In the Trunk: Best Burgers Notebook

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 03 Sep 2010

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 03 Sep 2010

The Evernote Trunk just got a new, Labor Day-approved treat just for you: The Best Burgers Notebook

If you’re a food lover, then you’ve probably made many trips to the Epicurious website. They’re one of our favorite destinations for all things delicious. We’re really excited to give you 10 absolutely delicious burger ideas collected from, Gourmet Magazine and Bon Appetit that will make this Labor Day the most grilltastic ever.

What are the burgers?

  • Bacon Swiss Burger
  • Tapenade Burger
  • Turkey Cheddar Burger
  • Chipotle Pork Burger
  • Black-bean Burger
  • Sesame Tuna Burger

And more…

Each note includes an ingredient list, step by step cooking instructions and a checkbox-equipped shopping list. Let us know which burgers you like the best.

How to add the notebook to your account

Adding a notebook take a few simple steps. Go to the Evernote Trunk, which is available on the web, Evernote on your desktop, or Evernote on your iPad. Once there, click on the Notebooks menu item. Click on Epicurious and select the burger notebook. Then click the Add to Evernote button. Evernote will automatically sync, and your new notes will appear.


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  • Herman Heijermans

    It’s just not there in my trunk?! Where can I find it?

  • Tabea

    Still not there, like to have it 🙁

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Is your Evernote set to English? The Epicurious notebook will only show up for users with English as their Evernote language.

  • kajakster

    I can`t find it either!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      You will only see the notebook if you language is set to English. If your language is set to English and you are still not seeing the notebook, then please contact our support team:

  • software testing bangalore

    Wow! burgers are delicious, and Epicurious burgers more so! love them!

  • David Irwin

    Wow…I’m impressed! I’m hungry too after looking at some of these delicious recipes. This is simply the most fantastic note tool I have ever used. It works perfectly on my DROID X and with my Chrome Browser on my laptop. Everything is synced beautifully and this recipe book for burgers is my top prize so far.

    Keep up the great work Evernote…I’m your biggest, newest fan!

  • Rafael

    guys, a quick question from a noobie:

    how can I publish everything from one of my notebooks? i mean, make it open to everyone, showing every entry on my personal site, for example?

  • Peter

    I can see it.. But I get an error if I try to add it from the trunk, either from desktop or online. Do I need a Premium Account to access it? Notes written online from my account arrive on my desktop okay – so evernote seems to be otherwise working..

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Peter, you do not need to be a Premium subscriber to view Trunk Notebooks. Please contact our support team:

  • Clara

    It was good to know about that. But I would just like to mention, as I was browsing some sites, I found out that there are sites that were very upright in giving tips or advice in making some recipes. Some of them are The Salad site, Wikichicken, Gourmetrecipe and Gourmandia.