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User story: Evernote and the cake decorator

Posted by Lisa Picasso on 02 Apr 2010

Posted by Lisa Picasso on 02 Apr 2010

Name: Adjoa Duncan
Profession: Custom cake decorator
Location: Toronto, Canada
Website: prettysweet Boutique
Twitter: prettysweetlife
Uses: Evernote Web and Evernote for BlackBerry

Adjoa Duncan is a Toronto-based custom cake decorator who uses Evernote to wrangle the details of her business, prettysweet Custom Cake Creations. Adjoa has been in business for a little over a year and creates custom themed cakes for weddings, birthdays and other special events. As with most businesses, she deals with a lot paperwork, manages a lot of order details, and tracks a lot of numbers, all while having to stay organized and make sense of the creative inspirations in her work. With Evernote, she has a centralized place to tag and organize notes on individual orders and makes to do lists for the week, getting rid of all the notebooks and other scraps of paper she might ordinarily use.

Dealing with constant changes

One of the biggest challenges Adjoa faces is continuously adjusting to the frequency of a changing order. When couples design a custom cake for their walk down the aisle, orders change a lot. As a result, Adjoa uses Evernote to track every single detail of a cake’s progression: adding or removing particular colors, flowers, ingredients, even incorporating customers’ personal suggestions. Evernote works especially well for Adjoa because she can send scanned sketches, designs and details about the look of the cake into Evernote without having to deal with handwritten, scribbled notes that would normally create a sense of chaos. As the design of a cake evolves, Adjoa can track it all in Evernote and pull up the latest “version” of the order on her Blackberry while out shopping for materials.

Example of a note

Recap of how Adjoa uses Evernote

  • Create a wedding notebook
  • Create a single note for each cake project
  • Edit the note as the project changes and evolves
  • Add images and other content to the note

Check out Adjoa’s blog to see her recent projects.


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  • Steven

    Cake decorator? It is the first time I heard this occupation. You are an artist, I believe.

  • Jamie

    You haven’t seen “Cake Boss” yet? This is an old profession.

  • Joe Djamasi

    very interesting.
    i have, just today ordered my paid version of Evernote and cannot wait to get my hands dirty with it…
    Nice one Adjoa