Egretlist: A great to-do list app powered by Evernote

Posted by on 26 May 2010

Posted by on 26 May 2010

Application: Egretlist [iTunes link]
Developer: MindsMomentum
Location: Puerto Rico
Platform: iPhone
Category: Productivity, task management

Meet Egretlist

Egretlist is an iPhone to-do app that links directly to your Evernote account. It finds all of your notes that contain checkboxes, lays them out in an intuitive way, and syncs any changes you make right back into Evernote. The app not only displays to-do items, but it also shows any related content in the given note, including images and attachments.

Besides its great looks and features, we’re very excited about Egretlist because it is among the first apps exclusively designed to extend existing Evernote functionality. How cool is that!

Evernote Tip: You can insert a checkbox into a note by pressing Shift+CMD+T (Mac) or CTRL+Shift+C (Windows).

Get Egretlist now from the AppStore

We were so impressed with Egretlist that we caught up with Juan Arzola, one of the people behind this great app. Here’s our conversation.

Meet the developer: Juan Arzola, Egretlist

Tell us about yourself
I’m a software designer at an art firm called MindsMomentum in Puerto Rico. There are six of us at the firm and two of us, including myself, worked on Egretlist.

As an Evernote user, what inspired you to create this application?
As a developer, my everyday work is task-driven. It’s full of programming and coding for various projects. I use Evernote to organize and track all the details for these projects. I also work with a lot of images and documents, and I like that in Evernote, a given task notes can include not only what needs to be done, but also the data and content that supports the task. Evernote’s great for me because it lets me take freestyle notes, yet easily organize them in really finite and specific ways.

In creating Egretlist, I took advantage of Evernote’s checkbox/task functionality and wanted to find a way to make better use of it. I wanted to create an application that uses organization functionality already built into Evernote, without creating a completely different app just for the sake of making it more task-orientedโ€”all of my data is already stored and organized in Evernote. Egretlist, instead, extends the existing functionality to give additional support to people who use Evernote for tasks.

What are you hoping users get out of this?
Many people use Evernote to organize their tasks, but they don’t have a system that sorts them so directly. Task managers are great, but they’re usually only accessible from one platform, or if they are on multiple platforms, you still have to open the application to input data. Evernote reaches across platforms and has many ways to send data and content into a notebook and organize it. This makes checkboxed notes much more dynamic and is a really complete way to manage tasks.

What potential do you see in Evernote from a development standpoint?
As a developer, what’s great about Evernote is that the API really simple to understand. It allowed us to do anything that the standard Evernote clients do. This gives developers a lot of room for creativity and confidence that if we see a feature on an Evernote client, we can very likely build around it. This allows developers to do a lot, and think broadly about how to develop. Powerful clients mean lots of possibilities.

Developers also won’t find any roadblocks while building their app. This is great because we didn’t ever have to wonder if we’d get halfway through the project only to find that some roadblock had disabled us from developing further.

What was it like developing for Evernote?
Really great. The folks at Evernote were really helpful in fixing compatibility issues. It was an easy process to understand and the documentation was available and ready for us to use.

How long have you used Evernote?
For over two years.

What do you use Evernote for mostly?
I use it mainly for tasks and projects and assign a notebook for each project. Everything related to these projects is in a note. When I’m done with a project, I archive everything within a designated notebook and then delete the completed project’s notebook.

What versions of Evernote do you use?
I use Evernote on my iPhone, Mac desktop, and the Safari Web-clipper most of the time. Sometimes I’ll use the Web Clipper in Linux.

What does the future hold for the app
As we continue to develop the application, we’re paying attention to how Evernote continues to develop. If a new feature comes out that makes sense for Egretlist, we’ll add it. We also get inspiration from Evernote’s users as well. For example, there’s an interesting way of organizing in Evernote by working with notebooks and tags so we’re working on features that support users who prefer to organize with tags.

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  • Alex โ€”

    Looks very promising, been waiting for something like this actually. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Also waiting for apps that use an Evernote notebook or tag to save data

    Can I choose to only use one of my notebooks for todos?

  • Geoff โ€”


    sorry I don’t like it. Why? The interface is poor were the evernote interface is well thought through and clean.

  • Paul Jacobson โ€”

    Ooh, this product got me very excited until I realised it was for iPhones only. Any mention of an Android version?

    • Bob Finn โ€”

      Yes, iPhones are so 2008.

      • Gabe โ€”

        I concur. I’m a current iPhone user, but am planning on switching to an Android based phone when my contract expires. Your app looks like just what I am looking for, but I’m hesitant to invest my time into a system that may not be available on my next mobile platform.

    • Elaine Willis โ€”

      I agree with Paul. I read recently that Android is overtaking the iPhone, so where is the Android app?

    • Rian Fowler โ€”

      Android in da’ house.

      • Sarah โ€”

        Please Add Android!!!

    • Alex Julien โ€”

      Yes, please. Android version. Please make it compatible way back to 1.5.

  • Tom Reestman โ€”

    I assume an iPad version is in the works? After that, feel free to do something for Android.

  • Russell Pritchett โ€”

    I’d be very interested in an Android version.

  • danlandrum โ€”

    Whom do you contact for support with this app? I too think it is a GREAT idea. Bought it, signed into my account, waited for it to finish syncing and now it freezes every time I hit a button. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled twice now . I’m on a 3gs with the most recent software – no hacks. Anyone have any advice?

    I went to the web site and it is only a splash page without any active links (kinda like the way the app is working now). I see by positive feedback on iTunes that the app must work, but I’ve tried all the tricks I know and it just freezes. I’m using a solid wifi connection here in my office and Evernote is functioning properly.

    Dan Landrum,

    • danlandrum โ€”

      Just found a support link:

  • @MrSawyer โ€”

    The app is gorgeous — functionally and graphically! I’ve been waiting for this type of functionality to come to a phone app for a long, long time. I tried many other apps / websites to do this task for me — Toodledo, RTM, etc. — but, none of them were very good for my needs. This one is well worth the $3 price tag. I’d have dished out $10 for a to-do app that integrates so seamlessly w/ Evernote! This will definitely enhance the appeal of Evernote’s product once more and more users become acquainted with it and begin using it…

  • Tanya โ€”

    I’m very intrigued. I’ve been looking for a solid Task Management app for iPhone, but I’m leery of adding yet another level of complexity to my workflow, especially if it’s only on on platform. This could definitely solve my problems. If it’s linked to Evernote, then I’ll have access to it everywhere I am, which is exactly what I need. Can’t waity to try it.

  • Ted Serreyn โ€”

    No iPad version. Not interested.

  • Juan Gabriel Arzola โ€”

    Hello, I am the developer of Egretlist.

    To answer the Android version questions, the answer is no, at least not immediately. Our current focus is on the iPhone and iPad. We may consider developing the Android version later.

    • Mosscow โ€”

      That may have been the straw that broke my camel’s wallet… forcing me to buy the iPad! Can’t wait to use this on the iPhone as well…

    • Mastry โ€”

      What if I said please?

    • Mike E. โ€”


      It’s been a few months now, any more thoughts about Android? If not, I may see about writing something myself. But I hate duplicating effort.


  • Russell โ€”

    Cool app! I think I will try using this instead of omnifocus. It would be good to have a tutorial as the UI is beautiful but very confusing.

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Their site has a very nice walkthrough:

  • Mike Sullivan โ€”

    I know it’s not expensive, but I still would like to see a trial version.

  • Christopher Masiello โ€”

    How to I create a checkbox in iPhone Evernote?

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Checkboxes can be created in the desktop versions of Evernote.

  • Roy Sutton โ€”

    We’d be very interested to see a webOS version of this. It looks very nice and quite useful.

  • David โ€”

    I love the theme but the interface is confusing as heck!! One of the reasons why I like the iphone OS is because it’s extremely easy to grasp the UI without having to learn how to use it from instructions. I will give this another change but this is not good design.

  • Daniel โ€”

    This is nice; but why not work with Remember the Milk developers to create a seamless integration between these apps? IMHO, that’s where there’s real value for us as end users as so many of who use Evernote also use RTM for our GTD systems. Just my 2 cents…

    • Mark e. โ€”

      I’m with Daniel here, a mash up of RTM and Evernote would be the greatest brain argumentation program to date. How do we get them to meet and start dating?

  • Helene James โ€”

    Will it work with iPod Touch ?

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Helene, it will. You’ll just need a network connection to sync between Egretlist and Evernote.

      • Matthew Horbund โ€”

        Andrew – Is there a reason why we cant add checkboxes on the iPad or iPhone?

        • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

          At this time notes created on the iPhone/iPod/iPad can only contain plain text, images and audio.

      • Tom chr โ€”

        Could you please create support for checkbox in the ipad version? Note task have this by use of a little creativity. They translate every point that starts with – into an task. Would be great for evernote, and i would gladly become a premium customer for this. I use evernote for notetaking on my ipad in meetings and on travel, and the lack of task support is creating a lot of extra work for me. I would really like that, and even better if you personally could have 3-5 acronyms like x1, x2 etc, that also set the priority or category for the task. Please,

  • David K โ€”

    I bought the app and have been having a lot of fun with it already. I’m learning how to setup my tags and lists, and notebooks and to-dos to make best use of the features. (I have way too many evernote tags not being used… here’s a good opportunity to clean!) The developer Juan Gabriel Arzola already started talking to me on twitter. I’m very excited how this will work for my projects at work, and managing my personal life. It’s funny evernote’s iPhone client can’t even create to-dos, but their API allows developer to! (Maybe there’s a way and I just don’t know).


    • Mary A โ€”

      I’m also hoping Evernote will add the checkboxing feature in the iPhone version, especially since this is integral to the Egretlist integration. I really like Egretlist but need to be able to edit my EN stuff on the go. Maybe Egretlist can create a workaround? Like insert a certain odd string of text in EN iPhone that Egretlist will recognize as a checkbox? What about simply an open and closed bracket like “[]”? (Obviously, I have no idea about any of the programming but this a pretty big deal.) So, pretty please? Thank you.

    • Bucky โ€”

      It’s great that he’s talking to you on Twitter, cause I’ve left two help messages on his website and have yet to hear back from him.

  • Sanji โ€”

    Seems pretty cool… But I’ve tried a lot of apps before choosing Toodledo, and I don’t want to pay just to try if it fits my needs. Can’t you cast a free limited version ? 10 tasks max for example.

  • Saskia โ€”

    Wow, looks great! If I wasn’t already happy with Toodledo (although I’d love to see some integration with Evernote & a nicer UI) and hadn’t just ordered an Android phone I’d definitely look into this.

    The design looks really nice, in fact Evernote could take some tips from this app to improve their own UI (little things like having customisable icons for notebooks is such a sensible idea. It’s not just about making it look pretty, it’s just more functional if we are able to give ourselves more visual cues).

    It’s good to see developers doing something imaginative with the API so that we can stretch the limit of what we can do with Evernote.

  • Anna Nonymouse โ€”

    I will be giving this a thorough testing – it looks like it solves a workflow problem I was having (oh, RTM, give it up and give us proper project management already!).

    There are a lot of naysayers saying that the cute interface makes it look unprofessional in a work setting – maybe a switchable, stripped-down theme could be included in a future update?

  • Robert โ€”

    Is push available in this app?

  • Caroline โ€”

    This looks good but would be more perfect if Evernote would add a function where you can add check boxes in bulk or as default rather than having to add each one to each line manually. Perhaps this new app will bring that feature request up the list? (Evernote for windows first please. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Lasvegaswil โ€”

    I just use Remember The Milk, but it does not look like they are getting on the Evernote train. There are a lot of good to-do sites and programs, but only one Evernote. That being the case I’m waiting for someone to come up with a seamless integration with EN, and that’s the person I’m going to write my check to. Just kidding. I mean, who writes checks?

    Would be interested in this product if it were not limited to one type of interface and tied everything together. Some of us still refuse to be constantly connected to the Web.

  • David K โ€”

    Curious if it’s possible to have a list that is populated form multiple notes? Or is each list specific to 1 note?

  • Martin9700 โ€”

    Ahh… this is a dream come true for me. The one thing holding me back from using Evernote is the lack of task management and this is exactly how I’d like to use tasks!

    But I don’t have an iPhone or iPad. Any chance for a Windows/web-based version?

  • terry โ€”

    for those of you whose like this to-do app and are also mail-tag fans… check out the 2 link below that will allow you to 1. send emails to evernote while maintaining your original mailtag tags and 2. allow you to create a shortcut for in for the script that will run this action. Cheers!

  • Falula โ€”

    I am just getting to grips with this app, it is exactly what i have been looking for! It does seem a bit daunting at first but it does everything i would want it to do, im also looking forward to future updates. I also use RTM so adding RTM funtionality as well would be a godsend as others have mentioned.

    I have just one question….does anyone know how you can add checkboxes to notes when you are submitting them via email?

  • Dale Holden โ€”

    Guys guys nice little app more to do with the design which I think is opposite to EN very busy not streamlined and misses the point. Why is EN blowing smoke up every bodies rear just because they muck around with the API. Why or why EN and RTM don’t get into talks is i guess more to do with money. EN needs the functionality of RTM (Remember the Milk)to make it a 100% perfect application.

    EN is great and just needs that further functionality to clinch the total market place in relation to GTD and Cloud Info. This would be a perfect premier service and get more users to join up.


  • Mike Sullivan โ€”

    I purchased the app and it turns out it’s not for me (trial would have been nice). But, still a nice product. I just find it easier to stick with my existing evernote method.

  • Ryan P โ€”

    Great idea, I’m not a huge fan of the look of the app. but the way it works with Evernote is fantastic. I would love to see Evernote step it up and come up with better to-do features, if they did this would be the only programs I’d need.

    • Robert โ€”

      Wouldn’t it be nice if you can add a due date and time to the Evernote to-do feature (and of course use push technology for a reminder…)? And then Evernote and Egretlist are real GTD applications!

  • Steve โ€”

    Evernote: Why don’t you hire this guy and work on integrating a full featured native suppor for convenient to-do lists in to Evernote??

  • Brannon โ€”

    I noticed the person who wrote this app posting here. I just wanted to to say I love your app!! I downloaded it tonight and having fun with it. Your app definitely has a learning curve for people who don’t know Evernote (I started using that today too), but once you learn to use it it’s totally worth it!

    I’m looking forward to organizing all of my tasks with this. I think being able to send them back and forth between my iphone and my pc will be very useful.

    My only complaint is that as far as I can tell, Evernote doesn’t support to do lists in formats other than as parts of notes. That makes sending lists to my phone less convenient than sending them from my phone. It also means that when I delete list items it doesn’t remove the text in my note, just the checkbox.

    Oh also, it seems like the left and middle tabs at the bottom do close enough to the same thing that you don’t really need both of them.

    Either way, it’s wondeful to have an app that organizes my lists and sends them to my PC. As a web designer myself, I’m also happy to find a to do list app that doesn’t make my eyes bleed.

    Thanks for the fun app!

  • Farnoosh โ€”

    Hi, I have been using Egretlist for a while now and have some problems:

    After some sync issues to Evernote (I use the free version), I decided to then create separate notebooks and use only one with the checkmark so that Egretlist only syncs to that. After several several tries, it finally synced to that. So far, so good.

    Then I created my nested to-do list: Each Evernote would have several items with check box next to them.

    Egretlist only syncs to SOME OF THEM. Not all.
    I synced several times from both local Evernote and Egretlist.

    I am talking about very few notes, 8 notes total each with 1-4 check lists in them. It doesn’t sync the last 2-3.

    Sigh. Any advice? Thank you!

  • Farnoosh โ€”

    Well, I figure out why the other ones don’t sync up – It’s because if I have only ONE single item in my to-do list, and in that case, Egretlist IGNORES the NAME of the task up top in Evernote and ONLY puts the item with checkmark. If you add more nested items, then all show up. THANK YOU! Now I love Egretlist again :)!

  • David โ€”

    Yep, great app!

    But I’d need to date some of my tasks. I mean, to put some dates to my tasks. Do you think it could be possible ?

    Thank you again.

  • Preston โ€”

    Forgive me if this has been answered already, but can I use Egretlist on my iPod Touch when I do NOT have a network connection. I mean, will it save my entries and synchronize them with Evernote later when I get to a wireless connection?

    Thank you,

    – Preston.

  • Peter Weatherby โ€”

    I agree with others that it is frustrating that checkboxes can’t be added in Evernote on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. But what if Egretist also recognised lines beginning with other characters, say ## (empty box) and #+ (checked box)? That would help a lot and mean we didn’t have to go to the desktop to -for example- forward an email as a to do.

    • greffulhe โ€”

      That’s a very good idea, could Juan Arzola answer if is feasible or not ?

  • PhillyGuy โ€”

    SOooo, maybe I am a little insane, but if you add the FastEver app to your collection of apps, you have something close to GTD perfection. In FastEver you can (very quickly) create a note with a tag, a date, a geo identifier and yes a check box. You can place it into the folder that you wish and hit save and off it goes to BOTH Evernote and EgretList. While it is a little annoying to have three apps, I use FastEver for all my data entry and then chose which app I need – Evernote to do actual work on the item (I also have the MAC Desktop version of Evernote) or EgretList if I am deciding what to do next. When I am mobile, Egret focuses my activities, FastEver lets me jot down a point or a ToDo without waiting for the feature heavy apps to launch and EverNote lets me get to PDFs, comments and details of the item. Believe me, I have tried everything (Toodledo, RTM, 2Do, ToDo, Awesome Note etc) and this configuration really works well. (NOTE TO DEVELOPER – Two things to make EgretList near perfection in my opinion: 1) Link to the Contact List in the Phone to insert an email or phone 2) Push reminders

  • Theresa โ€”

    I downloaded this app. I like the way it looks and though it is generally intuitive. An overview of features, help or FAQ would be helpful for those of us who actually like to read a manual first. For me it cuts down the learning time and often I can get more out of the program.
    Second comment is Evernote needs to fix it so we can make checkboxes on iPhone and iPad. Especially the iPad otherwise your program is limited.
    I don’t like the fact that Evernote looks and acts differently on desktop, iPhone and iPad. It’s confusing. So your program seems like it can help to make the look and feel be more consistent but Evernote’s checkbox issue must be resolved.
    I look forward to using your program. Thanks!

  • Lasvegaswil โ€”

    Well, have one week in with Egretlist and I do enjoy it. Its a very simple, light interface that does just what I need it to do. Now that I’m using Evernote for task management (still need RTM for the heavy work stuff), this is coming in more handy everyday. I suppose its much like Evernote was to be in the beginning. I thought, eh, yeah its nice, but I don’t see any use. Now, I cannot imagine life without it. Once I became used to the Egret way of inputting and organizing data, its a cinch. The classic Moleskine appearance is actually very comforting and I find that aesthetically I want to use it just as much as for the features.

    So, great product, worth the price for sure. Only suggestion I would have (besides due dates, but I think EVERYONE has made that one already) is that the tutorial is a bit more in-depth and provides more examples, much like EN did as it started. I’m not exactly an organizational dummy and it took me quite awhile to figure it out.

    Keep on keeping on Egretlist!

    • BrianP โ€”

      Could you post a little about how you use egretlist. I’ve just started working with it and I’m really having a hard time getting everything together. I can’t seem to find any thing on the internet where someone describes their actual workflow with this app.

  • JRock โ€”

    Please, Evernote, just add the ability to create checkboxes in the iPhone app. This would make life so much easier! If $ is an issue, just include the feature in the paid version.

  • Richard โ€”

    Works well. However I would like to be able to create my own Categories on the Home page. The Categories are “hard-coded” – I use Next and Contexts, but would also like a few additional… I can’t live without an “Urgent”… At the moment I’m using the Saved Searches to create additional categories such as Urgent.

    Also, I agree GUI needs work. There is a lot of wasted real estate at the top where the branding is. This pushes my Saved Searches way off the screen (2 scrolls).

  • Dave โ€”

    Very cool app! Never thought I could use Evernote for this. I had a question and got a support response back from Juan in less than 5 minutes! Very impressed. Now you can add due dates to tasks which will put them on your calendar. It will take you a few minutes to get the flow of the app and see the potential of it.

  • TC โ€”

    Please android version.

  • Daniel โ€”

    I’m loving Egretlist!! See how I made this my new Killer GTD app!!! I heart Evernote!

  • John (Sydney) โ€”

    Hi Guys,

    You might like to talk with McAfee re their SmartFilter as it is blocking access to the site.

    Message is:
    You cannot access the following Web address:

    The site you requested is blocked due to a Malicious Web Reputation.

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Thanks for letting us know. We’ll forward this to the Minds Momentum developers.

    • Juan Arzola โ€”

      Thank you for reporting the problem. We contacted McAfee support and they corrected the error. When your organization updates its control list our site shouldn’t be blocked anymore.

  • C.J. โ€”

    The organization and design are a little goofy but you get used to it. I love egretlist on my iphone but am frustrated with it on my ipad. I understand there isn’t a specific ipad version yet (I really hope that is coming soon). But I can live with the mini-me iphone version on the iPad for the time being. The only problem is with egretlist’s most excellent function–being able to make a to-do item into a calendar event so you can SCHEDULE your tasks. But, that function is disabled on my iPad. :((( It works beautifully on the iPhone and of course once a to-do is made a calendar event on the iphone, it shows up in the iPad calendar. But if entering a to-do on the iPad, the options related to calendar are disabled. Please, someone, fix this or tell me what I’m missing! (And, if you’re listening, once you’ve got the iPad version I would love the ability to change themes so I could get a look that is a little more streamlined.)

  • Duncan โ€”

    Hmm, I’m obviously doing something wrong because I find egretlist soooo frustrating. How the heck do you add new lists? I just get a string of individual items. Is there a basic getting started tutorial somewhere? I’ve had it a few months but honestly if I can’t figure out how to use it I’ll have to get something else

  • Prashant M โ€”

    I agree with Duncan , atleast a faq(PROPER ONE ,not the one on your website) would be preferred or atleast some forum ?

    Also , please tell me how to achieve the following

    1. Create a Task , Pick up Milk , make a note associated with it saying ‘Either SKIM or natural’

    I am now trying to achieve the same in evernote , create a new note saying Milk , create a check list item saying Pick up Milk , now how do i add the associated note with this ‘task’ which egretlist can sync with ?

    I hope I am clear

  • Chris Bell โ€”

    Egretlist has transformed my pretty good GTD implementation to an Awsome uber-productive version. I found it by accident as I was just starting to explore check boxes in Evernote and using a saved search to find them. Egretlist makes the whole GTD approach sing.

    Great work Juan! Bravo!

    (As an aside: I also LOVE the new Evernote iPhone app. I am using it a bunch more too.)

    Great work!

  • tbd โ€”

    Android please! You are losing out on a huge market here…

    • arbras โ€”

      yes we need it on android!!!

      • nhv โ€”

        I can’t believe you’re not working on this. Please let us know when the Android app will be available – this is exactly what I need…

    • em โ€”

      Yep, we need it on android!

    • AGREED! โ€”

      Yes! +1 to this~ PLease make an android version =)

  • Rebecca Long Okura โ€”

    I’m very pleased that you’re working on an iPad app. I have an iPhone and I’ve been using Reqall for my “to dos” and Evernote for everything else. I much prefer the idea of having ONE place to look. Thanks!

  • Jay G. โ€”

    Egretlist seems like almost exactly what I want in a GTD app, except for one thing — I don’t want to be required to get out my phone to look at my list! If there was even a web app that I could load up in a browser and stuff in the corner of my screen, that would be great, a windows/osx native app would be better, but until then… so close, yet so far!

  • Robert Witherspoon โ€”

    I heard MindsMomentum is developing an Egretlist manual.

    Any update?

  • Greg Waddell โ€”

    I’m another fan of Egrelist. Great tool! Thank you for sharing it with the iPhone/iPad world!

  • Bob J โ€”

    I bought Egretlist for my iPad, and I prefer to work in landscape mode. Is there a version coming that will allow that?

  • Sith โ€”

    What about Android ? I’m using Astrid but it’s too bad I have to use both Evernote and Astrid…

  • dls โ€”

    Hey this looks really cool. Will you guys make a Windows Phone version?

  • Lori โ€”

    Found this app via google search. Sounds great but too bad it is limited i* devices.

  • best iphone apps โ€”

    This looks exciting. I am crazy for games and loves playing almost every game. Can i get this game on my iphone?

  • Jay โ€”

    What ever happened to this App? Has it be abandoned? Started out very strong and has gone completely off the grid. Please bring it back to life.

    • Greg โ€”


      It would appear that the makers of Egretlist have been acquired by Evernote, and that will form the foundation for an upcoming Evernote ToDo app:

  • Rick โ€”

    I got this recently before looking into it more closely and checking the last updated dates and so on. If an official update is coming it would be great, for the moment though it should be pulled from the store. As it is currently the app doesn’t work and is simply not fit for purpose. I’ll watch this space on the Evernote todo app though if it’s anything like how Egretlist used to work it will be brilliant!

  • Katl K โ€”

    Do you know how I can get the list that consists of only the To Do boxes from all Evernote notes onto my Mac (desktop) version of Evernote?

  • mzundercover โ€”


  • David โ€”

    Any status on the ToDo app functions for Evernote. Holding out waiting for something here before I move in another direction.

  • Egretlist User โ€”

    What happened to Egretlist?? I’m feeling a little ripped off here after paying for it and then having its functionality destroyed and ripped out of the app store recently. It would have been nice if there had been an official equivalent released by Evernote before destroying the product I previously purchased. Where did that value go? I wasn’t renting Egretlist as far as I know โ€”ย I bought a license to use it forever.

  • Herbert Mรฅnsson โ€”

    So what happent with Egretlist? I can’t find any answer… Do I have to buy another app? Hope for a quick answer

    • amuramoto โ€”

      Consider using checkboxes to build your own todo lists directly in Evernote. Command-shift-T in the Evernote for Mac will create a checkbox, or click the checkbox icon in the formatting tools at the top of the note.