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Posted by on 14 Jul 2010

Posted by on 14 Jul 2010

Today is a big day for Evernote. Today is the day that Evernote becomes more useful, more powerful and more exciting for every user. Every partner. Everyone.

For the past two years, Evernote has been focused on one goal: helping the world remember everything. All of the decisions we’ve made have been in support of that vision. Along the way, we realized that to make it happen we’d need a little help from our friends, so we released the Evernote API. While we were busy expanding and improving Evernote, developers across the world were building applications that added features and functionality to our young platform, expanding into areas we never imagined. That was then.

Today, there are more than 2000 developers building hardware and software application that hook into the Evernote memory platform. Products that, thanks to Evernote, become accessible from everywhere, sync between devices and have powerful search capabilities. For developers, Evernote has become a way to gain useful functionality. For users, every integration adds layers of usefulness to their Evernote experiences.

Which brings us to the big announcement: Welcome to the Evernote Trunk.

The Evernote Trunk: Discovery and Exposure

The Trunk is a showcase of great apps and products that makes your Evernote experience more awesome.

To access it, click on the new “Trunk” icon in today’s update to Evernote for Windows and Evernote for Mac (Evernote Web later today, iPad next week). Clicking it opens a window full of amazing intergrations. Today, there are nearly 100 items listed across five categories: Mobile, Desktop & Web, Hardware, Gear, and Notebooks (this one is really cool, more on that later).

Of the nearly 100 launch items, around a third are completely new products and integrations. Importantly, new or old, every single integration is in the spotlight. Wondering which scanner works with Evernote? You should check the Trunk. Want to know which Twitter clients sends tweets into Evernote? Look in the Trunk. Which devices come pre-installed with Evernote? You know where to go. Now, every product developer gets exposed to millions of Evernote users, and millions of Evernote user see how to get more out of Evernote. Pretty great!

Fantastic new integrations

We’re excited not only by the potential of the Trunk, but also by the amazing new integrations that we’re launching today. Some represent highly-requested functionality, such as voice transcription, PDF annotation, mind mapping, sharing, contact management, and more. Here are some highlights:

  • Voice transcription: Voice2Note,, Quicktate
    Today we’re launching with three great voice transcription services. Let’s focus on the Voice2Note integration by Dial2Do. Once you link your Evernote and Voice2Note accounts, Voice2Note will automatically go through your Evernote account, find any new voice notes, transcribe them, then insert the transcribed text into the note. They also have a phone number that you can call, and your voice recording will be transcribed and added to your Evernote account. Voice2Note has a free and paid version.
  • PDF annotation: PDFpen (Mac), Nitro PDF Reader (Windows)
    Evernote now has PDF annotation. PDFpen by SmileOnMyMac and Nitro PDF Reader allow you to annotate your PDF and then send them into Evernote for safekeeping. This is particularly great for signing and saving digital contracts.
  • Mind mapping: Zeptopad Planner Note
    Create mind maps on your iPad using this incredibly intuitive application, then save it all into Evernote
  • So much more: Read It Later, Lil’grams, ScanBizCards, Receipts, and many more.

Unexpected connections

What makes the Evernote memory platform so interesting is the way that it connects seemingly unrelated products and applications. Now, a notable Twitter message sent to Evernote from Seesmic can be pulled into SAP StreamWork to help with a group project. Or, a child’s scribble sent to Evernote from EverPaint can be instantly shared with family and friends on Lil’grams. Or, a photo of a wine label snapped by an Eye-Fi Card-equipped camera can help generate a meaningful reminder in reQall. All of these connections would have been unlikely, but now with Evernote they’re seamless. Explore the Trunk to find ways to use applications together in ways you never thought possible.

Exclusive Notebook partners

And now for something completely different…With the Trunk, Evernote becomes a powerful content distribution platform. In the run-up to the launch we worked closely with some of our favorite blogs and publications to launch the new Notebooks category. In this section, you will find exclusive content created for Evernote by Make Magazine, Cool Hunting, California Home and Design, and BlackBook. We also have a great collection of puzzles and games from and dozens of Evernote Tips.

Importing Notebooks in your account

The Trunk allows users to select the branded Notebooks that they like, and have the notebooks imported directly into their Evernote accounts. Like adding a new book to your shelf, once you choose a notebook from one of our partners, it will instantly appear in your account. But that’s only the beginning. If for example, you choose the Make:Projects Home and Garden notebook, Evernote will add a notebook full of great do-it-yourself projects into your account. In Evernote that notebook is more than a piece of static content, it’s a starting point for all of the other DIY projects you come across. The same is true for the Cool Hunting Travel Notebook. The editors of Cool Hunting have collected lots of useful travel tips into the notebook, and that same notebook is also where you can place your own travel ideas and related research. What makes these branded Notebooks so intriguing is that all of the content represents the jumping off point for your creativity and exploration.

Much more to come

You will be hearing a lot more about the Evernote Trunk in the next weeks and months. First, we’ll be adding it to more Evernote platforms. Later this year, we’ll be adding in-Trunk purchasing and other revenue opportunities for products and Notebooks. But most importantly, we will be constantly adding new integrations and new notebooks to the Trunk. Make sure to check back often. In fact, it should become the first place you look when you’re thinking about getting something new. With so many great products, why invest your time and money in something that doesn’t hook into Evernote?

Join the Trunk

If you’re interested in having your product or Notebook listed in the Trunk, then send us a request here.


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  • A,ex Seropian

    I’m excited to have things hook into my Evernote memory platform, that can’t even reliably save my iPhone notes, and crashes half of the rest of the time.

    Good job, guys.

  • ghosttie

    Well that was disappointing

    • Mugo


      • sherbourne


      • nev


    • Mike


    • Alex

      Hope it will not be too complex to use. And will last

    • Murat Kayi

      yep, I am underwhelmed…

  • Nicholai

    Sweet! An ‘app store’ like extension for Evernote. This has a lot of potential, manage it well guys. Keep it easy to navigate & find great and useful integrations (star system?).

    I read in a post or heard in a podcast previously that shared notebooks for the desktop & mobile clients was in the oven for this summer. I hope that’s still cooking — I think THAT would be extremely useful and will help Evernote grow much quicker, thanks to the social/collaborative aspect.

  • Thomas

    I hope dropbox is in the trunk….:)

  • B. Moore

    This is awesome!

    Thank You for always pushing the envelope!

  • JLC

    If I understand this correctly I am a little disappointed. I already had the capability to annotate pdf’s on my mac in the preview app and drag them into EN. What I was looking forward to was the ability to do it w/i EV so I could use my iPad for that purpose during class and meetings. Is that functionality coming next week with the iPad release?

    Thank you for a great product. Not sure about the platform/partner approach as opposed to adding functionality in the base product though. Maybe other posters will help me see the light. 🙂

    • Rob Parnell

      The Trunk Idea, Good enough. If I had an iPad – it would be great.
      However, I do not, and not planning to get an iPad – till the version 3 – comes out.
      Trying to be nice. So, what about the Dropbox? Maybe, in a few hours, it will be explained.

  • Vinnie Harris

    Well done, Evernote! The new products and integrations look engaging, and I will be trying many of them very soon. I like the thoughtfulness and creativity with these new additions to your already super cool and extremely useful Evernote product.

  • Steve Rose

    Congratulations Evernote. Love the Trunk name too 🙂

  • Gregg

    I agree with JLC. Pretty weak. Nothing really new in EN functionality. Just an advertising platform

  • Justin

    An Evernote app store and a wannabe RSS reader? How about hand written notes on the iPad? Ya know…something people actually want. I understand you guys need to make money, but the focus on integrations seems to have completely stalled work on the actual Evernote product.

  • Minerva

    Can we finally get the ability to share notebooks in the actual evernote client and not on the super ugly web interface?? Seems like you are doing that with the notebooks that we can pull down via trunk, but premium users can’t do that themselves with each other. Seems lame to me

    Also can we get some sort of note to note linking, referencing? You know, like what wikis had years ago?

    Those would be nice.

  • Courier

    This is a brilliant innovation and one that will save me searching the net for integration partners 🙂

    Happy Days!

  • Paul Papadimitriou

    Congratulations for this nice addition. Best way to keep up with the infinite possibilities Evernote offers.

  • Dave Parks

    Love using Evernote! Love the idea of Notebook sharing. Great for long distance collaberations.

  • las

    Hopefully some of these mobile apps will be developed for android phone users.

  • Paul R

    really disappointing..

  • Steve

    Well, that was disappointing. I also would like to see more work done on expanding the baseline functionality (voice recognition, todo list management, etc) of the premium Evernote product rather than farming it out to third-party developers each with their own additional costs.

  • jammer(six)

    Still no server-side encryption of attachments? Yawn.

  • edward d

    Subfolders anyone?

  • Chris

    How do you guys do it? Every single time you come out with some new innovation, it completely blows me away! I am so pumped about the branded-notebook import feature, it’s really cool and has a lot of potential if more partners jump on-board with their notebooks.

  • Mike Bean

    Honestly, I’m not sure I “get” it. I mean, from the business point of view, it’s obvious why they would want to do something like this, I just don’t quite understand why I (as a customer) am supposed to care.

  • Rob Crawford

    Hmmm… seems more like a “feature” for the company than for users. At least, so far.

    I made my Windows copy check for upgrades — it said there weren’t any. I checked the download site, and hey! it had a more recent version available. I installed that, and it has the “trunk” button.

    Which does nothing. Oh wait — the activity log shows it throws an exception. Apparently the proxy authentication that works perfectly with the “sync” button does not work at all with the “trunk” button. Huh?

    The web version has nothing new, yet, and I won’t be able to check out the Mac version until I get home.

    I love Evernote, but so far this is worse than underwhelming.

    • Rob Crawford

      OK, so the Mac version works as advertised, but after pawing through the offerings in the “Trunk”, it’s still underwhelming.

      Any chance of getting a consistent set of features across all platforms? Ink notes on the iPad? How about getting a Windows client that works?

  • Patty

    I’m with a lot of you that just don’t “get” it either. I’m thinking this could be something really good when I understand it, but I’m not sure yet. I asked for nested folders and a calender feature and this sounds way more complicated than that. We will just have to see. I’ve always loved what EverNote could do, so I’m sure it will be ok eventually.

  • Gregg

    Dont get me wrong. In 25 years of Mac love, EN is my number one app. But this was disappointing. Instead of notebook, call it dumptruck. Can I uninstall this “upgrade?”

  • Dave

    Very cool and exciting stuff, but my question still comes down to: can I use it to achieve sub-notes? Do the apps sync?

  • Ranvir Gujral

    Hi, I’m from Lil’Grams and we couldn’t be more excited about our new integration with Evernote and the Evernote Trunk. I’m an avid Evernote user, and this is a great way to integrate other useful services.

    Sorry for the interjection, but I just wanted to let everyone know that we’re offering a year of Lil’Grams for free to all Evernote customers with the promotion code EVERNOTE. You can learn more about our integration here, if you’re interested:

  • Daniel

    While I am now, and have been for some time, very excited about Evernote integration capabilities in other apps, this “new” thing is not really new at all. It’s a pop-up window that opens a web page that lists out integrated apps. It’s basically a redesign and update to your “works with us” page. As far as I can tell, these integrations all use the same API that has existed for a long time now.

    Hooray for great integrations like Voice2Note and others. Boo for a lot of hype over an announcement that included no core feature additions or enhancements.

    I really need the ability to edit rich text on mobile devices without needing to destroy or merely append to the note. I want a real rich text editor across clients that can be a light Word replacement (one thing that Zoho notebook has over Evernote). Better tables, better layout of images in text, perhaps the ability to create multi-page notes (like a Powerpoint slide show). More intelligent and customizable handling of e-mailed notes and attachments. For Pete’s sake a better PDF client that can search within PDFs and highlight word matches. And by the way, Evernote has awesome character recognition in images (perhaps the one killer feature that elevates it above the competition). I think that similarly, voice transcription of audio / video notes should be a built-in feature of the platform (for Premium users) and not absolutely require 3rd party software.

    When can we expect to see some feature updates, rather than a web page redesign with a link in the Windows client that opens said web page?

  • Lynn

    I’m disappointed too. I wanted Folders to put my notebooks in. You’d think that would be so easy considering I have it everywhere else on my iMac? It won’t be long before I won’t be able to add another notebook to EN, so I’m running out of time.

  • Kit

    Maybe I’m missing something, but the Trunk itself doesn’t seem to be Evernote-friendly. Is there a way to clip info from the Trunk to my Evernote, or to view the Trunk from a regular web browser so I can clip info from it to my Evernote? (Among other things, I use Evernote to keep track of software I’d like to try.)

  • JP

    I agree with a lot of the comments. I was hoping for more improvements to the actual app (shared folders inside of the EN client, sub-notes, etc.) The integration with the 3rd party partners is cool but I think most of us were hoping for a major upgrade to the software itself (especially considering the buzz prior to the press conference this morning). I’m still a huge EN fan and it will continue to be one of my most highly utilized apps. Thanks for making a great product! Hopefully you can roll out some of those other changes soon. 🙂

  • Leilei

    I was hoping for templates like I get with OneNote. Did I miss something here?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We plan on adding various templates to the Trunk soon.

  • Hmmm (again)

    Not sure I like the way this is going. Like a lot of people, I was hoping for an enhancement on the basic product. I have not yet subscribed to EN, but was considering it. I am a little confused by this annoucement though? Presumably, if a 3rd party app introduces an ‘upgrage/enhancement’, (AT A COST), then EN will no longer persue the same for their own product on the basis that this would take out the 3rd party (which would seem like poor business practice to me). So it started with a brilliant product, with a fantastic premium price, but….. looking ahead, this product could cost me a lot more money. Hmmmm, really not sure about this!

  • Liz

    Would rather have had a Linux version of Evernote…

  • Julie

    Well, it’s a nice idea, but the Mobile section is horribly frustrating. If I have an Android handset, a list of iPhone/iPad apps (or rather a list of apps wth no clue as to platform required to run them) is no use to me at all, and vice-versa. (I haven’t checked them all, because I couldn’t be bothered clicking on each one in turn, but I don’t suppose there’s anything at all listed for Symbian handsets.) It’s really important to tag / sort / filter mobile apps by platform **in the list** so that I can ignore any that I can’t have anyway … and the current Trunk doesn’t.

    The same is true, of course, for Desktop apps. Mac apps are no use to Windows users and vice-versa (unless they’re running emulators or dual-booting), so it’s really frustrating to find a promising-looking app, only to find it doesn’t run on the platform that you have.

    Evernote does tagging and filtering, so please tag and allow us to filter the Trunk info so that we can exclude stuff we can’t use anyway.


  • Greg

    Quick suggestion: It would be nice if there were a way to limit the list to the various formats. The first three cool apps I clicked on were iPhone only, and I use Android. Could you make a filter that gives select Android and Windows and leave out the things I can’t use?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the suggestion. We’re looking into expanding our categorization/filtering functions in the future.

  • Ugur

    How about:
    * Subnotebooks
    * Internote linking (look how AskSam or Wikis are doing it)

    Two features I’d love to see 🙂

    • Ugur

      Oh yeah, and shared notebooks, that also would be great 🙂

  • Trufagus

    The ‘trunk’ icon on my toolbar is essentially an advertisement for additional products. Putting it on a menu would be one thing, but there is no reason that I need it on the toolbar.

    The reason I have a problem with this is that I am paying quite a bit of money to avoid having advertisements in Evernote. If I wasn’t paying it would be acceptable.

    Please allow paying customers to remove this new ad.

  • Brian

    I fear this will be putting us, the customers, in the box… you know… the one posted in the blog under the red blanket. Sure, we’ll eventually be getting more and more functionality, but to get that we’ll probably have to pay for many of those features because they will be offered by other companies using EN’s API. So what costs me five dollars a month could turn into a bigger monthly bill if I want features that should be included in EN in the first place.

    What’s worse – EN probably won’t add these features to their own product. Doing so would cut another possible revenue stream.

    Disappointing news indeed.

  • Kit

    Answering my own question: A web version of the Trunk is available from the web version of Evernote. I can now go crazy with the clipping.

    (It would be a nice addition, though, to have an “Add to Evernote” button somewhere on the Trunk item pages in the local client software.)

  • Chris Lauretano

    very cool,but I was really hoping for a Linux version of evernote. Running an old version via wine is nasty,and plus being an old version, no new features like Trunk. Love evernote on webOS and Mac, but the fact that I can’t use it on my computers at work kills me.

  • Mark Woodward

    All dressed up and nowhere to go? Perhaps it was the build up hype, but like many others…I don’t get this as a big announcement for we users??

    I’d rather have something that played my audio notes without having to download etc? An embedded audio note player…wow what a concept that would be

  • Dave H

    Very disappointing, a quick link to a few sub-standard apps. I have been down this road with Basecamp and their third-party apps. Please realise users want new features within the main application not subscribing to several add-ons to get the required functionality.

    • Sterling Zumbrunn

      Completely agree – case in point: Egretlist and FastEver iPhone apps. The very existence of these apps points to the lack of very, very basic functionality within Evernote’s own iPhone app. Why should I need to buy an app just to take notes quickly? Shouldn’t the Evernote iPhone app itself be optimized to handle this?

  • Mike

    I agree with the general sentiment: this is a marketing tool right now with very limited new functionality. In some ways, you’ve just linked a whole lot of stuff that’s been around for quite some time into my actual account. Put another way, you’ve kind of gotten around the “no advertising” thing by allowing “partners” to advertise in the trunk.

    After answering questions a few months ago, you implied new functionality was coming – due dates, shared folders, improved stability, etc. When will THOSE Big Announcements be made?

  • NeuroJoe

    How about PDF annotation within Evernote itself without having to open an external reader? I use PDF annotator for pc on my tablet (a REAL tablet with computer functionality 😉 but would like to be able to annotate within Evernote itself.

  • NeuroJoe

    AND be able to add ink notations to a non-ink note. That would be huge for tablet users.

  • Alan

    I agree with edward d: we need subfolders and a tree view. The integrations may be useful – something there for pretty well everybody – but my online memory needs more organization with subfolders.

  • Rev3rb

    I’m kinda in the middle. Cool update but it didn’t deserve the hype it got. I’m sure the full realization of the trunk might come at a later date which I’m ok with. I think Evernote can and should do more. Mind you I love what I’m able to do now, it just seems it could be a more robust product.

  • James

    I agree. You should focus on actually making the evernote client better, rather than puffing your partnerships with other companies. Having said that, I do like some of the results (Doxie, Egretlist etc). Stop trying to push it to us, and just let people work on your API in peace.

  • Chris

    My first thought when the news of the big announcement was posted was at it couldn’t possibly live up the hype. Especially with no details or hints, everyone could just hope for whatever unique features most important to them. And sadly, the “trunk”, while nice, hardly changes the way we work with Evernote. It’s nice i suppose, but not huge. I am definitely disappointed (even though i kept my expectation low) I hope there will be some software updates coming to soften the blow….

  • Caryn

    I’m so very underwhelmed.

    How about some features that actually provide some functionality for users? I’d even settle for an iPhone app which crashes less often.

  • Pia

    I just don’t understand why I am supposed to care at all. why do you put so much focus on 3party apps?? we like evernote, and we want the evernote app, not to have like 20 apps more to be able to use evernote…
    this was the most disappointing “update” i’ve ever seen.

    but besides this, i love evernote. it really helps me alot in my everyday life!

  • Matthias

    I really expected something cool like a next generation, never seen editor. But all you presented is a simple shop to list your API partners. A job which could also be done by a website.

    You are constantly innovating your product and that is what a like. But having a shop is not innovative in the important area, note taking, clipping organisation or storage.

  • Michael

    Hmm – the great news was that you added some advertising to Evernote ? – I had hoped you would do rich text editing natively on the iPad and iPhone – and also collapsible headers/folders, so we don’t have to scroll past large number of notes to get to what we wan’t.

    The trunk looks like a reformatted version of the list of supported apps on your web site – but, I guess, after the initial disappointment, it might be useful.

  • Marcel

    I’m a little disappointed:
    Now I have not only to trust evernote but also the third party developers:
    – My data is spread to many companies. I have to trust all of them but I don’t want this.
    – Can you guarantee that all partners continue their service unlimited time? I think that you can’t. So what happens to my data when on of them discoutinues his program?
    – This clutters the data structure. I need a consistent environment and no patchwork.

  • Luke

    Nice work guys, downloading the update now.

  • John Dewar

    Ummm….. Sorry guys, I know that was probably a lot of work and it sounds pretty cool, but to me, it was WAY more important for you to add database encryption and password protection on the application level. THAT would have changed the way I see Evernote. You guys have created the very best app around for collecting and backing up important documents, except it can’t be used that way safely. And this has been a top feature request for years apparently, if you google ‘encrypt Evernote database’. So congratulations on the launch of this new feature, but please hurry up and improve the core app’s security.

    • Sterling Zumbrunn

      I could not agree with this more. I have been begging for PIN lock security on all platforms. It’s a weak argument to deflect the functionality to the OS. Having PIN lock on your phone or computer is not enough if we’re really to trust this system with all of our data.

      Security and encryption is a glaring hole that needs to be filled right away, especially if anyone is to take this product seriously for business.

  • Nick

    What a disappointment! I first thought this was a list of services that were heavily integrated into Evernote (and would store data into my evernote account for offline use), comparable to add-ons in various other products. So far this is just a list of other (commercial) products, that in some cases could export data into Evernote using email or an API.
    Evernote claims that for the past two years they have been focused on one goal: helping the world remember everything. This is not Evernote helping world remember everything, but Evernote telling its users that you can remember everything in various unconnected services… So what is new about that? Is Evernote backing down from their own goal, and in fact telling us that they can’t do it?

    Please don’t get me wrong. I love Evernote, but so far this announcement adds next to nothing to the functions / features of Evernote. If the Trunk does not integrate new features into the Evernote product itself, then this Trunk is an empty concept!

    You only have one chance to make a first impression, and despite this very poor first impression I will watch this development closely over the coming months.

  • Tim

    fantastic! half of the “apps” in the trunk need a subscription that costs more than evernote for itself. this is not what i expected… well, don’t expect too much and you don’t get disappointed 😉

  • James

    Disappointing indeed. I find that Evernote is still a difficult sell to friends when the answer to ‘Does it do X?’ is ‘No’. Perhaps the development team needs expanding in order to start delivering some of the missing functionality and therefore remove the barriers to entry.

    The main questions that are asked are:-

    -Can you see the shared notebooks in the client?
    -Can you share notes based on tag?
    -Is everything encrypted server-side?
    -Is there a neat and automated way to backup notes?

    The silly formatting bugs don’t help either, I noticed that in 3.5.5 it is mentioned Office copy and paste has been improved. Pasting a note containing nested bullets with a single font and size this morning resulted in two different fonts and sizes and extra bullets.. it doesn’t seem to have improved!

    Don’t get me wrong, there are a number of positives and I will continue to subscribe personally, although surely it’s in everyone’s interest to maximise the user base and therefore the financial security of the company when we have the contents of our brains invested in the product.

  • Katelynn

    Please recognise that some of us use Evernote on netbooks – it’s fine on my laptop, but on my netbook I can’t even resize the Trunk window to fit on my screen! Why leave out something as simple as window resizing capability?

    Note linking for the next update, please… I think with this Trunk thing you’ve got advertising well and truly covered, now time for some new features.

  • Johan

    Little tip… Next time you’re planning on introducing something like the Evernote Trunk, don’t get our hopes up by describing it as “Something that will change the way you interact with Evernote, and, maybe even, change how you think about Evernote”. Evernote is still my #1 app on the mac and I can’t envision myself canceling my premium account anytime soon, but this was lame.

  • Jennifer Palais

    I am so impressed with all of the apps I saw today…so much functionality to take in … esp the voice recognition. That is a huge step forward and it is going to really help my organizing clients. Seesmic’s Twitter integration allowing me to save the tweets in the stream that I want to return to later is something I’ve really been wanting. That is a huge capture tool that’s been missing for me. And this is just the start…

  • Hanson Ganix 小甘

    Today when I lauched my evernote as a routine as before,there was a boring updating dialog appearing again,I clicked the “update” button loathly then devoted into my work.After about ten minutes ,the suprising thing happend,the evernote began to install,and with the interface displaying Chinese.The installation finished ,a Chinese version evernote come to me.The fist Chinese version of evernote seems so beautiful. I am so excited here,just trying to seek a textarea to write my words to say “Thank you”.

  • Nick

    Doesn’t work. Clicking on the Trunk button does nothing at all on my PC. 🙁

  • MisterK

    Well I’m pretty excited to give Trunk a go. Really enjoying the evolution of the ever note brand and product. I’ve been using Evernote a lot more recently. It sounds like the partners are doing some pretty compelling stuff and now I don’t have to search around for the right solution. I think I prefer this approach to adding a bunch of clutter to Evernote. Extensions would be nice on day, too.

  • Chad

    I really love EN, but this “feature” is really nothing more than a link to content that already exists on your website — albeit better organized. Perhaps a bit too much pre-release hype?

  • Agnes Riley

    I can only agree with the people saying “it’s not so exciting”. But that said this might get exciting at some point. e.g. when you could mark favorites in epicurious and your favorites get saved then you can show them in Evernote. I’d rather watch other people’s shared notebooks, annotate PDFs in Evernote, and import notes from PenUltimate or allow for handwriting recognition. I thin these would have been more beneficial to the product and the user. But I understand: the company has to make a living.

  • Hector

    Very disappointing. I was all excited, even considering going premium again. Oh well.

  • jl

    Hmm, the hype up to the Trunk was really a bit too much given what it is…I agree with Gregg – did I really need an upgrade so that Evernote developers could tout their wares? I was expecting a subfolders announcement…now that would really help things A LOT!

  • Mike

    Well…that was disappointing. You have potential here, great momentum, a good product, lots of people waiting for improvements….and you give us a app store? Not what I was waiting for.

    There is SO MUCH that could be done here: there are fixes crying for attention, new features that users and others have suggested, better functionality. You don’t need to sell other people’s stuff, you need to sell your own.

    I love Evernote. It needs some more work, though, to make it great. Hop on that guys!

  • Richard

    I’m actually quite underwhelmed. This is simply a consolidation of third party efforts at best, a marketing ploy at worst.

    I’m still sort of disappointed that there’s no word of a Linux version. And yes, I know, the API’s out, so someone could have done this, but I just think it would have been your responsibility, not someone else’s.

    Hell, you even made an iPad version, which, considering that the iPad isn’t even a real computer, seems just so superfluous.

    As to the third party apps, most of these are either iPhone, iPad or Windows/Mac apps. Virtually useless to me.

    And since I’m depending on your Android and Webversion, I’d have loved it if your announcement had included any improvements in that direction. Which, well, didn’t happen.

    For some reason, I guess because I initally liked the pace at which you were innovating, I bought Evernote premium for a whole year a couple of months back. Which, in hindsight, was probably a stupid move.

    I’m obviously not a member of your target audience, so I shouldn’t have had expected for you to treat me as one.

  • Sarah

    I can definitely see where this is a big step for Evernote, but right now, there is no new functionality for me. However, Trunk is brand new and this set up has so much potential – especially as more free integrations and notebooks get added. Maybe a rating/comment system would help the users as well?

  • LR

    Really disappointed as well. Seems that the real work that is needed for the EverNote app itself has been ignored. And now I can get even more notebooks that I can’t arrange or organize (subfolders or bookshelves or something would be nice) or better text formatting like OneNote has would be awesome. Oh well, keeping my fingers crossed for the next release…

  • Jamie

    Seems like the general consensus is :yawn:

    When is the next huge super dooper life changing awesome workflow adjusting announcement?

  • Mike

    Oh…and besides that…it does not work! I’m guessing that the Trunk looks great on a Mac. My all my PC versions pop up a blank window. An empty trunk!

  • Smorris

    I have to agree tha the hype was way more than the resultant update. Big disappointment. Go back and look through the guesses we made in the teaser announcement. There were many excellent and really needed ideas in there. I don’t recall one poster asking to have the “works with Evernote” adds from the webpage added to the application itself. Absolutely nothing offered with this is useful to me. I want several of these features built into Evernote, not the need to buy or add another application that might work with my mobile but not sync with my desktop.

    Evernote has been growing and improving so much this past year, and I took advantage of the rebate deal with the ScanSnap to upgrade to Premium. I’m glad it was basically a free upgrade, because I keep seeing the same requests over and over on the blogs and forums, only to have them ignored, deleted, or put down as not needed because partners have them. ( I personally have had posts deleted from this blog when requesting password security on the iPad/iPod version of Evernote.)

    Please go back and read the teaser blog post replies. That’s what we want in Evernote. Seems security, Dropbox integration, rich text editing, and subfolders top the list, not more advertising in Evernote.

  • Eric

    So basically, you’ve added a modal, non-resizable web browser so that I can view some third-party add-ons (and requires me to log in again to install anything). A huge letdown after the amount of press you’ve put into it over the last two weeks.

    The marketing department shouldn’t drive development.

  • Vance

    I think this will be useful, but one suggestion would be to indicate front and center whether the app is freeware or not. That will be a decision factor for many people, I think. I downloaded Screenpresso, which would be a nice little tool, but not one I would pay for, so a mention that it was a paid app would have saved me the trouble. This will be a useful way to find apps, though!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Vance, great suggestion.

      • Tony

        to add to Vance’s suggestion, something to indicate iPhone or Android would also be useful. I got tired of clicking away only to see ‘available in iTunes App store’ and very little for Android.

        • Andrew Sinkov

          Great suggestion. Thanks.

  • Peter

    While it’s cool that you can snap new things onto evernote, I’m frustrated that I keep hitting my head on the ceiling of what the product can do. I’ve been ready to convert my entire staff and their knowledge base into Evernote for months, except for *two big problems*: sub folders, and shared notebooks on the desktop app. I know you prefer tags instead of folders, but the business and computing world thrives on folders and subfolders ad-nauseum. Please solve these, so I can buy another 12 premium annual subscriptions for my staff. I want evernote to be my everything forever solution.

  • Scott

    I’ve been using some of these 3rd party apps for a long time, and I can see the Trunk as a necessary way of informing a greater number of users of some awesome added benefits they can get. Most of these I knew about, but since it seems like EN could be in a place to start lots of new partnerships, it’s a good way to stay informed. As a power user, I wasn’t super impressed, but good for Evernote for continuing to move ahead strongly.

  • Alexander Deliyannis

    I’m actually quite impressed by the cross-marketing concept, which goes a long way towards ensuring Evernote’s longevity, popularity and continuous development. In the words of Michael Dell: “I think the idea of one company trying to do it all is really not necessarily the answer. Our business is about partnerships –with suppliers, with customers and with other companies- and that’s how we’ve grown to $32 billion in 18 years. Not by trying to do it all ourselves.”

    However, I can also understand why many users –especially premium ones like myself- are underwhelmed. As new functionalities and partnerhips are introduced, long time requests from the userbase are ignored. One could also seriously question the flexibility of the platform itself: can you imagine an operating system where it is not possible to copy a file so as to work on the copy? Well, Evernote simply cannot make a copy of an existing note; why, I cannot fathom. I also cannot imagine how versioning can take precedence as a feature over it.

    I believe that this is the right time to address such issues mentioned persistently (copies of notes, encryption, Linux version, work in small screens etc), before they end up limiting the product’s potential –especially in light of the ecosystem growing around it.

  • charles

    It seems that EN thrives on over promising under delivering. I love EN but have really lowered my expectations for improvements. They trickle them out so slowly if at all that it only frusterates they did not do it sooner.

  • Adam

    I think this is a very progressive move on your part. The innovations will eventually come to you first. Who would have thought you can have voice transcriptions handled so efficiently.

  • Vance

    Isn’t it about time for a podcast?

  • Todd

    The move makes sense but it’s way too early. The Windows desktop version as well as the iPad version are sluggish in terms of performance and need plenty of additional attention. This should be the focus right now. Eliminate the distractions and concentrate on the product right now.

  • Vince

    I was full of expectations of this new update……..

    Maybe integrating subfolders (what would really be an improvement to organize your files),
    dropbox integration etc.
    I don’t want more programs added to evernote,
    I prefer one simple good working program, not an overkill of applications.
    I am really disappointed, I love evernote, it’s such a good strong simple functional program, but it can still
    be improved,

    with this update they certainly don’t reach this

    please evernote, listen to these things

  • npb

    Trunk looks cool, but can you please bring back these features of 3.1: (1) CONT+SHIT+T tag assignment functionality, (2) the desktop clipper widget, (3) the pop-up window that would give you the option to tag, trash, and email, and (4) the slow scroll interface? Or just bring back the CONT+T tag assignment functionality so I don’t have to use the mouse. The current CONT+ALT+T function totally misses the boat. If you can do that, I’ll leave 3.1 behind and maybe even buy some stuff on Trunk.

  • chaz

    hmmm… how about bullets and tables that aren’t a pain to deal with? those wouldn’t be very hard to fix, and would be a huge improvement. or maybe a trunk “app that can handle tables in a sane and reasonable way.

  • Lindsey C. Holmes

    This will be one of many improvements, so I am not worried… Yes, there are additional improvements to be made, but Evernote has saved/ changed my business/ life and whatever they need to do to enhance their bottom line, I’m all for. I hope that those complaining ALL have premium accounts because that is the only way they will be able to approach our MANY requests. I have been a premium user since day one, and will support any and every enhancement, no matter how big or small. Yea, because I am an Evernote Addict I was hoping for larger memory options, but the trunk is cool. I also appreciate how the trunk notebooks don’t take from our memory. This was thoughtful. Anyway, say what you want, Evernote is revolutionary, has changed organization/ productivity/ GTD and business forever, and I love it!!! Thanks for your hard work guys!

  • Steve

    Whenever I click on ‘done’ button after viewing the Trunk in the iPad app, the app immediately crashes.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Steve, thanks for pointing that out. We’re submitting an update that fixes that shortly.

  • Adam

    The trunk has completely changed the way I interact with evernote…I don’t, it just keeps crashing on ipad, my mac and my PC.
    Not a happy (premium) user.

  • Carlos Caballero

    And the people have spoken… IMHO, the balance (and the cost/ben equation pushing it in all directions) are clear:

    – Improve what’s already a nice application – Not fabulous, not breath-taking, but a nice application, with great adoption patterns, and a unique value proposition. The benefit are a happy user base, a zillion evangelists, the viral “What do you mean you don’t use EN?”, and such. The cost is that EN needs to learn to be humble, keep at the grind, take care of the non-jet-set-bugs and moles, do the work.. Happy users are happy because somebody else does the dirty work for them, and that’s you, guys at EN.

    – Go for the Apple thing – Mmmm… Looks like everyone has an App store of some sort or another these days, and if Apple could do it, why not? Why not put a high bar for consumers and extort them in the way in? Imagine a 20%, 30%, whatever, of a zillion-mega-tillion apps sold, making money out of others’ work! Let’s be a platform! (BTW, isn’t it also everyone else who is trying to have another platform of their own?). Ah, the benefits, imagined if not so much real… Our VC’s are happy again in Board meetings, we feel like we are building railroads again… But there is a cost: what is the 20% or zillion% of nothing? With millions of apps that are starting to do most of what EN does, how long will we hold on? Do those users still have a reason to pay for premium? Really?

    The decision seems to be taken already, but move carefully. The cost of entry to an App Store is quite low, but the cost of exit may be that of losing your shirt: perhaps is better to have the partnering working really well, MUCH before you start milking it? How about improving the core platform AND the partnering, and THEN milking the mix? Even if you have to tell the VC’s to wait?

  • steve

    In theory this should be useful but many of these apps are pretty useless.

    For example Evernote is excellent but I can’t figure out Egretlist … maybe it’s useful but after 2 hrs I can’t get it to work …. and I don’t have any more time time to give it … life is too short …. goodbye Egretlist

  • Chris Johnston

    I would still like to know why I can’t get Evernote on a Blackberry on Sprint. Left AT&T and the iPhone and I’m pretty pissed now.

  • Roger Carl

    This is pretty weak guys. I was hoping for more creativity and usefulness. A couple of API’s and most of the apps in the trunk ask for a subscription that jacks the costs up more than Evernote itself.

  • Craig

    I love your vision for evernote as sync support for third party developers. I am giddy with excitement for the potential of this partnership arrangement. As an iPad user I’m frustrated by the lack of syncing options that most apps have and your proposal that evernote be used to support third party app development in this way is inspired. My personal hope is to see a lot of writing oriented apps be offered as my main use for the iPad is to collect writing ideas on the go and expand on them later.

  • Vladimir

    What a joke! I was expecting some basic features like real sharing of notepads between PRO user or a rich text etc!!!

  • skan101

    I love it but should it be more creativity ad usefulness would be better.

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  • mbartner

    I gave this a week to see if I felt any better about it, but still have to agree with almost every other post here – this was an absolute non-event in this user’s eyes, and did nothing to enhance my use or enjoyment of Evernote as a product. The build-up actually made it that much worse, expecting something and getting, essentially, nothing.

  • Dirk

    I am really excited about Evernotes, and every day I find another way to make us of EN. The more I look into this, the more security becomes a concern. If I upload a copy of my passport or bank card or birth certificate or insurance document, will it be safe?

    I am not requesting a specific functionality at this point, but I would hope that security in general will play a much greater role in your future plans.

  • Mike

    Confused? So this is an app store or an ad… Should change the title… Looks like a feature at first but not… Also, took me awhile to understand what it is.

  • Stan

    Love my Evernote but as far as the “Trunk” is concerned, I can’t comment because all I get is a blank window…

  • David

    This update may represent a good business plan (or may not), but I see no clear advantages for me. Maybe I would be more enthused if EN interacted in new, clever ways with apps that are already big hits and widely used. But I’ve never even heard of most of the apps mentioned in the trunk.

    Another change that might interest me would be if EN took over functions from lots of existing apps I already use. I’d rather use EN with lots of new features than EN plus a dozen tiny apps like full-featured screen grabbers, powerful clipboard substitutes, encryption apps, and compression apps. Wouldn’t it be cool if EN could do all of that, so I could make life simpler by removing a bunch of other apps.

  • Dan

    My god, what a bunch of whiners. Personally, I’m happy you’ve chosen to add more features via 3rd parties. If it’s something that I want and have to pay more for it – so big freaking deal. EVERNOTE IS FREE PEOPLE!!! (well, I bought a subscription but until that time…)

  • Frederick

    I think a lot of people have missed the point here. The more 3rd party apps, the more functionality of the software and the more customization for the individual person. Also I feel the company is smart for building an accessible piece of software and leaving functionality expansion to companies with expertise in their particular field. Great Job! Keep adding partners!

  • Jeffrey Hardy

    I am a very dedicated user of Evernote, and though every system requires we think more like it than like ourselves, EN is an important part of everyday. I use it to collect intelligence on key topics and to track the progress of projects I am working on. That said, this Trunk thing is like the ad button that is not a feature for us Pro users. I don’t need you cramming other people’s crap in my face and calling it a feature. I need the interface I am working on to be constantly improving in very useful ways. How about the near-crap help arena, that, everytime I go there I am reminded of just how paltry the offerings were all the other times I went there. No real effort to cross-reference topics, etc., but more like a discussion board, like an open-source project. Not much help, really. Get into the center of the thing and get off the damn edges. We all lover Evernote, and want to continue to do so, not be a crowd you shill other people’s crap to. To be precise about it. Get the trunk off my desktop!

  • Don Walters

    “Trunk” may be amazing to you but when I click on the icon, nothing happens – a blank screen.

  • Steve Gronek

    So much whining! Great work, Evernote! You are being dynamic and working toward something….and beyond! So, maybe these people don’t find all the extras in the Trunk useful… they can choose not to use them! I know you will take some of the constructive suggestions and incorporate them if it benefits everyone.

    Keep up the good work! You folks are great!

  • Tryll

    Lots and lots of great ways to put things into Evernote… where it then becomes locked into a proprietary format, and in order to use it in further applications, it must be exported. How about allowing links or aliases to evernote stored content? I’ve tried to go Premium, but found that the data lock-in is way too impractical for actually using the content you capture. Why does Evernote seem to consider itself the “last stop” for all of your data? I find it really disappointing that it just isn’t as useful as EN thinks it is. GREAT. Another one-way data storage solution… and hundreds of ways to put your stuff into it.
    Curio, for example, went to great lengths to integrate Evernote, but it is now the least flexible component in Curio (a GREAT Mac-app.) Sure you can search and drag stuff into Curio, but at that point it is a separate copy of the data, and unlinked from Evernote – so why bother with the Evernote part? Curio can do all that, and better, without Evernote being involved.
    Make the stored data more useful, rather than finding hundreds of ways to lock it into your system.

  • Steve

    Guys–Some of us are eagerly awaiting mind mapping app integration BEYOND the iPad. Some of us are word people, some of us are visual/systems people, and some of us are both. As Snoop Dogg says, mind mapping is the real fashizzy. Thank you.

    • Colin

      Word and Mindmapping… two things from two mentalities that don’t go together

    • Karen

      I agree; at least integrate with FreeMind. I’m Google-centric so would never buy an iPad or iPhone.

  • Robert

    I don’t think people are whining. They just don’t get what it is and how it impacts them today. I am a pretty technical guy and it took two reads from me to get what I think it is, etc. I really think the intro and what it is from EN need a little tweaking. JMO

  • Bruce

    Trunk does not work. As several others mentioned, when I click on it a blank box is shown.

  • Hansdotcom

    Well I’d love to see the Trunk, but don’t have it? Is there something I need to do? When I check for updates it tells me that I’m up to date, but there’s no Trunk icon next to my Sync icon?

    • Mike Stanger

      I’m like Hansdotcom–I can’t find the Trunk button on my Windows version, and checking updates tells me there are no new updates, although my install is

  • JoeTaxpayer

    I like it. The notebooks to import are pretty cool.

    I don’t really get the “Most premium notepad”. It’s just a little paper notebook you fill with your own paper? Fold a piece of copier paper and write on it? Right?

    But it comes with a year of premium. So when my year is over, I can cancel, and then use that coupon? So the $69 notebook is really $24? Or $9 if I pretend I paid monthly.

    I saw Wacom listed as a vendor. Is there a special link between EN and the tablet? Or do I save and import to integrate the two?

    Again, thanks for a great product. I’ve been scanning and throwing out reems of paper for months now.

  • Dave

    All these upgrades and new features aren’t really addressing the thing that I think many people have asked for and have waited for a long time: being able to use EN for both work and personal. Namely, the ability to support multiple databases, or run multiple instances of EN, or something…anything. There is a Mac “plug-in” that allows the switching of EN accounts but nothing for Windows and other Iphone/iPad.. When can we get this feature? I am a paid subscriber.

  • Charles Brown

    will this work on my LG chocolate phone

    • Andrew Sinkov

      The Trunk is accessible from Evernote versions for Mac, Windows, Web, and iPad. You can also view it by going to and clicking on the Trunk link at the top of the page.

  • Peter Moseley

    I can’t find the trunk either. I have the latest version and there is no Trunk button. I went to as Andrew suggested above, clicked the Trunk icon and it brought me back to this page.

  • ThierryA

    At first I was VERY pleased to hear about this.
    And guess what ? I’m totally pissed off…
    What is this ? Itunes ? Apple Appstore ?
    For those who don’t see the trunk, don’t worry: nothing to see anyway… I mean, there is nothing in there for me: only apple, apple, apple…
    Where are android and winmo versions ?
    What are you doing exactly, offering only apps for devices that don’t support stylus sketching ???

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thierry the Trunk is a showcase of third party applications that have integrated Evernote. You’re right, there are currently more iPhone app integrations than Android and Windows Mobile. There’s no technical reason why developers on those platforms couldn’t integrate with Evernote. If you have specific apps that you would like to see integrated, I recommend contacting the app developer and making the recommendation. If they build that integration, we will list it in the Trunk.

  • Will

    Think of “Trunk” as the elephants “extension(s)” (Going with the “elephants never forget” concept) The “Trunk” helps the elephant.

  • Uonji

    You are including too much, actually,if there is such thing as too much. Too many superficial functions. Let the user give you feedback which are really essential or suddenly it will be used by 15-19 boys and girls to share gossip and nonsense chat. I like to think of this application as a serious one, useful for business and serious discussion meetings and shared work.

  • Julez

    Great Ideas & Functions – keep up the good work !

  • markC

    So, since I stumbled across the Trunk, I’ve added FastEver to my iPhone, I’ve started to use Awesome Note as I need a 2 Do app that syncs with EN (I prefer to have both for different things). So, functionality has suddenly improved. Lots of it I won’t use BUT some of it I have and so, great work from the EN team. Keep it up.

  • Marc S.

    It would helpful if there was an indication with each App whether it was free or, if not, how much it costs. It’s a bit tedious to check them out one by one.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Pedr

    Please put something in the preferences (at least for pro users) so we can remove the Trunk Button

  • Russell

    I’m with a lot of other users who want a good Evernote that additional applicatications. Concentrate on getting the bugs out and producing a good user manual.

  • Darnell Clayton

    As much as I love Evernote (and the new trunk) what frustrates me more than anything is the lack of rich text editing for the iPhone.

    Even if you displayed it in bare code (exposing the guts) and allowed us to edit the formatting via code, I would take that over the “text or nothing” approach.

    Although I love being a premium member (and recommend others pay for it instead of being a free loader), this is my one major gripe about the service (for iPhone only though, as everything else rocks!!!).

  • bohomoto

    Wish I could subscribe to a trunk rss feed…

  • Richard

    It took me a long time to understand why “trunk”. The first image that came to mind was a tree, of course. As a developer, “trunk” suggests the main branch of a source control tree, and that seemed like an awkward and confusing name for what seems a messy mix of an app store and RSS feed (notebooks). But then maybe I thought “trunk” referred to a storage box in which one packs away things not needed; again, a poor image. Only after a few hours did I realize that “trunk” probably referred to the part of the elephant. You seriously need a better name.

    Since I use Evernote to keep things temporarily, such as an item to pick up at the store or things on a to-do list, I tend to want to minimize what I put there. Having apps goes against that. Evernote’s strength is its use as short-term memory, and I would not want to fill it with long-term clutter.

  • Elizabeth

    What I’m looking for is a pen that will allow me to edit a Word document using Track Changes. I’d like to be able to edit a document using my handwriting, and have that handwriting turned into type within the Word document, such that the recipient of the document can accept changes or not.

    Does this do that? Seems like it does everything else. . .

  • Matt

    I’m confused. Evernote is a great app but you seem to be ignoring the elephant in the room (which must be difficult).

    I want to love it, I have a premium subscription but its just not very good as a note editor. If you come from Onenote (which I have) it’s like going back to a late 80’s word processor.

    So guys. Stop messing about with stuff like the Trunk, if you get the editor right you’ll win way more customers. I am hanging on in there but I know loads of people who’ve given up and/or refuse to pay for a subscription because of the text editor.

  • Steve

    This actually got me to download Awesome Note and it works, I can now manage tasks with EN. Happy Days!

  • Michel

    When will there be an Evernote application for Symbian OS?
    It is true that Symbian is not that big in the US but it is by far the biggest mobile operating system in the world.

    Since Evernote is asking people to translate its content into other languages one would presume that you are aiming for a global market.

    It is therefore strange to see how you only focus on US Operating Systems eg MAC, Android, Windows, Palm.

    As you can see from the link above Symbian has bigger share of the world market that all the others put together.

    So, if you want it to be a BIG day for Evernote then you should add an application for Symbian OS.

    Just a thought.

  • carls

    One more voice to remove the Trunk – especially for Premium users who have already expressed that they are paying to avoid ads. Moreover the Trunk takes up useful and usable space on my Netbook. Please.

  • Laurie

    I am pretty new to Evernote. I cannot find the “notebook” tab in The Trunk. Am i missing something? Was it ever there, was it removed? Thanks

  • Narisa S

    The Trunk UI sorely needs a Search feature. I was looking for only one thing (MindNode) but forced browsing was frustrating.

  • crossword puzzle maker

    Hello, guys! Thank you so much for creating and developing Evernote. This application has become my friend and helper and i am glad to know that it becomes even better with time. I wish you more innovations and success in promoting new applications!

  • Mark Gallagher

    I’m curious as to what kind of muscle Apple applied to you to let them redirect your free downloads for Macs to Apple’s App Store, where they cost $10 I believe.

    I know it’s not a lot of money, but is there a work around to get these apps for Mac at no cost?

  • Krishner

    This is brilliant! I love the Evernote Trunk! Thanks to you I discovered Beesy, which has seriously enhanced the way I work. Keep up the good things 😉

    • Taylor Pipes

      We actually call it the Evernote App Center these days ( Glad you found Beesy!