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Posted by on 12 Jul 2010

Posted by on 12 Jul 2010

We’re holding an invitation-only press conference in San Francisco on the morning of Wednesday, July 14th to announce something new. Would you like to join us?

Leave a comment, sharing your best Evernote tip. We’ll invite five (5) randomly selected commenters to the event. We will contact the invitees via email, so make sure to use a good address leaving a comment.

Party with us

Don’t forget, we’re throwing a party at 111 Minna in San Francisco from 6-9pm on July 14th. RSVP now »


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  • Dennis Domingo

    I love Evernote!

  • Dave Van West

    Instructors, teachers, and educators. Snap a photo of your whiteboard (I use my iPhone) and sync to a public notebook so your students can get notes they missed.

  • tampsh

    For my tags I have people’s names, so when I want to show someone some ideas, pictures or other things the next time I see them, I just pull up their tag on my phone.

  • Tim Chambers

    I am a Pastor who uses an ipad for my sermons. The best app I have found to accomplish that is Evernote. Can’t wait to see what the announcement is.

  • Thomas

    Whenever I buy an item for my house (new ladder, pillows, paint, appliance), I take a photo and tag it as “home inventory.” I keep all of my purchases and any home improvements I make in a log in Evernote. Incredibly helpful!

  • Jeffrin

    The Swiss Army Knife of note-taking is expandable. This is an obvious tip, but it can’t be overstated: your Evernote experience improves for every computer, mobile device, and peripheral that you use with Evernote.

  • Jeff VanDrimmelen

    I love to use Evernote to organize my writing for my books. You wouldn’t by chance fly me out to the announcement would you? 🙂 I mention you in my upcoming book that is coming out on Thursday. 🙂

  • theamanda

    The best tip I have so far (I just joined on July 11):
    My workplace is very strict on the types of websites we can visit (i.e. no personal email, social networking, etc…). I write a lot of reminders on my personal notepad (rhymes with ballyhoo), that I need to access. If I could remember everything I wouldn’t need to write it down, right? Anyway, I thought I could “fool” the system by creating an account on Evernote. I was right.

  • Allison Cox

    I’m just starting to use Evernote for my new job as union president. I’ve got my iPhone and MacBook syncing ‘notes’. I’ve divided my job into categories – each category gets its own notebook. Throughout the day I grab clips online, emails, audio messages, photos, and random notes as things come up – and I sit for 20 minutes at the end of the day and sort into appropriate notebooks. I love how everything is archived – and searchable! I also can’t wait to hear the announcement!!

  • Kevin Clark

    I keep most of my life on Evernote. I absolutely can not live without my evernote.

  • Adam

    I am an Atheist who uses a homebrew Linux tablet to advocate freethought. The best app I’ve found to accomplish this is Evernote. Can’t wait for the announcement.

    • EM

      Amen… and cheers

  • Jarrod

    Evernote is invaluable for me. I work from multiple locations and sometimes need access to a document that I left at the office. If it’s in Evernote, it’s always available.

  • Feed Chandler

    There isn’t anything I don’t use Evernote for! Just look at my account – Home, Work, Business, School, Entertainment, Family, Friends, Enemies, etc. I don’t know what I would do without this system in the cloud and on my hard drive which keeps me always moving in the right direction towards success and satisfaction. What more can one say – but I love Evernote!

  • Jay

    Evernote is like a notebook with the world on it visually, voice and even simple text evernote has got it all in the palm of your hand for free!

  • Elissa

    Moving country, getting married, starting a new job, organising a house: all possible because of you Evernote!! Thank you 😀

  • Dan

    I used to keep these massive binders with all the manuals, etc for the gadgets in the home (TVs, the fridge, vacuum cleaners, tools…etc). I thought I was pretty organized…and it only cost me 3 square feet of real estate (at about $140 per square foot based on the cost of my house…)! Now, all of that is on Evernote; either scanned or links to online sites. What does it cost me? A tiny little piece of cloud… You’re awesome Evernote. Oh, and I love the podcast. Especially the recent bit about voice recognition…HILARIOUS! My wife is a professional organizer and has done 2 posts about Evernote on her blog to spread the love!

  • Jennifer Palais

    As a professional organizer I use Evernote to take before and after pictures of homes and offices and then send to the client notebook. Then I’ll take notes on what needs to be done to the space. It is easier to organize photos this way and track the project’s progress.

  • Sam

    I put my Evernote email address in my bcc: on emails I want to track. Some mailers (eg Thunderbird) make this easy. This way, it’s always available on each of my machines, as well as on the web, for easy reference.

  • Brian

    My tip: Use it…LOTS – the more you use it the more useful it will become to you.

  • marieke

    Making to do items for nozbe instead of only notes?

    I dont know bit i am curious.
    And next party in the netherlands please 🙂

  • kenjikatsu@twitter

    I use Evernote as the card system for the retrieval of the storing books

  • Ribota

    At home use evernote to help me in selection of items for home remodeling. purchased windows and would keep notes on each type and notes when contacting each company making sure I would remember the details and compare appropriately. Also use for small things like the model of my fridge water filter, if i need it and i am at the hardware store, the info is at my fingertips.

    I organized our 5 city vacation with evernote, researching fodors, frommers, rick steves, lonely planet from the library and create one notebook for each city, then folders read ´where to sleep´ `where to eat´ `what to see´ etc

    Evernote is a great tool to keep my child and my life in order.
    I share the information with my friends and family, even my cousin in spain uses evernote. kudos to you for such a great tool.

  • Patrick Sutton

    I use Evernote to help me remember funny thoughts I might be able to use as an up-and-coming stand-up comedian. Wherever I am, no matter how obscure or random the thought, Evernote is there to save it for future reference. Thank$ Evernote!

  • Neomusashi

    I’ ve been using evernote for about a year now. Using GTD as my tagging system and it was almost perfect! With my iPhone and iPad I could capture anything I needed for my work.
    Recently though I started using curio in combination with evernote and whammo a whole new level of note taking and project management. Tasks, calendar syncing, etc … . The features I was still missing in evernote became availble, but in a unidirectonal way. Maybe evernote will make me even happier?

  • citypixie

    love the BCC tip from Sam!

  • MICR

    Evernote is the best tool I have found to keep up with error codes and reference those codes so I know exactly what component to replace on the printer when I go on service calls.

  • Anton Kalachev

    Wine notes. Every single wine label is stored in Evernote; described with one sentence. I will publish it someday.

  • Liz

    I take pictures of the whiteboard at meetings so I have a record in addition to notes I take in (of course) Evernote.

  • Allen Reavie

    I bet your announcement on 14th is that you have combined forces with DropBox??? The apple mobileme system is totally useless. I LUV evernote (AR, northern Ireland)

  • renfrew

    Yes, integration with DROPBOX would make Evernote the KILLER APP.

    My favorite use of EN: Scanning important documents with Scansnap, tagging them and find them in an instant, no matter where I am, even on my phone.

  • Vance

    My young daughter is having back surgery soon and I have used Evernote to keep track of nearly every aspect of the process. Insurance information, photos of prescriptions, billing account data, X-ray photos, contact information at Ronald McDonald House, it has been extremely useful.

  • BB

    I have been a premium customer for over a year and have over 4000 notes on evernote. I am noticing problems with evernote that are affecting my productivity. First every time I try to email a note I get a notice server is down. This is happening every day. This is a problem because everything I work on goes into evernote. Second I have been having sync problems with my notes. Usually it gets resolved by customer service in a day. That is not happening anymore. Mr. Lubin it appears you are having growth problems. If you loose me as a customer I wont come back.

    • Phillip Wilson

      That is a shame to hear, I have 7557 notes and have been a premium user for only 3 months. I have no problem with syncing or emailing notes. I love Evernote and use it for EVERYTHING. Maybe it is a problem with your router, or machine. I would try it on a different machine using a different internet connection before you dump Evernote. You will be missing a really great program.

  • Alastair

    Come on guys its been 14 July in Australia for 17.5 hours. Where’s the announcement?

  • Jerry

    OK, I hope to God I can now rotate my jpegs!! That would be incredible.

  • Kish

    Ok. it’s the 14th. what’s the big news?

  • Greg Fahey

    Came back to Evernote after finding other “similar” apps just don’t cut the mustard. I’m back in the saddle again!