Evernote for Windows gets WebCam notes

Posted by on 04 Aug 2010

Posted by on 04 Aug 2010

Today, we released an update to Evernote for Windows (version 3.5.5) This update is full of behind the scenes improvements to speed and stability. There is one notable new feature: WebCam Notes!

Download Evernote for Windows now or check for updates

WebCam Notes

If you use a webcam with your Windows computer, you may see a new note type in your Evernote toolbar: WebCam note. Clicking the WebCam note button turns on your camera and pops open a snapshot window. Once you take the snapshot, a new note is created in Evernote containing the image.

This feature is great for taking quick snapshots of business cards and wine labels. You can even turn your computer around and snap a photo of a whiteboard after your next brainstorming session. Once in Evernote, those images will be synchronized and processed so that you’ll be able to find your notes from anywhere.

Please note that there are a lot of different Windows webcams on the market. We were able to test compatibility with some, but certainly not all. If your webcam is supported, then you will see the WebCam note option. If it is not supported, then the option may not appear or may not capture the image correctly. Be sure to restart Evernote whenever you attach a new webcam to your computer.

Download Evernote for Windows now or check for updates


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  • David

    Nice! Worked well with my Quickcam pro 9000. Great update!

  • -Pablo-

    Won’t you ever release a Linux client?? 🙁 It makes me sad to see all the features I’m missing, as I only get to use the web client on my platform.

    • Rob Parnell

      Use Chrome, with the Evernote plugin. Bonus you get the Site Memory feature to & it is fast.

      Yes, not a native client. But, just as fast, as long as your Internet is? Later

    • Lutherian

      A native linux app is needed for **off-line** work.
      Over-Reliance on “Cloud-Based” data is the worst thing to happen to computers this decade. It’s Evernote’s approach of keeping one foot offline and the other online that is the foundation of it’s success. (A deservedly so!)

      But without a Linux Evernote client, eventually the Linux users will modify an e-mail client (which is what Evernote is at it’s core) to do what EverNote does – and hook it up to GMAIL, where all notes are essentially “Draft” E-mails
      Result – instant 7 Gigs of “Ever-Linux” notes.

      And then the whole thing gets released as open-source, and then another coder comes along and makes a windows version, then a Mac version, then another bright spark says – hey let’s make a Java Version, then another sparkie says, hey I can code this to work on Android … and so it goes.

  • Stephen

    Will this feature be coming to the iPhone app? I use it for everything and will be upgrading soon to the premium.

  • Anthony Foglia

    You should stop adding features until you make the Windows client more stable. If I hibernate my computer, when I wake up, Evernote is completely hogging one core of my CPU. If I write click on the system tray icon, I get a menu in the top left corner of the screen, but my click on “Exit” doesn’t register. Instead I need to force quit.

    And sometimes, the app screen will become all slow and unresponsive, and clicks don’t register. I’ve had to force quit it twice today.

    I suggested Evernote as a improved Palm memo pad for my Dad and his Pre a few weeks ago, but now that I’ve used the clients more, I’m beginning to regret it.

    I’m upgrading from to right now. I hope things will be better, but I see nothing in the changelogs.

    • Nick Jackson

      Same issue here — I’ve long been excited about the concept of Evernote, but the Windows client seems to get buggier with every subsequent release since 3.0. I also suffer from the CPU core issue, frequent freezing (I have to clear my locally cached data and reload my notebooks from the web every few weeks to maintain stability), the well-publicized blurry font issues, and more. I’m on the verge of leaving, as these issues don’t seem to get much acknowledgement or work from the developers.

      • George Anison

        Solution: Use the 3.1 version. The .NET implementation after 3.1 version is the worst move done by Evernote ever. Wish they realize that some day, seems they don’t.

  • Matthew Guay

    Nice … now just bring the styling of the iPad app to the Windows version and we’ll be all set. I really want those tag stacks! 🙂

    • Henry

      Oh those large note stacks for each tag, yes it looks nice, but please not:) For me they add no value unfortunately;

      This is what I feel is imporant for speed and usability:

      – For many the tags are a list, recognized by it’s titles (not by it’s visual appearance of the note stack) so to be easily readable and quickly scrolled through they need to have the titles under each other without the stacks/icons in between. Simply a list view (icons/stacks left, title right) and the user can choose himself which (icons or titles) to look at while scrolling.

      Even more important if you’d ask me:
      – Notebook, tags and saved search selection on the left hand side like in the desktop versions while viewing the notes.

      Otherwise, how would you ever select Notebook A -> tag X? Something at least many GTD users do
      Without that, how would you quickly switch from a notebook/tag(s)/saved search to the next? Currently you need switch to home screen each time to do that.

      I think the number of clicks can at least be cut in half. (Important for speed and usability, just like in websites)

      Having the selected tag(s)/notebook/saved search on the left side also enables you to always know where you are. Again important for usability.
      Just like people use tabs with paper, you always see which tab you are currently at, and only have to move your finger an inch to see the contents (notes) behind the second tab.

      Nice first version, but for speed and usability I feel Evernote has plenty opportunity to make it even better.

      Just my thoughts!

  • Dave


    Isn’t it there already? It is on my iPhone app – New note – Snapshot or Camera roll.

  • Mario

    Great the camera idea, sad I use Ubuntu
    Linux version please!

  • Jocelyn

    Now there is webcam support, what about scanner support?

  • Tim Crawford

    So, no WebCam note for the platform that includes a webcam on every model they make (and have for over 5 years)?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Tim, which platform would that be? At this point there is either a WebCam note or Snapshot note capability in pretty much every version of Evernote.

  • rinzai


    Linux support should be rolled in at some point (speaking from my Premium user high horse)

  • English

    Is the Webcam/Snapshot note feature also available for Mac?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      On Mac, this feature is called iSight Note.

  • Tap

    Nice feature, ideal for at the office, but i also want a linux version for at home.
    The chrome option is to limited.

  • Wei-Yen Tan

    Does the icon for webcam only show when a camera is present?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Yes, the icon will only be there when a webcam is available.

  • Paul Wilson

    Curiouser and Curiouser… Using Evernote for Windows and I can use this new webcam feature from the menu File/New Webcam Note but the icon does not appear on the toolbar. I did restart Evernote after I had plugged in the USB/Webcam. The cam is working perfectly and I am able to make a webcam note but only via the menu….. thought you should know, happy to help if you want me to try something. /Paul

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We’ll look into this, thanks.

      • Paul Wilson

        Thanks Andrew, I have experimented a bit more and now I HAVE the webcam icon on the toolbar. It took a reboot of the PC (with the USB webcam plugged in for the boot)to make it work. USB is meant to be plug’n’play right? I wonder whether the calls you (evernote) are making to detect a webcam are different for the menu and the toolbar icon? Just played around again and with the icon and menu pick showing, I have unplugged the webcam…. the menu pick disappears but the icon stays ! So I guess they are looking at different things. Hope this helps. On a positive note THANKS for the new feature. I love the way Evernote keeps Evolving. Big fan of the podcasts as well, keep ’em coming. /Paul

  • Stephen Millard

    I wanted to do this some time ago and created a little utility called SnapIT to do just that. It was just a couple of weeks shy of being a year old as well 🙁

    Seriously though I’m happy to retire it and have the feature built into the client. Keep the features coming guys.

  • James McLellan

    Cam feature is a neat idea but it’s not behaving well on one of my machines on which I have several video devices (two webcams and two security camera feeds. It’s seeing them all an giving me a drop down to choose but trying to go back and forth between the webcams causes a problem. When I open the cam feature it’s fine on the cam on which it opens but when I try to switch it flashes between the two quite rapidly. Only way to stop it seems to be to take a snap then discard it. Following that the other cam stays on (green LED on cam) even after Evernote is closed.

    • Joan Sander

      How is your connection speed to the internet is it fast enough?

  • Jim Crossett

    Like Paul Wilson, I too can find the the webcam note in the File drop down box but the icon doesn’t appear. I will reboot the computer later tonight when Im done working to see if it also solves the problem.

    Thanks for all you do!

  • Henri

    I couldn’t help noticing those shared notebooks in your evernote window. When is this feature rolling out? I have been wanting to use shared notebooks through native mac/windows apps and through 3rd party iphone programs like egretlist. Is the release now closer as you seem to have those working already in windows app?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Henri, you’re able to share notebooks currently via Evernote Web. When you share a notebook, the icon changes in the desktop version of Evernote. This is functionality that you currently have.

      • Henri

        Yeah I know about the Web sharing but it requires you to use the Web interface and kinda defeats the whole sharing option. I or anyone that I know who uses evernote never uses the Evernote Web as the native applications are so much better. About the icon changing, I have shared notebooks and the icons are still normal green in my mac client as well as in my windows client, so nope, I’m not getting icons changing to blue when they are shared. I dunno if this is then a premium feature, because I have a normal account for now.

  • Henry

    I installed the new version and VHMulticam forced a crash each and every time. I uninstalled VH, and everything is fine now, but just so you know – EN and VH do not play well together.

  • Paul Harder

    Does anyone else have problems with the quality of the webcam pics? I’ve got a 2MP webcam that works great using the webcam software, but is heavily pixelated when I use the Evernote webcam software. It does not seem that Evernote is using the full webcam resolution. Anyone else experiencing this?

  • Moe

    I love Evernote, but is there a way to change the icons? I have 4 notebooks and want each to have its own icon!

  • Bella

    I love it. Love Love Love it!

  • tactoth

    Seems the check for update feature is not working. I’m using 3.1 but the “check for update” dialog tell me my version is up to date.

  • Greg

    Sooo… maximum resolution for a webcam note is 640×480, eh? That’s pretty crap. I waited to buy a Microsoft LifeCam Studio (which does native 1080p video), and I get no benefit over any other generic, aging webcam.


    • Greg

      Or let me put this another way:

      Please add 1280×720 and 1920×1080 as allowable webcam capture resolutions to Evernote!!