Evernote for iPad wallpapers [update: iPhone, too]

Posted by on 06 Apr 2010

Posted by on 06 Apr 2010

Looking for a cool wallpaper for your iPad? Look no further. We have two (update: LOTS) of options for you.

New wallpapers for all your devices

Our friend, Adelle Charles, co-founder of Fuel Brand Inc. and avid Evernote user, has designed a bunch of great wallpapers for just about every Evernote-friendly device you can imagine. Click to download for:

Evernote wallpapers

Click on an image to open it in full-size.

Installing the wallpaper

There are a few ways to install wallpaper on your iPad, here’s our suggestion.

  1. Navigate to this page on your iPad and open the wallpaper you prefer
  2. Tap, hold and release the image, then tap the Save Image in the popover that will appear
  3. Exit the browser and launch the Settings app
  4. Tap Brightness & Wallpapers, choose the Saved Photos option, select your new Evernote wallpaper

Update: iPhone and iPod Touch versions

Here are the wallpapers formatted for the iPhone and iPod Touch screens.


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  • Rolf Heller

    Oooh! Can we have those for desktops and iPhones too?

  • Ryan

    You can download those and crop them to fit your iPhone. Not ideal, but it’ll work!

  • Carlos

    Hey!…That’s not fair. Why can’t we, desktop client users, have wallpapers too! 🙁

  • Ragnar

    I’d like to get some legitimate desktop wallpapers as well.
    cropping and creating myself is all fun and good, but the “real deal” is kind of better.

    Evernote is actually the only company Logo that I would use as a wallpaper and wear on my body (still have to get me some of those shirts!).

    • Shane Phillips

      I just got myself a 2xxl grey Evernote shirt I love it. I wish they had hoodies too. Made out of the material that u get when u get a hoodie from a concert

  • MichaelNaki

    nice., it’s very great

  • Tania

    thank you Ryan…..i did that and indeed it worked

  • Chdot

    Why don’t you acknowledge on your website that the latest iPhone update is causing crashes – and indicate when it will be fixed.

    (See App Store feedback!)

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Chdot, Please read our post about the crashes:

  • iPad Wallpapers


    I would like to add your wallpaper to my site

    Please let me know if you will allow me or not.


    • Andrew Sinkov


  • Denis

    Make a resolution of 2560 x 1440 for my iMac 27 please. And more to the wallpaper. 🙂

  • Bremen

    Whats with the folder mac ox inside? I cant open those png’s on windows and my mac doesnt even see them?

  • horoscope du jour

    I encounter the same issue as Bremen. Can anyone detail that please? Thank you

  • David Marsinyach

    There are these wallpapers in 2560×1440 resolution

  • Lloyd

    Wallpapers would not download and i tried it more than once. Not sure as to why, but again the download DID NOT AND WOULD NOT HAPPEN.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      I just tried and they all downloaded without issue. It might have been a temporary problem.

  • shin

    see if gravatar is available

  • Steve Matheson

    Hey, I’d love to promote Evernote with a badge/icon/button on my blog. I could just adapt one of the wallpapers, but I think you should throw together some buttons and/or banners for that purpose. Just a thought.

  • lol

    very good..


  • myr4ik07

    Супер. Спасибо.