New Evernote Book: Evernote Essentials

Posted by on 23 Jul 2010

Posted by on 23 Jul 2010

We’re excited to announce the release of Evernote Essentials, the first English-language Evernote handbook (e-handbook, technically). Huzzah!

This excellent Evernote overview was written by blogger, developer and avid tweeter, Brett Kelly. With Evernote Essentials, Brett has created a guide that shows new and experienced users alike the many ways to make the most out of Evernote. Each section comes full of easy to understand explanations, walkthroughs, tips, tricks, and ideas to help anyone become an Evernote ninja.

Brett sent us some early drafts, which impressed us so much that we hired him. Brett is now working on dramatically improving Evernote’s own documentation.

Evernote Essentials is not an official Evernote book. It is self-published by Brett. He owns all of the content.

A look inside

To give you a sense of what’s in the e-book, here are a few of the chapter headings from Evernote Essentials

  • Evernote Anatomy
  • Evernote Organization 101
  • Evernote Search:Seek and Ye Shall Find
  • Evernote, Email and You
  • Tagging for Superhumans
  • Evernote for Bloggers
  • Evernote for Programmers
  • Evernote for Foodies
  • Evernote as an Address Book
  • Evernote as a Task Manager

Get the book

Evernote Essentials is an e-book, available from the Evernote Trunk.

  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 84
  • Evernote proficiency level: Any
  • Price: $25

Limited time discount

Brett is generously offering a 25% discount until August 8th. To get the discount, enter the coupon code “TRUNKLAUNCH” during checkout.

Tip: Evernote as e-book reader

As I sat reading Brett’s book in Evernote on my iPad, I realized “Hey, reading books in Evernote isn’t half bad.” Then later, when I was reading Brett’s book in Evernote on my iPhone, I realized “Hey, this whole Evernote sync thing makes reading e-books on different devices really easy.” It’s nice to share my internal monologue with the world.

Japanese books

As Evernote Podcast listeners may know, there have been seven Evernote book written in Japanese, many of them have become bestsellers. We have some catching up to do.


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  • Chris Guillebeau โ€”

    Congrats to Brett + the Evernote team for making this available. I paid my $25 and it’s worth every penny without the discount… so for 25% off, it’s a steal!

  • Johan Larsson โ€”

    Will it be available in the kindle or Nook store?

  • Greg โ€”

    $25 ๐Ÿ™

  • Jamie โ€”

    $25 for an 84 page e-book! Brilliant, is it April Fools Day?

    • W Smith โ€”

      Agreed, this pricing must be some kind of bad joke. ๐Ÿ™

  • baycruisers โ€”

    $18 for an 84 page PDF? Must be some priceless info in there!

  • Roger Moore โ€”

    I met Brett at the LA Evernote meet up. He knows Evernote like the tattoos on the back of his hand. I’m buying the book.

    PS: Brett is a good hire. I’m positive he will be successful at whatever he does…. Whether that is working at Evernote or managing a carwash where they don’t drug test.

    • Brett Kelly โ€”


      You’re a gentleman, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nancy Van House โ€”

    How about giving us some sort of preview? Can’t decide whether it’s worth it when I’m an experienced user and don’t need basics; but DO need to become a power user.

  • Steve K. โ€”

    I’d love to read it but $25 (or $18) is too much, in my opinion, for an 84 page e-book. Cut the price and I’ll bet you sell a lot of copies.

  • Sheila Ruth โ€”

    Same question as Johan: will it be available in Kindle or ePub format? PDF isn’t very useful for reading eBooks on the eBook readers.

    • Renfrew โ€”

      Congrats to Brett + the Evernote team for pulling this off.
      I just downloaded ESSENTIALS and have to say, it IS WORTH more than $25!!

      I consider myself a fairly experienced EN user but found numerous Tips and Tricks which make me even more productive. Great chapter on SEARCH and TAGS and ORGANIZING your setup.

      Don’t judge this book by the number of pages. Judge it by the quality and usefulness of the content and that is SUPERB. It’ll save you countless hours of frustration and you will avoid silly mistakes.

      • Paul Kubera โ€”

        This stuff should be shared so we can use the product we use daily. I would pay more for service than a pdf doc that becomes obsolete in a year.

      • Mark Harrison โ€”

        Excellent point about the number of pages. The number of technical books have I bought over the years that are two and three inches thick and contained about 100 useful pages would number in the tens at least!

  • Cal Sihilling โ€”

    Sounds a lot like a user manual for $25? Part of proselytizing is providing tools to the converts; not necessarily at a charge.

    • D โ€”

      Great point! Sell you a tire jack and the user-manual to follow! But still…. I REALLY like EN!

  • LeeH โ€”

    His site says there’s a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. It does seem steep for an 80 odd page book but maybe that’s because we are programmed to expect ebooks to be $9.99….

  • Michael โ€”

    Put it up for sale at 50% off to match the average cost of most eBooks on the market and you’ve got a deal!!

  • Jenn Ryan โ€”

    PDFs can be converted to epub – I use this site all the time and it works great to read via Stanza on my iPhone (as well as any other reader that uses epub).

    I’m curious about the book, but $25 and even $18.75 is too much to pay. I realize his time is worth a lot, but there’s no printing cost involved. If I pay that much, I want a hard copy that I don’t have to print myself.

  • Don โ€”

    Intringued – but 18.75?!? Agree with other comments here – lower it to 9.95 and I bet you sell many more copies!

  • Jim Knopf โ€”

    Hey, EN is a PRODUCTIVITY tool. Ask yourself: How much do I pay and how much do I get?
    With this book you get your moneys worth back several times. I have spent countless hours to figure out how to best organize my notebooks, tags, search and general setup.
    All this is explained in the book in great detail and nicely illustrated. Written in a competent, practical and fun-to-read style. Tips and tricks galore. Saves you a ton of headaches and a messy setup which will complicate things down the road.
    I can only recommend the book wholeheartedly. There is no better investment for an EN user.

  • Jon โ€”

    I’m with the others on the price. 18.75 (or 25$)is way too much to pay for an e-book. Make it 9.99, then offer the discount, and you get my money.

  • tillybud โ€”

    I have really been looking forward to this book coming out, but $18+ dollars? I expected something around the $10 dollar mark, especially something that I will have to re-buy as Evernote is upgraded with new features. Really not sure I can afford this right now, especially as I am not yet a heavy user, but good luck with the sales anyway. I am sure when I do eventually push to boat out and buy, I will be kicking myself for not buying sooner ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Michael Czerniuk โ€”

    For $10 this book would be a hot potato.

  • Gregg โ€”

    I agree the price is a little steep compared to the current market price for most ebooks but time is money and I’ve made it through about 3/4 of the ebook so far and I’ve picked up three things I didn’t know before about EN. These tips will make me more efficient and optimize my time spent with EN.

    The only question that I have is if updates to the eBook will be made available for free to purchasers as new updates to EN and its features are released? For example on page 54 it mentions that there is no way to add multiple tags to multiple notes but we now can do this with the latest release.

  • Maripat โ€”

    Yep, Too expensive, especially for premium users. I’m happy to pay for the service and I’d like the user’s manual to be complimentary.

  • Richard Edwards โ€”

    Sorry guys, you got the pricing wrong here.

    Silly old me was thinking it might even be free and a ‘service’ from Evernote to its users. But no, you want to charge us $18/25 to find out how to use the platform better!!! At this stage of your development you should not be seeking to so aggressively monetize your early adopters (who would then continue to evangelize, and even more given a host of new hints and tips…)

    And before you think – ‘here’s another guy who thinks everything should be free’, I don’t and would be happy to have paid something like $5-10.

    I cant help but think you missed a great opportunity here and have wound up with a bunch of disgruntled early adopters and advocates (witness the comments stream…) when you could have had quite the opposite.

    Also, where’s the ‘deal’ for premium users.

    Just a set of bad decisions. Shame.


  • surfer guy โ€”

    Totally worth it for the price

  • Steve โ€”

    @Gregg — It states on the author’s website that updates are available for only 6 months. For $25, it should be unlimited updates to justify the higher price or lower the price to $10.

  • Kevin โ€”

    Like the others, I’d love to take more advantage of the program, but I can’t justify $20 for an eBook without a preview.

    Reconsider the price, please.

  • James โ€”

    Whilst I don’t doubt there’ll be useful stuff in this eBook for me (a student), the (even discounted) price prohibits me from buying it. As a premium Evernote user making increasing use of EN and seeking to explain it to others I had hoped that a book written by an EN employee about EN might be available to me for free, or at the very least with a large discount.

  • Mike โ€”

    Seems like the anchor effect is in full display here. Ask for a high price, offer a discount, and then we think we’re getting a deal on something that should only cost a few dollars. I also find it hard to accept that the glowing reviews of people who spent the $18.75 are not influenced by their desire to justify their purchase. An independent review by people who did not have to buy the eBook would be better.

  • Stephanie โ€”

    I was pretty shocked at the price! I agree, $10 would have been a very reasonable price and probably all of us would have bought it and spread the word to others. I hope you reconsider. I’d love to buy it but not at twice what the cost should be.

  • April โ€”

    You are paying for quality, useful information here, folks. $18.75 or $25 — most of you probably spend more in lattes during the week.

  • Carolyn โ€”

    I agree with Steve, either the price should be about $10 or unlimited update info should be free.

  • Dave โ€”

    I have to side with the “too expensive” crowd.

  • Denise โ€”

    Interested but $$$$ wish I could but

  • Peter โ€”

    Sorry nice but that price is from the middle ages.

  • Joel โ€”

    This kind of up-charging for merchandise is a demonstration of the level of intelligence the writer or marketer has in the end customer. 84 pages of PDF that costs nothing to deliver is just outrageous. Doubtful there is anything in this book that you can’t find somewhere else with a little searching. So $84 for convenience of having something (speaking of which, you can’t even page through it to see what–if anything–it has) all in one place is only reasonable if you are talking about something truly complicated like Dreamweaver or Photoshop. This is a 19.95 deal at the absolute most.

    No thanks.

  • Steven โ€”

    Haven’t you ever taken a basics economics course and studied the Law of Supply and Demand? OBVIOUSLY, you have missed the sweet spot of many, many sales that would have occurred had it been priced $9.99 or thereabouts. I know I would not have hesitated. By holding out for too much money, you’ve ruined your sales curve. I’ll bet not too many have sold so far. Brett, are you listening? Don’t take it personally, or let it reflect on the quality of your work… you’d have made a WHOLE LOT more people happy and LOTS more money for yourself… no shame in re-pricing it.

  • DougInKY โ€”

    I am one of those who will have to think long and hard about buying this book at the price the author is asking. I jumped on the link to the book (from the Evernote Update in my email) fully expecting to pay about $10 for the ebook (especially finding it is under 100 pages) and expecting it to be available in Kindle (or even epub) format not .pdf. Not buying today, it is just too much money for this fixed income retired person at this time.

  • Luan โ€”

    I agree that premium users should get a discount. Lower the price and I’ll buy it.

  • Keith โ€”

    Let’s see if I get this? The program is free, but to learn how to use it is $25>>$18.75. A bit steep. Make it $9.95, $9.99 or, heck, $10 and I’ll buy it! I agree with lots others that you’d make more money with more sales at $10 a pop! Try it for a week or so and see what happens.

  • Jack O'Ryan โ€”

    The price is such a touchy subject. Some may think that a lower price will mean that the info inside is not worth much. This is a problem I have had when I have sold some of my products.
    However, with that being said, I think 9.95 would be appropriate.

  • Andrew Sewell โ€”

    So I’ve installed Evernote on my Mac and my cellphone, but at this point I’m using it for nothing at all. I may do that thing where I snap shots of the labels of wine bottles I like, but I haven’t remembered to so far. My girlfriend and I need some way to synchronize a joint shopping list; I suppose that may be possible through Evernote. I figured that reading the manual might generate some ideas, but… how much do you want for it?!? I think not.

    Bear in mind, my life is not missing Evernote, and nor is anyone else’s.

  • John Gren โ€”

    The cost is too high.

  • Danny โ€”

    Price too high. I expected a free book to push the service but $5-10 at most. Sorry to say.

  • Ron โ€”

    I can’t believe the comments I am reading here.
    Hey folks, are you PRODUCTIVITY minded or not?
    The price does not matter at all if the gain in your productivity is substantially higher than the price you are paying. Isn’t that simple???

    If your gain in productivity is just 5 hours (and this is a very conservative estimate) because of the book, then your hourly wage is roughly 4 bucks!! The 5 hour estimate is conservative, I consider myself a fairly experienced EN user and I have surely saved more than 5 hours because of the tips and tricks in the book.

    If your hourly wage is higher than 4 bucks, then the book is a steal. So, how high do you value your time??

  • Paul Turner โ€”

    Wouldn’t hesitate to purchase at around $10. Sorry Brett.

  • Mau Orozco โ€”

    As a content creator myself (photographer), I’m all for paying for content. Problem is that this is a bit steep for myself and others. Offer a $10 one week only promotion and see if you don’t make up for the lower price in volume. Make sure everyone using Evernote knows about the promotion and you’ll see a wave of sales.

  • Donna โ€”

    Brand new “Evernoter super human” here and I was intrigued, but for the price, I would expect a hardbound copy. I’m sure it’s great with a ton of useful information and I respect the time and effort it took to write it, but……..I’ll keep my eyes open for the $10 price tag.

  • Eric โ€”

    Agree with the lower price suggestions… would more than make up for it in volume.

  • Alex โ€”

    Heard about the book on the EN podcast. Checked it out in the trunk…looked good. Went to buy it and whoa! 25 bucks. No way. Drop it to $10 and you’ll get my money.

  • Stan Kramer โ€”

    Heard about the book on the podcast and couldn’t wait to download it! Then saw the price. I can definitely live without it.

  • Cliff Spicer โ€”

    Bought the book for $25 and as a Evernote user for almost a yr and a half I thought I had most of the features working for me. The book alone was worth the money to learn about the structure of creating and saving some complex and powerful searches. I was putting in one or two words to find what I wanted but Brett’s book took me to a new level of understanding. As well, the chapter on organizing notes and deciding on a tag vs notebook hierarchy or which one to make your primary method was useful in that it showed me that one size does not fit all and getting it right from the start saves some future headaches. This is not the sort of stuff someone finds in a manual but the reason bookstores are full of books about existing software.

    Anyway Brett got my $25 and was glad I spent the dough,


  • Rebecca โ€”

    I too was intrigued when I got the email with news of the ebook, but when I investigated further, was soooo disappointed to find out the cost. I just can’t afford $25 for any book, let alone an e-book! Lower the price, and I’ll be there in a heart beat!

  • Lydia โ€”

    I applaud the people who bought the book and give it thumbs up. Obviously, they can either afford it outright or justify its purchase at $25. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have that option. The price is too high. Ten dollars is about right, but I can imagine that you would attract a number of upggraded accounts or new premium members by offering it as a free incentive. Evernote, in all due respect, remember that appearances still matter and this comes across as more about increasing revenue and less about informing the people that got you where you are today.

  • David โ€”

    I could easily afford the price for this book but I won’t drop a cent on it. Not because I’m cheap but because I think giving away this PDF would be a great way to promote the service to compete against the competition.

  • Daisy โ€”

    It’s interesting book.

  • Bob โ€”

    Should be free or nominal with premium acct.

  • David โ€”

    I do not understand you guys. Here someone sat down, put his time in and created something of value for you that will easily save you hours of your time if you compare it to figuring everything out yourself and you are bitching about 25 Dollars?

    Seriously, I can make more money working at MC Donald’s in the time any how to book can save me. (I think working at MC Donald’s is an honorable way of making a living, just not the best paid one)

    The reason this seems expensive to you is that you do not understand it’s value correctly. Time is the most valuable ressource you posess because it is the only one you will for sure never get back. Once you utilize it to the best you can a lot of things become pretty inexpensive ๐Ÿ˜‰

    All the best to you, have a great day!

    • JimJinNJ โ€”

      David nails it. People seem to think everything on the web should be free. Some person or group spends endless hours developing Evernote, gives it away, and then people grudge them a little cash for the fast track. Is mommy still taking care of you toilet habits?
      Don’t like it?…develop an alternative for the world and give it away. put Evernote out of business! yikes! spoiled, entitled ….
      maybe you should move to Greece…lot of your kind there.

      • CEO โ€”

        If $25 isn’t too high, how about $49. Or $99.
        At some point, the market tells you what’s too high and what’s right. It’s not a question of if something’s valuableโ€”I’m sure this PDF is valuable. My local vendor who sells me organic produce is valuable, and I’ll even pay extra for it. $3/pound for their apples I’ll do. $10/pound for their apples I won’t.
        No, it’s a question of what price is the one that will make this disappear off the Internet shelf. Only the owners know if this PDF is selling like hotcakes. If it is, then they’ve hit the magic spot: $25 is it.
        If it isn’t, they might see a quadrupling of sales by lowering it to $9.95.
        They’d certainly get my money if they did that.

      • GK โ€”

        What do you mean with your comment about Greece?

  • pgillbanks โ€”

    newbie premium user just asking if Evernote version for Mac OS X 10.4.11 is available?
    Just hate to throw away a reasonably good G5 still cranking along!

  • Kip โ€”

    This really caught my eye. I’d love to get it, but I have to agree with the many others who say the price is too high. WAY out of line with what similar types of e-books on other subjects are going for. Hope the author sees the logic of lowering the price (10 bucks seems reasonable)and going for sales quantity – meaning more profit for him and getting his name known as an Evernote Expert to more people so his next book sells.

  • Benny โ€”

    I have to agree with the majority of people writing here…

    I have nothing against coughing up some money for a good productivity manual, but the price should be relevant.

    $10 and I’ll buy a copy..

  • Kip โ€”

    Let’s do a little math. There are about 6,000,000 registered Evernote users.

    If only 1/10 of 1% of those users bought this book the author would make 6,000,000 * .001 * $25.00 = $150,000.

    Now let’s say it took him 100 hours to write these 84 pages. (Seems like a lot of time, but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt). That’s $150.00/hour. Or 300 Grand a year! Not bad pay in this economy!!

    Now lets say he lowers the price to a paltry 5 bucks (the price of many e-books on the Internet). And he sells 5 times the number of books because the price is a good deal.

    6,000,000 * .005 * $5.00 = $150,000. Well, how about that! he still makes a killing AND everyone who buys the book is happy!!

    Sorry, I’d love to read the book, but $25.00 is way out of line.

  • Kip โ€”

    Well, despite what I just wrote, I just spent some time on Brett’s blog and I think I’m going to buy his book – even though I still think 25 bucks is way too much for it. His blog is really good and he is obviously very knowledgeable. He does make a good point about time saved learning how to use Evernote effectively in a few hours rather than spending days or weeks learning it INeffectively from bad info on the Internet.

    • CT Joe โ€”

      For all the adults out there. The ebook is great, a tremendous time saver. Worth every penny. Thx for spending YOUR VALUABLE TIME Brett. All you children who want someone to give it to you can go scratch.

  • Paul in little old Africa โ€”

    The comments about the price moved me to add mine but I think “David” and Jin Jin” sum it up very well. I haven’t read it but will download it after I finish this comment.
    NOTHING is more valuable than our time. Brett had the initiative and passion to give his time. From the reviews, he has done a great job. The Evernote tool will save us plenty of time and frustration. So to use it efficiently from the start, without having to re-invent the wheel, and maximising its benefits will have long-term ongoing advantages.
    If just one of the tips in Brett’s book saves me 20 minutes of time over the LIFETIME of my usage, it will have paid for itself.
    A night out for a couple of pizzas could cost $25. I know which is more valuable to me. I don’t care how much Brett makes from this – the more the better. He chose a good niche and took a risk and I’m sure thousands will be grateful to him for writing it (and keeping it updated.

  • Devin โ€”

    In terms of price, if he wants and believes that it is worth $25 per copy then good for him. I agree with everyone who says that he should be compensated for all his hard work. However I am of a different mindset on where this compensation should come from.

    Evernote should be paying for this (or at least subsidizing it). I am a relativelly new user and see no value in upgrading to a premium account a this time. I am still trying to learn how to use the program and integrate it into my life. I am by no means a brand advocate for this product. I have however heard from numerous friends/pundits/app reviewers that it is a fantastic product. So I am going to invest the time to decide if Evernote is in fact worthwhile for me. I am learning slowly but surely how to use it and integrate it and am now on the hunt for the next step (becoming a power user).

    The basic Evernote service is free and they have done a very good job of ensuring that the basic documentation is up to snuff in terms of what I expect from a free service. However if I am paying you for your service (igher bandwidth,additional users, additional file types and cutting in the support line is just not enough of an incentive (at least not at this point). However learning how to truly use Evernote to improve my life/work habits/organization would be.

    This is crucial documentation that should be included in the platform support. Several people have suggested that this be included or subsidized to a certain degree by the Premium price. I whole heartedly agree. If it is good enough of a book to be promoted on their website and their service is good enough to be paid for then the crucial documentation on “how to become an Evernote Ninja” should be included.

    This would overcome two major objections I have:

    1) Is the book “really” worth $25? heck is it worth $0.99? I don’t know. All I have is other peoples suggestions on it. Because its intellectual property I can’t review the actual content for writing quality, for content (what do I already know vs what I don’t), relevancy (is this all about using Evernote as a stay at home mom, is it about using it as a student, etc) I would feel incredibly burned if I paid $25 (the price of deep subject matter text book e-book on and found out this was a dummies guide to the basics covering everything that could have been discovered if I had googled just a bit more.

    2) Is Evernote premium “really” worth $45? what if I end up finding out I don’t need all that functionality. What if its just too darn complicated? And wait… I can “cut in the line” for support at premium levels??? Does that mean I am going to have to be in a support line? Heck I don’t want to need any support for a product that is supposed to be a support structure for me. Am I really going to use all that additional functionality? Is this going to change my life or is it going to be another in a long line of bad tech purchase descisions like the Samsung “smart phone” I purchased in 2001 or the Sony Discman I purchased in 1995, relegated to the dust heap of broken promise and technology tears?

    How about it Evernote its $5 a month for premium and $45 for a year. If you included the e-book at $5 more with a year long account I would upgrade tomorrow. And you can quote me on that (or bill me whichever you prefer) if you included 3 months at Premium for free with the $25 e-book purchase I might do that too.

    Either way, I just bet your upgrade timing from free to premium would shorten considerably and you would have a whole new legion of Evernote Brand Advocates telling people to use it. (and able to explain why and how it changed their lives for the better)

    • Will S โ€”

      What a bunch of sniveling.

      • DR Crunk โ€”

        Blah Blah Blah.. what-the-F-ever. Even at the $5/hr your time is probably worth, you just wasted $25 worth of time writing that useless snot-rant. Do you realize you can upgrade for a month for $5 and get all the premium benefits for whatever is in your account at the time… forever? So you could spend $5 (not $45) – and have Evernote index all your scanned .PDFs that won’t normally index with a free account. Downgrade again after a month. Do it again in 6 months if you need to. They don’t take stuff away once it’s in your account. Great company with a great community philosophy IMO. For me, $5/mo for what this app does is not even worth thinking about – it’s a total no-brainer. You’re probably wasting more money than that daily on your Bohemian Latte-Cappa-whatever from Starbucks – or whatever.

  • Elena โ€”

    Don’t know what the fuss is about. People spend more for a haircut than what the asking price of this book is. This book was recommended by a professional writing coach. Information is valuable; time is money. The man put in the research and development. Actually cheap for the time and frustration it supposedly saves in my professional life. Happy to pay the price.

  • Richard Jones โ€”

    I’m not a blogger, a foodie, or a programmer, and I am already happy with my contact and task management. That means that half the book is not going to interest me. I agree that the price is too high, but maybe if a sample was offered–a killer tip or two–it would make me see the value of buying the book. But buying a $25 ebook pig in a poke? No thanks.

  • Roger Davis โ€”

    If an enterprising individual bought a copy at $25 then offered copies of it for $5 each, then according to Kips figures, that’s
    6,000,000 * .005 * $5.00 = $150,000. That’s $150K for the me, I’m happy – and $25 for Brett

  • Simon โ€”

    is the book good or not?

  • Gitarre-Lernen-Online โ€”

    People, seriously. I don’t see where the problem is.

    If you don’t want to (or can’t) spend 25 bucks on a book on productivity and have time to write a comment of >500 words (used MS Word’s word count, didn’t count myself), then this e-book surely isn’t for you (yet).

    But that’s fine. Who knows who or where or in what situation you are. But then you may have the time to find out about the tips and techniques yourselves. Google for free tips and tutorials, fiddle around with Evernote and your skills will increase. Brett didn’t write the book as a member of the dev team. So maybe, theoretically, you could find out about the same things yourselves (but maybe it will take you ages).

    But then there are people who are happy to pay 25 bucks to save time on research and trial+error in order to gain advanced knowledge with Evernote.

    USD 25 is about average for an e-book (yes and for a haircut, as Elena said). If Brett wanted to rip you off, you’d have to pay more. But he could indeed offer a free excerpt so undecided people can have some kind of trial, I think Richard’s tip could really make sense for customers and Brett.

    Is the book good? I don’t know yet and there is always a risk when buying something you can’t really return. But the Evernote team recommended it. They gave us Evernote – an awesome, hugely useful tool. So when they recommend us Brett’s book AND he now supports their team to “dramatically improve […] Evernote’s own documentation” then Brett must have some skills. And then the e-book can’t be that bad.

    ’nuff said. I’ll happily buy. You decide what’s best for you but stop complaining about paying a (small) fee for productivity boosting knowledge for an awesome productivity tool that’s free and that doesn’t require a paid handbook in the first place (I understand that its content is for advanced users, and those are the ones who’ll be happy to pay to save them time).
    Or try another software if you feel ripped off (maybe try “ON” for $63,99!)


    Dave (Gitarre-Lernen-Online)