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In the Trunk: Keep Your Business Cards in Order With Business Card Manager

Posted by David Pierce on 27 Aug 2010

Posted by David Pierce on 27 Aug 2010


Business Card Manager by Sourcenext
Platform: iPhone
Price: Free (Lite version), $2.99
Category: Business card managers

When someone hands you a business card, they’re basically giving you a homework assignment that involves scanning, filing and organizing. There should be a better way. Enter Business Card Manager for iPhone, a simple (and green) solution for your business card woes.

The App

Business Card Manager, available in the Evernote Trunk, lets you take pictures of business cards and use the images as a reference when filling out contact information fields. Once filled out, that contact information can be sent into the iPhone Address Book.

In addition, Business Card Manager allows you to associate multiple cards and photos with a single person, or combine cards into a single contact’s profile. If you and a friend both use Business Card Manager, you can send cards to each other via Bluetooth—a much better way of exchanging information than actually handing cards back and forth. You can also email, call, or access a user’s social media pages directly from that app.

How it works with Evernote

Business Card Manager links with your Evernote account, so that you can send your business card photos into Evernote for safekeeping. You can set Business Card Manager to sync with a particular Evernote notebook, so if you have a “Contacts” or “Business cards” notebook, everything can go straight there.

Stay Organized in the Trunk

There are lots of great apps to help you to stay organized in the Evernote Trunk. From business cards to receipt to scans to tasks, the Trunk is full of tools that help keep your Evernote life organized. Explore the Trunk to find your favorites.

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  • Christopher Schmitt

    Does the Business Card Manager app export information to iPhone/Apple’s Address Book? Seems like the business card information stays between Evernote and the Business Card Manager.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Yes, under the Business Card Manager sync meny, there’s a Copy to Contacts option.

  • Patrick Walker

    Is there an android version on the way ??

  • macrowder

    +1 for android!

  • Simon Salt

    Android version please!

  • Zylun

    This is a great resource. Can’t wait to use it. Thanks.

  • jaw crusher

    Very good, the price is reasonable

  • Jim Bell

    I’ve got absolutely no self control when it comes to apps ;-)
    Bought it straight away.
    BTW I also bought Prizmo an OCR app. works well not sure about evernote integration.

  • Michael

    another one for Android.

  • Michael Green

    So here’s my question. I’ve been storing ALL my received biz cards in Evernote. Will Evernote sync all those cards with the Business Card Manager? The video calls it homework, but I prefer the quickness of scanning with my scansnap s300 over taking pics. Although the pics are higher quality, the speed of the s300 is awesome. I would hate to have to put all my cards into BCM.

  • Tim

    Android please. Is one in the works?

  • jackson

    There is a need for a short-term memory spot to hold a deleted entry just to allow a mistaken deletion to be recalled. I’d suggest even a ten-second space of time before final deletion. Sort of an “oops” option.

  • Martin

    Would be even greater if the app could:

    1. make use of the Evernote OCR capabilities and automatically or semi-automatically could fill out the contact cards.
    2. would truly synchronise with Evernote, i.e. update cards already updated earlier instead of adding another set.
    3. name the “synchronised” card with the name of the contact, and add the contact details entered in the app to the Evernote item
    4. allow customisation of the name of the contact group created on the iOS device

    But it is a nice start, thanks!

  • Gary of GanderCo

    Hi all. My name is Gary. I just downloaded EverNote about 30 minutes ago, then I seen the blog and decided to leave a comment as a new user and say hi. So……. HI!!!! ;)

    Just in case you want to know, Ed Dale from the thirty day challenge – now called by it’s new name “The Challenge”is the one who referred me to EverNote. I have an iPad too and going to get an iPhone 4-G in about 3 weeks and will be syncing with all devices.

    Well, enough about me.

    Thanks guys! (and Gals!)

    Gary Anderson
    aka- @GanderCo

  • KP

    Seriously, don’t leave the android folks behind!!

  • Ralph Jordan

    This seems to be a great product however I almost hate using any thing that is anywhere near related to Apple… Yes, yes call me a Steve Jobs hater.. but there trying to stop my jailbreaking so I want absolutely nothing to do with them. I’m moving to Android next month hopefully business card manager will move with me…

  • noorawad


    Any where i an get help on how to organize various notes under the same note book , like keeping all contacts under the same not book ?


  • Matthias Vohwinkel

    Have to give this app a try – $2.99 is priced right – and it saves me from picking up the cards over and over again without doing anything to them.

  • John

    This is a great resource.

  • Meghann Maves

    Another vote for an Android app – when’s it coming?

  • jenkarthik

    hate to say but another android request. I understand you guys all work with mac and Iphones, but seriously Android is exploding and I’d hate to leave evernote because they cant keep up with me :(

  • William King

    Where do I find the site for Android use or is it planned for the future…
    I am not a “slave” to the computer, rather we walk on even ground… Thanks for EverNote…

  • Matthew Cua

    +1 for Android, I know this is almost spamming but please android app I need to keep track of my business cards :(

  • Kathy

    Also would like an Android version of this app.

  • Alain

    another .. android for both my samsung phone and asus tranformer tablet. At least post a reply : Not now, Never, … just be polite to reply for potential customers never let anyone frustrated (my current jon at is coaching). :-)

  • Mike

    Android version would be great, and worth more than what you’re currently charging for the iApp version….

  • Murtini Nguyen

    Keep business cards on iphone, android or web!
    You can joint to keep business contact forever