Searching through Evernote with Google Chrome

Posted by on 17 Feb 2010

Posted by on 17 Feb 2010

I can’t speak for everyone at Evernote, but, personally, I think Google Chrome rocks the house. And today, we have a very cool Google Chrome tip to share with you.

Searching Evernote with Chrome

Google Chrome’s address bar doubles as a search bar, which makes it really easy to search various sites without actually going to them first. Now, you can add Evernote as a search engine in Google Chrome and search your notes from anywhere. Here’s how to set it up:

  • Go to the Preferences (Mac) or Tools>Options (Windows) menu
  • Click on the Manage button in the Default Search section, in the Basic tab on Windows
  • Click to add a new search engine

Type the following:

  • Name: Evernote
  • Keyword:
  • URL:

That’s it. To use it, type “” into the search bar and hit Tab—Chrome will auto-complete the URL, so you can hit Tab as soon as “” pops up. Now, do a search. This will take you straight into Evernote.

Don’t forget about the Web Clipper

Google now supports extensions on both Windows and Mac, which means that everyone out there can take advantage of the Evernote Web Clipper extension. If you had an earlier version of Chrome for Mac installed, you might need to first re-install the latest version of Chrome.

Also available in Firefox

You can set Firefox to do this too.

  • Click on Organize Bookmarks in the Bookmark menu
  • Add a new Bookmark

Type the following:

  • Name: Evernote
  • Location:
  • Keyword: Evernote (or whatever is easiest for you remember)

Now you can simply type the keyword that you set into the address bar, followed by a space and your search. For the example I used in the video, you would type: “Evernote fried rice”


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  • Kev

    That is pretty cool, I’ll remember that when I start using Chrome. Unfortunately Chrome is No Sale for me until they have 1password support.

  • Mrs. Micah

    Awesome. I don’t actually use Chrome much, but I think I’m going to use that search string in my QuixApp extensions. They built in a way to clip to Evernote, but not a search function.

  • Martijn Aslander

    Very nifty!

    one more thing…;)

    If you want to search ALL notebooks instead of the currently selected one, you need to adjust the url:

    With this url, you can instantly access all of your precious saved items 😉

    I just learned this from @hermankopinga, kudos for him 😉

    (we love to hear about improvements regarding this solution)

    • Tadahiko Isshiki

      Quite helpful tips. Thanks a lot.

    • Mike

      Thanks. Love it.

  • Ryan

    Is there a way to have Firefox’s AwesomeBar search Evernote (in addition to history, bookmarks, etc)?

  • Jonathan Gardner

    This is a very helpful tip. I am always looking for ways to GTD faster.

  • NTT

    But this assumes that you’re logged into Evernote from Chrome all the time..

    Also, something similar can be done on almost all browsers right?

    @Ryan Esp for you..

    In Firefox you can make a new bookmark with the following address ‘’ and in the keyword insert your fav keyword. I use ‘ev?’. So the next time I go to the awesome bar, and type ‘ev? aardvark’ I’ll search for aardvark in my evernote..

  • Antony Pace

    The instructions are rubbish!

    – Menu is Customise and control Google Chrome and looks like a spanner
    – Select Options
    – Select Basics Tab
    – In Default search section press the Manage button
    – Click Add…
    – Name: Evernote
    – Keyword: en
    – URL:

    To use type en followed by space

    You can do the same in Firefox, though I can’t remember how at the moment. I think you right click on a search box and save keyword or similar.

    Hope that helps.
    (Love Evernote!)

  • mattido

    Wow! This is handy. Nice work, Evernote crew.

  • marc Bochy

    The instructions are not even close for windows. Better not to say anything then to give out info like that.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @marc Bochy We updated the instructions to be more accurate for Windows users.

  • Pishabh Badmaash

    Whoa! Just wondering when the web UI will move into the new melliunium !!

  • Jeremy

    If you know how to use the About:Config in Firefox, You can search Evernote from the Awesome Bar. Change the text in the string Keyboard.url to the Evernote Search protocol, and search from the awesome bar. Visit my website for an article on how to do this.

  • Fernando

    This also works for Internet Explorer 8.

    Simply go to

    Then fill in the URL field with:

    You will then be able to use Evernote as a search provider from IE8.

  • Stephen Hebert

    Great tip!

  • Ryan

    @NTT Thanks for the info on Firefox’s bar!

  • Daniel

    @Jeremy, where’s your website?

    There must be a way to do this for Opera too.

  • ziru

    This feature was requested half a year ago. Sort of coming late, but as a long-time evernote user, I am still glad to see it finally make its way.

  • ziru

    well, i checked the post again. the request was made back in 2008. 🙂

  • Jason 'vanRijn' Kasper

    WOW! Awesome!!!! Just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for adding this! This has been a really important missing feature for me for a long time. I use Linux, so there is no desktop client available for me for Evernote, and I’ve been looking, waiting and asking for this for a while now. Evernote devs, you rock! And honestly, this restores my faith in you guys. Thanks very much!! =:)

  • macaw parrot

    I have use Google Chrome with Evernote for testing and I happy with it.

  • Brian Kennedy

    Thanks Martijn for the more detailed URL string. One more thing, for people like me that hate the thumbnail view, use v=l instead of v=t and that will change your view to list mode.

  • Carlos

    Google chrome is a really good web browser but i still like firefox. It’s just that firefox provides useful plugins for webmasters.

  • Cape Cod Web Design

    Google chrome does rock, and so does evernote put them together and wow! can’t wait to test this out!

  • Sandra

    I agree to Carlos above- of course Google Chrome is a lean fast browser, but I stick to Firefox as you get so many plugins for free.

  • Eric Nadler

    You can do the same thing in Safari on the Mac if you use the Glims plugin. Glims does a lot of other cool stuff also:

  • ryan

    This has been a really important missing feature for me for a long time

  • Bill

    I can’t get the evernote plugin to work on chrome for mac- any ideas?

  • hamhead

    is there a planned extension for Safari considering that there is now official Apple support for extensions? i’ve tried this in chrome and love it.

  • pmontague

    I have shared one of my Evernote notebooks. I want other people to be able to search it with Google. Using the instructions provided by Antony Pace (previously in this thread), I can get Google to search the Notebook but the search results are bogus. There are 180 documents in the Notebook and every search returns all 180 documents. For example, if I search for the word “cancer” (without quotation marks), I get 180 documents — but this is a bogus result. The word cancer does not appear in all 180 documents. Any ideas how to fix this problem? Thanks in advance for any ideas.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Our support team should be able to help you with this issue. Please contact them: