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Posted by on 19 Jun 2010

Posted by on 19 Jun 2010

In a few short (read: unbearably long) days, Apple’s new iOS4 and the shiny new iPhone will be released into the wild. Apple just approved the iOS4 compatible version of Evernote (v 3.3.5). So, while you won’t be able to take advantage of many of this update’s goodies just yet, you can still get excited about what awaits you come Monday. In addition to iOS4 support, this update also improves image handling on iPad and synchronization on all devices. Here’s a rundown of what’s new and notable:

Where was I?

iOS4 supports fast app switching, which means that whenever you leave an app, you’ll be able to return to where you left off. Evernote supports this feature, so you can leave the app while creating a note, viewing a note, doing a search, or just about anything else and you’ll come back to the same exact spot.

In the background

The new operating system allows applications to continue performing certain tasks even after the user exits the app. In Evernote’s case, the following operations can occur in the background:

  • Download note headers: notebooks names, note titles, tags, and other meta data for the note list
  • Sync new notes: the app will upload any new or edited notes that are in your pending queue

To ensure that Evernote does not hog your battery and bandwidth without your knowledge, the application does not perform the Premium offline notebook sync when the application is closed.

Keep talking

Audio notes now continue recording even when you leave the application. This is useful if you begin recording and audio note and need to reference something you have in another application. To end the recording, simply tap on the red Evernote bar to quickly return to Evernote.

About this release

Keep in mind, the iOS4 features will only be available on devices that support iOS4. Don’t fret if your device doesn’t run the new operating system, this update is full of under-the-hood bug fixes and improvements that will make using Evernote better for everyone.


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  • Lamarr Wilson

    I understand that business wise you all focus on Apple, but you are pushing out iPad/iOS4 updates super fast, while seemingly not giving attention to basic needs of Android. Android has full support of background operations, installing offline files, etc, yet Evernote STILL can’t manage to have an offline cache which is beyond my understanding. It’s my favorite application, and I do like the features, but Android is the fastest growing mobile market. Don’t put your eggs in one basket and forget us!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Lamarr, we’re putting a lot of resources behind Android. You’ll be see lots of great updates in the near future.

      • PS

        That’s good to hear- i would love to have offline access and starred (or some such) favorites abilities on my android phone so that i can quickly access my most used notes, like shopping and to do lists. As of now, I’m stuck using other list apps that i don’t like as much, just to get offline access.

  • William


    Fantastic to see – yet again – Evernote pushing out updates and new versions so soon. It was the same with the iPad, and a really appreciated effort, so thank you.

    One question: will we be able to record actual call audio? Would be very useful in a conf. call meeting..

  • Tony

    Fantastic update. Can’t wait!

  • Martin Voorzanger

    Great news! When will the Android version be fixed? It’s already taking months, and can’t switch to iPhone yet.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Martin, what issues are you seeing on Android? We had a major update a couple of weeks ago.

      • Laurie

        On my android (htc hero), if I open a note with a picture, I just get a little blu question mark. I can open the same note on the ipod touch and ipad. I also do not have luck taking pictures in the evernote app and getting then to upload. I end up just sending the picture using the “send to” option in the photo album.

        Just checked market and no update available. Running Android 2.1

  • Smorris

    Looking forward to it, guys! I’ll have to see what new features are supported on my 3G iPhone. I know multi-tasking isn’t. iOS4 for iPad will be a while yet, too, so no joy there.

    Please, please consider password protecting the Evernote app on mobile devices! I’ve seen it asked for on a lot of forums and blogs without commitment or comment from Evernote. We keep more and more personal info in Evernote, and I prefer to not have to lock the iPhone and iPad to keep secure whe it is only needed for Evernote.


  • David

    This is very exciting! 🙂

  • Vladimir Campos

    Hi, I have a doubt… I understand that the 3G iPhone is not compatible with multitasking, but will “fast app switching” work on the 3G iPhone with iOS 4? In another words, on my 3G iPhone running iOS 4, can I leave Evernote without saving a note and come back in the same position?

    • Craig Wolfe

      The answer to that is no, it will not work on a 3G. Just updated to iOS4 on my 3G, verified I had Evernote 3.3.5 and it does not remember where I was.

    • Jesse Hollington

      No, unfortunately Fast App Switching is part of the multitasking features of iOS 4 and not supported on older devices. Even the double-click to display the app switcher/drawer doesn’t work on the iPhone 3G and second-generation iPod touch devices.

      Also keep in mind that even on the multitasking-capable models, Evernote may not stay resident if you don’t use it regularly. The iOS reserves the right to terminate apps that are sitting suspended in the background when it needs memory for something else. I’ve had this happen to me a couple of times already with Evernote when I haven’t opened it in a few hours and have been using a bunch of other apps. This may be less of an issue on the iPhone 4, however, since it’s going to have twice the RAM.

  • Giorgio Chiodi

    Lamarr is spot on. There still isn’t any offline function on android, the app is slow, buggy and light years behind the apple counterpart. It’s obvious that you are investing way more time and resources on apple products. I’m actually considering buying an iphone: I don’t see any developer or company taking the android platform seriously.

    • Jesse Hollington

      Heh, sometimes I wonder if Google is even taking the Android platform seriously 🙂 There’s been a lot of frustration with regard to the Froyo update and Google’s lack of commitment to any kind of release date.

      That aside, the issue for any developer really comes down to the economy of scale. While I’m sure Evernote and other devs are working on as many platforms as possible, it stands to reason that the platform with the most users is going to get the most attention. I don’t have any specific stats on how many Evernote users are on each platform, but I”m sure Evernote does, and it wouldn’t surprise me to find out there are more iOS device users using Evernote.

  • Jonathan Cooper

    This is great! But I really hope you can make a Linux version and if you can that would be awesome!

  • Benjamin shaw

    Thank you. I can finally read my notes on my iPhone running ios 4!!!!

  • Dirtbagg

    This update confuses me a bit. The ‘Where was I’ feature is the single most important thing I’ve be waiting for. My iPhone 3G will certainly run iOS4, but we are told not all iOS4 features will be enabled on the 3G. The iPad currently has this feature and it’s not running iOS4. I’ve asked about this before on the forums without getting a useful response.

    • Jesse Hollington

      Prior to iOS 4 developers could still write their apps to save their state in the background so that they could load it up again when resuming. I suspect that this is what the iPad version is doing. The iPhone version has not traditionally done this, however, and always loads to the main “Evernote” splash screen when loading it. The new iOS 4 version automatically saves state in RAM for as long as the OS will let it stay there.

  • andrewjclark

    Love you guys! Awesome and speedy work and I can’t wait to upgrade!

    One question, I was led to believe that iOS4 backgrounding could perform tasks after an application had closed but only for a set amount of time (ie. 10 minutes or until a flicker photo is uploaded)… but the phrasing above sounds like it can keep on doing those background tasks indefinitely…?

    Also, evernote has made the iPad into the tablet computer I always dreamed of.


  • Ann P.

    Not much done with the Pre in a WHILE. I’d switch to iPhone if I could…not an option at this time, though.

    So….updates? Or even a mention of one?

  • Jessica

    Cool icons,easy and convenient to use. Great update! 🙂

  • Vladimir Khaykin

    waiting for this beauty,

  • Dave S

    Thanks for the update! I’m a loyal Evernote user, but curious when the iPad version will be getting rich text edit support? I see others pushing for obscure features like “recording phone calls” but we still can’t edit bold text or bullets on the iPad…any ETA on rich text support?

    • andrewjclark

      2nd that! This is very difficult I’m sure but would revolutionize the way ppl use the service

      • David Todd

        I agree. I’m thinking of an ipad with a bluetooth keyboard as an alternative to a netbook and having this functionality would make a huge difference.

  • Christopher Pelham

    I second Dave S. Lack of rich text editing (and better support of media uploads and downloads) is what’s keeping me from getting an iPad. I find my iPhone 3G too slow to use for notes, so I’m waiting for the iPad.

  • Amsterdam

    Iphone 4 will change the world!!! Can’t wait!! 🙂

  • Greg

    Hi, thanks for the prompt update, but as a Premium user I would like the option to be able to offline sync my notebook, if I want t0. So I can leave it running in the background while I can get on with something else.

  • Karol Podkowski

    Any chances for video notes with iPhone4?
    Also would love to be able to set passcode for evernote launch or at least notebook …

  • Thiago

    After I installed 4.0 IOS, I can not longer send email from my notes, I sent the email but the message does not reach the recipient.

    I’m using the latest version of Evernote.

    This function of sending notes via email by own iPhone application has always worked and is very useful.

    I hope this issue is resolved.


  • adrien

    what about sorting through notebooks/tags/filters for iOS 4 version? i see it on the ipad, but would love to have this on my phone..

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the suggestion. We’re exploring ways to bring concepts from our iPad version into other versions of Evernote. Stay tuned.

  • Dan R.

    I’m not sure if this is isolated to me, but I haven’t been able to listen to audio notes. Whether this has been since updating to iOS4 or updating the app itself to 3.3.5 I cannot say; the last time I listened to a note was before performing both upgrades.

    As it stands, I can click the note, it’ll load the play button, and, upon clicking that, it does indicate loading for a few seconds, but then ceases to load and just remains on the note page. It doesn’t freeze or anything, just seems stops in its tracks without ever switching to the player.

    Anybody else experiencing this? It’s on a 3GS, for what it’s worth.

    • Kristen T.

      I’m having this same issue, also with a 3G running the new software. Did you ever resolve this problem?

    • John Mark Ellsworth

      I too can not listen to voice notes on my iPhone. Please fix and let me know when fixed.

    • Jeff B.

      I too cannot playback voice/audio notes on my iPhone 4, but my behavior is a little different. When selecting the audionote, it switches to a Quicktime audio player, but any attempt to play the recording instantly pauses again.

    • NoUseFor

      Same problem here…on voice notes playback, on play a quicktime windows appears and goes to pause right away..

      IMHO, it’s a IOS 4 compatibility issue….I’m runnig Evernote 3.3.8.

      Hope anybody has solved the problem

    • thomas

      same here. unable to play back my audionotes

  • Robin

    I’m running iOS 4 on 3G iPhone. Evernote (latest version) simply doesn’t work anymore. It freezes immediately at “downloading headers at 78%” – always the same % from the start. Plus the red badge on notes shows 14 million+ notes – which I definitely don’t have!

    Can anyone tell me what is going on and how to fix it? Many thanks. Robin

    • Andrew Sinkov

      First thing to try is to uninstall/reinstall Evernote. Also, turn off/on your iPhone. If that doesn’t help, please contact Evernote Support:

  • Mark

    I am also having the same problem where I can no longer email from evernote. I deleted the app restarted and reinstalled with no luck.

  • Mark

    I just tried another email test and found something interesting. I was on my wifi network and emailed a note fine. I shut off wifi and tried to send the same note via 3G and it won’t send.

  • Susan

    This thread’s beginning was asking for more Android and less focus on Apple products. I’m grateful for the Apple support-development at Evernote; it’s the main reason I became a Premium Evernote customer. I have a request– would like an EN add-on similar to Firefox for Apple Mail. Too many steps for an active researcher and writer to copy and paste, and much of my research comes in via emailed updates and newsletters. Thanks

  • Mark Slatin

    I can record but can’t hear back audio notes on my iphone. I can hear them on the website. I’ve check volume settings on the phone and application. I only see an arrow, I can press it but nothing happens. Can you help?

  • Arjun B

    Same problems as described by Dan R. and Mark Slatin. Can make audio notes that play on the computer, but does not play on my 3GS OS4 iphone. The button does nothing…

  • Michael Morgan

    Same problem as other iPhone users in voice note playback. I have the iPhone4, just got it, and just installed Evernote a few days ago. I can make a voice note and after it syncs, I can listen to it on my Mac Book Pro but not on my iPhone. No matter what I do, it will not play back on the iPhone. It will play back on my iPad… please let me know what can be done. I need to be able to playback on my iPhone as well as email them to other iPhone users… thanks!!!

    • Alex T

      I’m having the same issue on iPhone4. Is there a fix coming from Evernote???

  • Ed Miron

    I have the same problem with audio notes on iPhone 4.

  • issaacxu

    Same problem here for audio note playback on 3GS with iOS4!

  • OmegaSupreme

    Same problem here with audio playback on iphone 4. When’s a fix coming ?

  • Martin Jensen

    I had the exact same problem, but it seems fixed now.

    Go to “settings” – “Generel” – “Reset” – “Reset all settings”

    This worked for me, and i’m now able to listen to the audio notes on my phone.

    Hope it works for you too!

  • Olivier

    I have the same problem on my Iphone 3GS OS4.01.
    The audio note seems to play one time only.

    And I also noticed that anytime I try to play evernote audio notes after that, I lose the sound on my Iphone.
    Then I turn my iphone off/on and it’s fine for one time again.

    It’s annoying to do it each time. Please find a fix.

  • Peter

    Same problem here – have my iphone since 14 days now, immediatly downloaded the app for voice recording.
    Behavior is similiar as described above.

    I can record voice notes but when i click on the quicktime icon to play it, quicktime opens but nothing happens…

    Pls confirm this is a bug and let us know if a fix is coming.

    Many thanks!

  • Andrew Lee

    Hi Guys,
    After some test, I manaaged to get Evernote to playback my audio recordings in iPhone 4. This is what I did:

    1) Record audio in Evernote.
    2) After you finished your recording, tap on the stop button.
    3) *important step* tap on the replay button before you save it. You don’t need to replay the whole recording, you can stop any time.
    4) Tap on the save button.

    You should be able to playback your recorded audios now.

    This is just a workaround… I hope that this interesting finding will help Evernote team to come up with the fix.

    Cheers! 🙂
    discovered that audio playbacks cannot work

    • Pragyan

      Yeah it worked for me too!!


    • Corrado

      Thanks a lot for the trick. It work fine that way.

    • thomas

      thanks for the workaround!

    • Paul Chambers

      Thanks a lot Andrew, I’ve spent 5 hours scouring the net before I came across this forum and an answer that works.

  • brett

    thanks andrew! this works.

  • SusanBS

    Resetting iPhone solved the problem. Thanks!

  • Albert

    in iOS 4, audio recording can run in background which is great!

    However, lack of some important features.

    During recording, if receive a call, the whole recording will stop, cannot resume.

    During recording, if I open up a game to play, or open itune, then come back, the recording is stop and cannot resume.

    I am looking for ability to resume the recording automatically after receiving incoming call, after play game, after open and closed itune.

    Perhaps you can add in configuration screen to let people able to edit and turn on/off the special features they may need it.

  • Ian

    Full Screen – Can there be an option to view a note in Full Screen on the iphone please? I don’t want to have to keep moving an image when i’d like to see it all without all the stuff at top and bottom.


  • Mike

    can I hide the red bar when it is running in the background?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      That’s the way iOS indicates that something is happening in the background.