The Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet and Evernote

Posted by on 16 Feb 2010

Posted by on 16 Feb 2010

Did you know that Evernote can recognize your handwriting and make it searchable? It’s true. Today, we’ve got a great Partner Month way for you to get your handwriting into Evernote: the Wacom Bamboo Pen tablet. (Pssst. There’s a great giveaway at the bottom of the post.)

Wacom’s Bamboo Pen tablets make digital writing a completely natural and effortless process. The best part is that the tablet is a perfect complement to Evernote. From digital ink notes to annotated images, Evernote will make it all searchable and accessible from any computer or device you use.

How to use a Wacom tablet with Evernote

Creating ink notes

Evernote for Windows lets you create ink notes right inside Evernote. Click on the Ink Note option, then start scribbling with your Wacom tablet. Once you’re done, that Ink Note will sync to all other versions of Evernote that you use. On Mac, you can only view Ink Notes. We’re working through our ink-on-Mac strategy, so stay tuned.

Annotating images

On bother Windows and Mac, use the Wacom Bamboo Pen tablet to annotate images in your favorite image editor, then bring those annotated images into Evernote. We’ll process them and make the handwriting searchable. If you already have an image in Evernote, right click and open it with your image editor. When you’re done annotating, hit save, and the image will automatically update in Evernote thanks to our Live Update feature.

Twitter giveaway time! (CLOSED)

UPDATE: This giveaway is closed. Check out our winner video.
The great folks at Wacom are generously offering three (3) Wacom Bamboo Pen tablets. Here’s how to enter:

  • Follow @evernote and @wacom on Twitter
  • Send a public tweet containing the hashtag #evernotewacom

That’s all. We will check to make sure that you have followed both companies. The winner will be randomly selected on Friday, February 19th and contacted via Direct Message on Twitter. All entries must be received by 8:59am PT on February 19th. This giveaway is open to residents of the US and Canada (we promise to have a global giveaway soon).


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  • Mike Turner

    Done! I’ve done my part to enter the Giveaway drawing. I hope I get one! I’ve been eyeing one of these beauties for about a month, now.

  • Mike

    Sorted!!! lets hope we get one over here in Ireland (wink wink nudge nudge) lol

  • Luke Perisich

    Done! Great job on some phenomenal software. Keep up the good work! Can’t wait for the iPad…

  • Chris

    This would be a great gift to receive!! *happy dance*

  • Kristy Oberts

    So cool!!! I also have joined and tweeted all the wonderful giveaway information. Evernote & Wacom…you guys amaze me!!!

  • François-Xavier Bodin

    I make great use of Evernote, and my Wacom is getting a little old ; great opportuniy but, too bad the giveaway is forbidden to french fans 🙁

  • May C

    Thanks for offering for us Canadians too! I was expecting US only like most contests but WOW! This time, we’re eligible! THANKS!

  • Ragnar

    I got a Wacom Bamboo Fun tablett a year ago and LOVE how it works with Evernote.

    But i do miss one thing in the new version of Evernote. If you pressed the Print Screen-key a second time in the old clipper-function, you’d be able to annotate directly within the clipping process. without going through a different editing application and before it was saved to Evernote.

    other than that. Wacom + Evernote = a total Win! (that’s cat-language for “it’s great!)

  • Navarr

    How can I enter? I’m filtered from twitter search results, so I won’t show up under a hashtag search…

  • Evan Lovely

    Just a big tease to us Mac users! Sounds fun to use, looking forward to Ink on Mac.

    • Mark Stokes

      Can’t wait to get Digital Ink on the Mac!

  • Timbo

    I love how the demo uses 3.1…

    Tells you a lot about the confidence in 3.5

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Timbo, the demo shows Evernote 3.5

  • Jane Steen

    NO WAY! I was checking out graphics tablets this morning and had just decided to put the Bamboo on my “to buy” list, so you bet I entered your giveaway. I often make little sketches to show clients/designers what I’m talking about, so a graphics tablet would be most useful. Now that you’ve introduced me to Skitch (my second favorite program) I will be able to do it all twice as fast. I love being able to draw a quick sketch and then quickly drag it into an email. I have shown Evernote to quite a few people!

  • Timbo

    Oops, sorry, confused it with the Mac version they swith to in the middle.

    Serves me right for trying to be clever at 11 am -.-

  • jay

    when will this be available for the mac???

  • chelsea

    I would love to win this– I’m aspiring to start my own accessories/jewelry business and this would be perfect to help design my graphics for a website/blog! I definitely entered.

  • marcelo berruti

    Chance to win one? i’m from Uruguay/South America


    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Marcelo Unfortunately, we can only ship to the US and Canada for this giveaway. Sorry.

  • Steller

    This thing looks cool as hell.

  • yofiel qaphsiel

    A chance to win a tablet, this is so good. i hope i can get one. i really need it.

  • @ivannawin

    This is fantastic! Would love to win… thanks for the contest!

  • Michelle Simons

    I tweeted.

  • Lisa G

    This is a great item!

  • Cheryl (arress83)
    I tweeted this for you!!

  • carmen guajardo

    following and hope i win

  • Angela

    I’ve tweeted and I have my fingers crossed!

  • Glenda

    Followed both @wacom and @evernote. Tweeted as well. @busyathome is my id

  • tsiv

    oh manaaan! you really gotta get ink notes onto the mac version. I stopped using a mouse years ago and have tablets at home and city office. I was looking all over to find the feature but discovered after a while you only got it on the PC. well I’ll have to wait! 🙁

  • Betsy

    I need this for my mac!!! Please, please, pleeeeeezzzzee.

  • Keith

    I need it for mac too!!!! please get this OUTTTTT!

  • Reebs

    So Bamboo comes with Corel Paint… and when I right click on an image from within Evernote, Corel is not one of the option to edit the image with!!! and there’s no option or browse feature to add Corel to the list…. Why claim integration when this most fundamental feature is not tested?

    p.s. I bought Bamboo Pen because of the advertised link on Evernote and this blog.

  • Helene James

    Let me know when iIcan use my wacom tablet with Evernote for iMac. My wacom tablet is 2 years old. Will it work?

  • Andy Dent

    I’ve just started my romance with Evernote as I’m now working in a pure Windows environment in my day job so I need something cross-platform with synch (bye bye The Hit List and sorta bye bye Tinderbox).

    As an input gadget fanatic, THANK YOU for bringing the new Bamboo Touch range to my attention – now I can have multi-touch on my Windows 7 workhorse.

  • Niall Roche

    Hi guys,

    I went out and bought one of these pads to use on my MAC, but now I see that the ink notes are not supported, when will this feature become available as the pad is not as much use for me without this feature?

  • brianr

    Another Mac user anxiously awaiting the Mac version…

  • Dan

    Love the idea of getting my jots down and available on every device. Now get this on the mac fast…please!

  • Marcus

    How could this be easier you ask in the video?
    1) Let us annotate on picture from within evernote!!!
    2) Make Ink work for mac (ink support is build into the mac os come on!)

    Sorry but opening a third party editing application to annotate is not true integration!!

  • brianr

    Mac version, please, please!





  • Allan

    Another Mac user in want of this!

  • Colin Coote

    Please make this function Mac happy!

  • Andrew Robulack

    Any news on Mac compatibility?

  • Anthony

    I just purchased the bamboo because I was so excited when I saw the video only to realize it doesn’t work for mac. Please let us know when we can expect the update!


  • Sergio

    Any news on Mac compatibility?

  • Mark

    How about the ink-function for my nice little Mac on my desktop?

  • Brian

    Any update on mac compatibility? Even a timeline or expected date?

  • MP

    Mac users pay the same premium fee as the others. Can we have the same functionality please.

  • Evernote doesn't recognize my handwriting

    I like to use my new Bamboo in Evernote, but it doesn’t seem to make the notes searchable. Is there a setting I need? The demo made it look so easy!

  • Chris

    Not having this on Mac is the main reason I don’t use Evernote. Am looking at other options.

  • andrew

    Yes, please make this ink note creation available for OSX!

  • Simon

    still tuned but it’s been a long time. Feels like mac has been totally neglected re: wacom tablets – very annoying given the massive embrace from mac users

  • Eddie C.

    Is there any word at all on when the “Inking feature” will be made available for macs? As a college student this would be especially handy for the spring semester.

    Any knowledge would be very appreciated!

  • kalyan

    is it available in india?

    • Anupam

      yes… visit neoteric site

  • erymanthe

    i’m sorry to say that but when i create a handwrited note, it’s not searchable in evernote, can you explain me why?

    When anotate an existing image and i save it under my prefered software, evernote doesn’t update it.

    i’m under windows 7, latest evernote.

    thanks for answering me. it makes me crazy

  • Federico

    Any news about ink notes on Mac?
    I just bought a Wacom tablet, eager to use it with my favorite notes app!

  • RhysD

    I use Evernote for keeping tracking of my notes, thoughts, ideas on my Android phone and love it. Having it sync to my Windows PC has been great too and being a Wacom tablet user I was thrilled about this compatibility. However, I would love to be able to jot ideas while on my android smartphone using my finger or one of the new “Bamboo stylus for iPad” pens rather than using the smartphone thumb keyboards.

    Any idea when ink notes will be available on the evernote for phones android app?

    By the way to those of use that are finding the ink notes are not searchable. Try syncing after making your ink note and then searching for it. That was how I was able to get these searchable. The video describes this but my test scenario skipped the syncing step.

  • Marc

    When native ink notes for mac?

  • Eric Delalonde

    Wacom Intuos 4s + Evernote ?
    Wacom Intuos 4s + Slitch ?

    Bonjour from France!
    Any tricks about how to benefit from both Intuos 4s Wacom tablet and Evernote (on one side), Slitch (on another side). Any synergy effect to chase for? Any scenarios for using all this in various pro situations?

  • Spenser

    Hey guys. I’m sorry to say this but I don’t think Ink support is ever really coming to Mac. I’ve been using Evernote for 2 1/2 years with a Bamboo Pen and Touch and this feature has still not been implemented. There are release notes from as early as 2009 saying that this feature is coming soon :-/

  • Blurgh

    Have to agree with Spenser. I dug out my Bamboo thinking I might use it for school notes, but I see sketching added in Android versions of Evernote but still not on the Mac side of things. Sad.

    • Mart

      Promises are for keeping. Where’s the Mac tablet support? 🙂

  • Kenneth Rix

    please make the bamboo work in evernote for mac. it would make my work day so much better

  • Sam

    PLEASE in MAC!!

  • kevin

    I see this blog was posted in 2010? 4 Years later and we still can’t create ink notes on a mac?

    • Wander

      Now I waited 4 years for ink on mac.

      Any plan for that?