Giveaway! Canon P-150 Scanners

Giveaway! Canon P-150 Scanners

Posted by on 07 Jun 2010

Posted by on 07 Jun 2010

We’re starting the week off with a bang. It’s giveaway time!

Our friends at Canon have graciously allowed us to give away four (4) Canon P-150 portable scanners. These scanners are small, powerful and the perfect Evernote companion. After a quick setup, you can scan directly into Evernote on your desktop. If you want more details, check out our recent blog post.

How do I enter?

Leave a comment telling us how you plan to use your Canon P-150 scanner and Evernote. That’s it.

The rules

  • Post a comment (please only one per person). Be sure to include a real email address. We will only approve comments related to the giveaway.
  • We will randomly select the four winners and announce them on our blog on Wednesday, June 16th. To be eligible, your comment must be posted by 9am PT on June 16th, 2010.
  • Due to restrictions, this giveaway is available to US residents only. We apologize to our users outside the US. We do try to hold global giveaways whenever our partners allow.

Good luck!

Update: The giveaway is now closed, we are no longer accepting comments. We will be selecting the winner shortly.


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  • pegazoo β€”

    What a nice gadget. πŸ™‚

  • Laura P β€”

    I’d use it to get out of receipt hell!!

  • Craig β€”

    As an instructor I would use it for handwritten lecture and conference notes. My wife is going back to school and would definitely use it for her own lecture notes.

  • zig β€”

    All tax related paperwork would get scanned in and stored on Evernote. Also, all of my grandmother’s recipes that she handed down would get scanned and upload to share with relatives. At least not my favorites.

  • Brian β€”

    I would get all my girlfriends papers off my desk and into evernote!

  • Albatros13 β€”

    Time to upgrade!!!

  • Bill β€”

    I like to print and share sample coupons with friends and family for free samples!

  • Patrick Mackaaij β€”

    I plan to scan all receipt for my accountant, he’ll love it!

  • Cristobal Almanza β€”

    I would love to win one of these scanners. Would be great to have as a designer!

  • Alan β€”

    Scan all that random paper on my desk and get rid of the mess for once and all.

  • Mike V β€”

    pick me pick me

  • Scott K. Johnson β€”

    Nice! I would use it to scan all my mail and other documents I want to keep cataloged into Evernote!

  • Brandon β€”

    That’s awesome that you guys are giving these away!

    I would be using this to document a lot of paperwork and stuff that I have in my home office to get more organized and utilize Evernote as and even more full-featured system.

  • Arcterex β€”

    Do I get extra consideration for being first? πŸ™‚

  • JJW β€”

    The Canon scanner will make putting receipts and scrap paper notes into Evernote a breeze!

  • David β€”

    This would be a HUGE help to my work since my company requires all documents to be scanned and filed online. My old flatbed scanner is too slow and I need an upgrade. Thanks

  • Top L β€”

    Scanning directly into Evernote, of course, and reducing the number of free floating pieces of paper in the house!

  • Yakun Sun β€”

    Using the scanner to scan the receipt and then save it in evernote, I have my own accounting system built!

  • Christopher Ueda β€”

    A portable scanner will be great!

  • Will β€”

    I’ve been looking for a new scanner. Old, slow flatbed needs retiring.

  • John β€”

    Scanning bills and information into Evernote, then shredding or throwing away the paper. The file cabinet is much lighter that way.

  • Neil Johnston β€”

    I’m a Canon fan! I’m sure the scanner is fantastic.

  • Mario β€”

    I plan to scan hundreds and hundreds of old college notes and papers that have cluttered my closet for years. I already started but I have a flatbed scanner and this is going to take forever doing it this way.

  • Michelle Krill β€”

    I would love to own this scanner to scan my children’s artwork and schoolwork!

  • Robert Gottlieb β€”

    Love Evernote! I use it as my brain for so many things. Whenever I’m researching a purchase, I always store my results in Evernote, i.e. craigslist searches for cars. Also, it’s a great way to communicate between myself and my wife when we want to share info in general.

  • Matt Coddington β€”

    I’d use that scanner ALL the time! From bills to receipts to gosh knows what else! Evernote IS my brain! πŸ™‚


  • ZebraIII β€”

    I’d love to have one of these scanners to scan business cards into Evernote!

  • Tee Jay Green β€”

    I plan on doing a few things with it, things that my current scanner isn’t good at, and things that my work scanner makes a pain to do.

    Firstly, I scan all of my mail/bills into Evernote for easy access from anywhere. That really-really came in handy at the accountant’s office this year when doing the taxes. I forgot to grab a couple things, and I pulled them up in no time on my phone. This scanner would save me a lot of time since it’s considerably faster than my current scanner, and I wouldn’t need to be tethered to my clunky mfp.

    Secondly, I use a giant mfp to scan meat-space things people give me at at work, and store them in Evernote. (People are always impressed I can pull up anything, instantly, from my laoptop/phone) If I had this very portable scanner I could just bring it around with my laptop and scan things as I get them, rather that waiting for the pile to build up.

    Lastly, I’d like to scan in hundreds of photos I recently got from my mom’s house, without having to load them individually on a flat bed scanner, since my current auto-feeder jams. I’ll be honest, I probably won’t put them in Evernote, but if I win this scanner maybe I will!

    In sum, this scanner kicks ass and I don’t have the nearly $300 to spend on it right now πŸ™

  • Jim Burnell β€”

    I would LOVE to have a portable scanner like the P-150. I would take it everywhere, and scan receipts and business cards on the spot.

  • James Brown β€”

    We would like one so we can scan in and store all of our business correspondence such as invoices, bank statements etc. Also we would scan in designs we do with pen & paper.

  • Bill in Texas β€”

    I have a number of Evernote projects planned for which this scanner would be a lifesaver. For example, I have my late mother’s entire recipe collection, much of it handwritten on small pieces of paper, in a ring binder. My sister and my brother have been after me for years to make photocopies of all of these, but needless to say, this hasn’t happened (because I have a life). However, being able to scan them into folders in Evernote, and to make the folders open to others, would solve most of the problem. There are also a number of family documents and historical records that I would similarly like to preserve images of before the originals become too fragile to handle. So for all of these reasons, and many others (I have a dozen file cabinet drawers full of stuff that needs to be scanned, organized, and (most of it) thrown out), this scanner would be incredibly useful.

  • Beaster1174 β€”

    This scanner would be good for scanning receipts and snips you want to remember

  • Derek Dawley β€”

    I would love to use the Canon P-150 to scan in my years and years of scripts… It would be great to capture all my used scripts with my hand written notes on them and have it all searchable in Evernote!

  • Steve Graff β€”

    If we are fortunate enough to win this, we would use the Canon P-150 scanner to scan client contracts directly to Evernote so that we could use our iPhone and Android smartphones to have anywhere access to care instructions for the dogs and cats that we care for.

  • Eric Booth β€”

    Not sure what I would do without Evernote. Oh wait yes I do. I’d be lost in the world of random links and unorganized thoughts.

  • Kristin β€”

    Wow! As if you all haven’t made my life easy enough already! A scanner would be fabulous for school: I could scan all the papers handed out at school, maps from zoos and parks I visit for work, my great aunt’s recipes from her life in Poland, photos from my own childhood… Oh, yes!

  • Michael J. β€”

    I’d use the Canon scanner to scan in business cards and meeting notes while traveling, like I am right now, to Evernote and then use Evernote’s OCR to search through them from my the Evernote app on my phone when I don’t have access to my laptop. This would be epic!

  • Anne Haines β€”

    Here’s what I think would be cool. I could scan all of my concert ticket stubs and use Evernote to track the bands and shows I’ve seen. If I get a setlist, or if it’s a classical performance where you get a program, I could scan those in too. Concerts are some of my favorite memories.

  • Brandon Smith β€”

    As an amateur politician (unpaid city councilor), I use Evernote for notetaking and storage of many document types so that I always have access – from my home Windows machine, my iPhone, and my iPad. A Canon scanner would greatly increase my productivity and organization. Plus I am a great salesman – I’m constantly demo’ing my iPad for friends, family, and strangers, and would love to do the same for the P-150.

  • Glenn W. β€”

    I use Evernote everyday and I’m sure I could reduce the clutter on my desk by scanning most of the paper that is covering it.

    I’d love to have one of these Canon portable scanners.


  • Jay Huber β€”

    I’d love to have one of these for scanning my business/contacts cards directly into Evernote. I’d love to have all of my radio station’s formats & clocks right at hand in Evernote on my Touch. Schedules and much more!
    I can also put in my son’s photos and of my girlfriend and I on our trips. Thanks!

  • Bernd β€”

    Hi Team Evernote,

    Looking at our file-cabinet/archive makes me sick. With the Canon P-150 and Evernote Premium I will realize my dream of a paperless office. I’m currently working in a social project in Nicaragua where we teach a lot of English courses. I will help my fellas by scanning their test so they don’t have to worry about loosing them any more.



  • Dan β€”

    I’d love to be able to easily scan import docs as they come in (mostly at home), then access them at work or from my iPhone.

  • David Jensen β€”

    I think I would use the Canon P-150 to scan documents, papers, and mail that I don’t know what to with but I think I should keep. After scanning, I’d certainly store it in Evernote for easy search and retrieval. I might even try it with business cards.

    (BTW, I have provided my email address for the contest purposes only. I hear-by deny permission to Evernote to use it for email marketing campaigns and deny permission for my email address to be sold to third parties).

  • Greg Alan Walloch β€”

    I plan to use my Canon P-150 portable scanner to scan that giant shoe box of business cards… Maybe I’ll finally get organized!

  • Colin Smith β€”

    I’ve been looking at getting one of these guys for awhile now.

    I would love to have one on hand to scan in my hand-written programming notes. I have a lot of pseudo-code, equations, logic tables and flow charts that are easy to get down on paper, but are work to get digitally in text form or with a drawing program. It would be great to just scan these things in and organise by project in Evernote.

  • Daniel β€”

    I woukd use the scanner to scan many of my important documents, like contracts etc, and upload ’em to evernote, so i have a copy!

  • Luis Solano β€”

    Wow! nice opportunity! Good luck for everyone!

  • chelsea lauren β€”

    I would use the scanner to scan my paintings and photos to make art prints!

  • mikelpc β€”

    that,s so great!! ….

  • Jonathan Gaby β€”

    If I win a new scanner, I want to use it to go green-er with my business and life. I want to scan in my documents so that I can keep them organized electronically. Evernote will help me use the scanner to keep track of web design ideas, concepts, etc.

  • joey β€”

    Oh evernote, you are the enabler of my OCD, but you do it so goood!

  • Joe H. β€”

    I get presentations and specs every week in nice wire bound versions that do nothing but take up space in my file cabinet.

    I’d love to scan them in to Evernote and tag them so I can eliminate the clutter!

  • Phil davis β€”

    I’m working on imaging of receipts for expense reporting porcess in my company

  • Jason β€”

    Among other things, I’ll use it immediately after coming home with rebate forms or receipts, before I lose them, to get copies and remind myself to mail them in (or remember when I bought them, for warranty use)

  • mike dungan β€”

    hp scanner + ever note = trade magazine article capture

    * w o o t *

  • Angie β€”

    I plan to use it to capture client sketches and digitize and have it waiting for me at home. Ah, Evernote, you are a blessing across 3 platforms and 6 devices. Thank you!!

  • Mark β€”

    These look great. I currently use my Canon AIO to keep everything paperless, but as much as I love the thing it takes up tons of space. This would be far more efficient.

  • Phil β€”

    I plan to us the scanner to truly live with a paperless life. I am really close outside of a good, portable scanner.

  • Larry W β€”

    Woo hoo

  • Julian β€”

    Bills, bills, receipts, conference notes, and handouts!

  • David Ahrens β€”

    I plan to scan in a bunch of pictures of my HS band and music that I’ve written for them for easy access on our webpage.

  • Alisha β€”

    I would love to have a Canon scanner to use with Evernote. My desk is a mess and a desktop scanner would make it a lot easier to stay organized and get rid of a lot of paper clutter. I have to run back and forth into another room two times to scan one paper with my current all in one printer so I am very behind in my paper organization.

    My birthday is June 16th and the scanner would make a wonderful birthday gift! πŸ™‚

  • Matt Healy β€”

    I love Evernote! Please hook me up with this sweet scanner!

  • Matthew Marsee β€”

    I love the idea of a portable scanner like this. It would be hugely useful combined with Evernote on trips (business and pleasure) to scan receipts to reconcile later. Here’s hoping I win. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the great product! I love Evernote.

  • Brian Doll β€”

    I have a 3-drawer filing cabinet that I keep bills and paperwork in. I’d love to go through it once, toss most of it and scan the rest into Evernote. The problem is, most of the documents are double-sided. Enter this Canon scanner…. πŸ™‚

  • Gregor Hochschild β€”

    Hi guys, I will scan all my notes from the countless stats lectures. It would be truly great to have them electronically and – due to evernote magic – search able.


  • Ivan β€”

    All my paper belongs to Canon P-150 Scanner.

  • Steve Cohen β€”

    I will use the P-150 to scan handwritten notes from meetings into Evernote.

  • Michael Weinberg β€”

    I want to start filing bills and other documents digitally in Evernote, but the only scanner I have now is a flatbed built into an all-in-one. There’s no automation for scanning or for document feeding. With the Canon P-150 I think i’d be in business.

  • Joshua β€”

    I recently started doing my geneology. My grandfather has a ton of documents he showed me yesterday that were typed with an old typewriter.

    I thought… We should keep track of all the information in an evernote notebook… We can scan in all the documents (with evernote’s sweet OCR) and use the notebook as a great place for everyone to collaborate their notes and files for our family history.

    I need a good quick scanner that I can take to my grandpa’s house to start scanning, and then to my aunts house to scan, and then to my great uncle’s house to scan… This would be the PERFECT tool!

  • Sarah Doherty β€”

    I am leaving a comment. I’m a huge evernote fan and would love a scanner that would allow me to go mobile πŸ™‚

  • darby stowan β€”

    Since I’m in a mixed-OS household, Evernote provides something that very few other apps do; a plethora of client options. I’ve wanted to start keeping track of all of our receipts as part of our budgeting process, but have yet to find something other than Evernote that is truly multi-platform for this purpose.

    Evernote is great because of all the client options and the ability to tag and categorize things. I’ve been using it with the Droid to record audio notes for songwriting and then pick them up with my Mac later, for example.

    My thought is to use a scanner with Evernote (and combine photos from my Droid) to keep track of receipts and other documents that I’d like to have come tax time. My current scanner only works with Windows and thus isn’t a workable solution for both my wife (who uses Windows) and me (who uses OSX) to use.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Jenni Brown β€”

    I will use it for all the papers that come home for my four children along with the mail that comes in the house. Along with all the genealogy documents that I could finally scan and save. Gosh, I would probably need to upgrade to the paid version!

  • Benjamin M. Strozykowski β€”

    After reading Total Recall I have been passively aspiring to go paperless and avoid the fire trap that has become my “to be filed” box.

    Of course, one of these scanners would go a long way to help me toward that lofty goal.

  • MarcM β€”

    Man, I would use this for several things; Expense receipts, kids school drawings, business cards, invoices. List is too long! Great product. Thanks Evernote!

  • Tim Hannig β€”

    I would use the scanner to input instructions, receipts, and photos that have to do with my speaking business. I love evernote!

  • Travis β€”

    I plan on using this for Nursing school. I can use it scan my notes and sort them for later when it comes time to study for the boards. This will help reduce the clutter on my desk as well as lighten my backpack. I have a netbook and android phone with evenote apps on each. This would make the circle complete. Now if I buy an ipad this could help me replace my books!

  • Ryan β€”

    Man I could really use on of these.

  • Jim R β€”

    I’d use the P-150 to organize my life. Right now I have post-it notes, file folders, business cards, recipes pages, pages torn out of magazines, etc etc etc and more etc!
    I need a small, portable, awesome scanner to help clean the clutter & all the parts of my life that are not yet into Evernote into it!

  • Sjan Evardsson β€”

    I would use this to organize all my receipts and warranty cards (which are currently getting stuffed into file folders) so I have one place to look to figure out where my student loans went, what kind of warranty remains on item X and what my work-related expenses are.

  • Dan Catchpole β€”

    I’d love to use the P-150 and evernote to keep even better track of my automotive records, like repairs, oil changes, etc, as well as a paperless home office, with all of my important information easily indexed and searchable through Evernote.

  • Mihaela_V β€”

    I keep notes in Evernote for each research project or course I’m working on, but I often like to brainstorm or create diagrams on paper. It would be helpful to scan these in quickly and keep everything together.

    I also keep notes from meetings, and if I could scan things in quickly I’d keep some of the handouts from meetings, workshops and short courses.

  • Tyson Williams β€”

    Would love one of these….

  • Ross Martin β€”

    I’ll use it to transfer documents to my iPad. This would be great for capturing miscellaneous papers lying around the house, sheet music, receipts, etc.

  • Andy β€”

    Would love one of these to scan work receipts, kids sports schedules, medical records, and whatever else I can think of.

  • Chris Torstenson β€”

    Digitize my huge box of documents and import into Evernote!

  • James Wilson β€”

    I’d use it to scan all the magazine and newspaper articles I collect about bicycle advocacy!

  • Deven C. β€”

    I would scan all my old meeting notes and upload them to Evernote where they will be far more useful than on a bookshelf.

  • queuebug β€”

    I will use it to scan all of my receipts and stay organized this year for taxes.

  • margaret velard β€”

    Hello, Andrew – I love evernote and I think your mom and I are good friends … ;o)

  • gia β€”

    Evernote has been my “other brain” since you launched the service. I love that I have access to all my notes from my iPhone, notebook and iPad. The sync feature is unfailing. Thanks.

  • Charles Czysz β€”

    I can has scanner?

  • @moldor β€”

    Currently I am looking for work – long and messy story. The worst thing is keeping track of all the applications I put in, who has called back for an interview, etc. Evernote has been a God-send in this regard.

    I now don’t have to call people and sound stupid (well, no more so than normal !!) and ask them “Did we speak regarding an interview ?”

    One of the BEST features is when I’m out and about I can clip job ads from my iPhone OR even at an Internet Cafe, and review them when I get back to home base.

    Promise: As soon as I get another job I’m upgrading my account !!!

  • Ben Ryken β€”

    Love it. Would be great for brainstorming sketches, magazine tear outs, quick contract signatures… -BR

  • Glenn Trefethen β€”

    This is the perfect size to take traveling with me in my motorhome. Always find things on the road that I would love to scan into EverNote.


  • Paul Yoon β€”

    As a teacher, I plan to use the scanner to scan my lesson plans and assignments, and then transfer them into Evernote. Evernote is just awesome.

  • Simon Smith β€”

    I’d scan in everything I could and start my journey towards paperless office nirvana

  • John Kaess β€”

    I have two filing cabinets of stuff, not to mention stacks of things scattered around the apartment that I would really like to scan and put into evernote. I have warrantees, receipts, tax stuff, magazine articles, house and car info and tons more. I find the idea of being able to actually find and get to all my miscellaneous info is exciting! I really do need a scanner for my evernote account.

  • Darrin Tolar β€”

    I would use my Canon P-150 scanner and Evernote to scan and organize all of those important papers I can hardly ever find!

  • Edward Redondo β€”

    I plan on scanning photographs that I take and placing them into Evernote. This scanner would work out perfect for my love of photography.

  • Charles Prezalor β€”

    Trying to scan in all my papers and reciepts can be a tedious process with a flatbed scanner, but one of these would make it so much easier! I’d use it for all my record-keeping, billing, and network documentation.

  • Chris G β€”

    Consider this my entry! I would love to have one of these scanners, I’ve been needing one for a long time (for Evernote uses, of course!) and just haven’t had the funds to spare yet.

  • Tony Bibbs β€”

    Love Evernote. When you guys fisrt dropped I never thought I’d upgrade my account. If only you worked on my BB Curve 2

  • Arnau Real β€”

    I would you it in the university to scan & upload all the study material to evernote, so I could share it with the rest of the students. Also for doing projects I could share my idees faster.

  • Ben β€”

    Awesome! My old scanner just died on me. I nearly took it out back office-space style when needing to scan some stuff for work the other day.

  • Donna β€”

    Can’t wait to use the scanner for business cards!

  • Jim β€”

    I have boxes of documents I keep meaning to scan in. This would be great for it!

  • FaresF β€”

    I’d scan all the business cards I have along with all the post-it notes that are cramming up my desk and upload them to my Evernote account. Thanks for the giveaway guys!

  • John Gaskell β€”

    I’ll use it to scan in student work examples! We are building online proficiency notebooks of advanced and proficient student labs, tests, etc. I will also use it to scan in diagrams. I teach chemistry and physics and diagrams are essential. Hook a techie teacher up!

  • Timothy Harrnacker β€”

    Business cards and handwritten notes to be shared with my fellow consultants!

  • Donna β€”

    Can’t wait to use the scanner for business cards! I love that it is small enough to sit in my desktop and be available whenever I need it.

  • Dan β€”

    I would scan in all the shipping receipts I get for my business, making a searchable shipping-cost database with almost no work at all. I already use Evernote for more or less everything creative and entrepreneurial; this would be a great extension of that.

  • Kathy Eidenschink β€”

    this would be sweet! I’d get rid of all he paper notes and receipts cluttering my desk.

  • Caleb β€”

    Love evernote and would love to have a great scanner with wich to input even more of my life.

  • Scott β€”

    I have a Scansnap that I use for everything. Now that we’ve moved into a house with 2 offices, I’m moving it upstairs, downstairs, and to work. I could really use a Cannon P-150 To keep at work for scanning my students’ papers into Evernote, which I started this year, but couldn’t do consistently, since my Scansnap was often at home.

  • Kate Berens β€”

    I’d use it to scan in the contents of my filing cabinet, so I could search instantly through all those important (and not so important) documents. Then recycle the paper, sell the filing cabinet and replace it with a comfy chair for me (or my cat) to sit in.

  • Maliek M. β€”

    I’d scan my class notes to import to evernote so I can have digital noteboooks for all my classes

  • Mike β€”

    Maybe.. just maybe… keep track of business receipts.

  • Kevin McKay β€”

    I have been looking at scanners like this to start capturing the few not-digitals pieces of my life into Evernote, like receipts, handouts, and other paper-based items.

  • Bb β€”

    Finally go paperless with evernote

  • GrahamGrafx β€”

    I would start scanning in my artist’s journals into Evernote. I want to be able to access all my books everywhere using Evernote’s ability to read my handwriting.

    Evernote has handled all my recent ideas, now I want to be able to search my past from anywhere.

  • Helene James β€”

    I would love to get one of those scanners. I have been a fan of Evernote for ever. I really appreciate what it can do for me…

  • Peter Fisher β€”

    If I win the Canon portable scanner I will use it @ work to scan all the paper old people give me because they haven’t figured out they can actually forward an email rather than print it and drop it off at my desk…

    I will then bring it to college and scan all the paper teachers and students share with me.

  • Nathan Anderson β€”

    I have started my paperless journey and it was been a fun one. I am going through boxes of old letters, cards, notes, pictures and I am scanning them all into Evernote. It was been a lot of fun to re-read things that I had totally forgotten about.

  • Simon β€”

    I’d use the Canon P-150 to;

    1. Make my office look Great
    2. Scan Travel & Expense reciepts for my Travel & Expense folder on my Mighty Evernote page.

  • Dale Holden β€”

    Would fit my scanner to the letterbox so as the postman delivers its scanned into Evernote. The paper then drops into a shredder ready for recycle what a great world i live in!!!!

  • @decentpig β€”

    I’d use it for anything and everything. Especially the little glimpses of brilliance that show up miraculously in my pockets on cocktail napkins.

  • Jonathan Coleman β€”

    Hey there,

    I run a landscaping company, have three offices and a shop location. I am on the move all the time so with this scanner I would be able to scan contracts, receipts, and everything else I need to into evernote.

  • Greg β€”

    This scanner would be great to declutter my home office and finally move all of my paper documents and files to Evernote.

  • David Manuel β€”

    I’d use it to scan in important notes, receipts and official documents for easy reference from Evernote.

  • Chris D β€”

    Collected around benches at the bus stop or next to bike racks are photos and torn notebook pages that look like trash but are really pieces of someone’s life accidentally or emotionally discarded. I’d like to scan those and let them have some kind of life again.

  • Drew β€”

    I would use the scanner to scan sermons I’ve preached and make them word searchable.

  • Dan Hamilton β€”

    I travel for work and I have to submit receipts. I’d usevthe scanner to scan all my receipts instead of collecting in the bottom of my briefcase.

  • Neal β€”

    I’d use the scanner to keep track of the medical bills we’re getting as a result of my daughter’s birth. Holy crap can those insurance companies and hospitals generate paperwork!

  • patrick m β€”

    Love evernote

  • Karen W β€”

    I would use the scanner to scan all the kids certificates and handwriting practice so I can see their progress instead of accumulating it in a box that will never be opened again.

  • @j_winkelman β€”

    Evernote has already increased my efficiency multi-fold. A dedicated scanner (rather than my current all-in-one) would make my processes even quicker!

    Thank you to the team at Evernote, I’ve been using for only a few weeks, but in this time your product has already made every facet of my life better.

  • Dave Hubbard β€”

    I love Evernote; use it all the time. I’ve often wished I could use Evernote more easily to organize my office, which goes from clean to cluttered in no time. I hate paper and I’m unorganized, but my [Ever]notebooks are neatly kept. So having the scanner would solve all my office problems.

  • Scott β€”

    I will scan everything except my children.

  • Marsha Jones β€”

    I have lots of treasured recipes that I’ve clipped out of newspapers and magazines over the years. Some of these are fading and becoming brittle. I would love to be able to scan these.

  • Tommy β€”

    I’ll be scanning the instruction materials from my cooking classes which have my handwritten notes on them.

  • James E. β€”

    I would love one of these to finally reduce the paper clutter of receipts, bills, etc. that clutters up my desk and house. A dream come true…

  • Ben β€”

    Ohhh scanner for receipts and business cards… come to daddy! πŸ˜€

  • David Levine β€”

    I would use the scanner to scan receipts and business cards into Evernote for safe keeping.

  • Henry Primeau β€”

    This would a great present for my upcoming birthday.

  • Robert Merritt β€”

    I am Executor of my late Uncle’s estate. Tons o’ paper needs sophisticated organization. The scanner + Evernote route is the way to go; but I sure could use a better scanner! Oh, and Egretlist rocks as a GTD facility!

  • Larry Pollock β€”

    I can already hear the whir of this canon scanner as it clears my desk and many of my files drawers of endless paper…

    whir |(h)wΙ™r| (also whirr)
    verb ( whirred , whirring ) [ intrans. ]
    (esp. of a machine or a bird’s wings) make a low, continuous, regular sound

    I might even be able to find what I’m looking for again using Evernote!

  • Jonathan β€”

    Hello Virtual Scrapbook! I recently discovered Evernote and love it! With 2 young kids, it is amazing how easy it is to capture the greatest moments of their youth! Thank you Evernote!

  • Scott Thigpen β€”

    You know I hardly ever enter these contests but I figured I’d take a moment and comment on this one as it’s important to me.

    At first I could not understand (or enjoy) Evernote. I found it frustrating on the iPhone and ultimately gave up.

    A few months later I saw how people were using it and thought I would give it another try. Now I don’t know what I’d do without it. On top of that, coupling it with Reqall – it’s my second brain.

    My favorite setup is to use Newsrack (iPhone app) to email things from my RSS subscriptions to an Evernote notebook and then go through it at a later date (I find this much better than Instapaper).

    Lately I wish I had a way to deal with all my paper receipts for my business…they collect all over the place and it’d be very nice to have a way to simply scan them in and dispose of them.

    I would very much like to win this as I’d use it for my business (and it’d get used a bunch, I can promise you thought).

    So there, that’s my comment on Evernote. I tell everyone I know about you guys and rave about it (I also pay for the premium service for both you and Reqall).

  • Jennifer King β€”

    Too much paper + my brain = chaos at home. Too much paper + awesome scanner = fewer piles where flat surfaces should be. New Evernote user, scanning-guru-wannabe.

  • Jim Naylor β€”

    My girlfriend and I will be moving cross country in a matter of months to NYC from LA. She is going back to school for a double PhD in order to eventually become a college professor. Since being accepted into the program, we have been making trips to Goodwill, and we have thrown out/recycled lots of old stuff to make the move easier and save space in our small NYC apartment. I’ve most recently suggested that she does something about the five large plastic filing cabinets in our apartment, which are full of papers, writing samples and other academic materials. My suggestion has been to scan all of this paper, post to Evernote, and then recycle all of it before the move. She is not sold on the idea, yet. Winning this Canon P-150 will help leverage my side of the discussion, which in turn will save a few trees, save room in the moving truck/my car for more important things, and eventually save me from having to circumnavigate these filing cabinets every time I need to use the bathroom, in our tiny NYC abode.

  • Dan β€”

    I would scan all of my receipts into Evernote so I can store them in one place for easy reference.

  • Gordon Gaines β€”

    I would use this scanner for just about everything I needed to keep a permanent copy of and clean out my file drawers, my desktop a lot of paper would be saved and tossed. I could finally go paperless. I would have to buy a paid Evernote membership because of all of the storage I would need. This would be a great item to have.

  • Chris Thomas β€”

    All my receipts for my taxes can be scanned finally along with all of my wife’s receipes. HELP!!!


  • Beatrice β€”

    Is this the first bundling of Evernote with hardware? (Apologies, I’m a few months behind on the always-entertaining Podcasts.)Kudos to Canon for recognizing the genius of EN and joining forces.

  • Kevin Neely β€”

    I would use the Canon P-150 to keep track of all my expenses and receipts, both personal, and for the house I lease out. If I had the Canon-P150, I could scan while in my pajamas, instead of lugging those papers on the Caltrain to my office, where I have to scan it after the usual workday hours.

  • Andrew Fitzgerald β€”

    I’ve been meaning to get one of those scanners to use with Evernote. My current printer/scanner is a hassle to deal with and have heard great things about the Cannon…thanks for all the good work Evernote team!

  • Kevin T. β€”

    It would be a blast to scan my 2-year-old daughter’s drawings and paintings with the Canon P-150 and then store them in Evernote!

  • Paul β€”

    I will use the scanner to help keep all my receipts since I travel often and always seem to have trouble keeping them organized, Evernote has helped organize the rest of my life, why not start helping my work life too?

    Keep up the great work! I love Evernote!

  • Benzpyren β€”

    I’d like to use it for school…

  • Damian β€”

    I’d give it to my father, so he could scan in the sketches he makes when planning his paintings.

  • Doug Lane β€”

    I am going to use the combination of this scanner, Evernote, and PDFPen to go 100 paperless and most importantly eliminate annoying fax machines from my life FOREVER.

  • Tim Morgan β€”

    As a tech nerd, I’ve been using Evernote to declutter my life and grow more organized from researching ferroelectric nanostructures to efficiently planning budgets at home. However, my wife, much more paper loving, has been slow to get on board, however, she is starting to use Evernote as she sees it as a great way to start making her house a lot cleaner and make her desk more usable for putting models together than holding paper off the floor. The scanner would allow us to transition into a cleaner house and harmonize our marriage.

  • Jim Roberts β€”

    I would use it to help push our office into reducing paper usage.

  • Peach β€”

    I plan on using the scanning in all of my headshots, playbills/program and reviews. I’ll also scan in monologues. Using Evernote’s ability to read the text in the images will really help when searching for the perfect choices to use when auditioning for different roles.

  • Paul Davis β€”

    As someone who hates ending up with scrunched up illegible receipts on business trips, I would just scan my receipts at the end of each day and then through those awful scraps of paper away, comfortable in the knowledge that they were stored in my own personal cloud, Evernote.

  • David F β€”

    I will scan all the takeout menus I can find…

  • Kathy β€”

    Pretty nifty – As a journalist, I would use it to organize all my event, program notes.

  • Jonathan β€”

    Hello Virtual Scrapbook! I recently discovered Evernote and love it! With 2 young kids, it is amazing how easy it is to capture the greatest moments of their youth! I can already type in their quotes, and upload pictures of them… now the scanner will help me capture all the artwork, awards, and other gems yet to come! Thank you Evernote!

  • Parker β€”

    I will use it to scan in all of my work receipts!

  • Scott P β€”

    Yahtzee! Winning this would really help me, I am scanning in some family records.

  • Nate β€”

    Are you kidding? I’d love a portable scanner! I’m an experimental filmmaker and would use it for animating short films

  • Tim Crawford β€”

    My plan is to have a completely paperless office. Scan in every receipt, BC, client note, etc. Everything blongs to Evernote

  • Erich β€”

    This would be perfect for scanning in all the offline bills.

  • Christian β€”

    I’d love to scan in receipts and rebate paperwork! πŸ™‚

  • Steve Cooper β€”

    I will create electronic versions of receipts thus freeing myself from having to store another shoebox. I will also use it to scan paper documents, like recipes to store in Evernote.

  • Michael β€”

    I would scan all my utility bills and other documents I want to keep around for reference, but don’t like cluttering up a physical filing drawer.

  • Andrew Lennon β€”

    This would make studying for the New York Bar exam so much easier and lighter!

  • Don Woods β€”

    I would scan every medical recpit. Keeping my records for my FSA account much more orginized.

  • Steve Weidner β€”

    I would love a scanner to pull business cards into Evernote. I’d also get old family photos into digital form to share on my family tree site.

  • Scott Walker β€”

    I would like to be able to say, at 44, I’ve FINALLY won something in my lifetime. So far, nada, zilch, zero!

    I would use it to listen to the local police channel. Oh… wrong kind of scanner :p

    I would like one to keep up with tax documents.

    Moreover, winning one would rejuvenate my test tickles!

  • Jason Vega β€”

    It would be amazing to have something portable that I could use for both business and personal functions. I use Evernote mainly for business screenshots. Scanning has always be a second thought because why would i want to keep a huge flatbed scanner hooked up just for scanning receipts and work documents.

    This would be a great addition to me expanding my use of Evernote.

  • eric peters β€”

    Getting older and more forgetful. Nothing like having everything scannable.

  • sam β€”

    because I need a hook to get me into Evernote

  • Nomina β€”

    Love Evernote; don’t know how I managed without it. Schmoozing over. Now gimme one of ‘dem perdy scanners.

  • Brandon β€”

    I would use it to scan in all the documents we currently keep in a file cabinet… And all the paper my wife keeps piled up all over the place. Physical inbox zero!

  • Ted Serreyn β€”

    Evernote…. Best thing since sliced bread.

    Add one of these scanners…. Bread with butter!

    Looking forward to getting one even if I don’t win one.

  • Mattox β€”

    I’ve always wondered how well it works to have a scanner that goes straight to evernote. Getting one for free would certainly be a fun way to find out!

  • John Mitchener β€”

    Looks like a great scanner.

  • Bill β€”

    I need to sort these piles of paper.

  • Mauro Gold β€”

    Well lots of pages are waiting to be digitilized and organizes with Evernote

  • Justin β€”

    This scanner would be very helpful. I am in college and I could archive assignments and references for studying. The ability to prove a teacher lost my homework electronically with a timestamp would prove very useful.

    I love your product. I don’t know how I lived without it.


  • Eric β€”

    Evernote is my life saver.

  • jenni β€”

    i’d use it to scan in sketches for letterpress designs! i want to make cute notecards.

  • Julien Godin-Viau β€”

    I will scan my bills for my expenses.

  • Matt β€”

    I already use a Fujitsu ScanSnap at work for all my Evernoting needs, but being able to take that ability with me would almost permanently move my “home office” to the roof deck, where it belongs. Scanning, transcribing and publishing — huzzah!

  • D. Lee Grooms β€”

    I will scan everything humanly possible. Seriously, I’d love to put this to work at my church, making traditional filing a thing of the past!

  • Andrew Paez β€”

    I would use the scanner to scan baseball ticket stubs and other military history and sports memorabilia that I have collected over the years. Have been looking at this scanner because of Evernote integration, but wouldn’t mind winning one. Thanks for the giveaway and the great product!

  • Jason Shore β€”

    I would use my new scanner to upload my class notes into Evernote to help keep them organized in one place.

  • Andreas Cerny β€”

    This would be great for my “car office” USB powered scanner

  • Argent β€”

    AWWW You Jest Know You Need Evernote! It’s Indispensable! Besides Sarah D. is a cutie!

  • Keith β€”

    I would use it to scan the printed magazine articles that I want to reference in the future.

  • Jim β€”

    I could get rid of some of this paper.

  • Jason Shore β€”

    I would use my new scanner to upload my class notes into Evernote to help keep them organized in one place.

    Thanks for the giveaway! Good luck everyone!

  • Shaun β€”

    Would love to have one of these!!

  • The_BORG β€”

    A Scanner is definitely invaluable to a graphic designer sometimes!

  • Dennis Ashendorf β€”

    Evernote works everywhere for me. With the beautiful and easy-to-use Canon scanner, I can bring in my non-cloud information.

  • Pete Townill β€”

    I’ll be suprising my girlfriend with it so that she can make the most of her genealogy work in Evernote. It looks like an amazing product.

  • J Kent Kroencke β€”

    I woujld use evernote to digitize ALL of my militray records and have them all accessible from my Droid. The Army ALWAYS loses things and I could whip out the phone and WHOOOOPaaaaaaa. A digital record I can email from my phone…

  • Benjamin Bengfort β€”

    I have to say, I’ve been coveting one of these scanners ever since I first heard about it on Evernote’s Partner Spotlight. I immediately went to the link, but was saddened when I realized that the $200 price tag was probably a little out of this poor graduate student’s price range (for now). Doing my graduate research, I’m constantly mobile, moving from home, to work, to class, to the lab… and as you might imagine there is a lot of paper (class notes, research notes, drawn diagrams, graphs on graph paper, experiment notation, etc.) I can only dream about how much better life would be if I could replace quickly overflowing notebooks with a simple scanning device that could travel between my various work locations. And to have my notes searchable, why that would be nirvana: a place of organization in an otherwise chaotic workspace! I already depend on Evernote for my life, but having this scanner would probably help save it!

  • Cameron Hurd β€”

    If evernote was a girl, I would marry it.
    And our family would have cute little baby elephants.

  • Chris Barry β€”

    I would love to win one of these scanners! Thanks.

  • Ben β€”

    I’d scan my handwritten notes from meetings so that I can search them later, rather than having to manually retype them into Evernote as I do now.

  • Blair Slavin β€”

    As I gear up getting rid of my old paper files I would use the P-150 scanner to store all my files on Evernote.

  • Chris β€”

    I have seen some of them at tax office. Awesome..great space saving….I wish I can get one…

  • Will Johnson β€”

    I have a very old scanner that barely works. I already use Evernote for my everyday tasks, to-dos, notes and organization. This scanner would truly allow me to take my entire office paperless! No need to ever save another receipt, bill, invoice, important mail, etc. Everything would be stored in Evernote and easily accessible from anywhere I go!

  • Sam Kennedy β€”

    Looking FTW here. Will use to scan in my two daughter’s school work for when they have kids.


  • Amber β€”

    I’m about to leave my full time job and jump into the world of full time freelancing. Gotta have this for tracking expenses and scanning receipts!

  • Jason A Carman β€”

    A scanner straight into Evernote! Cool!

  • Greg β€”

    I use Evernote almost as much as I use gmail–and for a lot more. Epic win.

  • Daniel Miller β€”

    I would love to have one of these Canon scanners! It would be the perfect way for me to store old pictures and organize my wife’s stamp collection in Evernote! Thanks!

  • Fernando Ma β€”

    I’d love to use this to scan articles from magazines and such! Hooray Evernote!

  • Rich MacDonald β€”

    Use to store packing slips at our University of Washington; alongside PDF confirmations, this would allow all state-mandated records to be digital.

  • David Frankstone β€”

    Evernote is a great program. I use it everyday.

  • Rich MacDonald β€”

    Get rid of file cabinet in home to make room for something cooler than bill storage.

  • Jalyth β€”

    I will use it to scan all my business documents: receipts, work orders, invoices, etc.
    Then I will scan in all my old photos and throw away the hard copies. Simplify!

  • Regina β€”

    I would use the scanner to document all my genealogy sources from books to census records to photos. What a wonder to be at the library with my laptop and scanner. Awesome!

  • MT Schroeder β€”

    I would use it to scan all my 5 year olds art work so I can torture him when he is older and brings girls home.

  • Jason β€”

    Looks like something else I can use to capture my daughters childhood !

  • Rory β€”

    This would make me use Evernote over SpringPad (which I’ve started to do over the past month).

  • Chaely Chartier β€”

    I produce art fairs for a living & I’m always collecting odds & ends (receipts, photos, business cards, contracts, invoices, maps & so on) which end up not fitting nicely into any file cabinet or binder. That makes it even harder to search through them because they’re stored all over the place. I would LOVE to be able to scan all of this stuff when I got it and get rid of all the paper hoarding!!

    I’d also love to be able to archive family photos so I could share them with everyone, but who wouldn’t want to do that?

  • johno β€”

    My day starts with a printed copy of my schedule so I can take notes throughout the day. At the end of the week I spend an hour scanning and sending all the calendars and various notes to Evernote. The P-150 would be a perfect partner for this process – potentially scanning daily instead of weekly.

  • Gregor β€”

    Great solution for a PhD student in medical research! all the lab notes (printed before going into the lab) always get a lot of important info scribbled onto them and are usually lost (if not transferred into the lab book right away) because they don’t find their way back into the computer. Evernote and a mobile scanning solution sound like the ideal way to get this done.

    am already using Evernote for note taking and blogging about my project.

    have been thinking about buying one before, but PhD students don’t have enough $. πŸ™‚

  • Kirk β€”

    Evernote, how do I love thee…let me count the ways.
    Actually let me count the endless pieces if paper that I need to eliminate from my life. You know what would help with that? A nifty new Canon scanner.
    Then I plan to have a big bonfire to get rid of all that paper. And celebrate my everlasting fondness for Evernote!

  • Mike Seneschal β€”

    My name is Mike and I like bulldogs, Evernote and Canon P-150 scanner giveaways.

  • Nina Morena β€”

    As a web developer, I will use the scanner for my wireframes to go along with my ideas I store in Evernote aka my LIFE SAVER!

  • Joe Andersen β€”

    This would be a pretty great way to get my lecture notes into digital format – there’s no way to type up maths that I’m not too lazy for…

  • coverthawk β€”

    I would use it to scan all paperwork at my job – it could enable be to become a truly paperless worker – more efficient and organized!

  • Maureen β€”

    Would marry a scanner if I could

  • Joe β€”

    I am way better organizing my digital life than physical paper. First thoughts that come to mind when using a portable scanner are work receipts, invoices, business cards, bills, and photos.

  • Dan β€”

    I’d scan in everything I could

  • mpnevans β€”

    All receipted could be scanned with this scanner – what an exciting prospect! And then searchable in evernote!

  • sundyme β€”

    Oh, I have a lot printed files to be digital version, the scanner is really useful,fantastic with evernote!

  • Greg Davis β€”

    My wife is an high school english teacher and I got her started using Evernote to organize her lesson planning, but her real issue is what to do with all the paper her job generates! It’s pretty crazy how much she has to hang on to between home and the office and so the right scanner would be a godsend if it could integrate with evernote. This would take evernote as a resource for teachers to the next level.

  • Jon L β€”

    I would use this to scan all of the receipts and notes I take while I’m on the road.

  • Walter Schnecker β€”

    I would love to have a scanner right next to my workstation, so that I can scan the mail right into Evernote, as soon as I open it.

    Un-clutter your life: Evernote!

  • Josh β€”

    I would finally scan the box of documents I have been meaning to bring to the office!

  • MacKenzie Stuart β€”

    I would use my scanner to keep my school stuff organized! It would be awesome.

  • David Jensen β€”

    I would use the Canon P-150 to scan documents, papers, and mail that I don’t know what to with but I think I should keep. After scanning, I’d certainly store it in Evernote for easy search and retrieval. I might even try it with business cards.

  • Ben Haines β€”

    As always… loving Evernote, especially their competitions πŸ˜‰

  • John β€”

    Sweet!! I could use a portable scanner. A friend of mine had one at a conference I just got home from and I was jealous because I still had to deal with paper handouts.

  • Emo Castle β€”

    I plan to scan all my certification cards that I have for work. Now the are deep in my desk in an envelope and whenever I need them I have to go digging, ahhhh to have them all tidy in Evernote!!

  • Jared Dunn β€”

    I am going to scan in purchase orders and invoices so I can move towards paperless fileing.

  • Chris Bagger β€”

    I would upgrade to premium and scan everything from my filing cabinet into Evernote. Then I would have bonfire with the now unneeded folders and cabinet. Hot dogs and smores for everyone.

  • Alvin Ao β€”

    This would make getting rid of my paper so much easier.

  • David Wild β€”

    I’d use it to turn my business paperless!!!

    • Mac Sharp β€”

      Living with parents helping with medical issues, and behind dial up. I’d use it to move all the paper and pictures they and I use to evernote. Here down in south Louisiana, many of those pictures have flood damage. Would be great to have all that stuff in the cloud.

  • Ben β€”

    I’ll use the scanner to ‘dump’ my stuff in Evernote!

  • Dave Gambrill β€”

    I would eliminate at least 80% of the paperwork for my business by scanning it to Evernote with my Canon P-150. Then I could also access the documents via my iPhone. Awesome!

  • Tammie β€”

    I’d scan in my daughter’s artwork!

  • Dmitry Gorshkov β€”

    Scanning *all* my paper stuff into Evernote. (Duh.)

  • Rebeca β€”

    I’m a freelance tech consultant so this scanner would make organization a lot more easy for me. I have many documents, receipts, and notes I’d like to scan.

  • Mike Perkins β€”

    I have 11, no 12 big photo albums and 6 boxes of photos. I’d scan them and then I could share them with the multitudinous relatives.

  • Eric β€”

    I’d scan all of my writing from high school and college so that I could archive it for future publishing

  • Tamara β€”

    As a student that uses evernote for daily class notes, projects, and papers this scanner would be a great addition. It would make working on a research paper less expensive since no more copies would be needed.

  • Matthew Goldman β€”

    I haven’t had a new scanner in a decade! Would love to get it–would scan so much more so much faster.

  • David M. Lentz β€”

    I’d make all my receipts and invoices digitized, searchable, portable, tagged, categorized and neatly hidden away (yet close at hand).

  • Chuck β€”

    I’ll use it to track my receipts and expenses… it’s so easy with Evernote.

  • J-Ro β€”

    These look great! The perfect companion to complete the transition to digital. I have been wanting to get one for the myriad of notes, mind maps, quotes and more that somehow still get written down on small scraps of paper and stuffed in the small pocket of my jeans. Also, Business Cards!!! Awesome!

  • Jenni β€”

    I love and rely on Evernote. I look forward to getting sub-folders some day. My big scanner is not that convenient with Evernote, and I look forward to getting a scanner like the Cannon some time soon!

  • Duke β€”

    Evernote has totally transformed the way I manage not only my data, but my thoughts and ideas as well. The biggest challenge has been getting my paper trail digitized quickly and efficiently. With the Canon P-150 scanner, those challenges will be a thing of the past. Evernote rocks!

  • Rhiannon β€”

    I would use it to scan my receipts & make my accountant happier πŸ™‚

  • Elliot Rosenberg β€”

    New blog, new iPad, and Evernote. Watch it all come together with a scanner!!! (Well, this sounds enthusiastic. πŸ™‚

  • Bob Sawyer β€”

    We’d love to have one I’d these at the office to clutter our desks of biz cards, invoices, etc.

  • Alicia Knapp β€”

    I would use my Canon P-150 Scanner to scan and organize the sales brochures I collect every year from Horse Expos, dog shows and County/State Fairs. I’d use the resulting EverNote repository for future comparison shopping.

  • Brad β€”

    I need a slick scanner bad to help run my landscape company. We want to use Evernote to help track contracts and need a new scanner to help! Thanks and love Evernote!!!

  • Ryan β€”

    I would scan all those documents sitting in my “File” pile on my desk and then shred those puppies to make my home office more “paperless”!

  • Kevin Cheng β€”

    I’m a sophomore in college and i’m going to grad school for 2D computer animation. I am sketching individual frames by hand and drawing and inking them on computer. I don’t own a scanner so i use my digital camera to take pictures which isn’t that resourceful since the resolution is terrible. With a scanner I can take pixel perfect replications of my frames on the computer so I can ink and color them more easily. I would love to win one!

  • Diane Muir β€”

    I’d use this to scan my scrapbook world so that I can share everything with friends and family … and ensure that all my memories stay safe once loaded into the cloud!!!

  • Katie β€”

    This would be amazing! I’d use it to scan in receipts, birthday cards and postcards, doodles for later inspiration… I use evernote for EVERYTHING. And a canon scanner would make it that much quicker and easier!

  • Craig S. β€”

    I’ll use the scanner to scan handouts from software/technical trainings and post these to a shared notebook for my students to use as a resource.

  • Kathie β€”

    I would love to have this scanner to scan my receipts!

  • Joel Moore β€”

    Archival research in libraries–to complement my sizable Evernote research collections.

  • Jimmy Buck β€”

    I have a filing cabinet that is stuffed with about ten years worth of documents. I would love to scan everything into Evernote to reduce the clutter and be able to find things more easily.
    My girlfriend would like to scan recipes from the many cooking magazines that she subscribes to and tag them by cuisine and ingredient. This would hopefully eliminate the dreaded “I have a great recipe for that, if only I could remember which issue it was in.”

  • Scott Vincent β€”

    This would be great for scanning receipts on the go, and work-related documents out in the field.

  • Mike Turner β€”

    I’d use Evernote to scan in purchase receipts, business cards, and heck, even some of the hand-drawn/written things my kids make.

    Can you imagine an Evernote Notebook dedicated to all those one-timer projects your kids do? The paper will most likely find it’s way through the recycle process… but to have those memories digitized would be priceless! You could tag each one with which of your kids made it, what it was about, etc. The native attributes would sure make it handy to see them in a timeline, too!

  • cindy β€”

    Would definitely use this every day – receipts, contracts, notes. What a time saver. I want one!!!

  • J β€”

    I will scan everything that has been piling up, waiting to be organized.

  • inthefastlane β€”

    For starters – I would clean out my file cabinets…then move on to the kids artwork.

  • John Chantharuck β€”

    I totally need this scanner. Evernote.. Hook. It. Up. Please. Thank you.

  • Tom β€”

    I would use the scanner to scan wine bottle labels to build my database. I am a wine steward, and having this along with tasting notes in Evernote would be invaluable!

  • Linda McCulloch β€”

    i am on disability and have alot of paperwork related to health care. it is a real burden for me. this scanner would allow me to make this process more user friendly. i pray that the folks who need this the most are selected.

  • M Mensch β€”

    I would scan meeting notes, shipping bills, and anything else I could get my hands on to complete my migration away from paper.

  • Dixie Grilley β€”

    I would like a scanner so I can throw out the filing cabinet. It’s ugly & the scanner is sexy.

  • Christine Feghali β€”

    I would use it to create searchable photo albums with all the old pictures I have. I’d also scan my receipts so I don’t have as much junk lying around. I’d use Evernote to sort the receipts into different notebooks depending on the card. Digital searchable receipts…damn, what a time saver! It would be amazing in so many ways! I’d scan all my handwritten lecture notes that would take hours to type. Such a great pairing.

  • Gary Burkhardt β€”

    I would use the Canon P-150 to scan all my receipts into Evernote.

  • Lisa Martinez β€”

    It will be perfect to chronicle my only grandchild’s life.

  • Trinae Ross β€”

    As a writer and publisher, it is important to keep archives as paper doesn’t last forever. I have been working diligently to defeat the paper monstrosity sitting in the bin next to me, but my old scanner is slowly giving up the ghost. Being a recipient of one of the Cannon scanners can aid me on my quest to rid my office of the dreaded paper monster.

  • David β€”

    I will use it to scan photocopies of my body parts and email these to random strangers. Oh, and also as a waffle iron.

  • Michael β€”

    Aside from the many personal and professional uses I might have for one of these, I would utilize it to scan all of the paperwork for my Masonic lodge, as well as all of the historical documents we’ve recently found there, and upload them to Evernote for easy reference.

  • marc β€”

    maybe this will be just what i need to get my messy files all in order!

  • Philip O'Neal β€”

    I am an aspiring graphic artist and illustrator. I will use this Canon to make my dreams come true. No pressure.

  • Morten Aasberg β€”

    I use Evernote for collecting bits and pieces of information regarding my genealogy project – not everything is digitalized – so I visit libraries and community archives to find my ancestors in Norway and Sweden – Evernote is great for keeping track of generations, and leads I use to find real relatives, and to find out when I am on wrong tracks – which happens a lot when you have a genealogy project going – especially since many of my relatives were tramps or belonging to the SamΓ­ minority in Norway.

  • Ann MacKay β€”

    A portable scanner would be great for scanning misc. genealogy documents of my husband. He is of the pile don’t file group of people in the world. It would also be so nice to scan travel paperwork that I pick up along the way.

  • Gabe β€”

    A scanner is my bridge from a paper world into the paperless one made possible by Evernote. The Canon p-150 would let me eliminate my inbox, by never having to bring papers back to a desktop scanner with me while I’m out.

  • Michelle Long β€”

    I’d love the Canon P-150 scanner to scan in receipts, articles and other things directly to Evernote!

  • dkp β€”

    would love scanner for researc work on trips.

  • David Earle β€”

    I would love to have this scanner to help cut down on the clutter on my desk by scanning all of my important business documents, and storing them in Evernote. I would scan in all of my receipts so I could get rid of the giant drawer that I have full of them. I would also scan all of my important family photos to make sure I always have a copy of them. This will also allow me to send photos to loved ones that live far away.

  • James β€”

    I’d use it to organize all the paper in my busy life. Two businesses, home paperwork, and all my kids school stuff!


  • Bill Marks β€”

    To be able to scan things into Evernote while not at home would be awesome!

  • Mike Gushard β€”

    I am a graduate student in historic preservation and I spend hour upon hours in archives. I am also dyslexic which makes copying notes from the paper ephemera (deeds etc) that i use for my research. I often take photos of documents and save them into evernote for later review with some quick types notes. With the scanner I could produce better quality reproductions of these items for later browsing.

    Just this last month I spent a few days doing field research and came across an pretty vast archive of photographs of the buildings I came to do research on. It was a great resource but without a small scanner I was unable to fully make use of it. had I had the scanner I could have made individual notes for each building with a chronological morphology of how it changed over time.

    With the scanner I’d have I’d be able to do this next time.

    Seriously i could write a ten page paper about all the uses I’d get out of it.

  • Andrew Hawkins β€”

    This scanner would be perfect to scan entries for the Journal Free Project part of The Community Poetry Project where poets from around the world submit handwritten poems for the purpose of creating a unique compilation of poems that will become part of our hardback, paperback and eBook collection.

  • Kim Owens β€”

    While I would use this Canon scanner to pursue a paperless office and clean out my clutter of paper, the portability would be an amazing tool to capture my family’s history. In the fall I’m traveling to visit my oldest living relatives where I’ll video their first-hand accounts of family stories and SCAN all their hundreds of family photos going back generations.

  • N.Godfrey β€”

    I’m a grad student and this would be perfect for school and research.

  • Mat Wood β€”

    I would love to have a portable scanner to immediately digitize network diagrams that I draw up out at a client’s site when working on a project.

  • dkp β€”

    would love scanner for research work on trips. My wife does graduate work and needs to make copies of documents all the time.

  • Miles β€”

    I’ll be scanning in 7 years worth of bank statements before having a nice big bonfire.

  • Caleb Olson β€”

    I’m a school teacher, and it would be great to scan in and tag all the paperwork and business I get to keep better track of everything.

  • Linda Sewell β€”

    My group is having a reunion, and we want to scan our members’ old photos and attach notes about who, what, where and when each of the pictures represents. We REALLY need this scanner!!!!

  • Steve Bernier β€”

    I will use this scanner to scan almost everything on my desk. I will also be using it to scan out notes at university. I would reaaly appreciate to get one. It will be he perfect companion to my favorite apps that I use over desktop and Iphone: Evernote!!

    Thanks in advance


  • Rich β€”

    I deal with a tremendous amount of paperwork for my professional organization and it would be fantastic to have a fast way to get all those docs into Evernote!

  • Sheryl Krieger β€”

    I REALLY, REALLY need a scanner. My old ones went out. My husband paid some “pretend hardware” guy to fix the bulb in my last one. He fogged up (or smeared) the glass on the inside and the scanner would not scan clear pictures anymore. The guy left town and we could not get a refund. I need a scanner to scan notes that doctors write about my kids for school, or doctors excuses to keep a record of them, or prescriptions so I can keep a record of those. When I fill out forms to be turned in, I like to keep copies of those. (forms that have not been obtained from the internet). Sometimes my kids write drafts of essays that must be turned in and I would like to scan those and keep them. I have been lost without my scanner. Please, please let me win!

  • JFloat β€”

    A scanner! No more retyping every single note from scratch!

  • dkp β€”

    would love scanner for research work on trips. I would scan history documents and then use evernote to quickly find the pages I need.

  • Herb β€”

    I would use for receipts and miscellaneous documents, especially for my wife’s small business.

  • tom β€”

    I’d get rid of all the post-its, business cards, and best of all RECEIPTS!

  • Jeremy Hawk β€”

    I would use it for everything. Paystubs, store receipts, to do lists, and for keeping track of the plants I buy and the herbs I grow in my gardens!

  • Brandon β€”

    I will use it to get rid of paper files and receipts.

  • Linda β€”

    That would be perfect for scanning receipts & notes & all those other bits of paper that have a habit of disappearing.

  • Stefanie β€”

    I would use this scanner daily. Since my boss forbids us to have our tablets in meetings, I am always typing my notes into Evernote after every meeting. On days with many meetings, I get behind and have a pile of notes to type in. This would save so much time! (Next giveaway could you find something that would get my boss to allow us to actually use the technology he gives us?) j/k

  • Jeremy Walker β€”

    Evernote is the greatest thing ever to happen to business. I manage a school, manage seven rental homes, have two work crews that handle repairs for eight schools, manage a lawn crew that is responsible for over a dozen properties, and I am also married and have seven children. Needless to say Evernote has made my life manageable and portable. Evernote has helped me organize my life and all the various responsibilities I have. And being able to do business paperless is fantastic. Thanks Evernote!!!

  • CharlesT β€”

    I plan to use the scanner along with my laptop to eliminate paperwork when I travel. I can keep work related documents, travel receipts and everything in Evernote! No more paper to tote around!

  • Fred Eichinger β€”

    Store all those damn receipts that we have to keep for our medical expenses from works extended benefits and that the IRS is constantly sking for copies.

  • Sig β€”

    I will use the scanner to replace my travel inbox and process paperwork along to way to ease the pain of a processing pile of receipts / contact cards and notes after a week on the road.

  • Elisabeth β€”

    I would probably scan EVERYTHING. . . like random clippings from magazines, design samples I pick-up, photos. . . . and store it all on Evernote. . . my online memory. Portable is awesome!

  • RogueTess β€”

    I plan to attach the Canon scanner to my husband’s computer for autoscanning EVERYTHING into Evernote. I already do the same with my own ScanScnap 510M. Time to convert the entire family!

  • Steve β€”

    I would use it to stop teaching my kids words they don’t need to hear, as they’re sometimes used when trying to get my Brother MFC multi-function printer/scanner/sundae maker to properly scan to Evernote. The darn thing can work, but sometimes chooses not to. A scanner that worked every time would be a blessing.

  • Julie manzitto β€”

    This may just keep me from appearing on Hoarders:)

  • Dominic Le Fave β€”

    I will use this student’s handwriting and drawing into digital portfolios

  • T E Roberts β€”

    Whether via e-mail, the EVERNOTE Windows client, the EVERNOTE web client or the EVERNOTE Blackberry client, EVERNOTE has made it so easy to get information that is already in electronic format filed away in one of my EVERNOTE notebooks for quick and easy retrieval later. Linking the CANON P-150 with EVERNOTE will now give me the power to get all the printed correspondence, faxes (yes, there are people I know who still send them)receipts, artwork, rough technical design sketches and written notes that I collect as a part of my work into EVERNOTE and filed away for quick and easy access. WOW! EVERNOTE just keeps getting better and better. EVERNOTE + Canon Imageformula P-150 is tops!

  • Adam Fairholm β€”

    I’d use this Canon scanner to scan Genealogy documents into Evernote to organize and archive them.

  • Andrea β€”

    I am TOTALLY swamped with papers…papers, papers, everywhere! Business and personal both. I’ m ready to fully embrace Evernote and a portable scanner be done with the mountains of papers that surround me.

  • Jeremy β€”

    I would use this scanner and Evernote to rid my life of paper clutter once and for all!

  • Aaron β€”

    Want to clean the annoying stack of bills in the “to be evernoted” pile…

  • Caleb O'Hara β€”

    I will scan in all my old outlines so I can have ready acess to them and I can search them. It would be really nice!

  • Carlos Silva β€”

    Actually the proper question is what could I NOT do with a scanner because I would literally have everything scanned in: I can back up my sketchbook. I can take anything that someone has and scan it rather than relying on my little iphone camera. bills and stubs would all be retained. Love notes from the sweetie preserved. hand drawn blueprints now in my pocket so when I go to get things for the house I am restoring I have all of my notes crystal clear. All this scanning would probably require me going to a premium account and see if I can use the 500mb limit.

  • Macrowder β€”

    I am reading David Allen’s book Getting Things Done, and think Evernote and the Cannon P-150 scanner would be perfect to help me fully implement the GTD system.

  • deb β€”

    I would scan all my scrapbooks of ideas and add to evernote

  • Mathias β€”

    Want to scan all the loose sketches and other scraps of paper that still exist outside Evernote.

  • Ron β€”

    I’ve just been invited to be a fellow this summer at an institution on the other side of the country. Lot’s of research and expenses to capture, sounds like a perfect application for Evernote and this scanner.

  • Mike Musial β€”

    Yay Evernote! I use it on my Mac laptop, my Windows netbook AND my lame cell phone!

  • Ron Robison β€”

    Will be very helpful to scan invoices and magazine articles that I put in evernote

  • Cory Ann Ellis β€”

    I would use the scanner to replace the not so good one I had from Neat Receipts and returned because I decided to use EVERNOTE instead for my archiving and paperless office. I’ve been with out a scanner now for months and my papers are piling up. Ugh.

  • Tim Gossett β€”

    I’ve got tons of pages of notes from conferences and grad school that would be great to be able to search. That, plus assorted tax-related forms, would be priority one.

  • Diane Mentzer β€”

    I am a librarian and technology coordinator. I can think of a zillion ways to use the scanner in my work and home life. I am working on 21st century skills and this is a perfect on to share with the faculty and students. We need to reduce paper and this is a wonderful way to do that in all parts of my job, I now use Evernote daily and look forward to more uses. In my personal life I can use this for organizing my home office and go through all of the pictures I have stashed in boxes. I would love to have the scanner to show everyone how wonderful and productive 21 century technology skills and Evernote are.

  • Catherine β€”

    I would definitely use this scanner to get all of my older photos scanned & into an Evernote album — awesome!

  • Brett Fields β€”

    I’m a graduate student and my desk is littered with scraps of experimental notes. It would be great to digitize these notes and create a fully searchable electronic lab notebook in Evernote!

  • Ryan Griffin β€”

    I will remove the clutter from my office.

  • Keith colombo β€”

    I love the idea of such a portable scanner! Since my iPad has no camera. Lol. The scanner will be my savior to capture and hold documents. I am trying to be 100% paperless and organized. A loosing battle to date. Will the scanner help me prevail?? Evernote sure gave me a step up!

  • Justin Bonnot β€”

    I am working on becoming paperless and this would be just the ticket!! Thank you Evernote.

  • Paul Turner β€”

    I use Evernote as my personal file cabinet. As a truck driver, I could really use a scanner in the truck (since I carry my laptop and netbook with me). Thanks for this opportunity. Canon is a great product and with Evernote make a great combination!

  • Adam β€”

    As a preacher, I have a filing cabinet full of old handouts and magazine clippings that I would love to digitize and store in Evernote. With my premium account, these would be searchable and far more useful to me as I prepare lessons.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • David Ambrose β€”

    A small, portable scanner like that is perfect for library work. Scan the original material, tag them, then upload to Evernote. The tagging process should enable retrieval without a lot of ancillary notes, and the research process should go much faster.

  • Monika Grasley β€”

    I am the director of a small non profit that does community development work in under resourcef communities in California’s Central Valley. I get to work with amazing volunteers who are making their neigborhood a better place. The scanner would help them to tell their stories better.

  • Ken Manford β€”

    I would love to have this scanner. Evernote rocks!

  • Chris Kahle β€”

    I would use it for work – scanning a number of archival papers relating to nursing alumni efforts. I’m working on an effort to “activate the archives” making historic records/ephemera available on-line – perfect tool! Plus Evernote will make them searchable for staff! Double-plus good.

  • Evan Silberman β€”

    I plan to use the scanner to remove paper from my life and my business. I’d like to start saving meeting notes, receipts for taxes, and contracts using evernote. The idea of less clutter on my desk appels to me greatly. And maybe I can convince my wife too – she uses my desk for paper storage, and she needs to save her files – by law – for up to 7 years. Imagine…

  • Pankaj β€”

    This will finally enable my dream of a paperless existence ! Thank you Evernote and Thank you Canon..

  • kc β€”

    I would use the scanner to digitize my inbox.

  • Charlotte Parscal β€”

    I would use it at home. Thank you for offering this sweet giveaway!

  • Chris β€”

    Because my booty needs to be digitally shared with the world!

  • Micah β€”

    It’s time to move my dead trees into long term digital storage, I’d be moving as much of my filing cabinet to my hard drive and the cloud as possible. Especially as the date for our office move draws nearer!

  • Stephen β€”

    Some of my professors on my campus absolutely refuse to let students use their laptops in class, which results in notes having to be made on paper.

    Being able to scan these notes and handouts immediately after class (and sometimes during if the professor allows it) would simply be a lifesaver for an evernote addict such as myself!

  • Thiago Guerra β€”

    That would help a lot to unclutter my life!!

  • webhill β€”

    I’d scan in all the kids’ artwork!

  • Sethjk β€”

    Quite simply get all my paper into evernote. I HATE PAPER!

  • Kei β€”

    Would use it to empty my (way overstuffed) filing cabinet into Evernote.

  • Amber Hewitt β€”

    I would use the Canon P-150 scanner to eliminate the mountains of paperwork in my office… I am tired of climbing them every day! *ouch* Got a papercut!

  • Werner Huber β€”

    I would use it to scan in all the invoices and receipts I am collecting now in a shoebox

  • Clark Parscal β€”

    I would take it to work and use it, thank you.

  • Joe β€”

    I plan to use the scanner to scan all my membership cards in my wallet so I can access them on my Droid instead of carrying them around everywhere.

  • Eric Denby β€”

    Not to play the sappy card, but I would give it to my parents (and take it back when they’re done). They are starting to go through 20 years of old financial documents, bank statements, insurance forms, etc, and with this little puppy, we can digitize it all.

    A bright and clean garage is just a bonus prize with this thing.

  • Bryan Clark β€”

    I would use it to save my fiancΓ©e from drowning in receipts and help her save all her wedding magazine pages.

  • John β€”

    I would scan and catalogue my collection of air sickness bags

  • Don Dawson β€”

    I plan to use the scanner for book research.

  • Oscar A. Mata T. β€”


    I do a lot of document scanning because I edit manuals for my clients, Canon can give to me some help with my mobile station.



  • Alan Dickie β€”

    I find Evernote incredibly useful at both home and work but a new baby means that I’m loosing my study/spare bedroom and will be relying on it at home even more. I need the scanner and Evernote to cut down on the physical pieces of paper that I need to keep!

  • kunfucius β€”

    Whoa one of these would be awesome for my study abroad in Japan. I’d use it to catalogue my adventures!

  • Koichi β€”

    I would use the scanner to keep track of language studies, and start a virtual language log!

    I definitely _wouldn’t_ use it as a paperweight, though, because it would help me get rid of all my nasty papers.

  • Jim β€”

    I’d scan anything that will fit through the scanner! No Joke! I am lovin’ me some Evernote!!!!

  • Darren Chan β€”

    I’m going to place the scanner right in front of my shredder. My aim is to never accumulate a paper trail ever again. Digitize everything!

  • Mike β€”

    When I file office paperwork away in a cabinet I can never find it again when I need it. Scanning into Evernote will allow me to search easily to locate wheat I need when I need it. Love it!

  • Rafael Soto β€”

    I’d scan all my important paper documents and upload them to Evernote to have a searchable archive from my mobile phone, PC and Laptop.

  • Crystal β€”

    I was JUST this weekend clipping a huge pile of magazine recipes and saying that I was going to have to write a letter to Santa for a scanner that would allow me to take full advantage of Evernote. I think this is the cutest scanner EVER and would love to put it to daily use.

    I also just graduated and would love to purge my undergraduate experience, but I’m not quite ready to let it all go. If I could scan it quickly and easily – I’d be so much more ready to take a paper-free pledge as I enter grad school.

    Pick me!

  • Paul Jones β€”

    I’m going to use the scanner to ensure that I’ll never need to own a filing cabinet as long as I live!

  • Javier β€”

    Nice prize

  • Richard β€”

    I’d finally get to use the scanning feature of Evernote!

  • Andy Glover β€”

    Let’s see… Canon scanner + Evernote = No more paper stacked on my desk, the floor, the cabinets, etc. Etc. Etc. πŸ™‚

  • Ann Price β€”

    I will be taking a college-level course this fall for the first time since I was officially diagnosed with a “cognitive inconvenience”.
    I will be getting accommodations, including a note-taker to back up what I miss. Being able to scan those notes straight into Evernote with my laptop instead of waiting till I get home would be great!

  • Tony β€”

    I would use the scanner to capture my handwritten class notes.

  • Jorge Figueroa β€”

    Wellington… This is simple… Put it on my desk and scan every single piece of paper that touches my hand into Evernote!

  • Al β€”

    I’d scan all of the wife’s recipes! That tattered book leaks!

  • Andy β€”

    I Love Evernote!

  • lao-ocean β€”

    This would be awesome! I’m still holding on to my dream of a paperless office.

  • David Moore β€”

    I will use it to keep my receipts and copies of concert tickets along with photos.

  • Krissa Swain β€”

    Been trying to get my husband to get me a scanner. Haven’t succeeded yet, but did incidentally manage to sell him on Evernote – he even persuaded his boss to get him a premium subscription. Naturally, he has a scanner at work, so it doesn’t help me.

  • Steve β€”

    This would be great to save all my graduate research!

  • Mia von Doom β€”

    I just started a brand new site and I’m constantly inspired by ideas for new posts. My previously organized life has descended into crazy paperdom – I’m constantly jotting ideas down on the back of receipts and business cards, and writing on napkins and flyers. This scanner could give me an edge up – I could quickly scan the notes into Evernote, without having to worry if there’s enough light to take a photo of the paper with my phone or camera.

  • idogcow β€”

    doodles, receipts and doodles ON receipts

  • Wes H. β€”

    I would use it to scan all my wife’s scattered little notes.. πŸ™‚

  • Mike β€”

    I’ve been unemployed for over three years, staying with family, and needing to minimize the amount my belongings that they have allowed me to keep…which includes documents: I plan on using the Canon P-150 scanner to scan information into Evernote…so I can dispose of my many boxes of files.

  • Nicholai β€”

    I’d love to use it for scanning school work & notes directly into EN when I can’t just type it in. In would greatly simplify my work flow and I know it would get quite the use! Oh, and my birthday’s here on the 13th – πŸ˜‰

  • Guy King β€”

    This will help me scan all my old photos and add to my digital collection. Also, it will allow me to have my class notes in a central yet ubiquitous location.

  • Brandt Lofton β€”

    Hook me up!

  • FarbodR β€”

    I plan to use my new scanner to become a completely paper free family in my neighborhood.

  • Carly β€”

    I would love this!

  • Christopher β€”

    Evernote on the iPad is the last cookbook I’ll ever need… once I scan my recipes!!! (yes, I do split books for scanning)

  • Indy β€”

    I’d recycle all that paper sitting in my man-cave once I scanned them in.

  • CB from NEPA β€”

    The better question is “how won’t I use my Canon P-150 scanner??” At work and at home I have made it my mission to make all of my info available all of the time; really. It is an OCD trait showing through! If it is paper then it need to be gone as quickly as possible. With my team of “Elephants-in-the-Cloud” and the ubiquitous clients (Windows, web, Android, and IPod Touch) I am ready to move on any action anywhere that needs to reference info that has come into my world. I already have a ScanSnap at home so this baby on my work desk would complete my world!

    Aside – thanks a ton for the recent Android update – the snap-note fx is much much better using the resident camera fx.

  • Alex β€”

    I would use it streamline every piece of paper that come into my office! Plus when I travel it can come with me.

  • David Higginson β€”

    Digitize everything. Especially mail for our snow bird parents. The ADF is dying on my current scanner!

  • Dave Gerlits β€”

    I plan on using this scanner to processing all of the paper that comes into our home into images and storing them on Evernote.

    This scanner will make documenting my family’s taxes a dream, allowing us to collect all of our receipts and forms through the year, and have everything at our fingertips come tax time.

  • Ricardo β€”

    I usually draw paper notes then capture them with my phone into Evernote – I’m sure this scanner would make a much more high quality image. πŸ™‚

  • Matt β€”

    I would make all paper I receive digital. Then recycle everything I no longer need to keep.

  • Christine Belsom β€”

    Evernote is already a boon for helping with my novel, but I have a huge folder full of paper clippings and pictures I cut out of magazines, etc. The Canon P-150 would be really handy for managing that! Also, we’d definitely use it for managing our business receipts while traveling!

  • Alex Stiner β€”

    I’m in the process of remodelling my house and this would be perfect (along with Evernote) for keeping up with receipts and estimates for different projects! I want one!

  • Kstrong β€”

    I’ll be traveling all next year so trying to digitize everything. This would be awesome!

  • Kim Schmidt β€”

    I would be using it to scan my receipts and all extra paperwork for my business.

  • Marc β€”

    I’m doing research on the July 1776 printings of the Declaration of Independence and I’ve been using Evernote to copy text and images from websites and Google Books. I wish I had a compact scanner for all the pages of information I’ve photocopied from reference books and auction catalogs.

    p.s. What I love about Evernote is being able to use the desktop app at home, the Firefox extension at work and the iPhone app anywhere — knowing that everything will always be synced!

  • Denton Jacobs β€”

    I plan to give this scanner to my pregnant wife. With a Baby on the way, a move to a new home and running her own wedding planning business, on top of her “normal” full-time job. I’m looking for useful, inexpensive ways to make her life easier and more productive. She’s already an EN user, but lugging magazine articles, signed contracts and random notes to the office for scanning jut isn’t cutting it any more!

  • Mark Vanderberg β€”

    My wife has been researching her genealogy for the last couple of years and has several large filing boxes full of paper that needs to be scanned into Evernote.

    I’ve been to Evernote for a couple of years and understand the importance of the program but I cannot convince my wife to start saving her research into Evernote because of all the boxes of paper she already has. Maybe if she had a Canon P-150 scanner to scan all that research, it would convince her that it would be much easier to find what she needs if it was all in Evernote.

    Never made a comment before I dislike let you guys know that the reason I am a premium user is because I love the product & podcast. Can’t tell my new Evernote stickers arrived in the mail, so that I will give people a reason to ask me about EN. The most from our tired of me talking about it all the time. But once they understand the power of it, they are also hooked.

  • Noah β€”

    I teach and am beginning to require paperless submission of assignments by my students. Still, some of their work produces too big a file for most email systems. And others just aren’t adjusting to the new submission rules. I’d use the scanner to get all of the remaining hard copy I receive into electronic form.

  • Deb Schrobilgen β€”

    I really need something compact to help me keep all of the paperwork I have from running two businesses scanned into Evernote. My old scanner is a dinosaur…time to move into the 21st century!

  • Sherry Coleman β€”

    I would use it with Evernote to tame all those pesky receipts that I have accumulated!

  • Apophazz β€”

    I would scan every single piece of paper in my house so I can get rid of this old-fashioned medium.

  • jg β€”

    Convert all of the baby journals and kids school work so it is always available and shareable!

  • Chase Rief β€”

    Yeah for give-aways!

  • fulltext β€”

    I will finally get around to digitizing the shoeboxes full of family photos and creating online albums

  • Steve β€”

    I would use it to consolidate my record and go completely paperless. I already use Livescribe to record my handwritten notes to Evernote. I would use it to upload all the records in my filing cabinets so that I have a database of searchable documents for my masters, my work, and home life.

  • Michael β€”

    I will use this to digitize all my bills and stray paperwork.

  • Joachim Kudish β€”

    Would love this mini scanner, paperless all the way!

  • Jess β€”

    I often do a lot of notetaking on paper, and due to my handwriting (small) getting photographs suitable for upload is difficult. I would use this to correct that!

  • A.L. Garber β€”

    With a cookbook, two novels, a full time job, and a wedding all being planned via Evernote – I have been considering purchasing a scanner for a year. Somehow, it always falls to the wayside as fiscal discipline takes hold. Oh please, oh please, pick me! (Yes, shameless grovel for public consumption – I am sure the Evernote team will just pick randomly.)

  • Phil β€”

    I would bring the Canon scanner to our group homes and scan treatment documents into my laptop to review later at the office.

  • Diego M. Luna β€”

    Now that i will be transferring to a new school, i’ll have to say bye-bye to the home computer and go mobile. No more home printer and scanner. Having a mobile scanner to accompany my laptop next semester would totally make up for it!

  • Stephen Jones β€”

    Will help in my goal of less paper when I travel!

  • Joya β€”

    Oh goodness- I’d be virtual AND paperless!! Yes please πŸ™‚

  • Elaine Willis β€”

    I am a school librarian and I would love to scan student book suggestions right into Evernote to keep track of their requests.

  • jimish β€”

    i can finally save old medical literature electronically and ditch the filing cabinets!

  • Peter Hansen β€”

    I would be able to no longer have a filing cabinet!

  • Eric β€”

    I will scan every piece of paperwork I can find into Evernote.

  • Frank β€”

    The goal of every man should be a paperless existence!

  • Gregg Martinson β€”

    I plan to scan bills, papers, cards, notes, andput everything in the universal inbox.

  • Sam J. β€”

    I scan EVERYTHING at work, and love my empty file drawers, and I want to be ablento do the same thing at home!

  • Brock β€”

    I want to use it to scan my handwritten notes and handouts that I get at meetings so I can always have a record of what was discussed

  • Joe β€”

    Looks like a great tool to further help as I become more organized with endless supply of paper

  • Doug Orcutt β€”

    Bigtime fan of Evernote. My entire business is inside my Evernote brain, now I need another scanner to input my home/family portion!

  • Chuck Upwardsingtonshire β€”

    I’d use it to scan in all our bills, all our contacts and flyers from nerd conventions, and FINALLY have a way to clip magazine articles effectively

  • Colby β€”

    I have a huge scanning project that I have been putting off for over a year. This would make that project much easier. I might even do it. πŸ˜‰

  • Arthur β€”

    Finally get closer to the goal of the paperless home and office!

  • Rebecca LoveKing β€”

    I LOVE Evernote! πŸ™‚ I recently got my husband to sign up as well!

  • Matt β€”

    I’ll use my P-150 to FINALLY go PAPERLESS at my home office…goodbye orphaned business cards, receipts, forms…thank you Canon and Evernote!

  • Mike D. β€”

    I would use this scanner to scan all of my bills into evernote.

  • Chris β€”

    I’d love to be able to scan business cards as well as the notes I jot down into Evernote, but I don’t have a scanner. This would definitely solve that problem!

  • Craig Kirchoff β€”

    I have another use in mind besides the normal scanning of important documents and things I’d like to remember. Working in web video, I like to sketch pictures that become elements in our videos.

  • Edward β€”

    With this scanner I could get rid of that huge stack of paper sitting in my inbox

  • Will β€”

    I would use it for keeping track of all my expense receipts while traveling.

  • mark shoemaker β€”

    As a minister, I tend to carry a computer with me most everywhere, to record notes, sermon ideas, and just random thoughts (using Evernote, of course). A portable scanner like the Canon would be a tremendous asset that would allow me to also capture images.

  • Jeremy β€”

    This would be AWESOME! I would scan everything and get rid of all my paper and receipts.

  • Misty Hogan β€”

    I use Evernote for everything! I can just imagine how much more useful this little guy would be.

  • Paul β€”

    I want one!

  • Laura β€”

    I so need a scanner to copy and upload my older photos to evernote, as well as the piles of papers with info. that I might need, but don’t need to keep an actual paper copy. Maybe with a scanner + Evernote, I’ll finally be able to be organized!

  • @MrSawyer β€”

    I’m going to use the Canon P-150 portable scanner to scan in every future speeding citation that I receive so that I can evoke the “experience” card via the Evernote iPhone App at the security guard booth in front of the entrance to the pits at the Daytona 500…

  • Tobie β€”

    I am working hard towards a paperless home. The scanner would help me with all the little bits of paper I can’t seem to eliminate. Might even make me upload enough to finally warrant a pro evernote account :). Love evernote and use it all the time.

  • Christian β€”

    I’d love to get all my paper clutter finally organized. Such a sweet scanner.

  • Rich β€”

    I plan on using this to scan in sweepstakes entries!

  • Dick Moser β€”

    As a consultant I’m always on the road and collect reams of paper in the process — receipts, articles in airline magazines, notes to myself, things to remember to do when I get back to the office, etc. I’d love to be able to bring along a compact scanner, scan all that paper and upload to Evernote for future reference. It’s the perfect addition to my “traveling office”.

  • Clint β€”

    I plan to turn piles of PAPER into searchable GOODNESS in Evernote.

  • Gabriella Remigi β€”

    I would scan all my handwritten recipes so I can have an electronic backup and recipe notebook on evernote

  • Millca β€”

    Please pick me! That would be a really sweet combo — Evernote and a small, awesome Canon scanner!

  • Christine β€”

    I figure this is the only way I can keep all those “important papers” safe from my two-year-old!

  • iWhisperer β€”

    My last step in going paper-free from those who continue to send me paper. plus, aw heck, I never win nothin’!

  • Henry β€”

    I would keep imposing piles of paperwork at bay.


    All those little pieces of paper that get lost (or my wife throws away) could be captured and found in a breeze.

  • Tom H. β€”

    I’d like to cut out the middleman, scanning and saving a file, THEN adding it to Evernote. I’d like to go directly to Evernote with all the papers of my life.

  • Thatsteveguy β€”

    I plan to use it for scanning… directly into Evernote. Why waste it on anything else?

  • Daniel β€”

    If I won, I would use it to scan YOUR BRAINS.

  • Eric β€”

    I would use this to scan receipts… which are continually mounting on my desk πŸ™

  • John Hardin β€”

    Evernote + iphone = amazing!
    I would like to be able to scan in cards/receipts into Evernote and tag them appropriately.

  • Joshua β€”

    scanning kids’ artwork (so grandparents can see it) and all the crap stuffed in my desk drawers. Plus it would feel right at home next to my canon camera.

  • Dave Horan β€”

    I would use this for scanning receipts, photos, handwritten notes for OCR searching, handwritten diagrams, maps, kids school notes & worksheets, kids school calendars, work documents when people just stuff a hardcopy in my face, kids art pics, those pesky appliance instructions I always lose (except the “don’t use this in water” ones), kids medical records, legal docs I want to search on later, etc, etc.

  • Rich β€”

    Last 30 years of National Geographic -> Evernote.

  • Diane β€”

    This could be the end of paper files forever. Love portable, love Evernote!

  • Peter Stockemer β€”

    I would use this to scan in discovery docs and supporting documentation

  • lena s β€”

    I am a single mom who works full time while taking care of my 4 children 8, 5, 4, and 3. Are you kidding me? I would use this little scanner with evernote to keep track of every little memo, note, event, conference, sharing day notice etc that my kids bring home in their backpacks…. not to mention all the other stuff I already use evernote for .

  • Nate β€”

    I’d use it to scan in receipts and any other paperwork that gets sent to my house. Not only would I be able to get rid of clutter but I’d be able to easily document and make everything searchable.

  • Peter Stockemer β€”

    I would use this to scan in discovery docs and supporting documentation, as well as product documentation.

  • Tom β€”

    I’m inundated with paper and my Brother MFC printer is just NOT the answer. It takes up too much real estate, is slow and jams a lot. Having to get up and un-jam it is a pain. A nice Canon 150 right next to my mouse.. would be heaven! And did I read that it is DUPLEX?! WOW!! Gimme one.. puleeze…

  • karen β€”

    I want to scan in old type-written genealogical records and use Evernote to do name and keyword searches.

  • Laura Garcia β€”

    I would love to use this scanner to capture all the paper people still insist on giving me, despite years of telling people I prefer to get documents electronically. Generally I lose paper within five minutes of getting it so being able to easily scan it all into Evernote would be great. Right now I rely on occasionally taking digital photos of paper which does not work very well.

  • Paul Jacobs β€”

    Will use to scan files and reduce filing chores.

  • Scott B β€”

    A great way to allow me to expand my use with Evernote

  • Glen Thurman β€”

    I want to go paperless. I have boxes and boxes of various papers that I want to put into Evernote.

  • Paul Jacobs β€”

    My files are full. Scanning will reduce the amount of paper filling the files. I will also scan photos from pre-digital times.

  • Tara β€”

    I love evernote, I use it for everything! I would use the scanner to scan in old birthday and holiday cards so I can still have a memory of them but not the clutter.

  • Jeremy β€”

    Looks compact enough to use on the road. Awesome.

  • Hans β€”

    As an airline professional I appreciate the productivity gain while traveling afforded by the combination of the small footprint Canon 150-P Scanner and of EverNote.

  • Chuck Jones β€”

    I use Evernote everyday and have even blogged about it. If I won the scanner I would use it to scan receipts and related miscellaneous stuff that I have to keep track and thus clear some of the clutter from my life.

  • Stuart Myles β€”

    I would…

    * scan in my paper receipts and organize my expenses with a notebook per trip – much easier when it comes time to account
    * scan in hand drawn mindmaps and use them both to refer to and as images in my idea presentations
    * scan in the little paper slips I get from the library when I borrow books, so I know when to return things

  • MBeauregard β€”

    I would love to eliminate tons of statements and other documents that clog up my minimal storage spaces. I would also love to have all of my teaching portfolio scanned.

  • steveG β€”

    I’d use this for any important mail that still gets delivered the old fashioned way. I always end up with way too much paper clutter on my desk and this scanner + evernote would finally rid me of my worrisome hording of dead tree carcasses!

  • John β€”

    I would scan all my stuff

  • Brandon Schmidt β€”

    I am currently a grad student, and I will use my new scanner to scan research articles into Evernote. Then I can access them from my laptop, the internet, and my iPhone. It would be an amazing boost to my studies and productivity!

  • Chris Welsh β€”

    I keep finding more and more uses for Evernote. Keep up the good work.

  • Randy Botti β€”

    I am working towards going paperless, this would help me go far towards that end.

  • Heather β€”

    I am a high school librarian and I’ve been using our library’s ancient flatbed scanner to convert old paper docs to PDFs or jpegs – very tedious, but still better than retyping them or trying to take digital photos of them and making sure they are still readable. Having a scanner with a feeder would be awesome; however, the library budget doesn’t stretch enough to purchase a new scanner. It would be a godsend if I could win this one for the library! Also, by using Evernote as my virtual filing cabinet, all of these items become accessible from wherever I happen to be thanks to the Evernote iPhone app!

  • Dale β€”

    As a designer I’m always trying to gather and organize images, colors and layout ideas. Evernote has helped me do this online and my clients each have their own binder. But the P-150 would let me bring in printed references and have everything organized in an easily accessible area. And it would save me a ton of sticky notes too.

  • MIke B. β€”

    Wow, first, like most people reading this blog, I love the Evernote. I’ve been trying to integrate a scanner into my workflow, but the kibosh has been put on that with my new Macbook Pro not supporting my less than stellar Dell AIO. Add to that a stack of mail that I never have time to really go through, and I would love a Canon P-150 to help me straighten things out.
    Regardless, thank you Evernote for an ever-improving awesome product!

  • Jason Crump β€”

    My plan is to eliminate every piece of paper I own but haven’t recycled yet. Mostly there at work but I have a ways to go at home.

  • Carter Corker β€”

    I’ve got 10 years of school papers my mom just dumped on me. πŸ™ I need to get them scanned into Evernote ASAP! Save meeeee!

  • James Sargent β€”

    I would use it for a combination of things:
    1. Mostly for work, out on a clients site, handed paper, quickly scan it in to evernote and ditch the documents πŸ™‚ The obvious receipts.
    2. Get rid of the filing cabinet at the home and digitize everything.
    3. That last box of photos that I have been meaning to go through.

  • Glen β€”

    I’ll scan receipts, photos, and items from my pen and paper notebook and,of course, organize them in Evernote. Another giant leap for paperlessness.

  • Frank M β€”

    What a giveaway! Hope to win so I can move more towards a paperless office by cleaning out desk drawers and scanning valuable articles, handouts, and workshop notes.

  • Jose Rivera β€”

    I would definitely use it to scan manuals that can later be translated using google translate and finally to Evernote.

  • Ken β€”

    This thing is too good to be true. I’m in the marketing business and can easily take this on the road with me and scan everything along the way–right into Evernote. That blows my mind! I have a popular all-in-one unit right now that’s too bulky to bring anywhere and too much of a hassle to use. A Canon P-150 would be the perfect partner for what I do with Evernote!

  • Kevin Jackson β€”

    Yes, please; I love Canon scanners!

  • Michael Fessler β€”

    This would be nice β€” my wife could use one of these!

  • Mike D. β€”

    I would use that scanner to scan ever dang post-it note that my mom has all over her house! And then I’d use it to organize all the paperwork from when i purchased my house!

  • Domingo β€”

    Old family photos, when lost to moisture, tearing & age is such a crushing blow! Scan them, and they’ll live on digitally… and in my heart πŸ™‚

  • T3h Ub3r K1tten β€”

    I would use it to scan all my school documents and keep them FOREVER!

  • Tim Windsor β€”

    I’m already using Evernote and a desktop scanner to organize important family paperwork. The addition of a portable scanner, always at the ready in my backpack, would allow me to do the same thing at my job as well!

  • Zsuzsi β€”

    I am organizing my files of the last 10 years, including college papers, several versions of my business plan and web drafts, newspaper and magazine articles. EN is such a wonderful tool to keep track of everything, and this scanner looks very pretty.

  • Robin β€”

    Manage what start out as hardcopy telco bills in a sane way

  • Cheng-Jih Chen β€”

    I signed a lease for a NYC apartment. It’s 100 pages long, and I need something to scan it with.

  • Kyle F β€”

    this would be great for helping me declutter.

  • Terry Tuinder β€”

    If I had a Canon P-150 Scanner, I would scan everything that does not move and fits into the feeder slot into Evernote. I would be the continual scanner bunny, that just keeps scanning, and scanning, and scanning.


  • Jim Rogowski β€”

    I would begin scanning all my wifes contacts from her roladex (yes people do really use them still) and have her watch me throw the old rotary 52 card pick up machine in the trash once and for all!

  • StephinVegas β€”

    If I had a Canon P-150 portable scanner, I could… Scan in all those scraps of paper at the bottom of my purse. Grocery and daycare receipts. Appointment cards for the doctors and dentists. Business cards for people who still have them printed. I’d scan in pictures, stories and other works by my two little boys. If only I could win a Canon P-150 portable scanner!

  • Bill Van Loo β€”

    I would use it to empty out those office filing cabinets and regain some floor space!

  • Chad Molen β€”

    i’m going to use it to go paperless at work!

  • Adam Mag β€”

    I’d go paperless. I’ve started and it’s going well so far but I could use a better scanner for sure

  • Ian and Julie Roberts β€”

    We homeschool our two kids and the Canon P-150 would be an excellent way to save writing assignments, artwork, test results, and anything else paper that they create. In Evernote we could make a journal for each child, tag items with grade level, and when they graduate, export it all into their Evernote account! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  • Laurie β€”

    Wow, this and evernote, I could finally get all those pieces of paper in the computer and out of the drawer!!!!!!

  • cammur β€”

    I travel a lot and rely on Evernote. It plus a compact scanner such as the Canon P150 make it easy to be far from base yet organized.

  • Xiang Xue β€”

    I love Evernote on my iPad, Mac, and PC. Will be great if I can get the scanner to add to the list of Evernote devices.

  • Romeo Graham β€”

    I love Evernote! I need a new scanner! Thanks!

  • bljarv β€”

    I would scan in my handwritten notes into my Evernote notebook!

  • Neal Connor β€”

    Scanning my daughter’s artwork!

  • Candice β€”

    I would use the Canon P-150 scanner to become a digital pack rat!

  • Dan Walsh β€”

    I do marketing presentations to people who are thinking of selling their homes. I would use the
    Canon P-150 to scan contracts, disclosures and legal documents that the owners would prefer not to be removed from their possession.

  • Sarah Roeder β€”

    I so want to win this!! I have stacks of papers that are begging to be scanned; just don’t have the right tool. Love Evernote and this giveaway πŸ™‚

  • Matt Pocock β€”

    This would be great for scanning bills as they come in. I’d be able to keep a history of past bills without holding on to stacks of paper.

  • Andy M β€”

    Oh snap! I hope to win! I am in need of a new scanner desperately. I would use it to continue my paperless home & home office journey. I have receipts and documents starting to fill my inbox due to my old scanner not syncing with my Mac, err! And the fact that it’s portable, awesome!

  • Frank β€”

    I’d use the scanner to scan in my business receipts, meeting notes, and my kids’ artwork.

  • Brandon Fong β€”

    This will allow me to toss out all those instruction manuals I’ve been holding onto.

  • Kuni β€”

    I’m currently using ScanSnap in my home office with MacMini and love it, but like to be able to scan anything from anywhere in the house, such as in the kitchen and family room where I mostly use my time to check email and web browsing. I would scan receipts, coupons from Sunday papers, letters, newspaper/magazine clips, handwriting memos, etc.

  • Scott Heldman β€”

    With Evernote, I’m finally becoming something I have never been….digitally organized.
    BTW – love the Podcasts, especially lighting round.

  • xiaowei Zhan β€”

    I want to win!

  • Dennis β€”

    What would I do with a Canon P-150? Finally get around to scanning the piles of paper on my desks. It’s hard not to put off when all you’ve got is a flatbed scanner.

  • Pablo β€”

    I am currently making a blog and I plan on writing out all of my blog posts then using the scanner to upload all of my scanned blogs along with pictures along with uploading all of my paper documents to become paper-free!

  • Kenny β€”

    I will use the Canon P-150 to finally keep track of my receipts and auto records.

  • Bert Webb β€”

    As a school administrator, I carry paper documents from school to home to scan on my personal scanner, as I practically run my school using Evernote. Installing this scanner in our school office will increase our effectiveness in serving our students and parents.

    In addition, using this scanner at school will demonstrate to, not only my 56 teachers, but the other administrators at our 119 other schools in my district how Evernote and a quality scanner can improve documentation, virtual filing, and efficient retrieval can improve the efficacy of any school.

    Brightwood Elementary
    Guilford County Schools, NC

  • Michelle β€”

    Receipts and all my kid’s paperwork from sports, clubs, etc.

  • Diana Shores β€”

    I would use this for scanning things on the fly… receipts, business cards, documents, etc.

  • Bill Kirkpatrick β€”

    This one’s easy: I do a lot of research at the National Archives, and I would use the scanner to scan in old documents and the add them to Evernote to make them searchable. That would definitely beat the stack of (unsearchable) photocopies I have from previous research trips!

  • Alan Neese β€”

    I would be scanning all of my receipts into Evernote to get ready for the tax man.

  • Emily Barklage β€”

    I would love to scan my grandmothers’ old recipe cards and store them with my other recipes on Evernote.

  • sterling β€”

    I would love this. Finally stop filling that filing cabinet.

  • blackbart β€”

    I am an architect and I have binders full of old articles, notes, sketches, designs, etc. that I have wanted to scan into Evernote since I started using it last year. Using my flatbed scanner has been too slow, but I haven’t been able to find a good scanner to help me work through it all that is compatible with my Macbook and my Windows PC. I have also been trying to make Evernote a family affair by getting my wife to use it on the PC and her iPhone. I think I’ve convinced her of the coolness of the program, so that now she wants to scan boxes of old photos and notes from her Master’s degree classes. Help us Evernote and Canon, you’re our only hope – WE NEED A P-150 SCANNER!

  • Rev. Heng Sure β€”

    I would use the hardware and the software to organize and digitize my 34 years of Dharma-talks as a Buddhist monk. Currently the paper-bound notes fill many a file drawer and cardboard box.

  • Scott β€”

    I’m very disorganized, so I’d love to feed it receipts, old educational materials, and the like, and know I can bring them up in Evernote, without needing to hunt down the original paperwork in my file drawers.

  • Andrew β€”

    Portable scanner plus Evernote the perfect organizational tool

  • Chin β€”

    I will use to organize my receipts.

  • michael kastler β€”

    My wife is this [–] close to being paperless and organized! (note the [–] symbol is symbolically equivalent to the width of a Canon P-150!)

  • Jay β€”

    I would like to use this to lower my pile to flat surface ratio.

  • sfmitch β€”

    I would scan my receipts, checks, bills, rebates, insurance info and anything else I could get my hands on.

  • Daniel Gold β€”

    Evernote: You’re fantastic for giving away this scanner! I’m a Litigation Specialist with a global provider of content enabled workflow solutions. I’ve been preaching the good word of Evernote both internally, to law firms & on my personal blog! I travel a lot – so I would be using the scanner for all of my receipts, invoices, business cards, magazine articles, trade journal issues, hard copy contracts, and any other hard copy documents I’m given in my travels. I lose so much time when I get back to my office scanning everything that having a portable scanner would allow me to be much more effective & efficient! Thanks!!

  • rmrf β€”

    Hope P-150 and Evernote will help me to remove all this dead trees from my drawers and my table.

  • Pat Ward β€”

    I would love a new scanner for the church I’m Pastor of. I use Evernote all the time and this would be a great compliment.

  • Jesus Lubnow β€”

    I would scan the many notes left on my desk from my boss, add them to my Evernote account and have them readily scalable on my BlackBerry, iPod, iPad and computers.

  • Alison β€”

    I will use it to organize receipts and keep track of my spending better!

  • Eric β€”

    I love Evernote!

  • Matt β€”

    I’d use it for keeping track of vehicle repair bills and receipts for stuff we’ve purchased.

  • Jay β€”

    Digitizing my file cabinet. My wife says it has to go!

  • Marc Allen β€”

    Evernote has increased my efficiency so much that, along with the Canon P-150 scanner, I may even have time to get home and learn my kids’ names.

  • Ryan Armitage β€”

    This scanner would allow me to continue my goal to a paperless classroom with all my scans going to Evernote, of course!

  • Justin β€”

    I would love to actually win something especially something from evernote!

  • Janetta Garton β€”

    I will use the scanner with Evernote for both personal and work purposes. I’ll scan EVERYTHING and not fill another file cabinet drawer or 3-ring notebook!

  • Neelie β€”

    This little scanner is the perfect size to take on the road with me in the RV!

  • Tom β€”

    Been loving Evernote for over 2 years now. In addition to the steady incoming stream of receipts, statements, etc., I’ve got a pile of school notes from the past 3 years that I’m loathe to throw away — a scanner would be the perfect thing for turning them into digital notes, stored away for easy search and retrieval in the future. “Evernote and scanners: letting information packrats get back to seeing their desks.”

  • David Sylvain β€”

    I will use it for just about everything! Work, school, life organization – you name it! My wife will love it too!!

  • Rian Fowler β€”

    My boss does a ton of use case diagrams, activity diagrams and just random hilarious doodles (from taco gnomes to magic otters) on paper. I would use this scanner to digitize his awesomeness and share it on my public notebook.

  • Brent β€”

    I would use the P-150 to scan receipts and other documents more easily into Evernote, try to start making electronic records of a mostly paper filing system.

  • Johnny B β€”

    I’m going to be moving around allot for school over the next two years and being able to scan my documents and keep them with me is better than having them in a binder I have to lug around

  • Marsha Allen β€”

    Where to begin. Scan recipes into my recipe notebook. Or scan the magazine images I’ve saved of home ideas to my Evernote home notebook. Or scan the quotes I collect into my quotes notebook. I could go on but I wouldn’t want to boar you. My point is I could put a scanner to good use in combination with my Evernote account. By the way have I told you that I really don’t know how I could get along without Evernote.

  • Joe β€”

    I would use this to scan things into evernote…

  • Theresa β€”

    I would use the scanner and evernote to scan my receipts and semi-important documents to eliminate the paper clutter that seems to mysteriously build up around my house.

  • Rob Parnell β€”

    I would use it “for family photos” to make my new Genealogy project work out.


  • Shawn May β€”

    I am in the beginning stages of starting an organization to support the local music and arts community within our city. This scanner would be most useful when networking with artists and musicians and collecting information. Instead of typing notes into Evernote I will be able to capture and go! Great tool to GTD.

  • Wayne Holly β€”

    I’ll use the scanner and Evernote in my genealogy searches!

  • Adrian Bagayas β€”

    It would be perfect for travel.

  • Janet β€”

    I would love to be able to scan bills, receipts, notes to myself into Evernote. This 57 year old brain needs all the help I can get!

  • Queco Jones β€”

    Organnize receipts for tax time.

  • Paul V. β€”

    I’m a reporter — I’ll use it to scan scribbled notes from the road.

  • Brian H β€”

    I really want to get away from paper filing, and put everything (receipts, statements, etc) into Evernote. But I don’t own a scanner at home. So this would be perfect for me!

  • Robert Wherry β€”

    I will use the scanner to (finally!) catch up on updating my address file with all the business cards that are sitting in my “to be inputted” file.

  • Heidi β€”

    I would put the rest of my life in Evernote! I need this scanner.

  • Mark Tabor β€”

    I will scan receipts with notes about clients that relate to the receipts [who I paid for meals for – what was discussed, etc.]

    This is fantastic! What a great fit.

  • Jake β€”

    So many things to scan, not enough money for a scanner..

    I’m dying to scan written recipes (mainly for cocktails) into Evernote. Being able to search that will be amazing!

  • Sarah β€”

    I have a huge collection of knitting magazines where I only really need a pattern or two out of each issue. I really need to scan into Evernote the patterns (and any related error notes) so I can clean that whole mess out and not have to pack it when we move!

  • Shane Kennard β€”

    The primary way I’ll use it is to scan receipts. But also almost ANY piece of paper I need to keep. That will make it much easier.

  • Tim Irvin β€”

    I have accumulated many years worth of Guitar related magazines. I would love to be able to scan them, convert them to PDF files and store them on Evernote. The scanner/printer that I’ve used in the past has bit the dust. I’m in desperate need. Pick me PLEASE!

  • Craig Little β€”

    Now I can get rid of all those napkin notes!

  • Vernadette β€”

    Wow! I would love to try this!

  • Dave Van West β€”

    I am a hvac, elec contractor, & a trade school instructor. While I work in the field, I use Evernote to catalog equipment, service issues, and repairs.

    This data is used in class the same day to demonstrate to my students real life applications.

    Additionally, I capture the whiteboard after lectures. I used one public notebook so my students are able to get assignments & whiteboard images if they miss class.

    Evernote is easy enough for even this blue collar guy to use! Best $5 a month I have. Ever spent!

    Thanks Evernote!
    Big Dave

  • Alex β€”

    Already working toward a paperless home life with a scansnap. I can just imagine taking this with me on travel and not even having to bring those scraps of paper home with me in the first place.

  • paul β€”

    I have tons of documents that I would love to scan into Evernote.

  • Quinten β€”

    I would use the portable scanner for my computer repair business when performing onsite jobs for my customers. I would be able to scan in forms that have been filled in, and also scan in receipts for all my on-road expenses with the help of the Canon P150 and my 3G enabled laptop. Productivity on the go, yeah!

  • Richard β€”

    Scan all my kids school work

  • Peter lachance β€”

    That would be a wonderful tool to scan in drawings and renderings at school!

  • Matt β€”

    I’ll use it to scan everything…no really everything!

  • Patrick β€”

    I’ve got a ton of invoices and receipts to scan in and categorize. Plus, I’d like to go and scan my huge “to be filed” basket and turn it into a “to be shredded” basket!

  • Heidi β€”

    I need this to get the rest of my life into Evernote. Please….

  • Bianca β€”

    Wow I so need this, to organize all my receipts and invoices for my boutique in Evernote! πŸ™‚

  • Scott β€”

    The day I receive this scanner is the day my baby girl stops eating all the paper in my home office. πŸ˜‰

  • Diyhai β€”

    pick me
    i need this in my life

  • Michael β€”

    This little baby will help me to scan the hundreds of loose commented publications I have cluttering my desk.

  • Levi Wallach β€”

    Um, theoretically I want to use it to scan in lots of old paperwork so that I can then get rid of it! I’ve never won anything like this in a giveaway contest, so I’m not expecting anything, but it sure would be nice!

  • Charlie Fisher β€”

    I would use this to scan student’s work in my classroom. Scans would be put into Evernote notebooks so that parents can view work.

  • Alyson β€”

    I will use the scanner/Evernote combo to act, not react.

  • Doug β€”

    Business receipts!!!

  • Mary Jo β€”

    My record keeping sucks. I have dribs and drabs of info all over the place, bolstered with bits of paper commonly called receipts. It’s a disaster.

    With the scanner, I could finally get organized in a way that is easy and intuitive — meaning that I would actually follow through and do it!

  • Janet β€”

    I use Evernote to organize genealogical documents and I’d love the scanner to help me input photos and paper docs!

  • John Satterlee β€”

    1. Scan and store business cards
    2. Scan and store pamphlets and handouts from travel
    3. Scan and store class handouts and notes

  • Brent Levy β€”

    I’m getting married in August and my fiancΓ©e is always “encouraging” me to keep up with my receipts. With this scanner, I’ll be able to meticulously keep track of my receipts and purchases and she will love me even more than she does now!

  • Elizabeth β€”

    I will use it to scan pictures of kitchens for ideas as I plan my kitchen remodel.

  • Aaron Massey β€”

    To scan everything!

  • Bannon β€”

    I would use both to help us save money with coupons and rebates.

  • Aaron β€”

    I would use it to see my desk again.

  • Eric Kale β€”

    One of my top application I use everyday.

  • Keith β€”

    I would use the P150 to scan and catalog all the handwritten recipes that my grandmother gave to me. I would then educate the rest of the family about Evernote and share the wealth.

  • Mark Allen β€”

    As a frequent traveler and sales professional, I deal with a multitude of contracts, receipts, expense reports and other miscellaneous paper items on a regular basis. It would be nice to have a mobile scan solution to accompany me at the office AND on the go which not only minimizes the clutter but also organizes a continuous stream of necessary paper documentation at the same time.

  • Steven β€”

    Having this scanner would allow me to better organize layouts for the newspaper I work for. I currently use Evernote to upload and store press releases and photos emailed to me, however I still have clients who send paper copies making organization difficult. Having a scanner for the office will help out considerably.

  • Tammie β€”

    I would use this scanner to get all my papers digitized so I can move towards a paperless office.

  • Brian β€”

    Been trying to scan our paper and put them some place both my wife and I can access one our own computers and iPhones. Current scanner is a pain to use so we are not good with this process. We have lots of old recipes we are trying to put into Evernote as a cook book but we need a better scanner.

  • john wurth β€”

    I’ll use it to finally be paperless and be an Evernote PRO user!

  • Jose D. β€”

    I would use it to finally complete some of my projects like digitizing all my photos (pre digital camera), scanning all my take out menus, and scanning lots of paper notes that I write for myself that are currently scattered all around my desk.

  • David β€”

    Reduce my clutter and bring order to my soon-to-be-former paper reliance: I’ve already started using Evernote for work and personal notes, so the next step is to scan all important documents so I may reduce the clutter and organize my stuff in a more logical and sustainable way.

  • dgreno β€”

    I’m an Evernote junkie and this will feed my habit!

  • Sharon β€”

    I would use the scanner for the piles of paper involved with keeping track of my son with special needs’ life.

  • Brian Barcus β€”

    Between normal family finances and my wife’s charity work we have piles of paper documents. And having a portable scanner could help avoid bringing more paper home from business trips.

  • Paul R β€”

    As a writer and video producer, I am constantly sending cell phone pictures of possible filming locations with short descriptions to Evernote. With the Cannon P-150, I could write a short sketch and scan it to Evernote. No longer would I be hampered by a 140 character limit; I could get the picture and the story.

  • john a β€”

    I would use the scanner to pull in meeting notes, scribbles and diagrams. And then recycle the paper;P

  • Barry W. β€”

    I would use it for our Cub Scout pack to keep track of all our new scouts and leaders paperwork– this would be a great tool to help keep our information organized!

  • Sean C C β€”

    I would scan in all my important documents so that Evernote can keep track of them for me.

  • Jason Jolly β€”

    I’ll use it to be paper-free for the only time that I’m not currently….ON THE ROAD. Thanks for the blog, podcast, and most importantly…the application!

  • ed β€”

    I would give it to my son for scanning class notes. I’ve been talking up Evernote and showing him search in my (awful) hand writing 3 years down, 5 to go…

  • Scott Smith β€”

    I would use this scanner to go paperless in my home office!

  • Nicolas Thomsen β€”

    IΒ΄d use it to scan all my designs on paper that I have lying around the apartment

  • Patrick β€”

    I would use it to scan all of the files in my file cabinet and go completely paperless!

  • anotherjoy β€”

    I would use this scanner to scan all the notes and stuff I have on a story (or series of stories) I’ve been writing bits and pieces of since I was a little girl. I recently found all my details about the character names and stuff I wrote as a child, and with this scanner I could load them all into Evernote and get everything organized to start writing the actual stories!

  • Jim Riggs β€”

    I would use the scanner in my office to save myself trips to the copy room where I scan my documents on a big Canon photocopier that emails them to my Evernote account.

  • Robert β€”

    I will scan the stuff that needs to be scanned – so then I can to be placing the newly scanned scans in Evernote, so I will always be able to view my scanned scans with my scanning eye, saving me from scanning my desk for unscanned scans of scans. K?

  • CurtG β€”

    I plan on using the Canon P-150 scanner and Evernote to eliminate clutter on my desk as well as incorporate a new digital filing system for myself and clients. I’m going to teach clients how to use Evernote so I can just scan and send documents into their Evernote accounts instead of mailing/faxing.

  • Nathan Parker β€”

    I always have loads of paper documents and notes around that I would love to quickly convert to electronic format, and Notescraps has already helped me organize my digital clutter, so this would simply be the icing on the cake!

  • Michele β€”

    After 13 moves and the last year spent with my husband in India, I have been working on organizing the mounds of paperwork that go along with our hectic family lifestyle over the past 25 and what I really hope to do is go completely paperless. I love Evernote!

  • Donna β€”

    I would use it to scan all my old 4 x 6 photos and business cards that I get. So great that it is small enough to fit on my desk!

  • Eddie King β€”

    The Canon P-150 is just what I’ve been searching for in a scanner for Evernote. Obviously the Evernote integration is a big part of this revelation, but I’m especially excited about the portability and the dual sided scanning.

  • Jennifer β€”

    I’m going into my third year of college and a lot of times I wish that I could just scan all of my notes onto my computer so that I actually study them and they’re all in one place! The most important thing is to organize all of my schoolwork and have it all on my computer so I never lose anything! Plus, with the feature on evernote to look up text in pictures, I wouldn’t need to look through countless pages of notes looking for what I was looking for! It’s like ctrl+f on your notes! (I would also be able to stop worrying about what I throw away and what I don’t).

  • Drew Dockery β€”

    I’d probably use it mostly for receipts and business cards.

  • C. R. Oldham β€”

    I run a chapter of a small nonprofit. I would use the P-150 scanner to help get a handle on the flood of receipts I have to keep track of.

  • DeeCee β€”

    What did I ever do before Evernote?

  • JE Johaneman β€”

    I’d use it to scan in all of my research notes for the novel I’m working on, and store them in evernote for retrieval anywhere.

  • Bryann β€”

    I shall scan myself.

  • Clayton O'Neill β€”

    Funny, I just ordered one of these from Amazon, but it hasn’t shown up yet. I imagine I could return it if I won though!

  • Mark Dixon β€”

    I will use the Canon scanner to upgrade the process for using Evernote for my main filing cabinet. I rarely file paper any more, but depend almost entirely on Evernote.



  • Brian β€”

    I’ve been wait for a way to get my wife hooked on Evernote as well… The scanner would be a great start.

  • Howard Harris β€”

    Tons of photos to scan

  • mwong β€”

    I’d love to have one! I’d use it to scan receipts when I’m on my trips!

  • AnJam β€”

    This scanner would arm me to fight the battle against paper piles!

  • Ken araujo β€”

    I want to scan in all my biz receipts and save them in evernote to help me keep track of expenses for my doggy biz. This will be a vast improvement over the folder paper game.

  • Dan β€”

    This would help with my customer invoices! I could scan them into EN and have them instantly available by Month and Day! πŸ˜‰

  • Renee β€”

    I would use the scanner to replace my filing cabinet. I’ve been looking for a while & this looks great.

  • ShelliO β€”

    To ward off any hoarding tendencies. Paper Be Gone!

  • Ulrik Botttern β€”

    I would love one of those.

  • linda β€”

    I would use it in my classroom. I already use Evernote to record what and how to teach; the scanner would be an additional resource to share photos and other non-computer documents, which would then be stored in Evernote for the next class! NEver again would I lose that perfect lesson!

  • Tom β€”

    This would allow me to finally consolidate my ever growing collection of receipts and probably stop my accountant from going into cardiac arrest every year when I drop of a manila envelope of uncategorized receipts.

  • Torsten β€”

    Indeed, this would be my next step to a paperless office.

  • Scott Wms β€”

    I would use the Canon P-150 scanner to capture receipts, both personal and business, plus magazine articles I have kept, photos, newspaper clippings, old postcards, letters, on and on . . . . .

  • Julian Gomez β€”

    TV production offices are still paper-centric. As a television editor, I would scan all the edit notes I receive from producers and the network into Evernote. By placing them into notebooks and adding tags, I can add a great cross-reference layer to the post-production workflow.

  • Jason β€”

    Absolutely love evernote! I would use the scanner to scan all my mail and research!

  • Marty β€”

    I would use it to scan receipts and other junk before it accumulates in my wallet. Having it all easily accessible in Evernote regardless of where I’m at (and which device I’m using) will make expense reports easier to complete. I might actually start getting them in on time!

  • Maddy β€”

    I would love this to give to my husband. He is a walking paper note monster. He writes on scraps of paper all over the place. He can never find the right scrap when he needs it. His whole life he has been addicted to writing on scraps of paper. He spends hours hunting for those bits of paper. it drives us all mad. Tonight he gets going with Evernote and this scanner would mean when he’s out and about the bits of paper will be a thing of the past.Its awesome.

  • mrwakiki β€”

    I would use it to record things from my many locations work, home 1, rental home 2, vacation travels

    and upload it to my everynote account — thus being everywere, but all together

    Mr Wakiki

  • Lucas β€”

    Would love to use this with with Evernote to scan in small drawings I work on on the go. Sweet!

  • Richard β€”

    I currently have an overflowing file folder cabinet. With this scanner, I could go through all my old documents and have them accessible in Evernote (and searchable thanks to my Premium account). This would save me huge amounts of time since currently I have to dig through the folders and try to find the paper that I’m looking for.

    In addition, it would help me stay paper-free going forward in the future as I could use the Canon scanner to directly scan any important documents straight to Evernote.

  • Cal Sihilling β€”

    Receipts, recipes, pictures, business cards, statements, anything that doesn’t move?

  • mrwakiki β€”

    I would like to add
    laptop + scanner + EverNote = I own the world

  • Jean Breheney β€”

    I’d use my new Canon P-150 scanner to scan all (or almost all) of my handwritten notes and photocopies into Evernote so I could actually find my research when I need it — dare I say, it would help me actually get projects DONE, and that would be a great thing!

  • Dan β€”

    I will exceed my 40mb limit within one hour of that thing being in my hands.

    then I’ll become an evernote pro

    then I’ll exceed [whatever the pro limit is] with scanning

    then I’ll eat ice cream and take a nap until my month passes and I’m ready for more!

  • Jeff β€”

    I have a demanding full-time job as an architect, two side businesses, one venture in the works, three kids including twins just starting sports and music, I am president-elect of our church for the next couple of years and my wife is a volunteer and member of the school board. I would put EVERYTHING into EVERNOTE. My usage has been steadily increasing and I am finding that what doesn’t go into EVERNOTE gets forgotten or lost. I have no working scanner, so all the phone memos, phone numbers, shopping lists, etc, get transcribed which takes a lot of extra time. Also, receipts are photographed with my phone, but are sometimes not legible or I have to take multiple shots. I would LOVE a new scanner. Thanks!

  • mdelony β€”

    I’m a college professor with 17 boxes of research documents. I am going paperless and scanning all my documents and filing in evernote with tags. I would use the scanner to catch up and keep up with all the documents that go with teaching english in a university.

  • Jonathan β€”

    After 5 years of living in England, my family is shortly moving to Japan, spending a month in the US to reconnect with family and friends. A portable scanner is just the thing we need to keep track of all the reimbursable receipts along the way!

  • Matt β€”

    I’m going to scan my lecture notes, exams, and homework assignments. :] I love Evernote!!

  • Guilhem Brouat β€”

    Oh this is exactly what I need ! For few month I’ve planned to scan all my important papers, but I only have a old, big, flat scanner which is too big to fit on my desk, so it’s held in a closet…
    This one would fit pretty well next to my laptop, and Evernote would be an excellent place to store all these documents !

  • Loren Levy β€”

    I would scan all my tenant’s leases and all the contractor’s estimates for my property management company. I could even save all my tenant written repair requests into evernote.

  • Jeff Singfiel β€”

    I use Evernote in my work for a US non-governmental development organization. We generate a lot of paper and this scanner would be a huge help!

  • Bruno Weevil β€”

    With this fine technical fetish object I will scan my necktie collection and the few dollars in my wallet. Then I can buy more ties and still enjoy looking at the money in Evernote.

  • Sarah β€”

    I love Evernote. I would love to win a Canon scanner.

  • NateB β€”

    I have several boxes of class notes that I would love to scan..,

  • Justin Mather β€”

    I would use it to help scan images from my dad’s old magazines & photos so I can start developing my graphic design skills & and get my freelance business off the ground!

  • Josias Hernandez β€”

    I I won the Canon imageFormula P-150 scanner. I would open it and immediately hook it up to my macbook pro. I would use the how to tutorial How to: Scan to Evernote (on a Mac)
    November 12, 2008 | Posted by Alex Pachikov in Tips and Stories on the Evernote Blog found here:
    to set up my image captureSelect β€˜Evernote’ as the Automatic Task and
    Using the Getting things done Organization system workflow process I would finally be able to scan all of my school papers, notes, photos, and magazine cut outs.

    Through my four years in an NYC Art school I have amsted a vast collection of paperwork and various things that i need for inspiration, research, and to archive.

    I find that with the capabilities of this scanner will enable me to get SUPER organized and give me the most valuable thing back… TIME.

    Using this light mini scanner and Evernote I will be able to sit back and relax in any environment even outside in central park, while quickly and efficiently accessing all of my files.

  • Necho β€”

    I’d love to have one! And also I love evernote.

  • Magnus β€”

    Last week i finished my studies as bachelor of business administration. There was always a lot of chaos with all the papers till i found Evernote! I think my new boss would love to see a tidy desk at work and it will be a big step into a “paperless office” – and i could work in the sun because of the nice iPhone app! (I think this is more important for me ;-))

  • adnohr β€”

    I want to scan my daughter’s daily sheets from daycare so I have a record of what she did each day. then one day I can use the milestones in a scrapbook, or just have them for her to view when she is older.

  • Shaine Alleman β€”

    I’m trying to go paperless, so this scanner would be used to help digitize most of my files and help me clean all the paper clutter!

  • Gary Luther β€”

    I could scan all the business cards I have collected and have the info available in Evernote on the road, on my phone, at the public library……….awesome.

  • dauerhippo β€”

    I would use the scanner to scan every single piece of paper that needs to be saved! Evernote has helped me live an almost paperless life! I love it!

  • Scott G β€”

    I would scan drum transcriptions, drum lessons, drum photos, and old beer posters of hot chicks with bad hair. Ah the possibilities are endless..