Evernote Reaches Three Million Users!

Posted by Phil Libin on 04 May 2010

Posted by Phil Libin on 04 May 2010

We’ve got a pretty sophisticated monitoring system at the Evernote datacenter that’s constantly watching over our servers, databases and load balancers. At the slightest hint of trouble, it sends out pre-configured alerts and our 24/7 operations team springs to appropriate action. A few days ago, the following alert flashed across in-boxes and cell phones all over the company:

PROBLEM: 3 Millionth User Alert
Severity: Warning
Holy crap, 3,000,000 Evernote users!

And we sprung, although this time the appropriate action was to have a drink.

It’s true: Evernote’s got over three million users. And we did it in record time. It took us 15 months to get our first million users, 7 months for the second million and only 4 month for the third million. That’s over 8,000 new users every day! We got a big boost these past few months from two relatively new sources: international users and partnerships. About 44% of our new users come from outside of the US now, and 15% come from our recent partners. It also looks like everything is speeding up and we expect to hit our fourth million in record time as well.

Thank you

We are deeply thankful to all of our users. Thank you for finding us, for sticking with us, and for all of your tireless feedback to make us better. You should know that we’re always listening to your comments, even if we can’t respond to every one, and our product roadmap is heavily influenced by what you have to say. Expect major improvements to all versions of Evernote over the next few months along with a big surprise or two!

Big thanks to all of our partners, for making the Evernote “external brain” infinitely bigger and more powerful than we could have made it ourselves.

Finally, a gigantic thanks to the Evernote team! You guys just made something used by three million people. How cool is that?


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  • Dan

    Good stuff 🙂

    I think the mobile stats aren’t accurate for Windows Mobile users as most using WM6.5 can’t access their notes, so many (like myself) don’t use it anymore.

    • Michael R. Sullivan

      I use WM 6.5 and have no problems accessing my notes. (However, I am planning to switch to either an Android device or the Palm Pre in the near future.)
      I use the newest version of Evernote Mobile on my WM 6.5 HTC Imagio on Verizon and aside from what are data speed issues, I have never had a problem accessing the note data base.

      You may have a problem with the settings or you are trying to access through the web browser on WM 6.5. The browsers in WM 6.5 are pretty limited.

      • Kurt

        I had evernote on my palm pre. Now I’ve just upgraded to the HTC EVO running android. This phone is amazing and evernote works great. It’s much faster and more responsive than on the palm pre. I’m finding that almost all the apps I’ve installed on the EVO are a step above the same app on the palm pre plus they run better. The Palm Pre web os was the best in my opinion but the android apps and speed of this phone make up for it.

  • Helene James

    Congratulations to a great company! it is fantastic. I have been a user from the beginning, I used it free, first. Now I pay, you deserve it…Helene James

  • William George

    Feature request: Incorporate rating or priority ranking for notes.

  • Hatef Y.

    Congratulations. You have a great product. I recommend it to everyone.

    Please do listen to your users and implement a Passcode security feature on your mobile apps in particular and even your desktop apps. I know your CEO thinks passcodes at the OS level are the way to go, but many of us respectfully disagree.

  • GTD Wannabe

    I’d like to see the numbers behind your pie charts. Yes, 3,000,000 users registered, but what’s the base number of users from which you are extracting the daily usage stats?

    I remember reading that something like only 17% of twitter users actually tweet regularly; I’d love to know the number of regular EN users, vice those that have signed up and dropped out.

  • Juliet Conner

    Congratulations on reaching such a high number of users. You must be doing something right to have attracted so many people.

  • Erik

    I’m impressed with the iPad usage number, given that the iPad is only a month old. I use EN on my iPad almost daily and find it be the most useful application I have other than mail and safari.

  • DavidJFutcher

    Amazing passing 3 million.
    But what a great asset Evernote is.
    Well done team

  • dkmilan

    it is amazing.
    Evernote is the best note taking and knowledge management system from my point of view.

    please receive the great wish from China. ^_^

  • Rob Parnell

    Congrats. I predict 4 million by years end.


  • Damien, Nantes, France

    Bravo! bravo bravo ! (am a french user)

    And bravo to your users spread the message all around them too!

    That’s what happens when you make a killer product.

    I am amazed by the 79% of your mobile based being Apple. I wish it transforms into cash for you guys because you truly deserve it.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Steve Walker

    Well done and all that – I heard of Evernote through a colleague’s recommendation and he is very enthusiastic about the application. Just the sort of thing I could use, I thought.

    So I am quite cross that, on your website, you are “certain” that Evernote will work with my phone; and yet you don’t support Symbian, the world’s most popular phone operating system, and the one my phone uses.

    So, my comment is – how many more users might you be able to boast if you were to support Symbian (oh, and particularly my Nokia N97); and my question is – are there any plans to add Symbian and Nokia phones to your list of supported mobiles?

    • Wieshka

      Hmmmm i am running evernote on my symbian phone already a while ago.
      Also win & mac, but still free version.

      Also i am a international user 🙂

  • Olmo

    congratulations! evernote is a great company. great look and feel with apple and iphone, what do i need more? it’s just FUNctional!

    i hope you are doing good money with this, becaouse you’ll need more and more infrastructure 🙂

    i can’t stop refering your services to my friends.

  • Adam

    Great news. Now how about a Linux client? 🙂 Please, write a Linux client in Qt4. It could run on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

    I also would like to see a rating system for notes.

  • Alan Vallis

    Another plaintive plea for a Linux client. Then I can go back to being a Premium user. There’s nothing remotely like it in Linux. You’d wipe the floor. Please?

  • Phillip Wilson

    I joined as a premium user in March after trying it free for about 2 years. Up until March I would occasionally use it. But now the features are such that I want to, and do, use it all the time. I have completely switched over from Outlook, OneNote and multiple bookmark services to exclusively using Evernote.
    Thanks, keep up the good work and looking forward to Evernote adopting more of the GTD system.

  • Jo Fothergill

    Well done – you have a great product and it’s great to see the numbers for it. Once you hit 4 million you’ll nearly have the equivalent of the population of New Zealand (my country)!

  • Andreas @ nouvé

    Gartulationen/Congratulations from Germany, Berlin!!!

  • otomo

    The most interesting digit is missing here. How many of the 3 million users are actually paying customers? 🙂

    But I guess you handle this number as your corporate secret. 😉

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We’re pretty open with our stats:

  • Quim

    I am glad you mention so many users are based on Spain and you are surprised. I am on this group and the fact is due to some podcasters are really advertising you on its episodes.
    We miss your podcast come soon.