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Evernote for Professional Wedding Planners (Evernote Wedding Series, part 2)

Posted by Megan Soto on 14 Jun 2010

Posted by Megan Soto on 14 Jun 2010

Name: Courtney, CEO, A Sweet Soiree Events
Location: Washington, DC
Profession: Wedding Planner
Blog: A Sweet Soiree
Twitter: @ASweetSoiree 

This post is part of our three-part series on ways Evernote can be used to plan your big day.

Courtney  is an event planner based in the greater Washington DC area, founder of A Sweet Soiree Events. Among the many types of fetes that Courtney organizes, weddings are her specialty—and she certainly plans a lot of them! Running such a tremendously creative business takes dedication and the most organized people out there. So, Courtney uses Evernote.

It is the enormous number of details that rule her day-to-day professional life that make her an avid user. From summoning catering numbers in Evernote on her Blackberry to syncing inspiration boards to massive amounts of web clippings, Courtney’s Evernote account gets a lot of use.

Why Evernote is a Wedding Planner’s helper

According to Courtney, using Evernote makes her feel much greener and lighter, and really, more dependable as all her information is centrally located and always available in Evernote. She’s been able to rid herself of paper almost entirely. She no longer has to save inspirational web images to a thumb-drive or computer. She is even able to save multiple layers of photography edits within her Evernote notes.

Like many wedding planners out there, Courtney is a blogger, sharing her experience and inspiration with the world. But she also reads around sixty blogs a day—saving any interesting or useful content to Evernote.

Binder replacement

Courtney finds it so useful in wedding planning that she encourages her clients to replace the large binders and file folders (so often towed around by by planning-crazed brides) with Evernote to be able to access their materials from anywhere.

Evernote Wedding Series

Check out part one of our wedding series: The bride’s perspective on using Evernote


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  • manchesterunitedfootballclubmanutdfc

    Having a wedding planner is really a big help. It can help one’s wedding to be really organized.

  • Wedding Directory

    Evernote is fantastic for preparing a wedding. I have used it continually for quite some time and it has allowed me to increase my productivity substantially.

  • Marie X. Williamson

    You are right it needs preparation. Thanks to the planners for the help!!

  • Victoria

    Evernote is just a fabulous product hands down. It truly is the creative person’s Holy Grail of notebooks! I too wish I would have discovered Evernote while I was doing my own wedding planning.

  • Nicholas Brown

    My fiancee and I are trying to use Evernote to plan our wedding, but with the lack of sharing “our” notebook in two accounts on the desktop it’s not working out so well. We’re probably moving to Basecamp or a project management tool now, which is too bad because I love Evernote.