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11 Evernote partners that make spring cleaning a breeze

Posted by Ron Toledo on 22 Apr 2010

Posted by Ron Toledo on 22 Apr 2010

The spring cleaning season is upon us. Normally, we don’t get overly excited about the work that awaits us, but this year there is a certain Elephant that might be able to help make life much easier.

Today, we will look specifically at the type of clutter that can pile up and weigh you down: paper.

If you are turning into a note monster like Jack from our video, maybe it’s time to think about taking control. Lucky for you, Evernote has lots of partners and integrations ready to help. Here are eleven to consider.

Hardware to the rescue

Check out some of these hardware integrations that allow you to get that paper clutter straight into your evernote account via scanner, multifunction printer or camera.


Use a Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanner to send business cards, receipts, and documents into Evernote on your desktop. This is an excellent solution for people with lots of paper clutter. With the ScanSnap you can gather up a pile of paper, hit the button, walk away, and when you get back all your papers are waiting for you in your Evernote account. Video


Use the Lexmark SmartSolution All-in-Ones to send scans directly into your Evernote account over the network, no computer required. This is a great option if you have a home office or share a work space. If you happen to live or work with other Evernote users, simply load separate Evernote SmartSolutions profiles for each person. Then, with a tap of the touchscreen, they can each send their documents to their own Evernote accounts.Video


The Doxie Scanner lets you scan documents and images straight into Evernote. The Doxie Scanner is a nice lightweight portable way to scan paper directly into Evernote on your desktop.


Use Eye-Fi to wirelessly send photos from your digital camera into your Evernote account. No docks or wires needed. Snap pictures of business cards or papers and have them wirelessly sent into your Evernote account. Video

Services that do the work for you

Sometimes we can all use some help. These services take your stacks of paper and scan them straight into Evernote.


Shoeboxed is a service that lets you mail in your business cards and receipts, they scan them and put them straight into your Evernote account. Video


Mail any type of documents to OfficeDrop (formerly Pixily), they scan them and allow you to bring them into Evernote with one click. Video

iPhone apps that declutter your life

These iPhone apps can easily turn that piece of paper into digital Evernote content, fully searchable and safely tucked away in your account. Or, if you want to handle your paper problem before you create it (without the use of time travel) some of these apps might supplement or replace some of the paper in your life.


Take a picture within the app, or add a picture from your camera roll, and select the Add to Evernote option to get a scanner quality note in your Evernote account. There is no cropping or rotating required, DocScanner does it for you automatically.


JotNot for iPhone is a nifty app that corrects your less-than-perfect photos and sends them into Evernote. The paid version of JotNot allows you to send your improved images into Evernote (you can even assign titles, tags, and notebooks right from their app).

Scanner Pro

Snap a picture within the app and drag the edges to frame the image. After you’ve adjusted the contrast and brightness to your liking, Scanner Pro launches the Evernote app directly. From there you can add a title, tags, and select the notebook in Evernote you wish to send it into.


SpeedText is a memo app that lets you use your finger to easily write on the iPhone screen. Once you create the memo send it along to your Evernote account.

Fast Finga

FastFinga lets you take handwritten notes on the iPhone and send them into your Evernote account.

See all of our partners and integrations on our Work with Us page »

Summer to Unclutter

Last August was our Summer to Unclutter month. We enlisted some great professional organizers to share the ways that Evernote helps you stay on top of your messes before they spiral out of control. Take a look back:

Oh, and if you are looking for some music to listen to while you’re making you life clutter-free, might we recommend The Evernote Rap Song.


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  • Karen

    I wish Evernote worked natively with Neato Receipts / Neatworks. Their small scanner is smaller than the Fujitsu ScanSnap and perfect for taking on business trips.

    Please add Neatworks support!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the suggestion Karen. You may want to let them know, as well.

      • Maggie McGechie

        Hi Andrew, I challenge you to do a de-cluttering experiment with our family. I am an avid follower of, but I think it would be fabulous for your evernote “family” if we really took this head-on – including getting rid of all of the D&D crap. Help us! Andrew won’t even get rid of sad old paperbooks…. You could do some kind of “normal girl vs. geek guy.”….

    • Michelle

      I am in full agreement! Please get this compatible with Neat Documents/Receipts.

    • Keith Morrison

      Yep! I have it on my desk too…then in my brief case… then in my hotel room… would be an appreciated addition for me. Saves me having to buy another scanner.

    • BarbD

      I had the same issue, Karen. And I wasn’t particularly thrilled with Neat Receipts’ categorization system.

      I was also reluctant to invest in yet another piece of hardware when I already had the easy-to-use Neat Receipts scanner. I went Googling and found this article that helped resolve my problem:

      It walks you through how to set up a folder on your desktop to scan files into PDF, then export into Evernote. I still have to move them from my default Evernote folder to where I want them, but that’s easy to do with drag and drop.

      Hope this proves to be a workable solution for you as well!

    • jason

      I couldn’t agree more. Please get together with the Neat people and play nice!! Why throw all your eggs into Fujitsu’s basket?

      • Heather

        We do not design the integrations with specific scanners/printers – Fujitsu/Lexmark have created their own. If Neat chooses to design an integration into Evernote, we’ll be thrilled! Here’s something from their website:

  • Jason M. Lemkin

    Ron – we have a lot of folks who like to use EchoSign e-signature together with Evernote. A quick how-to mash them up via Evernote email address + EchoSign bcc email address here:

  • leoo

    Sugestion: The option to Sort Alphabetically on the editor. It’s really helpful to organize the notes content.

  • Rehanna

    I had a BB Tour, but due to the fact that the trackball was always giving me trouble and therefore I had 5 Tours. Well, I got the new Bold as a replacement. Well, now I can’t find it on App World & when I did find it, it told me there is no app for my phone version or carrier. What is going on? What do I do? Help please. Thank U.

  • Ethan Wilson

    Where are the Android Suggestions?