In the Trunk: The Tiny Doxie Scanner (plus a giveaway)

In the Trunk: The Tiny Doxie Scanner (plus a giveaway)

Posted by on 21 Jul 2010

Posted by on 21 Jul 2010

It’s not often that we talk about a device that could easily have been part of a James Bond flick. It isn’t a watch that turns into a jetpack (still waiting for that). We’re talking about Doxie, which is just about the tiniest document scanner we’ve ever seen.

The Doxie scanner is about the circumference of your wrist. It can be thrown into your bag, purse or, even, back pocket. It gets its power over USB, so no power cables are necessary. Most importantly, it sends your scans directly to Evernote. What could be better?

How it works

After a quick software setup, your Doxie scanner is ready to send scans into Evernote on your desktop.

  • Launch the Doxie software (Mac and PC compatible)
  • Choose how you want your document scanned (PDF or image)
  • The name you give the scan will be the title of your note
  • Choose Evernote as a destination
  • Scan your document

Available in the Evernote Trunk

The Doxie Scanner, along with lots of other great Evernote-friendly products, is available in the Evernote Trunk.

Giveaway time! (CLOSED)

We’re giving away five (5) Doxie scanners. This giveaway is open to Evernote users anywhere in the world. The rules are simple:

  • Leave a comment on this post (in English) telling us how you plan on using this super small scanner together with Evernote
  • Comments must be posted by 9am PT on Monday July 26th, 2010

Winners will be randomly selected and contacted via email (so make sure to use a valid address). Good luck!


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  • Kevin R.

    I would use it to scan in expenses while on the road.

  • Jim Kimmons

    While taking a photo of a small receipt works, I find that I don’t like doing it. I would love to be able to just feed these things into the Doxie when I get back to the computer.

  • Craig

    My wife is going back to school this fall and we would love to have a way to get her handwritten notes into Evernote.

  • shriya

    I am a freelance web developer and travel a lot to meet my clients. I sometimes scribble my notes in a notepad and I would use this little scanner to store my handwritten notes on Evernote. Thanks for the review and the giveaway!

  • Alex Crittenden

    Our house is being consumed by my daughters’ wonderful drawings – we want to keep them all (they are both really good, although I’m a bit biased obviously) but we’re starting to fill up the house. With the Doxy I can save the drawings and not the paper!!!

  • Nick N

    I’d keep it with my laptop to make it easy to use Evernote anywhere I go.

  • Dave

    Receipts, receipts, receipts…trying to get them under control. A Doxie scanner would be a huge help.

  • Phil Bradley

    This looks like a really neat tool. I would love to have one to help get rid of the paper clutter in my office.

  • Denton Jacobs

    My wife and I will both use this scanner to maintain our life. We just moved, and have a ton of documentation related to that. We are expecting our first child in the next two months or so, and my wife has her our business that is continuing to grow. On top of it all, we both travel for work, and need to maintain receipts, etc. for our jobs. It’s just a lot of paperwork that would be great to have electronically and in an easily found format. Doxie would be great to help us achieve that!

  • Kevan Smith

    I plan to use the Doxie scanner and my new Evernote Premium account to “vapourize” a four drawer filing cabinet at home and a two foot high stack of software installation documentation at work.

  • David W Bradford

    I love Evernote and put everything into it. With this scanner, I will be be able to scan receipts, documents, pics and all matter of stuff into it!

  • Tim

    Keep the warranty information for every product I own (and buy) in one convenient spot.

  • Dustin

    I’ll use the scanner to finally de-paper my home office

  • Tortoise Monk

    I will finally rid myself of every piece of paper, forever!

  • Michael Dingler

    Apart from the the obvious recipe scanning, this would be a great tool to collect the different design scribbles, meeting summaries and “notes to myself” that still end up in paper form. Anyone who still sticks post-its to their screen can put them on a sheet of paper after they’re done and run them through the scanner. This enables you to transcribe them (for searching) when you want to, not when you’re cleaning up.

  • David Mobley

    I’ll use it by carrying it around in my laptop bag and scanning handouts whenever I’m given one at a meeting, a conference, etc. I hate carrying around the handouts — they always get bent up, lost, etc. THings are easy to organize in evernote. In my bag, not so much.

  • Jonathan Bloom

    I would scan all of my business cards, receipts, postcards, mail, and documents into Evernote and then rid my house of all of my paper clutter. I need to get rid of lots of papers and receipts.

  • Bryan

    I was actually thinking about buying one of these. I’d primarily use it to scan receipts, which will be helpful for tax and insurance purposes. Importing the receipts directly into Evernote will make them easily searchable whenever I need them.

  • Bill Mayer

    As a librarian, i plan on using the doxie scanner everywhere i go – from scanning receipts to hand written notes to buisness cards to conference proceedings on the fly, the ability to digitize while on the go is a must-have item…and the synchronization with evernote is only a bonus!

  • Hillarie

    I’d love to use this to scan in all the paper receipts I have been keeping. It’d also be a great way to digitize all my recipe cards.

  • Steve Bryson

    The real question is “what WOULDN”T I use with this Doxie scanner & Evernote?” Awesome stuff, both!

  • Henrik Joreteg

    I’m a huge evernote fan and I have a pile of crap in my ‘to scan’ pile that’s headed for evernote, but the fact that my scanner sucks and is big an clunky keeps me from spending the time needed to get caught up.

    If I had this thing I’d leave it on the kitchen counter where I open my mail and just scan stuff right away. That would be sooo freakin’ awesome. I was also looking at the fujitsu’s but they’re too expensive.

    This would be ideal.

  • Thomson

    I will use it everywhere: In the office, cafe, on the beach, in the bathroom, couch, garden, bed, tube, train, car…. And guys, I’ll send pics of all these places, I promise 😉

  • Kien Tran

    This will be great for getting my hand drawn website drafts into digital format!

  • Tekla

    I will be using it to scan all my old to- do lists and other documents so they are easier to transcribe.

  • Larry

    Evernote is my electronic brain, I type and scan in EVERYTHING. I avoid writing things down and keeping paper and instead. I travel often and have been using my MacBook camera in lieu of a scanner when I’m not in my home office, as I have a combined printer/scanner/fax device (way too big).

    The camera works ok, but not near the clarity of a scan. I would keep the Doxie in my laptop bag and use it to scan rather than my camera. Based on the size, it would be the perfect fit.

    LOVE Evernote, keep up the great work.

  • Derek lee

    This looks like an excellent page scanner! One of the things that has been holding me back from using Evernote even more is the ability to easily get in hardcopies of things I would like to save. The photo quality on my older iPhone is the pits so taking a picture of the document wasn’t an option. I have an old Flatbed scanner and it is a very cumbersome process to try and scan in 1 page at a time on a flatbed. (It has no auto-document feeder).

    This would solve many issues and let me start to digitize my life!

    Extra bonus that it works in both Windows and Mac.

  • David Gray

    This is so easy. I write short stories and I’m constantly scribbling ideas or corrections or needed research/titles/inspirations, on the run, to use when I get home. I would use Doxie on a train, on a plane. I would use Doxie (with Evernote) in my underwear. I would use it anywhere. I like it, like it, Sam I Am.

  • Royan Lee

    I am an innovative teacher and would love to use the scanner as an instructional an assessment tool in my class. I believe Evernote is one f he most revolutionary tools ever created for education.

  • Ben Shapiro

    I would use it to finally scan the boxes and boxes full of papers I have throughout the house so that a) I can find stuff and b) my wife won’t be annoyed by my clutter anymore!

  • Stuart Myles

    i will use the doxie to scan every bit of paper during my upcoming monthlong trip to the uk. evernote will be my new age photo album!

  • David Moran

    When I teach sometimes nothing works better than me writing notes on a piece of paper and show it to the class on a document camera. With Doxie and Evernote I can scan those notes and post it to a public notebook.

  • Ed

    I’d scan in records and receipts so I can stop storing them physically and make them searchable and more useful.

  • Paul

    I have a ton of old documents and receipts I’d scan, plus all of my old class notes from school. Plenty of stuff…

  • Sarah

    I’m a graduate student and I’d use it to digitize a lot of my old notes and handouts.

  • Kathy Eidenschink

    I would use the Doxie to get rid of the piles of paper on my desk and in my file cabinet – everything in Evernote!

  • Jillian Van Weelden

    I’m a graphic design student with OCD, so having an organized work environment is super important to me. I LOOOVE using Everynote to save images and graphics and anything else that inspires me to my computer. It’s so easy to keep organized and it really helps with my OCD. I would use the Tiny Doxie Scanner to scan all those magazine clippings and photos sitting in a pile on my bookshelf and put them into my inspiration notebooks on Evernote! This is an my OCD dream!

  • Luke Stark

    I make a lot of hand notes at work thanks to the nature of my business and I need to reference it regularly…and regularly I can’t find stuff. This little scanner would allow me to scan at my desk so I can easily find a note so I can look like a hero at work.

    And my fraternity generates a lot of paperwork and it would be amazing if I could take the scanner along to help the secretary slowly move into the current century.

  • Adam

    Thanks for the chance to win this great scanner.

    As a preacher, I have hundreds of bulletin clips, tracts, and other documents that I like to have around for use, but that are hard to find, even in file folders. I want to scan them all into Evernote, so they are fully searchable. As a premium user, that would make the pdfs fully searchable, so I could use these good things in my lessons.

  • Mark Avey

    This would be incredibly useful. I work away from home 6 days a week, living out of a suitcase. It’d be fantastic to scan all of my receipts, work documents etc into Evernote whilst on the move, freeing up the time I normally spend doing so at the weekends.

    Being so portable would be a huge bonus, as I like to travel light.

  • Donald

    It would be so cool. I would scan all the mails I receive. It would be much easier to stay on top of my health than carrying large binders around… Everything would end up on my iPhone…….

  • Jason

    I’m a researcher, so I would use the scanner to quickly save my fieldnotes and interview jottings directly after I take them. For the most part, I still have to take those on paper (people get distracted if you’re typing on the computer while they’re speaking). So, it would be really helpful to have the scanner to quickly get my notes into evernote!

  • Ben

    Nice! I’ve been looking for a small & easy to use scanner that I can have with me to scan in important documents and records right away (instead of having a huge pile that I save up for when I can get some scanner time).

    As a high school teacher, I’ve been trying to find an easy way to store all the paper forms electronically, but there’s not an easy scanning method at school, so this would come in very handy at work as well.

  • Jed

    Restaurant menus, business cards, fliers, oh my!

  • Sachin

    Will be using it to scan receipts.

  • Fred

    Je l utiliserais pour mes notes de frais et toutes les notes de visites des inspections de colonies de vacances que je fais dans l annee

  • Elwood

    I travel a lot, and every time I accumulate a mountain of notes, business cards, draft papers, whatnot. I would love to be able to scan them into Evernote and thereby merge all my life into Evernote.

  • Candice

    I currently have a flat bed scanner, which is cumbersome to use for going paperless. So right now I just use Evernote for web clips, recipes, and odds & ends. But if I won a Doxie scanner I’d get busy scanning papers I now file and store them in Evernote.

  • Allyson Robinson

    Crazy, but here goes: My four kids love to create art and I’m to sentimental to get rid of ANY of their old drawings. If they scratched a piece of paper with a crayon, I’ve got it in a box somewhere. With Doxie I could move all those boxes of art onto Evernote, and then scan new works as they’re produced! Voila! My attic and my conscience are clean. =)

  • Gary

    I am is desperate need of a scanner and have been thinking of picking one of these up. I keep all my recipts from online purchases in Evernote and I’d love to keep hard copy receipts as well. Plus I hate keeping paper around so the possibilities are endless.

  • Sarah J

    My Grandma had five large totes of family picutres that are now to be divided after her recent passing. I would use Doxie to scan the pictures and place them in a shared notebook in Evernote. Then family members can view the pictures and send us requests for the high-resolution images they like. Also, I would use it for the thousands of other uses that are available.

  • Marcus

    I travel %60 of the year, at least, and end up running around with a backpack full of receipts to be reimbursed when I get back into the office. I already use Evernote and being able to scan the receipts on the road, toss them out, and send accounting the scanned receipts at the end of the month would be extremely convenient.

  • Derek

    I use Evernote for everything digital. I would like to merge my analog life into Evernote as well. For now, I just use my Macbook’s camera as a compromise for the most important things.

    However, this is impossible for documents and notes. I’d use the scanner to scan every scrap of paper in my house.

  • CC

    I have a pile of papers I’d love to recycle if I could access them anytime on my iPad. This is perfect.

  • Norm

    Hi, I recently moved to Dakar, Senegal from my home in Canada. Evernote made organizing and accomplishing our move around the world MUCH easier. Now that we are in Dakar, Evernote is even more useful. One example is learning the prices of items. I scan receipts from every little shop we visit and geotag them so that I can quickly and easily search for the best price that I’ve found so far on a certain item. Power outages are common (around 5-10hrs a day) so a USB powered scanner would be phenomenal, I could still scan on my laptop without the immediate need for city power.


  • Kevin

    Wow fits in my bag and can scan to Evernote keeping my Getting Things Done agenda ship-shape and paperless. Business Cards , receipts you are history 🙂

  • Dorothea Deppe

    Stick it in my suitcase when visiting my parents, so I can scan all the childhood paperwork, from health stuff to drawings, that I don’t want to move. It’s amazing what sort of stuff turns out to be useful decades later.

  • Madara

    This is awesome.

  • John Dean

    I would scan all the papers I would otherwise file.

  • Eli

    I’m moving into a smaller place in a new city, and it will be a challenge to keep the place uncluttered. This would come in very handy for fighting the battle against paper.

  • Hal

    I’ll use it to scan the frosting lettering on all the cakes I eat.

    It will do that won’t it? 😉

    After I clean it off I’ll scan receipts and all the other papers I typically use my point and shoot camera to capture.

  • Peter

    I would use to to scan all if my bills into evernote and get rid of my old filing cabinet.

  • Jeff

    I’ve been looking for a way to scan in my 10 year old collection of magazine clippings, from recipes to workouts to design ideas. This would allow me to lose about 20 lbs of paper I have organized in a box.

  • Pierre

    I would use it to finally overcome the huge amount of dead tree slices that accumulate on my desk, and that i scan for Evernote. And with this beauty i could also do it while being out in the field.

  • Kenneth Auchenberg

    I would build a “EverCube” with the Doxie scanner and a mac-mini inside…

    Put a paper into the EverCube, it gets archived and I never need to touch the paper again.

    Paper is feeded into the cube via a paper-slot (like a slot-in cd-drive), it’s lead to the Doxie scanner, it gets automatically archived in Evernote. After the document has been scanned it falls down in paper tray… When I tray is full I can take the paper-pile out and put some strings around it, and then put it in the archive (for the legal reasons).

    Could be really awesome to realize this 😉

  • Marilyn

    How handy Doxie is! I would use it to scan receipts, scan docs and forms, magazines ideas I want, seed packets for garden diaries, tickets, scrap book items…anything that could fit through that convenient to save and send to Evernote!

  • Nicole

    I would use it for school. I’ll be going into an art major and a scanner would be a fantastic idea to have. And I’ll be away from home, less space to take up, less stuff to pack if something happens!

  • R.T. Brown

    Would be a wonderful addition for tradeshows and when I’m at a new clients’ business setting up project scope being able to “copy” whatever docs they have without taking up their resources (i.e. asking them to email me, asking to make a copy).

  • Todd Heitkamp

    I’d love one so I could scan my office notes and clean up my office!

  • Christine

    I would use it to scan in class handouts in grad school so they’d be searchable in Evernote instead of stuffed into a paper folder in my bag.

  • Brian

    It would be very handy to have on the road to scan in receipts, business cards, and notes from conference sessions. It would make it much easier to get things into Evernote for tracking/reference.

  • BillyS

    I’d use Doxie to scan in receipts and categorize them by project w/in Evernote.

    I’d scan in handwritten notes accumulated from various on-site meetings.

  • English

    Wow! Not only is it functional, it’s cute. How like Evernote to add something adorable to the trunk. I would use Doxie to scan mementos of my son’s life – birthday cards, report cards, drawings, school registrations, doctor’s assessments, etc. Plus, it would eliminate all the clutter currently in an eyesore of an organizer on my kitchen counter – recipes, membership details (zoo, museum, gym), warranty information, gym schedule, bills, receipts, etc. I need this cute little tool!

  • Douglas Drake

    Important documents
    Notes on cocktail napkins
    (Just think if Laffer had this 25 years ago !!)

  • Jeff

    How would this compare to documents photographed with an iPhone 4 and emailed in PDF format to evernote?

    • Lexi Araiza

      Scanning with doxie is substantially better, Doxie is a dedicated document scanner that scans up to 600dpi.

      Lexi Araiza

  • Karen

    As a writer and a teacher, I use Evernote to jot down ideas on the go. I’d love the Doxie so I could go through my file cabinet and digitize everything, once and for all.

  • David Martinez

    I study the history of religious and legal reform in the Himalayas. I would use the Doxie to scan religious and legal documents in archives in Bhutan and India. I use evernote to tag and categorize all of my research data.

  • Benjamin M. Strozykowski

    This scanner would be awesome to throw in my bag along with a small stack of papers from my overflowing “to be filed” box. I would take the bag to work, and occasionally slip a paper in to be scanned while I did my duties.

    This seems so simple that it just might actually get me to complete the pile of stuff to file.

  • JoeTaxpayer

    For the space-limited, this does look like a great option. I’m looking at an HP All-in-one, on my desk, and thinking if I didn’t need the printing function, this would be my next purchase.

  • George

    Wow! In conjunction with Evernote this is THE tool for home and small businesses to get more organized and rid of more paper (read clutter). That would be my objective together with ‘on-the-go’ research in my favourite library.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win one and for continuing to improve Evernote. The Trunk is certainly an asset for finding more data and products that make Evernote even more useful and efficient.

  • AC

    Going fully digital and I need something that I can take with me and that integrates fully with Evernote – the Doxie looks perfect – no more paper notes and a single place for all my work-related information.

  • X

    I hate paper! (Except for books and magazines of course – but ‘work paper’?? I hate it!) I have been looking for a paper scanner that’s portable and integrates easily with Evernote – bye-bye paper inbox!!!

  • Dan N

    I will use it to scan all my speeding tickets because I keep losing them. Now it will be super easy to look up the specific ticket when the summons arrives in the mail!


  • Eric

    While reading financial newspaper, I keep on ripping the pages I wanted then, when I am done with the newspaper, I take a picture of all the pages I took with my iPhone. Doxie’s scanner definitively improve the end result and the speed! 🙂

  • Matt Stauffer

    I work on a college campus, and I can’t tell you how seldom I’m in my actual office (which is off campus.) I have piles of documents around the office, but more importantly piles of documents that I receive throughout my day. It’s killer to take notes on my laptop or iPad that are connected to a document, and then lose that document in the mess. Instead, I could use Doxie to bring all of that into Evernote for managing and linking.

    Also, I have all of my web receipts in Evernote, but my physical receipts just end up getting trashed. I’d love the opportunity to get those into Evernote as well.

  • David W.

    I’d use the Doxie to scan all of my notes and other papers that I have (and as a student, there is A LOT of paper) to make it easier to find the notes that I need when I need them!

  • Michael

    I will use it for Scanning Dokuments to get rid of The paper..

  • Elizabeth

    I’d use it to scan bills, receipts, and business cards.

  • Les

    Evernote is my brain, I keep everything there. Having Doxie at my desk would simplify converting all of my paper that people insist that I have into evernote documents.

  • Terri

    I could take it back & forth between work and home as needed. At work, I’d scan things right at my desk directly into Evernote instead of having to go down the hall to the shared scanner, receive a PDF in my email, and put it into Evernote by hand.

  • Wendi R W McGowan

    While my current web site is, I’m in the final stages of launching my dream business,, a hand-painted bespoke handbag company. All my design inspirations, my planning documents, spreadsheets, images, and design specs for this new venture are in Evernote. Sometimes, however, I have had to take pictures of documents and receipts to store them effectively. This awesome device would be an amazing “Grand Opening” gift! I have been a LOYAL fan since 2007 and have Evernote installed on my pc, my iPad, and my iPhone. Never leave home without my Evernote! Even if I don’t win, LOVE you guys!!!

  • Dustin

    This would be such a great way for me to keep up with of my receipts.

  • Greg

    I would use this to scan in receipts and documents into Evernote when traveling for work. It would also see light use at home for personal mail and documents.

  • David Case

    Eliminate all reason to keep a file cabinet. Important mail comes in, scan it, and recycle it.

  • JT

    Evernote is great and third-party hardware integration makes it better. I would use the scanner to keep track of all important docs that are not easily found digital, like insurance papers, investment docs, and other random-but-important papers.

  • Kevin Taylor

    To banish el clutter.

  • Amber

    This would be awesome for scanning receipts, boarding passes, magazine clippings, all kinds of stuff! I’d love to have it!

  • Jonathan Ezor (@PalmPreLawyer on Twitter)

    It would go a long way toward eliminating the paper piles in my office! {Jonathan}

  • Khristina

    I would use it to scan my handwritten notes from work, from classes, from everywhere, in the few moments me and my laptop share during breaks.

  • David

    I would use this to scan my receipts while on the road. When they pile up it drives me crazy! Looks like a great scanner.

  • Queue

    I’d take the Doxie on the road when I travel to see friends all over the country – and, indeed, in various places around the world. Along with my netbook and my e-book reader, it would substantially streamline my travel-organization needs.

    Plus: who doesn’t want a portable doxie? 😉

  • Stefanie

    As a full-time, frequently traveling, self-employed consultant, I would use Doxie for scanning in stray papers, preparing e-faxes on the go, and for just showing off. Who wouldn’t be impressed when you pull out this functional and ADORABLE scanner??

  • Allen

    Get up less. Much less.

    No more walking across the office to the scanner at work. No more getting up off the couch at home. Scan where I want to… yeah, that sounds nice.

  • Michelle

    I’d use it to scan regular account statements at home so I wouldn’t need to keep them and to scan tickets and event info while travelling to have a record of the vacation.

  • sabo

    Would be great to scan the kids paintings, notes. They scribble onto everything – and I could have it alltogether 🙂

  • shaun

    I plan to scan maps of my favorite hiking trails.

  • ChrisInKW

    I would use this slick gadget to scan all my important papers instead of losing them.

  • Alicia

    I spend many hours on the road or traveling from office to office to office so I ten to end of with a bag full of stuff to enter. This would allow me to do it on the spot and avoid that never ending & always growing pile!? Also a huge help in keeping my Evernote up-to-date 🙂

  • Adam

    I’m thrilled that Evernote is launching the Doxie Scanner. When I was articling in a law firm, we had a similar scanner to scan court records that cost a fortune to copy from the court. It was so transportable and ultimately useful for digitizing and organizing documents. I loved that little scanner. Unfortunately the product was discontinued. I would use the Doxie to keep track of my contracts, old family recipes and photos.

  • Stephen Brown

    I am a Pastor and an avid Evernote user. This Doxie scanner would improve my documentation and note-archiving for sermons and lectures.

  • Will Simpson

    Marital bliss could be achieved by organizing the piles of cutout recipes we have on our counters.

  • Aaron Turrall

    This Doxie scanner would be perfect for scanning in my scribbles on my notepad from school. Plus its portable so I could scan pages from anywhere – no more paper for me!

  • Lise Schlosser

    I am in graduate school and would use it to scan research for my dissertation! It would be so handy. I already love Evernote for keeping my reading notes!

  • Tricia

    I need one of these! I am trying to go paperless archiving stuff into evernote. I love that the doxie sends stuff right to the cloud, it will save me so much time.

  • DougV

    Love to use this for scanning business cards, handouts, etc., while conference-hopping.

  • Clayton Griffin

    I’ll use the scanner to quickly scan restaurant menus, class notes, and receipts. Paperless life here I come

  • Jarvis

    I would use the scanner to keep a digital record of my receipts from big purchases, like the laptop and cellphone I bought recently.

  • B@tze

    I would scan in all my Technician Docs that fly around in my Servicecar into Evernote and
    use it on my iPad 😉

  • Olga

    Wow, this is brilliant! I could really bring myself to finally take it to the next step with Evernote and organize my receipts, warranties, and other essential papers online, instead of sticking them in a drawer and leafing through it all every time I need something!

  • Erik

    Scan, shred, and recycle. Would love a little scanner to archive the receipts, documents, etc. that pile up in my file cabinet.

  • Christine

    I’d use it to streamline the area that is the biggest disaster for me – financial paperwork, receipts, and filing! It would change my life (or at least my tax prep).

  • Dusty

    I’d use it to scan hand written notes and drawings from meetings.

  • Jon Corral

    My library of previous tax documents, hospital bills and other weighty memories will find a new home in my Evernote account on a day-to-day basis.

    Keep up the great work, guys! Dig the podcast, too.

  • Kai

    I’m head injured and an undergrad student. Unless I take notes and keep dictations, I can’t remember much about my lectures. At the moment I’m keeping notes and relying on my dictaphone to take down everything, but I still get handed bits and pieces to read. I could scan and read on my iPad again – no more forgetting my breifs and information on what we’re doing this week! This is my last year, and in addition to sitting my third year, I’m raising a disabled child. A Doxie scanner would help me keep my dictations straight, and attach them to my dictations far faster, and scan her letters so I’ve got a digital file for her.


  • James Estes

    I plan on using the scanner to scan magazine articles as well as any paper material I have. I think I should receive a scanner since I was in the bday video from the meetup in Atlanta…. 🙂

  • Steve

    As a student I would use this for scanning all my notes taken in lecture along with homework, tests and the like so I can keep my studies organized. Paired with an iPad this means I won’t have to carry around thick notebooks with all my stuff all day long.

  • Jamie

    I plan to use the scanner to scan in drawings that my kids do so I can save them digitally!

  • Holly

    it loks like a great little scanner. I would scan just about everything and go “paperless”. because of it’s size, I would take it with me on trips and scan on the go as well.

  • Armand Sprecher

    I would carry this scanner in my bag instead of the piles of paper I bring from home to work and back in case I need them or might file them.

  • David Pappas

    I live from one of two laptops (home and work). Having a simple device I could use with either would be great.

  • Tom Vaughan

    This scanner would REALLY make doing my expense report easier and possible while waiting at the airport to return home.

  • popthis

    I would carry it everywhere I go, scan all that I can since Evernote is my new brain.

  • Vincent

    Scanning on the go would be great to copy all those great pictures I can see at my friend’s or family member’s house.
    … and also friend’s notes the last day before the exam !

  • Resley

    I’d live one of these for my classroom. As an english teacher I get hundreds of pages a week, but i want to work digitally off of my ipad and mac’s and i HATE lugging materials to-from work. Add on top the meeting sgendas, workshop nots, etc, i just want to scan them into evernote and know that i have everything in ONE place!

  • Arif

    I’d use it on the road for notes and meeting agendas. Looks like a great tool for travel

  • David Mead

    99% of the files in my cabinet don’t need to be physical documents. With a Doxie, all I would need is my birth certificate and tittle for my car. Goodbye receipts, pay stubs, maintenance records and tons of other junk. Hello Doxie!

  • Larry H

    Starting a business and Evernote is going to save me when it comes to document retention. And with the cool Doxie scanner, life will be so much easier!!

  • Thomas CORDIVAL

    I would use this Doxie scanner with my evernote abrAsus notepad I’m waiting !
    Thus i’ll always be able to digitalize my hand written notes and send them to evernote !

  • Chad Garrett

    I typically archive emails, etc. It wold be great to have a convenient scanner to archive the paper that comes across my desk too!

  • Jeff

    I plan on scanning top-secret documents into Evernote for syncing with Mother Russia. You won’t tell anyone, will you?

    • Guido Schultz


  • Ian Reid

    Well it would do well for my bills to scan into Evernote. 🙂 But what’s MORE important to me is I am building a house (now in the planning stages) and as I see something in a magazine, or newspaper (ads and deals etc) I would like to IMMEDIATELY put it into Evernote to read or find later. I also use my webcam for saving business cards, but with the scanner that would make life even easier. I’m also a freelance Graphic Artist so little pieces of design from magazines and sketches I would NORMALLY put into a sketchbook I will convert into Evernote and have my sketchbook with me at all times. 🙂

    There are a million uses. But those would be the first.

    Thanks for the opportunity to post.

  • Sinclair Mackenzie

    Doxie would be a great tool to help my physics pupils organise their work. We could scan lab reports, results, graphs and diagrams to create individual digital archives of classwork that would get eaten by the dog or left on the school bus!

  • Renee

    Immediately scanning all the itty bitty receipts that invariably get lost when I travel for business.

  • Reed Stoner

    Digitize all my bills and receipts. Start collecting all my medical info in one place.

  • MarkV

    I keep track of my life on 3×5 index cards. The important cards I eventually have to bring to my scanner and scan/crop/etc or type in etc so I can import into a more searchable format… wouldn’t this just make my life so much simpler?

  • Kirk

    I would finally banish all those scraps of paper laying all over my office. This place must be a fire hazard!

  • Chris Kay

    I definitely need this thing to better organize my life – right now I have bits of paper spread out between my home office, work office, and partner’s apartment! Thanks for a great product, Evernote!

  • Ravi

    I’d love to use the Doxie scanner to digitize my handwritten class notes and put them in Evernote for access anywhere anytime!

  • Guido Schultz

    After my old flat burned half way down, I realised that all my life’s paperwork would be gone if I wasn’t that lucky this time. So my idea of using it is to scan all my important paperwork with doxie scanner to put it up to evernote.

    So next time I’m unlucky, I don’t mind because I just need an internet connection to rebuild my personal paperwork.

  • Pattiann Malynn

    I am downsizing my house and would love to scan docs that I need. Having these docs available in Evernote would be one more way Evernote has helped to organize my life.

  • Jason

    I travel 80% of the year on business and I would use this device to scan in my receipts into Evernote so that I can send them in for reimbursement. I would also use this at home to scan all my important docs and encrypt them on evernote

  • Derek

    I would definitely use this to make my house paper free. Anything on paper gets scanned and filed digitally in evernote. Sounds like paradise!

  • Kyle Snyder

    I’m a full time audio engineer and pro audio website editor, so my office is wherever my computer happens to be. The downside of that is I’m always needing to digitize massive ammounts of documents on the go. I use Evernote right now to organize my thoughts, so the Doxie would really streamline my workflow.

  • Bonnie Rose

    I’d love to have this scanner to help reduce the clutter in my house. I have a lot of documents that need to be filed away, instead they sit in piles around my dining room table waiting for me to file them in the cabinets. I hate filing cabinets as they take up to much space and I can never find anything once I’ve filed it away.

    so really evernote and doxie could give me back my dining room table and allow my family to sit at a real table at dinner time, reduce the clutter in my home and get rid of the ugly file cabinets and boxes.

    What could be better — family time and home improvements all in one great program and give away !


  • Martin

    Girlfriend moving in + years of hoarding paperwork = problem
    Doxie + Evernote = solution

    Looking forward to paper clutter free living with Doxie and Evernote (oh ….and my girlfriend !!)

  • Matt Murley

    I’d use the Doxie scanner for scanning bills and tax info into Evernote!

  • Paul Zsvhustek

    I am enjoying my retirement. Taking alot of pictures. I will be scanning all of the pictures my evernote on my computer so i will not loose any of them.

  • Andrew

    I’d mostly use it to scan the papers piled on my desk so I can get rid of some of them. I’d also use it to scan some of the old photos that my family has. For that, it’ll help that I can easily carry it with my netbook.

  • Matt

    I’d use it to digitise my hand-written meeting notes and diagrams on the long train journey home. Then have a snooze while Evernote indexed them for me.

  • Joe Holland

    It doesn’t matter what it is. If it fits in the scanner, I’d scan it. Isn’t that what Evernote is all about?!

  • Ryan

    I’ve got an entire file cabinet filled with documents (e.g. old school documents, pay stubs, receipts, warranties, etc.) but it’s taking up lots of space in our tiny apartment and we need more room for the baby. I would use the Doxie scanner to digitaize them all and throw the filing cabinet away.

  • lanep

    The doxie would be a big help with organizing my punchlists, product submittals, and o&m manuals for my clients. Most are submitted to me in print form, but owners arewanting a digital format for ease of access. Oh yeah, I would probably find some fun non-work uses for it too!

  • Randall Hand

    I’ll leave it at home, hooked up so that my Wife & Daughter can use it to scan documents directly to my Evernote Account for me to view at work! Internet Fax!

  • Jean

    I can’t scan to Evernote with my HP scanner on my Mac, and my husband it constantly asking me to scan business stuff for him. We have a small apartment, so anything that is 1) small and 2) reduces paper clutter would rock our world!

    I’d scan old family photos, the large collection of info I accumulated pre-evernote, the kids’ best schoolwork, recipes… it’s less what would I scan than what *wouldn’t* I?

  • Arthur

    Use the office scanner less now that I have my very own Doxie (that can travel too!)

  • Oliver Brown

    I’ll use it to scan receipts on the road ! no more lost paper…

  • Joel

    Would be great to have this to scan work documents! Evernote is perfect for holding schedules!

  • Frode Jørum

    That’s just amazing! I use Evernote Premium in my project management and I often have the use for a scanner on the go (my workplace is at two separate places). This would be a perfect match for me! 🙂

  • Susan B.

    The better question is “What won’t I use it for?” It will travel with me, it will go to work and it will be my constant companion in my home office.

  • David London

    As a small film and video production company, I use Evernote to remember all my video shoots, casting calls, and such. What I don’t have is a way to track receipts, scan model release forms, or input business cards. Organization is going to determine whether we live or die as a company and doxie would definitely help us in that effort.

  • Cynthia Ackrill

    I teach stress relief- and this is a great example of a tool for saving time, energy and mental and physical clutter = great stress tool- Yeah!

  • Paul

    This seems great to take with me during on-location client sessions. I’d love to have one!

  • Al Baxter

    I’d use the Doxie to scan all of my Hipster PDA notes into Evernote to have a complete archive of my GTD process. I can’t wait to get one! Thanks for entering me into the contest.

  • datarat

    This would be fantastic for scanning expense reports and other documents for the small non-profit I work with. Meetings are usually over a coffee table or dinner table, but this way we could get a Pro account and share the docs.

  • Tony Ricciardi

    I would use the Doxie to scan and store all my receipts for our small business. As a smallbiz owner it’s critical to keep track of expenses and where our meager budgets are being spent. To be able to carry a portable scanner like the Doxie and scan all those receipts that usually end up in jean pockets or desk drawers.

  • Alex Koloskov

    – I will use the scanner to enter receipts during my business trips – I usually end up with a manila folder full of torn and folded receipts and I procrastinate for weeks to fill them in, because it’s such a pain. Accounting hates me for that and this is mutual
    – I will use it to quickly scan notes & doodles that I make during the meetings. Typing meeting notes is still much slower than using pen & paper and on some meetings it’s not very acceptable to use laptop, iPad or even iPhone for entering data, but pen & paper is always acceptable. However the downside that quite often it stays in my Moleskin, rather than being processed and stored along other meeting notes in Evernote notebook
    – I will have one more cool gadget to carry with me daily (Last, but not least)

  • Joe Teicher

    I am horribly disorganized with bills and important documents. I need this thing to get organized!

  • David

    I’d love one of these for simple scanning of receipts.

  • Steve

    I plan to use it to scan in all my notes for my pHD research.

  • Dave Hubbard

    I would use the scanner to organize my cluttered office; I hate paper.

  • elaine

    As a freelance photographer, I’d use the Doxie to scan in business cards and receipts and save them into Evernote to make it easier to keep up with business contacts and expenses!

    Added bonus? I have a real-life doxie at home! A 16 1/2 year old weiner dog named Ginger! 🙂

  • Alan Neese

    I will use doxie to scan my receipts from my officiating expenses. I don’t want to short change Uncle Sam!

  • Harvey

    I use Evernote to keep track of important financial and medical records and notes. What I cant get electronically (PDF), I need to scan. Having a scanner like this for home use would really save me quite a bit of time with record keeping. Not to mention it would cut back on my need to save paper and take up valuable office space!

  • re_mute

    Would use it to scan in all the ancient, crumbling family photos to help, finally, create the online family tree my father keeps on about – (there’s money to be found, so he claims, if we keep digging far back enough!)

  • Brian

    It would go into my work bag so that I could scan receipts while on the road.

  • Swann

    this is brilliant!
    will come in handy for me as i don’t have my own scanner!
    would love to digitize my paper receipts, and in effect organize my small business. ^-^

  • Allen Glesser

    I would give it to my wife, who would use it when she travels as well as when she’s home.

  • BettyW

    I’ll use the scanner to store notes/notation from band practices so I can later share them with the other players.

  • Matthew C. Anderson

    My home office is on the small side, and both my wife and I use it. We currently need to keep a large 4 drawer filing cabinet in the office for easy access to our records.

    I’m currently using Evernote to track personal expenses, blog post ideas, and some long-term to-do lists. I’d love to move the filed documents into Evernote, get rid of the filing cabinet, and reclaim some space!

    We’ve looked at getting a regular scanner (and scanner/print/fax machines), but they take up a lot of space and often have poor resolution. We haven’t bought one, because traditional scanners are a pain to share between multiple computers.

    Doxie would save the day! Easily moved from one computer to the other, we could both have easy access to the scanner and be able to clear up some much-needed space in our home office.

    Also, I’m a long time Evernote user, but she’s a OneNote holdout. Perhaps this is the nudge it takes to move her into Evernote (though it looks like Doxie can scan in other formats too, even if she doesn’t adopt the elephant).

  • April

    I can pack it into my computer bag and no matter where I am in the world, I can just pull it out with my laptop, scan in the papers, and not have to worry about loosing anything ever.

  • Kevin

    I would use this to scan customer receipts in the field and then email to the customer as an electronic copy. This would mean less paper for all of us and I would have it auto filed in my Evernote account!

  • patrick

    I scan all my school documents in evernote so they are always in 1 place

  • Wendy

    I write and take pictures every day of my life. To be able to scan my hastily scribbled musings (usually done while walking) into my macbook, and organize them into into whatever project they’re for would be joytastic.

  • Justin

    Having one of these to scan in receipts and other files into Evernote while relaxing in front of the TV would be fantastic.

  • Marcelo Berruti

    I will use Doxie Scanner with mi laptop to quickscan notes and sketches from mi work as animator and industrial designer.

  • Raz

    I travel all the time as part of my work for a non-profit organization. Being a techie I like to travel light and hate lugging papers around with me. If I win the Doxie scanner I’ll be able to streamline everything from my office work to my nationwide travel!

  • Scott Thigpen (

    I’m a freelance creative who blazes through a lot of receipts and I usually have a stack a mile high. I’ve been wanting a way to get them all in Evernote so when it’s time for taxes I have them all neatly put together and my clutter (and peace of mind) is significantly reduced.


  • Daniel Barton

    The Doxie scanner look very similar to the portable Neat Desk scanner. I bought one of those in the very first version several years ago. Since then, the price of Neat Receipts has gone up by about three hundred dollars. I was tempted to bite the bullet and get the new version and the software. Then I remembered that the proprietary software did not allow document scanning, only receipts. The Doxie scanner looks like the perfect solution. BYW, travel receipts in Evernote are easier to deal with than the old Neat Receipts software.

  • Udo

    I’d use it to scan the hole private Papers that are coming up at home. This means Invoices, Childrens-Artworks, Notices on Paper, and so on. To scan everything directly into Evernote is a great feature.

    Didn’t managed to het this working with my old HP-Scanner by now (on Mac OSX).

  • thepete

    I have a webcomic that I draw and the least-fun part of the process is scanning it in on my giant, clunky, all-in-one printer. A nice little guy like this would be brilliant to have right on my desk!! Then I can upload my comic to Evernote, then use Evernote to share it with all my friends.


  • JeffMc

    We want to go online, and have a lot of older docs we want to archive. Love Evernote and use it hourly, having doc scan with this device would be awesome…

  • Kees Plattel

    I’d love to have a Doxie for all my paperwork that I get from the university. It would be great to digitize any document I have and go paperless!

  • Matt

    I would use this for getting rid of all the paper clutter on my desk. I would also finally retire an old ink jet/scanner combo that I’m still using just for scanning. This would be a great replacement.

  • Craig Richards

    I would carry it around everywhere with my every scrap of paper would be scanned directly into evernote. This way I will never lose a scrap of paper again, I would then hopefully be one step closer to becoming paperless

  • MogT

    I’m freak about my money and I collecting all of my bills from restaurants, gas station, etc…

    Now I using photo-camera on my phone for “scan” that bills and after that I past that photo into evernote.

    Doxie scanner is solution for me.

  • idogcow

    Business trip to Japan in September – with this I could have me reimbursement claims into HR before I even get back!

  • Matt G

    I’ve tried many electronic organization apps, but always find myself falling back to good ole’ pen and paper. I’d love to be able to rip those pages out and scan them in to Evernote at the end of each day. Ease of pen and paper plus electronic search-ability equals big win. Handwriting will be my Achilles heel in that workflow :-).

  • Mosses

    No more having startup ideas floating around on napkins and misc papers. Would be good to scan them all easily.

  • Scott Silby

    One of these would be fantastic! I would be able to quickly scan in students’ work to look at while at home. Since the scans go to Evernote, no more worrying about emailing/transferring/copying to make sure they’re on the right computer! When I get home, I know that everything I scanned–regardless of where I scanned it–will be there, because of Evernote! And how wonderful to scan in things I get from administrators, parents, etc. and know that because they’re in Evernote, I don’t have to worry about backing them up, and I know they’ll be there for me when I need them, regardless of where I am. This scanner would really take my “make life easier” goal to the next level.

  • Torbjørn Frantsen

    I would of course use this for all my private scans (reciepts, invoices etc) but also as a teacher I end up recieving papers from students and collegues, which this scanner quickly and with no hassle could make accessible. Of course the posibilities are endless, the size of this thing just makes everything easier and more accessible – it will increase the value of Evernote for sure.

  • Gunther Nerp

    I’ll give it to my daughter to take to college.

  • Jason White

    Having electronic notes is invaluable. Taking electronic notes, though, is not always convenient. Being able to take notes from meetings, phone calls, etc. with pen and paper, and then quickly scan them via Doxie into electronic notes would be perfect! No more typing during meetings, no more transcribing notes after the meeting, no more disorganized stacks of papers, no more searching through months of old notebooks for that one meeting from way-back-when. Write it, scan it, store it!

  • Andrew Lennon

    I am an aspiring New York attorney and would use the awesome Doxie scanner to scan notes, client files, court papers and other legal docs to help me stay organized as a new lawyer.

  • Guilhem Brouat

    I would use it to scan receipts, bills… Always near my computer, on my desk to small to put a standard scanner !

  • Ingo Hoffmann

    I’ll use it to scan my development, business and trip ideas and drop my notebook in the trash 🙂

  • Noland Miller

    Would use this scanner for all my wife’s recipes and also all receipts I get everyday.

  • Norman Walsh

    I plan to carry the scanner with me so I don’t have to carry all the receipts and things home to scan them into Evernote. This way, I’ll lose fewer of them. 🙂

  • Neal Connor

    I would use this for about anything, particularly my old index card-based notes.

  • Teri

    I’ll use it to capture all those paper documents in my in box.

  • Craig Mason

    Organize my receipts for taxes.

  • Mark Coleman

    I have been reluctant to start scanning in everything. My scanner is a big machine, part of an all in one unit that sits in a seldom used room of the house. To have something like the Doxie would be great and allow me to easily upload to my Evernote or my wife to use hers.

    I also teach, so to have the option of my netbook and the Doxie available for all of those pieces of paper that come through would be a great help.

  • Sara

    My boyfriend and I use Evernote for EVERYTHING! He uses it for important docs, receipts and warranties, travel itineraries, etc. I use it more for sappy stuff, like pictures of us holding hands and making mushy love faces at each other. 🙂 In both cases this little scanner would be a huge asset for us so we can stop relying so heavily on the crappy cameras on our phones to catalog this stuff!

  • Chuck Daniels

    Use it to copy my CD labels and liner notes.

  • Tom Mitchell

    I’ll use it like a digital lasso to tame the clutter of my analog world into the digital corral of my Evernote account!

  • Greg

    For me, I’d use Doxie to scan bills and put them into a to-do list so that I can get rid of all of the paper. I’d save business correspondence and definitely business cards. This looks like a great tool for integration with Evernote, which is exactly what I’m looking for!

  • eric

    I work with phone circuit id’s and ip addresses with phone systems. I would use this to scan to Evernote so I wouldn’t need to carry a binder full of paperwork that I might only use once a year. When I log into systems, I would reference Evernote before logging in.

    I would have original paperwork with any hand written notations ready and online.

  • Eric

    I’d use it to go paperless and get rid of all these random receipts I have lying around.

  • Justin Schnees

    Since i’m still a student, i’d use it more for scanning in syllabuses, past quizes etc. which I then upload to evernote. Evernote I primarily use for taking notes in classes and writing papers.

  • Mr Insignificant

    I would use the Doxie as a ultra portable / low profile way of scanning all of my paper correspondence, hand written notes and forms when on the road.

  • TorchSinger

    Wow…this would be perfect for me. When I travel for business, I could scan receipts for my expense reports and business cards to add to my contacts list. When traveling for pleasure, I often go to conferences and gatherings where scanning business cards and vendor documents would be a great advantage and cut down on clutter. Very cool!

  • Lydia

    I’m a teacher, so I’d use it to scan work as students hand it in; this way I’d just need my computer, not the normal stack of papers. I’d also use it at professional development to scan in handouts so that my suitcase going home would be approximately the same size it was as when I left, not bulging with papers.

  • Jeff Warner

    I’m just getting into Evernote and love the possibilities. My wife and I are cracking down on paper clutter around the house. So the Doxie scanner could certainly play a major role in making our lives more clean and organized.

  • Nick

    As a recent college grad I’m just starting to get a handle on paying bills and organizing my finances. A Doxie scanner could help me scan in all my bills and keep track of my money

  • barry eppley

    I’d take Doxie with me ever where I go. Currently I am traveling back and forth between Ohio, Texas, and Canada. As I travel I am trying to not only keep on top of receipts and various documents, but I am also trying to gather family pictures as I visit various friends and family members, news paper clippings, family documents, birth certificates, etc from older family members. I am currently working on the family ancestry, helping gather and make electronic medical records for my parents and grandparents. Currently I am using a much older flat bed scanner which is weighty and takes up much room. Most of this is beginning to go to Evernote so the requirement of flash drives becomes null as well!

  • Don Ray

    I plan to bring this with me on business trips and scan receipts to Evernote to make filling out expense reports a breeze.

  • Jay B

    The Doxie scanner would be perfect for me to use in my classroom for scanning student work, converting it to digital, archiving it in the cloud, and making it easy for me to then share it with parents, teachers, and staff. No more backpacks of papers to take home for me and the kids!

  • Rick

    Thatcher would be great step into à paperless office – and travel too

  • JD

    I would like to use the scanner to scan my receipts to Evernote for tax purposes.

  • Steve Sears

    I’m a union organizer and I’m always collecting bits of paper from folks. Notes, cards, schedules. I would use doxie to scan and store them so I quit loosing some all the time.

  • Anders

    This scanner would help feed my paper stacks at home into Evernote! And it’s perfect for taking to conferences to upload business cards and daily schedules so everything is searchable during the event and afterward.

  • Heather C

    This is perfect to keep track of receipts, etc for tax purposes!

  • Kev

    I was going to make up some elaborate story about how I have all these things to scan in that will enhance my life and make it so much better and how I could share all my scans in Evernote for everyone to see – In reality though I would keep the Doxie in my laptop bag which goes almost everywhere with me and scan in documents instead of taking them back home/to the office to scan and add to Evernote!

  • Christine Belsom

    Three words: receipts, receipts, receipts!

    Also, I would use it to organize my husband’s self-run graphics business and notes and sketches for my novels, and my grad-school applications. I already use EN to do all of these tasks, but a small portable scanner would be heaven sent!

  • Samarth

    a thing like doxie..would make my eating out experiences wonderful..i would just scan the whole menu of which ever restaurant I loved the food..and later on if I felt like having a sushi I could just flick through the menu to find which restaurant serves more variety of it..

  • Vertie

    I would use it to scan stuff for the baby like birth certificate, immunization records, etc. so I would always have a copy available on evernote.

  • Jackson

    I have a bajillion things that need scanning so i’m going to get stuck into that pile. Although I don’t think my face will be able to fit in there!

  • Egon

    I’d be scanning business cards and probably even data for book research straight onto my MacBook with Evernote.
    Getting all the data in the libraries, or where ever I am for my book researches.

  • Talbot White

    I’d love a Doxie scanner! I forget everything! It would help me become paperless and scan my drawings, class notes, Bits and bites, menus, receipts, and so much more! A doxie scanner would make my life much easier. I could scan homework, tests, and other papers. I’d never forget a thing. It would expand my evernote use x10!

  • Jennifer O'Connor

    In moving recently I have discovered just how many boxes of paper I have that I need to get into the computer for business taxes, and to get myself fully into the paperless-office era.

  • Muhammad Ooi

    I’m a insurance adviser in Malaysia. Currently using my Nokia e72 to snap my client proposal form as a copy before i send the hard copy to office. Doxie will definitely make my routine more easier because its directly scan it without need to zoom in.( mobile phone ). Save time, save money.

    My daily activity including prospecting and servicing my clients. i will use Doxie to scan my client’s medical bills, medical report and forms as my own documentation. I’m sure using Evernote + Doxie, will help me to organize the documents. Futhermore, searching my records through evernote will be more convenient.

    My company also encourage e-submission as a effort to support Green campaign. Doxie will help us to reduce paper usage and ensure faster communication because of e-submission rather than depending on mailing hard copy forms.

    I hope Doxie can scan ID card too. 🙂 Because i need to save my client identity information as record.


  • Jason Griffey

    I’ve been looking at the Doxie for awhile…starting to do a lot of business travel, and would love to have one for reciepts and handouts at meetings. Choose me!

  • Jesus Torres

    I will love to move all my old pictures to my computer. Also I will love to move several print documents to Evernote to have handy. Most docs at my line of work are printed XD

  • JulienGV

    I will be able to scan by bills as I get them and keep track for my expense account.

  • David M. Lentz

    I will scan things, large and small, and then recycle them knowing they’re always and everywhere findable through Evernote. Mostly small, though, probably.

  • Conor Pendergrast

    I love Evernote (especially the podcast!). If I won this epic document scanner, I’d use it for work (in a lovely non-profit called Positive Behaviour Ireland) as well as for the masters I’m starting in September – an MSc in Political Psychology 🙂
    Thanks guys, you rock.

  • David Randels

    I will scan important government documents and share them with the world

  • Zachary TG

    Well next year is my first year of high school and I would love to use this to scan notes in class. I hope to be a tech designer and would love to use this to scan inspirational things that I may come across. This is just a perfect idea!

  • Bryan U

    I would take the scanner with me to places outside my office that I have to work in and connect it to my Tablet PC that has a wireless card to access the cloud.

  • Phil

    I’d take the scanner with me to work and home. At work I’d use it to scan notes I may write on scrap pieces of paper or on handouts from meetings. At home I’d scan all my ideas, drawings, etc. that I put on paper as well as scan receipts, bills, and whatever else I might want digitized.

  • Jason Scherbel

    I would use it to scan in my expense receipts. I travel 75% of the time and have a lot of receipts that I need to submit and find easily and Evernote and this scanner would be ideal!!

  • Michael Howard

    My wife has a bunch of cooking magazines that she needs to be able to sift through. The Doxie scanner would let me scan the important documents in and let Evernote search it (I’d also get her a premium account, too).

  • Matthew simpkins

    I spend time in villages and remote corners of the world, with my MacBook pro and all my itinery in evernote. Scaning local maps, documents, transport details old photos will help me retain the cultural identity of the places I visit and document for global social study! The Dixie would be perfect!

  • LynnH

    I’d love to use Doxie scanner to scan my receipts for work reimbursement. I travel on business weekly and know I lose receipts and never get reimbursed. With Evernote and Doxie scanner this won’t happen again!

  • michael kastler

    This would be perfect for helping my wife get off of keeping boxes and boxes of paperwork (literally) because she’s afraid of losing or not having something necessary … or i could use it myself on the frequent trips i do for business – awesome to scan receipts and boarding passes and the like for expenses!

  • William Babb

    Using a wireless? scanner from my usual location would be challenging at best. However, my old MFP scanner is getting long in the tooth and doesn’t even have wifi connectivity. This unit would seem to be a very welcome update that might help me go paperless in a serious way.

  • Robert

    I would go everywhere with the Doxie and scan every single document I come across in my life, both as a freelance writer and as a teacher. That way I wouldn’t have to rummage through an infinite amount of papers that get disorganized quicker than it takes to say “Don Quijote”. Far too often in my life I have had to suffer as my teachers and other people I have had contact with have lost something I sent them. I just don’t want that to happen to me too. Finally being able to get rid of all the papers that fly around me would just plain make my life a lot more organized and searchable. And THAT would be an awesome thing!

  • Alan Wizemann

    Would love to use this as I travel for work, scanning contracts and agreements. Not needing power cable would be the best of both worlds.

  • John Henrikson

    less paper – more organization!

  • dan

    Scan in all the bills so I don’t constantly forget how much everyone owes and cause my girlfriend to finally and irretrievably lose her mind.

  • Leone

    O’ll be using it to take scans of the newspaper cut-outs that my mom has given for me to read but which I haven’t had time to read due to a busy work schedule. They currently lay dormant in a number of plastic bags!

  • Alan

    I’d use it to scan inspirational things I find and store them in evernote. currently doing this with the iphone, but for those interesting colors, patterns, images, etc. on paper, the scanner would be a little better I think.

  • Andrew Wetmore

    When I am directing a play, changes to blocking (and changes to the script, egads!) get scribbled down in a haphazard manner on whatever paper comes to hand. Being able to spend a few minutes scanning rehearsal notes into Evernote would save me a lot of rework and resolve a lot of arguments about what we finally decided about the lighting in act 2.

  • kmsqrd

    To scan business cards, quick framing sketches and become more paperless!

  • Dan

    I’d love to use the Doxie Scanner for work, copying in receipts, records, notes, and other assorted bits of paper that tend to accumulate, throw them all into Evernote and let it do it’s magic on’em and make them searchable.

  • Philip Ferris

    First and foremost it will be the item we take everywhere on our holiday to the US for my wife’s 50th birthday. It would enable us to capture all those momentoes we wouldn’t have room to keep/carry; everything from programmes, menus, notes, tickets, newspaper articles, and all the tiny bits and pieces we gather along the way.

  • Doug Renn

    This is a terrific solution for tracking receipts and business cards.

  • joe

    this wonderful little gadget would come in handy when doing research in good old fashioned bound books. sitting at a library table surrounding inches-thick hardcovers in the midst of intense research, i’d catalog findings without even getting up let alone interrupting my research flow to find a copy machine, etc.

  • Mark Conway

    It will make scanning everything a whole lot easier.

  • Alisha

    I would love to have a Doxie! I would use it to move my mountain of papers into Evernote for safekeeping!

  • Sairam

    I’d have Doxie scanner connected to my Kensington 5-port USB drive all the time. When I ever I need to scan a bill like an expense or a small document or a visiting card,
    I’d go scan it and save it as PDF to evernote since evernote could read off data from the scanned PDFs and is indexed. As evernote automagically adds the timestamp.

    if Evernote has the following options (which I see that are going to be added in the near future) – the date / month uploaded, type of document, size of document etc, should be the parameters in the advanced search along with the “text” in the search, Evernote would be the ultimate tool to increase anyone’s productivity. There would not be any organizing required since Evernote simplifies life and makes the document searching very easy. There is no alternative to this on the web yet that I know of.
    Doxie + Evernote is super awesome

  • Brian G

    I live “on the road” so am always looking for ways to conserve space. Looks like the perfect tool to help me leave paper behind!

  • JW

    I plan on scanning my losing parimutuel tickets at the OTB so I can substantiate my deductions on the losses!

  • Allison Cox

    I’m constantly confronted with PAPER – mailings, invitations, receipts, notices, ads, photos, etc…, and I want to immediately drop them into an Evernote notebook — but, first I have to put them in a ‘safe place’ (my jumbled computer bag), get them home, pull them out (when I remember), scan them, and then finally drop them into Evernote.

    Scanning these documents on-the-spot and on-the-go — WOW! The Doxie scanner will be an amazing tool to take a large piece of the management burden off my shoulders!! I’m a union president, and my job requires strong organizational skills. Well, my new-found secret is Evernote!! And Evernote in combination with a Doxie scanner would be a complete organizational package.

  • Jeffrey

    After our second child, our “office” got relocated into a fold-top desk located in our dining room. The doxie would allow us to scan all of our bills, medical insurance EOBs, receipts, and instructions for all the baby gear into Evernote. We might even be able to reclaim some space taken up by boxes of old paperwork. We’d go and buy one already but kids are expensive and valuable. 🙂

  • Kris

    I need a portable scanner to put in my laptop bag, so I can scan to a shared Evernote notebook, all sketched drawings and notes after creative meetings.

  • Terence

    I’m a law student and I’ll use the scanner to eliminate paper notes from my filing cabinets!

  • Kote Flosse

    I need to travel overseas within a few weeks to go help my mum deal with the resolution of my grandfather’s estate. There is a lawsuit in play and she asked me to manage it going forward. I need to get there to scan a mountain of files and paperwork so that I have all the information I need with me in the US. My grandfather lived in a remote island in Tahiti and the boxes can’t be moved so a portable scanner is my only alternative. As with pretty much everything else in my life, I’ll use Evernote to archive and tag everything from notes to pictures related to this painful assignment.

  • DK

    I’d use this for everything from stuff that my students want me to do to those receipts that fill my car but never seem to get any farther than that. 🙂

  • Darlene

    I would use the Doxie to scan all the food recipes I rip out of magazines, the sports schedules and notes from school that are on bulletin boards, and receipts. All right into Evernote … pure awesomeness. Plus, it’s super cute!

  • Julian

    I would like to use this scanner to scan my notes, business cards and important documents and could read them anywhere with my note book and Android phone.

    Taking photo of them isn’t clear sometimes. 🙂

  • Sam Anderson

    Use it in the field whenever I get an invoice to enter into QuickBooks

  • Juergen

    I want to get all those notes that accumulate during projects to be decently archived and searchable – Evernote and Doxie would make that childs play

  • Scotto

    As well as scanning in all my business cards, bills and receipts to finally clean up my messy home office, I’d like to get around to scanning in my Moleskine notebooks that I used in my pre-Evernote days. With Evernote’s OCR processing I’ll finally be able to search that stuff.

    When I made the switch to the Mac I found out my ancient HP flatbed scanner won’t work. With my daughter in college and the other about to be married, I really can’t justify buying a new scanner right now. I’d be so lovely if I got a freebie.

  • Nohant

    I will use Doxie to scan all those documents that clutters my desk. Able to have all my documents in Evernote would be awesome.

  • Sheri B

    I’ll be using the Doxie to scan real estate brokerage & property management documents & to save all my Grandmother’s recipe books to Evernote. Can’t wait to get a new portable doc scanner as my old one is not Mac compatible:-(

  • Zsolt

    I simply want it because it is a cool gadget. 🙂

  • MarcM

    I could easily take this along on business trips to scan business card, receipts, tickets. Awesome. Must win ~~

  • Thomas

    Doxie would definitely help to tackle the paper mess on my desk.

  • Fong

    Minimize paper records: I would use it to scan hand sketches for portfolio use, restaurant menu for on-to-go takeout order, important receipts for insurance purposes.

  • Chaser

    I would use the scanner to take with me to conventions and trade shows where I create copious notes and am given a large amount of handouts and flyers. Everything would be scanned into Evernote and then recycled.

  • Kyle Childress

    I’ll use the scanner to add photos from magazines to my blog and to also my my life more paperless. Plus…It’s very James Bond-ish!

  • Kaminix

    I actually got a scanner solely to use with Evernote. This was the cheapest scanner I could find a CanonScan LiDE 100.

    I never use it though, because it’s a flatbed scanner and all the documents come out tilted and the bundled app was a pain to use. Something like Doxy or the Fujitsu ScanSnap (which I hadn’t read about when buying my scanner) would be a -lifesaver- to me!

  • Wouter

    I’d use it to scan incoming analog post in a divine mission to remove all the paperwork back home…

  • Jim Burnell

    I would use a Doxie scanner on business trips so I could record business expenses electronically and not have to save a wad of receipts.

  • Aaron

    I am very prone to losing paper things, and starting to do more and more things paperless has helped, but I’m not quite there yet. With Doxie I could have a shot at never losing paper stuff again! How cool would that be?

  • Nate Mathai

    This is awesome! As a freelance photographer, I meet my clients all over the place. I generally wait until I get home to scan signed contracts and deposit checks and such (and backup to Evernote)- this would save me so much time taking care of it right away!

  • Brenda Hatch

    I would use the doxie scanner to scan in all major receipts and all things done to our cars! And I’m sure I’d think of plenty of more things.

    Thanks for being my brain Evernote!!!

  • Dave McCall

    That thing sure would make logging expenses easier if not a tad feminine.

  • Chris Wilkinson

    As a teacher, I could use it for scanning kids’ work, letting me mark it later at home on my own PC.

  • Tracy Wendt

    At conferences and other events while away from home I get way too many pieces of literature. Sometimes I end up shipping a box home because it is too much to fit in my luggage! Of course, I don’t want to carry all that stuff either.

  • Amanda Tillman

    I would love a Doxie so I could scan all sorts of things, from receipts, to inspiration notes, to fliers and art work and business cards. Wine information as I’m touring, as well as maps of everywhere I have gone and to keep maps and brochures of places I want to travel, to manage recipes , articles, and quotes from magazines. I would really love to have one of these handy dandy purse and backpack sized things.

  • Joe Provenzano

    I will use the Doxie to scan all my receipts which average about 20 a day. Then I won’t have to save folders of paper. I currently have 2 drawers of a filing cabinet filled with old receipts just in case I need them.

  • Ankur Trivedi

    With a Doxie I woul finally get rid of the bits of paper that clutter my life.

  • Kyle

    I would take the Doxie to work trips in my laptop bag to scan in my travel receipts. I will use it at hope to import all of my mail/bills/receipts to a digital filing cabinet.

  • Ryan

    Paper-free by 2011!!!

  • Betty Boop

    I would love this scanner for my art projects and “inspiration” photos and magazine clippings. I also have old tax returns that I would like to digitize and shred in my ongoing project to go “paperless”. I also will use it as a pltform for faxing over the internet (I use RapidFax)which is totally cool. So with that being said I would much love and deeply appreciate a scanner that will enable me to accomplish these things.

  • Chris Kasten

    I’d use this to scan every business card and receipt I’m handed. Priceless!

  • Zeke

    Definitely for menu’s and reciepts.

  • Tony Wilson

    Ay work, my office is in my duffle. The Doxie would let me quickly scan docs, forms, schedules etc and have digital copies instead of multiple notebooks and folders.

  • Chris

    I’d carry the scanner around with me in my bag because it would be extremely convenient to have on-hand whenever I get a new business card from somebody, or have any random documentation come across my path that would be better handled by Evernote than my own organizational skills haha.

  • Windy Phillips

    What would I scan…sooo many options. The obvious things like receipts, signed contracts and such. The less obvious I can think of right away are recipes from my cooking mags I want to save, papers, report cards and artwork of the kiddos and how-to writeups from design mags.

  • Paul S.

    I am enjoying retirement and taking a lot of notes and pictures. I will be scanning them into my evernote on my computer so I can edite them later. I will then have a record of it.

  • Tap

    For my work i travel frequently through the Netherlands, at the different locations of company. I have to set up every copy machine separately to email a copy to my computer. Afterwards I have to put every file separately into Evernote. The Tiny doxie, would make that a lot easier.

    Looking forward to make the Tiny Doxy I standard issue in my backpack.

  • Amanda

    This looks like the perfect tool to help me beat back the clutter that I’ve been collecting over the years, old movie stubs, concert tickets, saved articles and the like. I’ve been wanting to do a digital scrap book and the Doxie is (not only cute, but) the perfect partner for just that!

    So excited!

  • Chelsea

    I’d use it to scan meeting notes right after the meeting so there’d be an instant archive. That would make my life so much more streamlined!

  • BJ Vander Linden

    As a technology manager I meet with tons of vendors and clients who give me everything from business cards to white papers to brochures for products. I’d love to scan them into evernote. Additionally, we’re diagramming things constantly on paper, so scanning that diagram into evernote would be very helpful.

  • Marta

    I’d like to use the Doxie scanner to make copies of my piano student’s weekly assignment notes. I could then email a copy to their parents and also have a copy available in Evernote for the times student’s “forget” their assignment notebooks. My handwritten comments would go home as usual, but the uploaded copy would be available to forward and for review.

  • Martin Kelley

    Evernote has helped me reduce the footprint of my freelance consulting business to a card table and small portable file box. There are only large two items tethering me to the table on a daily basis: my printer, but that’s wireless; and my scanner, which needs to be plugged in. The Doxie looks like something I could keep in my shoulder bag–ready to bring to coffeehouse meetings, conferences and anywhere I might have paper to scan and recycle!

  • Niels

    I’d use it to declutter my life and get rid of my snail mail archive.

  • Paul

    I just started my own business, and keeping track of receipts would be a breeze with a setup like this! I would be proud to show off my pink hearts, if I got a Doxie direct from Evernote!

  • Brandon

    This would be perfect for me when on the road and between the office and home. I would us this to go more paperless, especially at home since I don’t have a scanner there.

  • Jen Z

    This would come in so handy tracking my expenses for my women’s event! I am forever losing receipts (the IRS frowns on that, so I’m told) and I could scan them right in the car to my laptop without having to get them into the house.

    How cool would that be?

    • Jen Z

      I forgot to mention, I use Evernote to help keep me focused and organized, as I tend to be a bit scattered on occasion…

  • Chris Wooton

    I would use this to triage the drifts of paperwork that accumulate at home. This could reduce our clutter significantly!

  • KateC

    I am a professional fundraiser for an arts organization – I would scan business cards and meeting notes on the go and organize them using evernote notebooks. I would be more productive, which would result in more money to pay our talented musicians. And World Peace.

  • Denny Bohs

    I do a lot of traveling for work and this would be a fantastic tool for taking hand written notes and handouts and scanning them to my pc where I can make better use of them.

  • Shaun

    Oh my gosh, would love this and have been looking at one for a while. This would come in very handy for my wife’s photography business. Right now we scan receipts as well as signed contracts into Evernote using our printer. I hate it, it is so buggy! I would love to use this!!

  • Kevin

    I would use the doxie scanner to scan all my papers so I can make all my documents digital.

  • CampL

    This is neat. If I get the Doxie, I’ll use it to digitize all my receipts, newscut, coupons and sheet music alike.

  • Erling

    I will be scanning faster and in better quality than the pictures I take with my iPhone.

  • Jeff

    I would use this with my toughbook for Search and Rescue. To Scan pictures in and other data that we need for Search’s.

  • Lydia

    First I’s scan everything I want to keep, next I would scan everything else just for the fun of it, then I would carry the Doxie around in my bag to pull it out and show off and finally, while showing off, I would scan some more or less interesting things like business cards, receipts, restaurant menus and so on. In the end, sitting in a café, on the beach or in the train I’ll have great fun organizing all this stuff in Evernote.

  • Techky

    I would love to scan the mountain of paper bills and receipts that are currently piled up on my kitchen counter into Evernote using Doxie.

  • Nicole lytle

    This scanner would be great for keeping copies of receipts when traveling for work, for tax purposes and when sending in rebates. I always make copies of these things for my records, but this small scanner would eliminate the need to keep so much paper around.

  • Angela Kantola

    Golly, what WOULDN’T I use the Doxie scanner for? I’d start with important receipts, various documents received via snail mail, and before I know it, I think I’d be “Doxie-ing” most all the paper in my life (toilet paper and currency excepted, of course!). Goodbye, sorting through stacks of paper — everything will be in trusty Evernote. I’m lovin’ this idea — sure hope I win one!

  • Lisa Larson-Kelley

    My husband is going into the hospital next Thursday to begin his bone marrow transplant. I’ve got a HUGE folder full of test results, medical bills, etc. that I need to keep track of. With this scanner, I could keep it all organized so I can follow his treatment and also be sure I don’t miss any of those all important numerous medical bills.

  • ChaosKiller

    I, as a secret agent, often have a problem. The problem is that I finally infiltrate an evil organisation, find the doomsday plans and find out that Evil Incorperated doesn’t have a scanner. While my phone has a decent camera it doesn’t pick up the details it should. With this device I could actually scan the plans and become the top agent.

  • Marci

    I might finally keep up with all of my receipts!

  • Bella

    I would like tu use the doxie for my notes from the university lessons. i have 6 big binders up until now and there are more papers every day. so i would like to have my notes on the pc and therefore i can learn everywhere.

  • John

    I’d scan in all my old high school poetry so that I can save it in some form, while watching the paper copies burn.

  • James Carroll

    As a doctoral student actively engaged in research and writing for my dissertation, I would use the scanner to scan research materials into Evernote. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this giveaway.

  • Tom

    You know that cool Doxie scanner you can’t wait to give me? I would use it for about a billion things. One example is that I would capture tips and ideas from magazines. I travel a lot and catch up on Tech and Industry magazines on airplanes. Rather than take notes, I would simply tear out the pages, Doxie them into Evernote, and your exceptionally cool software would index the contents for me. Of course this process would work great for gift ideas too! (I already keep all my gift lists in Evernote)

  • lao-ocean

    I’d definitely scan all the papers I have in my “TO SCAN” folder!

  • ShootingStarsMag

    this would be amazing when I’m out of town or want to send something to my brother…who is in the army and away a lot.

  • Neal

    Cool for traveling! I would scan all my receipts on trips. I would also scan business cards and all the other paper that accumulates on trips (business and pleasure). Because it would go into Evernote, I could immediately begin using the information in my iPhone.

  • Carol

    I want to take my Doxie to the mall!

  • Vladimir

    I’m planing to use this super small scanner together with Evernote in any way it would be necessary. Well it doesn’t really matter since the winners will be chosen randomly, does it? 🙂

  • Andre Cunha

    I would be able to throw away all my paper prototypes and sketches that are all over my house and office.

  • Dennis

    I would love to get organised even better by scanning everything I want to remember. And with a Doxie I would try to push the Evernote Premium account to the limit of the 500 mb monthly upload 😉

  • Peter

    Oh my god, i’d so TOTALLY love to scan my notes and drawings i take at university with this beast of a hardware.

  • James

    I would use the doxie scanner and Evernote to eliminate my addiction to paper one page at a time.

  • plott

    WOw, could I use this as a real estate agent. get contracts signed scan them to the evernote cloud then get them easily from anywhere.Please help me now……………

  • James

    If a tool isn’t easily available then it’s not used. A full-size scanner is too big to keep on my desk all the time. A Doxie would eliminate that hurdle.

  • Laura Chutny

    I would use this invaluable scanner for our charity gala and silent auction. Right now I have to gather the paper, take it home, scan it in and then take it back to the school to refile (so often it doesn’t get done, or not done properly). IF I could do it right in the room where we get our auction gifts, it would be SO efficient, and help raise money in a more efficient fashion for our school. I use Evernote when planning our auction and Gala to accumulate ideas over the year, and to store all data regarding the gala so that I have access to it from any one of 5 or 6 computers that I use plus on my phone. Please give me a scanner to help with this!


  • daniel rahenkamp

    Oh… I will probably scan my Butt if I can figure out how to do it.

  • George Goodman

    I’d use my Doxie to:
    – scan those physical slide copies some folks still insist on giving out at conferences
    – capture my receipts while I’m still on the plane
    – grab bizcards in the hotel room the night I get them
    – …!

  • Bill The Editor

    I bought one for myself, but entering for the drawing — if I win, I will give the Doxie to my parish priest, and a check for his first year of Evernote Pro service. His desk in his office is nothing but piles of paper (a lot like mine, which is why I just went ahead and ordered) and having a Doxie should help him clean that mess up.

  • Dave Walker

    How would I use it? Not only would I finally go through all those photos and scan them into digital format, but I’d be able to strip apart those old notebooks of diagrams and notes and scan them in to get them out of storage boxes. It would also give me a cool thing to demonstrate to those people I keep telling that they’re missing something special if they’re not using Evernote.

  • Darice

    I am planning my wedding for late 2011. This means that in addition to pages out of magazines to create a style for the wedding, I will also be gathering pictures from past weddings in both of our families to display at the wedding. When I head home for Christmas this year, I can just pack this and my laptop and be ready to capture anything without having to have anyone part with their originals!

  • Gren

    My life – is a business trip,like “Up in the air”. Many-many meetings + protokols and other docs of this meetings. Using Doxie scanner i can send this docs to public Evernote folder or direct to Sharepoint portal & Project Server

  • David

    I am always up for a bond type device! Also love the product it just keeps getting more useful for me!

  • Philip Hulme

    I run an internet greeting card & gifting business. My goal is to automate and outsource EVERYTHING so as to live the “Four Hour Work Week” lifestyle. That means: Live Anywhere. Do Business anywhere. No paper. Everything Synchronized and accessible online by Virtual Assistants.
    That’s why I already love and promote Evernote. The Doxie Scanner just brings my “4HWW” goal closer.
    Here’s why. I just purchased the ScanBizCards iPhone app, only to discover that the camera on my 3G phone is not compatible. The Doxie scanner is a wonderful, portable solution to my dilemna.
    ScanBizCards is fully integrated with Evernote. I can scan my stacks of business cards using the Doxie and transfer them to ScanBizCards for OCR conversion and editing. I can also scan receipts, paper napkin ideas, sketches for my blog … anything … for action by my virtual assistant on the other side of the globe., via a shared Evernote account. Love it <3

  • Gordon Swaby

    Just because this would be cool to have in Jamaica because i doubt 2 people have it here; hehehe. Plus I’d hear “sweet, cool, awesome” uttered to me everyday. *Ego boost* and evernote promotion:p

  • Seb

    I’d scan invoices and receipts into Evernote on a daily basis. I’ve been searching for a small scanner for quite a while. The Doxie looks amazing, and I see in the specs that it is USB powered. No power cable ! Yay !

  • Tobi

    Have tons of paper to scan into evernote, but my old scanner does not work with windows 7…

  • Deven C.

    I would scan and tag all of those travel magazine articles I’ve cut out. A worldwide travel itinerary would finally be easy to organize, research and create.

  • Robert Strachan

    My wife and I like to go to shows. Home, garden, craft, landscaping, etc

    we have lots and lots of flyers and ideas that we could scan into Evernote and be able to FINALLY get organized!

  • Chris

    I’m a big fan of scanning and of Evernote and love my Fujitsu ScanSnap, but it’s just not portable enough, with the Doxie I could just pull it out in meetings and watch all the ladies admire it sleek lines and pink logos.

    The gents would appreciate it’s speed and the ability to put it down their pants and say ‘Is this a Doxie in my pocket or am I just pleased to see you’

  • Robert in SF

    I would use it for scanning receipts when I travel so I don’t have to worry so much about categorizing expenses at quarter’s end for my tax payments…boring, but there ya go!

    I could also scan in menu’s of restaurants to post as a shared notebook with friends who travel to the same cities.

  • Heidi - Botanical PaperWorks

    I’d scan my receipts for work and home and eliminate the need for paper filing.

  • Ernie Oporto

    I plan on scanning in everything as PDF and keeping a copy in Evernote, and important docs on my Kindle.

  • Joe

    Reciepts an snail mail.

  • Mark Evans

    I have 100’s of personal medical records that I need to scan in to help track my medical conditions and this will help tons! Right now I scan them by taking them to Kinko’s and that gets expensive quickly!

  • Adam

    My desk is so small, there will never be enough room for a typical scanner. Since I’ve converted so much of my daily note activities to Evernote, I need something to manage the scraps of paper given to me by coworkers. I know this will fit in my cramped space! Thanks for the contest.

  • Carrie

    I want!! Such a pain scanning on my printer right now. I’d scan business cards, magazine articles, recipes, brochures and mementos from trips, receipts for my business, meeting notes, interface sketches… oh my!

  • Holly

    I would love to have a nice small scanner like this. I would use it to scan in my receipts, recipes and magazine articles that I want to keep. Right now all those papers are cluttering up my house and it would be so nice to get rid of them.

  • Nirmal Trivedi

    Important receipts…. can never find them otherwise!

  • Bryan

    Also a traveler, I need to get track of business receipts. The Doxie would also be handy to keep track of medical receipts for the family — plus now I can scan and throw away old magazines I was keeping around.

  • Whitney

    I am going to scan and organize every receipt I get!

  • Ben U

    I will brace myself for our 3rd baby by better archiving critical paperwork about the first two!

  • Jim Egly

    I would use it so my book keeper would fall in love with me all over again. No more lame excuses plug an scan as I go along!

  • Larry Nichols

    I’d use it mostly for receipts and copies of invoices. I’d also use it to scan in drawings and mock-ups for different design projects, which often get scribbled on whatever is handy. I currently use my iPhone for this, but the scanner would give much better resolution.

  • Chris Eldred

    I plan to give my wife the Doxie so that she can scan all her scraps paper and magazine clippings. She clips this stuff to keep for craft ideas, parties and home decoration. Having all this stuff in Evernote would be great because she could use notebooks and tags to organize these notes. Finding the stuff later through browsing and searching. Can’t wait!

  • Kip DeGraaf

    What couldn’t you do with a portable scanner like Doxie?

    I could easily see myself using this at a conference during a quiet moment to scan in all those business cards I get handed.

    Tech spec sheets? Get them scanned in right away and toss back in the recycle bin.

    Receipts from lunch and dinner at the end of the day for later reimbursement.

    The amount of little bits of paper that I could rid myself of daily with this would be fantastic.

  • Mike Knox

    Have been looking for a compact scanning solution to archive all my paper bills (utilities, credit cards etc.) into Evernote. This looks perfect and could be used on the road for receipts, notes and such too!

  • Giang-Son Nguyen

    I have a lot of printed papers and data that I need to scan for using in my PhD thesis. I’m now using Evernote to organize all pieces of information related to my topics, extraction from publications so that I can use them for my defense later. Therefore, this scanner will help me a lot to reduce the time I need to scan a paper using a normal scanner.

  • Tamara Cox

    I would scan old pictures to make Snapfish photo books, scan docs to emailto friends, family and teachers/parents at work bc we do not have a fax anymore. I could scan all of my library docs to upload on website for school. Tons of potential. Cool toy.

  • John

    Looks like it’d be perfect to scan receipts and business cards when on the road…but pink hearts?

  • Aaron

    It’d be handy for scanning receipts and expenses while touring with my band.

  • Daniel

    I’m planning to scan all drawing from my 1 year old daughter and save those in evernote.

  • Andy

    This awesome little scanner would be perfect for scanning everything from receipts and bills to recipes and random notes.

  • Jay Ramachandran

    Whoa! I’ve been digging this product for the longest time. Thanks so much for the opportunity with the giveaway. And might I add, Evernote just by itself is a HUGE timesaver and a pretty BIG productivity tool. As a person who hates any clutter and is often accused of suffering from medium-to-severe OCD-like tendencies when it comes to clean, sort, and organize, I have to admit Doxie would pretty much help me recycle every bit of paper I have at work and home. I can’t wait to get my hands on this tiny supermachine and convert receipts, recipes, invoices, etc. into what I call the Evernote format where every piece of text (words and images) is indexed for my searching pleasure.

  • Katie

    I’m so excited about this. The first thing that came to mind was how helpful this will be keeping track of my mother’s hospitalizations, progress notes and lab values. It will also help me comparison shop scanning adds in the paper. I could go on and on, I’m trying to go paperless and this super cool gadget will help!

  • Shaine Alleman

    I would use the Doxie scanner to get all the documents on my desk more organized. I am trying more and more to go electronic. Thanks!

  • Matt Linebarger

    Receipts. Gobs and gobs of business receipts! Scan them and never put them in a file folder again!

  • Stephen B

    My wife is an independent contractor, and I travel a lot. I’d use a Doxie to scan receipts for both personal and work accounts.

  • Drake

    Just received a new Auditing Job. This would be great to keep track of my traveling expenses.

  • claudgrrl

    This would be perfect for travel and when I’m on the go. It would also great for reducing the footprint on my desk when I am at home!

  • Chris

    If I had a Doxie, I’d have it as a permanent piece of kit in my backpack, along with my camera, smartphone, mp3 player and emergency rain-proof poncho. I’d be able to scan whilst on the go, it’d save me having to even bring those bits of paper home

  • John Meldrum

    Hi Doxie scanner looks great. I teach at a university and often have students write stuff in class. i can scan them in right on the sport and we can then use them more effectively in class. Also great to scan in random field notes, expenses business cards tons of stuff. Can only make the evernote experience even better!

  • Mark

    De-cluttering. (1) I save quite a few magazines where there’s only one article or page of interest. (2) Collecting useful info from mail I receive, without filing it away into a cabinet where I’ll never find it. (3) Receipts — not all, just the significant ones. Evernote’s OCR will be handy in all cases.

  • Nick

    I would love to use this to scan receipts from traveling as well as photos and documents that I need to open on my iPad/phone.

  • Ari G

    While running a startup business with multiple clients, converting to paperless is high on my priority list – obviously, a scanner comes in handy for that…

    While house hunting with my soon to be wife, we use Evernote to create property search notes, and the ability to scan home brochures into the appropriate notes would be nice as well.

    But the fact that this scanner fits in my bag and can be used to fend off the hordes – now that is a bonus!

  • R.H. Watson

    I write and illustrate (I’m just rebuilding my website, so I don’t have samples online, sorry), I do almost all my work from coffee shops, the library, and the back room of my friend’s comic book shop. I carry a 13′ MacBook, Wacom pen tablet and sketch pad in my bag. The one BIG problem I have is scanning in sketches to finish them in Painter. Adding the Doxie scanner to my bag would be a great solution.

  • Nick gebhardt

    Would love this. I’d use it in Realestate For all the docs I get

  • Michael

    Use Doxie while traveling (since its so small and cute)

  • Javi

    I would scan receipts and invoices, not very original I know but i want that freaking gadget

  • Jane Steen

    I’d scan receipts and business cards, definitely. The Doxie looks ideal for this task. I’m a one-woman business so those little bits of paper really accumulate, and I could use some streamlining to take care of the problem! Thanks Evernote and Doxie!

  • Majken

    Definately use it while travelling, to distribute reciepts, pictures etc for distribution before I get back!

  • Herman Heijermans


    I would use this little scanner to scan all my bills and see if they get paid (perhaps this is an unknown feature)

  • AGeekyMom

    I would use it to scan my receipts, recipes that I have collected along the way, and important papers into Evernote. Very cool!

  • Oleg

    How can it be useful for me:
    – to scan my iPhone/iPad design sketches drawn on paper, later to outline in Photoshop

    and also:
    – to scan my notes taken on conferences and put them in Evernote
    – to scan some articles and pics from magazines

  • Andrew Scott

    I’d use Doxie to scan my student feedback sheets in class so we’ve got a record of all the details. Normally we just mark, record the final grade and hand back the mark sheet but with this we could keep a record and track student results much better. I wish I’d thought of this earlier.

  • Joel

    I would love to scan important receipts and all important documents. I’m trying to move to paperless but still need a good scanner.

  • Lou

    I would love to use Doxie to keep my desk organized at school. A clean desk is a necessity for me 🙂

  • A.J.

    I would use a Doxie to scan all of my masters program notes before I start my PhD program this fall!

  • Tim Morgan

    As a single desktop family that’s got our setup hooked up to the television in the living room, we don’t want a lot of unnecessary tech stuff cluttering up the living room and taking away from the comfortable environment for entertaining. The size of doxie would allow us to scan things at home to keep up with bills, nutritional information, etc but still keep us open to entertaining.

  • R.H. Watson

    I write and illustrate (I’m just rebuilding my website, so I don’t have samples online, sorry), I do almost all my work from coffee shops, the library, and the back room of my friend’s comic book shop. I carry a 13′ MacBook, Wacom pen tablet and sketch pad in my bag. The one BIG problem I have is scanning in sketches to finish them in Painter. Adding the Doxie scanner to my bag would be a great solution.

    This is embarrassing, I forgot to include the Evernote part. It’s pretty simple: I’ll add keyword notes to the sketches to make them searchable with Evernote’s image OCR tool.

  • j c gordon

    I have tons of paper I’d like to organize. of course, as I go through it, most will probably go in the shredder instead, which is ok since the goal is still reducing paper whether that means scanning it into evernote or shredding it.

  • Ingram

    Since I move around a lot it’s sometimes hard to keep a good digital archive of the papers I’m getting. Having this scanner would make life so much easier especially combined with Evernote. I’d have access to all my documents from anywhere.

  • Steve Rose

    This would really help me both in my personal life and at work. I would use the scanner to clear out my paper filing cabinet then I could reclaim the space it takes up!

  • J-Ro

    I would use the Doxie to gain control of all of my sketches, quips, qoutes and what not I have laying all around the house! I love evernote but sometimes I still have to resort to small pieces of paper and napkins to keep track of my ideas!

  • Bill

    Receipts, of course. Also handwritten notes I need to keep.

  • Lasvegaswil

    I would give it to my daughter for college. She’s just now starting to realize the joys of Evernote, but I think a super trendy scanner would do the trick for sure. 🙂

  • Justin Withers

    I’m almost paperless with a portable scanner but it’s not TWAIN capable, I know, bad purchase, 20-20 hindsight and all that. With one of these, Evernote and my iPad I’d be golden!

  • Kumar Vasudevan

    I’m a med student, and one of the biggest frustrations for anybody in the medical field is that new guidelines for treatment are coming out ALL the time. I’d use the scanner to scan parts of articles that my senior physicians give me, and would be able to access them all the time using my BlackBerry while seeing patients. Awesome!

  • Wei-yen Tan

    I plan to use Doxie to remove all paper and put them into Evernote. I tend to get a bit messy and I am looking for something portable to use.

  • Dirk

    I love evernote since the first day I used it – tiny Doxie scanner sounds very good, too 🙂

  • John Hayward

    My office is in my bag so a Doxie scanner would complement my extremely minimal setup and allow me to scan stuff wherever I am.

  • Bryan

    I would scan old hand-written recipes and restaurant delivery menus, so that I would be able to clean up all those junk drawers!

  • Christopher Sabato

    With this scanner I could archive everything in evernote. with all that scanning i will probably have to go premium.. *WINK* *WINK* *NUDGE* *NUDGE*

  • Alex

    I would offer it to my wife. She likes to read fashion magazines and she adds notes from them to evernote manually, so the scanner would be usefull for her.

  • Spotdart

    I’m heading off to college and would love a portable way to keep track of papers and assignments.

  • Nicola

    I have years and years of hand-written material back from my undergraduate studies, and I’d love to take those dead trees to a better place sometime 🙂

  • Kevin T.

    I would use it to digitize all my old class and project notes, and then recycle all that paper.

  • Maureen Mower

    Sounds like a great tool, and it’s definitely something I would use regularly. There are so many things I would like to scan onto my computer – from letters and official documents to pictures and drawings (I’m currently working on creating a logo for a new blog), etc. I’m also a returning college student, completing my degree in human services online, and being able to scan images or articles from sources not available on the internet would be a huge asset when trying to include certain information in term papers and other assignments.

    The main problem is that the scanner we have is huge, bulky, requires a wired connection (which means I have to scan things onto my husband’s desktop and then have him email them to my laptop because we have different operating systems), and doesn’t provide good quality scans. It’s an older model, but replacing it with another model that will present the same issues seemed counterproductive.

    So, for me, having a portable and easy to use scanner like the Doxie would be a true blessing. The only questions I have are, assuming I don’t win one, when/where can we buy one and how much will they cost?

    • Lexi Araiza

      Maureen –

      You can order Doxie at for $129.

      Lexi Araiza

  • Leigh Riffel

    I’d give it to my father in law so he could use it in is RV.

  • Matt

    I would use Doxie to help me keep my GTD system up to date while I am out on the road.

  • John W

    A Doxie scanner would definitely kick me up to the next Tamagotchi-like stage of Evernote evolution. I’d wander around the house feeding whatever came to hand into Evernote…

  • Ben Smith

    I’ve been a “lurker” on Evernote for years, downloaded and installed, even played with it a bit. Always updated etc… but I’ve never been able to integrate it with my workflow. BUT, if I had this fancy scanner… Well… that could make it all change!

  • macrowder

    My office and desk are very small so a Doxie scanner would be a perfect scanning solution for me.

  • Kate Trgovac

    I’ve been eyeing the Doxie for a while now. I have two uses planned – one business and one personal.

    The business one – business cards. Scan them and get them out of the jar on my desk and right into Evernote!

    Personal – so many high school friends are just joining Facebook and I have several pics from the “good old days” that I want to scan and share. But not all of them belong on FB, so I was thinking of doing an Evernote notebook for them.

    Thanks so much! I love Evernote!

  • Greg R

    I will use it to scan receipts so I can track my wife’s spending habits and have evidence to back up my “you are spending too much” talks.

  • Brenda

    My husband is starting a business. I’m his web designer, web master, photographer, graphics designer (whose business is this again?) I am also turning into his errand-girl and record keeper. I would use this scanner to keep business receipts, paperwork and ideas all organized in my Evernote account.

  • Andrew Schomin

    I run a business writing and supporting software for corporate entities and other small businesses like my own. Most of the work I do is onsite with the company. It would be a great portable solution for getting documents and such into our system fast. I would love to have it!!!

  • Jon R

    Being a compulsive repurposer, I’d hack it into a handheld scanner to scan books and make my own e-books for nook and kindle – and Evernote of course!

  • Fran Jeanes

    Oh, what a wonderful thought: Scanning through the mounds of business cards and, dare I mention, Post-its and other sticky things stuck around my monitors, noticeboard and wall and having them neatly and easily accessible, yet not forgotten, on my trusted Evernote. Please Evernote, make it a reality! 🙂

  • Lorraine

    My brain is sloppy.

    That’s why I love Evernote–and why I wrote Discover 7 Ways Evernote Helps You Remember Everything.

    And now the Doxie can help me remember even more.

    If I win the Doxie, I’ll stick it in my backpack and use it to:

    * Scan conference material and collateral. I’m live blogging at a Maternal Health Conference in New Delhi in August. Doxie would he a fabulous way to organize and reference conference material–without having to lug pounds of paper around.

    *Scan birth certificate. I just suffered through oodles of red tape getting a copy of my birth certificate for a VISA. With Doxie’s help, I’ll never have to suffer identity crisis again: this crucial document will be with me at all times.

    *Save my marriage—and scan portfolio copywriting samples. My husband just secretly hauled two files of my writing samples to our rented storage space–grounds for divorce! I’m a copywriter and need to have a diverse and updated portfolio—including print material. Doxie could easily handle this task—and keep our household harmonious.

    * Scan handwritten interview notes. For feature stories and other projects, I often interview sources. It would be great to scan in my handwritten notes–instead of spending extra time transcribing.

    *Copy recipe cards. Recipes come in all kinds of spattered and tattered formats. I have a cooking blog so it would be fab to be able to easily scan a variety of recipes.

    * Hand-written grocery list. I already use Evernote for my weekly grocery list, but lots of times I like to jot down items on envelopes, scrap paper etc. I’d love to just scan these lists–instead of, again, transcribing.

    I would also use Doxie for the more common–but essential– tasks of scanning:

    * Business cards
    * Receipts
    * Playbills and theater fliers

  • James Stout

    My daughter could use this to get herself organized… she has folders with labels packed with receipts and papers… she thinks she is organized until I asked a few questions on where something would be and she stumbled a bit… plus I think she would like it more because of the cool logo…

  • Kristin L.

    What Wouldn’t I use this scanner for? Receipts, photos, sketches, interesting magazine articles, concert tickets, etc. Decluttering my space, recycling AND using Evernote? Win win!

  • Chris

    I would use the Doxie to scan my receipts into Evernote when I travel so that I have a back up copy of them.

  • Benigne du Parc

    Great for a traveler like me, exactly what I was missing! I want one!

  • -Pablo-

    I’ll use it to scan all the documents that I have lying around on the desktop and cluttering my workspace. I will also use it to digitalize all the important documents that one needs to take around, so that I have them available from anywhere right on my iPhone.

  • Stephan

    Copy quotations from books
    Scan bills etc

  • Travis May

    I am a financial advisor and right now, when I go into people’s homes to gather their financial documents, I’m having to take pictures of them with my phone to get them into Evernote. With this, I could scan them straight into Evernote, and not worry about having to break the scanner, or lug a wagon!

  • Nics

    School note

  • Paul

    Perfect for scanning music in for later learning

  • Carmine Lavino

    When it comes to bills, my father has to be the worst disorganized person in the world; which bills are past due, which bills are due in 2 days, which bills have been paid. With it’s compact size and ease of use functionality, the Doxie scanner can aggregate all of his bills in one application that makes all people’s lives organized and on-top of things.

  • Rick Mons

    The pessimistic me would scan those “sorry, we’re not hiring” notes I get. The optimistic me would scan the “We’re pleased to extend an offer of employment to you.”

  • Loren Johnson

    Obvious! Receipts… tracking fuel expenditures for tax purposes. Business cards as well.

  • Tim Thompson

    I’d be scanning receipts, bills, business cards and recipes.

  • Chris

    Woot! Love the concept of this little scanner – bring it on! Would make my life that much smoother, faster and lighter. I would scan my note scraps from work meetings and have them to cross reference later.

  • Wayne Kirschling

    This would be perfect for saving and sharing items that I come across while reading magazines and newspapers.

  • Paul

    i would use this to scan business cards and receipts

  • Nicola McLallen

    I would use the Doxie to keep track of all the paperwork my kids bring home from school and all their activities.

  • Tee Jay Green

    I’d use it at home to scan all my bills, statements, etc into Evernote. I’m using an old clunky multi-function printer to do that now. I’d also take it to work, since I often scan things in my co-workers give to me on dead trees. I have to go downstairs to use the scanner now, so having one on my desk would be awesome. Evernote ftw!

  • Matt

    I’d use it to scan my entire life (seriously) as I travel from city to city!

  • Oleksiy Sukhy

    When I drink coffee in cafes, I love to write quick notes (or sometimes poems) on napkins. But I am often lazy to rewrite such notes from the paper into EveryNote, although I am using it on both laptop and PDA.

  • Brian R. Schmidt

    With any luck, with the Doxie on board… there won’t be ANY paper in my bag!

  • meeyeehere

    My husband has a tiny home business and he would use this to scan all his important papers and help him get organized!

  • Josh

    I will scan tons of stuff. Thanks for being awesome EN!

  • Enrique Ortiz

    Travel expense report of course!!, that thing looks so thin I can take it anywhere!!

  • Carl

    Doxie Rocks! My daughter has been trying to win one of your give aways for a while. She’s out on vacation so Dad will put her in the running!

    She loves to scan her home work on my scanner and the pink logo on Doxie is “to die for” or so she says.

    Here’s to the winners!


  • Phil Shrimpton

    Doing my expenses is what I would use it for, rather than going through my pockets at the end of the month work out which ones are work ones I can claim for and trying to get them into some sort of order, I would just scan them into to evernote, almost as soon as I get them

  • J Cleveland Payne

    I am a clutter-aholic and long time hoarder of documents and papers that I know will be useful later . . . but rarely are. I am currently using Evernote as way to get all the info off the floors of my offices at home and work, and this scanner would definitely help me speed up the process.

  • Kim

    The Doxie scanner is a dream come true I can think of about 1000 uses for it, which is just a small portion of the number of things I can think of to use (and do use) Evernote for.

    But the way I want to share is job related. I work in restaurant supply and while I have an office in my home, I do most of my work onsite. Part of my work process involves handwritten documents that are completed by both myself and my customer. Currently the best I can hope for is the ability to take the docs back to my home, scan them in and email them to the customer. Unfortunately by that time, most customers have moved onto something else and forgotten about me.

    I also frequently need copies of documents that they have only one copy of, no ability for them to scan it and usually no way to copy it (they are notorious for being out of ink). Then I have to convince them to let me borrow it, find a place to make a copy (usually in an unfamiliar town) and bring the original back to them.

    Just the ability scan onsite would make me so much more productive and save me so much time. I also believe that it would help and impress the customers to an extent that I would increase my sales by that alone.

    It would also be a great help with my plans to set up Evernote notebooks for each of my customers that I share with them and that contain all of the information they may need to access.

    I am so excited about this scanner and the ways it can help me, but it really is all about Evernote and how wonderful it is. And believe me, I tell anyone who will listen about Evernote and not only blog and tweet about it, but even wrote part of the review of it for Cool Tools. One of my friends (who I got hooked on Evernote), owns a small business (about 2 million in annual sales) told me yesterday that I should get out of the restaurant business and sell Evernote, but I reminded him that as successful as your conversion to premium rate is, it would be hard for me to make money on a service that is available free. But, I will keep spreading the word!

  • PaulMi

    I would use Doxie to continue on my campaign to digitize my life. My latest fad is to make sure that everything I buy that has a warranty is scanned into Evernote along with receipts, barcodes and instructions.
    I LOVE Evernote. I want to love Doxie.

  • DGTM

    Starting a business seems to be a never-ending battle with paperwork. I’m always striving to streamline the operation and this scanner would help us get to paperless!

  • Jennifer Palais

    I’m in love with this little scanner…I’d take it to all my organizing client sessions to show them how easy it is to be truly paperless. Then they would all fall in love and buy one too! Doxie will be saving many environments…yay!

  • Zack Schwenk

    I travel for work quite frequently and I hate carrying paper. Often times though I return home with a ton of it. It would be great if I could create a digital, searchable copy of it. This would save me time, aggravation and chiropractor fees.

  • Aaron

    scan receipts on the go! perfect for filling out expense forms for reimbursement

  • Kevin Castillo

    I will use it to digitize all of my documents and try to go truly paperless between home/office.

  • Susie O'Brien

    I just got started with Evernote. I am so excited about all the possibilities. I would use the Doxie to scan in receipts for my medical massage business as well a received checks so I can have a copy of them (currently I print out a copy of the deposit receipt with the images of the checks but they are very small and hard to read). I would scan in vital household information as well, which includes birth certs, insurance info, family photos and the family genealogy that my great uncle did.

  • Sido van Gennip

    Well… I just scan every piece of paper I come across and put it into Evernote. Actually I scanning an archive of all my paper into Evenote at the moment, dating a couple years back. Every Sunday I take a bunch of them, scan them with Acrobat and put the PDFs in Evernote. Doxie would probably make the process much more enjoyable!

  • Sherry Coleman

    Recipes, receipts, and instructions for fishtank chemicals oh my!

  • Daniel Park

    This would be fantastic for my training engagements where I have to provide receipts for all my expenses (but also have to save them for tax purposes). It’s small enough to pack in my suitcase.

  • Rui Carmo

    Well, If I win one, I’ll help a relative set up a full mobile office with nothing but a small form factor laptop and Evernote.

  • James Britnell

    I will use the Doxie for business. I’m looking at a stack of papers on my desk right now that need to be uploaded to Evernote. Getting up, walking down the hallway, going to the scanner, getting the PDF emailed to me by the executive assistant, is too tedious of a process. The Doxie will fit nicely on my desk and allow me to get things into Evernote very quickly.

  • Mike Schultz

    I hope to work through a pile of papers that’s important only for its contents. I’ll enjoy rediscovering old recipes, articles, and even stuff that should be treasured memories.

  • Benji

    Gosh, only one cool thing to do with it?

    It would come in quite handy for my job. The company I work for is quite old fashioned, so the paperwork on my desk takes up… Well, it is my desk really. At least this way I could put everything in a drawer and deal with it.
    I’m also trying to become freelance at a few things too to meet ends meet though, so the ability to put articles into Evernote would be handy as at night when trying to get to sleep my evening consists of reading my Evernote notes to prioritise and Instapaper to catch up on everything else I missed.

  • Gabriella Remigi

    I would scan all sort of stuff for my properties/tenants plus personal things and then keep track of everything on Evernote

  • Paul

    This looks like an excellent way to get rid of clutter and scan things straight into my Evernote brain. The first things I would scan would be bills, expense receipts and business cards which would then all get shredded and sent straight to the recycling bin.

  • Eliza Brock

    I would use it to get rid of boxes of old records.. scan them all into evernote and never have to worry about fire/theft/moving again!

    And, my piles of ideas ripped out of magazines… a thing of the past.

  • Pedro

    Will love to use it for scanning receives and organize them in evernote

  • Fred R

    I am drowning in sea of paper. I need doxie to help me drain this sea. I NEED TO GO PAPERLESS.


  • Joshua

    I will scan things!

  • Brandon

    I would use the Doxie with Evernote to help me keep my mobile office organized and digital. It would help me be more mobile by allowing me to carry less.

  • Ian

    Much more convenient for receipt scanning for my business

  • lesslie

    I am a Home Health tutor. When a child can’t go to school, I go to their home to tutor them. Doxie would help me keep my timesheets, lesson plans and students worksheets organized. I have the paid version of Evernote and it is the one subscription I love to pay! Evernote has helped me at home with so many projects. Love you too Doxie!

  • molly b

    I would use it to scan the almost DAILY art projects my son brings home from preschool. I’m out of room on the fridge! 🙂

  • Jeff

    I would scan everything on my desk at work, at home and on my dresser- receipts, business cards, phone notes, etc. The pile is only getting bigger, so I can hardly wait to get a scanner like this! Not so crazy about the pink hearts, but I am results kind of guy so I can live with it.

  • Mona Smith

    I would give a Doxie to my husband who is researching the signers of Indian Treaties (those who signed for the U.S. gov’t.). The information is uncovering and the connections revealed are invaluable in destroying the settler narrative myth that holds the country back from a new way of defining itself that will work better in our new future.

  • Joe P

    I would use this to scan my four-year-old’s drawings and homemade cards and save them in Evernote.

  • JW

    I will use the Doxie w/ Evernote to help keep track of my school course work while I’m out and about. It looks portable enough that I think I can use it in the library, or at the coffee shop.

  • Adele Young

    I shall take this baby with me to interior showrooms and scan tear sheets of furniture right there and then. I’ll then file them in my client folders, which already exist in evernote, of course. How’s that for saving paper?!

  • Chuck

    I’ll use it to scan my family’s medical records.

  • Diane

    I would use the Doxie to scan all my paper notes, receipts, etc. Ther would be no need for anything paper with Evernote & Doxie!

  • Robin Bailey

    I would use the Doxie Scanner to copy all of my revision and school notes to evernote so I could access them anywhere on any of my devices.

  • Miguel Valentin

    I would use it for scanning all my vehicle maintenance receipts into Evernote for tax time.

  • Tom Follis

    I would love to have this scanner. I travel in my business and I would use it to scan business cards into Evernote.

  • Phil Kates

    I just moved out to California and I’m in a dramatically smaller place than I used to be. I need to scan and trash a ton of paperwork.

  • Shawn

    I’d use it to scan documents for my dissertation! Looks pretty sexy.

  • Tom

    I would scan in all my bills, receipts – Ah heck, my entire filing cabinet would have to be scanned! And I would probably have to go Premium for a month or two to cope with the increased traffic into EverNote!!


  • Burt Polson

    Hey! My new business model is revolves around being a virtual-mobile real estate broker. This will fit in my arsenal of technology perfectly. I may even get one for each of my virtual-mobile agents!

  • Paul

    Mobile office baby! Scanning contracts on-the-go.

  • Brian H

    I never had a scanner at home before. I have way too many paper documents. Now I can truly go paperless, and use Evernote to its full potential!

  • Carl

    No more loosing important papers in the clutter! Every time I get an important paper somewhere, whether it be from church, work, school or whatever, I will scan in that bad boy and not worry about keeping a hard copy! With Evernote on my iPOD I will even have access to my scanned doc anywhere!

    I always loose paper documents! I often wash my pants with papers folded up in the pockets. Then I find the destroyed doc later. Or I leave it on the front see of the car. Once I hit the freeway, my clutter becomes litter!

    Next time someone says “Do you have that handout…?” I will say, why of course I do! 🙂

  • nemner

    I would scan my meeting notes and store electronically!

  • Bob

    I would clear off the paper mess on my desk once and for all.

  • Mark Munger

    Traveling on the road & always looking for an easy way to keep track of receipts. Snaping pictures with phone & emailing to evernote does not always cut it!

  • Alex

    I’m a volunteer EMT and this would be great to scan in my paper run tickets and patient information so that I could keep better (more accessible and searchable) records! Especially since I could carry this in the ambulance with me and use it on the go with my netbook! I need one of these!

  • John De Trolio

    Will scan all of my medical literature and journals to read on my iPad.

  • Mark

    Well, since it doesn’t have a document feeder I can’t use it to go paperless. I could use it to scan one page at a time, like receipts into Evernote but that’s is about it.

  • jon19003

    Love this! Doxie will allow my students to scan documents they can not remove from the library and include them in research reports.

  • daniel

    Would love to use this to organize my receipts! Been looking for a small-scale scanner for one-off printing 😛

  • Patrick

    I’ll be scanning that big box of “to-be filed” stuff I’ve been avoiding the past few years…

  • Bill Edwards

    Looking to go more digital. Plan to scan Taxes, Bills, etc.

  • Lee

    In true Bond spirit: I could tell you, but I’d have to kill you.

  • Rachel

    I’m an independent midwife and I would use the scanner to scan documents (eg. birth registration papers etc.) that I give to parents while in their home. They keep the paper copy and I file a copy in Evernote. A portable scanner would be perfect.

  • Katy

    How will I use the Doxie?

    1. For science. I’m a biologist, and Evernote is my lab notebook. With the Doxie I’ll be able to scan field notes, documentation for equipment and materials, conference materials, and all the very important but tiny bits of paper that populate my desk into my notebook directly.

    2. To keep my family from drowning in paper. The four of us live aboard a 50-ft sailboat. It’s a great lifestyle, but we’re awash with paper we have NO room for. I’ll scan all of it, from the business receipts my contractor husband strews to my daughter’s preschool art projects to the reams of notices from my son’s elementary school. They’ll be safe and organized in Evernote, whereas right now they’re getting moldy and taking up precious space. We’ve no room for a flatbed; a Doxie would be perfect.

  • Scott

    I’d put the super small Doxie into my super small house so that I can scan all of the mountains of papers so maybe it’ll only feel like a small house after that. Help.

  • Shar

    Doxie + Evernote + iPad = all I need to be truly mobile

  • KatMart

    Lets just say everything to keep my clutter down.

    One major thing would be my work notebooks. I keep a paper notebook for all notes, meetings, ideas, etc. and in the back of each of my notebooks I have an index – page 1 contains x, page 2 contains y, etc. With this scanner I would be able to then scan these index pages, put them into Evernote and then have an easy search function to find what i need. If it was for that new system brainstorming meeting done in March 2009 I’ll know what book and what page to go to rather than searching each and every book until I found it!

  • Andreas

    I will scan drawings made collaborating with colleagues – nothing beats paper here. First because it makes sense and second because it is geeky.

    Perhaps I even need two of those, one for home and one for office.

  • DC

    I’d use it to scan bills, insurance paperwork, and tax records I need access to. I’ve also been using evernote to record my medical history, so any prescriptions, immunization records, check-up records etc…

  • Annelies Hoogland

    I have a tendency to save everything: from recepts to taxbills and then still loose them. With the Doxie that wouldn’t happen anymore. And I know a lot of people who would be thrilled with that idea!

  • Sarah

    I’d use it to scan anything & everything to evernote in my quest for a paperfree life
    My 2 daughter’s drawings
    Business cards
    Shopping lists (can’t yet get my husband to do them direct in evernote)
    Appointment cards
    To name but a few!

  • Dave

    I am in the US Coast Guard and am deployed to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill response in the Gulf of Mexico. I’d use the scanner to keep track of all my travel documents.

    I’m also going to school part time and would love having the scanner for class notes, handouts and keeping all my papers organized and searchable!

  • Jared Forney

    I’ve been waiting for this to come out for awhile! I would use it to keep track of my budget as a recent college grad, and to keep track of ideas I tend to write on scraps of paper for the novella I’m working on.

  • Charles

    I would like a Doxie scanner to organize all of my receipts digitally rather than using Buxfer. I also love taking notes with pen and paper but I do not like keeping all of my paper notes. It would be a dream if I could continue using pen/paper but then switch over to the digital notes once they are scanned.

  • Andrew Moore

    Meeting notes, to do lists, and technical plans for a longer lasting lightbulb! Doxie me!

  • Francisco José Cadaval Arrola

    I use to draw a lot of ideas by pencil. I need to get all those papers ordered and clasified and take a photo is not the best way to take it to Evernote. I need this scanner. 😉

  • Tom Wilbur

    I split time between two of my company’s office locations, so I end up away from my home location where I have a nice sheet-fed scanner to digitize my paper. I’d *love* to have a portable evernote-friendly scanner for receipts, menus, notes from meetings where direct evernote usage is inappropriate).

  • Scott

    Getting my receipts into Evernote!

  • Darren

    I would use it to scan the hundreds, if not thousands of documents/sermon resources our church has compiled over the last 20-50 years.

  • joaon

    I’ll use the Doxie to scan… life itself! 🙂

  • mike

    I would use this to finally get rid of over a decade’s worth of old notebooks, while making all my research papers easier to cross reference and index.

  • John McCoy

    I will use it to scan receipts and meeting notes into Evernote!

  • nomaded

    It would be awesome to have a portable scanner like the Doxie for business trips. Scan receipts as soon as you get back to your hotel room for the evening. No need to wait to get home. Perfect!

  • Will Lockie

    Amazing, I want one. I would use it to scan all those scribbles and plans in, so I can refer back to them in evernote during meetings!

  • cris

    As a medical professional, I handle a huge amount of information. Quick notes, journal articles, handwritten notes etc, all of which fill my drawers, are difficult to find and often forgotten and thrown out after few years. And this despite a great amount of time invested in creating them.
    Scanning all this info is difficult… unless you have a small, portable scanning device like Doxie. I believe in electronic office and this is a step into the right direction.

  • Dan Morgan

    On the road receipt scanning so I don’t have to do it all when I get home.

  • Sandy

    I have been ill and not working for the last two months…
    Going back to a huge pile of work and documents.. tons to catch up on!

    As a brand new user of Evernote, Doxie will be the PERFECT tool to help me get organized by scanning and filing various Evernote notebooks ALL of the documents that have come in while I have been ill! PERFECT TOOL!

  • Mark Ayers

    Idea to napkin to Doxie to Evernote to wherever it might be useful … MacBook, iPad, iPhone, Windows 7, Andriod, email, etc. Forever captured, ready.

  • McKay

    I would scan all the random documents clients bring in, their police reports, and their records of their case expenditures.

    I would also keep one at home for scanning in the mail and delivering it to my wife — which would probably drive her nuts.

  • Will F.

    As a guy starting grad school in a month who writes MUCH faster than I peck and type, I could use Doxie to scan my notes and pages to make my note-taking much more efficient.

  • Bob

    I would scan receipts…well I’d scan everything except accounting stuff and recycle all of that paper!

  • Aki

    I would use it to go even more paperless. Scanning into evernote not the go would certainly help…

  • Andrew

    Will place just in front of the shredder to get rid of all these papers in my office.

  • Caleb Olson

    I’d love to use it to scan in bills and other paper that comes through my house. I’m also a teacher and think it would be a great way to keep tabs on all the little bits of paper that I am given.

  • Mark Harrison

    My next house is actually not going to be a house. It’s going to be a boat. I wont have room for all the old office records and for all the new bits of paper that people want to send me. So I want to scan my whole business life into a small box, a hard disk.

  • T.J. Schmitz

    I use Evernote religiously at work, because I’m never more than a few steps away from a copier with a built in scanner. I’m organized and productive all day long! At home or on the road, I’m drowning in a quagmire of paper. The Doxie would be my lifeline to sanity – I’ve already started making room for it in my laptop bag!

  • tina murgatroyd

    I would use the scanner to scan family event pics to keep my scrapbooking to do list organized. Also to scan business cards I collect from venders at work. There are so many things you could use it for.

  • tina murgatroyd

    I would use the scanner to scan family event pics to keep my scrapbooking to do list organized. Also to scan business cards I collect from venders at work. There are so many things you could use it for. I think it is totally awesome.

  • tina murgatroyd

    I would use the scanner to scan family event pics to keep my scrapbooking to do list organized. Also to scan business cards I collect from venders at work. There are so many things you could use it for. I think it is totally awesome. I am trying to get my boss to use the app, I think it would help her to remember things.

  • Philip P.

    Hey Evernote!

    I’m going to be getting married very soon (10 weeks) and I’ve been told in no uncertain terms by my wife-to-be that all of my junk will sit in the spare room and not be allowed out. Most of that junk is papers and receipts from over six years of hoarding, I’m talking grocery receipts, packing slips, and the occasional newspaper cut-out alongside all the other semi-important bits like bank statements and personal letters.

    I’d love to surprise her by getting rid of it all, or rather, scanning everything into evernote so I can continue to have a permanent record, but forget about the hard copies (I’ve already bought a shredder!). C’mon, you KNOW you want to help me be transformed from that guy covered in post-it notes into the one who gets the girl… she’d be thrilled.

    Also, to REALLY get me in the good books, I could even scan in some of her letters and photos to make her one of those picture books as a present for the big day. She only went and lost one of my letters last week before she’d even finished reading it (it blew out the car window, YES she’s blonde, but I love her), so I might make a policy of scanning them in before I even send them, that way I could have a book with my letter printed on one page of the photo book and her reply on the other! I’d have to put a lock and key on it though, I wouldn’t want anyone else getting a hold of our pre-nuptial natterings. Actually, you Evernote guys better not be peeking in my account…

    Thanks for reading, and PLEASE consider me for a free Doxie. She’ll be over the moon.

  • unit seven

    Would be a great tool that I’d take to various film set locations where gear is a pain to carry. Would use it to scan sketches, drawings, reciepts etc to a shared notebook for other crew members.

    Oh plus normal day-to-day type scanning of reciepts, bills and papers notes etc when at home.

  • Ryan Griffin

    I would take this to court with me and use it to keep from walking around like a tornado of paperwork.

  • LAB

    love Evernote on my Mac and PCs and want to streamline my online business as a virtual assistant. A Doxie would definitely be a PLUS!

  • Angela Berardino

    I travel roughly three weeks a month for work, to every corner of the globe. Once a month I spend at least a day combing through purses, pockets, notebooks, and images taken with my phone to gather receipts for expense reports. Usually, I’m missing about 15% of them, and have to call hotels/restaurants/cab companies to get faxed versions. The idea of spending 10 minutes before I go to bed to load the days expenses, and create chronological folders by client, kinda makes me swoon.

  • Matt M

    I would use this to scan in mail as it comes in and to scan in genealogy notes.

  • Anne Lindell

    Wow!! Love it!! I can scan my 4 grandchildren’s works of art/endeavour on a daily basis without having to take their work home.
    Thus creating instant Digital Portfolios!! I need it!!

  • Joel Neely

    I’d liberate a filing cabinet and get rid of some boxes!

  • Trond Kjetil

    This scanner being portable, I would take it back home to my parents and scan all memorabilia from backpacker trips I’ve done in the past.

    Also, scan my girlfriend’s mindboggingly huge pile of scraps collected from magazines.

    All in all, this scanner would absolutely get a good home in my apartment 😉

  • CraigC

    I can’t see my desk for the paper. I want to go digital, but lack a scanner…

  • Joe J.

    I’d love to use this to scan receipts directly to evernote.

  • Andi

    Scanning documents and memos for my University thesis would be a breeze with this nifty tool!

  • James

    I would capture contact and job opportunities and find my love a job.

  • KICUSek

    What a wonderfull device to be used on the run. Just don’t forget to throw it into Your bag ;-).

  • linda

    i am on disability and a very limited income. i would use this scanner to keep track of my medical expenses for tax purposes.

  • Kevin

    Receipts on the road! Definitely receipts.

  • Allen T

    My daughter enjoys sketching her friends as cartoons. This nifty scanner will make it easy for us to get the drawings into Facebook!

  • Liz Anderson

    I would scan drawings and sketches to keep a digital sketchbook.

  • Rich MacDonald

    WIll use this to handle all our grant purchasing at the University of Washington, scanning hipster PDA notecards and bills for home.

  • Quinten

    I own a retail store, and currently scan all my invoices into Evernote. The scanning process creates a searchable PDF using OCR technology. The invoices get tagged with the suppliers name, labelled with the invoice number and value, and filed into a notebook for the current tax reporting quarter.

    When it comes time to reconcile accounts, or look up an invoice for any particular purpose, I just do a search in Evernote and find my invoice almost instantly. No more digging through filing cabinets, or going back through my accounting program.

    Having the Doxie scanner would make this process even more efficient as it would be a 1-step process to get into Evernote before entering the tags etc. I would be able to eliminate sitting at the computer while scanning in my bunches of invoices.

  • Chad Hall

    I play on creating a data base of menus from all restaurants in my area.

    It would also be nice to scan in story ideas that’s I’ve written on paper.

  • Werner Huber

    I will be scanning on the go articles in magazines, news papers etc. to be read later on my android phone or labtop

  • Jamie Bishop

    I have so many notes from the last 20 years that i want to collate into something usable . I have a wife who is the source of piles of cuttings and snippets collected in good faith but unusable in their current state . And two children who artistic history i want to preserve in a manageable way .

  • Dustin

    I would start scanning hand written notes at my desk rather than throwing them out cause the scanner is too complicated to use and miles from my desk.

  • Mike Harrison

    On the road this would be great to save all that info given at lectures, travel expenses, and all those things you jot down to check on later but loose the napkin you jot it down on!

  • Tim Frazer

    Go paperless, organize my life, breath better knowing that I can’t lose tax receipts again.

  • Naomi

    This would be great for my archival work. I’m a writer, video artist and documentary filmmaker, working on an interactive multimedia project, a semi-autobiographical blend of novel, art film and video blogness… I’d love to have this with me when visiting family and interview subjects, to scan old photos and other 2-D ephemera.

    It would also be a huge help for my ADHD!

  • Captain Justice

    I have had a portable scanner in the past so I KNOW how I would use it. Exactly. Always with me and my Evernote on the Netbook. Close to paperless now and this would cap off that process! Big jobs will continue to be digested with my bigger scanner with ADF, but this little jewel will grab all the stuff while out and about.

  • Adam

    I would love to use this and get rid of my filing cabinet. I have a bad habit of keeping every paper I’ve ever received, and could really use a tool like this to clean up my piles. Being so small, it would be handy to take to work as well to clean up my papers there too.

  • Greg

    Scan the entire contents of my file cabinet and go TOTALLY paperless!

  • Emma

    I’m a super magazine addict ( I even own a shop that sells magazines!) and my special weakness is cooking mags – I have hundreds around the house!!! I really want to tear out the recipes I like, and scan them into evernote so they’re searchable. Problem is my scanner/printer is such a drag to use. Dixie looks like a dream come true!

  • Sarah Grimes

    As a girly girl, I have lots of purses and I love Evernote. Sounds like a winning combination to me.

  • Matt

    I would use the Doxie scanner to help me keep my GTD system up to date while out on the road.

  • Christopher Masiello

    I would take all of my paper notes from work meetings and scan them through the Doxie, straight into the recycle bin.
    Please pick me.

  • Lola Ebola

    I have gone an entire year without photocopying one reading for school by trying to find version of articles online. I would love to have something as portable as Doxie to scan double sided docs and receipts into Evernote to continue going paperless for as long as I can!

  • Will S.

    I already use Evernote for taking notes in class but despite my university’s plan to go paperless I still get tons of handouts displaying diagrams, articles from magazines, study guides, etc. I usually drop these documents into Evernote anyway but I have to wait until I’m home to scan them and I end up just throwing the paper into the recycling bin. Doxie’s portability would allow me to drop it in my bag and scan any handout given to me immediately and allow the professor to save the paper for another student.

  • Tom Sands

    I would use this excellent Doxie Scanner to keep copies of all of my receipts. It looks like it is so fast and easy that I can just scan everything as the receipts come in. Due to the awesome capability of Evernote, I would have no trouble at all when it came to finding the receipt that I need. Thank you.

  • Ted serreyn

    How about scanning class handouts…. In class!

  • Steve K.

    I would use the doxie as a scanner to scan personal documents that I want to keep at work for which I have been using the iPhone app JotNot.

  • Gary

    This will be helpful, going true paperless. I can scan receipts and documents while on the road, and not wait until I’ve collect tons of paper before going back to office to scan. And by then too lazy to process. 😛

  • mcj

    I see this piece of equipment as more than just a simple scanner. I’m sure it handles documents just fine, but I think we would be remiss in ignoring its obvious intended function: pasta maker.

    I would use this to store recipes, and then make some mean homemade fettuccine with it.

  • Prof. Mark Smulson

    Am 74 year old prem– EN user for about a year. keep it simple, please
    Have had a DOXIE for several months. Its really amazing. I love it!

    Changed my EN use.

  • Michael West

    I’d use it to scan and organize the masses of papers I get as a student, which is much easier when you do it as you get the papers and not in batches at the end of the semester… *coughs*

  • Bia Kunze

    Super! I’m a homecare dentist and was looking for a way to make copies of prescriptions I give to my pacients. I carry all documentation on my iPhone, and now I can instantly get a digital copy of signed up documents too.

  • Erick

    Doxie could be just what my marriage needs……put an end to all those fights when looking for that one important document that somehow got “misplaced”

  • Alex M

    The obvious: scan important papers to back them up.

  • Brian Turner

    With this scanner I can scan written music into my Evernote!!!

  • Graham

    I am a primatologist based in Indonesia, where I work with a population of endangered Bornean orang-utans. We have an abundance of paperwork lying around relating to orang-utan birth dates, health records and so on. I desperately need to go ‘paperless’ with these – not only to ensure that we have back-ups of the data, but also to make certain that I can access it wherever I go. Doxie and Evernote would be perfect!

  • Kish

    I would scan all my receipts into Evernote. I would also scan all my current filed documents into Evernote. I would also scan all new papers and documents I would normally file into Evernote as well.
    Doing all this would alleviate all my papers and i could have a paperless environment at home.
    Of course, if i won, this would be a win-win situation for both me AND you!

  • Misty Hogan

    I’ll use it to try and finally keep reasonable track of all my dang receipts! (Among other things.)

  • Michael Henderson

    This looks awesome. I can digitize my (our) life and make the wife happy with NO more clutter. The tiny footprint will help me adhere to my wife’s strict no clutter policy.

  • linda

    Oh, I have to have one of these! I am a teacher and a mom, so my list of ways I would use it would be way too long to post. One way, though, would be to scan notes from parents and my child’s teachers. I would have instant access from everywhere, because I have Evernote on every computer I use. What a great idea!

  • Sgt Ret

    We have a collection of antique postal cards at the school library that the Doxie would let us copy without taking them out of the protected environment.

  • smartygus

    Looks great for scanning receipts on the go straight into Evernote for safekeeping!

  • mich

    I am going to use Doxie to clip all my receipts before they get lost in my bag/purse!!!

  • K. Price

    I’m always getting or seeing handouts, business cards, and fliers. I hate schlepping it all around till I can enter it. A scanner on the go would be perfect!

  • Alec Peden

    I’m pretty deep in debt and have been scanning in all my bills to evernote, one by one in an attempt to get everything in one place and rebuild my credit and life.

  • Chris

    I would use the Doxie to keep track of the rare couple of bills in my life that are still paper-based: the electric bill, day care, and one or two others.

  • Matthew McManus

    I use evernote as my digital filling cabinet. I currently take important papers (Insurance info, tax papers, travel papers, etc) to work and use the document scanner there to put things into evernote. If I’d have this it would make life a lot simpler and I would scan many more things.

  • John McLaughlin

    I’d use it as a travel scanner — right now I keep a huge folder of docs/receipts/business cards and then scan them when I get home – This would be a great way to ‘scan as I go’ when traveling.

  • Christian

    For a long time now, I have been thinking of digitalizing most of my personal documents for easy access from anywhere, Evernote serves the purpose, if I can scan all these documents. That why I would love to use Doxie…It looks great…

  • Scott Heldman

    I would use this cool-looking scanner to digitize all of my files filling the cabinet.

  • Matt P

    As an IT consultant that spends a lot of time on the road and at customer’s sites, I’d find this to be incredibly useful. Off the top of my head, here are a few ideas: Scanning receipts while working out in the field, saving copies of documents I might need from customer…like IP info provided by their ISPs, scanning packing slips of equipment ordered by the customer to track when items were purchased and their specs, scanning any software serial numbers before the customer looses them, save copies of paperwork my employer may hand out…such as 401k or insurance forms. And best of all, scan a few of your kid’s drawings and use them as desktop wallpaper or a slideshow screen saver while traveling!

  • Eric

    This scanner will eat my receipts and spit out wonderful, digital, Evernote data 🙂

  • anotherjoy

    I would use this scanner to scan all the notes and stuff I have on a story (or series of stories) I’ve been writing bits and pieces of since I was a little girl. I recently found all my details about the character names and stuff I wrote as a child, and with this scanner I could load them all into Evernote and get everything organized to start writing the actual stories!

  • Marc

    I travel for work and need to scan my receipts and other paperwork so I can email it. It would make things so much easier if I do this while still on the road.

  • Jeremy Higgins

    I’ll use it when traveling on the road for my business receipts. Scan them in each night and that will speed up my expense report times. As well as scanning business cards while I’m on the road!

  • DGentry

    I’d use it to scan in my tax-related receipts and paperwork, so it will all be together in one place when I start working on my taxes.

  • Rene

    This would be very useful for me as a physician. Great for me to bring to work and scan when necessary…

  • Krys

    Oh, Goodness! What wouldn’t I use this for!? Receipts, health records, tax documents, family recipes, old photos… This could revolutionize my filing routines! Finally, I could go nearly paperless with our home files!

  • Nathan Parker

    I’ve always dreamed of a paperless office and the ability to have everything: my daily to-do list, all my project ideas, and all of my information at my fingertips and accessible everywhere I go. Evernote has helped me get there on it, but now my only issue is I need to contain the paper. Having a portable scanner would resolve that!

  • Amanda G.

    What wouldn’t I use it for? Right now, I tend to take pictures of things to put in Evernote, and depending on which camera I’m using, the image is barely readable. This would solve this for me…

  • James Inglis

    research, research, research.

  • Juergen Kollmorgen

    since the powerful Doxie scanner is so small and yet does not require a power outlet, it is great for scanning tickets, handwritten notes and maps while you are on a trip. Your digital scrapbook is up-to-date when you reach home.

  • Stanislav Zhurakovsky

    great!I plan scan all my paper inbox and buy premium for use “all docs attach feature”

  • Bud Hunt

    I’m a teacher and I attend lots of presentations and conferences and classes. I never want to leave a conference with handouts again – I’d like to digitize them all as I get them and hand the originals back to the presenter. That’s what I’d do with the Doxie.

  • Scott Allen

    I travel a lot so the scanner would be used to track receipts and hard copy notes given to me.

  • Michael M Grant

    While I could use the super cute Doxie scanner to digitize my handwritten manuscripts, paper based mind maps, and annotations, which would be cool for sure, I am most jonesing to capture my grandmother’s original scribed recipes with stains and her distinctive penmanship.

  • Will

    I’d take it with me on my next deployment – as long as I can keep my laptop charged up, I’ll always be able to handle all the random papers that I get, as a psychiatrist can you imagine what a useful tool this will be?!

  • Joseph

    I would use my Doxie scanner to scan contracts and business cards on the go for customers who need them fast, fast, fast. In conjunction with evernote, I can share with my office anywhere in the world! For someone on the go, go I can’t settle for the so so. Doxie is my choice.

  • Wesley Mason

    I have multiple uses. First off is a dream to scan in all bills we receive and PDF/Evernote them all. This will let me look up past electric bills or what not at a moment’s notice.

    Second, I have this massive pile of photos from our wedding and also from what my parents took since creation. This would give an easy way to feed them one after another into the computer.

  • Brian

    I would give it to my wife to use as she is a professor and has to go through and keep up with a lot of paper. I’d get a chance to use it as she’d need someone to scan the paper for her as she is so busy with her science. I’d sneak in the occasional love note.

  • Nate

    This would be perfect! Always vigilantly preparing myself and my friends for the zombie apocalypse, I would use it to post updated maps of escape routes and ammo dumps on the fly!

    • Matthias Scheel

      😀 thats an awesome reason!!!

  • David Glickman

    I use evernote across iPad, iPhone and Mac. Would love the Doxie for travel and my kids love to scan their art into their evernote accounts.

  • Erik

    I’m from Scandinavia – it’s what we do!

  • Zack

    I get paid in cash so I’ll usenthe Doxie to Evernote to scan all my payments and then duplicate them so I can take over the world. Muhahahahaha

  • Chris Rogers

    As a full time ivy league student who rarely spends time at home I do have an ambitious goal, to become 100% paperless. This scanner would help me do just that 🙂

    Good Luck Everyone,

  • RogueTess

    I will give this awesome scanner to my daughter in college along with a Premium Evernote account. I already use the Fujitsu ScanSnap and am eager to convert my whole family to relying on Evernote.

  • Rhonda Smart

    I want to scan in all of my daughter’s day care updates each day so I can have a diary of everything she did each day. Might be useful for a scrapbook in the future.

  • Stephan

    Keeping track of all my documents I collect on the go. I love the fact that it is USB-powered, so I don’t need to carry around stuff

  • weigo

    I would use the Doxie scanner during my business travels to scan all my business documents directly in Evernote. This would save a lot of my time.


  • Christian

    I would use the scanner to become more paperless. Just scanning everything on the go.

  • daniel

    I would use it to finally get a grip on my documents. i am such a messy!

  • Richard

    I will probably scan things.

  • Lorene Romero

    Far too often I have to fax form to myself to email to people. I would love to simply have a handy and portable scanner to just make my life easier.

    Thanks Evernote and Doxie for helping with this process

  • Lori

    I am finally learning to be organized with the helpe of evernote…the doxie would help so much in that process…I can’t even begin to list all the things I would do with it!

  • Ola Forsstrom-Olsson

    I would bring it along on business trips and scan my receipts into Evernote so I could finally get rid of that paper-mess in my briefcase at the end of a trip. I would love that.

    Also, as I go travelling, or work from my summer house, it would basically mean that I have a perfectly functioning fax machine with me at all times, since I can scan the document and then send it using a service like efax, or just email it.

  • Martin

    I would use this super cool scanner to manage all the invoices from products I ordered in my beloved evernote.

  • Chris

    Since my department work in international education requires attendance at lots of agent networking events and student info fairs all over the world, it would be terrific to be able to scan contacts, student lists, business cards, conference materials while on the road, instead of when we get back home or to the office.

  • Bippity Bug

    Cool device. Now I can scan my photographs and create a picture notebook.

  • Jens

    This would be a nice thing for my grandfathers photos. Please select me 🙂 I love Evernote!

  • Daniel W. Simon

    I would use it to scan in important documents, like birth certificates, etc.

  • Lee Orozco

    I plan to use it to scan handwritten notes and business cards into Evernote.

  • Paul

    Often out and about and see restaurant business cards, tourist info, etc I want to keep without the volume of paper. Ideal to put into Evernote especially with the tagging facility

  • Anders Gullander

    I would give it to my mom so that she could scan all of here thousands of recipes 🙂

  • eddy

    I would love to use Doxie + Evernote to save all of my notes and letters both handwritten and typed on a typewriter! I have thousands if not millions of things to Evernote that Doxie would enable me to do!

  • Peter Mattenklodt

    Scan interesting newspaper articles on the go to send them to friends and archive them.

  • Steve C

    I am starting a new mortgage broking business and I need to scan peoples ID’s etc. This would be a great portable tool!

  • John

    I will use it to scan my son and daughters drawings

  • Matt Burden

    Scan my facts!

  • ian orton

    I’d be scanning in my job request notes, so that I can move to a more automated logging system.

    Perhaps we could have an audio version of this to get voice commands into the sytem.

  • Michael

    I would use the scanner to get my bills ordered and available for warranty issues all over the world…

  • Joshua

    Case 1:
    The hardest ting about living “paperless” is all the important documents we still get on pressed pulp from a various of sources. Doxie would help me get these all easily into Evernote – instead of piling up on my desk.

    Case 2:
    Creativity doesn’t wait for one be in front of a computer. During a week one can collect a assorted mix of napkins, printer paper, post-it’s or other “scribbable” material – with important inscriptions. Doxie would help get these into Evernote ASAP.

  • Debbie

    I would use it to empty as much out of my filing cabinet as possible. I’m trying to go as paperless as possible. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Eelco

    Besides using Evernote as my main tool for administration, work and personal notes, I also use it for something completely different.

    Thanks to a rather difficult divorce (still going on for more than a year) and my ex-wife leaving me, taking along our then 4 months old daughter, then not seeing my daughter for 8 months and now I see my daughter (thanks to the court) at least once every two weeks unfortunately for just a few hours.

    Because of this I use evernote to write down notes to my little daughter, so she knows she’s never forgotten and that I think about her a lot. A scanner would help me to scan all the cards and special memories for her. Creating a digital diary she can check out when she’s older.

  • James

    If I had one of these i would use it to scan the paper correspondence i receive on a daily basis and which i normally have to lug into the office the next day on my bicycle. This would lighten my load!

  • Muralidhar N

    I run a blog which is a content aggegrator, and when I find some content in paper or magazines, it becomes a pain to capture them. Using Doxie I will be able to scan them instantly and consolidate in Evernote, from where I can post it.

  • Chris

    Our administration is a mess. Everywhere there are bills and papers. . I want to give the scanner to my wife so we can make our administration paperless and searchable with EverNote. And so EverNote will be the center of our household…

  • Rob Dyson

    I covet!

  • Chris

    Less paper – less searching for a document in the office