Seesmic and Evernote bring social memory to your iPhone (and Android, too)

Posted by on 21 May 2010

Posted by on 21 May 2010

Twitter and Facebook have fundamentally changed the way we interact and communicate with one another. Sadly, both services have a major shortcoming: it’s nearly impossible to save something and find it later. What we need is an easy, reliable way to archive elements of our social streams. Put another way: we need to save the stuff into Evernote. Help has arrived in the form a cute little raccoon.

Seesmic, the wildly popular social networking app, has integrated Evernote into their great new iPhone version (available from the App Store). Now, whenever you see something of interest pop up on Twitter or Facebook, you can save it into Evernote with a couple of taps.

How it works

Let’s say, you’re reading through your Twitter or Facebook feeds in Seesmic for iPhone and something really cool shows up–something you’d like to save–tap on the tweet, then tap on the share icon in the lower right corner of the screen, and select Send to Evernote.

Here’s the awesome part, sending to Evernote launches Evernote for iPhone and creates a new note containing the message with a link to the original content. Since you’re in Evernote, you can edit the note and add some additional thoughts, change the tags, move it to a different notebook, and then save it forever.

With one step, Seesmic and Evernote have solved a major modern problem. Thanks Loic, and team!


Seesmic will automatically assign some tags based on the metadata of the tweet or Facebook message. You can always edit or remove them from within Evernote.

How it works on Android

If you have both Evernote and Seesmic installed on your Android device, then saving tweets is incredibly easy. Simply tap and hold on the tweet, choose Share, then select Evernote. This will launch the Evernote app with the tweet as a new note. Get Evernote and Seesmic from the Android Market.


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  • Snacks

    There’s also a Favorites feature baked into Twitter that saves tweets.

    • Luke Stark

      True, but the favorites aren’t exactly easily searchable or savable in my data configuration.

  • Hitch

    nice! evernote is making itself more indispensable all the time. give me Android widgets for different kinds of notes & I’ll be hooked for life…

  • Christopher Masiello

    Until now, I saw no compelling reason to look at yet another Twitter client.
    Going to the Apps store right………

  • Richard

    Great app. 1 feature request: unread posts shaded differently

  • Bob Finn

    This is a terrific feature. I’m using Android and it works great, but with one exception: I’m unable to send DMs to Evernote with Seesmic. Long clicking on a direct message brings up a different dialog that does not include “Share.”

  • Lamarr Wilson

    Twitroid on Android has had this feature for a while; this isn’t a Seesmic only feature.

    That being said, I do love that Evernote is getting noticed more and more!

    • Nsonic

      that’s right! Twitdroid has this for a while…so why Evernote doesn’t mention it as well??

  • Jim Rogers

    Blackberry users would like this too, please. : )

    • Anon

      Blackberry? What’s that?

      • wilmerdon

        Thats a new electric car by Honda. Happy?

  • Annette

    I think I have just been convinced to download Evernote.

    • Ric

      I have found Evernote to be everywhere that I am and to store just about everything I can find in Virtual Land. Highly recommend it!

  • David

    So when will you implement notebook creation in the iphone/ipad apps? I’ve been using this service for a while now and this is starting to get really annoying!

  • jimbob

    This is a nice feature, but it’s just a feature.

  • dle 0ha web blog

    Great app. 1 feature request: unread posts shaded differently

  • War Board Games

    I’m glad that you also decided to do an Android version. Right now, Android has some some real catching up to do regarding the number of apps when it comes into competition with iPhone.

  • Neil Jones

    Widget(s) for Android home screen please! (Like 3banana notes does)

  • Rildo Oliveira

    How to have the same outcome using Evernote on the Desktop?
    I mean: the capture feature (don’t know if the updated versions are different!) do not allow for text-note-taking.

  • Rildo Oliveira

    Ok. I’ve installed the new Web Clipper. I think it could not be better. Thanks For Ever and Evernote!

  • Molly

    “Simply tap and hold on the tweet, choose Share, then select Evernote.”

    How is this integration? You can click share in any app that supports it and choose from a list of apps that also support it. You can “share” tweets to 3banana Notes, OI Notepad or even the official Twitter client if you wanted to.

    Not sure how this is “integration” when it is included in the Android platform. You could just allow all apps to share to you and then market it as “integration” with every app on Android!

    I am confused. Do you not know how to allow every app that uses the share functionality to share to Evernote? Wow.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Molly, this is actually up to the app developer to enable. We now allow apps to share with Evernote.

  • Jannik Lindquist

    This is a very odd announcement. I challenge you to explain how this shiny new “feature” of Seesmic is different from sharing a tweet in any other Tweeter-client for Android that can share a Tweet. I could certainly do it in TweeterRide before this announcement

  • Hans Douma

    Great thing. The iPhone Facebook app is rather buggy, so I hope Seesmic will help in that area as well.

    Adding the link to the Facebook entry in the note is a good idea. However, when in the note on your iPhone, rather than going to the actual Facebook website I would prefer to go to the iPhone facebook app instead. Just a matter of not needing an additional login and better readability. Is that maybe something for a future release ?

  • Justin

    Too bad this isn’t for the Palm pre or Pixi, seeing as those two are truly the best phones ever created. Beats the hell outta iphone and android combined. Sorry, but evernote, you need to concentrate on Palm

  • Raymond Peck

    I haven’t been able to figure out how this works on Android. I take it from this thread that installing Seesmic adds the ability to share Facebook posts to Evernote by long-pressing a post. However, this isn’t happening. I installed, go into the FB app, long-press on a post, and. . . nada. Just “Like or Comment” as usual.

    Clue, anyone?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Raymond, that was an error on my part. The Seesmic Android app only supports sharing tweets with Evernote. I’ve updated the post.

      • Raymond Peck

        OK, thanks. I hope that you soon add Android support for web clipping and FB clipping (and a few other things, like view by notebook). I’m getting increasingly dependent on Evernote and want it to be more functional in my pocket. 🙂

        One of the big uses I have for Evernote is clipping articles from the web that I want to save from print publications that I read (e.g., the SF Chronicle). If I could do that from the Android while reading the paper at the bagel shop it would save me a lot of time and hassle. 😉

  • Jon Farmer

    The share with Evernote also works with Touiteur, the best twitter client on Android IMHO. “Intents” rock on Android.

  • Christoph Dollis

    It doesn’t seem to be an option in the Seesmic Air client, which I’m using on PC.

    If I’m right about that, it’s a huge oversight. If I’m wrong, where the heck is it?


    • Andrew Sinkov

      This feature is only available on iPhone and Android.

  • adegustiann

    Great.. i like this

  • Olmo

    i’ll give this a try. just because the evernote integration 🙂

  • Olmo

    Wow. this app is great. and the combination is cool.

    The only bad point is that seesmic don’t have a nice multi tasking integration, but i hope this change is in their scope.

    thank you!


  • Komedi Filmleri


    Very good site ! thank you nice article. Thanks for sharing.

  • mike

    Great article. I already love seesmic which makes me like evernote even more!

  • Allan

    would be nice if you could also do this from your desktop seesmic

  • Alex

    it’s amazing!

  • Burke

    How long until we can see such a feature in the Desktop client for Mac and Windows? Somethink like a hover/click feature that allows to quickly add an item to Evernote directly from the Seesmic Desktop….

  • yannick cornet

    This is all very US/Apple/Google centric, but when will all those great apps support what 40% of the planet uses ie my Nokia phone?

  • Ken

    good product!

  • Ivan

    You can use this same feature with Tweetdeck, that is my favourite twitter client.

  • Robert

    ok 😉

  • AWE

    I’ve been using Echofon for iPhone and emailing links to myself – which is a little cumbersome!

    This looks like it’ll work out really well for me.

    Does anyone have any opinion on whether Seesmic is better or worse than Echofon.

  • Pete Thomson

    I just loaded Seesmic on my iPad and it’s crashing regularly. Also, in the unlikely event that I keep the app, how do I get it to send to linkedin?

    Thanks! pete

  • gamesliga

    I’ve been using Echofon for iPhone and emailing links to myself – which is a little cumbersome!

    This looks like it’ll work out really well for me.