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Evernote Wedding Series, part 1: Kasey Fleisher Hickey – Evernote for Wedding Planning

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 04 Jun 2010

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 04 Jun 2010

Name: Kasey Fleisher Hickey
Location: San Francisco, California
Profession: PR Specialist
Blog: eating/sf
Twitter: @kfleisher

My wedding story:

I got engaged in December 2008, and immediately started planning my wine country wedding. I had never even looked at a bridal magazine or blog, so I had no idea where to start. I got a few recommendations from friends about blogs that I should be reading for inspiration, and also took to Flickr and Google. I started clipping images that I found on various sites—of bouquets, table settings, bridesmaid dresses, etc., which is how I primarily used Evernote (I also use it to clip recipes, make shopping lists, and snap photos of wine labels—all of which contribute to my food and music blog, eating/sf). When it came time to meet with vendors, I’d usually whip out my iPhone and scroll through my Evernote notebook with them, as opposed to lugging around a big binder (I never had one!). It was great to be able to have all of my little inspirations with me at all times—especially when I had a last minute vendor meeting, or was in a store trying to find matching ties to my bridesmaid dresses. In the end, Evernote really helped me piece together every aspect of my wedding—from the dresses to the flowers and the color scheme.

Using Evernote as an inspiration book
You can take a glimpse at my shared Wedding Inspiration notebook here:

You can read about what went down on the big day on my blog:


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  • Caroline

    I totally love Evernote for weddings! I used it as a bride to remember vendors, ideas, colors, and to share what’s going on with my mom who lives on the other side of the world.
    I also use it as a wedding photographer: I share notebooks with my brides, this way we have 1 place to look at ideas I have of photo angles/shoots (the most important thing is to make sure that I cater to the couple’s taste, so sharing photos is essential), the desired photo list, tips for the couple to look & feel better on the day of their wedding, the list of contacts for the day of, the schedule, etc.
    It’s awesome because we can all share the notebook and look at it on the computer or on-the-go – the day of the wedding, I can refer back to the schedule or to photos, it’s at the tip of my fingers!

    Awesome job Evernote! Remembering everything vital for our wedding has never been so easy 😀

  • celina

    I agree, I do love Evernote for weddings… it’s a great help in organizing my perfect wedding!

  • Marbella

    yes evernote gives a complete place where one can share all the stuff.

  • Bethsy

    At last I’ve found out a site that caters wedding plans, gives so much ideas and tips for excited couples. This stuff really ease pressures and makes wedding plans more organize.

  • Martha

    After reading the article and the comments I think I am also gonna need Evernote in my wedding. I am very much excited about my upcoming wedding. I think its gonna blast in my head.

  • Jerlyn

    Finally, great thanks for the update, I am planning my wedd for next year : ) this will help a lot