Evernote’s new and improved Firefox add-on

Posted by on 22 Jun 2010

Posted by on 22 Jun 2010

Today, Evernote’s Firefox Add-on becomes more powerful, versatile and easier to use than ever. If you already have the Add-on you can go to Tools> Add-ons> Extensions> Find Updates. Firefox will download the latest version.

If you haven’t installed the Evernote Mozilla Add-on yet you can download it from the Mozilla site.

New options and customizations

You now have the ability to customize many of the Evernote Add-on’s features by selecting Add-ons from the tools menu and clicking on the Preferences button for the Evernote extension.

One of the settings allows those with Evernote installed on their desktops to choose whether to have web clips go the desktop version or to Evernote Web, which opens a confirmation popup in the browser. The browser popup is nice if you like to do some quick, light organization of your web clips (add a tag, choose a notebook) and then continue browsing. If you prefer to go in and edit your clips, then sending to the desktop is your best bet.

One thing to keep in mind, if you have Evernote installed on your desktop and you choose the Evernote Web option, Evernote desktop will need to sync for your new notes to appear immediately.

Integrated search

The browser popup also gets a new search feature, which lets you search through all of your notes right inside the popup. Access the search option by clicking on the green tab bottom along the bottom of the popup. This is great for quickly finding that note you’ve been looking for without going to Evernote Web or Evernote on your desktop.

As you type into the search bar, it auto-suggests tags, notebooks and saved searches that you have in your account, making it easier and faster to get to the notes you want. Of course, you can always ignore that suggestions and type in any search you like. It’s up to you.

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  • Brian

    Will this becoming to the Safari version? Great to see Evernote steadily evolving!

  • James E.

    Firefox could not install the file at

    because: Invalid file hash (possible download corruption)

    • Ron Toledo

      @James Some people aren’t seeing the latest update (version 4.0.0) yet. You can try reloading the page

      • Julie

        @Ron I got exactly the same problem FROM that link.

      • James E.

        @Ron – thanks for the info. I’ll keep an eye on the site until I see it refresh to 4.0.0.

    • -Pablo-

      Restart your browser (not by closing the window, but rather by clicking the exit option in the File menu… or closing the window and restarting the computer) and try again. That solves this issues 99% of times.
      If it doesn’t solve it, you could try by deleting your cookies and, as a last resort, creating a new profile (you can call the profile manager by running Firefox with the proper parameter. As in C:…firefox.exe –profilemanager”. There you can create a new one and replace your existing profile. Usually you don’t need to do this to solve the error message you are getting. All you need is a Firefox restart.

  • Tom H

    Getting same message even after trying Ron Toledo’s link.

    • Ron Toledo

      For those who aren’t seeing the latest version (4.0.0) on the Mozilla site you can try restarting your browser or going to Tools> Add-ons> Extensions> Find updates.

    • -Pablo-

      See my reply above. Most likely all you need is a complete browser restart before attempting to install the latest version.

  • Colin McCarthy

    I am still seeing ‘’ when I go to Good job I mostly use Chrome 🙂

    • -Pablo-

      Is already updated… they probably use some sort of caching system and that causes a lag after they approve the extension (or get the update) until you can see it in the website. Meanwhile you could get it from the extensions windows in Firefox (if it’s already updated in their database) or alternatively (as is the case with many other extensions) from the developer’s site.

  • dmj

    still showing as “Updated May 6, 2010”
    when reloading that page.

  • dmj

    but it updates fine through, check updates in FF

  • Steve McHenry

    Can anyone tell me why my notes don’t sync from my phone to the website anymore? They used to, but after May 26 they no longer do.

    • Ron Toledo

      @Steve You can contact our support team: they can help you figure out what the problem is.

  • Justin

    Will the Chrome Extension be updated with similar functionality?

    • Philip Constantinou

      @Justin you should have the same functionality in the Chrome extension now. Go to: chrome://extensions
      and press “Update extension now”. You should have version 3.0.8. Or you can download the latest from:

      • Hal

        Chrome Version 3.08 doesn’t have the option for Desktop or Web yet. This will be useful to clip to local notebooks. Local notebooks don’t count toward monthly account usage. If you’re a free user, you can stage items in a local book until the monthly limit clicks over.

  • hezahonker

    ummm, feeling stupid here but how do you access the browser popup? I have been using this add on forever and never knew there was a popup. The only popup on my mac is the one to add the note with the clipper.

    • Ron Toledo

      @Hezhonker You can get to the options menu by selecting Add-ons from the tools menu and clicking on the Preferences button for the Evernote extension. From there you can select Send clips to Evernote Web to enable the popup in the browser.

  • Mike

    Don’t understand why we have to go through all these hoops just for an add-on…the developers should be doing the investigation into why the download doesn’t work…not the users…that’s what they get paid for…

  • Ken

    There’s no browser pop-up–even though enabled note search.

    Am I missing something?

  • Daniel

    Thanks for the update! I was disappointed to see that this new Add-On for Firefox still does not support the amazing web page formatting available from the Evernote Chrome extension.

    How come?

    In Chrome, when I clip a page, the note looks almost identical to the page as rendered in the browser.

    With the new Firefox Add-on, a clipped page still looks like something laid out in WordPad.

    My primary browser is Firefox, and I’m tired of firing up Chrome every time I want to take a decent clip of a page to Evernote.

    What’s the dealio?

  • Edward J Alcantara

    Firefox is telling me that the add-on isn’t compatible with the latest Firefox upgrade; is anyone else having this problem?

  • david

    My only complaint about the new clipper is that it is modal. I can’t click anywhere else in Firefox while its window is open. That, to me, is really inconvenient. I’ll have to install Chrome and try it again but what I recalled was that it worked differently there and didn’t have this kind of problem.

  • Martin

    The add-in does not work for me. I have the latest version of Firefox and the update. Click the button and nothing happens. Anyone have any suggestions?

  • ITLine

    plugin not work for me too, when i click on button nothing happens!

  • Ken Haycock

    Until recently I could clip a section of the screen into Evernote. This was great for clipping a small section.
    Now I have only the option of the full screen (The small adjustible box has disappeared.)
    How do I revert to the method I preferred?

  • Don Stump

    I can’t even get the button. Is it hiding or maybe a conflict with another add on?

  • Deniz
    is dead.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      The link works for me.

  • Nick Gibbons

    I temporarily( as I thought) disabled evernote chrome clip . Now the little icon has gone from Chrome, and I want it back- I have no idea how? Can anyone help?

  • Bo Grimes

    Any plans to make the Chrome version have the option to clip to Evernote Desktop?

  • Colin

    If only the Firefox button was in a different location as its now sitting where the home button was and I dont know how long its going to take me to stop hitting it by accident instead of home thus making Evernote open and drop a false imaged into my notebook.

  • Don

    Can’t log on from FireFox Add-on. Rejects proper userid and password. Using FireFox 3.6.13

    • marc

      Same here, got the latest firefox and Evernote extension, however when I click the evernote button it doesn’t login.
      I can login just fine using the evernote website (not the add-on button).

  • Alex

    Same here: firefox 3.6.7 works fine, but with 3.6.13, the plugin immediately returns to the login screen after logging in with the correct id and password.