Evernote for iPhone/iPad/iPod gets an update

Posted by on 19 May 2010

Posted by on 19 May 2010

Today we released an update to Evernote for iPhone/iPad/iPod (version 3.3.4). There are lots of improvements and enhancements throughout. The most noticeable changes are on the iPad. He’s a brief description of what’s new.

Tag editing

You can now edit and delete tags directly from the Tag view. To do so, tap and hold a tag, then tap on the Edit popup. The following screen will allow you to make changes to the tag.

Recent searches

The Saved Searches tab now performs double duty. It not only displays your saved searches, but it also shows your recently performed searches. Tap and hold any of those searches and a popup appears that allows you to save the search or delete it.

Jump to tags

When you tags are sorted by name (the switch at the bottom of the screen), you can use the quick scroll bar along the right hand side to jump to tags that begin with a specific letter. This feature is perfect for those with lots and lots of tags. No need to scroll your way through anymore.

Lots of improvements

This release includes a lot of under-the-hood changes to make both the iPhone and iPad versions faster and more reliable, so the first time you run the new version, it will go through the notes cached on your device and update them to a new format. If the app happens to crash while this update is happening, just remove the Evernote app from your device and reinstall a fresh copy from the App Store. You’ll need to re-download any offline notebooks, but this will give you a squeaky-clean copy.

Stay tuned, we’ve got even more great updates and features coming soon.


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  • Ann P.

    Nice…now how about Palm Pre version update? =D

    • JohnE

      Yes, definitively waiting for a webOS version with offline access in the Premium version for my Palm

  • Joe Miller

    Excellent! I’m an Evernote premium user typing this on my iPad. Can’t wait to dl the new version on all my devices and check it out. You’re the best!

  • JH

    Waiting for an update for the Android version, fixing the “java.lang.IllegalStateException: can’t declare anymore prefixes in this context.” error .
    Evernote is unusable on my Milestone today. :-((

    • Alex

      @ JH: Agreed – Android error is very bothering – Any knowledge on what triggers it (not all notes trigger it, so I’m still looking for a pattern)?

      • Andrew Sinkov

        We are working to resolve the Android issue. It appears to happen when viewing a note created in Evernote for Mac on the Android phone. We hope to have a fix soon.

      • PCRandom

        Add me to the list…just created a note on Mac and cannot read it on my Droid. Have to go print this on some paper…whose responsible for the dead tree???!!!!!????

  • Alexander Rundberg 貴士

    Waiting for:
    – Hide big elephant box at the bottom of each tab.
    – Unhighlight after search without deselecting note (like on desktop for mac)
    – Rich text editing, even if limited.
    – More view options! especially for tags and subtags!

    • Jason Gullion

      I strongly second the need for rich text editing. It would make the move from computer to iPad sooo much better. As was said, even basic editing would be fantastic.

      • harry beranek

        i need the rich text editing too, it is frustrating to have to go to desktop to edit my notes,
        thanks herbert

    • Mark Stokes

      I third the need for Rich Text editing on the iPad. For me this is massive limitation. I can’t work seamlessly between Mac and iPad until this is in.


      • Chris Luton

        I quad the need for rich text on both the iPhone and iPad! Checkboxes and bullets would be a good start for me.

      • Sam Ross

        SO essential for decent note taking; bold, bullets/sub-bullets, italics… I just cant leave the paper notebook behind until these functions exist. Please please get this included soon!

      • Philippe Fraser

        I totally agree – I can’t even add a simple note to a rich notebook – unless I want to added weirdly as an addition. Total waste of a product if you can’t use it on ipad/iphone in normal mode (and let’s face it, bold is hardly an andvanced feature!)

      • DaveB

        I 4th, 5th and 6th rich test notes on the iPhone. I’ve actually started looking for a replacement app.

      • David

        I 7th the need for rich text editing. Not having that makes it so not worth it on the iPad; and ultimately limits its use elsewhere since I cannot edit as I need to with the device most likely with me.

    • John

      Definitely need rich text editing on iPad.

  • Andrey

    Any chance to get an ability to change GPS coordinates of memo on iPhone/iPad?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      You can edit the geo-information using Evernote for Mac and Windows.

  • Filip van Dijk

    After downloading the update on my iPad, it crashed indeed while updating the database. I had to re-download my 1500 notes. Very annoying. Please fix this bug for the next update.

  • Semi

    Too bad Evernote-iPad app crashes after the update, while updating its database. It looks like i have to reinstall the app again 🙁

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Reinstalling the app will fix that issue.

    • Are H Vestrum

      Have the same problem, Evernote terminating while upgrading the DB.
      Not used to this from Evernote 🙂

  • Tom

    Can anyone say if this update fixes the awful crashing in the iPad version? I was losing data too frequently because of this and have stopped using it. If it’s fixed, I’d love to come back. I’m going to test it too but wondering what others have seen.

  • Martin

    Evernote is still the best synchro solution ever made, but have you guys thought about password-protected startup of iPhone app? I’d like to be always signed in in app BUT I’d love to type password everytime I launch the app. It will keep me more safe.
    That’s my most wanted feature.

    • Ram

      Evernote designers, tell us, would you add passcode lock feature in iPhone/ iPad apps?

    • choco

      couldnt agree more 🙂 the only thing that keeps me from using evernote on my iphone is no passcode feature..

  • Stevie Rocco

    We are trying to use Evernote’s sharing capabilities to coordinate tasks among folks at work, but until the desktop application has the ability to view shared folders, it’s a real #fail. Any word on when that functionality is going to be added? If it’ll be awhile, I’m going to need to look for another solution. Using the web for it all is just too clunky.

  • Drew

    How did I live before Evernote?

  • Irene

    Why does Evernote keep neglecting the Android users? I’m very disappointed about this and it’s the reason why I don’t go premium.

  • Lee Barry

    A nice feature for the iPhone version would be a way to view notes within tags. Usually when I am reviewing my notes I am not searching for them, but rather reviewing my tagged notes.

    • Gordon MacSween

      I have the same request re viewing notes by Tag – this is the only way I’d review them, and it isn’t an option for iPhone yet.

  • jules

    I am a new evernote user and I am sooo in love with this app it is keeping me so organized! My wish list though would have to be editing my notes on my iPad that I strarted on my Mac. Just some options (font, size bold, checklist bullets–heck bullets are my most missed). That would be awesome!

    • Ryan

      I agree. This is the dealbreaker for me. When editing is in, I’ll buy the app and start using Evernote.

    • Claes

      This is a show-stopper for me to.
      I just tested editing my meeting notes on my iPhone that was made in Evernote on my PC. Got the infamous “Can’t edit….” mesage.
      I understand there are issues with word/html etc. but if you enter it in Evernote…. Stupid!

      I would happily pay a year subscription if this worked.
      Again, I (as many others) accept limitations, but evernote PC evernote iPhone (or other device) should work.

  • Peter JACO

    Evernote on my iPhone is just great but give me the opportunity to see my documents (especially landscape version) in full screen. Maybe hide the task bars and favorites with a double click.

    I’m so thankfull.


    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the suggestion.

  • kendoabate

    i’m a newbie here. i’ve just try it in my iPhone, little weird and confuse when facing something new. hope this apps made me little bit more organized than before

  • Bob A.

    On the iPad, if I select a notebook called “To Do”, how do I then select a tag called “Tuesday”. I was using this to organize whatever needed to be done on Tuesday. It works on the Mac, but I don’t understand how to select a notebook and a tag at the same time to narrow the search. Thanks.

  • Gary

    Any chance of inking coming to the iPad (with wrist rejection like the recent Penultimate)? Please.

    • Sheila

      Echo that – if Evernote could replicate the inking functionality of Penultimate I’d rarely need another app (or physical notebook!). A big vote for that functionality please!

      • Nrett

        I am also waiting for the inking for ipad. I love the inking on my hp tc1100 and would love to switch to the ipad. Without the inking this app loses the greatest functionality. Isn’t it time we all dump notebooks, post it notes and scraps of paper?????

        I’m also getting the EVO 4g so I hope I’m happy with the android version of the app (bye bye iphone)

      • Mark Stokes

        I too would love to see inking in Evernote. The lack of this ability natively nearly stopped me buying an iPad until the Windows 7 tablets were all cancelled.

        I want to replace my paper notepad, and I think Evernote with inking would be the solution.


    • Steve A

      I third that! Inking would be great like Pneultimate, with text shrinking like Note Taker HD.
      Great product, keep up the good work.

    • Andres

      I would love ink….please make it happen for the ipad, I don´t want to use other ink apps, I want it all in evernote

  • Jim M

    I read some earlier comments about the need to edit rich text notes on the iPad….
    Is there a possibility for short term “1/2” solution, so the notes could be viewed on the ipad?
    Unaware of the limitation, I clipped a website map to Evernote (on my Mac) then synced the iPad.
    The note’s thumbnail view looks fine.
    Some miles down the road I stoped to read the note and realized it is a blank page.
    Only the thumbnail image is available.
    I have dozens of notes like this.
    Larger versions of the thumbnail view would be a great improvement even if editing is not possible.

    • Nick

      I have the same problem with notes coming up blank on my iPad. Did you achieve a solution?

  • tom

    I’d love to see a passcode protection in Evernote iPhone/iPad as well!

  • Andrew

    Ok, i really wish you could paasword protect notebooks or documents. I’m happy to let people play about with my iphone or ipad, maybe they need to check their email or are just curious. I think these devices are much more shareable than the average home desktop. Not having my private notes and thoughts protected makes me pretty nervous when i hand my ipad over to a curious colleague or a student who wants to use the dictionary app etc.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      You can encrypt text within your notes from a desktop version of Evernote. Highlight the text, right click and choose the Encypt option. This will password protect that content. Please note that if you lose the encryption password, Evernote will not be able to help with recovering the text.

      • James

        Encryption is great but I would be really keen to see a password protection option. Thanks.

      • Gee

        Encryption does not hide the name of the note. Some note/subject titles are telling in itself and would be great to be able to hide or protect the whole note or a whole notebook.

      • Ron

        I too would like to be able to password protect notebooks. Encrypting sections of text can get messy and cumbersome to open up. I’d like to assign a password at the notebook level and put my sensitive info into one or a few notebooks while leaving the others open.

    • Larry

      I agree with Ron. PW protection at the notebook level (at least) would be a major plus.

  • Patrick

    Evernote is great. On my Macbook, on the iPhone and especially on the iPad.
    But I really need password protection for several notebooks. It makes me pretty nervous when i hand my new iPad over to some friends too. : ( Not only because of private text, but also because of some pics. Sadly, you can’t encrypt pictures.

    Please please please … fix it. Thanks,

  • Troy - megaevernote user

    Hi I noticed my new Evernote update crashes meaning it quits from time to time on iPhone OS 3.1.3. Despite this little annoyance, I’m still using until they resolve the issue. It crashes some times & I can see the updates. But using THE IPHONE APP to take snapshots or text, this is when it crashes. Maybe an updating issue on the DB, sending email to Evernote works but using app. Nope! But hey. I love Evernote on PC web & iPhone(if it works right…heheh). 😉

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Troy, would you please contact our support team:

  • Borracho

    Hi! Are there any plans to bring rich text formatting on the iPad version
    It would be great to see the edit functions for the rtf notes created on Mac version and some features of text formatting like bold/italic, font size etc

    • Peter

      Yes, please give us rich text formatting. Bullets, bold, italics, and the ability to edit notes from the desktop.

  • Jim Underwood

    TO: Evernote Owners & Investors

    You have a great opportunity to make a ton of money with an iPad App!!!!

    Amazingly enough, there is NO iPad app that is well suited to taking, let alone distributing, MEETING NOTES!

    I have personally tried most of the available “Notes” apps for the iPad.
    They all suck except for Evernote.

    Evernote has all the infrastructure to make it a GREAT Meeting Note iPad app.

    You just need two key features:
    1. Bullet and numbered lists
    2. Meeting Templates
    3. Handwritten notes (OK ,this is 3)

    Here’s the Use Case:

    Walk into a meeting with nothing more than an iPad.
    Quickly take notes using either the KB or handwritten.

    Quickly record standard meeting info:
    1. Meeting title/name ((pick list)
    2. Participants (selected from Contacts)
    3. Actions (take aways)
    4. Decisions
    5. Next Meeting
    6. Etc

    Most meeting “quick-notes” benefit from lists:
    1. Bullets
    2. Numbered

    There are many enhancements one can envision, like Action Item tracking, but that can come later.

    I welcome and encourage everyone to comment on this request.

    Best Regards,

    • Phil Libin


      Great idea, I think you’re right. We’ll take a look at prioritizing those features on the iPad.

    • Jeff Andrews

      For meetings and other uses, allow a template to be loaded then filled in during the meeting with notes, action items, etc. I use some of Lencioni’s outline (from the book Death by Meeting) of what makes a great staff meeting and how to take notes. Being able to load a template or form for notes would be a great feature.

    • bruceoutdoors

      yes, that and also more protection for very private notebooks or accounts(ppl still having access the database offline without password? That is just NOT safe)

      evernote is very, VERY close to becoming the world’s most ideal note taking app and memory bank. I really love what you guys are doing for the world. Keep it up!! 😀

  • Jeff Andrews

    Any chance we’ll see the ability to annotate PDF’s? This would be a huge feature for business users. I simply need the ability to mark up a PDF (highlighting, circling, drawing lines and typing notes on the PDF doc).

    iAnnotate does this quite well but doesn’t allow note taking and the other features of Evernote.

  • Anonymous

    So I create a note on my ipod touch while on wi-fi. But when I go to edit that note when offline I cannot do so. It says that “rich text notes cannot be edited on your ipod touch” What’s up with that?

  • Geoff

    How do you encrypt a note on an iPad?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      You can only encrypt notes on the desktop versions of Evernote. You can decrypt on the iPad.

      • Andrew Keene

        I would also like to encrypt notes. I encrypted a note on my desktop, but it is still open on the ipad – I note from the comment about that you can decrypt notes on the ipad – how?

  • not an Iphone 4 fan

    To date Im not the biggest fan of either the iPhone or iPad, but evernote functionality on my dated cricket phone actually allows me to expand my storage and functionality via simple sms/email. Using this aspect of my limited phone and evernote is really making me itch to see what type of joy evernote and an ipad combined could offer. I was pretty excited by the BMX evernote post, I could see how awesome it would be to be able to integrat einto my similar lifestyle

  • Chris

    This is a GREAT application, I primarily use it on my iPad to replace a notebook. I would be willing to pay (and many others I know would also) for the app and a monthly fee if you could add in some critical features. It seems like these should be easy to pull off:

    1) Basic rich text editing, change font colors, highlight, easy way to do bullets.

    2) Meetings are all about follow up. I want to be able to flag an item in a meeeting and have it automatically import into a “to-do list” application.

    3) I use Jot! Free right now to do drawings, save as a picture, then import into my notes. It would be nice if this could be done in Evernote vs. a seperate application.

    4) I have only had my iPad for a short time, and already up to 144 notes. Very hard to organize, because I can’t have multiple notebooks. Need multiple notebooks. I also find it annoying that when I edit a note, it shows up with the new date, when I really want it to save the original date.

    That’s all I can come up with. I really think the integration with a good to-do list application could be a game changer.

  • John

    Love this app and am thrilled that many of the minor kinks have been worked out. I have to ecco the sentiments of several people on here whose suggestions have been noted, but still haven’t appeared in the updates for iPad (and I just updated mine this morning).

    Bullets and numbering should be integrated ASAP. This is such a basic feature of note taking, and it would transform the functionality of the iPad edition of Evernote. Can’t recommend enough that it’s included in the next update. Especially with all the high school and college students who will surely be starting to use the iPad this Fall.

  • Craig Martindale

    How do you decrypt on a Palm Pre. I see the same lock icon on my phone that was on the desktop when I created the note, but when I tap it on my Pre, nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.

  • Richard

    Password protect the Everview icon. It can’t be that difficult to do and just about everyone is asking you to do that!! What is the problem? Why are you telling us to encrypt thousands of notes as an alternative?? That is absurd!! Please get on the stick and get it done!!!!!!

  • bareForm


    We need basic formatting. But please not in an ancient Word 1.0 form! The small buttons Bold, Italic, Underline etc etc etc must be avoided. They are many, ugly, take too much place, thus need to be small, thus making them difficult to hit. And even if they were big (and even uglyer), they require lots of action:

    As you might recall, making a word or two bold requires you precisely selecting the sentence, phrase, word, clicking the according button, moving marker to new entry point and typing on.

    This is pretty much business as usual in the mice-industry, but lets admit it – presicion in selecting phrases is somewhat of a challenge on touch-devices.

    And even if it wasn’t, this technique interrupt your writing process by demanding you to take your hands off where you do your writing, and demanding you to precisely selecting, clicking somewhere else.

    Thats why we use keyboard shortcuts like alt-arrow, alt-shift-arrow, alt-b etc, right?

    When editing, the markup hardly matters, but when viewing it, printing, mailing or else copying, it matters the whole world. Thats also why half of the mobile note-taking community will jump ship to the first text editor (with cloud sync) that does this in a smart and convenient manner.

    Enter the Textile renderer. For those of you who don’t know it, this is the basic parts of its formatting scheme.

    “link text”:link

    * Bullet 1
    * Bullet 2

    # Numeric list 1
    # Numeric list 2

    h1. Headline 1
    h2. Headline 2

    f1. footnote 1

    etc check here:

    It is quick, sleek, dirty and sexy. It takes 3 minutes to learn its basics, and 1 day to learn (to remember) it’s advanced markup. It removes the need for small buttons, rolldowns, interface jugglerly, it keeps you focused on writing and not wasting time and focus on markup.

    I completely LOVE IT, and would throw away all my other apps if you did this.

    Please! Yes!

  • bobrocky

    I also would like to see the ability to password protect an entire notebook. I have a notebook for my work site that cannot be made public. If someone were to steal my Macbook, iphone or ipad they could get right into my work folder. I know we can encrypt words, but I also want to protect drawings, graphs and photos for my work. Hope this feature comes soon.

  • Andreas

    I would love to have password protection of notebooks or Evernote itself on the iPad. It would protect my data from friends, I hand my iPad for use!!!
    A normal password is enough it doesn’t have to be encrypted!



  • john

    the only reason i do not actively use evernote is because you can not password protect the iphone app. why not make this an option? i can’t make private notes and not be able to have them immediately, globally protected.

    encrypting text on desktops only is not generally functional.

    if this was available, i would gladly pay premium fees for the service.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      John, we suggest password-protecting your phone. You can also log out of Evernote.

      • Ron

        I don’t want to password protect my whole phone and I don’t want to have to log in to Evernote every time to use it. I simply want to be able to password protect one or more notebooks that contain the sensitive info and leave the rest open so they can be quickly accessed. There are many people asking for this and it would make let us consolidate all our info into Evernote instead of having to have a separate app.

      • Lee Machen

        I’ve considered password protecting the phone but Evernote is the only thing I’m worried about.

        What about giving an option to auto logout of the app?

      • Jeff Bertman

        As so many people have said here already, they WANT to be able to SHARE their phone with others, but NOT any (or certain) Evernote content. And for people who already have hundreds of notes imported (most of which being many pages), it makes no sense to force the user to go to their desktop, mark all that text for each of the hundreds of notes (432 in my case so far), and encrypt — and that still would NOT handle the PHOTOS, AUDIO, etc. It’s as simple as this. You need this feature to be a full fledged notes app.

      • Frank

        Andrew you are not LISTENING ! any plans to allow encryption and password protection of single notebooks on the ipad then? Also, It is totally inconvenient to go to the desktop version on another computer to encrypt a note!

  • Capt mike

    Just uploaded iPad app. Was hoping it would look and feel more like the desktop version. bummer. List view option on main screen instead of packet piles?

  • John B. Kendrick

    Long time user of Evernote on Mac and iPhone. Until trying the app on the iPad I would say this was one of the most useful productivity apps available. However, the iPad app is not up to Evernote standards. They should never have released it in this condition and you would think after months these issues should have been fixed. The screen turns black after each note is closed, and the app has to be restarted. The search box and cancel button get stuck at the top of the iPad screen. You have to restart the iPad to fix this. This is the only app out of well over a hundred that makes me repeatedly restart my iPad. Upgrade to premium – I did that a long time ago. Uninstall and reinstall the app, done that twice. Despite the glowing reviews, Evernote for iPad is very poorly written and the developers don’t seem interested in fixing it. And that ruins one of the apps that I have come to rely on most. Too bad, John.

  • Doug Johnson

    I want to echo John Kendrick’s remarks. I have been using Evernote for over a year, am a premium user, but only recently purchased an iPad. The iPad “black screen of death” I get more than periodically when closing out a note is extremely frustrating. While I would prefer to use Evernote, having to restart the iPad to get back into the app has caused me to use Dropbox more.

    Bottom line is I really enjoy Evernote’s functionality but will move on as I become more dependent on my iPad as opposed to laptop if this is not fixed.

  • Erik

    Hi, i using evernote on all platforms. Mac, iphone and ipad. Premium ussr. I am expering a very annoying error. On ipad, when going from a note to viewing a doc or pdf the screen freezes in black and i am not able to return. The only wolution is to forceable close evernote via the vibrating icon. Very irratating. A meeting flipping through several documents its not possible. What to to? Is there an update on route?

  • Lee

    I really hope that Evernote adds a password authentication feature on iOS devices. This is major need for me.

  • Scot G.

    iPad Evernote crashes with new note, “synch in progress”. Been noticing this since Jan 2011. Insert “Price Is Right Losing Horns” here.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Scot, please contact our support team:

  • Emil

    Can you please please! add password protection for iPad evernote app. If possible also please add ability to password protect notes.

    I have imported all my scansnap into evernote, upgraded to premium, but now everything is exposed to whoever get their hands on my iPad (including family , guests etc)

    Evernote is a document app, please allow us an option to protect our data.

  • Bob Weis

    I have an old version on my Ipad and just downloaded the latest to enable note sharing. Do I delete the old and then install the new?


  • Colin Stevens

    Next App update for iPhone/iPad – really needs Password Protect like Dropbox has! No recommendations from me until this is sorted!

  • Allan, Oklahoma City

    Please add support for iOS password protection of either individual notes, notebooks or by auto logging out of the app.

    Security in all the things we keep in Evernote is a primary concern and your competition is doing it.

    (Also, add rich text editing. This is 2011.)

  • Elias Gonzalez

    I really need rich text notes editing on the iOS Evernote! At least iPad… I rely strongly on Evernote to keep my team informed of updates and changes during client meetings but I can’t add to-do notes or edit notes with Bolds, Italics, etc…
    Quite frustrating. Even more frustrating is the lack of response from the Evernote Team to the various comments on the topic in this thread. A simple “working on it” or “will never happend” would be enough…

  • reid

    completely agree on password protection, preferably for entire notebooks. this is a really serious problem. been using evernote for years but this remains an enormous pain point.

  • Paola

    Any news on rich text notes editing on the ipad?
    I love your app, but I really need it.

  • Heather

    Another vote for password protection at app launch! Please?!? Other than that, Evernote is one of my favorite apps and I recommend it to everyone!

  • Gregory

    Password protection is the one thing missing badly, so simple to implement, why is it not there ?

  • texastexas

    Totally agree about the Password protect. Definite MUST

  • Lee Ann

    Password protection for iPad and Android phone app would be great! Please do on next update. Thank you!

  • Prajna Murdaya

    Is there a way to rotate photos when they are already inside the Evernote notebook?

  • Madye

    I agree! Password protection would be awesome!

  • Kasper Hjorth

    Please add the option to turn password protection on.
    Many notes contain sensitive material. It is crucial for people to know that their private stuff is well protected.
    Evernote is great, but password prompting upon app launch is an option you really need to implement.

  • Rod

    Totally agree about password protection. If I find another app that is even somewhat like Evernote but encrypts, then I am switching to it. Security is essential for me using this app effectively.

  • J Miehls

    Another vote for password protection. How can I keep my Christmas shopping list in Evernote AND let the kids play with my iPad?

  • Jennifer

    Another vote for password protection…really, I’m surprised this wasn’t built in.

  • Jose carlos magno

    Please, password protect globally and/or specifically for some notes.

  • josefo

    Please password protection in evernote ipad/iphone!!!


    I started using evernote and got hooked on it. Looking for an alternative with password protection now

  • erwin

    yeah totally agree for the password protection. i’ll be voting for it 😀