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Posted by Phil Libin on 05 Apr 2010

Posted by Phil Libin on 05 Apr 2010

We’re going to try a new experiment on the blog today. For the next six hours (11am – 5pm PST), I’ll answer all questions submitted as comments to this post. To ask a question, just leave a comment and I’ll reply in the conversation thread.

Three things to keep in mind:

  1. Before asking your question, please take a look through the previous threads to keep duplicate question to a minimum. Feel free to jump on any existing thread if your question is already being discussed.
  2. We have to manually approve all comments to keep out spammers and trolls, so it will take a few minutes for your question to show up.
  3. I’ll be doing other CEO stuff throughout the day (eating, making graphs, walking around) but will check in every time I have a few free minutes, so it might take me a few hours to answer your question.
  4. I’m looking forward to hearing from all of you!

[Update: Office Hours are over. I’ll work through all the questions by tonight, but we’ve closed the post to new comments. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to write!]

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  • Martin Jensen

    Are you having any plans of getting a feature like Picnic for light image editing on the web client?

    • Phil Libin


      We are planning to include light image editing and (most importantly) annotation to all of our clients. We’ll develop some of the functionality ourselves and partner with others, depending on the platform. I’ll check out Picnic.

  • Mike Wills

    Will you be improving the search speed on the various clients? The web version is the only version that is really usable (in my opinion) for searching. I have 5000+ notes.

    Will you be improving the off-line experience for the iPod Touch users? It feels like forever before I can even look at my notes.

    • Phil Libin


      Search on the desktop versions (Mac and Windows) is lightning fast on my 5,000 note account. Are you seeing something else? Performance on iPhone / iPod Touch varies significantly based on which generation hardware you’re using, and we’re working on making it faster across the board. It’s pretty fast on my iPhone 3Gs and absolutely flies on the iPad! What version of the software and hardware are you using?

      • Mike Wills

        For me, the desktop for Windows locks up as I start to key in my search terms. I start typing and I have to wait up to a minute (or so it seems) before I can continue typing sometimes pausing several times. I realize it is started to search as I type, but it just slows down how quickly I can search. The mac version didn’t seem to be much better (though I can’t remember the exact behavior) but I don’t recall it locking up. I have used the Windows client on both on Vista and XP for Windows (latest client version).

        My iPod Touch is a 2G with the latest OS. The “cannot find server” message is the most annoying part. I mentally say “duh” every time I see it when offline.

      • Scott R. Zimmerman

        Phil, I have to agree with you. I have 1,500+ notes – mostly large pdfs, images and web page captures. I feel the search is quite fast across my MacPro, MacBook Pro and iPhone 3gs.

    • Phil Libin

      Which version are you using on Windows?

  • Chris K

    While you’ve made it reasonably clear in the past that you won’t be doing a Linux port you’ve also alluded to some partnerships or API users. Are you able to guide us towards any *nix Evernote clients or API users that might be of interest?

    (as you might imaging, googling for “evernote linux” brings up a lot of old wish lists… not modern API users)


    • Phil Libin


      Let me check to see if any of them are ready for beta users and get back to you. There’s a ton of demand for this, so we’ll try hard to support a partner building a Linux version.

  • Andrew Burgess

    What are the Japanese Evernote books about? Are they user manuals / tips & tricks lists? or is it the story of Evernote the company, and its growth?

    And, have you seen Doxie’s integration with Evernote? Looks similar to the ScanSnap

    Thanks, and keep up the amazing work!

    • Phil Libin


      They’re both how-to books by independent publishers. The hardcopy book ( has already sold through four printings and was the top selling computer book in Japan (and #14th top selling book overall) on! The ebook ( is selling a ton as well. I just heard that there are two more Evernote books coming out in Japan over the next couple of months!

      There is an English book coming out pretty soon. I just read through the first draft.

      The Doxie stuff is very cool!

  • glenn

    when are you going to shave that goatee, it looks very 1990s?

    • Phil Libin

      When it becomes retro-popular again in the mid twenty-teens.

  • Tim Verpoorten

    Hi Phil,

    You’ve come a long way baby. (Since we recorded the skype segment 2 years ago) Congrats.
    I really want to see a few more and efficient methods for exporting my notes. What exactly do you have in store for us Evernote Mac users?

    • Phil Libin


      Thanks! Your podcast was one of the first interviews I did soon after starting at Evernote.

      You can export your notes as HTML, as a fully-documented XML structure, through the API, through AppleScript, and they’re stored in a human-readable format on your local drive. What other export options do you have in mind?

      • Tim Verpoorten

        I would love to see simple export to PDF, exporting to Word or Pages, formatted .txt or rtf, and the option to export these formats for one note or one folder, or your whole library. Exporting direct to mail would be nice. I guess that as more companies grab your API there will be more interchangeable functionality, but it would be nice to get these simple exports from Evernote too.

  • Toby Pearce

    In an effort to prepare for the ipad, it feels like you may have rushed out an update. It’s currently really buggy, with terrible syncing issues that haven’t been resolved by 3.3.1. When are you going to fix these issues? Can you provide some idea of what went wrong?

    • Phil Libin


      We aren’t actually seeing many problems with 3.3.1, but there are always glitches with something so new. There are basically three types of sync problems that we’ve seen:
      (1) ones solved by upgrading to 3.3.1
      (2) ones solved by deleting the app and re-installing a fresh copy from the AppStore (you should only have to do this once)
      (3) If you managed to get a totally empty new note into your iPad, it will sometimes cause a sync error. Just edit the note and put in some text, then it’ll sync.

      If these don’t help, let me know or get in touch with support.

      I’m very pleased with our iPad version so far and it’ll get better very quickly now that we actually have real hardware!

  • Rob Wescott

    No question, just comment. Great product.

    • Phil Libin


      Thanks! We’re always trying to make it better.

  • Andrew

    Any chance for the Evernote for iPad app to have a webclipper in the toolbar on safari for ipad as u do for Mac?

    • Phil Libin


      This actually works already. Just drag our bookmarklet web clipper onto your Safari toolbar on your Mac and sync your bookmarks over to the iPad through iTunes. Then go into the Safari setting on the iPad and tell it to always display the bookmark bar. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any way to do this without syncing the bookmarks from the desktop.

      We’ll make a video about this shortly. It’s a great use case.

      • Tom

        I wonder if the Phil’s suggested solution (bookmarklet on the iPad) offers all the functionality of the dedicated webclipper button in Safari (for example does it allow clipping of only part of the page; or the chance to immediately edit the clipping before saving it to Evernote).

        Can anyone advise?

  • Tom

    Three questions when editing a text note using the Mac client:

    1) Will there be any way enable internal links within notes to other notes (like Yojimbo)
    2) Ability to clear-all formatting (like when editing text in Gmail)
    3) Ability to automatically be able to fill in the author field when I manually create a note, not clip

    Many thanks

    • Phil Libin


      1) Yes. Note links are coming.
      2) You can paste without formatting now, but it would be more natural to just have a “strip formatting” option. Good idea
      3) Also a good idea, thanks.

      Editing on Mac and Windows is going to start rapidly improving starting with the next version, BTW.

  • Pavel Vokoun

    Which features from iPad evernote will be also implemented in either iPhone or desktop version.

    Thank you!


    • Phil Libin


      The iPhone version will get notebook and tag browsing as well as enhanced note editing, multiple attachments in a note and recording audio while you type.

      The desktop versions will get tips, maps, audio recording and more.

      We’re designing the changes now.

  • David

    I’m currently using EN on an Mac and will soon be using it on a 3G iPad. I am a paying subscriber.

    Do you have plans to make the text editor (for notes) more robust?
    What about annotation capability for pdf files?

    Here’s a couple other dream features:
    –importation of Openmeta tags with files imported into EN
    –print option to allow for printing of the title, dates, and tags on a note



    • Mark Thomsen

      David, you can open Preview from Evernote and make annotations. Evernote will capture the annotated PDF automatically once you save it. Evernote magically? updates the PDF in Evernote with any changes you make using Preview. Cool stuff. Same with jpgs…

    • Phil Libin


      Thanks for being a premium user.

      Editing is going to get better soon, since we’ll be implementing the iPad editing functionality on the iPhone / iPod Touch. I’ve never heard of Openmeta – will look into it. Printing enhancements are already in development.

  • LJones

    I need to download items to EN from Outlook email. When I originally set up EN, there were “problems” with Outlook email.
    Any improvements?

    Thank you. I really enjoy EN!

    • Phil Libin

      The new Evernote for Windows 3.5 version has an Outlook plugin. Are you having problems with it? You can also get notes from Outlook into Evernote by either cutting and pasting or forwarding your emails to your special Evernote email account (check in the preferences or look at You can even set up a rule in Outlook to do this automatically!

  • Rad Dec

    When will you support organizing notebooks into folders?

    • Phil Libin


      Cool name. Folders and subnotebooks are a commonly requested feature. We’re looking into it.

  • George

    I have a large number of notes I would like to migrate from another system to Evernote. It will exceed my monthly allowance. Is there a way to get an “unlimited” month during which this transition could be accomplished?

    • Phil Libin


      It’ll exceed 500 megs in the first month? If not, all you have to do is go premium for one month. It’ll cost you $5 and you’ll get to keep all the notes you imported when you go back to free. If you need more than 500 megs per month, contact support and they may be able to help you.

  • Chris Johnson

    Will we ever see a video clip snippet service from evernote, rather than clipping a whole youtube video, to allow users to take only a portion of the video and snip it?

    • Phil Libin


      I don’t think we’ll get into clipping portions of youtube videos for copyright reasons, but I’ll check on that. We will allow you to upload and manage your own videos in Evernote.

  • Lee

    Love the new ipad app. Will you offer more features that would allow for better pdf/ebook reading i.e. full screen view, show download status/time left for larger pdfs, highlighting/bookmarking/clipping parts of pdf?

    • Phil Libin


      Thanks! Full screen viewing of notes on the iPad is coming soon. Note annotations are also in the works. Both of these will work with notes, PDFs, images, etc.

  • Matthew Bostock

    Hi Phil!
    With regards to Evernote on Mac, will there be the inclusion of ‘smart folders’ in future updates?
    I know you have saved searches, and that Evernote integrates with spotlight, but smart folders are the most manageable option. Plus, us Mac users are so used to them!

    – Matt.

    • Eric

      Agreed! The saved searches are a bit awkward and Smart Folders would give users a lot more precision in defining what they want to see.

    • Phil Libin

      Matthew and Eric,

      Can you give me an example of exactly how you’d like to set up a “smart folder” that you can’t do with a saved search?

  • Kevin King


    When are we going to get shared notebooks on the clients? Please? Want another phone to eat? I have an old Palm Treo 680!

    • Eric

      Phil, you told me that this was coming soon during your Twitter Q&A quite a while ago… Client shared notebooks (to specific users) would be a big plus.


    • Phil Libin

      Kevin and Eric,

      Access to shared notebooks on the clients is coming to the iPad / iPhone version soon (this sumer). The Mac and Windows clients will get it in the fall. The web client already has it.

  • Marcus Platt

    Im using a happily jailbroken iphone 3.1.2 Can you advise why I need to update to 3.1.3 for the latest version of Evernote? New API’s being used?

    • Phil Libin


      Apple developer docs tell us to set the minimum OS version for a “universal” app to 3.1.3. It seems like other developers didn’t do this and their apps still work on the iPad. We’re looking into whether or not we can keep the requirement at 3.1.2 in a future version.

  • Paul Wilson

    The new iPad app looks great..but I haven’t got an iPad or an iPhone. I use Evernote 3.5 on windows on PC and mobile on an htc. How do you think using an iPad will inspire upgrades to your other releases of software (look and feel ? functionality ?) and how do you ensure they don’t get too out of line across mac/windows/mobile/clipper/android/iPhone and now iPad? Thanks for reading.

    • Paul Wilson

      ..and also – would love to group notebooks into something higher like folders.

      • Phil Libin


        Thanks! The iPad version is the first time we actually invested serious resources in making Evernote look really stylish. All of the other versions will benefit from the iPad design over the next few versions.

        Nested notebooks are a common request – see some of the other comments.

  • Jerry Brito

    I’m an academic writer and I use Evernote to store and read lots of newspaper, magazine, and journal articles. I bought my iPad in large part to use Evernote. You guys did a phenomenal job with that application. It looks super polished and it’s incredibly fast. That said, you chose to buck the document reading/selection metaphor in Mail.

    What I mean is this: In landscape mode, my list of documents is on the left and the selected document is on the right, which is great. Once I flip the iPad to portrait in order to read the document more comfortably, I expect the document list to go away and allow the document to take up the whole screen. Evernote doesn’t do this and I find it very frustrating. I’d like to read at 20-page PDF, but find I can’t with that document list taking up almost half the screen.

    Question: What are the chances you’ll take change the UI to be more like Mail or NetNewsWire in portrait mode where a list of docs only shows up as a floating selection window when you press a button? Thanks!

    • Phil Libin


      We wanted to minimize the use of popovers in the app, so I don’t think we’ll mimic the Mail UI in portrait mode. We are going to make it easy to swipe away the navigation panel and view your notes in full screen in both portrait and landscape. I hope it’ll be what you’re looking for.

      • Jerry Brito

        As long as I can get full screen, that works for me. Thanks!

  • Odice

    When will we get Evernote for the blackberry bold 9700?.

    Thanks for your amazing app and service.

    • Phil Libin


      We’re already available for a bunch of different BB models through AppWorld. If you don’t see us there, it means that we don’t yet support your model and/or carrier, but I think the 9700 is officially supported.

      We just made a big investment in BB development, so our BB version will start getting much better in the next couple of months.

  • SashaK

    Do you have any thoughts about applying Evernote technology specifically to the medical field? Working with EMRs to implement the “note” functionality inside of patient notes? Or delivering clinical information through the Evernote interface? Maybe working with some of the medical startups to integrate Evernote capabilities with workflow solutions specific to the medical field?



    • Phil Libin


      Medical use sounds like a good idea, as long as we can stay within HIPPA and other medical privacy guidelines. We’d be happy to talk to some medical software companies to figure this out. Do you know any?

      • SashaK

        Thanks for the reply! I work for Wolters Kluwer Health , and we’re working on a couple of web-based projects where Evernote functionality is sorely wanted. The whole medical world seems chock-full of potential, particularly when it comes to this kind of workflow tool. We’d love to talk to someone on your team.


  • Chris Barry

    When do you think we will have the ability to put more than 1 photo in a note? It would be a nice feature. I mainly use the iPhone client. Thanks.

    • Phil Libin


      Yes. We just launched that capability in the iPad version and it’s coming to iPhone / iPod Touch when we reconcile the features between the two platforms over the next few releases.

  • Marc Thomas

    Are there any plans to incorporate freestyle note taking into the iPad, or other tablet versions of Evernote?

    Example of what I mean: In my calculus class, a keyboard (even a virtual one) would take to long to write down notes since I would be switching between letters, numbers, and symbols. Also, being restricted by “lines” will make it difficult to take certain notes. Freestyle note taking would be able to be manipulated as if its a sheet of paper, either with a finger or an electrostatic stylist, and not restricted to a keyboards character set. (also useful for drawing pictures)

    • Phil Libin


      We’ll be adding sketching and annotation capabilities to the iPad version soon. Our Windows and Windows Mobile version already have “ink notes” with handwriting recognition which can accomplish a lot of what you’re asking for.

  • Derek P

    As far as the text editing capabilities of your iPhone/iPad product, are there plans to make it work more like the desktop applications. I could totally justify an iPad right now if evernote could be used as my primary note taking tool on it.

    • Phil Libin


      The text editing on the iPad is already much improved over the iPhone version and I now use it as my primary note taking device. We’re currently working on full rich-text editing for our mobile versions, but this is a big project.

  • Andres

    Are you planning to add a reminder field to notes? It would be really helpfull.

    • Phil Libin


      All notes will get a “due date” field in the next couple of versions. You can then use all sorts of third-party reminder and calendar apps with it.

  • Michael J.

    Firstly, Evernote rocks, but of course, you probably already know this! Anyway, will the ability to save your place within a given note (particularly for long articles and documents) and access that place across platforms (Windows, mobile, web, etc.) ever be considered?

    • Phil Libin


      Thanks. That’s a great idea. How do you see it working? Based on cursor position or through some kind of a user-placed “bookmark”?

      • Michael J.


        Thank you for the response. Cursor position could be troublesome because of the ease with which inadvertent mouse clicks can occur. I guess a bookmark would work best if it was quick and simple. My thinking is really based on Amazon’s WhisperSync for Kindle. I use it so much more since I am able to pick up where I left off across devices. I can see the same thing with Evernote. Again, thank you!

  • Dennis

    1. I use the windows and mac version and would love to see TAG included in the main column of the mac version, is this in a future update for mac ?

    2. Before moving to Evernote I used to encrypt my notes with a password in Yojimbo . I don’t use Yojimbo anymore and would love to see this feature in Evernote .


    • Phil Libin


      1. Tags are included in the “mixed view” on both the Windows and Mac client. Try it by clicking on the button between the thumbnail view and the list view.

      2. You can encrypt any or all of a note body by selecting it, right clicking, and hitting “encrypt.” We never see your encryption key, so don’t lose it!

  • Roy Jacobsen

    I have to lay some groundwork, and then I’ll get to my question. I love Evernote for so many reasons, but there are a few things about it that make me irate. (For example, on Evernote for Windows Mobile: the Snapshot note function on my Samsung Omnia just flat out doesn’t work. I have to take a photo, and then email it to my Evernote email address.)

    I’ve asked about some of these things on the Evernote forums, on Twitter, and on the blog, but much of the time I don’t get any response from anyone in the company.

    My question is: How can we users communicate more directly with people in your company? I think that you do a lot of good things in this area, but I’ve had a few instances where I feel like I’m hollering down an empty hole. Something as simple as a “Talk to us” link on the website would be good, but the key is that you have to respond to the messages. In the case of the Snapshot note issue I mentioned earlier, I’d settle for something as simple as “Yeah, we know that’s a problem; we’re working on it, but can’t make any promises about when it will be fixed.” (I work in software development, and I understand how these things go sometimes.)

    Mostly, I’m after some indication that we’re being heard.

    • Sairy Gamp

      I second this comment. I have had similiar experiences w EN. It is very frustrating to the point that I have taken EN off my Droid screens.

    • Phil Libin


      Thanks for your note and am glad you like Evernote! Sorry that it’s sometimes hard to get a response from us. Dave reads everything on the forums and responds to most things. Our support folks respond to every inbound request (guaranteed within 24 hours if you’re a premium user). Andrew and I read all the blog comments. You can also get in touch with me at any time via email (it’s easy to guess, but I won’t put it here for spam reasons).

      Maybe you’re right and we’re big enough now to have a staffed “Talk to Us” button on the web site. I’ll talk it over with the team.

      Have you filed a support ticked on the Windows Mobile issue?

      • Roy Jacobsen

        Had to look around a bit to find the form for filling out a support ticket, but I eventually did. (Maybe that says something about me. )

        By the way, thanks for taking the time to do this. It shows us that the top of the organization cares about us, and that kind of attitude does trickle down through the ranks.

    • Sterling Zumbrunn

      I’ve had good interactions with Evernote engineers on the forums. I’d suggest posting your ideas there; many times you will get an official response.

  • Dan Williams

    What is the progress of the image recognition, and OCR technology? I’ve heard a lot about improvements with UI and platform, but I’m curious about improvements in the back-end technology.

    • Phil Libin


      Our image recognition is constantly being improved, but the changes are mostly behind the scenes so we don’t talk about them much. There’s usually a new version of our image recognition engine every two months. The most user-visible work lately has been support for many foreign languages, but there have been many general quality and performance improvements as well. Next up for the R&D team is Japanese recognition and support for handwriting inside of PDFs (it already exists in images).

      If you have an example of an image that produces strange results, please use the web client to submit it to our R&D team (there’s a link in the note details) and they’ll add it to the training database for the next version.

  • Brandon Barker

    I use Evernote for sermon prep and such. Will there ever be a time when I can print multiple notes on the same page? It would be great for research and such!

    • Phil Libin


      I’m glad you find Evernote useful for sermons! We hear a surprising number of clergy saying they use Evernote for that. It’s an unexpected use-case, but a really obvious one in hindsight.

      If you use the Mac or Windows version, you can select multiple notes and merge them into one note, then print that. The original notes go in the trash, so you can fish them out if you want them separate again. Not a super-elegant solution, I know, but it has the advantage of working today.

  • Carlos Camacho

    When you update the application for the blackberry, I love Evernote but its implementation leaves much to be desired … and is tedious to use the lake do …. hopefully soon as it has much potential!

    • Phil Libin


      I agree that our BlackBerry app is pretty weak compared to the other versions. We just made a big investment in new BB developers last week so I expect to start seeing big improvements in the next couple of months.

      • Carlos Camacho

        thanks for this investment! Evernote is an application that has helped me to organize everything I do!

  • Freddy

    What is the best device to use with evernote? scanner? tablet pc?

    • Phil Libin


      I’ll tell you what I use personally, but there are many other great choices.

      I use a 17″ MacBook Pro as my main computer, an iPhone 3Gs as my phone and an iPad as my, you know, thing in between a phone and a computer. I use a Fujitsu ScanSnap 1500 scanner. I have a Lexmark Pro 905 MFP at home and use it with Evernote all the time.

      Other people in the office swear by Android phones (the Nexus One and Droid being the most popular, though some of the new Samsung ones look very nice), Sony VAIO laptops and Canon scanners.

      The new Wacom Bamboo tablets work really well with Evernote as well, especially with the Windows version because of the ink note support.

  • Ben Buckman

    There are some things I miss from OneNote after switching to Evernote: better table handling; ability to resize images and layer images and text over each other; easier text formatting to highlight/color/draw notes. Are there plans to bring those features to EverNote?

    • Phil Libin


      Some of those features are coming to Evernote, in particular better table handling and better drawing / annotation. However, OneNote is a great tool for rich-note layout and we’re not really trying to compete with that. You can already import OneNote notes into Evernote and that feature is going to be improved as well.

  • Sairy Gamp

    I understand that you are increasing applicability of EN on the Droid. Is there a timeline for any improvements. I have used OneNote for years and used it successfully on my Microsoft Mobile devices. Now that I’ve switched to the Droid it is no longer usable. EN is a viable solution but only if the significant problems are resolved. The inability to have access unless connected to the internet is a major drawback. This is among other issues.

    • Phil Libin


      We’re reshuffling our Android development to be able to bring out much better versions over the next few months. Android is our fastest growing platform and a major engineering priority!

  • Ben

    I have loved Evernote from the moment I first downloaded it and I immediately upgraded to Premium. I have recommended it to everyone I know. My question is I’m a Blackberry user and do you have plans to improve the experience for us Crackberry addicts in the area of note searches? The upload and note taking is fine but, when I need to find a note it can be a very long process since to app opens my browser to do it. I was a Windows Phone user prior to the Blackberry and the searches on that phone worked smoothly.

    • Phil Libin


      Thanks for the help! See my previous answers about BB development: it’s about to get a lot better in the next couple of months.

  • Monte Merritt

    I wish I could show Child Tags under multiple parents, as is possible for example with Categories in MediaWiki. Any chance of this on Evernote? (And if it’s already possible, but I’ve just missed it, my apologies.)

    • Phil Libin


      You can expand any parent tags and show the child tags at the same time in the Mac, Windows and Web versions. Do you mean something else? Like having one child tag belong to multiple parents? (That’s not currently possible and would probably make my head explode).

      • Monte Merritt

        That’s exactly what I mean. For example, the tag “Evernote” could appear under the parent tag “Companies” and under “Freemium,” and under however many other places in my tag scheme I’d like to encounter the Evernote tag. Having this functionality would reduce CEO head-explosion risk. [I would be happy to elaborate offline.]

  • Michael B.

    Liking the iPad app. Any plans to implement the ability to use a stylus (such as the Pogo) in that app so as to be able to take handwritten notes? If so, what are your thoughts on allowing simultaneous audio and written notes (basically being able to replicate the features of a Livescribe Pulse)?


    • David

      I’d like to second that question, that is something I would really like!

    • Phil Libin

      Michael and David,

      We’re adding writting / drawing support to the iPad / iPhone soon. It’s not something we wanted to try and implement on the simulator, so we waited until we could actually get some real iPads. The current iPad version already support simultaneous audio recording and typing (try it), but it doesn’t synchronize the two. That would be a good feature for the future.

      I love LiveScribe and would much rather integrate with them than try to duplicate their functionality on paper.

  • Andre

    Hi. (Sorry – worse english)

    I am looking forward to some key-features:

    a) I can make notes with dates and alarm – to do something with this note on a specific day. Or ad an alarm to this note …

    b) to edit formatted text in my iPhone

    c) a better UI for tags on the desktop-version – maybe a little bit like iPhone UI?

    d) an option to set the Notes-Tab to default when starting the iPhone-App?

    (An i hate this “Tips-Tab” on my iPhone. Can you please ad an option to set him off?) :-)))

    But … great Work. I love beeing an premium-member :-)))


    • Phil Libin


      You English is great. Thanks for the questions and for being a premium subscriber!

      1. Due dates in notes are coming in the next couple of versions. You’ll then be able to hook together thirds-party reminder or calendar programs for alarms, etc.

      2. Full rich-text editing on the iPhone is difficult to implement since Apple doesn’t provide the libraries. The current iPad version has much better note editing (by treating images and audio as attachments) and we’ll implement this on the iPhone soon. We’re also working on full rich-text editing, but that will take a few months to build without breaking all of the Apple-standard stuff like autocorrection, internationalization, etc.

      3. We’re revamping tag management in the desktop and web versions now.

      4. This will soon be similar to the iPad version – it’ll always start where you last left the app and the “new note” screen will be replaced by a button that’s always there. Tips will change as well to be more like the iPad version (less intrusive).

  • Shinfu

    Hi, here my shoot!

    1. Can you integrate textexpander in the iphone version?

    2. I hope you’ll use the new UI of the iPad but Why we can’t create notebooks? Will be very dificult to use drag and drop to move to a notebook a note?

    3. As premium user I’m happy but the iPhone version is great to capture but not so great to organize. Are coming new features? Higher size of files, sharing from the mac or iPhone version, subnotebook.. 🙂


    Don’t let the technical man relax! : D he sounds so happy in the podcast.. 😉

    • Andrew Burgess

      Text Expander! Wow, that’s a killer idea! Please do add Text Expander support for the iPhone client.

    • Sterling Zumbrunn

      I missed your post earlier, and included TextExpander as one of my questions. Yes please! We really need this. Simplenote has it, Tweetie has it, Awesomenote has it. Evernote really needs to add this in. The API is apparently easy to integrate.

    • Phil Libin


      1. We’re talking to the textexpander folks next week. I think an integration would be great.

      2. Notebook creation on the iPad and iPhone is coming in the next couple of versions. We just didn’t have time to get it in there before iPad launch, but it’s always been in the designs.

      3. The iPhone is always going to be better at capturing than organizing due to the small screen, but we’re going to be adding many of the iPad functions back into the iPhone version.

      Thanks for being premium. Higher file size is coming very soon. Shared notebooks (at least on iPad / iPhone) in the summer. Subnotebooks are still on the drawing board.

  • Sean T. O'Brien

    Have ya’ll taken a look at what possibilities there are for integration with Google Wave? Have you given any thought to develop gadgets/bots for Evernote in wave, or would you plan to leave those to third party folks?

    Thanks for the fantastic product and also thanks for the podcast–it is a lot of fun to listen to.

    • Phil Libin


      An Evernote Google Wave bot would be cool. We’re not working on one right now, but we’ll encourage someone to develop it with our API and we’ll promote it.

      Glad you like the podcast – it’s always fun to make.

  • SashaK

    One other question (hope nobody’s asked this above) – any chance of being able to share a specific tag instead of a notebook? Or to have a “smart” notebook that pulls in a particular tag that can then be shared?

    • Phil Libin


      Interesting idea. I think managing sharing by tag might be hard, but it’s certainly the sort of thing that someone could build using our API.

  • Falula

    Any plans for hierarchical notebooks and/or easier todo list creation? Id love to scrap my task management apps and use evernote for everything, but making todo lists is too slow when you have to add the tick box mannually for each item…..

    • Phil Libin


      Subnotebooks are a popular request. See some of the previous comments. We’ll improve to-do handling in Evernote, but there will always be dedicated to-do managers that do a better job, so we’ll integrate with some of them using the API.

  • Barbara

    Do you have any plans for the Windows Mobile client?

    And would it be possible to have the cleint in the Windows Mobile Store? It seems to be a standard policy to ban all apps not in the store from company phones.

    It is a wonderful organization tool, and I’d pay for a 2nd account just to work with exchange.

    Tnx, Barbara

    • Phil Libin


      We have a version for Windows Mobile 6.5 and are figuring out our Windows Phone 7 Series (weird name) strategy now. We’ll submit the current version to the new MS Windows Mobile Store, so hopefully it’ll be there in a couple of weeks.

  • Larry J

    I’m a Premium user and I’m getting married next year! We’re planning to organize the whole thing using Evernote and shared notebooks with my fiancee and our vendors. Would you be interested in monitoring our progress and hopefully sponsoring a portion of our wedding? I had to ask 🙂 Weddings=$$$$, I had no idea!!!

    — Larry, your most loyal fanboy

    • Phil Libin


      Congratulations! We’d love to see how your planning goes and maybe featuring your story. Maybe we can rent an elephant for you. It worked well ion The Simpsons!

      Get in touch with @sinkov if you’re serious about the story, please.

  • Scott B. Husted

    I’m loving Evernote, went Premium after just a few days of experimenting with it, and have become ‘addicted’ to scanning items I use to keep in a 3-ring binders and adding it to Evernote using Tags/Sub-Tags as organizers within notebooks. (Don’t worry – this question is NOT about sub-notebooks!). I upload my ‘notes’ for myself for various items that I may reference when I’m out of my office(s). I use Android (DROID) and I would love it if the home screen had a button for “Notes” to access the notes without having to use the menu to go to notes.

    And if I may ask one other question – is it possible we may one day have the ability to scan directly into Evernote natively? I currently scan into PDF and save into a ‘watched’ folder, but I would love to select a notebook, right click and hit ‘import’ with scanner as an input method and have it generate the PDF automatically into the notebook.

    Thank You,

    • Phil Libin


      Thanks for being a premium user, we really appreciate the support!

      Big Android changes are coming, including local note storage and the ability to bypass the menu to look at notes.

      You can scan directly into Evernotefrom Fujitsu, Canon, Lexmark and Doxie scanners. Check our blog for details.

  • Dean Krueger

    Will you add the option to use strikethrough text in Evernote?

    • Phil Libin


      Really? You’d use strikethrough? Neat.

      Believe it or not, we’re actually adding it as part of our text-editing improvements in the next version for both Mac and Windows.

  • Sterling Zumbrunn

    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for doing this. Couple quick questions:

    1) Repeat question, but an important one to many Evernote users. Folders? Please? They would really help us to organize notebooks. Tags are no substitute
    2) On the subject of tags, any plans to change their managment? RIght now it’s really tough on Mac platform. It seems like having lots of them is not advantageous, especially looking at how they are implemented on iPad. I really think there should be better documentation on best practices for using tags.
    3) TextExpander Support? Even more critical now with iPad. Really, really need this.
    4) iPhone version UI to take cues from iPad? Congrats on the iPad app, it’s probably my favorite version of Evernote yet. I would really like to see the iPhone version follow suit, with easy access to Notebooks, Tags, etc. Currently not a huge fan of the iPhone app. Way too many taps to do anything.

    Keep up the great work!!

    • Phil Libin


      1. Subnotebooks are under consideration. Really popular request but non-trivial to support across all platforms.

      2. Better tag management is in development now for Windows, Mac and Web.

      3. TextExpander will happen – we’re talking to them soon.

      4. The iPhone version will certainly get most of the features that we introduced for the iPad. In fact, it’s a universal binary already, we just didn’t have time to change the iPhone version before iPad release day. I think you’ll like the changes.


  • Marc Clarke

    When might we expect to see the “guru features” from EverNote 2.2 added to Evernote 3.*? I am eager to migrate from EverNote 2.2 to Evernote 3.*, but I am still waiting for the unlimited number of hierarchically-arranged self-assigning categories (saved searches). When we spoke by phone prior to the initial availability of the Evernote 3 Beta code, you said that we gurus would probably have to wait “a while” before the high-end EverNote 2.2 “guru features” appeared in Evernote 3.

    I still use EverNote 2.2 all day, every day. I have Evernote 3.1 and 3.5 installed and running (on different machines), and I regularly check the latest feature set in 3.5, looking for the arrival of the “guru features”. Alas, I haven’t seen them appear yet.

    When might we expect to see the high-end 2.2 features appear in Evernote 3.*? (Please!)

    • Phil Libin


      Good to talk to you again and thanks for being such a long-term user!

      We’re adding functionality all the time, but you’re right that there are still some power-user features that were present in the old Windows versions of Evernote that haven’t made it into the new clients. Our goal is to make each version more powerful and easier to use than the previous and to rely on the API to provide many niche features. Not everything will work the same as it did in the past, but there shouldn’t be any high level things that you just flat out can’t do.

      Improvements to saved searches are planned in the next few releases and I’d be happy to discuss any other functionality that’s important to you. Send me an email or call.

  • Rob G.

    Just a comment.

    Love the product! Using it on my Macbook pro to profile companies and categorizing them with TAGs in order to really target our sales and marketing efforts at our company.

    I’ve only been using it for a couple months and have just about 1000 notes already.

    Our hosted ERP is limited in terms of customer industry segmentation, but with web clipping and keyword searches we can really target specific companies.

    Haven’t used the iPhone version that much, but will be interested in using the iPad version.


    • Phil Libin


      Thanks! That’s a great use case. Let me know what we can do to make it better.

  • Sailesh

    Hello, great app, love it and apologies if this has been asked before, but will Evernote support creation of text formatting on either iPhone or iPad (like QuickOffice does)? This would be the killer feature for me, particularly when the iPad is released in the UK!


    • Phil Libin


      The short answer is yes. The iPad version already has much better text editing than the iPhone and this is going to be implemented on the iPhone soon. Full rich-text editing will take a few more months, since Apple doesn’t currently provide those APIs. See some of my previous answers on this subject for more details.

  • Stephen Millard


    To add to the great questions so far…

    1) Is there a central public place to suggest Evernote ideas so that users could feedback on what they would most like to see?

    2) What feature release are you most looking forward to in the remainder of 2010?

    3) Will there be an option for adding words to the dictionary in the Windows client? Apologies if I’ve missed this, but at the moment for example “Evernote” is underlined in my English language spell checking.

    P.S. Thanks for the recent awesome update for mailing in notes with tags etc. and I’m really looking forward to the possibility of accessing shared notebooks on the non-web clients. Evernote makes my life much more manageable.

    • Phil Libin

      Brain, I mean Stephen,

      Thanks for your comments.

      1. The blog is the best place to suggest new features. We read all blog comments. You can also tweet to @evernote or to me directly at @plibin.

      2. The *second most* important thing that I’m looking forward to in 2010 is accessing shared notebooks in the downloadable clients. This is coming to iPad / iPhone first, then to all the other ones. The *most important* thing that I’m looking forward to is still a seeekreet, for the next few months, but stay tuned.

      3. You mean the spell check dictionary? We just changed how that works. Let me ask someone who knows… Yes! Go to Edit->Check Spelling->Add to User Dictionary.

  • Mark Theis

    I’m using Evernote premium for mac, and i have 3 questions:

    1. Will it be possible to have a PDF in a note closed. Like if you just have a word file in a note?
    2. Will it be possible to edit a word file inside EN without having to open word?
    3. Will it be possible to adjust the size of a picture in EN?


    • Phil Libin


      1. Yes, that’s coming. You’ll be able to toggle between in-line viewing of PDFs or viewing as an attachment.

      2. Probably not, unless you have some third-pary Word editor. Maybe we could bundle one.

      3. You can do this now by right clicking, opening in Preview (or any other image editor), making changes and saving. The changes automatically get synced back into Evernote. We’ll have a way to do this natively in side the app in the future (starting on the iPad / iPhone, migrating to the Mac).

  • JLC

    Thank you for a great app. I am a happy paid user of Evernote for school. As I posted in another location, Evernote could absolutely rule the education market with just a couple of additions. The ability to annotate pdf’s. Highlighting, making notes, etc. on pdf’s. Most of my professors deliver their class information to me in pdf format. Secondly, the ability to draw. This would enable me to draw the professors chalkboard. Thirdly, the ability to hand write notes. I see another user above asked for the same functionality. Making these additions and then advertising the fact, coupled with the iPad would garner a lot of attention I would think.

    • Phil Libin


      Thanks! Some of this functionality already exists in our Windows version, but we’re working on adding it across the board to all the major versions. You’re right that it would make for a great experience on the iPad!

  • Steve Crooks

    I am a premium subscriber and I rarely come very close to using all my upload allowance in a month. I suspect this is true of many premium subscribers. So my question is what do you do with all the unused upload data space each month? Do you just throw it away? Recycle it? Donate it to the poor and homeless? Stockpile it for lean times?

    • Phil Libin


      Thanks for being a premium subscriber and not using all of your monthly quota! You’re our favorite type of user.

      We siphon off a fractional portion of the unused space each month into a separate offshore account. It may not seem like much, but it adds up. Once we collect enough, we’ll use it to build a giant computer and defeat Superman.

  • HAL


    1. Speaks high that you pay attention to the masses. Not everybody does, least from the chair of a CEO.

    2. (Already hinted by Kevin, BUT I HAVE TO INSIST) Would you (p-p-p-please) consider a Palm OS client for EverNote? There are lots of users that could benefit. How about a client that could store locally and sync either wirelessly or to a desktop (best if both options), cause I mean, not all the good work can depend on a permanent & uninterrupted Net connection. PLEASE???

    • Phil Libin


      Thank you. Are you a giant computer? Perhaps the one I alluded to in my previous answer? I hope you are.

      Do you really want us to build a Palm OS client? You mean for old Treos and Palm Pilots? That would be pretty cool. Evernote actually had a Palm OS client many years ago (back when it was a different company and well before I joined), but it never worked particularly well. We do have a current version for the Palm Pre that’s pretty good.

      As for mobile versions that don’t require connectivity, the current iPhone / iPad version has that for premium users. Android is coming next. Other mobile clients will follow.

  • Stephan

    I love Evernote, however I have a hard time using it on my iPhone 3G. For a year, I have experienced numerous crashes, lags and it became more and more unusable. For example, 3.3.1 still does not download all my notes’ header. I reinstalled Evernote several times.

    Anyway, my question: what fo you do to improve your quality assurance? This is IMHO the most important thing for you to do

    Otherwise as said before: love your product, will continue being premium.


    • GregHK

      I depend on EV to store just about everything, and have been a Premium user for 2 years. I wish to add my own request for an increased focus on Quality Assurance. As well as the published problems with the latest release of the iPhone app, I have been having sync problems for weeks now with 3.5 on the Windows Platform. I have raised a case and am still waiting for a resolution. I spent about 6 hours over the Easter weekend rebuilding my iPhone and Windows platforms. So what will you do to increase your QA?

    • Phil Libin


      Thanks for being a premium user and thanks for your patience!

      Have you tried to contact support? As a premium user, you are guaranteed 24 hour response time and I’m sure they can help you fix the sync issues. If you do this and it still doesn’t work, please send me an email directly (my email address is easy to guess).

  • Mike Curtiss

    Long ago, I was surprised to learn that my notes are not sync’ed securely (over SSL) to my iPhone. I (and many of my friends) use Evernote to store all sorts of things like receipts and passwords and records of transactions. Obviously it would be terrible for this data to be sent in plaintext.

    I know that the $5/month premium upgrade gives me secure access (and I gladly pay it). But have you considered making the (lack of) security in Evernote syncing more visible to your users, and perhaps making all sync’s secure by default?

    • Phil Libin


      Usernames and passwords are always transmitted over SSL for all users and clients. Note content is always transmitted over SSL for premium users but, as you said, is sometimes sent over plain HTTP for free users. I think we do a pretty good job of talking about this on all of our “upgrade to premium” pages, but I’ll take another look.

      This started out as an expense issue for us: maintaining SSL connectivity for millions of free transactions is expensive, but the economics are changing and we’ve started moving towards having more things go through SSL. Depending on how this goes over the next few months, we might make SSL standard for all users.

  • Andy Levy-Stevenson

    Wonderful app, and up to a couple of weeks I was using it constantly.

    But the problem with the web clipping tool in Firefox has pretty much stopped me using Evernote … if I really care about grabbing something, I’ll open Chrome and reload the URL there, but that’s pretty rare.

    Any chance the extension will be fixed soon? I really miss Evernote.

    • Phil Libin


      I think the Firefox clipper is working fine. What versions / platforms are you having problems with?

  • Steve Crooks

    Can you shed any light on plans and a timeline for letting us enter both text and a drawing in the same note? This is really an iPad/iPhone app request. Most meetings I attend it would be extremely useful to not only type in notes, but also do some basic drawing to illustrate ideas and the like. I’d rather not have to dig around for some other app that handles this and that will then export to PDF just so I can get it into Evernote. I want to poke my stubby drawing finger straight into Evernote’s eye. How ’bout it soon soon soon?

    • Phil Libin


      Ow, our eye!

      We’ll be adding sketching features to the iPad / iPhone versions this summer. You’ll be able to combine sketches and text in the same note and our image recognition will work on the sketches. It will be awesome.

  • Chris Z


    Love Evernote! Here’s my question. I’d love to be able to get back to the location of a note while out and about. When I view a note’s location on my GPS-enabled phone, could I also see my current position as well? Sort of like having the Google Maps flashing blue “You’re here” spot as well as the green Evernote location placemark on the map, and while you’re at it, enable the satellite view. Thanks!

    • Phil Libin


      I think all of that is in the new iPad version. iPhone and Android versions have something similar, which will be improved to get them up to iPad-level functionality. Just hit the map or “places” button in the app and hit the crosshairs to jump to your current location.

  • Drew Vogel

    When will the power features from 2.2.x be implemented in 3.x?

    • Phil Libin


      It’s a reunion! See my answer to Marc Clarke, above. Meanwhile, email or call me with your prioritized wish list.

  • Marc Clarke

    Would it be possible to get En3 Windows Mobile client voice notes automatically transcribed? I am thinking of a Jott-like voice-to-text transcription path, with the final Evernote 3 note having both the audio recording and the textual transcription, please.

    • Phil Libin


      Voice transcription and searching are both coming this summer through a very slick API integration.

  • deadprogrammer

    When will outlines / to-do lists become first class citizens of Evernote? I’m tired of using Things.

    • Phil Libin

      I know you! You’re the guy that liked our new logo way back when…

      Would you be less tired of using Things if it had really good Evernote integration? We are improving our outline / to-do capabilities, but a dedicated app will always do those things better, so maybe a good integration is the best way to go. There are a couple of similar integrations coming out soon. Check the blog and from time to time.

  • mark merrit

    I am a huge fan of your product and a heavy user – Thanks!

    I currently have about 6500 notes and the more I surf and tag my notes, the more I wish that surfing my Evernote was more browser-like e.g. with tabbed viewing, recent (notes viewed) history, back page (ie to get back to the last note I viewed), etc.

    I also now have hundreds(?) of tags, several levels deep and it can be hard to find a tag by manually looking for it. Tag search and more functionality for navigating tags would also be a welcome addition.

    I guess these are either suggestions to improve the product or a question as to whether or not these are on your agenda.



    • Phil Libin


      Wow, thanks for being s power user. I only have 5,500 notes, so you have me beat!

      What version are you using? Better tag handling is coming to the Mac, Windows and Web versions over the next few months. Tabbed browsing is a very good idea – it’s not on the current roadmap, but I’ll discuss it with the engineering team.

  • Mike Nash

    Why doesn’t Evernote support tables?

    I understand there are work around to copy from another program and paste in – but I am looking for built in support of tables.

    Thanks for listening 😉

    • Phil Libin


      You can make new tables in the Mac and Windows version (Format -> Insert Table) and this functionality will get better in the next released version of both clients.

  • Benjamin M. Strozykowski

    Been a user for almost a year, great product!

    With the Android app, we have yet to see locally-stored notes (and the technical nature of this feature has been explained satisfactorily), but would be an outstanding addition to Android versions on future Android-based tablets that are popping up in the news.

    Will the future Android tablets see a version of Evernote suited to the large-format platform, similar to the iPad vs. iPhone apps?

    • Phil Libin


      We are very excited about the coming batch of Android tablets. I’ve seen some *very* nice new ones that are about to ship from a few manufacturers. Because of this, we’re putting in major engineering resources into the Android platform with the goal of making Android versions as good as the iPad version in the near future.

  • Stephan

    When will we have off-line notebooks on Android?
    Thanks for a great service!

    • Phil Libin


      We’re shooting for this summer.

  • steve m

    As a Linux user, the Window and OS-X apps aren’t any use to me, and the web client is frankly very clunky. Any hope of getting a major revamp? I don’t need fancy, just fast and effective (in fact, if you could give me a version where the editor skips the WYSIWYG editing, that’d be a great start).


    • Phil Libin

      There is a big revamp to the web client in the works, but we don’t have a release date yet. We already have a very basic web client that might be what you’re looking for. Check out

      We’re also doing some cool things with Chrome that might be to your liking.

  • peter holstein

    If Apple called and said “hey, here’s a check, we’d like to fold you into MobileMe…” would you do it?

    • Phil Libin


      We’re not really looking to be folded into anything. If anything, we think we need to stretch out a bit more.

      Still, anything could happen.

  • Christian

    I love EN and I’m using it daily. I was wondering if you guys are going to update the text editor for Mac/PC clients such that we can manipulate line spacings. Sometimes, when I clip something from a website I can barely reformat it afterwards because something is off with the line spacing.

    Also, will there be custom annotations in a future update? Like drawing arrows, lines or other shapes (similar to Onenote), free drawing etc. That would be so fantastic!!! Seriously, that would make EN soooo much more flexible.

    Thanks and keep up the awesome work!

    • Phil Libin



      Text editing and clipping is going to get a lot better starting with the next version and keep improving after that. Basically, we were waiting to implement a system-wide change to the low level note structure that allows for more RSS and styles to be applied to notes. That just went in last week, so we can start upgrading the clients over the next few weeks.

  • Brian B

    Are they any plans to make Evernote for iphone/android app more visually appealing? I love using it to take notes but the native iPhone notes app looks so good and I wish you guys could mimic it a little bit so I won’t feel like I am writing an email instead taking a note, please consider it.

    • Phil Libin


      One of the reasons that it’s easier to make a really good looking app for the iPhone and iPad is that there are only two hardware configurations to keep in mind while doing the visual design. The many types of Android devices make it harder to make something that’s polished down to the pixel.

      Still, we’re so happy with the visual design of the iPad version, that we’ve decided to invest significant time and money into making all of the other versions look great. Android is at the top of the list, but we’ll be upgrading the visuals on all of the other clients as well.

  • Rob

    When will you improve the (blurry) fonts of the 3.5 Windows client?

    • Phil Libin


      We’ve really been struggling with this. There’s a known issue in the Microsoft framework that we’re using (WPF) that results in blurry fonts on some older computers and graphics cards. Microsoft has been trying to fix this issue for years and we’ve been looking on a workaround for months. The good news is that the new version of WPF that’s in beta finally seems to have solved this issue. We hope it’ll stop being a problem when we release the first version of our Windows client after the new WPF comes out. I’d guess it’ll happen by September, but this is not completely in our hands.

      If the new WPF doesn’t fix the issue, we’ve got another workaround, but it’ll take just as long to implement.

  • Mike

    Do you plan to add full-screen note viewing (i.e. hide the note list) to the ipad app? I’m dying to use my iPad as a full-screen PDF viewer for all the PDFs I have stored offline in my Evernote Premium.

    • Phil Libin


      Yes. This is coming in the next couple of releases. Now that I’ve actually used Evernote on a real iPad, I want full-screen viewing badly! Didn’t seem like a big deal when I was just using the simulator for some reason…

  • Christian

    Oh, I forgot. It would be so cool to have zoom on the PC/MAC client! Both for text and for integrated pdfs. That would be a big treat! Any plans to incorporate this in any time soon?

    • Phil Libin


      Mac and Windows 7 have all sorts of zoom functionality build into the OS as accessibility features. We’ll look into putting something in natively to the app, but you can use the OS features for now.

  • Marc Clarke

    Might we please have Outlook integration between Evernote 3.5 on the Windows PC (Win 7, please)? I send out dozens to hundreds of notes from EverNote 2.2 daily. Long ago I delegated the task of remembering everyone’s e-mail address to my computer. Today, with En3.5, I have to remember the e-mail addresses of all of the many people who request information from me. My brain just isn’t big enough to remember dozens of e-mail addresses. Please, may we have EN 2.2-style Outlook integration with En 3.5 on the Windows OS? (Yes, that is a “guru feature” request.)

    • Phil Libin


      I’m not sure what you mean. Do you just want access to your Outlook contact list from inside Evernote when emailing notes? That seems reasonable and I’ll talk to the Windows team about it.

      If you mean something else, let me know. Send an email if the comments are already closed on this thread.

  • Bill

    Any additional bells and whistles anticipated for the Palm Pre WebOS? Most of the bugs have been resolved, but it’s still rather plain on the Palm compared to some of the other systems. Thanks.

    • Jeff

      To be more specific, have you more-or-less abandoned the WebOS platform? You were there at the beginning, but what you produced was sub-par. Even without adding bells and whistles, you still have some clean-up work to do (e.g., being able to filter by folders). Heck, even something simple like not making the opening “scene” be a retrieval of everything!

      Rumor is that WebOS has been pushed to the back while you wait for Palm to go out of business. Is this true? Are you putting all of your effort on Apple? Given the glowing iPad blog entry, I’m guessing that they’ve bribed you to ignore other platforms.

      • Russell

        I think it is reasonable that they are putting their money where the users are. Sadly an analyst recently pegged Palm’s stock value at $0, which doesn’t bode too well for the platform to say the least. I am sure if Palm is bought out by a company like RIM, then the platform will become more popular and evernote will improve the client.

      • Jeff

        Russel, do you speak for Evernote? If not, then please let the CEO answer.

      • Colonel Kernel

        The rumors of Palm’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.

        Palm was pegged for dead and their share price fell to $4… and has stayed there ever since. They announced they are working on a new device to come out later this year. AT&T and France’s SFR are confident enough to launch Palm devices in the coming months. They still have a good chunk of change in the bank. Elevation Partners has not lost confidence.

        They are certainly battered and bruised right now, but not only are they not on life support, they are pulling their own weight and still have more than a couple rounds left. The vultures circling over Sunnyvale make easy targets.

    • Phil Libin

      Jeff, Russell and Colonel Kernel (nice name),

      I am a big fan of Palm and of the PalmPre. I’ve had one of pretty much every type of device that they’ve ever made, starting with the Palm Pilot and (hopefully not ending with) the PalmPre. I even had the never-released Palm Foleo (don’t ask).

      I hope the company survives and starts to thrive again. We have not abandoned our WebOS development, but we’re certainly not putting as many resources into it as iPhone / iPad, Android and BlackBerry. Partially it’s because it’s hard to find good WebOS developers these days. We’ll continue to release improvements to our PalmPre version over time and will accelerate our investment in the platform if we see more traction.

      Apple certainly hasn’t bribed us. We’re wide open to bribery, if anyone is reading…

  • Mark Thomsen

    The “External Brain” metaphor rocks! To that point, cool = 1) having Evernote tag/file all pictures with the word “Birthday” into a certain location, or 2) Having files tagged as “Sensitive” automatically encrypted, etc. Some kinda of “Rules” capability that can automatically process the content instead of us manually doing it. Thoughts? Any potential of seeing something like this in the future?

    Also, any update on Audio transcriptions and uploading/embedding Youtube videos?

    Great product and love listening to your podcast! I get most excited during the Use Case section.

    • Phil Libin


      Thanks for listening to the podcast. I always assume it’s just my mom who tunes in.

      1) That’s what Saved Searches and the advanced search grammar are for. Try it.
      2) Automatic encryption is probably not a good idea. You’d have a good chance of losing data. We do offer manual encryption now, and this is something that somebody could certainly implement with the API.
      3) Rules are a good idea. There are some API folks working on that. See Tarpipe for an early example.
      4) Audio transcriptions are coming through a partner integration this summer. No update on YouTube yet.

  • Eric


    When are we going to see

    a) Increased bandwidth allowances?
    b) A “read mode” similar to Jerry Brito alludes to above. See the app “Papers” and how it handles PDF viewing, etc. Beautiful example.
    c) Encrypted attachments. I know it’s possible – many apps do it, including 1Password.
    d) Increased attachment limits? I have so many documents that are 25.1MB or 25.4MB… Ugh.
    e) Performance improvements on the Mac client? I have a Mac Pro with quad 2.66, 8GB ram, etc and it takes Evernote about 8 seconds to fully load & count up the items. Your team really needs to be tapping into GCD and optimizing what is done at launch (IMO).

    I have over 4100 notes (and growing!) and I love Evernote… I have signed up many friends & family members. It’s exciting to see how much you guys have grown in the past few years and I look forward to your continued growth & success.


    • Phil Libin


      Thanks for your help in getting people to sign up!

      a) There are no bandwidth restrictions now, but I know you mean the “new note” quota of 500 megabytes per month. Do you really hit it? It’ll go up later this year.

      b) I’ll take a look at Papers again. PDF handling is very important to us since PDF usage is a very good predictor of whether someone will convert to Premium. We’re adding a beautiful full-screen viewing mode to the iPad soon and Mac/Windows will follow.

      c) Encrypted attachments is a good idea. Probably a premium-only feature. I’ll talk to the product guys.

      d) The maximum note size (and attachment limits) are going up for premium users very soon. Weeks, not months.

      e) We’re optimizing many aspects of performance on the Mac. The standard test database now has 10,000 notes. What areas seem the most in need of improvement to you? Startup time?

  • Sean Corcoran

    Phil – Evernote has definitely changed my life. Unfortunately, its text editing capabilities have gotten progressively worse over time. The software works great as a clipping tool, but the formatting of nearly every note entered by hand goes haywire. This is especially true for bullet and numbered lists. Fonts and font sizes seem to change at random. Formatting such as bold and underline often cannot be removed without creating a new note.

    I love sharing my hand-typed notes via email, but the random formatting changes result in an unprofessional looking note, and leaves me wary of sharing them with others.

    I would be thrilled if Evernote would make this simple fix a priority.

    Sean Corcoran, NYU

    • Phil Libin


      It’s a big priority and it’s going to get significantly better starting with the very next Mac / Windows release. We’ve totally redone the underlying note-storage structure to allow for CSS and better styles. This will improve both clipping and editing and allow for more features in the future. See some of my other responses.

  • Scott R. Zimmerman

    Would it be possible to share a notebook with another user, and have that notebook show up in the desktop clients for Evernote? I’d like to share with some people, but I believe shared notebooks only show up on the web client. I’d like to have them show up in the list of my regular notebooks…

    • Phil Libin


      That’s right. You can share a notebook with other people from your desktop client. It shows up in the desktop client for the owner of the notebook, but only in the web for others.

      This will change this summer for iPad / iPhone and later in the year for the other clients.

  • Phil Libin

    Ok, back from lunch. Man, lot’s of questions to catch up on!

  • Madara

    How about UPC support for collections of DVD, music, etc. the iPhone or webcam would make Evernote a great tool for inventory.

    I am also a writer and use Evernote to collect notes and reference materials. It would be great if I could create an outline using several notes, pictures, and media.

    Thanks for the great product!

    • Phil Libin


      UPC and barcode support is coming from an API partner in the next few months. I’ll check on the progress.

      Can you describe the outline use-case in more detail. We’re very interested in making Evernote better for writers. Send me an email.

  • Drew

    I love evernote and have been using it religiously for all kinds of business and personal needs. One of the main things I use it for is archiving media. Are there any plans to increase the file size limits? Around 100MB would be perfect for me, but anything would be really helpful.

    • Phil Libin


      Good news. File limits will go up for premium users in the next couple of weeks.

  • Joe Johnston

    I use the Mac and Windows clients, as well as the web version and the iPhone. And except for Excel (maybe…), I don’t think I’ve been as jazzed to use an application as much as I am with Evernote. What I’d like to see most is some sort of calendar integration, so that I could move notes/tasks over to Google Calendar with a specific date and time. Something that could maybe include the body of the note in the description field of the calendar event.
    Thanks, and keep up the great work!

    • Phil Libin


      Thanks for your comments!

      We’re adding due date to all notes a couple of versions from now. This will allow for all sorts of great calendar and reminder integrations.

  • Chad Sutton

    When are ya’ll going to to bring the Blackberry client up to parity with the other mobile platforms?

    • Phil Libin


      It’s hard to get great and excited BB developers, but we finally found a great team last week! Our BB version will start showing their work in the next couple of months.

  • elijah

    Premium user since day 1. Love the service and business model.

    1) ETA for full BlackBerry app?
    2) How will it compare to the awesome specs of iPhone/iPad app?
    3) Do you plan to implement RIM’s latest toys like Push API, in-app Advertising API, etc?

    • Phil Libin


      Thanks for being a premium user.

      1) See my answer just above. BB app will get much better in a couple of months.
      2) The goal is to lead on iPad / iPhone and Android and have the BB and WM apps follow about three months behind. In other words, it’ll be pretty awesome, but probably won’t be the first platform to get new features. These priorities will change if user numbers start to shift.
      3) Push API yes. In-app advertising probably not. We don’t like mobile ads and will avoid them (at least) for now.

  • Shaun Moran

    Will evernote ever have hierarchy with its folders or do we have to relay upon tags for separation?

    I want to have a folder called client and then sub folders for each client. I then manually put notes related to each client in there.

    As I have over 500 clients using a tag for each client is impractical.

    ta shaun

    • Phil Libin


      We had hoped that nested tags would be sufficient, but the demand for subnotebooks is so strong (see all the other comments), that we’re seriously considering adding it. It’s a non-trivial feature to implement across our different versions.

  • Dustin

    Do you plan on shared notebooks being first-class citizens?

    Shared notebooks is a killer feature for me and I’ve been worried that it has not been treated as something that you plan on fully supporting. The fact that it is missing everywhere except the web and the support on the web is not great worries me. Lack of support for sharing has prevented me from using Evernote for a lot of uses. I’m a premium user and I’m disappointed when I have to fall back on Google Docs when I want good sharing support.

    Aside from shared notebooks, I love Evernote and I recommend it to everyone I can. Thanks for such a great product.

    • Phil Libin


      Thanks for being premium and for recommending us!

      We’re absolutely going to make shared notebooks first class citizens. iPad / iPhone will get them in the summer and the other clients later this year.

  • Russell

    Is full ink support coming to the mac/iphone/ipad soon?
    Also is it possible to open file attachments from a note in Evernote iPad, and edit them in other apps (Pages, Numbers etc)? This would really be a killer feature for me.
    Also is shared notebooks coming to the desktop clients anytime soon? This must be an enormous job, but I think many more people will use evernote if it can be accomplished.

    Great app!

    • Phil Libin


      Drawing and handwriting is coming to the iPad / iPhone in the summer. Probably to the Mac a little after that, but we don’t have the Mac plans fully baked yet.

      Editing iWork files from the iPad version would be awesome. This works on the desktop versions, of course, and we’re trying to figure out whether we can make it work on the iPad. Apple is usually pretty strict about keeping different apps sandboxed, so I’m not sure it this will be possible.

  • henry

    There is currently no PDF-search functionality in Evernote, and in many cases no thumbnail either. As I understood it these limitations are the result of some proprietary and license-limited software. Are there any plans to add richer PDF functionality?

    • Phil Libin


      All PDFs added in the past month or two (and from now on) should be properly thumbnailed. There are some strangely-structured PDFs that break the thumbnailing routines, so a few will continue to show up with generic thumbnails.

      PDF searching currently works on all Evernote versions, but we only highlight the results on the Mac version for now. This means that you can search for words in your PDF and we’ll bring up the note with the appropriate PDF attachment. We’re working to add PDF search result highlighting in the other versions as well. First iPad / iPhone, then Windows. We’ll also be adding PDF annotations in the same order, which will be very cool.

  • Amy

    Are you guys working on a MASSIVE update for your browswer client?

    MORE INFO: When I have to use an Internet browser (Mozilla, IE, Chrome, anything) to add a note, it’s buggy, slow, and a pain the rump. So much a pain, in fact, that I find myself using GOOGLE DOCS temporarily to add notes, and then having to convert them to EN when I’m on my main computer. Any new changes coming to my savior? 🙂

    • Phil Libin


      We’ve got an upgraded browser client team and you’ll start seeing results soon, starting with a nice upgrade to our Chrome extension and following up with big revisions to the entire client.

  • john f

    I’d love to be able to highlight text in Evernote. Any chance of that? thx.

    • Phil Libin


      Yes. We just made changes to how we store notes to allow for better CSS and style support. One of the main reasons was to allow us to add highlighting soon.

  • Devin S

    Any plans to add a template system? For example, I use Evernote to keep track of all of my recipes, I’d love to have a skeleton recipe to start new recipe notes with.

    • Stephen Millard


      I know this may not be ideal and I also hope that Evernote will eventually have templates, but if you’re a Windows PC user, perhaps the following might help in the interim?

      • Phil Libin


        Cool! I didn’t know about that.

    • Phil Libin


      We’re looking into adding template support through the API. The idea is to have many third-party templates available soon.

  • Amy

    Also, any plans in the works to have multiple versions of the same note? I’ve lost count of how many times there was an accidental delete and I can go back to an “earlier” or “revised” version of the same note.

    • Phil Libin


      Yup. This is coming very soon for premium users.

  • Daniel

    Hi Phil,

    I’d like to know whether you’re going to implement the ability to filter by folders/tags in Windows Mobile clients(and any platform which doesn’t have it).

    Thanks for the answer. Nice initiative!

    Now a few requests: grid view for navigating on Mobile versions (3×2 notes would fit in a WVGA display), off-line mode for mobiles, and please, Evernote for Linux.

    • Phil Libin


      I thought you could already do that in the WinMo client. Will check. Basically, yeah, that’s a core feature that should be in every client. We’re figuring out our WinMo 7 strategy now, so there won’t be new updates to the WinMo 6.5 client for a while (WinMo 7 won’t be backwards compatible, says MS).

      Check out the iPad version for grid view and offline notes. All of that is coming to the other mobile clients, starting with Android.

      +1 for Linux client.

  • Andrew

    Hi Phil – Long time listener, first time caller (sic), ~2500 note user at present, and growing daily!

    My question is when will I be able to scan directly into Evernote on my Mac? I have a NeatReceipts scanner (scanalizer?), and hate having to hop from there to Evernote with storing docs (tax season and all, for one example). Is this in the works?

    Thanks! Andy

    • Phil Libin


      Nice! I always thought it’d be an important milestone in my life when someone said, “long time listener, first time caller” to me, and you’re it!

      You can scan directly into Evernote with Fujitsu, Canon, Lexmark and Doxie scanners. Check our blog and .

  • Tim Chaten

    Will the iPad app tag notes created on it with core location? It does not seam to do this now.

    • Phil Libin


      Holy crap, that’s a big bug! Thanks for pointing it out to me. We’ll get this fixed immediately.

  • Thierry

    I’m thinking of background colors to notes as another way to structurise and find notes.

    • Phil Libin


      Great idea! I was just in Japan and someone did a presentation on something like this for Evernote. Basically, having different background colors make it easy to visually filter notes in thumbnail view. Doesn’t work as well for notes that are just one big image.

      The new note structure CSS will support it, so maybe we can add it to the clients.

  • Matt

    I’ll echo everyone else by saying Evernote is fantastic. Last year I had to PM a CMS migration and site design for a handfull of publishing sites all in a short time. The only way I was able to keep everything organized was through Evernote. Thanks for helping me keep my job!

    With that said I have a lot of notes and other items in a couple of notebooks that I very rarely use. I don’t want to delete them because you never know when you’ll need something. Because I usually can’t remember which notebook I put something in I tend to search them all. Have you considered allowing users to “Archive” a notebook so that it won’t show up in search (and also wouldn’t download to mobile)?

    Just a thought.

    Also aside from bombarding you in this blog post what’s the preferred way to submit feature requests. I love Get Satisfaction but I don’t see many Evernote staff on there….they seam to acknowledge the forums more…what is preferred?

    • Phil Libin


      We haven’t considered an “Archive” notebook, but on the iPhone / iPad clients, you can select which notebooks are copied to your mobile device, so you don’t waste any space.

      The best way to submit requests are through this blog and the forums. We haven’t really done much with Get Satisfaction, but a lot of people seem to like it so maybe we should.

  • Drew Vogel

    I recall, during our pre-beta phone conversations, that you said that Evernote 3.x would be “able to do everything EverNote 2.2.x can do, and more”.

    Please provide an update on the ability for Evernote 3.x to do everything that 2.2.x can do.

    I’ll hold on asking about “and more” until another time…

    • Phil Libin


      Didn’t you already ask this on the previous page? Send me a prioritized list of features and I’ll give you the current best estimates. Also, happy to talk by phone.

  • Helene James

    I would like to know when, in the Evernote version for Macs, it will be possible to use a tablet and do hand written messages. It seems to me it is possible in the Evernote version for Windows..Am I right? I really enjoy Evernote….I find it so helpful.

    • Phil Libin


      You’re right. The Windows version has “digital ink” support which lets you make nice handwritten notes and diagrams. You can view these notes on the Mac, and search through them, but you can’t author them yet. If you have a tablet connected to your Mac, you can use Apple’s “ink” application to create handwritten notes which will be converted to normal text and entered into Evernote, but this probably isn’t what you’re asking for.

      This hasn’t been a big priority for us on the Mac in the past because relatively few people had touchscreen Apple devices big enough to write on. This all changed with the iPd, obviously, so we’re prioritizing drawing functionality now. It’ll be available on the iPad / iPhone this summer, and probably come to the Mac sometime later.
      We’ll add drawing and writing support

  • Peter

    Why don’t you use notes already synced to another client on the LAN instead of redownloading it from the Evernote server for each local client? Look at Dropbox, they are doing this now. Would save you some bandwith as well.

    When will we see full AppleScript support?

    When true hierachical tags and folders for notebooks ?

    When shared notebooks in local clients and iPhone?

    • Phil Libin


      Good questions, thanks.

      I tink the complexity of dealing with peer-to-peer synchronization probably outweighs the benefits for now. We’re pretty happy with our centralized sync model. Sure, we’d save a little in bandwidth costs if we switched to a hybrid approach, but we’d wind up spending it on additional engineering and QA. Dropbox (which I love and use all the time, BTW) deals with much larger files, so it’s more important for them.

      We have pretty good AppleScript support now. If you’d like to see specific features added to that, just send them in and we’ll prioritize them.

      We have hierarchical tags now. Nested notebooks are in big demand (see the previous questions), so they’re on the drawing board now.

      Shared notebooks in iPhone / iPad are coming this summer and later in the year for the other clients.

  • Mike

    Hey Phil, I love EN so much that I have two premium accounts (home & work). The only thing that *really* bugs me is the lack of a pin or passcode on the iPhone app. I sometimes lend out my phone to friends & family and I don’t really want them to have access to my notes. Plenty of other iPhone apps have this feature so it really can’t be all that difficult. Pretty please?

    Keep up the good work!

    • Phil Libin


      Wow, two premium accounts! Double thanks.

      We get this request from time to time, but have always been hesitant to duplicate functionality already present in the OS. You can already set a passcode on the iPhone in general, and if you want to lend your phone to friends you can just log out of Evernote before you do so and they won’t see your notes. When you log back in, your notes will still be there.

      I know that a separate PIN would be more convenient, but this has the advantage of working now.

  • Andrew McGeachie

    Are you an Andrew going to be around for dinner next week? Should we go out for Indian?

    • Phil Libin

      Heh. This is “Geech”, the Mac client tech lead, everyone! Thanks for asking a question, I was worried that I wouldn’t get any.

      Andrew and I will be in Boston next week. Dinner sounds great. We might have some kind of Evernote party and invite users as well.

  • Falula

    Will there be options added to allow highlighting or sticky notes to texts note in the windows version of Evernote? Highlighting would be especially awesome!

    • Phil Libin


      See some of the previous replies. Highlighting is coming on all the versions in the next few months.

  • shawnna

    Where did 3.1.2 iPhone compatibility go? Are you aware that your iPhone app homepage claims that 3.0 OR later is required? Any way to get the old version back for those of us who did not notice the new requirement when updating the app and are now stuck without our favorite app of all time? Are you ever going to re-support 3.0 – 3.1.2? Many questions, but really they’re all the same. Thanks!

    • Phil Libin


      The Apple developer docs say that 3.1.3 is required for all universal apps, but this doesn’t appear to be true. We’re looking into rolling back the minimum requirement to 3.0 for the next version which we’ll submit in the next couple of days.

      Thanks for noticing the web site inconsistency, we’ll change it for now.

  • Eric

    Well that’s disappointing… My question got marked as spam?

    • Phil Libin

      Which question? I answered a question or two from “Eric” on previous pages, but don’t know if that was from you. Send me an email if it didn’t get through: phil at my company name dot com.

  • Paul

    Lately there have been a bunch of Evernote releases one after the other. As someone in the software industry – this is usually the sign of bugs that were missed and then fixed.

    This is a new thing for Evernote. When I first started using it, there were few updates. Now it seems there are regular updates across nearly every platform and they aren’t for new features.

    On day 1 of the iPAD launch, the first app I downloaded was Evernote and the first updated app was Evernote with the change list being “fixed sync issues” or something to that regard.

    It looks to me like you guys are moving too fast and quality control is not as good as it used to be.

    What are your thoughts on this and what can we expect in the future? I for one would be happy with less releases but with higher quality. If you want to throw a feature in there go for it but I’m much more concerned with getting the quality of the existing features to where they need to be.

    Looking forward to your feedback.

    • Phil Libin


      Nah, we just have a lot more engineers working on a lot more stuff than we ever used to have. We have eight major clients (Windows, Mac, Web, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, PalmPre) as well as several smaller projects (Chrome extension, Firefox extension, Twitter gateway, email gateway, etc.) Once a platform gets into a steady state we try to have one release per platform every two months on average. That means that if you’re using Evernote on two platforms (which is the average for our users) you’ll see a new release every three weeks or so. Everything autoupdates, so this shouldn’t be much of a hassle.

      On a brand new platform, like the iPad, we’ll do initial bugfix releases quickly for the first couple of weeks and then settle down to a normal schedule. Remember that we just got our first physical iPads two days ago!

  • Dave P

    I have seen several comments on local storage for Android devices but nothing on ink notes. Having come to EverNote from the original Tablet PC world (back when the Windows program cost $19.95), I appreciate the power of the written word in EverNote. I now have an Android device with a big enough screen that I could ink on it if EverNote could accept it.

    Any possibility of Android ink?

    • Phil Libin


      Yes. I just saw some very nice new Android devices with screens big enough to accept ink. We’ll add it to iPad / iPhone first (this summer) and then Android afterwards.

  • Phil Libin

    Heh, I just got through answering the first full page of questions, and I see that there are three pages now!

    I’ll get to all questions, as promised, thanks for your patience.

  • Colonel Kernel

    I’m now using Evernote on my PCs and my Palm Pre, but almost exclusively for archiving. I can’t use it as my regular note taking app because I lose signal when travelling through Boston’s subway system. I noticed recently that the iPhone/iPod Touch app supports off-line viewing for Premium subscribers. I would GLEEFULLY pay that $45-odd dollars to enable that feature.

    Evernote was the first 3rd party note application on Palm’s new webOS and it introduced me to your service. Since then you’ve been quiet. I still use the built-in Memos app to take notes quickly, but organization is difficult and the notes are not accessible from my desktop or anywhere else.

    I don’t know you and can’t assume you’ve been following along with the many advances Palm has made to the platform. One of the biggest is their Plugin Development Kit which allows C/C++ code to run side by side with Palm’s Mojo SDK.

    Thank you for your time. Please enjoy your day and please consider enabling this feature for webOS app.

    • Phil Libin

      Colonel Kernel (great name, again),

      Thanks! We’re still developing for PalmOS, but not as actively as before. Local storage of notes is on the roadmap for all mobile platforms since it’s such a popular feature on the iPhone. I’ll look into the new developer enhancements that you mention (I wasn’t aware of them personally) and talk to the dev team about the schedule.

  • Tony B

    I’m tring to use EN instead of OneNote – the table capabilities w/i EN are very weak – tough to add a row / manage the table in general – is this on the priority list?


    • Phil Libin


      Table creation (as well as clipping, cutting-and-pasting and editing) is going to get better in the next few versions, but we’re not trying to match OneNote for rich-note creation in general.

  • tcullen

    Would love to be able to add tags, comments, etc., to an Outlook item (email, specifically) using the “Add to Evernote 3.5” button JUST LIKE I do when clipping web content to Evernote. Is this feature on the roadmap? I LOVE EVERNOTE! Thanks

    • Phil Libin

      Good idea. I don’t think it’s on the roadmap, but I’ll talk to the team. Meanwhile, take a look at our expanded tag and notebook support for mailed in notes:

  • Jake

    Since you’re running a great company with a freemium business model who build a product I love and use everyday, my questions are:
    1) What is the most important thing you learned in running evernote
    2) What are the most influential people/experiences/books that inspired you

    Keep up the good work!


    • Phil Libin


      Wow, tough questions. Let’s see.

      1. The most important thing I learned at Evernote so far is that whenever you have a choice to either spend a dollar on making your product better or to spend a dollar on something else, spend it on the product and the other thing will pretty much take care of itself.

      2. Evernote is most inspired by the work of Gordon Bell, Ray Kurzweil and the Foundation of the Long Now. Google those three for their books as well.

  • Todd Weidman

    First off, love Evernote.
    Next up – the folder hierarchy. I struggle with this greatly. I’m only allowed to associate a note to a single folder. My thinking process, though, is different – I may want to associate a single note to multiple folders – for instance, if I capture a quick interview with my son at a baseball game, I would like a one-yo-many association to Family Events, Baseball, Sports, Life Events, etc etc.

    This is a more intuitive process for me, and would allow me to see the logical connections from one entry to many different categories.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Phil Libin



      I think what you’re describing is best served by tags, no?

  • Felipe de Montagut

    Hey, excellent idea to answer all users in one day. I’ll be brief 🙂

    I love evernote app multi-client for my GTD (Getting Things Done) system . One of uniqueness of evernote is the availability of multiplatform clients. I have a Mac-iphone for personal use, a PC-Blackberry at work

    Some features that I miss in the mac client, which are great in the win client:

    view tags column in the list view
    keyboard shortcuts to create a new tag or a new search
    Create a child tag when you click create (current behaviour is that the tag is created unnested)
    I probably miss a few more.

    as summary, it would be great to get same level of usability in both computer clients.

    Thanks and enjoy blogging 🙂

    • Phil Libin



      We’re working to make the Mac and Windows version closer in terms of functionality. If you remember what they were like a year ago, you’ll see how far we’ve come!

      I’m not sure about the automatic child-tag creation, but your other two requests are in the works. In fact, I’m surprised that there’s no Mac shortcut for New Tag, since there is a menu item. Seems like an oversight that we’ll correct.

  • Greg

    any update re HTTPS for non-premium to ensure security? Eg ETA?

    • Phil Libin

      We’re testing it now on the new Windows client. If it works out without costing us too much, we’ll try to add it everywhere by the end of the year.

  • john f

    This may sound a little strange but I’d like to able to tag my tags. Let me explain. I have found several uses for Evernote but my principle use is to save information on companies that I am interested in investing in. So my list of tags consists primarily of company names, most of them mining and exploration companies. I’d like to be able to tag the company names by the metals that they are producing or exploring for.

    • Phil Libin


      Woah, that broke my brain. Let me think about this in the morning and get back to you. Maybe what you’re really asking for are note links, which are already in the works.

  • barbara

    Still love evernote. When are we going to get “Evernote for Dummies”?

    • Phil Libin


      You’ll have to ask the “For Dummies” publisher about that, but there are already two Evernote books in Japan and at least one ebook is about to be published in English (I’m reading the transcript now).

  • K. M. Peterson

    Hi Phil,

    This is all great – thanks – I’m a premium subscriber for over a year, and I’m a big fan, too.

    My question is this: as a Mac user, I use a number of different applications to keep track of things, notably OmniFocus. It’s really easy to put things into Evernote, but my pet peeve is that you can’t reference notes from elsewhere.

    I’d like, ideally, the ability to drag a note to the desktop or another app to create a link, so that when I need to refer to a note from another application, I just launch the alias/link and Evernote opens with that note. From what I can tell, you don’t really have a unique identifier per note, so I understand this is a different level of problem. But, this has been asked about on the forums for a while now, and I think there was an acknowledgement in Spring or Summer ’09 that this was forthcoming.

    Like I said, it’s so wonderfully easy to put information in… if we could leave it there, with a handy way to reference it, that’d help a lot of us on the integration front. Thanks!

    P.S. I hope you get to go home soon!

    • Phil Libin

      I’m at home now, but still answering question! This is a lot of fun.

      Note links are coming this year for exactly the purpose you just stated. I don’t have an exact date right now, unfortunately.

  • Joseph

    I’m using Evernote premium for mac and a ScanSnap scanner. I hope this isn’t a stupid (or repetitive) question. When I scan directly into Evernote, is the scan actually on my hard drive somewhere while also being in the “cloud”? The reason I’m asking is because i’d like to scan something, run it through Acrobat OCR (so that it’s searchable from my desktop) and then load it into EN. I know EN scans the files and they’re searchable but I want to be able to search some docs *without* EN running but also some while it *is*. Does that make any sense?

    Generally, i’m skittish about loading my life into EN, tossing all my paperwork and then in a year (or 5?), not being able to have the original scans.

    That being said, i’m LOVING Evernote and keep finding new ways to use it every day.



    • Phil Libin


      Great question and thanks for being a premium user. I have some good news for you.

      Everything you scan to Evernote on Mac or Windows is stored on your local disk as well as sent to the Evernote servers. As a premium user all of your PDFs are indexed on the server and then synced back down to your computer. You can actually get the modified PDFs with the recognition data out of the desktop clients at any time, and Spotlight will find them whether or not Evernote is running.

      You can run Acrobat OCR on the files on your desktop, but you really don’t have to if you’re a premium user since they’ll be OCRed on the service and synced back.

      We have a very strong “no data lock-in” policy at Evernote. You always have all of your original documents on your desktop and in the service and you will always be able to get them out in any format you want.

  • Shelly Middleton

    I suddenly can’t get to Evernote using the Evernote app on my Storm 2. It won’t log into anything on the Evernote servers. I thought there was suddenly a problem with the app, so I deleted it from my Storm 2 and now AppWorld is saying that Evernote can’t be used on the Storm 2 9550. It did before! Did something happen? Was the app pulled from being used on the Blackberry Storm 2 on Verizon? Please help!

    • Phil Libin


      I’m not sure. Both BB and Verizon sometimes change their profiles which causes our app on AppWorld to sometime be unavailable. Try filing a support request and we’ll see what’s going on with AppWorld, Storm 2 and Verizon.

  • Phil Libin

    That’s all folks.

    Thanks for all the questions – I’m very excited that so many of you would take time out of your day to write. Your involvement helps us make Evernote better every day.

    We’re going to close the thread to new comments in about ten minutes. I’m about half way through the answers and will finish them all by this evening. Check back in a few hours for the complete transcript with answers.

    If you asked a question during Office Hours, you’ll get an answer. If you didn’t get a chance, we’ll do this again soon. It was great to talk to all of you.

    Thanks again!

  • Damian

    HI – any plans to integrate with Canon printers? I have a MP150 with an awesome scanner that doesn’t feed into Evernote!

    • Phil Libin


      Yup. We announced Cannon 150 integration a couple of weeks ago in Japan – they’re actually putting Evernote right on the box. The US announcement is coming soon.

  • Adrian Morgan

    Previous Evernote versions had an option for a portable version – the current Windows version seems like it doesn’t? Is evernote still commited to maintaining portable versions?

    How do you plan on keeping all the different versions in sync? it seems like the more versions you have the more disparate they seem to get – what are the plans in this area?

    • Phil Libin


      The current Windows version uses .NET which is difficult to deal with on a USB stick. Basically, it’ll work as long as the host computer has .NET installed, but this is hard to guarantee. We’ve got a potential workaround to this that we’re exploring, so official support for USB drives may reappear soon.

      Keeping our different versions conceptually and functionally similar is very tough. We have eight major clients and several smaller ones! There’s no silver bullet here, just a lot of work. This is one of the reasons we’re actively hiring now.

  • Phil Libin

    Ok, I think I’m done! That was about 150 questions in one day. If I somehow missed your question, please email me directly. I’m phil at name of my company dot com.

    Thanks to everyone!