Evernote for iPhone and iPad update

Posted by on 10 Aug 2010

Posted by on 10 Aug 2010

An update to Evernote for iPhone and iPad (v 3.3.8) went live in the App Store earlier today. Here are some of the highlights:

Improved Premium offline notebooks

Premium users get two nice enhancements to offline notebooks. There’s an improved interface, with much clearer information about exactly when things are synchronizing and which notebooks are stored offline.

Offline notebooks can now sync over 3G. If you would prefer that things only sync of Wi-Fi, then tap the switch to the ON position. Be aware that syncing over 3G may mean large data transfers, which may incur carrier fees.

If you would like to take advantage of the offline notebooks feature, then upgrade to Evernote Premium. You can do that from our website or through the Sync menu of Evernote for iPhone and iPad.

Improved searching

This release includes major improvements to searching within Chinese, Japanese and Korean language notes.

Lots more

There are also a bunch of improvements for editing and appending text, as well as a slew of bug fixes.


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  • Andrew

    Can’t wait for this functionality to show up on the Android version.

  • mike pags

    Wow, you guys reeeeeaaalllllllyyyyy love the iPlatform.

    Android’s been waiting on a _functional_ (offline notes??) for MONTHS…

    Oh, how I wish there was a way to export all my notes to another service.

    • Phil Libin


      We do love the iOS platform; it currently makes up over 80% of our mobile usage! However, Android is growing really quickly and we’ve just expanded our Android team to make sure future Android updates keep up or even exceed the iPhone releases. There’s a nifty Android update (with some functionality not even available on the iPhone) coming out very soon and offline notebooks for Android are scheduled for the next major release.

      In the meantime, if you’re serious about exporting your notes, it’s actually pretty easy: both the Windows and Mac clients will export your notes to standard formats. Knowing that you can always get all your notes out is an important part of the Evernote experience, although we hope that you stick with us and help us get better.

      • Ingo


        Please hurry with that Android release! That’s the only thing I miss after dumping my closed iPhone for a shiny open Nexus One.

        I’m not planning to abandon Evernote, but I’ve definitely been using 3Banana far, far, far more than the clunky Evernote Android client.

        Mike is right, we’ve been waiting a looooonnnnngggg time for an update!

      • David Cohen


        I reinstalled my Snow Leopard OSX and all my programs on my Mac recently. For some reason the version of Evernote displayed only has half as many notes as I have uploaded to the server via the Ipad version. Can you help me please?



      • Stefano

        The standard export formats you mention cannot be imported in the 2 main text processors on Mac (Word & Pages) – so until rich-text support is extended on the iOS devices and you need to work on them when mobile your notes are stuck in Evernote (copy & paste works but you lose major formatting).

    • Dave

      Just installed the latest and greatest on my 2g ipod touch. Works great with MUCH less lag on startup while syncing the latest notes. Great work guys.

  • morgan

    God bless the Sync on Wifi only feature!!!! Thank you guys!
    Now and because, we customers, won’t ever get enough :p I (we perhaps) would love a list view (without thumbnails), and of course, and I know how difficult this might be, the ability to edit on the go rich text notes. Keep Up the good work! I’m so addicted to your product 🙂
    PS: Yeah you also should put these Android users this feature!

    • Phil Libin


      Thanks for your kind words. We’ve actually got a really nice new view for the iPhone, iPad and Android versions in development that I think people will really like. Rich text editing is in the works as well, although the current iOS APIs make it pretty difficult.

      • Phil

        Look forward to the new view.

        Can’t wait for rich text editing on iPad, how long till we see it in a release?

  • morgan

    Hum, I actually don’t see the options “Sync on Wifi” under Activity Log. I’m a premium user, but using an Ipod Touch of the first generation. I’m starting to understand as I write. This is only an iphone feature 😮 All my excitement is going down, so sad. Actually this option makes also sense for ipod users, just to avoid the annoying “Synchronization failed” popup. Please consider it for the next update, thank you so much in advance 🙂

    • Phil Libin

      I don’t understand. The iPod touch only has wifi, so all syncing is done via wifi. If you’re a premium users, you should see the “offline notebooks” button in the Sync tab. Everything should work as normal.

      • morgan

        Thank you very much for your response in such a short notice. I’m actually talking about the fact that I’m pretty much offline, and when I open Evernote for note taking/editing or browsing, I always (when i’m offline) get the “Synchronization failed” popup, before I even do anything. That would be awesome if the application was clever enough to not display the popup, if the device is not connected to wifi. I totally get the idea of such popup when the device is on wifi and a problem was encountered while syncing. I also totally understand how weird could be my comment for smartphone users since you guys are always connected and don’t get the “Synchronization failed” popup.

  • Jeremy

    Cool.. next thing on my wish list is a higher quality option for recording audio on to the iphone. Seems like the codec is kind of grungy..:) fine for voice but thumping out a tune on an acoustic sounds a bit to underwater for my liking!
    Keep up the great work.

    • Phil Libin


      Have you tried hooking up an external mic?

  • Jan

    Really like Evernote, it is very useful, easy to use etc …
    Just wondering, when will iPad Evernote add pen functionality ? I would like to use it also for handwriting, scribbling, drawing, …

  • Michael Bodstrup

    Phil, I have a request that has been ignored in the forum for a very long time.

    I do have a lot of notes on my iPhone client, and scrolling through several projects can take a lot of time. I know, that I can jump forward when tapping in the right margin, bur this is not as precise as I would like.

    So, can you create collapsible projects/folders ? I woul like to be able to scroll down a list of just folder names, click on a folder to expand it and the select the appropriate note. This would really increase productivity.

    This functionality is common in many list apps and outlining apps on the Mac

    Also, be careful not to let the Windows app get much ahead of the Mac version, or some of us may jump to another product – if the Mac effort appears to be second priority. I would hate to have that happen, as I love Evernote



  • Steve

    Well, I’m out. I’ve gotten tired of waiting for decent Android support and seeing the iOS version getting updated with new features AGAIN is the last straw. I thought for sure that the app was taking so long to release because it was going to be really polished and full-featured out of the gate but even now, months after release, it’s incredibly unpolished and lacking several key features. And the beta version doesn’t indicate that that’ll be changing in the near future.

    I’ve been trying out Springpad this week and it’s app (and web version) are way more polished and are updating much faster. Maybe I’ll switch back to Evernote in a couple years when (if) things have improved, but right now I can’t think of a good reason not to switch over. So long for now.

  • Nick Saldivar

    Love me some evernote updates! But when are we going to be able to edit pages and word documents on the ipad?

  • A.D.F.

    Good stuff! Thanks, Evernote!!

  • Ben


    Slightly off topic, but that’s the whole reason for this post.

    I know you’re trying to keep incoming customer email to a manageable size.

    But I can find no way on the site to email anyone who works at Evernote.

    For example, where would you send an idea for a slight improvement?

    Ironically, there is a place under customer support for sending in aq query, but I could find no button to actually submit the email.


  • Brendon

    Would love to see more features in the area of organization. All my notes in one window gets confusing really quick. Could there be an option to show only one notebook at a time? Or at least collapsible categories (folder, tag, date, etc.)? Keep up the improvements, I might just move my life into Evernote one of these days.

  • Bastia

    I am a Premium user on v3.3.8 and sync all my Offline notebooks on iPhone and iPad (3G), however the option to “Sync on wifi only” is not on the iPad version.

    Love Evernote, but wish it had the functionality for notes to be ‘Open in’ other applications like PrintCentral.


  • David

    Giving the update a bash, I find it interesting to find for the first time I see the message ‘Indexing notes’ (under Offline notebooks). Purely out of ignorance I had assumed that the iphone app would simply download the index database from the servers. I had assumed the same for thumbnails on synch.

    I have been frustrated for some time now with the apps speed on my 1st Gen ipod touch, which has forced me to reduce offline content as it appeared to improve speed. I now suspect this indexing to be a possibly significant, hidden source of my grief.

    The ‘Indexing notes’ message has been staring back out at me for 20 minutes (and is still going). Please consider a ‘snooze’ and ‘wake’ indexing options help to manage processor load and improve performance, allowing the deferral of indexing to a more convenient time (even just a snooze 5 minutes option would be great). Please also consider the same for synchronisation – nothing more frustrating that trying to quickly open Evernote to retrieve a critical note only to have to wait for synchronisation to complete for performance to return to a level that permits retrieval (minutes vs seconds).

    Love the app and looking for hopefully simple performance control options for us users on slower platforms

  • Frank McPherson

    I have an iPad 3G + Wi-Fi. Maybe it’s just me and I can’t find it, but I don’t see an option to specify whether to sync over Wi-Fi or 3G. Is it that only iPhone users will have the ability to sync over 3G?

  • Brent

    How long until the mobile client for the iPhone and iPad support shared notes? I am a premium user, and my wife can’t view our shared grocery list on her iPhone – only on the web or desktop client right now.

  • Anonymous

    A startup password to allow user to enter Evernote and see the user’s notes is a *MUST*.

    People put very private information in Evernote. And you may *LOSE* your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Android/other portable devices because they are portable. Not to talk about sneaking eyes in office or something.

    About encryption:
    You simply *CANNOT* encrypt and decrypt all your notes one by one each time! And even if you do encrypt all your notes, will the Search function?

    Please make it.

    A few more words:
    You should make local data file which contains all the notes encrypted, in case users lose their iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Android/other portable devices.

    Sorry, I submitted a comment about the same as this one to an older blog entry. But this one is more complete.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      The best option is to logout of Evernote when you are finished using it. The logout option is in the Sync menu. You might also consider added a passcode lock to your device.

  • Matt

    Good update, really enjoying the Evernote experience. These 2 things would REALLY make things better for the iPhone (and other platforms I reckon):
    1)Passcode feature – logging out isn’t really as good
    2)Being able to view notes by notebook

    Keep up the good work!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      You can sort by notebook by tapping the “i” in the note list. Then use the quick scroll bar along the right side of the screen to jump to a specific notebook.

  • Tina

    Reently had my iPhone version updated to 4.0 and I can no longer open my Evernote saved notes. I can see them but, when I touch to open it acts like it is going to open tand then notheing…can anyone help?


  • Joe M

    With EN 3.3.8 on the iphone, Search leaves the keypad displayed so you cannot read the note. Moreover, in Advanced Search, the keypad blocks the scroll list so you cannot select any item below the keypad.

  • Urban

    Passcode option would really be awesome (something like what Dropbox has).
    The alternative — signing out every time — just doesn’t cut it: i want my password to be strong to prevent my account from being hacked.. But reentering the password every time I let anyone play with the device is just painful. Besides, you just can’t sign back in when you’re offline, which happens a lot with a wifi-only device 🙁

  • Steven

    Updated to new version 3.3.8 for Ipad and no longer can see images when offline. Things I have done to try to remedy this.

    1. re-sync offline notes. -no luck
    2. delete/install Evernote. -Did this 4 times + sync offline notes and no luck.

    Note: Images are displayed with a little box in upper left hand corner of note or wherever there is a image in a note.

    Please, need advice on how to get images to work again “offline”.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Steve (UK)

    The dream integration for me would be with Evernote iPhone app and Dragon Naturally Speaking iPhone app – that would be brilliant.


    • Fab

      Agreed! The Dragon app is very helpful – but does not allow for posting to Evernote. And the Evernote app does not integrate with Dragon. It would be awesome if they worked together.

      • Justin

        Hey guys – Dragon DOES work in Evernote on the computer, right? Presumed you were talking about just on the iPhone.

  • Bruce

    Are you going to add ink note capability to the iPad version? I currently use the ink note capability on my Tablet PC, but the Tablet PC is heavier and has less battery life than my iPad. If Evernote for iPad includes ink notes, then my Tablet PC will be replaced.

    • Doug

      Bruce – I bought Penultimate for the iPad and just email the notes into Evernote. It creates a PDF and I’ll use this until they support ink on the iPad.

  • Doug

    Hi – Does anyone know how to clips notes and highlights from iBooks into Evernote? Thanks!

  • Eric H.

    Well, first of all I don’t have an iPad yet. But I will be getting one very soon. The only reason why I want it is for evernote and thats about it. I have a lot for reading to do and this is how I do it. I sort out my notes into one big never ending book! Currently I’m 2,000 notes behind on my reading…

    My first experience with evernote for the iPod wasn’t too good. It was pretty much useless. Currently trying to get it the run the new 3.9.9 or whichever on my iPod. Which by the way I don’t use for music I use a zune… Sad but I find it more useful. The iPod is just a toy to me. Actually tried to give it away but it came back… lol

    Besides all that I’m a big MacBook fan! And think the iPad is more of what I’m looking for. Something to carry around and not feel like I’m lifting weights. Oh also had a Kindle, it was also a toy tried to give it away and it again came back to… Don’t think the iPad will go to the trash like those other two, just cause of the one any one app I care about and that is Evernote!

    So I’ve heard some bad rumours about the Evernote app for iPad. Not syncing right, not showing images, not being able to edit a note and when it syncs it not showing up on the server to be sync elsewhere… Have they been fixed in this latest update?

    Are you able to sync every note you have (Thousands) onto the iPad for offline viewing?

    Can you use voice-to-speech in the Evernote app for iPad?

    I’d like to see these other features adapted in future updates soon! Drawing or Ink-Notes, Voice Notes from the built in mic and a better playback system than the one used in the OSX version, clippings from iBooks, Safari, and other apps (even if it means having to close that app and lose my place and data I was working on!, Checklists, and maybe even better corporation with wikipedia to clip notes and full pages to look best in both iPad and all Evernote programs.

    Besides that I’d like to see more organisation features. Different forms of tags or folders that will omit all the notes under that folder from the current search. Or better searching methods. Like using quotes or minus signs to omit words. Cause when I go to search on my insanely fast MacBook Pro it actually freezes for a while now as it finds thousands of notes that have all these individual words in them…

    If anyone know of any solutions to my problems please help me out. Thanks! But as I said all that matters to me is that I can read all of my complete notes offline! Thats about all I need.

    • Eric H.

      Sorry about my spelling. I work too many hours! And of course I meant ver. 3.3.9… Which I’m currently testing and its actually not all the useless… Can’t wait for the iPad. Strange the Voice Recording option is there. Wonder if the is a Mic. attachment? Or if thats just meant for the iPhone… Don’t really care an attachment would be in the way. Oh it did crash on me when I tried to sync all of my notes… But its back up and running. 5% done… This’ll take all night and all it says is downloading headers… Does that mean it’s not downloading the full notes and when I go offline it won’t let me read my notes anymore?

      And whats up with the star icon. I guessed it was a way to download the whole note for offline viewing before. Guess I’ll find out soon. But if I don’t maybe someone can explain. Hope this isn’t an issue with the iPad!!! I need to use it offline! Just incase I’m getting the 3G version. Oh by the way I do pay for the Premium account. Totally worth it, if it’ll work more effectively!!! Oh and better note exporting would be grate to! eBook and PDF options doesn’t sound like too much to ask, when I’m paying for it and still see the adds on my MacBook (Don’t care to turn the adds off is all)

  • Wellington Saamrin

    Hey, i’m posting right from mobile safari and suddenly I missed a bookmarklet feature from evernote. I was checking an article and I wanted to send to my evernote account. Something similar to Instapaper bookmarklet that lets me send any page to my account. It could be the clipping feature in mobile context.

    • Gary

      Best way is this:

      1. Hi-light & copy the text you want to send to evernote.
      2. Press the ’email this link’ button in safari.
      3. Paste your copied text into the email body
      4. Enter the name of your note into the subject line
      4. email to your ’email-to-evernote’ address-every account has one -just add it to your email contacts so its easily available.

  • Gail

    Really love Evernote but really, really NEED the web clipping tool to be developed for iPad safari. Such a loss of usefulness not to have this.
    Also can’t search by tag, which is also something of a surprise,

    • Stacy

      You can! It took me a while to figure out how to do this, which is why I’m so excited to share it with you. 🙂

      To search by tag, type “tag:___” with the tag in the blank. Other important things to know are that if you want to search for a note with more than one tag, you have to place that modifier in front of each tag. So to search for all “Atlanta” and “bills” tags, you would search “tag:atlanta tag:bills”

  • Ray G

    Offline Notebooks vs Favorites

    What is the difference between a note in an Offline notebook vs a note Tagged as a Favorite in terms of performance response?

    Also I have a note in an Offline Notebook with an attached Word Document bu I’ve noticed that opening the Word document form the note in the Offline notebook still takes a while. Does this mean the attached note is not stored offline?


  • Gordon

    I really like Evernote, but didn’t really use it until I got my iPad. Now I’m using it more with my iPad and iPhone I’m finding that not being able to search or sort or categorize by tags on my iPhone is a big issue for me. I want to make Evernote my platform for implementing David Allen’s Getting Things Done system, but without tag sorting on the iPhone app I can’t see my notes like I’d like to.

    Please give us tag sorting and filtering on the iPhone.


  • Jim

    Thanks for the iDevice update!

    Two key features we need ASAP for the EN iPad client:

    (1) Full rich-text support for creating/editing notes.
    (2) Text-only List View (to see more data at once).

    ER #1 is critical to using the iPad instead of a laptop in meetings, trips, research, etc.

    As soon as the new Cases with KB for iPad are available (Oct, Nov), many, many more people will want to use an iPad instead of netbooks and laptops.

    Thanks for a great app! Keep up the good work.

    A Premium User
    EN Apps for Win 7 Pro, iPad, iPhone 4

  • Minestrone

    Please give us the “sort by tags”!

    Thanks for all.

  • Nathan Nelson

    Hey there. I love the Evernote App on my iPhone, but there are a couple of things I’d like to request (I don’t think this is the first you’ve heard of these) 🙂

    First and foremost, if Evernote isn’t going to have some kind of “task” list, can you please allow us to add a check-off box within the iPhone app?

    Secondly, as was noted above, it would be awesome to be able share lists with my wife on her Evernote iPhone app. If she or I go to the store, we could simply update a shopping list that both of us have access to.

    Thanks for the great development and I can’t wait to see what you guys do, next!

  • MarkG

    Awesome application – just two things missing for me:

    1. Ink noting – Jobs may not like it but a lot of us still think better when not typing. Currently I have Note Taker HD (which is an awesome inking app) setup with default email address as my evernote inbound address – but this doesn’t let me carry Tags and Titles over easily. . . . . Also if I re-open and update I have to do it in Note Taker HD which means I can only do it on the device I created in. They might catch up and add Trunk integration – which would be cool, but this feels like a core feature . . . maybe this would be a good acquisition to think about?

    1.a My stretch ask here would be ‘over inking’ on PDF’s in particular – would be awesome to be able to send them into evernote and to be able to annotate them over the top with Ink (and or text placements). I often do this on the move on physical paper documents and end up loosing my notes. Sometimes end up photographing them into Evernote – but then can’t make further notes on top of those . . . . (wish list grows longer).

    2. Rich Text on non desktop platforms, again the iPAD particularly – but also iPhone. Being able to carry over tick lists would make running my ToDo’s in Evernote much easier. Editing rich text in Evernote on the iPAD would get pretty close to completing my use cases – particularly if I could save out to and retrieve from GDocs / Drop-Box as well (although that’s probably a stretch!).

    Keep up the great work! . . . . .


  • Jim in DC

    Now if only you’d let us get to our Tags on the IPhone!! Until then EverNote for IPhone is just a novelty

  • Stefano

    Love the idea of having my notes synced over all my devices. I could work seamlessly on most projects IF Evernote on iOS devices (especially on iPad) would have Rich-text support + basic “drawing” capabilities for quick drawings while note taking. In my eyes these are MUST HAVEs should you pursue the idea of “cloud” based “acting” (working, bringing up creative ideas & adding them where you stopped being creative last time etc.). Are there OS limitation to this or why haven’t you implemented these features as in the Desktop versions?
    Keep it up! For the a.m. Features I would pay + going premium without hesitation!

  • Jordan

    Ok, I wrote a document on my iPad and it synced to my Evernote account. I then wanted to figure out how can I save it to “My Documents” on my computer? How can I do that?