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7 ways a professional photographer uses Evernote — Evernote Creative Series

Posted by Cramer Gallimore on 16 Aug 2010

Posted by Cramer Gallimore on 16 Aug 2010

Name: Cramer Gallimore
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
Profession: Photographer
Blog: Cramer Gallimor’e Photo Blog
Twitter: @CramerG
Facebook: Cramer Gallimore Photography Studio

Cramer Gallimore is a professional photographer based near Raleigh North Carolina where he owns and operates the Cramer Gallimore Photography Studio. Cramer has more than twenty years experience as a professional photographer, with an emphasis on location work—events, industrial and technical environments—for clients worldwide.

7 Ways a professional photographer uses Evernote

Evernote is a great tool to keep all the aspects of my photography business running smoothly. I put it to use for my day-to-day business operations, and to keep me organized when I’m out and about on-location for shoots. Having Evernote synced across my desktop, laptop, iPad, and iPhone keeps everything I need in order.

1. Location Scouting

Photographers will often visit the site of an important shoot prior to the actual date of the assignment. Evernote provides a great place to store notes about each location, such as sun angle, power availability, obstructions to the photo, legal permits necessary, etc. You can even put the information in a notebook and share it with a client. If you use an iPhone or other phone that geotags photos, then the latitude/longitude of each note will be recorded in Evernote. There is even a “View on Map” feature which works perfectly with Google Maps.

2. Keep a shoot list for different types of assignments

I create a shot list in Evernote of all the different shots required for a given photo shoot. A great example of this is a wedding day shot list, which includes the groom and father, bride and mother, best man and groom, etc. It’s helpful to have this list available on my iPhone throughout the day so that I can be sure to get all the different important photos.

3. Research your replacement camera equipment

The reality of my industry is that you have to perform major equipment upgrades every two years or so. Evernote’s Web Clippers are great when researching these purchases. For me, this is an ongoing process as I am always trying to stay current on new gear.

4. Lighting Setups

One of the most important elements in a successful photo shoot is the lighting setup. When I get the lighting right, I take a snapshot in Evernote on my iPhone, or scan a sketch of the configuration.

5. All the info for a location shoot

Evernote is a great place to keep all the information I need when heading to a location. Directions, Google maps, notes about the location, are in Evernote ahead of time so I can call them up on my iPhone when I’m on the shoot. I also forward emails from clients into my Evernote account so that they are available to me.

6. Equipment database

I keep all the serial numbers of my cameras and equipment in Evernote. I also keep all of my digital manuals (PDFs) in Evernote so that I have them at my fingertips if I need to looks up an obscure bit of info.

7.Checklist for your photo equipment

Each photo shoot is different and requires a unique mix of gear. I snap a picture of my gear bag and equipment cases along with their contents. Then, I tag or title it with specifics about the type of shoot (industrial, wedding, aerial) and include a written list of all the gear. This way, the next time I have that type of shoot I can be sure to pack all the necessary equipment.

You can view a shared notebook of some of my photograpy notes here.

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  • Light Stalking

    Ever since I discovered Evernote, I have been thinking of ways it could be used for photographers. Great article, Cramer.

  • David

    As a photographer myself, Evernote is also great for the business side of the photography business. Keeping track of contracts, client agreements, event schedules and more. The geotagging feature for snapshots from your mobile device is especially useful for planning out photoshoots and different venues around town. Plus, I forward all my flight itineraries to my evernote e-mail address to keep all my travel information organized, synced and on-hand when I’m flying around the US for different assignments.

  • Cliff Spicer

    Excellent suggestions. Many of these suggestions I use, but you gave me some more great ideas. I found keeping all my contracts and assignment sheets in Evernote makes them so easy to find when I am on a shoot. I put each large project in a notebook ,take detailed notes of client directives, , include the invoice and all expenses related to the shoot as well as some samples of the final images. When the shoot is over, I tag all the files in that notebook with the client’s name, and any descriptive tags that make it easy to find. Then all the files go into an archive folder and the job folder is deleted to keep things clean.

    I love your idea of the lighting diagrams and will start doing this as well since I can see it will be very useful in the future and I can see where the check list of gear could really save one’s bacon on a complicated shoot.

    All the best,


  • Cramer Gallimore

    Thanks for the additional suggestions! Amazing! Especially like the idea of adding flight itineraries and making separate notebooks for clients. Please leave additional ideas here, or comment on my new blog: or email me via my web site: http//

  • DavidS

    Such great tips. Especially like the photo shoot list to be sure you get all your shots at a wedding.

  • Garry Revesz

    Great article on how Cramer uses Evernote. I am so glad to see other photographers using it in creative and functional ways. I have found Evernote more and more valuable every day for keeping notes on my photography related activities, equipment, research, etc. A great tool

  • Dan Donovan

    It sounds like you take a photo of your set or scan a sketched lighting diagram. Besides scanning a lighting diagram, you can take a photo of it with your iPhone. I consider the iPhone a mini scanner that is always with me.

  • Sam Obeid

    Just saw this link on Twitter. I’m a Toronto Wedding Photographer and will have to check out this handy spending app since my iPhone never leaves my side.

  • Don Greenfield

    Good ideeas, thanks for sharing

  • Martin Beebee

    I just started using Evernote (as a photographer), but really just for keeping track of to-do lists — I hadn’t thought of using it this extensively. (Especially the wedding shot list — looks a lot nicer to use the iPhone than my little dog-eared spiral notebook.) Excellent! Thanks!

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  • Munir Lodin

    Great post and good ideas, thanks for sharing looking forward more…