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Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 05 May 2010

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 05 May 2010

Every so often a problem presents itself that requires unprecedented vision.

For the past year, Evernote’s renowned behavioral anthropology department has been hard at work solving one of the company’s biggest challenges: making it socially acceptable to open up a laptop in a meeting. After extensive testing, our blue ribbon committee has developed a most impressive high technology solution…..

……ok, fine. Phil came up to me one day and said, “make these stickers.” It would have been cooler if that last paragraph were true.


The “I’m not being rude, I’m taking notes in Evernote” stickers are perfectly sized for the top corner of any laptop or mobile device, letting the world know that you are, in fact, actively capturing every significant moment of your meeting and not, say, trying to beat Plants vs. Zombies.

They come in three designer colors and are included in the new Evernote Sticker Pack on sale now in the Evernote Store for $5. Get yours »

Limited edition tee

Another new addition to our storefront is the very limited edition I-EN-Y T-shirt. We only have a small number of these concrete jungle themed shirts remaining. As with all of our tees, the I-EN-Y shirt is printed on super soft American Apparel cotton. Get yours before they run out »

The Evernote Store is full of other goodies, too. Take a look.


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  • Tobias T

    Oh my, I just revisited my Plants vs. Zoombies-app. I must get those stickers quickly!

  • S

    I don’t need these for my laptop, I need them for my ipod Touch so I can take notes at conferences without looking like I’m texting the whole time. Unfortunately they probably can’t be read across the room. Which is more important, having notes from conference sessions or refraining from leaving the impression that you’re a disrespectful punk?

    • Morgan

      Me too. I have always taken notes on whatever pda I had at the time.

  • G D Milner

    I love evernote. I have been a premium user for nearly a year now. Nevertheless, I cannot see ME paying YOU to advertise your product.

    I can see the utility of these at meeting, though, and would gladly sport one on my netbook if they were free.


    G. D. Milner

    • Janko Lauterbach

      Same here 😉

      • Steven

        Ditto or maybe just the cost of postage.
        Maybe they could be a free promo item for the premium service or with another store item.
        BTW… Is this a paper sticker or a vinyl reusable type sticker?

        • Andrew Sinkov

          These are single use stickers.

      • Steven

        Agreed. It amazes me how many companies think you should pay a premium price (not that this is a premium price) to wear the same jersey, made by the same manufacturer just because their name is on it – thereby advertising for them, driving interest in their real product, and bringing in additional customers and thus money for them. Our local sporting goods store charges more for the bike jersey with their name on it than the exact same jersey without. They ought to be handing them out like candy from a parade float!

    • T Mericle

      They should send two to every premium subscriber.

      • Shawn Pack

        No, they should not. Otherwise they’d need to raise their prices to compensate for the expense. If they mailed 2 to every subscriber did you think about how many people would not use them and they’d just be wasted. Maybe a lot would end up in the trash? Not very efficient.

      • Natalie Hanson

        Yes, but I like the idea. What if they offered two free stickers to each premium subscriber that wants them? I’d do it, then.

    • Shawn Pack

      I don’t understand this attitude of “I can’t see paying them to advertise on their behalf.” It’s not like they are charging a lot of money for their premium services. If you like Evernote and want to see it continue to succeed, why not support it? Do you talk to others about Evernote? I’m sure you do. I do. Should you get some compensation for this? (Actually, on a side note I’d love to see some kind of referral program where I could get an additional Evernote premium month for each subscriber I refer that signs up for a year. Hint! Hint!) It costs them money to make these stickers. Their shipping charges are very reasonable.

      Quit acting like someone who thinks the free market system is bad and celebrate innovation. If you don’t want to buy it, then don’t. Beauty of the free market. I applaud Evernote for their product and use it everyday.

      • AnOldProfessor

        Could I add an AMEN to that. It’s a terrific product, free if you want, $5 (=4 sodas)per month if you like bells and whistles. Anyway, my doctor has told me to cut down on the sodas, so Evernote is now medically approved for use by fat people like me.

    • JoeTaxpayer

      “I cannot see ME paying YOU to advertise your product.”

      Agreed. Just took my daughter shopping, and walked out with a numbers of sweatshirts with company logos on them. You know, Abercrombie, Hollister, The Gap. All I had to do was say “she will advertise your product for free” and that was that.

    • jlhoffman

      Ditto – I don’t like the idea of having to buy them. Another GREAT storage & retrieve program will let you send a SASE. I got a whole handful. There is one on my bike, my door, my laptop and gave the rest to all my friends.

      Evernote – will you send me some if I send a SASE?

  • Christopher Masiello

    Got one of those sweet NYC T-Shirts at the Notable NYC event a few weeks back.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Awesome! It was great meeting you out there. Wear it with pride.

  • patrickj

    Will the stickers still work even if you are in fact checking up on a game?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Hmm, that’s a tough one.

  • kevin

    Any chance that shirt will show up in girls sizes soon? It would make the perfect present for someone i know!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We may consider adding women’s sizes. We’ll let you know if we do.

  • Jack

    In for one of the T-shirts. What is the NYC Evernote connection?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We recently had an event in NYC and printed up some of these shirts. We liked them so much that we thought we’d sell a limited number in our store.

  • Terri Griffith

    I’ve got my stickers on order – now a request: I’m writing a book called the Systems Savvy Manager. The material is based on my blog and I’d love to do an update to my post “Laptops in Face to Face Meetings” and push the issues a bit further in the book. Could you set me up with the person who works the most with companies on these issues? I’m just down the road and would be happy to make the trek to your place or do a call, whatever works best.

  • fnerd

    Grrr! But I hate New York! Still cool stuff tho. Go Sox!

  • Munky

    Hmmm… I do like Evernote… but not enough that I would pay for the ‘privilege’ of advertising it.

    Nice try tho… 😉

  • Henk Poley

    If those were magnets I would like it even more. Stickers are so annoyingly permanent.

    • SaultSage

      eeek – magnets and computer stuffs !

    • Ken Parker

      UMMMMM, I guess no one has told you that magnets and computers don’t go together ?!?! Unless you like your hard drive contents being erased…..

      • MV

        Oh my, you obviously don’t watch MythBusters, or you would know that this most probably is an old wives tale? They tried erasing magnetic strips on credit cards with eelskin. Did not work. Bumped it up to various magnets. No joy. If I remember correctly it took the strongest type of magnet to finally get an error on a swipe. If you can’t erase a credit cards magnet strip by direct contact with a magnet, your hard drive should be pretty safe from a pretty weak kitchen magnet.

  • BigEarl325is

    This NEEDS to be an iPhone case. I take notes constantly on my iPhone during meetings and I literally have to tell everybody in the room when I bust it out that I’m going to be taking notes and not texting my wife the whole time. PLEASE make this into an iPhone case!

    • wayno

      Put a sticker on your forehead. Thats what I do when taking notes with my phone. But I have a big forehead.

      • BigEarl325is

        I could always get the Evernote elephant tattooed to my forehead.

  • Dmitry Gorshkov

    Kickass stickers!

    Can I get some if I’m in Russia?
    (Thinking about a couple tees, too.)

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Yes, we ship pretty much anywhere.

  • Deverill

    I don’t see the stickers as advertising for Evernote as much as it is good PR between me and my coworkers to keep them from getting ticked at me while I take notes.

  • Kevin

    Simply Brilliant!

  • Skyler Johnson

    As I recently upped to a premium account, I also bought these stickers just for fun, and I have to say for the price, the quality of the stickers is somewhat lacking (discoloration around the edges of the smaller stickers, the peel-off back looks like the cheap avery sheets that you can buy yourself)

    For the quality of these stickers, they seem like a better promotional product (sign up for a premium account, get some free stickers, etc) rather than a product to pay $5+shipping.

  • tom

    5 dollars! talk about a margin. I would rather give you 5 bucks to slap me in the face. I have been a premium customer and have bought gifts for people and made them premium customers paying 5 dollars for stickers that’s where i draw the line. It’s actually kind of insulting.

  • Paul clark

    Here’s an idea: post a PDF with the sticker graphic on it so people could download and print and “make their own”. Still sell stickers for convience for some, but let others promote too that are more into ‘free’ and DIY.

  • Meryl

    Still waiting for the Tshirt you offered when I signed up years ago. I’ve written. I’ve called. No response. I forget about it until I see new offerings. Still love you, and yet…. I would sure love if you could make good on that TShirt.

  • SaultSage

    For some reason I was drawn to this thread. So I read. I think you should give everyone a 3 ceu diploma in public relations / marketing if they read all the posts – very interesting and enlightening.

  • HandiiMan

    Tablet PCs are socially acceptable!

  • Jennifer


    I hope you are still following this thread. I really enjoyed your comment about awarding ceu in public relations/marketing to those who actually read all these comments. I’m going to start thinking of my Internet “surfing” in more concrete “adult education” terms rather than as pure procrastination. 🙂 But seriously I have already thought of some of my internet time as “potential future job” research. But thanks to your comment I will think more broadly about the educational benefit of some of my net time.

    Now let’s if my family buys into this new paradigm or if they still don want me to sit down until the laundry is all done. ;

    EVERNOTE users who want an iPhon case version of the sticker: ccool idea! Could this sticker be used on an existing iPhone case in the meantime?

  • Christine

    I love both the stickers and the shirt. And, seeng that my partner is a plants vs zombies player I doubly appreciated your post.

    I <3 Evernote


  • Shelley

    I take notes on an iphone too. But I don’t see how a case or stickers will help people know that you are seriously taking notes and not cruising the internet or playing games.

  • Debra Bouchegnies

    if you were to partner with stickybits, which enables people to attach digital content to physical objects, and could be an awesome Evernote partner I think) and created Evernote/stickybits stickers, you might actually be on to something. see their blog here: I’m a premium user and huge fan of Evernote.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the suggestion.

  • JC

    Since they’re not available anymore, would you publish the PDF so we can print them?
    I still get in trouble because I’m using evernote in meetings, sometimes 🙂

  • Tom F

    Is there a way to get these still? Or get it as a digital file to print?

  • D

    Wish these were still around. They look awesome.

  • Colorado Robertson

    How do you get these stickers?

  • Henke

    Will these ever come back to the store? Ill buy a pack directly if they were.