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Tip: Create a Lightbulb Database in Evernote

Posted by Ron Toledo on 09 Jul 2010

Posted by Ron Toledo on 09 Jul 2010

Create a note containing a list of the types of light bulbs you use in different rooms of your home or snap a picture of the label and tag it with the room name. Next time you’re at the hardware store, pull up the list to make sure you’re buying the right wattage and size.

Source: Ron’s Evernote Tips


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  • Kish

    what a bright idea! 🙂

  • Steve Dittmore

    I do the same type of thing with my furnace filter size, refrigerator water filter, and more.

  • Simone

    Ah ah ah 😀 great idea!

  • Mylo Springer

    I do the same for all the oddball batteries in my devices. It then becomes handy if we need a battery in a pinch, to see if that is used in another of our devices..
    Also good for re-capping some of the more complex button sequences on the fancy remotes for our cars these days.

  • Susan Walton

    I have a window measurements note. Great to have on hand when you see window treatments on clearance.

  • Ray Gauthier

    Also great for batteries. What sizes, where, when were they last changed. (Need to change the batteries regularly for things like smoke detectors, emergency flashlights, etc.) And what size is needed for those car remotes, garage door remotes, etc?

  • Cory Ann Ellis

    Good tip- I’ve done the same thing, not only for the bulbs but the fixtures.

    In my folder for the house I also have a paint color cheat sheet. It has the color, type and brand of paint for each room that we have painted since moving in. I also have measured and input the measurements for each window and door in the event we need to replace them or purchase window furnishing for them. I also photograph the plants and their tags that are in the planters and flower beds. It helps to remember what are annuals, perennials and also what I like from the year before.

    I’ve also scanned and input the measurements of the house and property from the assessment and city plan.

    All good things to have at your finger tips.

  • Katybeth Jensen Ruscitti

    I love this tip. Actually I am pretty sure I am a tip addict. But I just put a 60 watt bulb in every room in my house….and now I’m thinking I might need to rethink this? In any case I have been en”lightened”.
    Well!!! Thanks!

  • BabsBabsBabs

    Created a “House notebook” with things someone might need to know…
    Name of mortgage bank, payment amt,loan no, exactly how to access the online bank, and the scheduled payment date. Am in the process of setting up a general How The house is run ” . and other perlinent info for often ovelooked but essential details. ScanSnap makes it easy!

  • ravi

    this idea has made hundreds of light bulbs go on in my mind!!!!

  • Ron Armstrong

    I do this while shopping for furniture. For instance I carry with me snapshots of chairs I like, current couch measurements, etc. Helps tremendously!

  • Nicole

    I have these for lightbulbs, vacuumcleaner, batteries and all kinds of stuff you always forget what kind you need. Works like a charm when you’re out and about to see them on my iPhone.
    Even used it to convince a salesmen ones.. “Mam, I am sure you don’t have that one at home…”

  • sivan

    great tip…Actually I am pretty sure I am a tip addict

  • sivaprasad

    “this idea has made hundreds of light bulbs go on in my mind!!!!” Ya Ron Armstrong , it true…