• Evernote’s July 1st Server Problem

    Evernote experienced a series of hardware failures on one of our servers between July 1st – July 4th, which potentially affected 6,323 users worldwide. As a result of the failure, some of the notes created and edited by these users between July 1st and July 4th were not properly recorded on the Evernote servers. We […] Read more

  • In the Trunk: Organizing with Awesome Note

    It’s happened. I’ve gotten to the point where if something isn’t on my phone, there’s no chance of me remembering it. If it’s not in my calendar, I won’t be there. If it’s not on my task list, there’s no chance of it getting done. Evernote is always at my fingertips, helping me remember and […] Read more

  • Evernote for Windows gets WebCam notes

    Today, we released an update to Evernote for Windows (version 3.5.5) This update is full of behind the scenes improvements to speed and stability. There is one notable new feature: WebCam Notes! Download Evernote for Windows now or check for updates WebCam Notes If you use a webcam with your Windows computer, you may see […] Read more