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Using Evernote for Fashion Design — Evernote Creative Series

Posted by Ron Toledo on 25 Aug 2010

Posted by Ron Toledo on 25 Aug 2010

Name: Annching Wang
Profession: Fashion and textile designer, blogger
Blog: Parker and Muse
Twitter: @annchingwang

“In the end, it’s all about fusing inspiration and knowledge with practical use”

During Annching Wang’s fourth year of fashion design school at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Richmond, British Columbia, she enrolled in a fashion trend forecasting class. She enjoyed the course, but was annoyed that all the classwork was only accessible from a specific university lab computer. In this class, she was working with large comprehensive reports that consisted of images, texts and other content. Annching needed a way to access her project on her own time, instead of being tied to the computer lab.

Enter Evernote

After a bit of research, Annching discovered, and quickly became obsessed with, Evernote. It allowed her to collect everything she needed for her projects into a single, always accessible place. Also, the process was significantly faster, more convenient and more visual—ideal for a creative individual. Evernote ended up simplifying the entire workflow.

Capturing ideas and inspiration

A self-described information hound Annching researches and saves relevant things that are useful to an aspiring fashion entrepreneur and blogger.

  • Screenshots for inspiration (which can come from just about anywhere)
  • Collecting ideas for textile projects
  • Clipping and archiving articles and blog entries of interest

Visual timeline

Annching also uses Evernote to take screenshots of the various stages of her designs in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. This creates a visual timeline that also acts as an archive of works-in-progress for future reference. “Now I don’t have a gazillion files on my computer in folders I often never look at again. [Evernote] has made me feel a lot more confident and relaxed about my research process, which in turn, boosts my creative process. In the end, it’s all about fusing inspiration and knowledge with practical use.”

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  • Annching

    Thanks for posting this!


  • Darcy

    Taking screenshots of Photoshop files as you work on them. Genius!

    I do web design and UX but even for that you mainly want to just take snapshots of your progress anyways, keeping many versions of a PS file is a bit of a drag. Even if the most recent one corrupts I find I didn’t save quite often enough to get back much of value as the process takes so long to ‘save as’ each time. Going to try this out on my next design.

    Was just going to also note that Evernote is aces for on-paper or on-whiteboard design sessions and creating mood boards but I see you’ve already done an articles on that. Late to the game.

    Loving this series. Keep it up guys.

  • stone crusher

    This is a great idea, we must implement

  • Daisy

    Thanks for article!

  • SarahMendez

    Great article and I really love the idea 😉

  • John

    This is a great idea.

  • Thomas

    I agree with Darcy, creating a timeline by making screenshots of the different versions of a Photoshop files is pure genius. It’s quite simple really, now that I have read it but I wouldn’t be able to have come up with that myself. I will introduce this idea into my own workflow!

    By making the screenshots we will save ourselves the struggle of making unessesary and spacious copies of our files, without losing the idea.

    I use Evernote for mapping down a whole project, like an archive. Per project I create a new Notebook. I start off with a moodboard, a style guide and an inspiration dump. From there on I start using it as an project archive, with all my files visually organized in one space.

    I can really relate myself to to the fact that Evernote makes you more ‘confident’ and ‘relaxed’. Evernote creates a mental back-up really. Which leaves more room for new ideas.

    Evernote and creative minds go hand in hand. I love it.

  • cone crusher

    we will save ourselves the struggle of making unessesary and spacious copies of our files, without losing the idea.

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    Great Post you have shared here.please keep posting it..