• Sticking to it

    Every so often a problem presents itself that requires unprecedented vision. For the past year, Evernote’s renowned behavioral anthropology department has been hard at work solving one of the company’s biggest challenges: making it socially acceptable to open up a laptop in a meeting. After extensive testing, our blue ribbon committee has developed a most […] Read more

  • Yay! We’re Webby Award winners.

    What a day it’s been here in Evernoteland. First, we announced our huge 3 million user milestone. Then, we learn that we’ve won two (count ’em) Webby awards! Wow. Best Mobile App Evernote swept the Mobile Application category, winning both the Webby and People’s Voice Webby awards. We’re honored and thrilled. Thank you so much […] Read more

  • Evernote Reaches Three Million Users!

    We’ve got a pretty sophisticated monitoring system at the Evernote datacenter that’s constantly watching over our servers, databases and load balancers. At the slightest hint of trouble, it sends out pre-configured alerts and our 24/7 operations team springs to appropriate action. A few days ago, the following alert flashed across in-boxes and cell phones all […] Read more