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Posted by on 30 Jul 2010

Posted by on 30 Jul 2010

Last week, we launched our Evernote Status site to keep you informed of maintenance periods and downtime.

You gave us some great feedback. We listened and made some changes. Here’s what we did.

  • We created
  • The new Evernote Status site is not hosted by Evernote, so it should be available even if the Evernote servers aren’t
  • The site is built using Tumblr, which makes it easy for us to update and easy for you to follow:

If you choose to subscribe to the RSS, please be aware that there can be a significant lag between the time when an update is posted and when your RSS reader receives it.

Thanks for your feedback and support.


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  • Steve

    This is really great. Thanks for following through and making the service better.

  • Andrey Nikanorov

    Why don’t you decide to use watchmouse as google, twitter, amazon and others?

  • Andy Meadows

    Good use of Tumblr. I would like to invite you to check out the multi-function status pages managed by It may be too late to implement it for Evernote, but we would love your thoughts and input. BearHug was designed to do a lot of things, but having a great status page (what we call “Pulse”) was our first module in the suite. Customers can choose to get updates via email, SMS, RSS, and you can sync it to your Twitter account as well.

    Long story short, we’d love for you to sign up (beta code “icare”) and kick the tires for a bit. We’d love your feedback.

    Many Thanks!


  • Tom

    Just now I don’t have free time to find the correct place to report this so hopefully someone can take it up. When logging into Chrome Evernote after boot up and starting Chrome via the toolbar it always says Authentication Expired … then after logging in to Evernote application the toolbar will work. Probably a local glitch but very annoying.

    • DT

      I’m having the same issue as Tom.

      • jay

        Same issue – Authentication expired message when trying to clip in chrome,

  • James

    Another useful and simple website monitoring service is at

  • Deb

    Cannot use “Clip to Evernote” extension in Google Chrome on an up to date iMac. “Authentication Expired” is the message that pops up. Works fine in Safari.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Deb, this happens when you disable “3rd party cookies” in your Chrome settings. If you change your security settings, the functionality will return.

      • Scott Free

        I don’t want third party cookies! This is a bug. It should be fixed!

      • Tristan

        I agree with Scott. I have no desire to permit 3rd party cookies. This should be adjusted.

  • jtinsky

    I have third party cookies disabled for several very good reasons. I agree that we should be able to use the chrome extension with third party cookies disabled. Can someone please explain to me why I need them on to access my Evernote account?

  • bawray

    Why hasn’t this been answered? I’d like to try the extension, but will NOT allow third party cookies.

  • rick

    Hate to say the obvious guys, but if we can’t get a straight answer from Evernote about third party cookies, it means we’re not going to like the answer. Which is sad, because Evernote is otherwise pretty slick. Sigh.

  • steve81

    I just found a workaround to be able to use the extension without enabling 3rd party cookies: just sign in the Evernote website. You will then be logged in the extension at the same time and it will work. Hope this helps.

    Tested on Google Chrome version 12.0.742.100 for Mac & Clip to Evernote – Version:

  • freediverx

    Thank you, Steve81, for this solution. I am still considering abandoning this product in light of Evernote’s arrogant position on third party cookies. Unacceptable level of arrogance.

    • Heather

      You do not need to allow all third party cookies, only Trust cookies from “*”.