4 Million Evernoters and Counting!

Posted by Phil Libin on 17 Aug 2010

Posted by Phil Libin on 17 Aug 2010

Evernote reached another important milestone today, and we did it in record time: four million users! As always, I want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who found us and stuck with us over the last 2+ years. We’re working hard to make sure Evernote is constantly improving and your feedback and support are crucial. Of course, another big thanks goes to everyone on the Evernote team who’s put in insane work hours to make it all happen. This is getting to be a cliche, but let’s keep the tradition going: You guys just made something that over four million people have used. How cool is that?

Wait till you see what we have in store before we hit the next million!

Here are some of our recent stats:


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  • Jason Barone

    Congrats! I love the product and every person I refer to it loves it as well.

  • Dennis

    Congratulation !!

    I have Evernote installed in two macs and one windows notebook and soon in an iPad .

  • Vladimir Morozov

    Great for photo notes! Geo location etc 🙂

  • Shannon Wagner


  • Andrew Maxwell

    Congrats on the new milestone. I have been with you for almost 2 years now and it shows that more people are finally seeing how great of a service you offer. Thanks!

  • Jimmy

    It’s so much useful to everyone.

  • John Pearce

    What is the breakdown between premium and free users?

  • xbeta(善用佳软)

    Congratulations ! I have spread the news via my blog. Wish more people enjoy the always improving Evernote.

  • Mark Harrison

    Congratulations. I just went Premium after approximately a year on the free product. I’m sure I will renew based on my experience.

    That growth curve looks like exponential growth. It would be interesting to compare data growth over that.

  • Chad Merkert

    I used to use Evernote a lot, but I now use Ubuntu Linux, and would definitely start using it again if there was a native Linux version. If you want your numbers to keep growing, please include Linux users. There are a lot of us who would like a Linux version.

    • Craig

      ^^ What he said. I’ve got a netbook that I’m itching to move from XP to Ubuntu Lucid but the lack of Evernote is holding me back…

      • Matthew Guay

        You could try the Chrome Web Clipper … that’s what’s entirely changed how I use Evernote, and even though I’m usually using Windows 7 I use the web clipper more than I do the full program. Very handy!

  • Manish Jain

    Congrats to Phil and the team!

    I first signed up back in March 08 and for one reason or another didn’t really use it much. But, over the past 2 months I’ve realized how useful it is and will be converting to a premium user in the next month or so.

    Can’t wait for the new features you are going to be releasing.

  • geekherding

    “big thanks goes to everyone on the Evernote team who’s put in insane work hours to make it all happen”

    Okay, let them go home already 🙂

  • Scott Rose

    I love Evernote, but it would be even better if you fixed all the formatting problems in Evernote for Mac. Evernote is the only Mac application we use that gives us continual formatting problems. Besides that, congratulations on reaching this incredible milestone!

  • Kuba Skoczek


    And thanks for great AppleScript compatibility on a Mac as it makes Evernote even more useful as you can perfectly integrate it with iCal and Growl!

    • Bryan Crawfprd

      How do sync my ical with evernote? I didnt think this was an option.

  • Farid


    Will there come a day that we’ll see Linux as one of the OS’s on the Desktop usage chart? 🙂

  • Sita

    Congratulations. I have about 52 notebooks and over 600 notices on Evernote. So you see that I like Evernote.

  • Rick Lobrecht


  • Santiago Rodriguez Escarraza


  • David E Y Sarna

    Evernote is a life-changing and life-expanding experience. Like fine wine, it gets better and better as it matures.
    Heartiest congratulations to Phil and the entire team for creating

  • Joe

    Linux client would make it much more useful. The cross-platform nature is one of Evernote’s strengths. The web-client does not cut it on Linux.

  • Raman Job

    You folks do have an awesome product. There are so many ways I use Evernote every day.

  • chaz

    uh, still waiting for a functional editor. my abililty to put up with the terrible editing interface is dwindling. i’m going to switch to emacs org mode soon.

    Please please PLEASE fix the tables, bullets, and all the screwed up formatting that results when you copy and paste things into evernote. it’s really sad that such a great idea for a product has such a bad editing interface. seriously, it’s really easy to fix. just copy a rich text WYSIWYG editor from any website.

  • Alex

    Maybe the Palm OS % would be higher if you actually release an update to WebOS client instead of pushing iCrap version out 🙂

  • Truls Billy

    Brilliant work! Not surprising really, because this is so good!

    Please, please add the ability to create folders and sub-folders though! Evernote is great as it is, and being able to search for everything and use tags is great, but there’s something missing in the way that I can’t use folders to organise my huge collection of notebooks!

    Pretty please!

  • Daisy

    Great site, many visitors 🙂

  • Ron Priestley

    I used it two days before upgrading to Premium. Now I tell EVERYONE at work managing projects of it uses – Spend the $$, NO – INVEST the $$ it pays back in days.

    2 Macs, 1 PC, iPad and Mobile PC – freakin’ awesome!

    No doubt the next 4 million will come much faster.