Evernote for iPad video overview, plus updates!

Posted by on 05 Apr 2010

Posted by on 05 Apr 2010

This has been on eventful weekend. Some Evernoters (like me) spent Saturday waiting patiently for the delivery man, while others stood in line with the other fanboys. In the end, we all got out iPads and immediately set down to work.

Yesterday, we released an update to both iPad and iPhone (version 3.3.1), which fixed some sync and search issues—check for updates. Plus, there’s now an Evernote for iPad overview video. In case you missed it, check out our Evernote for iPad post for complete details.


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  • Craig Camp

    It’s not fair that the iPad App is better than my desktop version on my Macbook!

    • Peter

      Are you nuts? I can format my notes on my MacBook.

  • sfmitch

    Where’s the best place to request a feature for Evernote for iPad?

    First – Thank You for releasing Evernote for iPad, my iPad wouldn’t be complete without it.

    Here’s what I want – when I am looking at my list of notes (on the left) and see a note (on the right), I should be able to click anywhere in the note and just start editing. It is klunky to have to hit the edit button first. Basically, I want it to work like it does on the Mac.

  • Chris Thompson

    Still get the unknown error u2 when trying to sync the ipad. latest verison of evernote installed

    • Phil Libin


      This means you have a totally empty note. Probably one that started with a voice recording and got cancelled. If you can find the note and edit it to put in some text, it’ll sync fine. You can also delete the app and reinstall, but this is more obnoxious.

      We’ll be submitting a new version that fixes the dreaded u2 bug to Apple tomorrow.

  • Robert Floyd

    I just used my iPad at a couple of meetings at the office today. It was a real head turner, and Evernote was great for taking notes. The landscape keyboard is conducive to semi-touch typing. Now, all we need is the ability to do text formatting on the iPad version of Evernote and it will be the perfect iPad app.

    • Peter Bourne

      Absolutely – this is a great App…. just the ability to open rich-text notes (originally created on desktop version) and retain their formatting on the iPad… and of course, add formatting on the iPad would be marvellous.

      Many thanks for a great App.

  • Michelle

    Just tried this out and it is pretty slick. What I would like is to be able to see tags in a list as well as in icons. This will allow me to see more at once.

  • Sanji

    With the iPad, you now really need a web clipper for Safari mobile…

    • Phil Libin

      Our bookmarklet clipper works well on the iPad. You have to install it on your desktop Safari and sync the bookmarks over using iTunes. We’ll make a video of this soon.

      • JPM

        Is there an web clipper for Safari Mobile. I tried using the web clipper on my iPhone… doesn’t work as the pop is partly hidden.

        The other alternative was to send a link to my evernote dropbox email and then open from within evernote… but hey, that’s too much effort!

    • Brett Kelly

      You can add the bookmarklet without syncing your Safari bookmarks fairly easily. I (crudely) wrote up the process here

      • Ben

        Mr. Kelley!

        That worked like a charm.
        Thank you for your contribution.

        No syncing bookmarks through iTunes for me! Now off to pay bills, clip confirmation pages, and call up those receipts on the fly all on the iPad!


      • BeetleBinkie

        Brett your fabulous!!!

        This works great for me.
        Would it be possible to have this work directly into the Evernotes Ipad app?

        kind regards,


  • derek

    It didn’t work after a note taken this morning. Updated to the latest version. Start and get out immediately.

  • Radwan

    This is a feedback on the iPad video that i just watched on this section. I could not understand most of what was said on the video because of a combination of the following:
    1- he was talking too fast.
    2- he was not talking clearly.
    3- the type of music playing was very annoying and was obscuring the content said and making it much less understandable.
    Could you please re-do this video?
    Thank You

  • Brian

    Will you guys be doing these kind of applications for other tablets when they are released – like HP’s Slate?

  • Doug

    Phil – Love the video. Great way to show how it works on the iPad for searching, categorizing, filing, etc. BUT, please gives a way actually take notes more effectively on the iPad. I will ditch my laptop and buy an iPad when your app (yes, my absolute favorite app) makes it possible for me to walk into any situation and instantly take notes more effectively – I’m just not ready to do on that keyboard. Great work – thanks!

  • Aaron

    Evernote on the iPad is only semifunctional. I would like to be able to upload files to the app from the iPad. I need to be able to take a PDF and insert it into the note.

  • Svilen

    That’s a great looking application! Good job! Your app is just another reason to get an iPad 🙂

  • Jim K.

    I been using Evernote since about the beginning. I am not a power user of that sort of app, but Evernote was always comfortable, and I grew used to it to the point that it became a long term keeper, and I planned to become a paying participant. That all changed when the latest release of Evernote wiped out the previous version I had on my two phones (thank God I backup my apps), and suggested that I update to OS 3.1.3 in order to load it again. Sorry, but I don’t like surprises in app updates that also require a core OS change as well….

    I’ll keep my desire to share my four letter vocabulary in check right now, but why did you do that? Why did you apparently share a bed with Apple execs, at the expense of your customer base by making the latest release of Evernote incompatible with even the latest previous version of the app/OS combo?

    Was it so difficult to accomplish the changes in the latest version without considering the legitimate concerns of people who do not wish to update their phone OS at the same time? Or, was it a matter of making a deal with the devil, and helping Apple force people to move to 3.1.3 against their better judgment?

    I have two iPhones, and the old one is jailbroken. That phone is not on a cellular network, and is only used with WiFi, but it’s jailbroken ability to use folders on the springboard to manage nearly 400 apps in a meaningful way, as well as being able to run apps like Skype in the background make it more of a meaningful tool than my pure-as-velevet unmodified 3GS phone. In any event, I like to have the option of jailbreaking my 3GS if it becomes a clear choice in the future, so I have decided not to allow Apple to modify either phone in a manner that consolidates their control over my activities by installing the 3.1.3 OS. Why are you folks joining the effort to make Apple the ultimate arbiter of how I chose to use my iPhone?

    • Gabriel

      This is ridiculous… You are mad because your unsupported jailbroken device gets messed up by a legitimate software actualization? come on!
      Nobody is sharing beds with anyone, except you with the unsupported jailbroken community…

    • Sandra

      TW15T3D32 on October 24, 2011 I have been doing this and it does work If anonye would like a link to a legit site that does these offers Pm me.

  • Brent

    I’m finding that on the iPad, I expect a bit more desktop-ish functionality than on the iPhone. Being able to edit rich-text is the big one. On the iPhone, it feels like a necessary tradeoff. On the iPad, it feels like a limitation. Certainly could be a case of overly grand expectations on my part, but I’d be thrilled to see more of the desktop features work their way into this version.

  • jf


    Evernote is a tremendous tool. As a minister, I write my sermon notes, class notes, ideas, etc. on it. Now, my question: are there any plans to incorporate handwriting recognition along w/ the iPad app. Obviously it would be great for that ability to be provided in the OS side but I don’t think Apple has any plans in the near future to do this. Could that ability be provided w/ an app like Evernote? I don’t think that any convincing is needed for the demand and usefulness that the handwriting feature would have. Plus, if I understand correctly, your company has and “Ink” division. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      JF, We’re looking into adding drawing into the iPad application. Stay tuned.

      • Arthur N

        It is 2011, when the drawing will be available for iPad?

  • Mike

    Why not make the desktop apps work/look like this? There isn’t anything too hand-gesturey about the app and the orientation features aren’t crucial. Many of the insights for the UI you built for the iPad would certainly translate to the now-boring-looking Mac and Windows desktop app.

  • John

    The iPad app is pretty gorgeous already, but I think it’d be even gorgeouser if notebooks could be represented as… notebooks! — in icons that look like Moleskine journals or composition books. Let us apply images to the icons so that they have pictures or color patterns, etc. That’s the visual metaphor I’d love to see.

    Also agree with other posters about needing to be able to format rich text (no checkboxes = evernote agony) and the ability to author handwritten notes.

  • Doug D

    Does the Ipad application physically store the data on the device or does it look it off the web like the phone app?

    Just wondering because it will influence the size Ipad I would purchase.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Doug, the iPad version does the same thing as the iPhone version when it comes to local storage of notes. If you’re a Free user, then we store all notes that you view locally on the device. If you’re Premium, then you can opt to save any/all notebooks locally.

      • Bob Ahrens

        How do you save the notebooks locally? Where are the settings?

        • Andrew Sinkov

          Local notebooks are an Evernote Premium feature. If you are Premium, then tap on the satellite dish in the lower right corner of the Evernote app, then tap on Local notebooks.

  • Tom E.

    +1 for adding “ink” to the iPad. Just picked up a stylus for it this morning, and immediately found myself wishing that I could take handwritten notes in Evernote like I used to on my Windows tablet.

  • Ike582

    I’ll second (or third) the comments for rich text editing on the iPad. I’d love to keep my “to do” lists sync’d on all of my devices using Evernote, but I format my lists in an outline format. Neither Dropbox nor Evernote seem to allow rich text editing on the iPhone or the iPad. No question it works fine on my Mac laptop and the office Dell PC. Any chance that feature can be implemented?


  • Anil Shrivastava

    I’d like to see the ability to manage files that are in my evernote notes or synced to evernote from my desktop in the ipad app.

    Right now when I open a note with a file in it, i have to view it there and have no option to “Open In..” other applications like Goodreader, Pages, etc.

  • dvdtoipadconverter

    To be a ipad fan, we always do crazy thing that shocking ourselves.

  • Jeff

    Any plans to allow editing of xlsx, docx, and/or pptx files stored within evernote? It’s a desktop feature that is sorely missing on the iPad. Otherwise great work on all formats of evernote, a truly great tool.

  • Marnix

    Evernote is my favorite app! The only feature I really miss is formatting. Especially The iPad version should have the possibility to create and edit notes with rich text formatting.

  • Bob

    Does the Evernote app for the ipad sync with the application on the Macbook–so you can keep an ongoing set of files on both and they sync?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Yes. Everything you keep in Evernote syncs across your devices.

  • Preston

    Hi Andrew – Evernote is a great app. I love it and recommend it frequently. Several posters asked about formatting on the iPad, and you never commented. This would be a great enhancement. Is it anywhere on the horizon?

  • Preston

    One more suggestion – when you email a note, Evernote does not use the iPad mail client, so messages sent from Evenote do not appear in my Sent mail. Notemaster (which is nothing like Evernote) does send its notes through the iPad mail client. I suggest Evernote look into this as an alternative to the current method of emailing notes.

  • Rosa

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