppose there is a way to send all your social feeds automatically to Evernote using Cliqset, instead of needing to send individual items?

  • Hagge

    Hmm.. was hoping that I could use it to archive/backup my tweets and favourited tweets into Evernote. Probably not that hard to do so I’ll probably write it someday when I feel like exploring local scripting or the Evernote API.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Hagge You can use the Cliqset integration to save tweets to your Evernote account.

  • T3h Ub3r K1tten

    It’s capitalized either Goodreads or goodreads, but not GoodReads. You wouldn’t use “EverNote!”

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @T3h Ub3r K1tten Thanks for catching that. Goodreads it is!

  • Ann P.

    Is there a how-to on getting feeds into Cliqset? I cannot figure out how to pull tweets or facebook entries into cliqset to then transfer into Evernote. Thanks.

  • mootoh

    It would be better to store a full content for the shared url to evernote from cliqset.

  • Rich

    Love the idea of grabbing an item from the Real Time stream for later review. This is a good differentiator from

  • Alexander Deliyannis

    @Ann P. I wa much enthused about the integration but, after signing up to cliqset, it seems that one can only get streams from their own accoints in FB, Twitter etc. For others, I was only able to include them if they had a cliqset account themselves –which most don’t.

    @mootoh That is easy to do; just use an RSS-to-email service to send streams directly to your Evernote email account.

  • Martin

    I expected much more – like being able to select portions of text, highlight videos or pics and then share that curated content to evernote…

  • Robert Reynolds

    Seems like “a permanent memory for your social stream” ain’t so permanent. Cliqset appears to be closed.