Get a ScanSnap scanner and Fujitsu will buy you an Evernote Premium account

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 12 May 2010

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 12 May 2010


Have we got a deal for you: The generous folks at Fujitsu want to pay for your Evernote Premium account!

It’s simple. You buy a ScanSnap S1500 or S1500M scanner, sign up for Evernote Premium, complete the rebate form, and they’ll send you a check for $50 (you can use the extra five bucks to buy yourself a latte).

Why this is cool

We all love getting something for free, but this deal is much more than that. Scanners and Evernote Premium are a match made in heaven. You scan you papers, documents, scraps, business cards, and receipts, then access them in Evernote on any computer or phone you use. Our image recognition and Premium-only PDF search make finding any of your scans a snap (ahem). Plus, the ability to add 500MB of new stuff each month, means you can scan to your heart’s content. Check out our Premium page for even more reasons to go Premium.

The rules

As with all rebate forms, there are some rules:

  • Your ScanSnap must be purchased between May 1st, 2010 and July 31st, 2010
  • You must have an annual Evernote Premium account, if you’re month-to-month consider switching to the annual version
  • Complete this rebate form, making sure to include your Evernote information
  • Mail the completed form along with the original UPC to the specified address
  • This is open to US residents only. Please review the Terms and Conditions on the rebate form for additional rules


Here’s a video showing how Evernote and ScanSnap work together. The video shows a different ScanSnap model than what is offered as part of this deal, but the interactions are the same.


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  • Randall Hand

    Awesome! Shame I’ve already been a Premium Member for 2 years :)

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Randall, if you buy a scanner, they’ll still send you the $50 rebate. You just need to be an Evernote Premium subscriber.

      • hamhead

        thats great andrew! thanks for letting us know.

  • Lasvegaswil

    First I buy a Bamboo (which is awesome), and then EN gives some away; then I buy a T-shirt, and EN gives some away; THEN I buy a Scansnap. Now this! Argghhhh!

    Seriously all, if you don’t have a SnapScan of any type, you need to pick one up. I put all of my notes and receipts in my Moleskine pocket through the week, then sit down in front of my ScapScan on Saturday, dump them all into Evernote in about one minute (literally), and I’m Zen to Done. No muss, no fuss. Keeps everything nice, organized and stress free.

    I’m going to go buy a latte now. If EN gives them away next week, someone’s getting slapped. Just kidding…I drink tea…. :|

  • Chris Raper

    Very cool for you guys in the US what about the rest of the world?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Sorry Chris, this rebate is managed by Fujitsu. We always try to do worldwide giveaways and deals, but unfortunately the terms are not always under our control. We will make sure to have something open to you soon.

  • Braxton Bragg

    This looks like a pretty cool deal. We are going to look at this for our office.

  • sheenajones25

    that is awesome!!! so useful in the office. It’s a really nice product and seems branded.

  • Neil

    It’s a bit odd that this does not apply to the deluxe bundle SanSnap S1500, (the one that apparently includes a copy of acrobat). So be sure to check your part number PA03586-B005 (PC basic model) and PA03586-B105 (Mac basic model) _are_ covered, but not the PA03586-B015 (PC deluxe bundle).

    Bummer, as that is the one I picked up.

    Fujitsu: Any thoughts on expanding this great offer?

  • James

    I LOVE the scansnap. I’ve totally redone my office to be paperless with it. Using Evernote with it is a snap too! ;-)

    I love it so much I created my own little review of it at

    Take a look!

  • hamhead

    has the rebate expired now?

  • Scanner Fujitsu Fan

    Definitely, the scanners from fujitsu are far professional. Do my work without worries.

  • Richard Burton

    I have Evernote Premium and have a Fujitsu fi-5120C scanner. I cannot figure out how to integrate with Evernote.

    All the article I find discuss the snap scanner.

    I would appreciate any help