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Posted by on 10 Sep 2010

Posted by on 10 Sep 2010

Yesterday, we launched the Evernote Site Memory button, which makes it possible for site owners to allow their visitors to remember all of the content that they love. Many sites have already embedded the Site Memory button. We’ve listed some great examples below to give you a sense of how you might implement it on your site.

Business and storefront examples

Education examples

Around the globe

We’re really excited about all the sites that have put up Site Memory. Embedding Site Memory does require some knowledge of your site’s HTML and layout. If you’re not the most web savvy site owner, don’t worry; we’re working with leading blogging and site development tools to make adding Evernote Site Memory really simple in the future. You can look forward to many improvements soon.

Important Site Memory Tip: Use Content ID

Filling out the Content ID field in the Site Memory button builder makes a huge difference in the quality of clips that your site will produce. If you don’t tell Site Memory what to clip, by default it will save a link to your page, but not the actual content. By specifying which content to clip, you give your readers a more useful result.

The easiest way to tell Site Memory what to clip is to set the content ID. This is the ID of a container on your page, such as a <div>, that contains the content you want clipped. The content ID will differ from site to site, so it may take a small amount of digging to figure out what to use, but it’s definitely worth the effort. On our site, for example, the main page content is always in a container like <div id=”content”>, so we would put content into the Content ID field. For blog posts, there’s often a container that wraps an individual post. It might already have a unique ID, or you might add on, such as <div id=”post-xyz-content”>, where xyz relates to the specific post. We’ve also put together guides for WordPress and Tumblr.

Site Memory Q&A Webinar

Next Tuesday at 11am PT, we will host a live webinar devoted to answering any questions you may have about implementing Evernote Site Memory on your site. Register here »


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  • Tim Irvin

    I have no idea what you’re talking about. I clicked on the first 5 links that you said were sporting some type of button. Two of the links didn’t work and I couldn’t find a button on the other three.

    You would think that there would be a button on this page with a LARGE FLASHING NEON SIGN that read “HERE IS THE BUTTON” but alas, it’s no where to be found.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Tim, on a number of those sites they’ve implemented the Site Memory button on individual posts. That’s how it is on BoingBoing, for example.

    • Matthew Guay

      Yes, on, you’ll find the Evernote button on the bottom of a post, so find a post you think looks interesting, scroll down to the end of the post, and you’ll see the Evernote Remember button right above the Tweet and Facebook Like buttons. Give it a try and let me know if it works for you!

  • William Babb

    I finally found the button on but all it did was take me to Evernote’s front door(Home Page). I was hoping for something a little more…interesting? Oh, well…


    • Andrew Sinkov

      I think you may have clicked on the “Recommended Tools” icon on their homepage.

      If you go to an individual post, you’ll see a “Remember” button right at the top:

  • Frank (Japan) – false link?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Fixed. Thanks for noticing.

  • Cliff Spicer

    When BoingBoing adds your button to their site, I think this is a sign you have made it. BoingBoing is one of the best sites out there and their stamp of approval says volumes about your great service.


    • Deverill

      You mean when Evernote features your use of their Site Memory button then you’ve made it? 🙂 BoingBoing has finally arrived. LOL

      In all seriousness, Evernote rocks regardless of who notices. Thanks guys!


  • Matt

    We created a Site Memory Plugin for WordPress. You can grab it here:

    I also have it on my blog at:

    Hope you all find it useful!