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Tip: Keep your gym’s class schedules in Evernote

Posted by Ron Toledo on 10 May 2010

Posted by Ron Toledo on 10 May 2010

Have all your gym’s class schedules stored in your Evernote account. That way you can know exactly when the next spinning or yoga class is as you plan out your workouts.

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  • the-english-lab

    was this schedule made in evernote? or is this just a snap of a pre-made schedule?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Most gyms keep their schedules online as either a web page or PDF. In either case, you can easily get it into you Evernote account.

  • Sl

    Friendly comment: I eventually figured out how to do this. I would have preferred step-by-step instructions here. As someone who is new to the product, this was not intuitive.

    Having only done this once, I am not familiar, still, with where to tell someone to find this information . . . But the way it worked for me was to add my Evernote address to my Contacts so that I could forward an email containing the schedule to my Evernote account.

    Friendly note to Evernote: this would be a good place to insert the instructions for setting up the subject line to route the email to the proper notebook.