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Posted by on 16 Jul 2010

Posted by on 16 Jul 2010

On Wednesday, we released an update to Evernote for Windows, which included a bunch of nice improvements in addition to the new Trunk features. Here are some details on what’s new.

Download Evernote for Windows (version 3.5.5) or check for updates


In this update, we added the ability to assign multiple tags to multiple notes at once. Here’s how it works. Select the notes that you want to tag (hold down CTRL while clicking to do a multi-select) then right click and choose “Tags…” from the menu. Next, select the tags that you want to assign.

By default, Evernote first shows only tags assigned to the selected notes. This is useful if one of the selected notes is already tagged in the way that you would like to tag the others. To view all tags in your tag list, uncheck the Hide Assigned Tags checkbox. You can also create a new tag right from this window.

Improved table editing

For those that love to make tables in their Evernote notes, we’ve got a nice update. Evernote for Windows now lets you add and remove columns and rows. May not seem like a big deal, but if you’re in the habit of making tables, then this is quite nice.

Lots more

  • Improved copying and pasting content from Microsoft Office applications
  • Improved multi-monitor support
  • Improved handling of default fonts
  • Improved design of Hide Unassigned Tags
  • Numerous stability improvements

Download Evernote for Windows (version 3.5.5) or check for updates


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  • Donald K

    Look at the fonts in the title bar and the dialog box, horrible! Should just roll back.

  • Ed Martino, PhD

    Evernote is, by far, the most useful app I have found thru Twitter in the last 8 months. Your team’s dedication to excellence speaks for itself. Note that although so far I have not come close to my monthly allocation,I am happy to pay $5/mo for proservice to support your cause. Rock on!


  • Cat Von Hassel-Davies

    Exactly what Ed Martino said. I love your app.

  • Dmccall

    I still just want to drag and drop a txt file into EN and have ot create a text note, not create a note with a txt file object in it. EN USED to behave this way, but that changed >1 yr ago.

  • James McLellan

    Evernote is wonderful! Hands down.
    I’d sure like to see the return of Ctrl-Enter for check boxes though. Ctrl-Shift C (space)is a real pain when your To-Do items are flowing out of your head like water.
    (BTW: My clipping from Outlook is still busted. Is anyone else having this problem, too?)

  • Dee Ache

    Can you give us a date field we can sort and filter by PLEASE?!?!?

  • Michael Green

    I get that the trunk is useful to EN, Inc as it is a revenue stream. It may even be useful to me, if I need or want an add-in to EN. The part I don’t understand is why you think that exercise (me getting plug-ins) is so frequent and important as to need to be a button in the top left of my screen.

    I’m a premium user and I can’t get past the fact that this ‘feels’ like I’m getting ads, even though the premium product can turn them off.
    This button, just like the app store it is a clone of on the iPhone, should be movable, and frankly, I should be able to turn it off.

  • xbeta(善用佳软)

    Nice to find that Evernote for windows is getting better.
    Now I’m also use Evernote via BlackBerry 9000.

  • Doug Potts

    Any additional info on what the multi-monitor improvement is?
    My multi-monitor setup still tries to put the clipper menu in the monitor opposite where the Evernote window is.

    A minor annoyance but was hoping it was fixed.

  • Chris Doig

    I am a fairly heavy Evernote user, typically 15 notes per day – 4323 notes total so far. However ver 3.5.5 for Windows broke tags making it very difficult to use. When you add tags to a note they sometime just vanish when you reopen the note. VERY frustrating. 3.5.5 seems to have several other bugs as well, e.g. tags are suddenly case sensitive (i.e. “Follow up” and “follow up” are now 2 different tags. Very inconsistent – sometimes the problems are there, and sometimes not.

    Tried tech support, but after several emails exchanged they have been no help. Only work around I have found is to sync and then use the web client to add tags. If you have not yet upgraded to 3.5.5 suggest you avoid it. Wish I had. Hope they fix the problem soon because I love Evernote!

    • Ken Chaun


      The problem with the tagging feature is beyond frustrating!

  • Craig Brown

    I have seen other people ask for “sub folders”. This would be a great feature. How about offering a subfolder-like view. The subfolders could actually be tags. This shouldn’t require very much coding.

    BTW: I talk extensively about Evernote in my best selling job searching book The Laidoff Ninja. I recommend Evernote as a “must have” tool for job seekers.

  • Neil Hinrichsen

    It would be nice to see Evernote replace some of the features that they just dropped when they moved to EN3.5 for Windows, before racing to add new ones.

    Existing users of older versions of EN are still living without:

    – the ability to navigate with the Tags pane (missing Find option in the right-click context menu)
    – the ability to ‘paste content without tables’
    – the ability to email notes using your native email client (you are now forced to do this from within Evernote, therefore without access to your address book)
    – the ability to have links to notes
    – and numerous other features (see eg Dmccall’s comment)

    This is the most infuriating thing about Evernote. Nearly every major release drops critical features that were there before, or significantly changes their functionality.

    I would never have committed to Evernote if I’d known this up front. Unfortunately with 13,000 notes in my Evernote database I’m now effectively locked in & victim to the constant changes in functionality. It is very frustrating.

    (And for the previous commenter who remarked on the fonts in the title bar and the dialog box, yes, sadly every release also seems to get uglier).

  • NeuroJoe

    I hope the case sensitive tags is just a bug. I tag the emails I send to Evernote and sometimes have a difficult time remembering if my original tag was capitalized or not.

  • Rob Parnell

    Thank you Evernote, for the multi-tag feature.

    Guess Dropbox is in waiting? RockOn

  • Orga

    Evernote is a wondrous, wondrous application. Syncing between my Windows app and my Android phone in real-time is fantastic.

    But please, for the love of any gods that you hold dear… can I have some single spacing as a default option for the Windows and online clients? It’s driving me nuts that I’m always having to use Shift+Enter. It would be nice to be able to change the default action.

    Otherwise, keep on keeping on. I love the program. Helps me keep track of all the spur of the moment stuff that’s so hard to keep track of otherwise.

  • Matthew

    Can we get an UI update next time? You really should bring the iPad look and feel to the other platforms; I’d love to be able to see my tags as stacks 🙂

  • George Anison

    I think Evernote is the best application in it’s category, a wonderfull way to organize ideas and memories.

    It’s great but I’ve some little(but important)complaint from the new windows versions. I’m missing the crisp fonts from the 3.1 version. This new windows versions have a very blury fonts so it’s very cumbersome to use it.

    Also I think it would be great to take back the 3.1 UI with the new improvements cause the “new” one seems older than the 3.1, more like an XP than a windows 7 application.

    Thank you.

  • Michael

    I really like this app, but there is still a problem. On my win7-64bit, when starting up from hibernate-mode, there is an empty black Evernote-Window open. The only workaround to me ist, to restart the program – is there any solution to this problem?

  • Josh

    I would like to mention that functionality for shared folders in clients would be a huge improvement to Evernote. I was forced to use google docs to share project notes with a coworker today (who is also a premium subscriber to Evernote)… that just seems wrong to me, and very frustrating.

    I have experienced the same bug as Michael mentions above, also using Windows 7 64-bit.

    Finally, I concur with the commenter above that having a Trunk button on my client feels like a mandatory ad placement– incredibly annoying and frustrating for a paying customer. Please allow premium subscribers to remove this ad just like the others.

    I love the service. Please listen to your subscribers and add a little transparency to your development process so I can continue to use Evernote in good faith.

  • Dartanion

    Are encrypted notebooks in the roadmap at all? That plus a simple word count would be invaluable for writers.

  • Jeffrey Herr

    @Michael: +1 on the Black Screen problem. Me too…
    @Josh: +1 for shared folders. It’s almost becoming a necessity for me to have shared folders from the Client. It’s almost like they reassigned their developers to the web client and left the installed client with a skeleton maintenance crew.
    @Neil: +1 for EMail client! I understand why they made the change, but without access to my EMail address books, it’s a many-step process now to send an EMail (surprisingly, I haven’t memorized the EMail addresses of all my contacts)

    @Evernote: I’d LOVE to be a part of your focus groups or Beta testing. If you just asked your customer base about a few of these changes, I think you’d avoid some painful mis-steps.

  • Tim Buck

    I’ve been unable to update to Evernote 3.5.5 – each time I download the update (either automatically through Evernote or manually from the website) and try to run it, I get a message that the updater is not a valid Windows application. I’m running Windows 7 32-bit.

  • Chris

    Please update the Share/Group collaboration features. Otherwise my company will not adapt Evernote.

  • vietphi

    After upgrading my EN to this version, i can’t type unicode in EN anymore. It’s happen on my netbook (xp home) and desktop (7 home pre):
    Ex: im’ typing “tết” but EN not show “ê” or some other word like ư,ơ,đ…..
    Please fix this!

    • Nguyen Quoc Tuan

      Hello, how glad that I know thay u have the same bug.
      I’m using Unikey and the same problem occurs to me. At your side, have u resolved the bug?
      It’s very boring if I must type in Notepad, then copy and paste the content to EN.

      A million thanks if u can give me the solution to all this.

  • lauraf

    Like Chris Doig, I’ve been having terrible problems with tags since I upgraded to the 3.5.5 Windows client. If I tag a note when I create it, then click over to another note, my tag is simply gone from the first note.

    Also, tags I rely upon have simply disappeared from the Tags accordion on the left, no matter what my context.

    I am beyond frustrated.

  • Z

    Evernote for Windows 3.1 is still a much better designed and productive application than 3.5. Very disappointing.

  • npb

    Why can’t I intent a text note with the tab button on my keyboard?

  • Daniel

    snore….I want Phase 2 and share via desktop software!!!

  • kallestropp

    Great app!
    Just miss one thing:

    It would be nice to be able to apply a saved search on the currently selected notebook.

  • c barber

    This version is very slow on Windows XP. Especially if you try to find text within a long note. Do you have plans to correct that?

  • RM Griffin

    +1 on the black screen after the computer hibernates. Love the program and rely on it completely, but this glitch is really frustrating. Running XP.

  • NJackson

    +1 on the problems with tags, esp. frustration that they have to be input into the software in case-sensitive fashion or else the tag autocomplete won’t work. Plus, on Win7 32bit this version does feel more sluggish than the preceding one.

  • Andrey

    Evernote 3.1 is much better for working with pure text and tags (i’m not talking about pictures and other features). And look at the fonts on your own screenshot. This is not the way I should read my text. I know that many people have been complaining about this on Windows for a very long time and I understand that this and maybe Windows users are not the biggest priority for the company, at least I think it looks so. I only hope that I can still use 3.1 for a long time, because I don’t see myself switching to new version as it is. I tried new version some time ago and I doubt that many of its drawbacks have been fixed and will be fixed.

  • Chris

    I concur with the frustrations of not accessing shared notebooks in the client. I purchased a premium account specifically so I could share notebooks with a coworker and my wife. Waste of money. I typically don’t exceed 40mb/mth; so there was no reason for me to upgrade.

  • Robert Arthur

    Nested folders, please. Evernote is a nice idea, but completely unusable for my workflow without it. I keep checking back, hoping you’ve implemented this file UI element that has been around in consumer operating systems since the 80’s, at least. Tags are useful, but not a substitute for nested folders.

  • Stekel Baars


    Updating with the Notification doesnt work. PC totally slow. I have to restore old point. Downloading: no problem. I use Windows7.

    Greetz, Stekel

  • chris0917

    This morning suddenly I found that I could not launch evernote any more, even if after I reinstalled the client. Maybe it’s due to the updates for windows XP installed by the system this morning.

  • Todd

    I was really enjoying the 3.5 (windows 7) update and the nice progression of new features with new updates you guys are rolling out. I just had to roll back to 3.1, though, which was disappointing. 3.5 was just too unstable – it would constantly hang or get incredibly slow. I’ll wait for the next release to upgrade.

    Also – both version seem to suffer the same issue: when i put the computer to sleep and then bring it back up later, EN has closed. I typically found myself having to reopen EN throughout the day. All my other apps stay open unless i close them or shut down the PC. Can you guys look into that one?

    Otherwise – a great app that I constantly ‘sell’ to friends and colleagues. I have it on my android too!


  • roy protasewich

    I am a new premium upgrade customer that is also having problems with windows 7 desktop evernote version( can’t log on “invalid user name and password”. Any suggestions??

  • Nguyen Quoc Tuan

    I love EN and I’ve used it many years ago.
    But I think that I must report a …bug (or something alike)= I use a small driver for the keyboard (unikey) so that I can type in Vietnamese with all the accents, and the new update of EN miss up the typing. With old versions, it was wonderful. I wonder if you can fix it?
    Besides, I have also many concerns like the comments above. I think that I’ll downgrade the older versions.

    Have anyone experienced a similar problem, can you help?


  • Frode

    I love Evernote and use it almost every day. Unfortunately, the latest editions have become so memory hungry that I no longer can leave it running in the backgound. I’m whishing you get the time to trim it down to the small lean&mean application it once was!

  • Nic Windley | Marketing Consultant

    I was so excited about the possibilities of Evernote so I also upgraded to premium account to share notebooks and collaborate on content with two colleagues and was massively disappointed in the results.

    There is no way to clip directly to a shared notebook from the browser (for people who I shared with), the shared notebook view is clunky and seems disconnected from the main work flow AND my colleagues cannot add additional tags….sigh….why can we not have shared notebook which allows full access….the whole point in sharing is to allow them to contribute.

    Please consider working on these enhancements as I (like many others) will be reconsidering my Evernote premium account if this is not part of the development path. Its a great app missing an essential component for any serious use.

  • George Anis

    What is happening with the text display in the windows version?
    It’s really ugly and dificult to read. Are you going to make anything to that?? Version 3.1 is still best in text and interface.
    I supose you use the Mac version all the time so dont care much for windows users. Hope you do.

  • shawn

    +1 for nesting – tags are good, but lets make it easy and intuitive for a primary structure like an outline. Onenote 2010 blows away evernote in doing this (and many other things), but evernote is much more device and partner friendly. Please try and learn some lessons from onenote – imagine the evernote + onenote lovechild!

    btw- mobilenotr, an iphone onenote app is pretty slick and worth looking at too.

    I know I mention some competitors, but I have no affiliation to these companies – only trying to nudge you in the right direction!

  • JNevill

    I absolutely love Evernote. I put everything in it. That being said…

    After hibernating this program starts sucking something powerful. Seems to have a programming leak that causes 50% processor usage after it is up and running for than a day or two, and I am presented with a black screen that can only be brought back to life by exiting through the system tray icon. Please work on the bugs before tossing more features into this memory hogging clunk-o-rama of a client.

  • Perry Baltimore

    +1 on the black screen program freeze upon hibernation. Running XP.
    Version (96100)

  • RM

    +1 on the black screen from hibernation. Happening every single time now, running Windows 7 on a new HP. Really frustrating.

    Same thing happens on my old computer, but up until now I imagined that was because it was old and running XP. Apparently not the case.

  • SH

    Please, Please, Please get a UI designer who specializes in windows apps. The whole app feels kludgey. I know that evernote is going to rock one day – it will blow away onenote, and it already does in many ways, but Onenote has a real elegance to it. it was clearly designed by an office centric ui designer. you can zoom, and drag/drop comfortably. you should have someone learn full time about the app. the other thing you are missing is that tags show up in hierarchy, but THE NOTES THEMSELVES should be in a hierarchy. why go to the tags to get context for notes?