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Posted by on 09 Sep 2010

Posted by on 09 Sep 2010

Since the beginning we’ve been focused on one thing: making it trivially easy for you to remember all the stuff you love. It turns out that you really love saving webpages—it’s the most popular note type in Evernote. So, today we’re announcing something that makes saving webpages an integrated part of your browsing experience.

For the first time ever, we’re releasing a feature designed exclusively for site owners and publishers. It’s called Evernote Site Memory and it’s really cool.

What is the Site Memory button?

The Evernote Site Memory button embeds a mini version of Evernote onto your pages. As the name suggests, the button gives your website a memory—like getting an incredibly powerful favorite function, without the implementation headaches. Whether you run a blog, news outlet, storefront, or corporate site, here’s what Site Memory can do for you:

1. Total clipping control

By placing the Site Memory button on your site, you will control precisely what is saved into your visitors’ Evernote accounts. As part of the button customization, you define what region of a page is clipped and the title of the resulting note. You can suggest tags to accompany the note, as well as the destination notebook for the clip. You can even have your clips include automatic headers, footers, links, and attributions. In other words, you can make pages clipped from your site look great.

For an advanced description of what you can define, please read our Site Memory developer documentation.

2. Entire clipping history without leaving your site

When a visitor click the Site Memory button, a popup opens. That popup serves two functions. First, it lets them save the page, as described above. Second, and maybe more interestingly, it shows visitors everything they have ever clipped from your domain. Ever. Right inside the popup. Visitors just click on the green tab. They can browse through a thumbnailed list of their favorite content from your site—just like an automatic Best Of list. Even notes that were made using our browser extensions prior to you placing the Site Memory button on the page will show up in the results. Once they find the note they’re looking for, your visitors click and jump to the original page.

Clipping = loyalty

Take a look at your web clips and you’ll probably discover that the vast majority are from a small handful of sites. Saving webpages is akin to placing a personal seal of approval on the content. You like it. You want to refer to it later. You save it. You’ll come back to the site for more. Evernote Site Memory is the perfect complement to sharing buttons (Facebook Like, Tweet Button). Those bring more readers to your content, while Evernote helps foster lasting relationships with readers.

Get Site Memory!

Ok, now that you know what Site Memory is all about, go get it. Get Site Memory for your site here. There are also instructions on how to install it into WordPress and Tumblr.

If you’d like to try it out, click on the button at the top of this post.

We’re interested in hearing your thoughts on Site Memory. Also, please tell us if you put Site Memory up on your website with a link in the comments.


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  • Randall Hand

    Awesome! It’s live on right now.

  • Daryl (Premium User)

    Ok, from a user’s perspective gave this a try from this page and then used my nomrla Evernote Clipper button in Firefox. Clearly the resulting benefit to users is a much better looking note. However, I am concerned that
    (a) the Site Memory dialog don’t tell you what “page region” customisation the website has implemented so I’m not going to know for certain that I’ve clipped all the content I want without checking the Note. That’s an extra few steps and a good reason to not use it to clip content to Evernote; and
    (b) developers can put in extra content – would this be content that doesn’t appear on the page being clipped but that’s added to the Note (eg extra links)?

    In both cases, I have reservations as a user. My Evernote is MY memory, not the website I’m clipping from…

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Daryl, you bring up a really good point. Our goal in creating Site Memory is to give publishers to ability to create a better experience than what would be possible with the regular web clippers. Site owners can add styling, attributions and links to clips from their site–a good example of this is the Fuel Your Creativity implementation (

      We suggest that sites use this capability judiciously, and only to enhance the clipped content. Ultimately, if you’re unhappy with how the Site Memory button is set up, you can always use your browser web clipper. Our hope is that site owners will focus on making a great experience for their visitors.

      • Ming Keong Kuan

        Perhaps, an enhancement to the process will be to give users a preview of what the site will clip. There’s a “Clips from xx notebook (xx)” tab – adding a “Preview” tab beside that (for example) will enhance the overall user experience.

      • Daryl (Premium User)

        Hey Andrew – thanks for the reply.

        When I used the Site Memory button on this post I chose the “Close when done” button so didn’t realise that there was a preview of the clipped content shown after the content had been clipped.

        Of course, I’ll use the Site Memory button for those sites who are my “trusted” sites and who implement it, as the layout of the note is *far superior* to the vanilla clip created with the web clipper.

        In that respect, I love the implementation!

      • JRC Chicago (premium user)

        Andrew, following on Daryl’s user experience question, can you confirm that the site doesn’t have access to any of the EN notes, account information, or other personally identifiable information for the EN user who clicks the site memory button?

        • Andrew Sinkov

          That’s correct. The site is telling us what we should clip. They aren’t seeing any information about the user.

  • Kaminix


  • Julie

    On my blog,

    • Susie

      In an effort to see what this looks like, I used the “clip to Evernote” link on your blog & all I got (after sync’ing down from the Evernote servers) was a link to your blog. Is that what you’d intended?

  • Sterling Zumbrunn

    Interesting idea – will be intrigued to see how developers implement it on their sites.

  • Lang-8

    Added to Lang-8 !

  • Mike Turner

    Can’t wait to get this plugged into my site!

  • Lasvegaswil

    Just when I thought y’all were out of kewl ideas. This is so great. Hope it catches on.

  • Jonathan Green

    Love Site Memory.
    I’ve just started using it on my blog:

  • Geckonaute

    Live on Geckonaute!

  • Jonathan Green

    I’ve also put loads of it on this site:

  • Masatake E. Hori

    I got the Site Memory button on my WordPress blog
    It took me about 15 minutes (had to write a new wrapper).

    Very neat!

  • Esteve

    Awesome!!! Very soon on my personal blog

  • Ming Keong Kuan

    Brilliant tool! We’ve added it to (for example, on the product page of ) so that customers can remember designs that they like and compare them easily. We’ve got more than 40000 Skins and one of the single most requested feature is the ability to compare selected items to help narrow down the choice of design and here it is, with Evernote’s Site Memory Button.

  • Sue Glascoe

    I put it on my technology blog! – cant wait to see what happens! I love Evernote!!

  • Chris

    The affiliate program looks interesting, but since it’s only available in the United States or Japan it’s a no-go for many bloggers, including myself.

  • Matthew Guay

    I’ve got the Remember button integrated into my site … looks great! Full WordPress integration, so it’ll clip the whole post. Very nice … thanks Evernote team!

  • Peter Witham

    This is a great idea and brilliantly done. Thanks for taking the time, I’ll be giving my users access to it.

  • NTT

    It would be really nice if someone wrote a wordpress plugin for adding this button.

  • Patrick Mackaaij

    Very convenient, integrated it in my WordPress blog immediatly. Hope somebody creates a WordPress widget/plugin for it though 🙂

  • Susie

    FYI, I don’t think people are testing this to be sure they’ve implemented it correctly. I tried three different web sites that are listed in the comments. The only one of the three that clipped any content was Matthew Guay’s.

  • Brooks

    Put it up on DocumentSnap: Nice!

  • Damian Madray

    Added it to DesignersCouch.

    It’s a clever idea guys and quite a new venture. I imagine if this takes off like fb like button of tweet button, it does a whole lot of good for Evernote. Very smart business move and hey, very useful for everyone else.

  • Raphaël Dougoud


    Je viens d’installer le bouton CLIP sur mon portail et sur tous mes blogs professionnels et privés. Merci de cet bel outil!

    I just installed the CLIP button on my portal and all my business and personal blogs. Thank you for this beautiful tool!

  • Frederick Y. Martello

    I just paid the $45 for Premium Upgrade… but my account still says “free” with no improovments. I can’t seem to find an email address for Evernotes HQ…. can anyone out there help me with this?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Frederick, if you are using a desktop version, be sure to Sync. If it still shows as Free, please contact our support team:

  • Michele (scrappinmichele) McGraw

    What an awesome tool. I’m going to install it right now.

  • John


  • Jewel Rivera

    Evernote once again came up with a great idea in adding this tool. Easy to access and easy to remember as well. Keep up!

  • susieqpublic

    I’d love to put this on my wordpress blog but I don’t want to mess with the css, a widget would be much easier for most of us.

    • Seth Hitchings

      Blog plugins are at #1 on our list for Site Memory improvements. We’re working with leading blogging and site development tools to make adding Evernote Site Memory really simple.

  • Niall Cook

    As a site owner, if I put this on my pages what metrics/analytics do I get? I’m not asking for identifiable information about users, but will I know how many times a page has been clipped using the button for example?

    • Seth Hitchings

      Niall, today we track the number of clips per domain and, if you join the Evernote Affiliate Program, the number of new Evernote users who are referred by your site.

  • Jay Dugger

    @Daryl–you have it right. I don’t care for the publisher’s ability to add superfluous material, nor the lack of an indicator on whether you clip a selection, the whole [age, or just the page’s URL. Still, this doesn’t suck, and it makes a good first step. The affiliate program makes a nice touch.

  • Jonathan Desrosiers

    If you are looking for a plugin that integrates Evernote’s new Site Memory feature into your website, check out the one that I developed:
    It does all the dirty work for you. No need to touch any HTML, CSS, PHP or JavaScript.

  • David Monteith

    Read the wordpress instructions through 4 times and while I’m not the most tech savvy guy in the world, I’m far from a tech ignoramus. It suffered from what most of these things do around the net – it’s written for someone with more than a basic understanding of what to do with the terms given.

    Sigh…guess I’m waiting for the widgets

  • Walter Spurgiasz

    Just added Site Memory to my employee scheduling service at

    This will make it much easier for managers and employees to save their schedules to Evernote.
    Overall it works well. Two things I noticed is that when the link is clicked, there can be a significant delay with out any progress indicator. Once you know to wait, the delay is not too bad, but for new users, they may think the feature is broken and give up. Also, some tables lost the vertical border lines that rendered fine on the original page. Not sure what is going on here but the Evernote page was still very readable so not a show stopper.

  • Steven Shrago

    We’ve installed the site memory button on our website. It deeply satisfies and nourishes my inner geek. Thanks, Evernote!

  • Nelson

    I added site memory to my blog, though I’m still having trouble formatting it to only include the post information

  • Dave Fowler

    I have added it to my company site at and my personal blog at

    I use evernote everyday for work and play.. it rocks.

  • oleg

    Just added Hope will see results soon

  • Dax

    Although this feature is great, the entire work-around of offering a print-friendly clipping using the contentURL is counter web standards and requires an additional trip to the server. Wouldn’t it be possible to have an extra styling value named ‘print’ and then to grab the page layout according to a print media specific stylesheet? This would utilise W3C standards and good design and coding practices.

    For the rest, an awesome future… a bit much compared to the standard social bookmark links containing all the variables, but then again, this gives the user more control and actually clips the page as.

  • Tobias Beer

    As a user, I much prefer browser extensions, like shareaholics (right in my addressbar!) or clipmarks …or bookmarklets, like amplify or diigolet. It’s the user who wants to decide what to clip …and clicking on a paragraph or an image really isn’t that hard.

    But I do understand the reasonable marketing effort behind this …and if content providers chose to equip their page with it, why not.

  • Glenn

    Ok. So now we need the joomla! extension!

  • Sean

    Great idea and was looking forward to playing with it, but it’s not working for me.

  • JM

    “Second, and maybe more interestingly, it shows visitors everything they have ever clipped from your domain. Ever.”

    Uh. Just wondering about privacy issues involved from the user end here? What exactly is being logged behind the scenes, and where, and how? And as a user, is it possible to opt out?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      JM, whenever you clip something from a site, Evernote captures the URL the page. The Site Memory plug-in requires you to log into your Evernote account and it then does a search of your Evernote account for any notes clipped from the domain that you are visiting. The information is not shared with the site owner.

  • Brian Russell

    Got it working on my blog ( Really liking it. Thanks!

  • Kevin Singleton

    Is there any provision to supply the site owner with statistics as to which pages have been clipped and when? Like Google Analytics. While maintaining visitor privacy, of course.

  • Greg Waddell

    Has anyone tried this with Joomla?

  • Thorsten Overgaard's Leica Pages

    Very useful little piece of code, though I discovered (after having integrated it on the full site) that Evernote is also in the SHARE button next to from AddThis. But it’s good to let people know about Evernote and to let Evernote users know they can CLIP the page

    I had some trouble understanding the “Content” tag, probably could be explained more for dummies (or people in a hurry). I noticed my java menu is added in the buttom of the clipped pages and I’m sure there is a way to avoid that if I understood it better.

  • Ellie Prescott

    Hi there! Would you mind if I share your blog with my myspace group? There’s a lot of folks that I think would really appreciate your content. Please let me know. Cheers

  • Dallas Lu

    So, it’s broken now ?

  • Lazza

    Why did you decide to discontinue the button when at the same time you still use it on this blog? I would like to use it too.

  • Robert Merrill

    Id like to add this to wordpress jetpack, but all the links are b0rk’d 🙁 Maybe update this blog post with “Hey, thanks for visiting, but we aren’t doing this anymore”