Mobile Trifecta Week: Evernote for BlackBerry update

Posted by on 12 Aug 2010

Posted by on 12 Aug 2010

It has been quite a mobile-filled week here at Evernote. Two days ago, Evernote for iPhone and iPad was updated. Yesterday, Evernote for Android got some major improvements. Today, it’s Evernote for BlackBerry’s turn.

Get Evernote for BlackBerry from BlackBerry App World

Native note browsing and viewing

As any BlackBerry-toting Evernoter knows, the experience of viewing notes has been less than satisfying. That all changes today. You’ll never jump to our mobile web interface again. Evernote for BlackBerry now has a native note browser, which means better layout, easier navigation and faster loading.

Single notes also get the native treatment with this update. Now all of your notes load inside Evernote, which makes viewing and interacting with them much more pleasant.

Native viewing and browsing is a major milestone for Evernote for BlackBerry not only because it makes using Evernote better, but also because the native views result in a more consistent feel across the various BlackBerry phones and form factors.

Lots of other improvements

  • Better search performance
  • Improved networking in a variety of BlackBerry configurations
  • Resolved login and permission issues
  • Many other bug fixes and improvements

The menu

To conserve screen real estate, we’ve placed many of the important application functions into the menu. If you don’t see an option on-screen, be sure to check the menu.

Will it work on your BlackBerry?

There is a huge number of permutations of different BlackBerry models and carriers. Our new app supports many, but not all, of them. The best way to check if your device and carrier are supported is to visit BlackBerry App World. If you see Evernote listed, then your phone/carrier combination is supported.

Update: If you are having trouble locating Evernote in App World, here are direct download links.


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  • Adam โ€”

    The Blackberry App World lists this as supported on all devices, in all countries, and for a large list of carriers.
    My carrier, Telus, is included in the list. But when I pull up App World on my phone is says “This application is not available on your device or for your carrier.” I am currently running 3.0.249 on my Blackberry Tour so I don’t know what the problem is. Is there any OTA download available?

    • Butterflyfreek โ€”

      When I look at Blackberry App World, the only version that they list is Version: 3.0.260, Release: 30.04.2009. I see nothing for a version 4.6. Also, will there be an OTA available, as I cannot load the direct link .jad file you offer.

  • John โ€”

    Not getting anything when I try to update my existing installation….

    checking for updates…

    no updates available


  • Redwan Huq โ€”

    Are the notes still stored on a cache in the device memory? That has always taken up a large amount of precious memory.

  • Redwan Huq โ€”

    One of the key uses of Evernote is to capture things like menus or wine labels. But the BB app doesn’t allow you to fully zoom in to read small text. It only has a partial zoom that doesn’t really do the job.

    • Ruth โ€”

      I agree with this comment. Photos of labels, some business cards, etc. come out too fuzzy to be readable.

      • Lennox_Tech โ€”

        I’m having the same issue. I thought it might be my new BB (just upgraded). Not sure if I’m glad to hear that it’s not just me having this problem.

  • Scott โ€”

    Same experience as Adam above. I have a Bold 9700 running on ATT network in US, and says it should work, but no go. I already have version 3.0.249 installed, but when I try and update it says I have most current version. What gives?

  • Jonathan โ€”

    Same problem here. Check for update-none available. Not visible from app store, but nothing ever really is in Australia. Is there an OTA install available?

    • John (Sydney) โ€”

      Same as Jonathan, no update when checking, Nothing comes up in an appstore search.

  • Ruth โ€”

    When will the new Evernote for BB be available on AppWorld? Not there now, and current version of BB app says no updates available.

  • josh โ€”

    I updated my blackberry twice and I haven’t noticed any changes.

  • Gordon Swaby โ€”

    Would be great if you guys could provide an OTA for this. The last one worked fine for me even though it was not available in app world. Come on guys!

  • Renzo โ€”

    I really don understand why Blackberry BOLD is not suported. I downloaded other software versions but crashes everytime in BBerry Bold.

  • Alan โ€”

    Using the Blackberry Tour (9630), no update available here, either… and I REALLY want this particular upgrade feature

  • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

    We added direct download links above. We can’t guarantee that these will work on your device (for the reasons given in the post), but feel free to try.

    • Ruth โ€”

      Thank you for adding links. Loaded and works fine on my BB Bold 9000. However, I’m not seeing the option to sort by notebook. Is it there somewhere?

  • Ruth โ€”

    And another question: When will BB users get the ability to edit and modify notes from within the BB Evernote app? It’s good to be able to append text, thus adding to a note, but it would also be good to be able to subtract from a note (cross off completed to-do, delete item no longer needed or wanted, etc.). Thank you!

  • ybarrarubio โ€”

    It aint working in Mexico under Telefonica Movistar ๐Ÿ™

  • Michael Ramm โ€”

    What about Blackberry OS 5.0 support?

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Try downloading the version for your device. It should still work.

      • Michael Ramm โ€”

        Thanks, Andrew. That worked great. I look forward to testing out the new version!

  • Adam โ€”

    Thanks Andrew! Works wonderfully on my Tour.

  • BlackBerry user in Japan โ€”

    This version of the evernote application hasn’t shown on my App World at my BlackBerry in Japan.
    Does it mean it doesn’t support 3G network in Japan?
    I hope I’ll be able to use that someday very soon in the future.

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Try the direct download links at the bottom of the post.

  • Gina โ€”

    Still missing saved searches and voice note not functional. The new notes liik nice but it’s still a big fail.

  • BlackBerry user in Japan โ€”

    Thank you for your suggestion.
    I’ve installed it and I’ve changed the Advanced Settings about TCP/IP and finally that is working properly.

    I’m really happy with it now.

    I love evernote even more than before.

    • BlackBerry user in Japan โ€”

      It seemed to be working properly, but I’m a bit skeptical about my decision.
      I seems to take forever to submit just one very short post and finally the application is terminated by OS due to not responding for a long time.
      It happened the same thing for showing the list of my data on the server.
      How can I do to solve it?

      • BlackBerry user in Japan โ€”

        I’ve been trying to save posts again and again, but they haven’t been posted so far. Every posts has been being pending.

        “Setting” is also not working, but just shows a message “Please, wait…” and it seems to be frozen.

        I guess it’ll be working under wi-fi network even in Japan.
        I hope it’ll work perfectly in Japan.

  • Frank Gillett โ€”

    Installed successfully on a Bold 9700 using v4.6. But BBy says version is 3.0.260, not 4.6, so that’s confusing.

  • Heather โ€”

    Is there any way to fix the voice recording issue? I’ve set all the permissions to “Allow” and still get an error on my Storm 1 even with this new download.

  • Mikey โ€”

    Any chance of a version for *newer* Curve models? My older 8330 broke, and it was replaced by a BB Curve 8530. I miss EN on it.

  • Kathi โ€”

    When are we getting a Palm Pre update?

  • Amy Stewart โ€”

    THANK YOU, Evernote, for finally making a native Blackberry app! It installed fine on my 8900 (running os and all features work. I have been using Evernote for years on Windows, Mac and Blackberry, and have recommended it to dozens of people (and blogged about it too).

    I tolerated the anemic Blackberry app just because it at least gave me a way to sync info with my laptop, but now I’m finally able to access my notes quickly and edit them– hurrah!!

    Thanks for your hard work. I’ve been a Premium user for over a year and I still think your product is the best out there. It’s replaced a handful of other notetaking and organizing apps for me.

  • Shan โ€”

    Does this offer support for the new BlackBerry Torch 9800 / OS6?

  • Shanti โ€”

    Hey Evernote Team,

    I just wanna say thank you for your great service! I’ve tested the Premium Account for the last month, but I was not happy with two things:

    1. No Invoice in the Membership Area – I need one for my accountance
    2. Paying with PayPal doesn’t work!

    I’d like to use evernote professionally, but with this two points it’s impossible for me.

    Please let me know when this two problems are fixed, cause I’m ready to buy a full year Membership, or maybe for ten years if you like ๐Ÿ™‚

    Cheers, and goodbye,


  • Mark โ€”

    It aint working in Mexico under Ancel Uruguay

    Mark Alan

  • Hiep โ€”

    Is there any version compatible with BB Torch 9800 / OS 6? If not, anytime soon? Thanks!

    • teriaki โ€”

      I’m using it on my Torch right now. It’s great.

      • Bruce8989 โ€”


        Tell us whether pics from the torch are readable/searchable thru Evernote? Thanks!

      • Rob โ€”

        Teriaki, what version did you download onto your torch? for the storm or for the bold? Thanks, Rob

  • Bruce8989 โ€”

    Well Done!
    I am amazed with Evernote in general, but felt a real gap, not having it on my BB. Like many others, I never even got the old version to load on my ATT Bold.

    This new version loaded easily from Appworld…and works great on my phone. Congratulations to the Evernote team and THANK YOU for keeping BB relevant.

    Any thoughts on whether it will work with the new BB OS 6.0 on the Torch? I’m anxious to see if the new 5.0 megapixel phone will capture sharp enough images for Evernote to read the text in the pictures?

  • GCT โ€”

    Guys.. I still do not get why some carriers are not supported. Telefonica in Spain in my case.

    Many tell me this is a must-have app… but it semms i’ll have to sit it out.


    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      You can try the direct download links provided in this post.

  • Aditya Khanna โ€”

    I have tried to use the direct download link but it points me to evernote v .260 which does not have these features advertised

    Airtel BIS 9520


  • Sander โ€”

    Will there be a possibility to decrypt text inside the blackberry app? Or do is this already possible with some buttons/tricks?

  • tactoth โ€”

    Very nice improvements, just the features I demand are added. Thank you evernote team, for keeping the great work on!

    BTW about the offline mode my opinion is that evernote better don’t sync all notes to local, but cache the notes that I viewed once to local. I’ve already have 50MB notes stored in evernote web service, if all of them get synchronized I’m afraid too many bandwidth would be wasted on some notes that I never read with a cell phone.

    If in the upcoming version that has offline mode supported, I’ll have to register for a separate account for my cellphone.

  • Yorkie71 โ€”

    I installed this version on my BB when it was release and was very pleased with the improvements. However I have since had to remove it as it just eats up the very limited application memory on the BB. This unfortunately makes it unusable.

    After several low memory messages and removing all but the most essential applications, I got further low memory messages as the spare space was eaten up by the EN client.

    After one last low memory warning the other day, I decided enough was enough and uninstalled the EN application.

    Free Application Memory before removal = 340Kb
    Free Application Memory after removal = 28Mb

    I was just on the verge of signing up for Premium EN, but now without a decent mobile client I shall hold back.

    Hopefully this will be sorted soon and I can get back to making the most of this outstanding application.

  • Luciano โ€”

    What about the Pearl?

  • Muliadi Jeo โ€”

    I just installed the STORM 2 version on my BB Torch and it works OK.

    Here are couple of the issues that I encounter so far:
    1. Doesn’t support the touch function well
    2. When the content is bigger than the screen you can zoom out but you can zoom in and start to move around (left and right) to show the content. You can scroll up and down though.

  • Andrew Farrer โ€”

    After reading the comments, I was not optimistic. Opened the BlackBerry v. 4.6 link using my Bold 9700 after setting the browser to Internet Browser. Lots of overwrite existing Evernote warnings then ‘907 invalid COD’ . So close but I guess I will wait for someone more persistent to have success.
    I frequently have to reference my notes in an area with no coverage so I currently take a laptop which can store notes natively. Some notes are copied to the BB Memopad which kind of defeats the point…

  • Alex Kassabov โ€”

    I’m having trouble viewing PDFs on my 8900. Any note that was created by printing “PDF to Evernote” on my Mac is not viewable on the device. It tells me that no application is available to view content. I end up emailing the note to myself and then opening the PDF.

  • Spongedaniels โ€”

    Hey guys, any way you can upload the ALX file (for the newer Curves?). Can’t seem to download OTA at the moment. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • Gabriel โ€”

    Will this app be available for the Torch? Can’t download it from the app world and the links I find in several forums don’t seem to work.

  • Joe โ€”

    I am running 4.5 on my 8900, and it works great. A real Evernote App – thank you!

  • Eduardo โ€”

    I was very happy for installing EN client in my BB8520 but I can’t run. A Message is displayed “Error starting Evernote: Error loading module ‘Evernote’ OutOfMemoryError. Can anybody help me?

  • Tim โ€”

    Evernote keeps locking up on my Torch. It says “Please wait until the note is loaded…” The proble is the note never fully loads.

  • Ma.Gabriela โ€”

    Please! evernote for blackberry torch 9800

  • Jennifer โ€”

    I was very excited to read about the new Blackberry native Evernote app — but I can’t get it. Appworld still only shows the old version I have, the direct downloads earlier in the post don’t work. Need the App Loader files (.alx) for my Curve. Please please fix this. I just finished telling a friend how wonderful Evernote was, and I don’t want to regret that. Help us BB users get the better Evernote! Thanks

  • 1oldscout โ€”

    “Authentication Failed” messages keep me from up and down loading to my Curve 8330. What am I or it not doing right so this works and I experience the joy others have had with this app.