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Tip: Make a Packing List in Evernote

Posted by Ron Toledo on 03 Sep 2010

Posted by Ron Toledo on 03 Sep 2010

Have a big trip coming up? Heading off to school? Planning a blowout BBQ? Make sure that you don’t forget anything by creating a packing list in Evernote.

You can create a checklist by simply clicking on the checkbox button in the note formatting bar from Evernote on your Mac, Windows, Android phone or Tablet. In the time leading up to your event, add new items as you think of them, then check them off from any device where you have Evernote installed. Forgetting to take that power cord or tub of potato salad will be a thing of the past.

Have you ever tried using Evernote for this? Tell us.


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  • Benjamin

    Does Evernote for iPhone support adding Todos yet, or still just checking them off? When will list creation on iPhone be possible?

  • Bonita

    How do you get those checkboxes on there? That’ll be a great feature once I know how to use it. Thanks.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      In Evernote for Mac and Windows the checkbox option is in the Format menu.

  • stephen chen

    But is this feature (checkboxes) available in ipad? Thanks.

  • Chris Moyer

    Heh, I see that I’ve been beaten to the punch. I was coming here from google reader to say, “Sure, but I can’t use the checkboxes on my iphone.”

    • Andrew Sinkov

      You can check them off on your phone as you work through your list.

      • Yngve Skog

        Does this apply for android phones as well?

  • Andrew Paez

    Checking them off on the iPhone is no problem, but the question is, how do you get them on there on the iPhone? I don’t think this is possible yet. You probably have to use an Evernote-tied app like Egretlist to get set up the to-do list and have it sync with Evernote.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Andrew, you can add checkboxes in the desktop versions of Evernote.

      • stephen chen


        I have tested, find that I can create a checklist on desktop and synchronize to my ipad application. After that I can find a note with checkbox on my ipad, and I can check them.

        But, am I correct that I cannot create a list with checkbox directly from my ipad? It seems to be the case.


        • Andrew Sinkov

          Yes, that is correct. At this time you cannot add checkboxes to notes from an iPad.

  • Bob

    Yep, I do use it for packing lists. I keep one completely unchecked and make a copy of it to use for each new trip.

  • Kevin

    Yes, I do this all the time. It’s very handy to put together the list on my desktop and then use the iPhone version of Evernote to check things off.

    I make separate sections for things I need to take on every trip and others only for special trips.

  • Chris

    I have done exactly this when planning to go away somewhere. Create the list in Evernote for Mac, so I can get the checkboxes in, and then, as I walk around the house packing, I check the checkboxes in the iPhone client. As long as you remember to list everything you need to bring (which may be a separate problem :), the two platforms work together to make you feel smart — and prepared for your trip.

  • Stephan

    Does the Android app support this?

  • Martin Packer

    And would this work with the 3.1 client for Windows? (This, of course, is the key to Linux users’ participation.) And the web client (likewise) ?

  • subzerophi

    I sure use them everytime I have a trip. It’s a handy one to have a checklist.

  • Andy Vincent

    Just created a shopping ‘wish list’ for when I come into a bit more money – loving the tickbox capability.. great job!

  • seks izle

    Yep, I do use it for packing lists. I keep one completely unchecked and make a copy of it to use for each new trip.

  • Rick Lobrecht

    I do this as well. After I make the list (before I start checking it off) I export it. Then I can import it when I need to use it.

  • Maripat

    I am switching from the financial software I used to use. While I research which option I want, I am keeping track of my outstanding checks and transactions in Evernote. I use a checklist for each item, then check it off as it clears the bank. I always know my current balance.

    • Eric

      Great idea! I’m in the same boat, finding a replacement for Quicken, so I’m going to use your suggestion. Thanks.

  • Paul

    This is great. One thing I’ve noticed is when I mark a check box in the iPhone app, the only way to make sure it saves it is to choose the Notes option in the upper left. When I do that I then see the status indicating it’s saving. If I choose the sync button in the lower left or page to a different note, the check mark is lost.

  • Joe Shuster

    The checkboxes are nice. However, they don’t change sizes. If you’re entering 32 point text, the checkboxes are still the tiny 14pt size. A nice enhancement (bug fix?) would be to size check boxes using the fontsize change option.

  • Jeff

    It would be nice to have the option to “Reset” a checkbox list, so you don’t have to go through the steps of duplicating the old one then deleting the completed one. I have several hobby-related trips I do every year, and this would be a great way to store the checklists.

  • Grahame

    As mentioned earlier in the comments, it is much better suited to this type of checklist operation than actual todo’s. I have used it for checklists for travel, photography equipment, client visits, on-site jobs, shopping lists. etc etc etc. But as the others say easier to make the lists on the web/windows/mac and then just use the iphone to check them off as you go around collating the items.

  • Jeff D.

    I like the checkboxes, but I wish I could make a list of them automatically like the numbered and bulleted lists. Currently, you have to manually insert the checkbox and type after.

  • Pete Y.

    What about Blackberry? I created a note with checkboxes on the desktop, but cannot check them off on my phone. I select append note and the checkboxes disappear.

  • Isaac

    Yes, I’ve used this many times for packing lists, as well as small todo lists inside of larger project pages and notes pages. However, as you probably know, often when you check off a few things on a list, you think of a few more “next actions” that need to be added. And then you find you can’t add checkboxes on the iPhone version. So you’re crippled. So you start using some other product, wishing you could stay in Evernote.

  • Nick I

    I have used Evernote for this. One thing not to forget is a list of other things you need to do as well as packing e.g.

    – Cancel the newspapers
    – Arrange travel insurance
    – Turn the AC thermostat up a bit (saves some money when away)
    – Inform the credit card company (so your card can still be used abroad!)


  • Greg

    I thought the point of Evernote was to allow you to use your notes anywhere. I can only create checklists on my PC. I can see them on my Android phone, but can’t check them off. Why even start talking about this before you have it in a useful state?

    If this IS meant to be a beta function my feedback would be: yes, this would be nice to have, but you would need to get it fully working first.

  • Alex

    I just started using Evernote and like this idea! I am able to create the check-list using my PC based Evernote, but I am not able to “check” Off the list in my Android Phone. Please advise – What do I need to do?

  • Victor Solis

    I would like to see check boxes automatically sort themselves. I’d like to start using A1, A2, A3…to denote my todo list, but as of now, I have to manually drag and drop my tasks.

    For those that want “check boxed” notes for their iPhone, take a look at Egretlist. I know it’s a separate app, but it’s got a beautiful interface.

  • John

    Yep, I do use it for packing lists.

  • François-Xavier Bodin

    Nice feature those checkboxes. I use them intensively but… how powerfull would they be if they were synched with the GTD Things app!

  • WhitneyGBaily

    This feature of evernote truly helps me a lot, being a travel writer. I guess every businessman who has to travel often should have this as well.

  • Stefan

    I start using them as checklist in combination with a shared notebook for some todo’s while a collegue is on holidays.

  • Felix

    I concur with previous comments. Am trying to use Evernote as the centre of everything. Unfortunately it is somewhat irritating that you cannot currently insert checkboxes in the iphone app to create a reasonable to do list. then there would be no need for basic third party to do apps.

  • Tim Moore

    I too echo Victor’s comment above.

    I can create the checklist in Evernote desktop (Mac), however cannot toggle or check something off on my HTC Hero Android phone.

    Version is 1.5…have you only enabled for later versions on Android perhaps?

  • vienna1900

    same for me… would be great to be able to check-off on my android phone!!!!

  • Chris

    How long before you can create checklists on the iPad version of Evernote? This would be a GREAT addition!!!!

  • Christine

    I created a checklist for packing in Evernote on my Windows desktop. Then I synced it and found out I can’t use the checkboxes on my Blackberry. Will that be coming anytime soon?

  • Bob Aubin

    I too have been using evernote as a great way to keep a list
    of things you may want to pack for your vacation.
    I also keep a list of tax material as it comes in so the following
    year I double check with evernote to make sure I have all the
    information I need for my tax preparer.

  • Ben Schuchard

    Need to be able to create AND check off checklist items on either desktop or mobile (android) before this becomes a useful app for me. I like the idea though!

  • Kannan

    I find it a bit strange that there isn’t a quicker way to make to do lists. Why cant checkbox just be a standard type of bullet point? Selecting a bunch of text, and hitting checkbox should put checkboxes in front of all of them, like the bullet or numbering buttons do now. This and the ability to make todo lists on the iPhone would make this way more awesome.

  • Ricardo

    Not being able to create the checklis in Evernote really limits it posibilities.
    I also tried to sync the checklist after I checked some of the items from the Ipad and it does not work.

    The checkmarks dont sync.

    Please help, it would probably be the best app if we could create to do on mobile devices and the checkmarks would also sync.


  • sibel kekilli

    How do you get those checkboxes on there? That’ll be a great feature once I know how to use it. Thanks.

  • John

    I agree with the @kannan – it’s a big pain that you have to add checkboxes manually – they should just work like bullet points in edit mode.

    I like to make grocery lists with checkboxes but I hate adding the boxes one at a time.

    @ricardo – they do sync, you just have to save/sync from mobile again after you have checked some of the boxes.

  • Tom

    How do you actually create a ToDo List or any kind of list in evernote – anytime I create a new note or any kind of new list – when I click on the format link at the top – the Insert Todo is grayed out – I am stumped on how to actually create a todo list

  • Brad C.

    Nice idea but having to manually create the boxes is frustrating – too much friction. Like John said, they should function like bullet points in a list.

  • Zakor

    I don’t know where to make a feature request but I wish you could make checklists from iPad and iPhone. That is the number one thing I want to use. I’ll have to look for another solution.

  • Martin

    +1 for checkboxes on iPad/iPhone feature…

  • Mark

    Much of my work gets delegated through email. I need the ability to not only send an email to my predefined Evernote address with folder and tags identified using The @and # keys but I also need to be able to add To Do’s in this same shorthand method. In this way Egretlist would have my lists ready for me. This is a big “hole” for me. Now I have to leave email and think about the last 5 things I sent over to Evernote and create To Do’s.

  • kim

    Many times I’m not near my computer and I would like to create lists on the fly on my android. Can you please make this possible?

    Thank you.

  • Howard B

    It is a bit tiresome having to manually put the checklist box in each time. It would be nice to have it as a format template.

    • Danie Christopher

      Yeah, I’m very disappointing with how clunky the to-do list functionality is. Having to manually add a new checkbox for every row is pretty lame!

  • Adam

    What is the hold up Evernote dudes?! Let me create checklists with my iPad! Aren’t you hearing us?!

  • Jacob Tewes

    For some reason that didn’t show up correctly. There should be five spaces before the middle three line items, indenting them like a normal bulleted list.

  • Rob r

    Need to be able to create checklists on iPad. What is best Evernote integrated tool???

  • Joy

    I will try it now……..gong on a
    trip in a few weeks….and if it syncs and reminds me…… on Iphone5,, Ipad and Imac….will be heaven!