Evernote for Android update with new features and major fixes

Posted by on 28 May 2010

Posted by on 28 May 2010

The much anticipated update for Evernote for Android is live! Not only is this release (version 1.4) chock-full of new stuff, but it also fixes the nasty java.lang.IllegalStateException error that some of our users have been experiencing. Check for update or get it from the Android Market. Here’s the new stuff:

Search bar magic

Search bars that only search are so…yesterday. The new Evernote for Android search bar is an extreme multi-tasker. Not only can it do the usual keyword and image searching, but it can also help filter tags, notebooks and saved searches. As you type, the search bar displays suggestions from every corner of your Evernote account, along with helpful icons that show you what the item is.

Snap a photo

For Snapshot Notes, Evernote now uses the phone’s native camera capabilities, which gives you much better control over the quality of your photo notes. If the phone’s camera allows it, you can now zoom, adjust brightness, focus, and do just about anything else. This means your snapshots will sharper and better, perfect for those business cards and wine labels.

About that error

About a month ago, we upgraded Evernote for Mac and Window to do a better job handling a wider range of styles in our notes. As it turned out, notes that came from the upgraded Mac client exposed a major flaw in Evernote for Android, which resulted in users seeing the java.lang.IllegalStateException, which prevented users from accessing certain notes. Fixing this issue required us to replace of large chunk of our Android version.

The process took a lot longer than we would have hoped. Thankfully, we were able to resolve the problem, and Evernote for Android is much better for it. In the future, we promise to make sure you are informed of issues that arise. Thanks for your patience.

More languages

Evernote for Android now supports: English, German, Spanish, French, Finnish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Swedish

Local storage

We know you’re wondering, so we’ll just come out and say it: offline storage will be coming to Android. Evernote for Android has come a very long way in the few months that it has been around, and we plan on making it better and better. Stay tuned.

We’re hiring

We’re looking to really ramp up our Android development to take advantage of all the new Android phones and devices that will coming out in the near future. If you’re an Android superninja, please get in touch with us. Here’s our job posting.


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  • Derek Wilkinson

    Great update, now we can’t edit documents from Android!

    Thank god I didn’t pay to upgrade!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Derek, editing works fine on the latest version 1.4 (84727). What version do you have?

      • Derek Wilkinson

        I have 1.4 (84727) and it only allows an “append text” option.

        • Andrew Sinkov

          Yes, that correct. Try editing a plaintext note, you’ll see the Edit option. Append will show up if you try to edit a note containing rich content.

          • Kyle

            Thanks for clearing that up for me. So any sort of formatting at all and you lose the edit capability… Hm. Still a step forward 🙂 This program keeps getting better. Now if I could just get it to work in Linux…

          • Brandon

            Isn’t android linux?

          • Kyle

            Android is based on Linux but I am looking for a versio of Evernote for the full OS. Like Ubuntu.

      • nwonka

        I have the same problem: only append no edit. When the new version was released in the last week I first updated and found the problem continued to exist. Then I deleted my app and reinstalled it and still the problem persisted.

  • scott

    Is Evernote currently on the market?

    A search isn’t turning it up at all. Was there an emergency pull or something? (checked on HTC Incredible)

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Scott, it’s there. If you’re not seeing it, try changing the capitalization of your search, “Evernote”

  • bluberle

    Thanks 🙂

  • Robert Miller

    Now available in Android Market!

  • Marcel

    Getting error when trying to edit a note.
    Motorola Milestone 2.1

  • Lamarr Wilson

    Not happy AT ALL with this update. How hard can it be to allow edits to a note? That’s the whole point of the service, to make/edit notes! I can excuse the offline storage for one more update, but come on guys. I love your software on the desktop and web, but this is a bit much.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Lamarr, what version are you using? The latest, 1.4 (84727), does allow editing.

      • cmsgrrl

        Andrew I updated to the newest version today and the edit button is not visible. Before today’s update I noticed that my sister has the exact same Droid as I do with the 2.1 update and her version of Evernote has the edit feature but mine does not. Even tried uninstalling Evernote on my Droid and opened a new account with Evernote then logged in – still no edit feature. Kinda baffled

        • Andrew Sinkov

          The edit option is there for plaintext notes. You cannot edit notes containing rich content. For notes containing rich content you will see the Append option, which lets you add text to the end of the note.

    • Vrykolas

      You can’t edit a Note if it is ‘formatted’ in the full client (like bold, bullets, etc…)

      But if it’s “plain text” then it’s editable on the phone. As a workaround until full editing is available, I just use plain-text editing on both the phone and Windows.

  • Ken K

    Please tell us if the lack of an ‘edit’ button is intentional (related to fixing the java error), or if that’s simply an oversight.
    Being able to edit notes on the phone is kind of a big deal.

  • Ann P.

    Great! Now on to Palm Pre update…any update…..

  • Martina

    It works fine with notes created on Windows PC and Android phone. Notes created on iPod display the java error when I try to edit them. Not a big deal for me but you should be aware
    of the issue. Otherwise great update and hopefully we’ll see the offline notes soon.

  • Tim

    I see “append text” but I do not see how to edit note. Ver 1.4 using droid 2.1

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Tim, this has to do with the content of the note. If your note has rich text, then you can only append text. If the note is plaintext, then you can edit it.

      • Tim

        Thank u, I now understand the difference now and program works great. One of the most useful apps on my phone and computers.

  • cmsgrrl

    I have finally figured out what is wrong with editing a note. You can only edit a note that you create and maintain on the Droid. Even if you create the note on the Droid then you change it online you can only append the document not edit. Please, PLEASE fix this. I can type a whole lot faster on a regular keyboard then on a phone.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      The issue is not with where the note is created, but with what the note contains. You’re right, notes you create on the Droid will be editable, but this is because notes created on the Droid will contain rich text. You can create plain text notes on any version of Evernote.

  • Kyle

    I have 1.4 on my Eris with 2.1, still no edit function unless I am just missing something… 🙁

  • Tom Schlick

    Loving the attention to the Android client. Can’t wait for the local storage. Keep up the good work guys!

  • Ken K

    Andrew – thanks for clarification! I can cut/paste to a new note and edit is there – Thanks! Great update, btw : )

  • Eric Focht

    Using evernote version 1.4 (84616) for Android. I recently updated and when I try to edit a note I get the following error…
    java.lang.runtime exception: entity replacement text must be defined after setInput

    Please advise…

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Eric, please update to the latest version, which is 1.4 (84727). It is available in the Android Market. It fixes the issue you are seeing.

  • Heeyong

    Thank you for update. I can finally use Korean version.
    But after update this version, I can’t see almost images in memos.
    (Android 2.1 HTC Desire)
    web version can still show images.

    • Chay

      I also have a problem with images but I have noticed that the only one that do not display are those that were created in Evernote for Android using the Snapshot function.

      • Chay

        Update to my previous comment:
        Of the two notes that have this problem, ome is now being displayed correctly on Android. Is there some back-end processing of these images required which is taking a long time? The one that still doesn’t work was uploaded from Evernote for Android on 24th May (it can be viewied in the Desktop abnd Web versions).

        Perhaps Heeyong could confirm if the problem is only with images uploaded from the phone and if any have since been corrected?

  • Adam Burr

    I’ve just started with Evernote today and have downloaded the latest Android 1.4 client app from Android market.

    I can’t seem to be able to edit a note on my phone, which obviously is a big limitation to what use I can make of it. Has the feature been implemented? if so, how do I find it? If not when will it be likely to arrive?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Adam, make sure you have version 1.4 (84727). You may have an earlier version. Also, be sure that the note you are trying to edit is a plain text note. If it contain rich elements, then you will only be able to Append text.

      • Adam Burr

        I do have have version 1.4 (84727). How do I convert my notes from Rich Text into plain text?

      • Adam Burr

        Also, when I create new notes on your website how do I make sure that they are plain text? (All of the ones I have made so far are being treated as rich text even though they have no formatting in them.)

      • Adam Burr

        OK I’ve worked this out now…

        If you want to be able to edit on your Android, you have to convert all your notes from rich text to plain. The only way to do this seems to be to use the Evernote website, together with Notepad on Windows (or similar) and do the following…

        1) open your note and copy all the text and paste it into Notepad.
        2) delete your note
        3) create a new note of the same name
        4) copy all the text from notepad back into your new note.
        5) repeat until all notes are done.

        I have now done this and it is laborious but it works.

        Can I ask that Evernote adds a “convert to plain text” button both in the website and in the Android client? Since the distinction is so important to the Evernote Android client I think it would be a good idea for them to add this feature.

        Thanks in advance.

  • Brandon

    I am running Android on my winmo device cause it’s just such a cool concept, and i cannot for anyting find evernote in the marketplace, can you post the link to the updated version, that i can download via a direct link.

    Thanks for all the help!

    Proud Pro User

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Brandon, point your Android browser here:

  • David

    The latest update of Evernote for Android continues to disappoint. Before, I could edit any note, plain text or rich content. Now I can only edit plain text notes, which I rarely write. The most glaring omission is the inability to show notes filtered or grouped by notebook. Scrolling through the list is cumbersome when there are hundreds of notes. Yes, I know a keyword search will quickly retrieve a note, but sometimes I want to go to a specific category to review notes in that category, and I cannot currently do that.
    Finally, the only security is account username and password. There should be a private checkbox for each note that can be secured with a separate password, in case the account security is breached or a phone lost.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      David, the new search bar lets you jump to a specific notebook. Just type in the notebook name, select it in the search bar and your notes will be filtered by that notebook. You can encrypt sensitive text in your notes, that content will then require a password in order to be viewed on the phone. To encrypt, open a note in a desktop version of Evernote, highlight the text you care to encrypt, right click and choose the Encrypt option. One thing to keep in mind, if you forget the encryption password, Evernote will not be able to help with the recovery.

  • Will

    The latest Android update fixed the editing but now I can’t see PDFs or JPGs within notes. I can live without creating RTF notes but not without being able to store PDFs (various manuals and articles) and read them later. The same for pictures of cables, gear, screen-shots, etc.

    • Chris

      Same problem for me. Installed Evernote on a Sprint EVO 4G yesterday and I can’t open PDFs with either the built in viewer or Adobe Reader that I installed.

      • Will

        It has something to do with old pdfs vs new ones. I deleted a bunch of pdfs I had in Evernote before the upgrade and reloaded them. The new ones work.

        This is not a good solution for people with tons of stuff up there already though.

      • Will

        I forgot to mention that reloading them works for jpgs too. My guess is the conversion of the data done for the upgrade did some damage.

  • Mitch

    I would like to make all of my notes plain text so I can edit them anywhere (desktop/iPod Touch/Android). Global editing is much more important to me than rich formatting.

  • Mitch

    Some of my notes are not syncing properly on the Android. In thumbnail view, I can see changes that I made on the desktop (Windows) after syncing, but when I “click” to view the text, it has not updated. Using Evernote 1.4 on the Android. (Same thing on my previous post about wanting all notes to be plain text for global editing.)

    • Doug

      I’m having the same problem. It’s unfortunate when “updates” make a program worse instead of better.

  • Dave P

    I can live with the edit function, although a “convert to plain text” function would be nice.

    What I’d really like would be an ink note function.

  • Marcel

    Thank you for the Edit fix. Great update!

  • Santosh

    I’m using the most recent Android version (84727) and I don’t find the edit option even on plain text notes that I created on my Windows PC (I created the note by pasting content from Notepad).

    How do I create a plain text note in Evernote for Windows which is editable everywhere?

  • Doug

    Before the last two updates, yesterday and today, if I edited a note on my my computer, it would sync to the Evernote website and to my Droid. NOW the changes will not sync to my Droid (only to my website account). Even more strangely, I can tell that the change does sync to the thumbnail of the note, but not when I open the note itself. Very frustrating, especially with two updates in two days.

  • jejansse

    Hmm, when I clip this page:
    to my evernote account, it shows up fine in evernote for mac. However, on my android phone the text is garbled in the sens that there is not enough space between different lines of text, so everything gets stuck together. Seeing this with the latest version on an htc desire.

  • Michael Satterlee

    I had an idea for the audio notes… right now, when I’m done recording an audio note, I have to hit five buttons to save it untitled.
    1. Stop
    2. Menu
    3. Save
    4. Get rid of keyboard
    5. scroll down and hit save
    I thought after you hit “stop”, a menu could pop up automatically with something like:
    -Save untitled
    -Rename & Save

    That way creating a voice memo could be a lot simpler. Of course this is from a guy that never titles voice memos on the phone. Just an idea.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Helge

    hi, Im trying to download Evernote for my HTC Hero with android 2.1. but its not available in market. I can only find an Evernote Viewer from
    I tried to change the capitalization as suggested above, but nothing works.
    So what do i do now??

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Point your Android browser here:

  • Mike

    Since the update i’m no longer able to view my stored pictures on my phone. I’m able to see the thumbnail but nothing more. I’m using a XPERIA X10.

    • Mike

      Update: My old pictures didn’t show, however the new ones seems to work.

      • Will

        Mine (Moto Droid) is doing the same thing. Old attached pictures do not open, a new note with an attached picture does. PDFs that used to open still do not open.

  • quimicadelta

    Android users are missing a document scanner like jotnot or qipit.

  • Ray Zhao

    I am a Milestone(Droid) user, and I AM USING PLAINTEXT! and i want to tell you that the latest version ( version 1.4 (84727))of Evernote Android CANNOT edit the PLAINTEXT note i created from Evernote PC.

    Please just listen to all of our problems, we are not the first day using evernote, we know evernote cannot edit notes containing rich content.

    I don’t know what kind of cellphone you used for testing, but it just won’t work on my cellphone!

    I want the previous version of Evernote Android, Please release the previous version for download, thanks

  • Ray Zhao

    just want to tell u that i found a 1.3 version to install and now the editing problem fixed, the problem lies with the latest version of Evernote Android, not plaintext/richtext!

    • Doug


      Where did you find the earlier version of Evernote to install? Thanks.

  • uvmann

    Not being able to edit rtf notes is very disappointing. What is the problem and can we expect this to be fixed? Should have stayed with a very old beta that worked perfectly. Damnit. Updates are not always for good, I think.

  • Elaine

    I’d love to be able to update to the newest version, but so far have been unable to get it to install. It downloads just fine, but then I get an error message that says, “Package file was not signed correctly.” I tried downloading via my browser and installing that way, but that didn’t work either. (It started installing, then stopped and displayed an error message that simply says, “Application not installed.”) I’m using a Motorola Droid.

    • Fred

      I had that problem and had to completely uninstall evernote from my Droid and then reinstall it. Then it’s OK. You probably installed a beta version like I did, and something about the beta prevents it from upgrading. (Not too swift, folks at evernote co).

  • Steve

    Since the latest update, every now and then I get an error message after taking a picture. When I hit the “Snapshot” icon, then take a picture, the app hangs a little, then goes to the main screen and shows an error message that says no picture was found.

    Sprint HTC Hero 2.1

    Any thoughts?

    • Arjen

      I have the same problem almost every time I take a snapshot on my G1 1.6. Really annoying.

      Is there a solution?

    • Arjen

      I have the same problem since the latest update. Most of the time I can’t take a snapshot on my G1 1.6 (and I get the same message or no message at all. Very annoying.

    • Bruno

      same thing here:

      No snapshot found to upload.

      Any ideas on how to solve it?

      • radcat

        Same thing- no snapshot found- Droid

      • David Ron

        Same thing. T-Mobile G1. “No snapshot found to upload”

    • David Ron

      I found the solution. Make sure all of your pending notes have been sent out, then go into the SD card and delete the Evernote folder. The next time evernote starts, it’ll re-create that folder, and then the camera feature will start to work again. None of your notes will be lost, obviously, because they are stored in the cloud.

      • David Ron

        Never mind. That didn’t solve the problem. This update has made Evernote useless to me because my primary mode of capture is to take a picture.

  • Doug

    I didn’t receive a reply to my previous comment. I have the updated version Evernote, but since the last two updates changes I have made to existing notes do not sync to my phone (Droid). The sync is successful between my desktop and website version of Evernote, but not to the phone (although, ironically, the sync works to the thumbnail of the phone version, but not once you open up the note).

  • Bryan

    Still waiting for the Android version to allow me access individual notebooks like the iPhone version.

    Come on, guys, we all know that Android is more open than the iPhone so it’s definitely doable.

  • Doug

    Good work! Since I complained about editing problems in two previous comments, I wanted to be fair to report back that I heard from Larry in Evernote support who sent me a link to an improved (?) version of Evernote that has apparently fixed all my editing concerns, on all three platforms: desktop, web and my Droid. I think the fact that Evernote includes a desktop platform makes it superior to its main competitors. (Now I just hope that future ‘updates’ don’t reverse the gains made!)

    • Mike

      So what about the rest of us? We’re happy you got a working version but how about sharing?

  • HHO

    Editing documents directly from Android. This is the perfect solution.

  • Jennifer Vanderschans

    I am using 1.4(84727) and also cannot some of my notes with no formatting in the Android version (only Append). The thing that I have noticed is that all of the notes that are like this are those that I have created since upgrading to 3.5 on the desktop. Are notes created in Rich Text by default in this version? Is so, how do I change it.

    • Mike

      I think you’ve identified the problem. This happened to me too. I used to be able to edit notes before I updated to the latest Desktop version of Evernote. In fact, I can still edit from the Android app those notes that I have *not* yet edited with the desktop app. But editing with the desktop app apparently converts to RTF and then you’re screwed. I see no way to turn off/on RTF formatting on the desktop app either so no matter which is the culprit (Android app vs. desktop app), this is definitely a step backwards and needs fixing pronto.

  • Nic

    I’m using version 1.4 and a problem just came up which I hope a future upgrade will address. I took notes on my Droid using the “Append text” function but for some reason, even though the sync function on my phone was on, and I could see the new paragraphs were there on my Droid screen, the newly added sections of text did not appear when I opened the same Evernote notebook on my computer. Because I’d opened up the notebook using the “Edit” button on my PC I didn’t have the option to close that notebook without saving the changes, because the only button available is “Save & Close,” so I ended up saving the version of my notebook on my PC which did not have the new changes I’d added on my Droid. Which means I lost all the new notes I’d made on the Droid 🙁

    Two questions: 1. Even when an Evernote user is in “Edit” mode, is there a way to close that notebook without saving the changes? In Microsoft Word, you can always open up a document and not save the changes you made, so you have the original version if you want. That could come in handy if for whatever reason the sync function doesn’t work and you end up with two different versions of the same notebook. 2. I assume that notes made on the Droid sync automatically if the phone’s sync function is on. Am I wrong about that?

  • Mark e.

    Love this update! When local storage gets here Evernote will become the only free form db I use. So PLEASE keep working hard on that local storage thing.

  • Julio

    I think is very important that you can edit a rich text note. Maybe, if the note has rich text, the edit functionality may convert the note to simple text and let you edit it. (or maybe the android editor can improve his capabilities).

    I’ll hope next realese includes a solution to this issue. It’s a key point of the service.

  • Arie

    Just switched to evernote for the android. Noticed that in some of my notes with large images, I can’t pinch/zoom to adjust the display of the note like I could on the iphone version.

    Is this feature going to be built in?


  • Denys Zadorozhnyi

    On Motorola Milestone when adding snapshot, the only option for photo size available is 1MP, which is the lowest quality. And it is unchangable. Pretty sad. Unusable to photo a document.

  • Andreas

    Pretty decent app so far, not surprising considering my last device was a Nokia 5800XM though. Besides offline notes I’d really like to see a desktop widget which could display (and preferably switch between) notes as well as some clever search functionality.

    Baring that, a better integration with the Google search widget would be nice .

  • Kamran

    I would suggest a “convert to plain text option” as well as a preferences setting for desktop apps to create all notes as plain text/rich text/etc a la Outlook. Since the way windows handles copying and pasting is to copy/paste as much information as it can, it seems like unless you take care to follow certain steps including use of a third party program (eg. – Notepad) you are stuck with an RTF document. It’s ok to recommend the use of notepad as a workaround with an issue, but not to rely on it as a valid use-case. If I really needed to use notepad, I could just go ahead and save it into my Dropbox and why then would I even need Evernote?

    In any case, I stopped using evernote some time ago because of some sync issues with my iPhone but have picked it back up for use on my new Android phone and discovered this problem. It would be nice to be able to edit rich text on Android, but it is not a deal breaker if I can’t immediately. Just make it a bit easier by letting us make sure our notes are plain text. I would love to be able to make the todo lists with the checkboxes and modify them on android. But alas, I cannot. 🙁

    Thanks for an otherwise great service.

  • Sandy

    I am having trouble opening encrypted files on my Android. They open fine on my pc – now some open and some don’t. I really like Evernote, but this is a no go for me.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Sandy, please contact our support team:

  • Scott Bales

    Still no locally stored notes…. just a promise ‘its coming’

  • Gordon Herd

    Any notes I create with the Android App on an HTC Desire seem to remain stuck in pending. Anybody else having this problem?

    • chele

      I’m having the same problem with my droid

  • Antoine

    When do you expect to enable hand writting on the ipad… that would be fantastic!

  • K

    I used to be able to view images of my notes in my android evernote app. However, recently, the images can’t be loaded. A question mark appears in the middle of the images. Is this function blocked? Or what? If it’s a bug, please fix asap. Thanks!

  • yyq123

    Where I can get a .apk file to install? Thanks.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Try pointing your Android browser at:

  • Josh

    My notes updated from android do not update anywhere else….

  • Roid

    Local storage can’t come to Android soon enough. I spent an hour today searching for an alternative to Evernote for this reason alone.

    Do it please, quickly and well. I really do love Evernote, but if I can’t take it with me…

  • Sarah Legins

    When viewing snapshot notes on Droid, the labels for toggling between the 2 photo views are reversed. In other words, choosing “View in full size” brings up the scaled-to-screen image, and choosing “View scaled” brings up the full-size image.

    Evernote for Android 1.4, Motorola Droid, Android 2.1-update1

  • Tony

    Why in the world does the android app need access to my contacts? I don’t think anyone should download any apps that don’t explicitly need access to the contacts.

    What will Evernote do with my 100s of private contacts? Why does it need them?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Tony, we need that access in order to let you email notes to your contacts.

      • Tony

        Thanks Andrew. Perhaps this is an Android question, but why must Evernote be able to read my contact data, why can’t I choose a contact from my contact list without giving your app access to all of them?

      • Fred

        Couldn’t the default Android_send have been used?

  • Spencer

    Evernote on Android OS, is so slow on loading, it is practically unusable. I wish I can make some drawing notes on Android.

  • Greg P.

    Why can’t I edit (modify/delete) a text note on my HTC EVO? I can only append text to the note. Very limiting!!!

  • quimicadelta

    Snapshot should include the option to scan a photo, like jotnot or qipit. There is no real integrated photo scanner for Android – Evernote.

  • ANDROID user

    I have a Samsung Acclaim Android phone & am trying out Evernote. The Snapshot feature doesn’t seem to work. It lets me take a picture but then does nothing else. The photo isn’t in my gallery & it doesn’t appear as a note. What’s up with this?

  • David Ron

    Sounds like the infamous “No Snapshot Found To Upload” bug. I think it may be fixed in the unreleased beta that Andrew posted. Just point your phone’s browser here:

    • David Ron

      Never mind. Even that beta continued to exhibit the bug after a few days with the beta.

  • Tgrean

    Why can’t I edit (modify/delete) a text note on my Droid? I can only append text to the note. Very limiting and annoying

    • Chip

      I’m not sure, but it may have something to do with the notes themselves. (I’m on a Mac and Motorola Droid.) I find that if a note contains a URL or checkboxes, it can’t be edited on my Droid, only appended to. (A real PITA, if you ask me. What’s the point of making checkboxes if you can’t check them off when you’re on the road?) Probably applies to notes with tables, too, though I haven’t tried it. Try making a plain text note and I’ll bet you can edit it.

  • mio

    How do I change the camera for the snapshot mode? The first time I used it, it gave me choices. But now I want to change the default camera and it did not give me choices again! I went to the manage application as noted but it did not work. Could you please help?

  • cdbragg

    Can’t wait for the offline storage… it’s a real bummer without it.

  • Local Storage

    ALL of the software clients for Evernote are awful. Slow Slow Slow and with no local storage on android a complete waste of time and energy. A good idea very poorly implemented.

  • joel

    Evernote for Android needs an edit button on the main note screen. Having to go to menu to edit greatly limits Evernotes function as a great note app

  • Veronyka

    Is there a way to take smaller snapshots for notes? I am using a T-Mobile G2 and when I go to snapshot note and take the photo there is no option for the size it shoots. When I open the note the snapshot is so large I can’t see it and when I try to scale it down it is still several sizes larger than my phone screen. Clicking full screen, not full screen doesn’t work and clicking original size just brings up an error message saying it can’t connect.
    What’s going on?

  • ch

    Loading a note with one sentence is so slow…why!

  • Mystech

    Handwriting and drawing input on the Evernote for Android app?