Maintenance complete!

Posted by on 06 Feb 2010

Posted by on 06 Feb 2010

Yippee! Maintenance and upgrade are complete. Evernote is 100% (more or less) up and running. You can go back to sync’ing, viewing, editing, and doing whatever else it is you do with your notes.

We want to sincerely thank you for your patience. There’s never a good time to have an extended scheduled maintenance period, and we hate having them during the day, but this one was such a big upgrade that we thought it was safer to do it while people were fully awake and call centers were still open. Just in case. Normally, our service updates are quick, painless and at night; which is probably why you never noticed them.

The good news is, it’s finished. Now, Evernote is ready to grow and grow and grow without any compromises in speed, reliability or quality of service. These are exciting times.

Special thanks to our fantastic operations team (looking at you, Dave, Galen, Chris, and Dan) for making this happen. Two months of planning + five hours of racking and unracking servers = a very happy elephant.


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  • Wendy

    Does that “more or less” involve allowing new user registration? It seemed to let me register, but I’m still waiting on a confirmation email.

    Should I have it resend, or wait till tomorrow?

    Thanks so much,

  • Chris B.

    Awesome work, folks!

    Thanks again for the great product and service!!

  • Lamarr Wilson

    I’m happy. 🙂 You’re right, there’s NEVER a “good” time to do maintenance, but having adequate staff in case things go horribly wrong was wise on your part. I look forward to great features because of this (hint hint: notifications!). 🙂

  • MyKidsAreSoCute

    Yeah! Thank you! I love Evernote. I missed it today but I am glad Evernote is ready to grow with us! And I agree with doing it when you can get support! It is always scary to do major upgrades at night!

  • Sleepy in UK

    Can’t believe you were so inconsiderate!

    Imagine performing an extended maintenance during the time you did!?!?!

    I was asleep and missed it all 🙂

  • Julie Wills

    Don’t forget that whenever you schedule maintenance for, it’s always daytime somewhere in the world ;-).

    Julie (UK)

  • Mikey Nelson

    Smooth upgrade. Congratulations to your expert team!

  • Timothy Chaten

    I have noticed that OCR seems to still be down and PDFs that were previously OCRd are no longer searchable.

    Any word on when OCR will return?

  • don

    Nice work guys and thanks for the advanced notice. Keep up the great work. I couldn’t live without EN!

  • sis

    cannot access to via google dns(
    is it fixed? i changed my dns to another but i couldnt access 1 hour ago.

  • Chris Wadge

    @sis: We changed the TTL (Time To Live) on our DNS records from 24 hours to 5 minutes way back on Monday the 1st. This means that after the initial 24-hours they might have already been cached, DNS resolvers out there shouldn’t hold onto these records any longer than 5 minutes. If Google Public DNS still hasn’t picked up the changes by now, there might be something wrong on their end.

  • Graham Charles

    The Evernote iPhone app still isn’t synching — since the upgrade I’ve gotten the dreaded “can’t contact Evernote server” error. Is this related to the maintenance?

  • Chris Wadge

    @Graham Charles: Our maintenance window was concluded on February 6th at 4:00pm PST. If you’re having difficulty syncing, it could be a DNS-related issue (see my comment just above yours). That in mind, if you still have difficulty, please contact our support team.

  • Hawthorne

    I love this thing, and the longer I have it the more I use it, but what happened to the cut/copy/paste function on the notes?

    Sorry to rain on the parade, I’ll probably upgrade anyway, but I’m seriously requesting you put that back!

    Thanks for the great job –


  • London Kentucky Church

    thanks for the info, this helped

  • jepoykun

    thanks..and nice work guys!!

  • Todd Capen

    Well, paid for Premium upgrade – my Mac works fine – premium doesn’t load up.

    Anybody there to help?