Evernote for iPhone and iPad Update: Major fixes and improvements, plus a new feature

Posted by Phil Libin on 13 Apr 2010

Posted by Phil Libin on 13 Apr 2010

Great news. Apple just approved the newest version of Evernote for iPhone/iPad/iPod (v3.3.2). Here are the highlights of this version:

Big fixes

  • Fixed all known syncing and crashing bugs that affected some users of the previous version, including the notorious “u2” sync bug. We started referring to that one as, “where the bug has no name”. Happily, we can stop now.
  • Significantly improved the sync performance on both iPhone and iPad, especially during the “Syncing headers” phase.
  • iPad version now geotags new notes, if location data is available
  • Fixed issues with some third-party apps integrations.
  • Several searching and maps improvements.
  • Improvements to the audio recorder on the iPad.
  • Evernote should run on iPhone OS 3.1.2 and above. The previous version required 3.1.3.

Full screen view

Finally, we added a much-requested new feature to the iPad version. You’ll now see a set of small arrows in the upper left corner of the note. Click them to toggle between the split-screen view and a new full-screen note view. This is great when reading a long note, viewing a big picture or scrolling through a PDF and works in both portrait and landscape modes.

Evernote 3.3.2 will start appearing in the AppStore over the next couple of hours, so please check for updates. Thanks for your patience during this upgrade cycle. The introduction of the iPad made everything a bit crazy for a few days, but it looks like things are back to normal. As always, please contact our support team if you have any problems and we’ll be happy to help. Look for lots of new features for both the iPad and iPhone versions in future releases and tell us how we can continue making Evernote even better.

[A quick update: you may still see the “u2” error under rare conditions on the iPhone for the next few hours. It’ll go away for good tomorrow (Wednesday) evening, when we do a server update to clean up the last traces of the problem. You won’t have to upgrade your iPhone version again; the server reboot will take care of it. In the meantime, this is a relatively mild bug. If you get a u2 error it means you just made an empty note on your iPhone. Just edit the note and add a few characters of text to the body (not just the title). That’ll make it sync without problems. Don’t just delete the empty note, because then you’ll have to fish it out of the trash to edit it.]


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  • Tad โ€”

    Awesome update! Woo hoo!

    Are the PDFs searchable now? Or do they have Table of Contents access, etc?

    Once you get that, Evernote will be an uber everything app on the iPad! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Tad, For Premium users, Evernote makes scanned document PDFs searchable.

      • Tad โ€”

        And that works in the iPad app? My iPad is at home… I can check tonight. ๐Ÿ™‚

        I love being a Premium user. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Tad โ€”

        Oh wait – that’s not what I meant at all. When I first opened a PDF in the Evernote iPad app I was able to just view it. There was no ability to go to a Table of Contents, easily jump to a specific page or pretty much anything else that an actual PDF reading app ought to do. Evernote is my repository for my PDFs, but since the iPad doesn’t allow sharing docs between apps, I’m stuck with having to import PDFs into GoodReader to be able to properly use them. I’d much rather be able to stay in Evernote on my iPad to use my PDFs.

      • Jesse David Hollington โ€”

        I second that — Evernote has always been relatively weak at PDF viewing, which is disappointing since it’s so great at everything else.

        I also wish that Evernote would actually render PDF files directly within the iPad (and iPhone) apps, rather than taking us through the extra step of clicking on an icon to actually load the file. This is especially annoying when having to search inside PDFs, since not only are the search terms not highlighted, but it takes two taps to open each found PDF — one to select it in the list of items, and a second to actually display the PDF.

  • Tim Chaten โ€”

    I am curious what enhancements were made to the audio recorder?

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Tim, there were some issues related to saving an audio note that some users encountered. That has been fixed.

  • Cliff Ellis โ€”

    Is there an update to the Android app in the works? I can create notes, but I can’t look at any previous ones. I get an error that says “java.lang.IllegalStateException: can’t declare any more prefixes in this context.”

    What on earth does that mean and what can I do to fix it?

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Cliff, we’re looking into that issue.

      • Kiran Shah โ€”

        I’m seeing that too. I’m running Evernote 1.8.0 (79077) on Mac OS X 10.6.3 on a MacBook Pro, and Evernote for Android 1.3 (70553) on a Motorola Droid. Everything was working great until a recent Evernote update on the Mac side. Since then, I am able to read & write all my notes on the Mac side, but on the Droid side I can only read notes created prior to the Mac version update. Please fix this asap – I am handicapped without Evernote!

      • MikeW โ€”

        Getting the same issue on my Samsung Moment Android but only for notes that I send from Outlook 2007 to Evernote 3.5 via the Outlook toolbar button. If I create a new note in Windows, those notes don’t give an error when I open them on the Android 1.3.1 app.

      • Kiran Shah โ€”

        This problem still hasn’t gone away. I’m now running Evernote for Android 1.3.1 (80774) and the problem is still the same. Are there any plans to fix this?

        • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

          Kiran, we are working to resolve this issue very soon.

  • Christian James โ€”

    Still no “Favorites” in the iPad version? I really don’t need all the features of the “Premium” version, but it would be great to have a couple notes stored on the device like the iPhone version.

    • Phil Libin โ€”


      Favorites are obsolete in the iPad version! It’ll cache any note that you’ve ever looked at on the device, as if it was a favorite, whether you’re free or premium. If you just need a way to quickly find your “favorite” notes, just use a tag.

      The iPhone version will do the same thing, but it still has Favorites in the UI for now.

      I guess we should have talked about this feature since it’s a nice improvement!

  • Prevernote โ€”

    Yo Evernote, how about updating the app for WebOS? We’ve been stuck with the same, lame, featureless app since launch 10 months ago. Thanks for considering.

    • -Pablo- โ€”

      I wanted to say the same. I hope you’ll still mantain the WebOS app!!

  • Anne โ€”

    Yah! Thank you! That “bug that has no name” was getting annoying and not to mention the “if I exit out of a note without saving”, it crashes so I have to delete the app and reload it” bug. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think I reloaded your app 4 times in the last week….

  • Andrew Mayne โ€”

    It’s still crashing my iPhone 3GS on launch. ๐Ÿ™

    • Phil Libin โ€”

      You might have to restart the phone once, but it should be all good after that.

  • daisuke โ€”

    Splitter may be pretty feature on iPad ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Erik โ€”

    Evernote for iPad is my third most used application after email and safari – truly a great application – and converted me to a premium user in just a couple of days.

    I understand completely that you are focusing on ironing out bugs. Here’s my current wish-list for additional features:

    (1) Ability to edit two or more documents at the same time. This is especially useful if taking notes while reading a PDF, something I do a lot when doing research.
    (2) Enable copying of text from PDFs (see (1) above why this might be useful)
    (3) Manage basic font settings (bold, italic, underline etc)
    (4) Select multiple notes concurrently (to merge, edit notebook etc)

    Thanks again for a great product. I know you read these comments – that’s why I bother to tell you what I think.

  • Phil Libin โ€”

    A quick update: you may still see the “u2” error under rare conditions on the iPhone for the next few hours. It’ll go away for good tomorrow (Wednesday) evening, when we do a server update to clean up the last traces of the problem. You won’t have to upgrade your iPhone version again; the server reboot will take care of it.

    In the meantime, this is a relatively mild bug. If you get a u2 error it means you just made an empty note on your iPhone. Just edit the note and add a few characters of text to the body (not just the title). That’ll make it sync without problems. Don’t just delete the empty note, because then you’ll have to fish it out of the trash to edit it.

    • JD โ€”

      This worked! I rebooted the iphone, added some text to the body and the u2 error went away. woo hooo!!

  • GregHK โ€”

    Thanks, my iPhone 3GS sync is back and working, although I did need to delete and reinstall the App. This also fixed the problems I was having with the iNews partner App.

  • Mike โ€”

    Do you already tested evernote with iPhone beta 4.0? Itยดs not working with latest version of Evernote.

    • Mike W โ€”

      I just got iPhone 4.0 Beta 4 today … finally latest Evernote is working !!! (It did not work with Beta’s 1,2,3 ….

  • Mark Avey โ€”

    Still getting the dreaded “Synchronization failed.” error message on launch with this release that I’ve had pretty much since I started using Evernote on the iPhone.

    The usual trick of quitting/restarting half a dozen times seems to get it to eventually sync.

    It’s kinda sad that I pretty much expect to have to do this every time I use it.

    Don’t get me wrong folks, I love Evernote on all platforms – without doubt the most useful set of apps and I use it almost constantly, but I’ve resigned myself to having grief synching the iPhone app. Yes, I know I can delete it/reboot/reinstall but then I have to download all the data again so I just put up with it.


  • Mike โ€”

    Evernote was working fine until I updated to 3.3.2 yesterday. Now every time I attempt to start the application, it says “Upgrading Database…” and then just quits (exits the app). Any idea why, and how to fix? i have turned the phone off and on several times but that doesn’t help.

    • Shelley โ€”

      I have this same problem on an iPod Touch. “Upgrading Database…” then app quits. ๐Ÿ™

      • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

        Shelley, try uninstalling, then reinstalling Evernote. It should fix the issue.

      • TR โ€”

        Having this issue also. I’ll try the suggestion to uninstall/reinstall.

      • TR โ€”

        Seems to have worked, hooray!

  • Apophazz โ€”

    I’m on 3.1.2 and I still can’t update the Evernote App. The upgrade in ghe App Store works but while downloading on the Home Screen I get an error message. Is there anything I can do without going to 3.1.3?

  • A.D.F. โ€”

    THANKS for these fixes! Seems to be working like a charm – and still a tool I use many, many times a day, on my iPhone, PC, and Mac.

  • Marcia โ€”

    If the iphone will cache notes as if a favorite, then will the notes be available on the iphone/itouch without wifi? That is my most frustrating thing when trying to access EN without wifi. I have the itouch.

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Yes, notes you favorite will be available when you are not on a network.

  • Svilen โ€”

    Hi everyone,
    I installed the latest version on my iPod Touch and somehow it is not working. I’m getting a “Synchronization failed” message every time the app tries to synchronize my notes. Everything was working properly on the previous version I had. Any ideas? Thanks!

    • Randy โ€”

      I’m having the same trouble. It won’t sync. Warning says it’s an Evernote server issue.

      • Will โ€”

        Same here. What the heck?! I want to upgrade to a paid account but there’s no way I’m forking over money for an iPhone application that won’t function correctly.

  • jay โ€”

    Come on guys give the Android App some love. It is so bare and has not even offline note support (I found out the hard way after saving several ideas into nowhere). I’m close to just switching to Google Docs or whatever else.

    Evernote is great but with all your Apple love don’t forget Android. Even some other note taking apps that don’t have the sync feature are way better than Evernote for Android. Come on guys!

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Jay, we are committed to the Android platform. You’ll be seeing improvement there soon.

  • Donald Potter โ€”

    Evernote is the greatest..I use it everyday.

    Perhaps this has been asked and answered elsewhere, but what about supporting the sharing of Pages, Keynote and Numbers files so that they can be opened, edited, and saved back to the Evernote server(s). Obviously I can share a Pages document today to the cloud, and open it natively on the Mac side from Evernote, but on the iPad I can view only. This would be a great feature for premium users.

    • Jesse David Hollington โ€”

      I’d also love to be able to open documents from within Evernote into Pages/Numbers/Keynote and other apps. Unfortunately, based on the way the iWork apps currently work, there doesn’t seem to be any way to get those apps back OUT of them except by sending them via e-mail,, or exporting them for USB transfer via iTunes.

      AFAIK, third-party apps can only send documents TO the iWork apps — the “export” area is only accessible to iTunes.

      Still, that’s no reason not to implement inter-app document sharing for any other apps that might be able to open supported files, such as GoodReader for PDF viewing or even apps like DataViz or QuickOffice (which I’m sure are coming for the iPad and will hopefully handle this better than the iWork apps presently do).

      • Jason โ€”

        Actually, I think if you would just preview downloaded documents in Safari, you could launch into Pages (or other iWork) apps from there –rather than use the integrated document viewer.

  • Brendon โ€”

    Would love to see the “Sync” reworked a little more on the iPhone/iPod Touch. I use Evernote to store important information while traveling abroad and I am usually not connected to the internet. But, everytime I open the app, it give me any annoying error message saying it cannot connect to the Evernote servers. I KNOW! Can we suppress this message in a future update?

    Also, simple Rich Text would be nice to edit on the iPhone. I’m not talking colors (although that would be easy too), but any note with bold, italics, bullets, etc. you can only “Append” changes to, which means when I connect back up to my desktop client, I have to spend more time re-formatting, updating, etc. Is RTF of any sort even allowed in iPhone apps?

    Otherwise, I am still glad I went Premium (had to for the offline traveling) and hope to see continued improvements!

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Thanks for the suggestions.

      • Tim โ€”

        The biggest thing, for me, is adding rich text support so that we can check off items on a to-do list.

      • jonvdveen โ€”

        Rich text support seems like a no-brainer. That’s probably my #1 request at present.

  • Peter Elfrink โ€”

    Some nice improvements ๐Ÿ™‚

    I would still looooove to have the saved-search functionality on my iPhone. I use Evernote to manage my GTD system, and my setup heavily relies on saved searches.

    Right now my iPhone Evernote is just a note-capturing device, instead of a GTD-manager in my pocket.
    Would it be a lot of trouble to add saved searches?
    Keep up the good work!

    • Jason โ€”

      Saved search is available on the iphone…though the implementation on the iPad is much better.

      Click in the search notes box > click advanced search > Saved Search

  • Donny Bahama โ€”

    Love Evernote – my most essential iPhone app. But I keep watching those updates for a fix for the text formatting issues. (I.e. if you apply any text formatting in the desktop version, you can no longer edit in the iPhone – only append.) This is such a significant issue and it has such a simple fix… convert to textile/wiki-style formatting as necessary between iPhone and desktop…
    bold becomes *bold*
    italics becomes /italics/
    underline becomes _underline_
    linktext becomes [http://link|link text]

    Please, Evernote team – I’m begging, here.

  • Karthik โ€”

    The updated crashes quite often on my iPhone 3G. I don’t know exactly how to reproduce it. But it happens under normal usage.

  • shawn โ€”

    What are your plans in terms of supporting rich editing on iPad (checklists, bullets, font styles, etc.) I’m evaluating Evernote to determine if I want to put some time (and money for premium access) into it, but without some rich editing capabilities I think it might be of limited use. I don’t want to be dependent on my PC to create notes with rich text.

  • Amy โ€”

    I love evernote, Im so glad you guys are staying on top of it fixing bugs and releasing new features.

  • Alan Collins โ€”

    developing for iphone os 4 and notice on beta release that Evernote crashes on start up… guys heads up on this ???

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Alan, we don’t currently support OS 4.0. We do plan to support when it is publicly released.

  • Carl Hughes โ€”

    I’m a premium user and love Evernote when everything works. I have been uable to sync for over two weeks. I keep getting the infamous U2 bug “synchronization failed because of an error communicating with the Evernote servers. Please try again later.”

    I’ve tried later, I’ve tried earlier. I’ve rebooted, I’ve re-installed and nothing seems to work. Are you listening?

    When will this be fixed?

    Thank you

  • Joseph Nally โ€”

    Recently began using Evernote along with my Android device. I’m very pleased with the it all, don’t mind at all that the notes are stored in the cloud… until the java error. Now I can’t view my notes on my device. I imagine the iPad has had you guys busy, but please boost the Android app. A sharp note taking system is integral to my work.

  • Steven โ€”

    So happy to be rid of the u2 bug. Thanks for the fix!

  • Jeff Andrews โ€”

    The new full screen feature on the iPad is GREAT!

    ENHANCEMENT REQUEST: I very much need the ability to annotate PDF’s. Something similar to the iAnnotate app. Highlight, draw/circle, sticky notes/comments.

    This will seal the deal for me and allow me to switch from iAnnotate to Evernote completely.


    • Jim Lewis โ€”

      Ditto. Annotation is the killer app for me.

      • Simon โ€”

        Me too! I think the iPad desperately needs an elegant solution that allows annotating cloud-based PDFs. None of the others on the app store really do it right. If Evernote implemented PDF annotation in the ipad then I would literally be able to get rid of all the paper in my office (doesn’t need to be anything fancy – just good old text-based annotations). As an academic, making notes on other people’s documents is a huge chunk of my day job. I’d love to do this inside of Evernote.

  • Wim โ€”


    Do you have any idea when you will be supporting rich editing on the iPad?

  • Jon โ€”

    Maybe I’m missing something if it’s already possible, but, if not, could you add an “Open with” option to attachments in the iPad version? Evernote has become my document repository. On the desktop, I use the automatic attachment update feature all the time and would love to see that in the iPad. Thanks. I can’t imagine life before Evernote anymore.

    PS I wonder if it would be possible to make the iPad app more of a mini desktop version rather than a bigger-stronger-faster iPhone version.

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Jon, these are great suggestions. Unfortunately, the iPad/iPhone/iPod operating system limits our ability to share content with other applications. We’re hopeful that future versions of the operating system will make the sort of things you describe easier.

      • Mark Sobkowicz โ€”

        This feature is in fact implemented in at least one 3d party app – Air Sharing HD. If I have a Numbers document in their file system, I can open it in Numbers.

        • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

          Thanks for the suggestion.

      • Drnkusv โ€”

        Yes, this is now a built-in feature of iphone OS 3.2. A whole bunch of apps — including Apple’s mail client, but also Air Sharing, GoodReader, and many others, have taken advantage of this API. It would be great if evernote would permit opening attachments in other apps.

  • Kurt โ€”

    Oh please Evernote … provide support for annotating PDFs. Even simple annotations, like highlighting text, copying text, and embedding comments, would be great. If you can do this, the entire academic and research community would flock to your app.

  • Jerold V โ€”

    iPad still crashes every use, usually when i touch a note or touch save. I removed and reinstalled without any luck. Is there an update soon?

  • Mark Sobkowicz โ€”

    Since all file types are supported, it would be great (great!) if on the iPad a Numbers document could have a “Open in Numbers” choice, and so forth for different document types.

  • Mair H โ€”

    I accidentally deleted my evernote app from my ipod touch. Did evernote disappear from the app store? I currently run software version 3.1.3. I also have not been able to sync my evernotes for two or three weeks. Please help! I miss this app too much.

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Evernote works on 3.1.2 and later, so you should see it in the App Store.

      • Mair H โ€”

        Thank you. It appeared again when I searched for the app just now. And it also updated my notes. Yay.

  • Gregg โ€”

    With releases of Penultimate and Deskpaper for the iPad, please please please tell me that Evernote will soon allow me to hand write my notes. Better yet, take Livescibe’s lead and offer audio matching with my text.

  • Rana โ€”

    When will Evernote allow me to add notes VIA MY STYLUS i.e. would love to add handwritten notes… there is a stylus for the iPad and this would be useful. And I ditto request to take it a step further and annotate an existing document with my handwriten notes.


  • Daniel Tome โ€”

    I’m on iphone 3.1.2 and after login I get the message: Upgrading database then it crashes.
    I’ve tried several time.
    In order to solve this, I deleted the app, then went to the appstore and downloaded again.

    I hope it helps the people that had that issue.


  • Eric M. โ€”

    The GUI needs to be cleaned up on the iPhone. When moving around Evernote the user interface “bounces” around. REALLY poor design. Keep the top and bottom bars the same look and size and color. The bouncing gives me a headache. Fix and I’ll subscribe yearly until then can’t use.

  • John Wikman โ€”

    Seconding the earlier requests for a couple of keys…

    1) Annotating PDFs / notes with handwritten notes.
    2) Stylus/handwriting on ipad.

    I’m about to pick up an iPad in the next day or two, and am pondering switching from OneNote to EverNote. I absolutely LIVE in OneNote…it’s the only application set to start automatically on all my PCs. I love a lot of the functionality of Evernote, but there are some key features of OneNote that have me shying away from Evernote, first among them the ability to screenclip (whether as a ‘print to..’ or a text copy/paste), then annotate with handwriting. For example, I have a weekly project status meeting. I need to have a copy of a table with project info, then annotate with handwritten notes during the meeting.

  • Yasser โ€”

    How about bullets?? I love evernote on the iPad, but I’m a big bullet fan when taking notes because it helps me organize my thoughts. Any idea when we might see bullets, and indentations coming to evernote on the iPad?


  • Seth Thomson โ€”

    Evernote for Ipad is crashing often. Any plans to resolve?

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Seth you might want to try uninstalling/reinstalling Evernote.

  • Jean-Francois Mayer โ€”

    Like several other users, I do strongly suggest that the iPad version of Evernote should enable italics and bold. If this would be introduce, I would certainly go for a premium account. As long as it is not, I think the best option is to use Office2 along with Dropbox. But I have good hope that you will introduce the support of bold and italics on the iPad in a not too far future.

  • James Rogers. โ€”

    The addition of basic formatting to the iPhone, but most especially the iPad, would be a huge boost. Having buttons for bullets, bold, italics, and justification would greatly speed up the process of note taking. PLEASE include this in a future update.

  • John โ€”

    Evernote not working with latest Gold build of iOS 4.0. Multiple sync errors and notes can’t be loaded/read. Please fix ASAP!

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      John, we don’t currently support iOS4. We plan on supporting it when it is released.

  • jose โ€”

    Not load the files with iPhone iOS4, gold version.

    NSURLErrorDoman (-1001)

    Any suggestion ?

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Jose, we do not currently support iOS4. We plan on supporting it when it is officially released.

      • Jose โ€”

        Andrew Sinkov, i have an update now, im install and now works excelent thanks Andrew im going to buy premiun account, ur work a great ! Congrats.


        • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

          Jose, that’s great to hear. You should thank our awesome engineers.

  • Steve Jones โ€”

    My evernote still crashes. It hangs my entire phone everytime I use it. Whilst doing various things. I have to hard reset the phone.

  • Steve Jones โ€”

    Update: uninstalling and reinstalling the app as per an evernote faq i found seems to have not only fixed my problem but it’s faster! Great stuff.

  • daniel powers โ€”

    The Evernote is almost the #1 app for the ipad in my opinion. There is one major feature that I need or find a way to overcome. How/when will the ability to do handwritten notes via a stylus be supported by Evernote? This is key for me jumping my whole team to this app full time. Please make this feature a priority!

  • Mike โ€”

    And not only handwritten notes, but annotatable PDFs too!

  • Jason Fiske โ€”

    I would really welcome bullets and table controls on the iPad version.

    I don’t seem to be able to take notes w/o bullets anymore.

    Otherwise, I love this app!

    • igs โ€”

      To be honest, evernote on the i-pad is just a toy without the ability to create tick boxes and tables. So come on guys, and how about keeping version features across platforms the same.

  • Andy Trucks โ€”

    It would be great with some text editing tools! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Otherwise its a awesome app

  • Tito โ€”

    I agree with Daniel Powers. Just sent an email to Evernote, when can we gt an app like penultimate to interact directly with evernote without having to creare pdf and sending it to my evernote account?

    Any Evernote associate responded to Daniel yet?



  • Mich W โ€”

    I love Evernote too! I just got the premium upgrade yesterday, and it’s great. But I’d be really happy if I could annotate/highlight PDFs, both on the desktop and on iPad. Being able to search and highlight PDFs directly from the iPad app would be awesome!

    Thanks for the great app!

  • Pat โ€”

    Love Evernote. Would like ability to search PDFs from iPhone.

  • suzanne โ€”

    Argh. Just started turning to Evernote to manage a whole load of work/non-work stuff, syncing across 2 computers and 2 i-devices…oh, but wait! NO TABLES ON THE iPAD? Ack. Just ack.