Tip: Use Evernote to remember the people you meet

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Tip: Use Evernote to remember the people you meet

Posted by Ron Toledo on 28 Apr 2010

Posted by Ron Toledo on 28 Apr 2010

When you are at a conference, trade show or networking event, snap a picture of the people you meet along with their name tags (or have them hold up their business cards). Evernote will automatically make the text in the images searchable. Now, you’ll be able to search for the name and see the face that goes with it.

You can create a separate notebook for these contacts, or tag them with “contact” and use a Saved Search to find them later.

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  • Doug

    Will probably make for a pretty awkward social moment but it does show the power of Evernote 🙂

    • Andrew Sinkov

      I definitely felt a little awkward doing this in the beginning. Now, taking snapshots of business cards and name tags has become completely second nature. People may find it weird, but that’s just an opportunity to tell them about Evernote.

  • Klim

    Would be interested to hear from people that do this. I have often *thought* about doing it, but always cringed at the awkwardness. People should just ALWAYS wear name tags and make it easier for everybody. 🙂

  • Christopher Masiello

    This is one of my favorite Evernote tricks. If I go to a conference, training class, meeting, or event I use this trick. I especially like to take the card and the face, so that I remember who everyone was.
    Good tip,

  • Dave

    I’ve been doing something similar to this for the past year. I snap a photo of all the business cards I get using Evernote (not right when I get them, normally a day or two later) and then recycle the cards. It’s actually kinda interesting to see how well different people’s designs for biz cards hold up to imaging. Tiny type doesn’t hold up very well.

    Doesn’t show me what the person looks like, but it does force me to remember each person I get a card from at least for a sec while I’m taking the photo of their card.

    • vish ramdas

      Hi Dave

      Me too. Have been doing this for a while. One approach i use is collect business cards, collectively scan in batches of 12 and use evernote- screen capture and ctrl-s to save as individual png files on a specific folder with long names that have all details i can remember.
      bulk upload the pngs into evernote, evernote takes the file name as the note title and that helps
      also the image text OCR helps get further details during retrieve..

      • Ruth

        Sounds like a great technique. Could you explain that using more words, so non-techie like me can figure out exactly how to proceed? I see how to scan a batch of cards into one file. Do I then open the image file (with the multiple images) and send to Evernote? What does Ctrl-S do? Thanks!

  • Anthony

    At first I thought “Why on Earth would you forget someone that easily anyway?” but it’s true that some people get to meet lots of guys during their works… definitely a useful trick 🙂

  • sam

    I’m a teacher. This would be great for us. Have the students fill out some basic info, like name, parent’s name, and phone number. Now my students aren’t clogging up my phone contacts and I can search for the student’s name and have their parent’s name right beside it!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Great idea!

    • tony1512

      This feature is the best because you can easily reached the names, and their parents! It’s so very informative!

  • OPeration SCAR

    A simple idea but would be very effective if you can persuade people you just met to pose for a photo! With the iPhone App this is even easier.

    Certainly addresses the putting a face to a name issue!

  • Kim

    This is such a great idea! I ALWAYS forget names with faces. Although I have to say, it would be a little weird at first, but I guess just like everything else, it would soon become second nature!

    • Sudhanshu

      Keep doing it Kim if you like it. Alternatively, visit my web http://www.wordamania.com too for a fresh vision on memorizing. : )

  • http://www.myeasyonlinepay.com

    This is amazing, having evernote you can easily access and get information of a person thru evernote. It’s very interesting just a simple shot of a person with an I.D. it automatically registered.

  • anthony

    So amazing… It would be a big help for those people that had a trouble remembering the face and information. Just a simple shot…

  • tony1512

    This was so great!!! It’s a big help to my job. Just a simple click/shot to a person with a name tag it’s automatic registered to your evernote and it’s easily to use!

  • John Smith

    This is such a lifesaver for someone who has to meet hundreds of people everyday.

  • dog biscuit recipes

    Me to If I go to a conference, training class, meeting, or event I use this trick

  • Terry

    I agree it would probably get easier for the one taking the photo, but it is probably still awkward and may feel like an imposition or even coercion for the person who’s photo is being taken.

  • umm...

    When i tell the people there, “hey, hold up your business card so i can take a photo of you and the card.” they look at me like i just told them to take off their shirts and smile. But they do it 😉

    • Lynn Miner

      They will never forget you (the photographer), that is for sure. It is a GOOD thing!

  • Kat


  • Matt Maldre

    Hey “dog biscuit recipes” what sort of shows are you going to? Dog shows? That would be fun to take photos of dogs with their name tags.

  • Randy Pound

    What will happen if you take a single photo of multiple people, each holding his or her name card? If this would essentially work the same as the individual photo, it could reduce the awkwardness of taking individual photos.

    If it works the same, this would be a great time saver when taking photos of teams, students in a class, visitors to a facility, etc.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      It will work the same–just make sure that all the name tags are clearly visible.

  • consulting_rn

    I recently started a business and Evernote helps me keep track of my business clients and their individual portfolios. I am a medical professional so being organized with my clients, customers and their info along wit a photo of them keeps information easy to access. Goodbye filing system and flash drive, hello Evernote 🙂

  • Ren

    I tried this trick last night and it didn’t work. Even after I wait until today. I took a snapshot and uploaded it to evernote server. the second time I attached a jpeg. I made a title an even tagged it. but still I can’t search the words thats in the picture. is there something wrong with the way I did it?

    • Ren

      Whoa, it works…not with the one I did last night though. Oh I’m gonna have so much fun with this 😀

    • Ren

      It took around 48 hours for free user to have the server process the picture. This should be useful when I’m browsing items for my store, nice…

  • Jody

    Could someone please enlighten me as to the first step in this workflow? Do you just use your smartphone to take a picture, then open
    Evernote… then? Or do you open Evernote first and somehow this is done with Evernote open first? Or? What are the exact steps?

  • Dan

    Though nifty to get this stuff into Evernote, I want the content of the business card to go into my outlook, or at least into a contact record on my phone, in addition to Evernote. Is there an easy way to take a picture of a business card and then create a contact with that person’s data in it? Call me lazy, but when I want to call someone I don’t want to have to look at a picture of the card and type in the digits. Likewise when I go to e-mail them.

    • mcheng

      Hi Dan,

      Stay tuned … more features are coming down the pipe for Evernote Hello. This is just the beginning.